Yugioh 5Ds: Luna's Big Break

Yugioh 5Ds: Luna’s Big Break

Hey all, this story is based off an idea I had for another multi chapter 5Ds story, but can’t find the mojo to write it, so to speak. So I’m doing this short story version, both to get it out there, and as a thank you for a friend. He’s done a lot for me, and knowing how much he likes the twins, I think he’ll like this.

Enjoy everyone.


The door to the small mansion opened, and a young girl entered. She wore an orange baseball cap that concealed her hair, an ocean blue colored wind jacket, black jeans, a pair of black sun glasses, and blue sneakers. Strapped to her back was a large backpack. A helmet and safety pads were held in her left hand, and a pink hover board held under her right arm.

The girl set down the hover board and safety gear next to the door, also taking a moment to slip out of her sneakers. Walking over to a small table nearby, the girl took off her sunglasses, revealing grey-gold eyes. Taking her cap off, the girl’s sea green hair spilled out, falling down past her neck due to it not being tied up in its usual pig tails.

Tossing her head back to get her hair out of her face, the girl smiled in anticipation for what was soon to come. Jogging down the hall, through the living room, and down a second hall, she opened the door to her room and entered. Despite the fact that the girl the room belonged to was twelve years old, the room itself could be mistaken for a girl several years younger.

The room had pink colored walls, and was covered with posters of some of the girl’s favorite duel monsters creatures, the world renowned game that everyone knew about. The furniture consisted of a queen sized bed, several dressers, a full body mirror, and a large sliding door closet. Closing the door behind her, the girl made her way to her bed, and carefully took her book bag off and placed it beside the bed.


The twelve year old’s name was Luna, and she wasn’t an ordinary girl. Sure there were many aspect of her life that was normal; she had a father and a twin brother. She had friends, and went to school, but there were a number of key differences in her life.

The first was when she was just a month after she turned three years old. Her mother contracted a virus, and due to an error on the doctor’s part, died after three weeks of hospitalization. Her father sued the hospital, and made quite a bit of money, though it would never heal the gapping hole in the family’s heart.

Things were never the same for Luna after that. Wishing she could go to a trouble less world, she fell into a coma shortly after a card game of duel monsters, or a duel as it’s called. What made this so different was the fact that she wasn’t simply unconscious during her coma, but that her spirit traveled to the spirit world, the world where the creatures from the game of duel monsters lived in.

Luna spent a month in the spirit world, enjoying a life of trouble less existence. She made a promise to protect that realm to the best of her ability to one of its respected leaders, the Ancient Fairy Dragon. Shortly after her promise however, she heard her twin brother’s voice calling her, and awoke from her coma.

Despite what was supposed to be a joyful occasion, tragedy struck again. Faced with the aspect of loosing his daughter so soon after loosing his wife, Luna’s father had distanced himself from both Luna and her twin brother Leo. Having done so, he developed a mental disorder that caused him to no longer visually recognize his children for who they were. After being diagnosed with the disorder, he was forced to hire a caretaker to watch over the twins while he started working overtime to support them. While he may have been unable to visibly recognize the twins as his children, he subconsciously knew it to be true, and set out to support them the only way he could.

The twins grew up together, going through several caretakers. Some left due to illnesses, some for other jobs, and one who was strict enough that Leo actually called their father when Luna had a small mental breakdown. Despite the unusual and sometimes rough upbringing, both children were growing up to be good, well behaved children.

The next big change happened six months earlier to date, when the amnesic figure of one Yusei Fudo crashed his duel runner, dueling motorcycle, in front of their house. Yusei was from the neighboring island/city, known as the Satellite. It was often looked down upon, repressed, and despised by the people of New Domino City, the twin’s home city.

Not holding the prejudice most citizens did for Satelites, the twins helped Yusei recover, and regain his memory. They later discovered he was then being blackmailed into competing in a duel monsters tournament known as the Fortune Cup, or else his friends in the Satellite would be harmed. There were a number of revelations during the course of the tournament.

Luna had originally been invited to compete in the tournament, but remembering what had happened the last time she dueled, she allowed her twin brother to compete in her stead. This had of course been comical since he had to dress just like her, make-up and all. Leo had lost the first round, however Luna was selected for a loser’s bracket. Leo could not replace her this time, as she was identified by the stadium’s spotlight, and Leo had changed and removed the make-up he wore.

Luna dueled against a hypnotist, who over the course of the duel caused both himself and Luna to travel to the spirit world. There, Luna learned of the suppressed memories she had of her time there, due to the incident of her father’s disorder. Remembering her promise to protect the spirit world, and seeing that the hypnotist’s presence was threatening to collapse it, Luna pulled a maneuver that caused both duelists life points to drop to zero. This caused the duel to end in a draw, and sent the pair back to their bodies in the real world.

After the duel, a strange mark appeared on her right arm, taking the shape of a red dragon claw. After the tournament, Luna learned that she was a signer, a bearer of the mark of the Crimson Dragon. Bearing the mark meant she was chosen to fight against a group known as the Dark Signers, who worked for the King of the Underworld. Luna was one of several duelists chosen to take part in the war between the Crimson Dragon and the King of the Underworld, a war that took place once every 5000 years.

Joining Luna was their friend and the new, New Domino City duel monster’s champion, Yusei, the former champ Jack Atlas, as well as the psychic duelist Akiza Izinski. The last member had been the toughest to gain. Akiza was apart of a group known as the Arcadia Movement, and had one of the roughest upbringings Luna had ever heard of, and she hadn’t even heard the entire story!

Akiza had psychic powers that made any duel monster cards come to life, be they monster cards or an effect. Because she couldn’t control this power, she was often an outcast and hated by the people around her. In order to maintain some form of sanity, Akiza began to relish the pain her powers caused other, as it allowed them to feel a portion of her own.

Akiza was discovered in the underground by a man named Sayer, who was the leader of the Arcadian Movement, a group of psychic duelists. He helped Akiza gain control of her powers, and showed her the love and affection she’d always craved all her life. This caused her to become devoted to Sayer, which caused a number of problems for the Signers.

While Yusei returned to Satellite to start the battle against the Dark Signers, Luna, Leo, and two adult friends went to the Arcadian Movement building, in hopes of speaking to Akiza and convincing her to help in the war. They met with Sayer, who promised to allow the group to speak with her. He kept his word, but not the way the group had hoped.

Sayer was an ambitious man. He had hoped to raise an army of psychic duelists, and one day take over the world with them, and Akiza was the strongest duelist, save for himself. Sayer gassed the room the group had been in, locked the adults in a cell, while taking Luna and Leo. Setting Leo up to duel, testing him for psychic powers, Luna awoke on a skylight view of the dueling arena, Akiza with her.

Shortly after the duel’s close, and Akiza refusal to leave the movement to help, the building came under attack by two Dark Signers. Akiza fought one, while Sayer faced the other; however Sayer was defeated, and fell over twenty stories, only his psychic powers saving his life. Akiza saw the fall, and thinking he died, passed out, falling into a coma shortly after. The duels had caused immense damage to the building, causing it to collapse, Akiza only escaping by the timely arrival of Jack Atlas.

Luna witnessed Akiza awakening and dueling with Yusei, who bonded with Akiza and helped rekindled some of the bonds between Akiza and her family. Shortly after that, the group set off for Satellite, where the main war effort was taking place. Unlike the rest of the group, Luna had to fight her part of the war on two fronts; the real world, and the spirit world.

Her Dark Signer’s monsters had been capturing the duel monsters in spirit world, encasing them in stone tablets. Luna, with the help of several other duel spirits that had managed to avoid capture, managed to defeat the Dark Signer’s monsters, free Ancient Fairy Dragon and the rest of the monster spirits, and reverse the reality warping powers used by the Dark Signer’s monster to maintain control.

