Yasemin's Auntie

Okay guys, first story I’ve tried. I’d love some criticism, if you think it moved too fast or too slow or the characters have stupid or illogical behaviours. What would you like to see become of this? Anyway, I’ve included a picture of our protagonist (note* heavily shopped…to the point that it’s not recognizable as any other photo)

Hi, I’m Yasemin Pike. I used to live in Australia, in the inner suburbs of Melbourne, until I finished school and decided to spend my gap year in a town in North Carolina. I’m still only seventeen and a half years old, so that’s kind of young to have just finished Year 12 in Australia, and to be journeying half-way across the world really. I just really wanted to have a cool experience before I went back home to study at Uni. I’m about 5’2", and I have tanned skin. My hair is brown and straight and I usually just wear it out. I also have light blue eyes. I’ve got large hips and my fitness coach Dad says that if I lost a tiny bit of chub on the legs (and I suspect he also meant bum) I’d be perfectly fit. I’ll take you back to the start of my story.

I was at Melbourne airport with mum. She was pretty emotional that day, and I don’t really blame her. Not many parents have to worry about their 17 year old jet-setting for a year. Mum was certainly one to show her love, and she was not ready to let go of her “baby”.

“I really don’t know about Carolina.” She said to me, “I know we talked about it, but I don’t know what kind of weirdos live around there, I just want my baby to be safe.”
“Mum, I’m not your baby” I rebutted. “Plus, if Auntie Angela lives there, it’s got to be safe. Or at least I know I’ll be safe with her. It’ll be fine.”
“Ok Yassie. But make sure you video call me every day!” She then started to cry a bit. I gave her a nice long hug.
“I will mum”

AAL flight 239 now boarding

“Ok, well that’s me Mum. I’ll make sure to send you a Viber messege when I land in LAX, and another when I get into Carolina.”
“I love you sweetie” Mum said and gave me the hardest, strongest and most convincing hug I’ve ever experienced.
“I love you too…mum” I managed to choke out. I picked up my bags, waved goodbye and was onto the plane.

I always think it’s a tease walking from the front of the plane to the back. You have to go past first class, then business, and finally get to economy. The guy who set up the first plane had his head screwed on straight though, it makes for fantastic advertising. I sat in my seat in the middle back. I had a window seat which made it better. I don’t like looking at screens in moving things, it gives me headaches, so I brought a good book along, as well as some paper and pencils to do a bit of drawing. I really enjoy drawing.

When I sat down I was approached by a flight attendant. “Hello, are you Yasemin Pike?” He asked me.
“Yes, that’s me.” I replied awkwardly.
“Your mother asked me to make sure you had a safe and enjoyable flight, so if you need anything or feel unsafe, remember to come and find me. My name is Chris.”
“Okay Chris, thanks.” I said cheerfully, but sighed once he had left. I had a feeling mum would pull something like this.
Immediately after he left, a young father with his daughter came along. The little girl had to be somewhere between 2 and 3 years old. He looked at me, looked up at the aisle number again, looked back to me, then ushered his daughter into the seat next to me. I politely smiled and shuffled straighter, smiling to the little girl as she sat next to me.
“Do you mind if Casey sits there?” He asked me, “Some people don’t like kids on planes and she’s still in nappies.”
“That’s absolutely fine, no problems” I told the man, and he sat down on the aisle seat. Casey looked up at me and smiled.
“Wow!” She exclaimed, “You’re weally pretty! What’s your name?”
I giggled, “Thank you Casey, I’m Yasemin.”
“Are those colouring pencils too!” She asked in excitement as she pulled out her own colouring book.
“They certainly are, do you like drawing too?” I asked her, feeling kind of cool about her fascination for me.
Our conversation went down the lines of other things she liked whilst we flew through the skies. Kids are fun like that, they can talk for ages about nothing. I would have preferred to have a handsome young boy my age be on the plane, but at least the huge guy behind me didn’t end up next to me. Plus, Casey isn’t an annoying chair kicking brat, she’s a fun one.

The flight went on, and it would for a while. It’s a 14 hour flight. Casey had her colouring book out, I had my paper and pencils on the seat tray. I looked over to her when she stopped her violently excited unorganised colouring of cinderella. She looked up, at nothing really. She curled her brown and shifted on the seat a bit. She closed her eyes and concentrated harder. “Oh no” I thought. I knew what would come next. Well, her dad did warn me. She let out a little grunt but then returned entirely to normal and resumed her colouring.

Then it hit me. My gawd what has this man been feeding this little girl? To think some scent to vile could come from such a little angel. She didn’t even notice! I didn’t get it. I was on the verge of gagging. The Father, who I had by now learned is called Rob, also smelled it.
“Come on Casey,” He called as he stood up and ushered his girl to the toilets. As he went he turned back to me and pulled a funny “Holy moley” kind of expression. I giggled a bit, but was relieved that I would hopefully never have to smell anything so vile again in my life. It was just horrible.

