Yuu's Reset (Updated 10/17/2015)

Just want to briefly mention before I talk about this story, would like to point out that I have NOT forgotten about Padded Gamer. I simply feel a sort of writer’s block for it at the moment, and feel that having two projects rather than one can help divert some of the stress of trying to come up with good ideas to write. So just to recap, it has not been forgotten, and this might even motivate me to pump something out sometime soon for Padded Gamer. Who knows?

This story “Yuu’s Reset,” I got the inspiration from “Helena’s Retreat,” which you can find on here somewhere. It isn’t finished, and I’m not sure if it will be, but for what it is I recommend that you go and read it as I enjoyed it a lot. So if you notice any sort of similar themes from that story in particular, you made the right connection. But without further ado, I give you Yuu’s Reset. Feedback and comments as always are appreciated!


Yuu’s Reset
By Me

CHAPTER 1 - Twisting Metal

Yuu couldn’t believe that they were leaving. It didn’t even feel real. Seven year old Yuu sat her near 3’ 5" self on a cushioned bench, trying to admire the passing scenery like adults did. Across from her sat her mother and adjacent was her 15 year old brother, Kai. The trio was sitting in a small compartment, two of the walls occupied by benches and the other two by a large window and door. It was hard for her to comprehend that she was just in her own happy home with her happy life just what felt like 6 hours ago. Her momma explained that they were moving far away, but she wouldn’t say why, no matter how much Yuu questioned. It was frustrating to the small girl, unable to understand the changes around her and being swept into the flow. How would her friends know that she was leaving? She was supposed to have a sleepover with her friend the next day. But now, she couldn’t. Momma wouldn’t even bring a photo of papa with them, and said that they couldn’t bring any pictures either.

They were going somewhere that spoke a whole new language and wrote differently from what Yuu was used to. It was scary going to a place she wouldn’t understand, and she liked her language; she didn’t want a new one. Nevertheless, Yuu was bored, tired and bored to be more specific. Train rides usually weren’t boring to her, but this time her momma wouldn’t let either her nor Kai bring anything they didn’t absolutely need. Of course she would need her GameTouch! However, no matter how much she argued, momma did not seem to agree with her. She was left to twiddle her thumbs and look out the window, swinging her legs periodically to hear an unfortunate crinkle.

From as far back as she could remember she had been diagnosed with a limited bladder. It didn’t mean that she was diaper dependent, it just meant that the size of her bladder was a little bit below average. Because of this, a long train ride meant a long time waiting, so her momma insisted on wearing protection. Yuu didn’t entirely hate wearing diapers, but they were certainly annoying at times and embarrassing. Not to mention, there was a hefty supply waiting in a separate suitcase under the bench packed with about a near full bag of them should she ever need a new one; which she did not intend to.

Speaking of which, she did need to use the bathroom at the moment, but it didn’t sound exciting for her to go all the way down to the bathroom wearing what she had underneath. Sitting back relaxed for a moment, she blankly stared out the window as she began to feel her crotch grow warm. That was one of the perks to wearing one, being able to go as you please to avoid unfavorable situations. The warmness felt nice for a little bit, but could be uncomfortable with enough time. Thus, she didn’t feel like sticking it out.

“Momma?” Yuu asked, squirming her legs a bit feeling the warmness of the outer diaper on her inner thighs.

“What is it sweetie?” Her mother asked, looking away from one of very few books she brought.

“I need a…change…” Yuu said, slightly afraid from the disappointment her mother might feel.

Her mother gave a small sigh, “Yuu honey, I’d at least like you to try and get to the toilet?”

“I know, but I didn’t even notice it happen,” Yuu lied. Surely she couldn’t tell that she was fibbing?

“Well, I can’t change you right now, we’ll have to wait for the next stop to change you. Keep that as a reminder to try and make it to the toilet next time.”

Yuu also produced a sigh and mumbled a brief, “okay…” It wasn’t worth fighting her over why she couldn’t be changed right that very moment. Mainly it was because Kai was there, even though he was sleeping, and her momma said that she always needs to have decency, even in front of her brother. She didn’t want Kai stepping out either, for the sake of keeping everyone close together. Nevertheless, lingering in a wet diaper wouldn’t be fun for long, better she keep her mind on something else than let herself slowly feel it cool.