After succeeding in the spirit world, Luna arrived back in the real world, just in time to save Leo, who was dueling against her designated Dark Signer. Taking over for Leo, Luna managed to gain her Ancient Fairy Dragon card, summon it, and defeat the Dark Signer.

The next big event happened hours later, though it seemed like days. While the Signers had managed to beat a number of Dark Signers, as well as seal the towers that emitted the negative energy both the Dark Signers and the King of the Underworld gained strength from, they failed to defeat all the Dark Signers. As a result, the King of the Underworld was summoned to their plain of existence.

Fortunately, the Signers still had a chance to succeed. The final Dark Signer had to complete a ritual to claim victory for the King of the Underworld, via a duel. Yusei, Jack, and their long time friend and former teammate Crow, took the challenge, and despite the odds against them, managed to win against the Dark Signer, and send the King of the Underworld back where it came from.

A lot has happened since then. Yusei, Jack, and Crow took it upon themselves to finish the bridge connecting Satellite and New Domino City together. As a result, relations between the two cities have improved dramatically, and laws have been revised for the people of Satellite.

Akiza became the spokesperson for the Arcadian Movement and was working with the government to uncover the late Sayer’s schemes, and help the other psychics safely learn how to control their powers. She was very busy, and though she tried her best to stay in contact with the group, Akiza had only managed to speak with each of them once a month over the past six months.

Both Luna and Leo had enrolled in New Domino City’s division of duel academy. This was a big step for the pair, as they had both had their schooling done via the internet. Learning the basic schooling as well as dueling tactics and theories was tricky, even more so with getting used to interacting and socializing with such a large group of people. Still, the twins managed well; neither was doing terrible in any of their classes, and they had each managed to make several friends of their own.


Kneeling down, Luna carefully unzipped her back pack all the way. Reaching in, she pulled out two small boxes of duel monster booster packs, each containing twenty-four packs. While any duelist would be exited over the aspect of opening forty-eight packs of cards, the girl was more eager at what was beneath the booster boxes.

Reaching down into the back pack, Luna pulled out a small container of wet wipes and set it beside the booster boxes. Going back in the bag, she came out this time with two bottles; one of baby oil, the other of baby powder. Setting those down on the bed, she next pulled out a package of four pacifiers, and a package of two larger then normal baby bottles.

Going in for a final time, Luna used both hands to pull out a package of diapers. The package contained twenty-four diapers, sized for age range of ten to fourteen. What made these diapers stand out was the fact that they were designed to be just like baby diapers, but collaborated with duel monsters. They were the generic white color, had a single but large tape on each flap, a plastic cover that crinkled with movement, and had a picture strip on the front of small and cute duel monsters.

Luna placed the package on her bed, and after ripping it open, pulled one out, noting how the monsters Kuribon, Key Mace, and Jerry Beans Man were on the picture strip. Setting it down on the bed, she grabbed the package of pacifiers, opened it, pulled out a pink one, and plopped it into her mouth. Suckling on it happily, she knelt down, reached under her bed, pulled out a changing mat, and spread it out on top of the bed. Standing up, she began stripping off her clothes. As she did, she remembered how she came to enjoy such an unusual life style.


There were several points in which diapers and regression had played a role in Luna’s life. The first was at the beginning of her life. Luna originally hadn’t even wanted to get potty trained, however when her mother had fallen ill, she had managed to get fully trained in just three short weeks. She had done so in hoping it would make her mother proud and happy, and ultimately make her feel better.

Unfortunately, it was short lived, and her mother had passed away shortly after. The second time they entered her life was when Luna had awaken from her coma. She had lost some of her potty training skills, and experiencing how distance her father was hadn’t done the girl any good. Luna hadn’t seen the point of retraining if her father didn’t care, but under pressure from her new caretaker, she was retrained within a few months.

The third time was solely regressional, and took place a little over five years later when she was eight years old. Luna and Leo’s latest caretaker was a very strict, no nonsense man. He expected the twins grades to never drop below 95 percent. He expected their chores to be done as soon as they had free time. He expected them to be high classed, proper children.

Duel monsters was forbidden in the house, proper etiquette classes were piled on top of the regular work load, and any toe stepped out of line, even by accident, was punished swiftly and harshly. Neither Luna nor Leo had enjoyed their time with this caretaker. Each had voiced complaints to more then just the banning of duel monsters in the house, and each had been punished, from spankings to room confinements to even the old fashion bread and water punishment.

Not even the second month under this caretaker, Luna cracked under the pressure. One morning, Luna refused to get out of bed. Despite being spanked, despite being grounded, and despite being told she was only having bread and water for the next week, she remained in her room. When the man next came in, he found Luna sitting on the bed, suckling a pacifier she’d dug out of her closet from her baby days, her shorts soaked with pee, and her underwear filled with poo. She had completely shut down.

After forcing her from the room and bathing her, the man returned her to her room, flipped over the mattress, changed the sheets, and told her she not only wasn’t getting dinner that night, he expected her to be in bed the next time he checked on her. Half an hour later he found Luna on the ground where he left her. This continued for three more days before Leo discovered how bad off his sister was and called their father for the first time in years.

The new caretaker was a woman and a former doctor for the New Domino City hospital. Sitting down with both Luna and Leo, she learned what had gone wrong with the last caretaker, and made promises to ease their work load. The etiquette classes were canceled, and getting their chores and school done was more a relaxed policy. While the twin’s grades did drop somewhat, they never went below a 90, and they were both healthier mentally and psychologically with the eased workload.

Allowing duel monsters back in the house earned the new caretaker major points as well. She also made a point of spending quality time with each of the twins. For Luna, she got the girl a new, clean pacifier since she recognized how attached Luna had become to it, as well as reading her fairytales. That was when Luna realized she liked being a little girl as opposed to a responsible big girl.

After that realization, Luna turned to the internet for answers. What she found surprised her; she wasn’t the only one to feel this way! Luna discovered that she enjoyed a regressional, or infantile, lifestyle. Reading stories about other’s experiences, as well as fiction written by these people, she decided to secretly experiment with the lifestyle.

The baby bottle had been the first experiment, though it took her several tries to get right, as she tended to get hiccups after using it unless she burped herself. Buying diapers had been tricky, but she had managed, and found she enjoyed wearing and, to an extent using them. Overtime she grew used to using them, though the chances to even put one on were rare.

The one experiment she could try out in the open was playing with stuffed animals. That was one of her favorites along with using her pacifier. Unfortunately, after a few months with the doctor caretaker, she was forced to hide it after being told to get rid of it. Leo may tease her to this day about playing with her stuffed animals, but it was one of her few constants to the lifestyle she enjoyed.

There was only one time that the border between her real life and her lifestyle crossed over, and that had been during the Dark Signers incident surprisingly enough. When Sayer gassed the room and knocked Luna unconscious, Luna had had a full bladder at the time, and promptly wet herself. Upon waking up, Luna had discovered that her dress had been cleaned, and underneath her panties she was wearing a diaper.

Luna didn’t know if Akiza had known she was diapered at the time, but the woman didn’t belittle her or anything, so she figured Akiza either didn’t know or just didn’t care. With the confusion of the Dark Signer attack, no one had bothered to note her diapered state. It had actually proven to be convenient, as she hadn’t the time to go home and change that day, and as such she had made use of the diaper she wore while at the hospital.

