You Get What You Pay For

Katie sat in her large playpen playing with the numerous toys that surrounded her. Stuffies, dolls, and other assorted childrens toys kept her entertained as her “mommy” ,Cathy, busied herself by cleaning up the kitchen. She would occassionally poke her head around the corner to make sure her little bundle of joy wasnt getting into any trouble. Plus seeing her daughter in her cute yellow outfit always put a smile on her face. She could tell by the obvious outline of a thick disposable diaper beneath her daughters clothes that her little one was going to need a change pretty soon. Perhaps little isnt the best word to describe the girl that was currently babbling away while playing with her newest barbie. See Katie wasnt exactly a baby, she was a grown adult woman. Cathy smiled to herself as she scrubbed away at the dishes thinking about how all of this started.

Katie was your average 20 year old college gal. She studied hard, had a great group of friends, on Fridays she’d go out and party or go out on dates with different romantic interests. She led a typically normal life. But she had a secret that none of her friends or family knew about. Unlike her friends who worked two jobs to get by Katie only worked one and it was only part time. Her secret you might ask? Internet porn.

It had all started as a one time thing. Just do a few webcam shows to get by until she could get another job. But after she saw how much money she could make from it she couldnt stop. She became addicted to how much cash she was bringing in and all the nice things she could finally buy herself. She wasnt rich by any means but even her friends began to question how was she was able to afford all of the new clothes in her closet. She just shrugged it off and told them that her mother had started sending her money. They didnt need to know her little secret. Especially after her business venture began to take a strange turn, even for her.

Kate knew from the beginning that just flashing her tits on the internet wasnt going to get her anywhere. With all of the other of thousands of ameteur porn stars on the internet she needed a way to set herself apart. So being the clever girl that she was she decided to choose a direct clientel so she began researching different fetishes. After a few nights of browsing the internet she finally came across one that she could bare. She wasnt sure why it had gotten her attention but she soon found herself drawn to the world of adult babies. She wasnt into it but she knew by just how desperate some of the people were for a babygirl to give attention she could get a lot of attention. She had also always been a good actor and knew she could play the role of a cute baby girl. That along with her small stature made it seem perfect for her.

Kate began slowly, buying goodnights and pacifiers so that she could save money. But as time went on and her bank account got larger she began really investing in her new profession. Soon the suitcase she kept under her dorm room bed began filling with all different types of babyish looking diapers, onesies, footie pyjamas, and many other things a lot of adult babies would dream of. After only 2 months she had created quite the alternate ego: Little Baby Kate. College student by day, baby for hire by night. She couldnt believe how easy it was for her. Men and women would send her money and other assorted gifts just to get attention from the “little” girl. She may have not been an adult baby but she was damn good at playing the part. What she didnt know is that she wouldnt just be playing for much longer.

Cathy hovered over her beautiful baby girl as she gurggled and wiggled around as her mommy changed her into a fresh diaper. Cathy liked to use the thicker overnight diapers designed for heavy wetters. She loved the way it made the young girls bottom looked as she crawled around the. Cathy gave the front of Katies diaper a loving pat before pulling her up into a sitting position. She thought about putting the girl back into her onesie but decided to just leave her in her elmo tshirt. It was almost time for her nap anyways and it was warm enough that she knew her little girl would be more comfortable.

“Come on Sweetie, its time for cuddle time.” Cathy cooed to her daughter while taking her hand and leading her to the oversized chair in the livingroom. Katie being the good girl that she was giggled and waddled along next to her mommy. Cathy sat down and reached out to Katie putting her arms beneath her armpits and picking her up before laying her across her lap. She positioned Katies head into the crook of her arm so that the girl was looking up at her mommy.

“Your such a good girl Katie.” she said while stroking the girls long black hair. “Mommy loves you sooooo much.” Katie smiled hearing her mommies soothing words. She may have not been able to fully understand what she was saying but she could feel the love in her voice. Her eyes began to droop a bit as she felt herself becoming very sleepy. Cathy rythmically patted Katies thickly padded rump as she began to undo her blouse, her breasts practically bursting from her blouse with the milk that filled them.

“Such a good girl.” Cathy whispered as she brought her engorged nipple to the womans eager lips.


Okay so wanted to write more but phones about to die so had to upload it. Sorry for the short entry, hopefully get the chapter finished and edited by tonight. Oh and shout out to Les Lea, wonderful writer and i kinda stole there writing style/format. They are a wonderful writer and i highly suggest reading a new start. Should still be on the first page.

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This may seem harsh, but…

Katie was your average…

I stopped reading at this point. I don’t want to read stories about average people. I want to read stories about extraordinary people. Sorry.

If I had a dollar for every story I’ve seen that included this line in the opening somewhere, I’d be a multimillionaire.

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^Good to know. I wouldnt plan on reading any more of this story then. Just kind of a simple one to get past my writers block for the other.

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Awesome start. Thanks for posting it.

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The story’s short and basic but it has an interesting concept. I’m sure it’s more common than I realize but it’s not one I’ve paid much attention to.

