You got yourself stuck in a moment...

As I listen to U2’s Stuck in a Moment, which is one of my all-time favorite songs and one I listen to a lot, I have to ask and I want to share my personal story that most here probably know.

In Sept. 2004, I was screwed over by an AB girl in Ohio, who chose a guy who was after her family’s fortune. Money means nothing to me. I went through a period where I felt I was stuck from Sept 2004, til I was at what is now called Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland when I was at Survivor Series 2004.

As many know; I started working in Feb, 2005, and I held my job since then.

My question is this; anyone EVER felt like they were stuck in a moment they couldn’t get out of. and I had that in my life.

I was wondering if anyone else had that


You got yourself stuck in a moment…

I actually feel like that right now. I lost my job of 19 month last April, and have been having a hell of a time trying to find new work. I thought I caught a break when I applied for a job and got it. Unfortunately, I started last Monday and was then layed off the day after (Something about company restructuring).

You got yourself stuck in a moment…

Yeah I got that to, I’m stuck in a dead end job, been in the same postion for over a year now. But whats meant to be will be thats my motto