As it turned out, a nurse there had noticed Luna’s state. Assuming Luna needed them for medical reasons, she had taken Luna to a spare room and changed her into a fresh one. Luna had seen no reason to correct her assumption, and when questioned where her diaper bag was, she had stated it hadn’t mattered as she was out of diapers anyways, to which the nurse got her a hospital diaper.


That had been the last time she’d worn a diaper, Luna reflected as she slid her pink panties down her legs and stepped out of them. Sitting down on the changing pad and swinging her legs onto the bed, Luna grabbed the bottle of baby oil. Opening it, she poured some onto her free hand, and began rubbing it into her skin down below.

Pouring a second bit into her hand a minute later, Luna laid back and pulled her knees to her stomach, and took a minute to rub the oil into the skin on her backside. Taking care to close the bottle’s lid, Luna grabbed the bottle of baby powder, opened it, and sprinkled it directly onto her bum. Rubbing it into her skin as well, Luna repeated the process on her front side.

Making certain the powder bottle was closed, Luna set it to one side, and grabbed the diaper up off the bed. Unfolding it and opening the back flaps, Luna lifted her bum up off the changing mat and slid the diaper under herself. Lowering her self onto the diaper, she took a moment to adjust herself until she was in the proper position. Reaching between her legs, she pulled the front of the diaper up through them, unfolded the flaps, and pulled the diaper tightly over her front.

Reaching behind her, Luna ripped open one of the tapes from the back flaps, and pulled it tightly over the front of the diaper. Repeating the process with the other side, Luna ran her fingers along the leg holes of the diaper in search of leaks, and found none. After taking a moment to smooth out the tapes over the front of the diaper, Luna lay back with a happy sigh, and wiggled a little, hearing her diaper crinkle with each motion.

This had been the first time in ages Luna had been able to diaper herself, and without fear of being caught. Leo was away with Yusei, Jack, and Crow at a males only tournament two cities away. Luna thought it was stupid to do gender only tournaments, despite the fact she was invited to take part in the female one a month later. But in the end, it didn’t really matter.

Luna and Leo’s caretaker, a kind middle aged man, was supposed to watch over Leo at the tournament, but fell ill. In a quick move, Yusei was granted guardianship over Leo so Leo could join the group for the three week tournament. With her brother gone and her caretaker at home recuperating, Luna had free reign to do whatever she pleased at her home.

Sitting up and swinging her legs off the side of the bed, Luna rose to her feet, her diaper’s bulk causing her legs to spread apart a bit. Using her clean hand, she bent down, opened the pack of wet wipes, and wiped her hands clean of left over powder and oil. Tossing the wipe into the trash bin next to her bed, Luna then waddled over to her closet, slid it open, and then got down on her knees.

Opening a thin grey box, she pulled out a small, short sleeved purple t-shirt. On the front of the shirt was a custom designed picture of the duel monster Ancient Fairy Dragon. Turning the shirt around, Luna pulled it on, the shirt coming down just past her belly button, but doing nothing to conceal her diaper.

Closing the box and standing up, Luna waddled back to her bed, and ripped open the packaging that contained the baby bottles. Pulling one out, Luna proceeded to waddle out of the room, happily suckling her pacifier as she listened to the sound of her diaper crinkle to her every step.

Waddling down the hallway and into the living room, Luna turned into the kitchen attached to it. Upon reaching the counter, she set her bottle down as she opened the fridge door next to the counter. Pulling out a gallon of milk, she unscrewed the lid of her bottle, and filled it with milk. After putting away the gallon and screwing the bottle’s lid shut, Luna picked up the bottle and returned to the living room.

Setting her bottle down on the coffee table in front of the couch, Luna waddled over to the TV and DVD rack. Getting down on her knees, she sorted through the stacks of DVDs until she found the one she wanted. Pulling it out, she inserted it into the DVD player, turned on the TV, and waddled back to the couch.

Pulling her pacifier out of her mouth and placing it on the coffee table, Luna replaced it with her bottle’s nipple. Swinging her legs onto the couch, she laid back against one of the throw pillows against the couch’s arm, and began lapping up the cool milk. On the screen, an episode of one of Luna’s more childish shows came on, a show containing fairy type duel monster creatures spreading the joys of sharing, friendship, and playing with others to have fun.

Five minutes into the episode, Luna paused from her half empty bottle. Closing her eyes, she relaxed herself, and slowly began emptying her bladder. The warm pee flowed into her diaper, causing some mild discoloration on the plastic cover. Soon after, Luna resumed her bottle, her diaper now discolored and sagging somewhat.

Staring at the TV screen as she drank, Luna’s vision began blur. Finishing her bottle, Luna reached out and grabbed the paci from the table and put it back in her mouth. Curling up on the couch, Luna fell asleep minutes later.


“Luna…Luna. It’s time to wake up baby girl.”

Luna moaned softly behind her pacifier, and batted away the hand shaking her shoulder. The hand returned a moment later and resumed shaking her. Emitting a throaty sound of displeasure, Luna batted away the hand a second time, and pushed herself upright. Rubbing the sleep from her eyes, she looked up to see who was shaking her.

The woman had brown eyes and dark burgundy hair that reached down to her shoulder blades, her front bangs rolled up around a silver device. She wore a black v-neck t-shirt, a sleeveless magenta trench coat that flared out behind her, blue jeans, black boots, black elbow length gloves, and an emerald crested, golden cross-shaped medallion.

“Awiza?” Luna asked. She blinked, and realized her pacifier was slurring her speech. This realization triggered the memories of her activities before her impromptu nap. Eyes widening, she looked down at herself, noting her diaper was both visible, sagging, and now had a lump in the back, and looked back up at Akiza with a mix of tears and fear in her eyes.

“Relax Luna.” Akiza said, wiping away the girl’s tears with her finger. “I think you’re an adorable baby girl. Lets get you changed into a clean diaper, and then you can tell me all about this. Okay?”

Luna flinched back, and curled up into a ball. She was mortified she had been discovered, after spending years hiding her admittingly strange desires. And the fact that it was Akiza of all people to find out! Memories of Akiza’s alter ego, the Black Rose Witch, came to mind, making her whimper again.

“Luna, do you really think I’d look down on you for wearing diapers?” Akiza asked. “And did you think I didn’t already know you sometimes wear them? Who do you think changed you at the Arcadia Movement building?”

That caused Luna to blink. Akiza knew? Akiza was the one who changed her?

“I suppose it would be hard to tell who changed you since you were unconscious at the time.” Akiza admitted. “But it was me Luna, and I don’t think any less of you for wearing a diaper. So how about we get you changed, you tell me your story, and then I’ll tell you a story about someone you know. Okay?”

Luna slowly nodded her head. She remembered how Akiza had changed from the cruel, pain relishing woman she once was, but Luna was scared about her reaction to the story she was about to tell, and if the witch would reappear. It wasn’t exactly common behavior for a twelve year old girl to go around in a used diaper, drinking from bottles, and suckling on pacifiers after all.

Akiza held out her hand, and upon Luna taking it, pulled the infantile pre-teen duelist to her feet. Still holding her hand, she directed Luna in front of her, and the girl led her to her room. Upon seeing the supplies laid out, Luna having left them out, Akiza lifted the girl up off her feet, supported her with an arm around her and her hand under the girl’s bottom. The girl squealed in surprise at both the action and the unexpected feeling of poo being smushed against her skin.

Carrying Luna the rest of the way, Akiza lowered Luna onto the changing pad. “Just lay back baby girl, I’ll take care of the rest.” Akiza said softly, running a hand through Luna’s hair. The infantile girl stared at Akiza for a moment before nodding her head, suckling on her pacifier vigorously.