There are a lot of possibilities here. Did her mother find out about her job and is punishing her? Did she hurt her head? Did her mother catch her in the act and now she’s forced to pretend to have a real problem to avoid telling the truth?

Classic scenarios and they’re all open to you, the premise can support any of them.

I’d like to see where you go with it.

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I think the woman may not necessarily be her mother. I could easily see this being a scenario where Katie bites off more than she can chew with a client and some sort of regression/kidnapping takes place.

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Yes, forgot about the quotation marks. Still, a classic scenario. A common enough fantasy to draw people in but not cliche enough to hold it back.

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Thanks everyonee, to be honest at the moment i havent actually decided. I get off work in 5 hours so hopefully ill know by then.

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:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Thanks for the name check.
You’ve set it up nicely to go in several directions but we already know something important about Katie’s situation. We know it isn’t a situation she’d envisaged for herself but is it one she’ll love, hate, have to live with?

Yes, a fine set up for either a creepy or loving storyline… looking forward to finding out.

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It was a Thursday night and Kate just got off from her evening shift at the local coffee shop and she couldnt be happier to be home. She had the entire weekend off and no class until Monday morning and she had plenty of work to do. She had recently come across a new way to bring in a lot more profit with a lot less work. She got the idea from a site she had discovered called ABDLMatch, it was a dating site for people involved in the community. There were numerous packages you could buy for longer access to bumerous profiles of other adult babies looking for love. It seemed like a great site…but once she dug deeper she could tell it was nothing but a scam. Fake profiles were all over it with fake people playing desperate people for there hard earned money. So she decided to make her own site centered around the same idea. For the last few weeks she had been in contact with an anonymous tech geek working on setting up the site. Her plan was to undercut the other sites and run it by herself. It may seem like a daunting task but if she even got 50 customers she could easily make more then she was already from her webcam shows.

She sat down at her computer desk with her glass of whiskey preparing for the midnight launch. Her mind buzzed with the mixture of possible profits and the intoxicant she was consuming. As she waited for her partner in crime to email her back she noticed that she had a message from one of her usual clients.

“I hope my baby girl is being good for Mommy.” Kate read the message and smiled as she clicked the reply button. It was just to easy. Like taking candy from a baby.

“Im not a baby…=/ im a big girl mommy.” she responded back and took another sip of her whiskey. She was being paid 20 dollars an hour for just sitting there typing and she had 2 hours until the launch anyways. Why not make a few extra dollars.

Over the next hour Kate went through her normal routine. She put in her thick super dry kid diapers with a stuffer. She knew that the diapers made her look like a toddler from the 90’s and that was exactly what her client wanted. As time ticked by she found herself sending pictures, all dressed up in her wonder woman footie pyjamas, a pacifier dangling from her neck, and her hair braided in adorable pigtails. She had also switched her straight whiskey to jack and coke in a sippy cup. She told her “mommy” it was just soda. She chuckled a bit as she took another drink, she didnt know if it was from the copious amount of liqour she was consuming or just her excitement over her latest project but she was really enjoying herself. Sure she did this on a daily basis but it had always felt like work for her. Tonight was different it was like there was a warm glow building in her tummy and every sip of booze and message she recieved from her client or picture she sent seemed to make the glow warmer. Then she recieved a strange message from her client.

“Baby, Mommy wants a special view of you. I want you to point the camera towards the window. Then be a good girl and stand in front of the window. I want you to look like your looking out into the night sky for your Mommy, waiting for her to come home.”

It was a strange request but what the hell, whatever it took to get her clients rocks off. She stood up with a bit of difficulty and waddled to the window, partly from the alcohol consumption but it was also due to the massive diaper between her thighs. She stood in front of the window looking out into the parking lot. The stars were beautiful tonight. She used her phones bluetooth to snap the picture, she even put her thumb in her mouth to add a bit of innocence to the scene. After sending the picture she texted the woman, “Did I do good Mommy?”

“You did very good baby, but Mommy is upset with her little one. Do you know why sweety?”

Kate giggled a bit, she was used to this game.

“No Mommy. Was I naughty?”

"You were very naught little one. You know babies arent supposed to drink whiskey :wink: "

Kates blood immediately seemed to freeze in her veins, her thumb dropped from her mouth. How could this person know that. It wasnt possible.

She peered out into empty parking lot under her window trying her best focus her vision. Thats when she realized she shouldnt be this intoxicated from what she drank. And thats when she saw the woman standing on the sidewalk smiling up at her eerily while she waved at the young woman. For the first time since she was a baby she felt herself wetting her diaper in fright and shock like a helpless toddler.

She suddenly heard the closet door behind her open and spun around to see a large man approaching her. The blank almost zombie like expression on his face chilled her to the bone and froze her where she stood. By the time she had come to her senses it was to late. She found herself overpowered by the stranger in her ho.e. her fight or flight instincts kicked in and she began to kick and try to scream but the cloth the man held to her mouth sufficiently silenced her and she couldnt break herself from his bear like arms. Her heart seemed to be beating out of her chest as the realization of what was happening hit her.