Anyway, nothing much else happened until we got to North Carolina. I don’t think I’d ever been debriefed on how seriously Americans take airline security. In Australia, our greatest danger is fruit entering the country. In america, they’re afraid theres a gun in your body. I’ve never dealt with a group of people who were more paranoid in my life. Clearly the internet did not properly prepare me for American culture. Given the absolute state of paranoia in the air port, I was expecting some real odd-bods around the place, but I found that the people outside were a lot nicer. The people seemed hearty, or at least looked down to earth. I found my Auntie waiting near the Taxi rank with a big sign that said “Yasemin” on it. I gave her a big hug and we walked to her car.

My auntie was a tall woman. She had whiter skin that me naturally, and brown eyes. She had long brown hair and a dominant stance. It was a fair drive to her house from the airport. We had a good general discussion about life in America. She told me that you get a few hicks out in her area, but most people are good and nice. I told her about my mothers fear of something bad happening, but she knew my mother inside out, and reassured me that she was panicking over absolutely nothing.

My Auntie doesn’t have any children who live at home with her. All of her kids are in their late twenties, two of them married, but all in Australia. She’d come out here by herself after a rough split with her husband, in search of a new life. She was kind of Hippie like that. I’d missed her though, and was glad that she offered to have me around. I wasn’t sure how I’d go just living as the two of us. At home I live with my two brothers, my dad and my mum. It would be a shift from a mainly masculine household to an all feminine one.

By the time we got to my Auntie’s house it was dark, about 8pm. I was pretty gone from the flight though, so I told my Auntie I was going to go to bed early. We got my bags inside and she showed me to my room. It was about the size I’m used to, but it had a double bed! I fell right into it and went straight to sleep happily.

Chapter 2
I woke up feeling very comfortable, but cold for some reason. It was definitely cold…wet even? I reached my hand into the bedsheets to confirm this, and the tests came back positive. The bed was wet. Was there a hole in the roof? It rained consistenly during the night, and I remember because I looked out at some point to the pine tree out the window and saw that the branch has water coming off of it. No hole in the roof though. I didn’t have a glass of water with me either.
I lifted up the blankets to look. It was yellow…“no…how did that happen?” I desperately thought to myself. I got out of the bed and tiptoed my way past the kitchen, through the living room, and into my Auntie’s room. Man was this embarrassing. I don’t think I’d ever wet the bed, not since being properly toilet trained as a little girl.

“Auntie Angela?” I whispered, but my attempts at being quiet were crushed by the creaking of the door.
“Yas…Yasemin?” she asked groggily as she sat up. “What’s the matter?” She got her glasses from the bed some table and put them on.
“I think…well I don’t even know how to say it/” I said and searched for words which would promote me from a two year old status. “I think I wet the bed.”
She stared at me quizzically, then regained her control “This happens sometimes when you’re in a new place. Don’t feel bad about it, we’ll just see how the next few nights play out. I’ll change those sheets though.” She got up and went into my room. Meanwhile I got out my laptop, connected to the wifi and started to go on my favourite sites. I tell you, it’s something different when the youtube dates and times aren’t a day behind.

She came back more concerned than when she went in. “You certainly must be fairly home sick.” she said as she walked into the living room. “I’m going to go to the shops and buy you some pull-ups or something for bed just incase. We’ll see it goes.”
My face dropped. “Pull…ups?”
“Just for now.” she reassured. “If all goes well it won’t be long.” She picked up her keys from the kitchen. “I’ve got some cereal in the cupboard. I tried to get you something you’re used to, but American breakfast cereal is the equivalent of lollies in milk.” And she went down stairs in the garage. I heard the car start up and leave. Pull-ups…theres a new one…or really an old one.

When I heard her come back into the garage I felt a sense of dread. This was a reality. I simply awaited my fate, to see what she had found for me to wear at night. She opened the door at the top of the landing and came in with some groceries, and the large bag of nappies.
“They didn’t have any night time protection” She told me, “and they didn’t have any pull-ups which would fit you either. I had to get some adult nappies. I hope you don’t mind Yasemin.”

I cringed. Quite a bit. Was I really going to have to wear a nappy? That’s just so babyish and gross and I really couldn’t imagine wearing one. Thank God I don’t actually have any friends here yet, or else I’d have to explain this doosey to them if they even found out.

“It’s fine Auntie Angela…thanks for helping me out.” I said unenthusiastically. I could tell she knew how I was actually feeling, but she didn’t address it.
“You’re welcome my little Yasemin.” She said, “I told your mother I’d take care of her baby and I will.”
I’m not sure using the word ‘baby’ helped in this situation. I just kind of continued what I was doing. I didn’t want to acknowledge the nappies until I’d have to wear them.

Chapter 3
It got dark by about 7, and I hadn’t left the house all day. I’d just become adjusted to the place, found where I could lounge around, where the internet worked best, where the best mobile reception was, which of the many couches my Auntie seemed to have was the comfiest. In my time to explore I realised the house was pretty big. The whole main living area was on the second floor. The garage sat under the house, and next to the garage were the stairs, a workshed, and a ‘basement’ kind of storage area. The upstairs was mainly all carpeted, and most of the walls were dark wood, with a few plastered walls here and there. It was old style, but very homey feeling. I felt very warm in the house.