“Momma, when are we going to get there?”

“I’m sure the next stop is almost there, I think you’ll manage hon.”

“No, when we get to our new home.”

“Oh, I’m not sure Yuu, we’ll have to wait and see.”

Not having some window of time made the trip suddenly much more agonizing for the small girl.

“Pleeease? If you had to guess? What time?”

Her mother took a brief pause, thinking to herself.

“Probably more than a few hours.”

More than a few hours!? Yuu couldn’t wait that long! She could practically feel the diaper becoming more unbearable as she learned how much longer she was going to be well acquainted with it.

“Mommmy, but that’s going to take forever!”

“Yuu, quiet down. I’m sure you’ll make it. Try and sleep some of it off like your brother Kai.” She said, gesturing over to Yuu’s silently sleeping black-haired brother. In fact, they all had black hair except for their papa. He had dark brown hair, her momma called him something, it sounded like, “Am-erri-kan?” The word was confusing for Yuu, she had never heard of it before. Momma said that he came from a far away place, but Yuu didn’t think that’s where they were headed. By now, momma would have said so. And also, sleep did sound very tempting to Yuu. Taking off her thin sweatshirt, she balled it up and placed it under her head as a poorly stuffed pillow. Resting her head on the makeshift cushion, she kicked off her boots leaving her socks on, and snuggled up against the bench. Little did she know, the slightest fraction of a diaper waistband was able to emerge from the rim of her leggings. Closing her eyes, she hoped for the hours to pass. It took about 10 minutes, but she was definitely falling asleep. However, she didn’t know what felt more uncomfortable; pressing pad from the diaper, or the distant noise of screaming and creaking groan of twisting metal.

Everything was black.

CHAPTER 2 - Unfamiliar Faces and Unfamiliar Places

Beep. Beep. Beep.

The same recurring noise slowly faded inwards from the back of her mind. Yuu could tell that she was somewhat awake. It was dark, and scary. Where was her momma? Where was she?

“M-m-mo……a…” Yuu brokenly moaned in a whisper. Her head hurt, like she had a really bad headache. She tried to move her legs, but she could tell that the right one was in pain, too much for her to further attempt moving it. It was slightly tough to breathe, but she could manage. Something also that she noticed when making her small movements, was that she was currently in what seemed to be a thoroughly wet diaper. She couldn’t open her eyes, but knew that she wanted to see her momma, where was she? She could feel tears perking from her eyes, as she slowly drifted back into a state of unconsciousness, hearing the small noise of a tearing tape.

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

The noise slowly returned from before. Was she awake? How long had she been out? And where was momma? Questioned filled her head, but she quickly shut them out, feeling the rushing headache from before return. Everything she had tried moving before still hurt, and her diaper still felt wet, but warm. She recently wet this one? Bed wetting however was not a bandwagon she’d be wanting to get back on. She hoped that she could clearly process things soon, she wanted her momma. The reminder of her absence only brought the tears back. Once more, Yuu faded off in her own mind.

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

Once more, the same noise returned to her head, but this time it sounded louder, like it were closer. This time around when she tried to open her eyes, something new happened. Her view made a transition from darkness to a blinding light, so welcoming yet so revolting for the sight at the same time, noticing that only one eye seemed to return to her. Quickly turning her head to the side to avoid the light, the sudden jerk reminded her of the slightly paining headache. Ignoring the pain, from her limited and fuzzy vision, she could tell that she was in a bed, and there were machines in the room, one of them having a tube connected to her wrist. Was she in a hospital? If she was in one, then that meant her momma had to be there too! She couldn’t waste any time, now that she quickly thought about it, she needed to find her big brother too. He’d know what to do. Swiftly but lazily and painfully, she raised her upper half which took a decent amount of stamina from her. Looking down at her appearance with her still adjusting eyes, she could see that she was in fact wearing another diaper; wet at that. It appeared to be the same one that she was wearing on the train, pure white. She looked over at her right leg that was in pain earlier, and could see that it had been wrapped in a lot of bandages, like the mummies she used to see on tv. Her left arm was bandaged the same way too, from shoulder to the palm. They didn’t feel constricting at all, just snug.

