Your superpower(s)

Its a timeless topic; one we’ve all discussed since we were little kids. Everyone wants a superpower or two (or three). What would your’s be? It could be anything! But maybe explain a little why you would choose that/those power(s).

I’ll go first.

I would choose two powers that would be particularly utilitarian in use. I would have the ability to touch an item and phase it, if you will, so that I can remove the object without disturbing its surroundings. Think of it as “Ghosting”. This would come in REAL handy when I’m at work or fixing my truck. I would LOVE to use fewer tools to remove and replace tires so I could be faster and do more work per day and thus earn more money.

The second power would be one that let me repair or reconstruct anything that is damaged simply by waving my hand! Again, a good example would be a blown out tire on a truck or trailer and by merely waving my hand I could repair the tire without even having to remove it. It could even be a broken down car since I wouldn’t require that an object be taken apart to fix it.

Now its yalls turn!

Re: Your superpower(s)

Three things-

Immortality (self explanitory)

The potential for any supernatural power under tedious study, any that my imagination can hold.

And a dilated space and time field with the tools I need to survive to act as a training room for use and modification in intensity (re: the Hyperbolic time chamber from DBZ without limitations).

This might just be one of the craziest things about me but in my opinion, anything below everything is pointless. I want it all.

Re: Your superpower(s)

#1: Conjuration/duplication. The ability to touch an item and conjure up a near perfect duplicate.

That would save me a couple of hundred dollars a month in supplies….

#2: Super-vision. Ability to see well beyond human EM spectrum limits. This could be a big help in my work when I’m inspecting welds.

Re: Your superpower(s)

wow live for ever that was a goodone but can you imagine the arthritis I am old trust me on this one.

Super Powers wow to be able to reach in my pocket forever and pull out money for anything I want.

Then again I have always dreamed of being able to be invisable

Re: Your superpower(s)

I think I would pick telepathy. First of all, it’s not a power that has a big visible effect, so it would be easier to avoid drawing attention to myself while using it. Second, being able to see what other people are thinking would let me persuade or manipulate people to get most of what I want (just knowing what an interviewer was thinking during a job interview… priceless.) Even better would be the ability to actually change people’s thinking or their perceptions, rather than just passively being able to read their thoughts. As for money, if I could read other people’s thoughts it wouldn’t take much more than a few discreet trips to a casino’s poker or blackjack table to get a good cash reserve.

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I’ve been contemplating a few more. They are purely trivial but since I drove over 1,500 miles IN TOWN this past week I have had plenty of time and occasion to wish for them.

One would be the ability to control traffic. To keep that idiot ahead of you from getting into your lane, what’s more, to physically prevent them from coming over by controling their car or truck. Because I think It would be hilarious to drive past them and wave as you see them fight with an uncooperative steering wheel.

Another would be (and this is really an extension of the previous one) the ability to set their cruise control so that they would maintain a consistent speed and not continuously pass you only to slow down to below your speed a mile down the road and then repeat the cycle again. I understand it would require an ability to control their mind as well so that they don’t try to turn cruise control off.

Re: Your superpower(s)

Ok, this is a hard choice…

First, I’d have to go with the power to modify others’ memories and thoughts. Useful for everyday persuasion, getting parents to think I’m 1 year old, brainwashing politicians into obeying my command, etc.

Second, I’d have the power to shapeshift, or morph. I could change my hair color, or gender, or age (DL uses as well as practical immortality. I could make it so I was made of water, or turn into an animal, or give myself giant bat wings and scare the living daylights out of passing-by mortals.

Third and finally, I’d like the power to travel through time. Assuming 5th-dimensional space allows for correction of the time paradox and for alternate realities, I’d be able to change history to gain almost absolute control over history and thus sculpt the universe to my personal liking.

Re: Your superpower(s)

oh, this reminds me of my “10 ways to gain absolute control over the universe with just one genie and 3 wishes”. The best way to do it is to wish for a notebook that whatever you write in it comes true…after, of course, the preliminary wish for the subsequent wishes to be granted according to your desire instead of the genie’s interpretation of the wishes.

edit: woops, should have editted original post instead of making an entirely new one…

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I wanna fly and read minds. But mostly fly! Or teleport, that would be just as cool!

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I’d love to be able to seed fake memories or hallucinations into someone else’s mind.
Also, being able to “see” all the waveleghts of the electomagnetic spectrum would be useful (x-ray and infrared vision, among others).

Re: Your superpower(s)

I would like a mix of a Jedi and dbz lol it would save on gas if i could fly ;D

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ooh i like this topic. An interesting thing i am trying to figure out from peoples answers is who would be a super hero and who would be a super villian, so far it seems people just want to have powers to improve their day to day life. But i see far more potential for the villians than the heros here ;D not to stir shit or anything

As for me i would need just two. One would be the power to read, but not control or alters peoples minds. I am really interested in the way the brain works and to be able to hear and understand what people are thinking and how they are feeling would be amazing.

And the second power would be to be able to pants people from a distance, i think it would be hilarious and if anyone tried to run away from me i would just pants them to trip them up.

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Always a tough choice. I guess omnipotence and omniscience to have anything and know how to control it, respectively.

Cheap cop-outs aside I have narrowed it down.

Mind-control: can vary from full puppetry and planting suggestions, as well as making the person entirely unaware of my influence. Even disguising my own identity from others by taking away their ability to remember details. This power just has the most potential, as long as I have foresight I can get out of anything with this.

Shape-shifting: seems redundant considering the other power but you never know when you may need to become a rat or a fly.

Controlling bugs (and spiders) and rodents: This could just be an extension of the first power but I really like these types of animals so I will be using them more than other types. They’re very useful, small, strong, smart, very versatile. Might as well add birds to this list too for the sake of having them. I’ll probably use them for scaring people, spying and moving small objects (assuming I don’t give myself telekinesis). Adding to that, I should be able to see and hear through them, just to make spying useful.

Teleportation: I might limit this to just places I can see if only just to avoid ending up inside a wall or person. And I probably would want to sight see while I warp everywhere.

Those are really all the powers I can see myself using in day to day life

Re: Your superpower(s)

I would want shapeshifting too. If for no other reason than the possibility of a little variation from day to day. (Plus, with the body I have now, I wouldn’t look very good in a spandex supersuit. ;D )

Also, who wouldn’t want the ability to fly? Not necessarily super-fast, I’d be more than happy just flying fast enough to keep up with cars. (Faster than that, and breathing might become an issue.)

Re: Your superpower(s)

timelord regeneration! I’m clumsy enough i’ll probably need it at some point lol. besides who doesn’t want 13 lives and well hopefully a tardis to go with it?