Akiza picked up the container of wet wipes, placed them on the bed next to the pad, and pulled off her gloves. Reaching out, Akiza ripped open the tapes on the front of Luna’s diaper, and pulled the front back. To Luna’s surprise, Akiza didn’t even bat an eyelash at the sight of her diaper’s conditions, nor wiggled her nose at the odor.

Lifting Luna up by her legs, Akiza slid the dirty diaper out from under the girl. Holding her up, Akiza pulled out several wet wipes and carefully but thoroughly cleaned Luna’s diaper areas. Lowering Luna back down on the mat a minute later, Akiza threw the used wipes into the dirty diaper, rolled it up, and sealed it shut. Placing the dirty diaper to one side, Akiza reached into the package of diapers and pulled a fresh one out. Placing it next to the changing mat, Akiza grabbed the bottle of baby oil, poured some into her free hand, and began applying it to Luna’s diaper area.

Luna was in heaven, she hadn’t been cared for like this since she actually was a baby! Akiza’s hands were gentle as they applied the oil to Luna’s most sensitive areas, even when lifting Luna up to get at her bum. Luna could almost feel the loving care Akiza was emitting as she switched to applying the baby powder.

Once done powdering the girl, Akiza opened the clean diaper next to Luna, and slid it under the girl. Lowering her onto it, she pulled the front of the diaper up between Luna’s legs, opened the flaps, and pulled it tightly over her front. Ripping open the tapes on the back flaps, Akiza pulled them tightly over the front of the diaper. Making certain there were no leak holes and the tapes were secure, Akiza used her clean hand to pull Luna upright.

“I’m gonna dispose of this dirty diaper and wash my hands.” Akiza told her. “When I get back, you can tell me how you became a baby girl. I’ve got the next few days off, so you can take all the time you need to explain when I get back. Okay Luna?”

Luna nodded her head, and Akiza stood up. Grabbing the sealed diaper, she exited the room. Luna suckled on her pacifier, nervous about what was to come. Still, she reasoned if Akiza thought she was gross or sick in the head, she wouldn’t have changed her diaper. Sighing, she saw Akiza return, so she pulled her pacifier out, sat Indian style, and upon seeing Akiza sit on the edge of the bed, began telling her story.

An hour later found Luna sitting on Akiza’s lap, her eyes red and puffy from recounting some of the more emotional parts of her story. Akiza was rubbing Luna’s back as she suckled her pacifier, helping her calm herself. A few more minutes of rubbing and suckling, Luna pulled the paci from her mouth.

“I’m okay.” Luna said softly.

“Good.” Akiza said, wrapping her arms around her.

“You don’t think I’m weird?” Luna asked. “Screwed up in the head?”

“Do you think you are?” Akiza questioned.

“I…I know this isn’t normal but…it’s helped me…it makes me happy…”

“It made me happy too.”

“Huh?” Luna twisted around to look up at Akiza.

“I used to be a baby girl too.” Akiza admitted.

“You were!?” Luna exclaimed.

“So were a lot of people in the Arcadian Movement.” Akiza said.

“But I thought Sayer was trying to raise an army of psychic duelists, not big babies?” Luna asked.

“True, but remember, a lot of people don’t like psychic duelists.” Akiza said. “Being outcasts or scapegoats for society due to our powers, people can only last so long before they crack. It happens especially fast if you don’t have any friends or family to support you.”

Akiza sighed. “When I was thirteen I destroyed my parents house after seeing them enjoying life without me. I ran away from duel academy and went underground. I dueled tough opponents, but I also hurt a lot of people. The guilt ate away at me until I finally broke down. I locked myself in my room and used my powers to seal the door.”

Luna was starring at Akiza in surprise; this wasn’t the story she overheard her tell Yusei. She blinked when she realized Akiza was still talking.

“-passed out on the third day locked in my room. When I woke up I discovered my dirty clothes had been replaced with a diaper and a shirt, and I was lying in an oversized crib. Shortly after I woke up, Sayer walked into the room. He introduced himself to me, told me he was a psychic as well, and once I was ready to be a big girl again, he’d teach me how to control my powers. At that point I didn’t care what happened to me, so I let him take care of me.”

“Wait a second, he took care of you?” Luna asked.

“Yes.” Akiza answered. “He fed me, bathed me, and changed my diapers for six months before I started responding to him.”

“He saw you naked?” Luna asked, incredulously.

Akiza closed her eyes, but nodded her head. “Yes. He took care of my every little need and showered me with all the affection I craved but never received with my real family…he was my Daddy. Eventually I wanted to pay him back for all the kindness he was showing me, so I retrained myself, and grew up again.”

She sighed. “Unfortunately, my desire to repay him blinded me to his manipulations. In order to not get overloaded with guilt at causing pain, he taught me to relish in the pain I caused others, to see it as me sharing the pain I’ve felt all my life with others. I was only too eager to do so.”

“He did this to others too?” Luna asked.

“At least a third of the movement.” Akiza answered. “Well, the third I knew anyways. It’s a lot bigger then any of us knew…Bottom line Luna; Sayer may have been manipulating me, but I remember how good it felt being a baby girl. So no, I don’t think it’s weird that you’re a baby girl.”

Luna heaved a sigh of relief. Being accepted as she was, it, well, it felt amazing. “Thanks Akiza.”

“You’re welcome baby girl.” Akiza replied. She ran her fingers along Luna’s stomach, causing the girl to squirm and giggle.

“Not that I’m complaining, but what are you doing here?” Luna asked once she calmed down.

“Well, as you know, I’ve been working with the government to help sort out the Arcadia Movement mess.” Akiza started. “We’ve uncovered almost everything, but my position has a lot of people on both sides nervous.”

“Nervous?” Luna asked.

“My father is a state governor, and a lot of people in the movement look up to me.” Akiza explained. “With my connections, everyone is afraid I’ll become another Sayer. So after getting the major aspects of the Movement dealt with, I was asked to step down.”

“What!? Why would they do that?” Luna exclaimed. “You’ve changed Akiza, and I know you’d never become like Sayer.”

“We know that, but others are too afraid of the possibility.” Akiza said. “Now that I’m out I have a lot more free time. I decided to come here for a visit, and to take care of something, but I found a baby girl asleep on the couch instead.”

Luna giggled at that. “What was it you came to do?”

“On my way out, both the Movement and the government made a few concessions for me. For my services during the Dark Signer episode, any property damage or crimes I committed during Sayer’s leadership of the Movement are waved. Also, the Movement is making concessions to people they’ve wronged. So I was able to convince them to let me deal with you and the other signers before I leave the Movement completely.” Akiza explained.

“What kind of concessions are we talking about?” Luna asked, curious.

“Anything within reason.” Akiza answered. “You want a deck of duel monster cards, we can negotiate that depending on the price. You want some expensive piece of clothing, or a new wardrobe, once again it can be negotiated. Furniture is the same too.”

“Anything within reason, huh?” Luna thought out loud. “Are you hoping Yusei will ask for a candle light dinner?”

Akiza’s cheeks flushed at that. “You little!” Wrapping her arms around Luna’s stomach, she pulled the diapered girl back onto the bed, and began mercilessly tickling her.

Luna shrieked with laughter as she tried to defend herself against Akiza’s attack. It was to no avail, causing Luna to flail about on her bed. Akiza continued for a full five minutes before stopping, leaving Luna red faced and gasping for air, but much happier then when Akiza first woke her up.

“Have you learned your lesson baby girl?” Akiza asked.

“I never said the dinner would be with you.” Luna replied after catching her breath.

“Is Yusei seeing someone else?” Akiza asked, a worried expression appearing on her face. Luna stared at her for several seconds before grinning, and that’s when Akiza knew she’d been duped! “You tricked me!”