The bed she was in had raised bars on it for some reason, and left her with limited options on how to get out in her current condition. Pulling herself over to the edge by using the bars, she made audible sounds of distress as she struggled to manage the simple feat. She must have been making a loud enough noise, because a strange woman walked in with a clipboard, only to have a shocked expression on her face as she saw the now awake girl. The woman wore a light sea green outfit; Yuu understood! This was a nurse. Except, words came out of the woman’s mouth that sounded very foreign to the now fatigued girl. That’s right, they were someplace different from there home. But how would she communicate with the woman? She’d have to use gestures Yuu reasoned. But before she could do any of the sort, a look of concern fell over the nurse’s face, as she gently placed an arm under Yuu’s legs and a hand behind her back.

What was the woman doing? Yuu tried to squirm with what diminished strength she had, and quickly stopped her fight as she realized that she was only putting herself in pain. Yuu made sounds of distress, as the woman positioned her back to her original state in the bed. The nurse made cooing sounds, that relaxed Yuu. Yuu could now get a better look at the new person. She was a youthful looking person, with a dark brown nearly black hair, and once Yuu was back in place she could see a very pretty smile on the woman’s face. It was clear to Yuu that the nurse was happy to see Yuu like that, and Yuu wasn’t very keen on trying to move herself again either. Not wanting to cause the seemingly kind nurse any stress, Yuu put her recent objective to rest at the moment, and slowly began to rest, herself. She’d find her momma and Kai soon, or they’d find her. It was only a matter of time.

It was strange for a moment. Yuu could tell that she was awake, but there was no beeping noise like there had been before. It felt like she was laying on something new, something softer. Yuu opened her eyes, only for one to open again, not that it entirely mattered at the moment. She was beginning to be in desperate need of finding momma, even if she was once more in another wet diaper. Her eyes this time revealed her to a new sight, a room that probably wasn’t a hospital.

The room was somewhat dark, and the walls looked to be a light green, and from where she could see, there was a tall dresser and a lowered one with some sort of cushion on it. There was a window on one wall, but was blocked out by a set of curtains, but she could see light pooling in from beyond. It was then Yuu noticed the same bars she noticed around her the last time, except these ones were higher, by quite a bit. Just from eyeballing it, maybe if Yuu gave it her all she could get over the bar, but in her condition she reasoned that it wouldn’t be possible. But then the thought struck her, was she in a crib? She didn’t have much time to think however, because a slightly closed door quietly opened.

The door opened, and in walked a brown haired woman, but Yuu quickly recognized her. This was the nurse she briefly saw not too long ago! Only except, she wasn’t in the same clothes she was in before. They looked much more casual this time. When Yuu met eyes–one eye with her, the woman seemed to smile like from before. She walked over to the side of the crib, and undid some latch invisible to Yuu, letting the side gently lower. What was she doing? Yuu wondered. The woman reached her arms out and took a hold of the small and unfortunately wet Yuu. But what didn’t help for Yuu’s self esteem when she felt a cold finger work its way between her leg and the leg band of the diaper. The surge of coldness caused her to squirm in the woman’s grasp, but it looked to be that she caused little struggle on the woman’s grasp. Was she going to take Yuu to her momma now? Wait, no! What was she doing? The woman lowered Yuu down onto the padded dresser she noticed from earlier.

No, Yuu wanted to go to her momma, not lay down again! The woman could see the clear distress on Yuu’s face, because her smile slightly faltered and she was making more cooing noises from before. It slightly helped, but Yuu was growing impatient. Yuu was about to take matters into her own hands, and was beginning to rise from her spot. The woman then gently and slowly overpowered the struggling girl with ease, keeping her on the table. Was it best to fight her? Yuu questioned. But she had to go and see her momma, she was waiting for her! She was probably at the hospital too, and she had to get there.

