Your favorite video game.

A couple weeks ago I asked what the worst video game you ever played was. Now I would like to know what your favorite is and possibly why you like/love it. Since not everyone HAS an all-time favorite you can put down your current game of choice.

For me? Borderlands. When I saw the commercials for this game in 2009 I thought it was gonna be just another failed video game that time would quickly forget. I DID forget, until about halfway through 2010 when one of my best friend’s bought it and we started playing it all the time whenever I was at his house. I LOVE this game! There’s just something about the Random Gun Generator that can spew out “Bazillions” of gun combinations that can cause you to lose weeks to this game.
Shoot! At the time of this post I just got done beating the Hell-Burbia arena in the Underdome. It took me a while. My eyes hurt. :-\

Re: Your favorite video game.

The Legend of Zelda for the NES. Best video game ever. I also wasted a lot of time playing civilization 2 and sid meier’s pirates.

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Sid Meier has a knack for making games that are as addictive as crack.

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I can’t give this thread an objective reply. Over the years, I’ve had games that became instant addictions. I would play them and play them and play them until I did not have a shred of interest remaining. These games include Civilization and Civilization II, Jagged Alliance 2, XCOM: UFO Defense, Sim City and Sim City 2000, and, more recently, LA Noire.

On the other hand, there have been games that were nowhere near as addictive but seemed to have unlimited replay value. These are the games that I would still find entertaining no matter how long ago they were published and no matter how technologically crude they may seem. They include Streets of Rage, Skitchin, Maximum Carnage, Sonic the Hedgehog, and (laugh if you will) Oregon Trail II.

Re: Your favorite video game.

Video games are my life, my bread and butter.

Where Elly programs, I design. Were I to have a favorite game, I wouldn’t be an effective designer as my opinions would be biased. Would I list all of my preferred games, it would take me hours to compile the list.

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My favorite game that I still play on several consoles is MVP Baseball 2005 by EA Sports- only because to me it’s the last true Major League Baseball video game before the term eclusive licensces became associated with sports games. That game is my favorite because it had my old stomping grounds, Cleveland Municipal Stadium on it and other classic ballparks.

I have been greatly dissatisfied with the 2K Sports baseball series and I stand by the statement this is my favorite game of all time- Hell I have it for the PS2, XBox, PSP and GameCube! LOL.

I know I will catch some flak for it cause it’s a sports title but I take baseball video games seriously and I have been a dissatisfied customer with 2K’s baseball titles since they got the license in 2005.


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You know Firaxis is making a reboot of X-Com, right? I’m really excited about it, looks like the spirit of the original is intact, but with updated graphics. Info here:

As for my favorite game of all time, if you base it on hours played, it’s probably a tie between Civilization IV and Neverwinter Nights, though I have a good friend that I play multiplayer with both of these, so it’s not just the solo play component. Turn-based strategy like Civ (or X-Com) give me the opportunity to micro-manage my entire game in a way that really isn’t possible with real-time strategy, and I think by the time Civ IV reached full maturity, after a couple of expansions, it’s one of the more polished and solid entries in the Civ line. Honestly, I seem to have an even/odd thing going with Civ; I owned the original, but never spent the kind of time I did with the sequal. I was really looking forward to III, and it had some neat conceptual changes, but it seemed like the implementation wasn’t quite there until IV. Now I’m seeing the same thing with V, so hopefully after some expansions or another revision, and the stuff that’s promising in V will really start to shine.

As for Neverwinter, it’s one of the better CRPG implementations of D&D rules I’ve ever played, and the robustness of the toolset meant there were (and are) still tons of player-created content and persistent servers long after BioWare stopped supporting and patching the product. The game was fairly intuitive to learn, and yet the variety of character types made possible by D&D 3rd edition meant you could play even the official campaigns numerous times without exhausting the possibilities. Neverwinter 2 had better graphics, but was a memory hog as well as much less clear controls and a gutted toolset. The capability to support 20-30 players at once on a persistent server was never really there for NWN2 like it was for NWN1, and so a lot of the playerbase who were still playing the original never moved over.

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Yes, I saw the details on the XCOM remake, and it looks like a promising game. There were plans a few years back to turn it into a first-person shooter with generic “black slime” aliens. That seemed like a terrible use of the XCOM title. Enemy Unknown looks like a more faithful ode to the original.

I probably would be as addicted to later Civilization games as I was to earlier entries in the series had I a more powerful computer. Civ IV ran on my previous laptop and will run on this one, albeit slowly. I will attempt to run V eventually, I am sure.

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At the moment i’m super addicted to Skyrim, even more so than I got with Oblivion.

One of the games i have that i keep going back to is Dynasty Warriors Empires. I have finished that game loads of times but yet every now and again i find myself sitting upto 6am mindlessly bashing my control pad kicking ass in ancient China.

Epic 40k Final Liberation is one game that stood the test of time with me, i’m currently in the process of building my own computer and I’m researching how i can make it compatable to run win 98 so i can play games like that and other gems from the past. I’m sure its not a big deal but im right at the begining well really the planning phase of building my own pc. So my plan at the moment is to just partition on of the hard drives with about 30 gigs and install windows 98, i hope its that simple but i will find out soon enough, finance pending :slight_smile:

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here a top ten that I did a while back for another site.

1.) SMA4: SMB3
2.) Sonic the Hedgehog 2
3.) SMW2: Yoshi Island
4.) Super Smash Bros Melee
5.) Link To the Past
6.) Ninja Gaiden (xbox)
7.) Sypro The Dragon (PS)
8.) Tetris
9.) Cave Story
10.) Mortal Kombat (2012)

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My top five series are…

  1. Metal Gear Solid series ;D
  2. Jak and Daxter series ;D
  3. Halo series :smiley:
  4. Assassin’s Creed series :slight_smile:
  5. Ratchet and Clank series :slight_smile:

And no I can’t just choose one.