“I knew you liked Yusei, it was just getting you to admit it that was the hard part.” Luna replied. “You may not have said it out loud, but your expression said it all.”

Akiza was silent for a time. “Promise to let me tell him?” She finally asked.

“Who do you take me for, Leo?” Luna replied. “But the answer is no.” Akiza’s eyes widened in surprise. “I can promise not to myself, but I can’t promise the same for the others, especially Crow and Leo. I can say this though, you’d best get a move on if you want to be with him.”

“What’s the hurry?” Akiza asked, curious.

Luna opened her mouth, paused for a second, and then spoke. “Maybe it’d be better if I just showed you.” Luna rolled off the bed onto her feet, and waddled over to the computer on her desk.

Akiza followed, curious, as Luna booted it up. A minute later, Luna opened an internet browser, and pulled up a web site. Akiza’s eyes widened as read the site’s cover page: ‘The Shooting Star, a fan based site dedicated to Yusei Fudo.’ Looking to the side, she saw membership was up in six digits.

“As you can see, Yusei now has quite the fan base.” Luna said. “Some of them are pretty fanatical, and a few that I talked to were quite delusional in their beliefs regarding how Yusei would react to seeing them.”

“You talked to a few of them?” Akiza asked, surprised.

“To set the record straight on what kind of person Yusei is.” Luna said. “Of course, I did have to sign up in order to gain access to the chat rooms.”

“You signed up to a Yusei fan site?” Akiza asked, amused.

“Why not? He’s a great person and a great duelist.” Luna countered. After a moment, she whispered, “I once had a dream about him…he was my father in it.”

Akiza ruffled the diapered girl’s hair. “Yusei will be a good father someday, that’s for certain. And he’ll always have a special place in his heart for you Luna.”

Luna smiled up at the psychic duelist. “Thank you Akiza.” Akiza smiled down on her. “Would you like me to help you join the site?”

“Smart-alec.” Akiza said, poking Luna’s side. Luna squirmed out of Akiza’s reach with a giggle. “So what would you like to do now baby girl? I’ve got the whole day off, as well as the next few.”

“What exactly do you do now?” Luna asked, curious.

“Well, I’ve returned to duel academy for starters.” Akiza stated. “As for a job, well I don’t have one yet, but I do have several interviews. One of them is to represent a pro-league duel monsters company, standard duel setting.”

“That’s great!” Luna said happily. Just then her stomach let out a loud grumble, causing the girl to blush.

Akiza grinned. “Sounds like some baby girl is hungry.” She teased.

“Maybe a little.” Luna admitted softly. Her blush deepened as a second growl was heard.

Akiza let out a small laugh and made her way back to the bed, motioning for Luna to follow. Curious, Luna did just that, and was standing in front of her not a minute later. Akiza picked up the pair of jeans off the floor, and held them open to Luna. Taking the hint, Luna stepped into them, and Akiza pulled them up her legs.

After the jeans were buttoned and zipped up, Luna inspected them. There was a slight bulge to them, but unless you were looking for it you couldn’t see it. She then looked up at Akiza and asked, “Why did you dress me?”

“I figured we might go out to eat somewhere.” Akiza stated, causing Luna’s eyes to widen.

“E-Eat out?” She stuttered. “But I’ve never been outside in my diaper before!”

“Yes you have.” Akiza stated.

“I mean not by choice.” Luna stated. “And not dressed like this.”

“Don’t worry about a thing baby girl.” Akiza stated, pulling her into a hug. “I won’t let anything happen to you that might embarrass you. We’ll even just go to some fast food place for an early dinner.”

“…You promise?” Luna asked after a moment.

“I promise.” Akiza answered with a smile. “Now, why don’t you go grab shoes while I pack some supplies incase someone has an accident and needs changing.”

Luna blushed, but nodded her head. She was a little nervous about this, but oddly excited as well. She had never really done anything truly daring until she got involved in the whole signer-dark signer war. This was a chance to gain that thrill, but in a much safer setting and environment. Plus, with Akiza by her side, even if she was discovered, no one would dare tease her for very long, given the older girl’s reputation.


Half an hour later, Luna and Akiza were seated in a booth at the Burgers N Fries fast food restaurant. There had been one five minutes away from where Luna lived, but Akiza chose to go to one where Luna was less likely to be recognized or run into anyone she knew. Luna was thankful for that.

Akiza had packed a diaper bag for Luna, however she had used the girl’s backpack to do so, making it less likely for others to realize its true purpose. On the trays in front of them sat one double hamburger, one double cheeseburger, two containers of French fries, and a medium soda for each. Luna was currently drinking her beverage while Akiza was chewing a mouthful of burger.

“This place is great.” Luna said after a minute. “The fries taste so good.”

Akiza waited until her mouth was empty to reply. “I know what you mean, I’m practically addicted to these fries. The burgers aren’t half bad either.”

“Agreed.” Luna stated before she munched on a fry. “So, have any boys asked you out?”

Akiza, who had been drinking her soda, sputtered and spilled some of her drink onto herself. Luna giggles while Akiza sent a mock glare at the girl. “No boys have asked me out since I returned to duel academy.” She stated as she grabbed some napkins. “But a girl did.”

“A girl?” Luna asked surprised.

“I know, I was surprised too.” Akiza said. “I politely turned her down, but we’re still friends. I think you and the boys would like her.”

“What makes you think that?” Luna asked. Seeing Akiza grin, she knew it would be an amusing story.

“Well, one of the teachers for the upper classes is really strict.” Akiza started. "He would constantly pick on the girl who asked me out, because despite not doing things his way, she’d always be in the top three of the class. The fact that his pet cat liked her better then him also served to frustrate him.

“Well, one day he called us both to his office; I had been feeling ill, and it had been affecting my performance, which is why I was called as well. When I arrived at his office, he stormed out of, growling to himself. As he went past me, I saw the back of his pants were wet. So I went into his office just as the cat and the girl were coming out.”

“Does this girl have a name?” Luna asked.

“I’d like to introduce her to you all at once.” Akiza explained. “So anyways, I asked, ‘What happened?’ She told me the professor, ‘Sat on a chair full of pee.’ She had the cat in her arms at the time, so I assumed it was the cat’s pee. So I asked, ‘How’d you get the cat to pee on his chair?’ And she said, ‘Yeah…the cat.’”

Luna blinked. “I don’t get it.”

“She never made the cat pee on the chair.” Akiza stated, watching Luna as the girl thought it over.

Luna’s eyes widened a minute later as she came to realize, “It wasn’t the cat’s pee, it was her’s!” Akiza nodded her head, and Luna burst into a fit of giggles. “I could totally see Leo and Crow doing something like that.”

“I think they could see the humor in it.” Akiza stated in agreement. “So, any cute boys in your class ever ask you out?”

Luna blushed at the thought, but shook her head. “No, apparently I’m just too much of a girly-girl to be interesting. At least, that’s what one of them said.”

“Give it a few years, and you’ll need a baseball bat to keep the boys off you.” Akiza stated.

“Or a Duel Runner to escape them.” Luna replied.

“Then they could force you into a duel and follow you.” Akiza pointed out.

“Point taken.” Luna nodded.

The pair continued to chat for the next fifteen minutes, eating their meals, sharing secrets, and planning out what to do for the rest of the day. Akiza needed to make a stop before they returned to Luna’s, to which Luna was fine with, and then the pair planned to opened the booster pack Luna had gotten earlier in the day and modify her dueling deck.

As Luna was finishing her drink, she felt pressure on her bladder, and knew she needed to pee. Remembering she was diapered, she started to wet herself as she finished off her soda. It was as she placed her empty cup down that she noticed something was wrong. Looking down at herself, she saw her jeans had darkened around the crotch; her diaper had leaked!