Thats when she heard the footsteps coming towards her bedroom. The lady from the parking lot walked into her bedroom with a devilish grin on her face.

“Well Hello “Little” Katie. Its so nice to finally meet you.”

And with those words Kate watched as the woman strolled towards them closing the door behind her.

“Youve been a very, very naughty girl.”


Cathy held her daughter close to her chest as she nursed her into a sleepy dream state. Like any other toddler Katie tried to resist her sleepiness but was overcome by the array of emotions she was having as her mothers milk slowly began to trickle down her throat and fill her little tummy. Cathy loved this part more than anything, knowing that a part of her own being was inside the love of her life giving her substanance. Her hand lightly patted her bottom and could feel the warmth spreading through out Katies diaper as she suckled on her mommys breast. Cathy chuckled a bit knowing what was happening. "Just like a real baby, "she thought to herself.

Just then her phone began to ring. Katie whimpered a bit being pulled from her dreamy state by the annoying buzzing.

“Shhhh, its okay little one. Go back to sleep.” Cathy gently stroked the girls cheek before answering the phone. Katies eyes slowly began to close again as she continued to feed.

“Hello M’am, is this Cathy Cashmore?”

Cathy recognized the operators voice and responded with the code she had been given.


Cathy smiled down at her gorgeous child as the operator connected the call.

A young female voice came across the line. Cathy knew immediately that it was her friend and old associate Kay.

“Kay, its been to long. How have you been? Is everything alright in Paris.”

“Paris is wonderful Cathy, thank you so much for asking. Its been a blast. A little stressful with our new clients but hey this is the life i chose, i couldnt be happier. Hows Katie doing?.”

Cathy looked back down at her sleepy little girl and smiled seeing the tiny driplets of milk leaking from the corners of her mouth.

“Well right now i think shes about due for another change and I was just about to put her down for her afternoon nap.” Cathy grabved a nearby cloth and wiped the milk from her daughters cheeks.

Kay immediately let out a light chuckle. “Yes as I remember she was always quite the wetter. It always amazed me just how much that little tummy of hers could hold. Well it sounds like youve got your hands full at the moment so i wont keep you. I was just wondering if our plans for the summer were still on. I desperately need a vacation and I miss that cute little tyke you got there. Are you still okay with me staying for a few weeks?”

“Absolutely Kay. I think Katies actually more excited about seeing you then even I am. I told her Auntie Kay was coming to visit and you shouldve just seen the look on her face. It was adorable. She even colored you a picture.”

Both of the women got a laugh out of this. Just the thought of the 21 year old woman sitting splay legged on the floor in her wet diapers coloring a picture sent a shiver of maternal pleasure through Kay’s body.

Unfortunately Katie had gotten restless and began to fuss refusing to latch back on to her mothers teat.

"Im sorry Kay but im going to have to let you go, this little one needs a fresh diaper and a good nap.

Kay understood and the two women exchanged there goodbyes until the next time they could speak. As Kay hung up the phone she smiled to herself imagining what must be happening on the other line. She knew right now Cathy was probobaly holding Katie over her shoulder burping her as her other hand would be on her diapered tushy supporting her as she rocked the precious girl back to sleep.

“Such a sweet girl,” she thought to herself as she sipped on her glass of wine.


K so im heading to bed, wanted to add more but i gotta work in 8 hours and this little guys needs his sleep lol hope you all enjoy it so far.

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Please continue

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The second cut of chapter 1 makes more sense to me. In the original, the abrupt shift from just playing the part to being in the playpen bothered me—sort of, “and then a miracle occurs…”. I would read more.

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Just read this in the current version. The subject matter is one I’m likely to drop at some point, but for now I’m curious to find out a bit more.

But extraordinary people often do a stint as an average person. By definition, to be worth writing about, a person must be extraordinary in some way. I’m sure I’ve also seen successful shorter stories written through the eyes of an ordinary person around an extraordinary person.

That said, if you are dealing with someone who is currently average, show it by demonstration, and definitely don’t try to tell us so in so many words. For one thing, average can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. Average height, skin color, build, interests, etc. may vary substantially depending on where someone is. Consider a college in Denmark, versus a college in Japan. Consider a STEM college versus a liberal arts college.

With this story, you have the option of taking more time to ease into the whole situation. Instead of going from an ordinary college student to minor AB porn star in a couple paragraphs, it could be drawn out into a few chapters well worth reading.

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Thanks for the comments everyone, some good advice but before you get your hopes up to much this along with a few other stories of mine are merely fillers until i have time to really dedicate myself to “The Kick” which is my baby lol not to say i wont ever come back to these ones but for now there going to be sort of rough and lazy. I do apologize for that, i feel like Kubrick before 2001. Im bored with these traditional stories. Plus ill probobaly rehash the last part of this story, not a fan of the dorection i took it.