Yuu was called from her thoughts when she caught the noise of tapes being teared. Looking down she noticed that the woman was untaping the diaper. Yuu understood, that meant the woman was cleaning her up to go see her momma, right? She’d just need some panties and new clothes, then they’d probably be going. However, that didn’t change the fact that she wasn’t ready to be changed by a stranger. A shade of red ran over Yuu’s face as panic set in each step the woman was getting closer to removing the diaper. Unsure of what to do, Yuu quickly turned to an old coping mechanism, biting the tip of her thumb, having it slowly make its way into her mouth. She averted her eyes, not wanting to stare at the scene any longer, but knew the deed had been done when she felt a rush of fresh air on her mid section. She just hoped that she’d get back into a pair of panties immediately, she didn’t like this feeling of being exposed. As she began to calm down, thumb still in mouth, something unexpected happened to her; her legs were lifted into the air, and her and bottom landed on a new pad, that certainly wasn’t panties.

Wait what? What was she doing!? Yuu quickly looked over at what she was doing, and it appeared that the woman did not plan to change Yuu’s type of underwear. No this woman was wrong, she only wore diapers on long trips, didn’t she know that? But of course not, she couldn’t have. Now that Yuu thought about it, she was found in a diaper, so is that what threw her into this sort of situation? Yuu couldn’t think about it for long when she felt powder showering down on her diaper area. Yuu was going to stop her, but thought against it, not wanting to waste her own strength and the kind woman’s time. As infantile and embarrassing as it was, this brief moment of silence and softness did feel somewhat therapeutic to Yuu, feeling calmed by the gentle woman’s touch. Maybe she could deal with another diaper, as long as she’d get to momma soon. The woman lovingly pressed the front of the diaper against Yuu, and then expertly taped the sides together, sealing the deed. Once her attention was focused off the diaper, the woman noticed the thumb in Yuu’s mouth, and gently removed it. Even though Yuu wasn’t the happiest about it, she reasoned that she could stop because the embarrassing moment was over. Yuu was then returned into the arms of the kind woman, and held onto her. They walked by a tall mirror as they were heading to the exit, allowing Yuu to catch a quick look. Clearly, Yuu was dwarfed in comparison by the size of this woman, and Yuu could see now why her one eye wasn’t seeming to be working. It was covered in bandages that wrapped around the side of her face and forehead. She hoped that there wasn’t any permanent damage under there, but only time would tell. Her arm and leg were still bandaged, and it still hurt to make drastic movements with them.

Yuu was carried into a hallway, and they were approaching a set of stairs heading downstairs. They walked down them into what looked like a living room. However, they walked right by it and into a tiled room, which seemed to be a kitchen. There was 5 chairs seated around the table, one being clearly different from the others. It appeared to be a high chair, meant to hold its resident. It would appear that Yuu was heading straight in the direction of the chair, because she was lowered into it, feeling the strap press against the diaper. Was she going to eat before they went to the hospital? Yuu supposed she could eat, but didn’t want to take too long. Her questions were somewhat answered, when a small cup appeared in front of her. The cup had handles on both sides and there was a closed lid on top she could drink from. It was probably one of those child proof cups for younger kids, but Yuu didn’t think she needed one. It was filled with something, so Yuu took grasp of it with her left arm and lifted it. Quickly regretting her decision, she felt a sharp pain from using her damaged arm, and out of reflex dropped the children’s cup. By chance, it happened to bounce slightly off the high chair tray and onto the floor. The woman must have heard the noise, because she walked from her post in the position to return the cup to the helpless girl. Returning the cup the woman smiled, saying something that made no sense to Yuu, the words “Uh oh.” Maybe it’s the noise you make when you make a mistake? Or, was she trying to tell her it was okay? New languages were confusing, it’d probably be best that she didn’t try to read into her words too much. Before she left, she noticed Yuu was going to try grabbing the cup with her left arm again, but the woman stopped her. She pointed to Yuu’s left arm making the noise, “Ouchies,” then gestured to her right arm. Yuu reasoned that this probably meant the woman wanted her to use her right arm when picking up the cup, which made more sense, but was somewhat difficult considering that she is by default a lefty. The woman seemed to be satisfied at that point, and then returned to her spot in the kitchen. With a somewhat shaky grasp, Yuu began to sip from the cup, and could tell what she was drinking was milk. It wasn’t her favorite, but she could manage. Swinging her hanging legs from the chair, she began to drink.

Re: Yuu’s Reset (Updated 10/17/2015)

Interesting plot, I like the change of pace but wonder what happened. Perhaps it will be revealed in later chapters?