“Akiza!” Luna whispered frantically.


“I leaked!”

Akiza blinked, she hadn’t anticipated this. Looking around, she noted a restroom was just a few booths down. “Let’s get you into the bathroom, and we’ll go from there.”

Luna nodded, and carefully stood up, as the pair made their way to the restroom, Akiza noted the back of Luna’s jeans were also darkened; the girl had really soaked herself. Upon entering the restroom, Akiza led Luna into the handicapped stall, and locked the door. As Luna opened her back pack up, Akiza opened the baby changing station.

Akiza then proceeded to help Luna out of her jeans, pulling them off her legs completely. Most of the girl’s diaper was discolored, and heavily sagging. Lifting the girl onto the changing station, Akiza spent the next few minutes cleaning and changing Luna into a fresh diaper. Once done, she set the girl back on the ground, and put the jeans and remaining supplies into her back pack.

“I’ll be right back Luna.” Akiza said. "I’m going to check my car and see if I packed something else for you to wear. Just sit tight here for a few minutes, okay?

“Okay Akiza.” Luna said. Akiza patted her head, and exited the stall. It was after the stall closed that Luna realized something; Akiza had taken her pants with her! Anyone who came in could see her diaper!

Luna was about to go after her when she heard the door to the restroom open. Knowing people would see her if she left the stall now, she waited a few seconds until she heard it shut before exiting the stall.

Looking around, she was the only one in the restroom. She caught a look at herself in the full length mirror, and blushed at the sight. Knowing it would be too risky to stay out of a stall, she went into the one closest to the door. She figured it would be safer then remaining in the handicapped stall, should a handicapped person actually need it.

A minute later, Akiza entered the bathroom, and Luna alerted her to where she was. Entering the stall, Akiza knelt down and wrapped a blue blanket around Luna’s waist, the length allowing it to round the girl twice. Feeling more at ease, Luna let herself be lead out of the stall and restroom, and out to the car.

Taking a seat, Luna took only a moment to buckle her seat belt. Akiza entered the driver’s side and buckled herself up. Reaching into the back, she returned with a pacifier, which Luna promptly stuck in her mouth and began suckling.

“I’m sorry I didn’t pack a change of clothes Luna.” Akiza said as she started the car. “I should have anticipated something like this. And I’m sorry I took your pants with me. Even if they were wet you could have worn them out with the blanket covering them.”

“S’kay.” Luna stated through her paci, not taking it out of her mouth.

“Why don’t you recline and close your eyes? It’ll help you calm down.” Akiza suggested. Luna nodded her head, and adjusted the seat so she was laying back more. Closing her eyes, she suckled her pacifier as she slowly began to calm down.


Luna blinked; the car was stopped. Looking around, she saw the car was parked in some big, indoor warehouse of some sort. Luna realized she must have fallen asleep when she closed her eyes.

“Awake now, are we?” Luna looked up to see Akiza unbuckling her seatbelt.

Luna pulled her pacifier out of her mouth. “Where are we?” She asked. “And how long have I been asleep?”

“You’ve been out for about forty-five minutes.” Akiza answered. “As to where we are, we’re at one of the Arcadian Movement’s supply warehouses.”

“What are we doing here?” Luna asked. She shuffled a bit uncomfortably in her seat, aware that the only thing concealing her diapered state to the world was the blanket wrapped around her waist.

“Remember when I said the movement would be making concessions to people they’ve wronged?” Akiza asked. Luna nodded her head, yes. “Well they wronged you when they gassed you and your brother a while back. And as you’re on my list, I’m in charge for making the concession for you.”

“But I don’t know what I want yet!” Luna exclaimed. “And I don’t want to walk around with just a blanket hiding my diaper!”

“I’ve got a very good idea of what you want Luna.” Akiza said as she unbuckled the diapered duelist. “And no one here is going to make fun of you wearing a diaper.”

“But how do you know!?” Luna cried, panicking now.

Akiza took the girl’s pacifier and placed it in her mouth, quieting her down. Luna instantly began suckling on it, and seemed to be visibly calming down. She watched as Akiza exited the car, walked around to her side, and opened her door.

“Do you trust me Luna?” Akiza asked. Luna didn’t hesitate as she nodded her head. “Then believe me when I say everything is going to be okay.” She then slowly unraveled the blanket around Luna’s waist, exposing her diaper to the world.

Luna was incredibly nervous as she was helped out of the car and onto her feet. Her diaper was on display to anyone who could look, and there was nothing she could do to hide it. Akiza took her hand, and Luna squeezed it. Feeling a comforting squeeze back, she let herself be led over to a door nearby, and the pair entered.

It was a small and bland room; grey walls, grey floor, a simple counter top with a computer on it, and two other doors on opposite sides of the room. Behind the counter a man sat, reading a newspaper. Akiza cleared her throat, causing the man to look up. He had a black hair with a few touches of grey on the sides, and blue eyes.

“Akiza!” The man exclaimed as he stood up. “It’s been a long time!”

“That it has Stan.” Akiza said as she let go of Luna’s hand. Stan moved around the counter, and Akiza met him in a brief embrace.

“I heard what happened to you.” Stan stated with a frown. “It isn’t right.”

“That’s life.” Akiza replied. “Besides, I got some things outside of the movement now that I’d like to do.”

“Well, I’m glad to see you’re still on your feet despite this.” Stan said. He then snapped his fingers. “I actually made you something because I thought you’d be down about everything.”

“You did?” Akiza asked. Luna could see a nervous expression appear on Akiza’s face, as well as how the girl’s cheeks were turning pink.

Stan moved back around the counter and ducked under it. He surfaced a moment later with a large basket. Inside was a package of adult diapers, some baby bottles and pacifiers, a bottle of baby powder and baby oil, some wet wipes, and two pieces of clothing.

“It’s your old package deal, on the house.” Stan said. Luna’s jaw dropped; hearing Akiza used to be a baby girl was one thing, seeing proof of it was a whole other. “I even made you these baby clothes by myself.”

Stan pulled out the two pieces of clothing and held them up. One was a red onesie that had green flower-like stems with a black outline of a flower sown into the fabric. The other was a footed and gloved sleeper, red in color, with black thorny vines going across the whole thing.

Both Akiza and Luna gasped at the sight of the baby clothes; they both could only guess how long it took Stan to make them with that amount of detail. Akiza recovered first. “Well, after seeing all the hard work you put into them, I can’t in good conscious refuse this gift.” She said, her face turning red.

Luna giggled behind her. “You really were a baby girl! You’d look so adorable in that onesie Akiza!” To her delight, that statement caused Akiza’s face to turn a darker shade of red.

Her statement caught Stan’s attention. “Well, well, well, who do we have here?” He asked as he put the baby clothes into the basket. Luna, suddenly subconscious of her dress, let out a ‘meep’ and ducked behind Akiza. The woman wasn’t having any of that, and soon Luna found herself standing in front of Akiza, facing Stan.

“This baby girl’s name is Luna. She competed in the fortune cup, and is a member of the signers.” Akiza answered, her hands on Luna’s shoulders. The diapered duelist was blushing furiously at being on display.

“Well it’s nice to meet you Luna.” Stan said with a smile, causing Luna to blink. “And might I just say, you make an adorable baby girl.” Luna looked down, her blush deepening at that statement, though she could sense he was being honest in his opinion and not simply teasing her. “So what brings you two here?”

“Well as you know, the Arcadia Movement has to make concessions to people they’ve wronged, and little Luna here is one of those people.” Akiza stated. “As she’s secretly a baby girl, I thought we might be able to give her a set of that secret AB furniture you mentioned last time I was here.”

“Ah yes, those are making a killing on the market.” Stan said. “I don’t see why not, maybe we’ll even throw in some baby clothes for the little one too.”

“One thing at a time Stan.” Akiza said with a smile. “For now let’s show Luna the furniture.”

“Fair enough.” Stan said. “Right this way.”

Turning to the door on his right, Stan lead the way into the room, Akiza steering Luna into it. The diapered duelist was both worried and excited; a full wardrobe and baby furniture her size?! But how could she hide it?

The room the trio entered was a large one, and took up a quarter of the warehouse if Luna had to guess. Around the room were a mix of baby furniture and regular furniture; cribs, beds, dressers, changing tables, high chairs, rompers, and playpens. Stan led the way to a simple bed, though Luna could see a blue metallic material built into the frame.

“This is the first in our line of AB furniture.” Stan announced. “As you can see, it looks like an ordinary bed. Now, if one of you will kindly get onto the bed…” He waited until finally Akiza got onto the bed. “Now if you’ll check the top right corner of the frame, you’ll notice a blue button and a red button. Akiza, please press the blue button.”

Akiza did so, and holes suddenly appeared in the metallic blue material. Metallic bars rose from the holes, before the top of them broke off into two half, connecting all the bars on the top. “As you can see, with the press of a button, Akiza finds herself in not just any bed, but her very own crib!” Stan announced, causing Luna to giggle at the site.

“Could I get a picture of this for her boyfriend?” Luna asked, causing Akiza’s eyes to widen.

“Hell no!” Akiza exclaimed. “And he’s not my boyfriend!”

“But you want him to be, and I’m sure he’d love to be your Daddy.” Luna teased.

Akiza was blushing as she turned to an amused Stan. “How do I get out of this?”

“Simply press the blue button again once.” Stan answered. Akiza did so, and the bars retracted. “The red button caused the bars to rise as well, but they stay up from anywhere between five to ninety minutes before retracting, depending on the dial. That button is used for time outs.”

Akiza hopped out of bed, mock-glaring at Luna, to which she stuck out her tongue and giggled. Stan watched all this with a smile. “Moving on.” he stated as he led the pair to a dresser. “This here looks like an ordinary dresser. Pick a drawer, any drawer.”

Luna stepped forward and opened the upper right drawer. Inside were several unopened bags of boxers. “Now if you’ll feel the inside of the dresser, right by the drawer’s opening, you’ll find a button. Push it and close the drawer.”

Luna did as instructed, and upon closing the drawer, a small whirling noise was heard. Opening the drawer up when the noise stopped, she saw that the boxers were replaced with fresh diapers laid out on display. “Each dresser drawer has a hidden drawer with each press of the button. It’s perfect for hiding your baby supplies, as well as anything else you might want to hide. Now, if you’ll go around back and press the button on the back of the dresser please.”

Akiza went behind the dresser and did as instructed. The top of the dresser shuddered, before a section of it slid in on its self, revealing a changing mat set up on top of the dresser. “The dresser also has a built in changing table feature as well for those changed by others.” Stan stated. “That’s all we have in stock as far as the secret AB line goes.”

“Can those crib bars be attached to another bed, or do you have to buy the whole thing?” Akiza asked.

“You have to buy the frame at least.” Stan stated.

“Alright then.” Akiza said. She took a moment to look around. “We’ll take one of those crib beds, as well as the double dresser and a fold up play pen.”

“Alright then, I’ll have the boys here deliver the supplies to the car while we look at other baby supplies for little Luna.” Stan said, causing the girl to blush.

Stan led the pair back to the counter room and through the door on the other side of the room. There were dozens of racks around the room, full of different styles of adult and baby clothes of all different sizes. Luna gasped at the sight while Akiza whistled.

“You’ve gotten a larger variety since I was last here.” Akiza commented.

“Yes we have.” Stan confirmed. “I assume you just want baby clothes and cute looking outfits, right?”

“Yes.” Akiza confirmed. “Also maybe some shirts and overalls with light and fairy attribute duel monsters designs on them.”

“We’ll see what’s in stock, those are quite popular.” Stan said.

The group would be browsing for half an hour before they’d gathered all the clothes Luna liked. Several onesies, footed and gloved sleepers, light colored shirts and overalls and overall style dresses with duel monsters designs on them, and even a baby dress or two were selected, tried one, and put in the shopping cart Stan picked up for them.

Moving past the clothing section, they reached the aisle section of the warehouse. “There’s a package set on sale now, not that it matters right now.” Stan announced. “It contains two packages of twenty-four diapers, four containers of wet wipes, two bottles of baby powder and baby oil, two containers of diaper rash cream, four baby bottles, four pacifiers, a bag of twenty building blocks, a rattle, and two of those boogie pickers parents use on their babies when they see a boogie in their nose.”

Akiza turned to Luna. “One or two of the packages?”

Luna thought for a moment; it would be a lot of supplies, but considering the drawer’s ability to hide things, she was confident it would hide everything. “Two packages.” Luna answered.

“You heard her.” Akiza said, turning to Stan.

“Alright then, let’s get this stuff to the register and scanned out.” Stan said as he lifted two of the packages into the cart.

“It seems kind of empty here.” Luna commented.

“It’s been slow around here ever since that whole Dark Signer thing happened.” Stan replied. “Not everyone came back. I never left.”

“You’re so dedicated.” Akiza teased.

“I owed Sayer.” Stan replied. “The man might have had bad intentions, but he’s done a lot of people a lot of good too.”

“Yes…that is true.” Akiza stated softly, silently wondering where she’d be if the man hadn’t saved her.

The group reached a check out counter, one that was unmanned. Stan went around the counter and began scanning items. He paused at one. “Would you like to wear this out?” He offered.

Luna looked at the offered clothing. It was a small overall style dress, pale yellow in color with a few pockets on it. There were no duel monster designs on it. “Sure.” Luna said after a moment’s thought.

Stan cut the tag after scanning it and handed it to Akiza. After unbuttoning the straps, Akiza held the dress out for Luna to step in, and then buttoned the straps back up. Taking a step back, Akiza noted the dress hid only some of Luna’s diaper, and that some of it was clearly visible to anyone that looked. Still, it provided more cover then if the girl didn’t wear it, and it made Luna look adorable as well, so Akiza gave a thumbs up to the outfit.

“And that’s the last of it.” Stan announced. “Lets get this stuff to your car.”

“Thanks for everything Stan.” Akiza said.

“Yes, thank you Stan.” Luna said, performing a curtsy with a giggle, know full well it would expose the rest of her diaper.

“It’s a pleasure to help out such adorable baby girls like yourselves.” Stan said. Turning to Akiza, he said, "Don’

Re: Yugioh 5Ds: Luna’s Big Break

“It’s a pleasure to help out such adorable baby girls like yourselves.” Stan said. Turning to Akiza, he said, “Don’t be a stranger, even if you’re not interested in this stuff anymore.”

“I will.” Akiza promised.


Akiza’s car had been completely packed once everything was loaded. It was an hour trip back to Luna’s home, and an additional hour to drag everything in and set it up. Akiza helped Luna transfer her clothes from her old dresser to her new one, and then hide her baby clothes and changing supplies in the secret compartments.

By then Luna’s dinner had run through her digestive system, and Luna got the chance to break in her new changing table, with help from Akiza. Once Luna was freshly diapered and the pair had washed their hands, they proceeded to the living room with the booster boxes of duel monster cards. Going through each pack, both girls found cards that complimented their decks, and after a few games, both were pleased with the improvements made to their decks.

“Thanks for the cards Luna.” Akiza said as she gathered her cards back up.

“Thank you for today.” Luna replied, doing the same. “I’ve only ever dreamed about doing the things I did today.”

“So today was a great day for you, huh?”

“Yeah, I wish I could do this everyday, but once my guardian gets better, and Leo gets back I won’t be able to as much.”

“Does Leo suspect anything?”

Luna blushed a little. “I think he knows I like being a little kid, but not a baby. I imagine he’d tease me for a while before accepting it.”

“I could see that.” Akiza said, then giggled. “Imagine if you’d been wearing diapers before the fortune cup. When Leo took your place, he dressed up like you.”

“Then he would have had to wear a diaper too!” Luna finish with a small laugh. “Thing is, I think he’d have done it too. He was so psyched up for the tournament, I don’t see such a small detail keeping him from participating.”

“Well I hope everything works out for you.” Akiza said. “I do have the next few days off, so if you want, I could take care of you a bit longer.”

Luna’s eyes widened at the offer. “Really!?”

“Really.” Akiza answered with a smile. She opened her mouth to say something, but the words were lost as Luna hug tackled her. Akiza merely held Luna in her arms for the next minute.

Luna broke the hug, and was about to say something when the phone rang. She blinked in surprise; she wasn’t expecting any phone calls. “I’ll get it.” Luna said, getting up and waddling to the kitchen. She noted Akiza following as she picked up the phone. “Hello this is Luna speaking.”

“Hello Luna, it’s been a while. This is Casey from social services.”

Luna’s face paled; while Casey was a nice lady, her calls never meant anything good. “Is something wrong?”

“I’m afraid so.” Casey answered. “Your last caretaker, Mr. Delaro, died of a heart attack.”

“But he was so healthy!” Luna exclaimed. “He only had the flu or something. How could Mr. Delaro be dead?” She had liked the man quite a bit, so it was understandably upset.

“I’m sorry Luna, but he’s gone.” Casey said sadly. “I’m afraid you know we have to come pick you up until a new guardian is chosen for you and-”


Luna dropped the phone and rushed to her room. Once there she threw herself on her bed, buried her head in her pillow and cried. As much as she’d miss Mr. Delaro, she was more upset about what was to come.

Whenever Leo and Luna lost a guardian, or caretaker as it were, they we relocated to an orphanage until a new one was picked, as their father couldn’t competently care for them due to his mental condition. While the orphanage they went to was one of the better ones in New Domino City, and eons better then the ones in the Satellite, it still was a very depressing place to be. Sometimes scary as well.

Her first time there she had been bullied by this particularly large kid. Leo had tried to fight him off, but had wound up with a bloody nose. The next time she’d been there been there, this obnoxious girl had framed her for stealing sweets from the kitchen. Considering her family was rich, and the girl’s wasn’t, the caretaker assumed Luna was stuck up, thought it was her right to take the food without asking, and promptly spanked her. She did not want to go back there.

Luna cried for a long time. She heard the door to her room open, but didn’t move from her place on the bed, afraid it was Casey there to take her to that place she feared. She heard footsteps move around the bed, before she felt the bed sink under a new weight; the person was on the bed with her. She felt arms wrap around her stomach, and whimpered as she was pulled back.

“You miss him, don’t you?” It was Akiza.

“Yes, but I really don’t want to go to the orphanage.” Luna said, choked up. “I hate that place…why did this have to happen? Today was such a great day, why did it have to end like this?”

“You’re not going to the orphanage tonight Luna.” Akiza said, causing Luna to blink.

“I’m not?”

“Nope, you get to stay here tonight. Tomorrow we’ll have to go to her office, and I need to talk to my father, but if everything works out, I’ll be your new guardian.”

Luna’s eyes widened; Akiza would be her new guardian?! If she was granted custody of her and Leo, then she wouldn’t have to hide her diapers and baby things! She could be a baby girl all the time!

“Really?” She asked, hope in her voice.

“Really.” Akiza said. Once again, Luna hug tackled the woman. The girl was crying again, but this time out of relief and happiness.

By the time she was done, Luna was feeling really tired. Snuggling up against Akiza, she noted the fabric of her shirt had changed. Pulling back, she gave the woman a once over and gasped. Akiza had changed into the flower designed pink onesie! Looking down, Luna could see the bulk of an adult diaper between Akiza’s legs.

Looking up at her, she saw Akiza smiling down on her. “I figured you could use a playmate right about now.” She explained, her cheeks turning pink. “But I think it’s bedtime for my baby girl now.”

“But I don’t Yawn wanna sleep.” Luna whined. Seeing the look on Akiza’s face, and knowing the yawn worked against her, she tried a different approach. “Well you’re a baby girl right now too, so if I have to go to bed, you do too.” She crossed her arms, sure she had just earned herself at least another hour.

“That’s fine, I intended to go to sleep soon anyways.” Akiza replied, causing Luna to let out a disappointed whine. “Why don’t you get changed into your pajamas, and I’ll go get us some bottles for bed? Milk or juice?”

“Warm milk please.” Luna said with a sigh. Akiza ruffled her hair and exited the room.

Sitting up, Luna sighed again before unbuttoning her overall dress. Pulling it over her head, she tossed it next to the dresser, her Ancient Fairy Dragon print shirt following seconds later. Standing up, dressed in only her diaper and socks, Luna made her way to the dresser.

Clicking the hidden button, she opened one of the lower drawers, pulled out green footed and gloved sleeper, and a matching colored baby bonnet. Setting the bonnet down on the dresser, she stepped into the sleeper, slid her arms through the sleeves, and ran into a snag. The zipper was on the back of the sleeper, so while she could zip it up to over her diaper, she couldn’t do it all the way.

Shaking her head, she zipped up her sleeper as far as she could before grabbing the baby bonnet. She filtered her hair into the bonnet as best she could, and tied the ribbon under her chin. A hand on her shoulder caused her to jump, but she calmed as she felt her sleeper be zipped up the rest of the way.

“Should I check to see if my baby girl needs a change before bed?” Akiza teased.

“I’m okay, you just surprised me.” Luna said. Pushing another hidden button on the dresser, she opened a drawer, and pulled out a clean pacifier. “You want one?”

“As much as I do, those are a bit too small for me.” Akiza replied. “Come on, let’s get to bed.”

Luna let out a groan, though it quickly turned into a yawn. Not wanting to see the satisfied smirk on Akiza’s face, Luna waddled back to her bed and hopped in. To her surprise, Akiza joined her, setting two bottles down between them. “What are you doing?”

“Babies need to sleep in cribs.” Akiza said, adjusting her pillow. “This isn’t a problem is it?”

“No, I guess not.” Luna said. She watched as Akiza reached for the corner of the bed, and smiled as the crib bars rose around them. Picking up her bottle, Luna laid back and began suckling on the nipple, lapping up the warm milk.

Akiza smiled as she watched Luna drink from her bottle, her own bottle in her mouth. Luna really did look like a toddler, dressed as she was. Knowing how happy being a baby girl had made her, and how Luna wanted that, Akiza silently vowed to do everything she could to make certain Luna got her wish.

Watching the girl for a time, she saw Luna was still suckling on her bottle, though the milk wasn’t reaching the nipple anymore. Grabbing the pacifier, Akiza swapped out Luna’s bottle, and saw the girl instantly suckle on it. Laying down herself, Akiza began drinking her own bottle.

Remembering how Luna had said how great a day she’d had, and remembering herself how good it was to be a baby girl, Akiza silently decided that Luna would have more days just like this one. And just maybe she’s have a playmate every now and then too.


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