“Do you want to put on your nappy for bed?” Auntie Angela asked me after we’d eaten dinner. ‘no’ would have been my response, but I didn’t want to ruin her spare bed again or disappoint her so early into my stay.
She went into the laundry and came out with one of the big, white, fluffy nappies. It looked huge, surely too big to fit me.
“Lie down on the couch sweetie.” She instructed, and I did as she said. I pulled down my pants and suddenly I was exposed to a woman who I hadn’t seen in about two years. It was a very strange feeling. She put a sheet under my bum, then applied powder to the area. “Lift up please.” She said, and so I lifted up my bum and she slip the nappy under me. Here was the moment of truth. I sat back down into the nappy. It was just as fluffy as it looked, and comfy. She brought the front around and taped it together snugly.
“There we are,” she said gently “All comfy and ready for bed whenever you want to sleep.”
“Thanks Auntie Angela,” I said and attempted to stand up. I didn’t realise how much of the nappy was between my legs. I couldn’t even close them. It was very comforting though, despite the fact that I felt like such a big baby. I went to pull up my jeans, but I realised they wouldn’t be able to button up on top of my new nappy.
“You don’t have to wear pants around the house Yassie,” my auntie said, “It’s not like anybody will see.” That was true, but I didn’t like being so exposed. Still, I took my pants off and attempted to walk to my room to put them away. What I managed to do was much less of a walk and far more of a waddle. The thickness of the nappy meant that I couldn’t move my legs properly, so I just tilted myself side to side and waddled down the hall with the great big white mass between my legs.

When I got in my room I put the jeans away and looked in the mirror. I looked absolutely ridiculous. The nappy wasn’t as big as it felt, but it did make me look like a big baby. “At least I won’t wet the bed” I thought, although I wasn’t sure which I would prefer. I don’t think I’ll ever again ask whether jeans make by ass look big either, because a nappy is a whole lot better at doing it let me tell you.

I had my laptop on my bed, so I decided to lie down on my bed and surf the web until I decided to go to sleep that night. I woke up out of a crazy dream at one o’clock. It was one of those ones where you ultimately screwed up, and life it ruined and when you wake up you feel so relieved and happy that it wasn’t real. I was only happy until I felt the nappy, and realised it was wet. It was a better feeling that the bed being wet because it was a whole body experience, but it was still weird and cold and uncomfortable and I didn’t want it. I also didn’t want my auntie to see me like this, so I got up and silently tip toed to the laundry. I reached up to the top shelf and got myself a new nappy. I removed the wet one quickly and put it on the floor for the time being. I got the new nappy, layed down and attempted to put it on. I tried my hardest to make it as snug as Auntie did it, but I just couldn’t do it myself.

Then I had to think what to do with the old one, Auntie would know I’d wet it if I just put it in the bin. I couldn’t put it in the outside bin in case she would wake up and hear the door. I looked around the laundry for a solution. I saw a trash bag, and a bin with the same bag. I decided to put it in a trash bag, and put that at the bottom of the bin and hopefully she wouldn’t notice until the morning.
I then tip toed back to bed as if nothing had happened, and lied in bed in my new comfy nappy between my legs and I went to sleep.

I woke up the next morning to my Auntie telling me to get up. I felt refreshed and dry, which was a relief. “How did you sleep?” she asked.
“Very well thankyou Auntie.”
“I better give you a check, come here.”
“I think I’d know if I’m w-”
“I think a check is always best.” She replied, and that was her final offer. I went over to her and she got down on one knee. She turned me on my side, pulled down the front of my nappy and put her thumb in to check for wetness.
“All dry.” She proclaimed. “At least you didn’t need to go twice in one night.” She said, and held up the used nappy from behind her back.
“I…I just didn’t want you to think-” I started
“I know, it’s embarrassing, but I’m only trying to help you. These diapers did cost a lot though. I’m not going to change you out of that one till you use it or else it will be a waste.”
“What?!” I exclaimed, “use it on purpose?”
“You heard me Yasemin.”
Now I was sure she was crazy. Wetting I could maybe handle, but messing a nappy was out of my limits. I didn’t even think it would be possible, being so well adjusted to a toilet.
“I should also put that on your right, or else it won’t be worth much use or very comfortable.”
She laid me down on the bed and fetched some tape. She undid the tapes and tightened the diaper until it was very snug, and then taped it back up. It felt much better and more securing.

“Now I’ve made some breakfast if you want any,” she started, “It’s pancakes with strawberry Jam. I recon they’ll be a nice hearty welcome to your first real day of America.”
I couldn’t say no to pancakes made with love, so I put on a shirt and some baggy pajama pants and waddled into the kitchen. My Auntie sure knew how to make some mean pancakes. They were absolutely fantastic.
“We’re going to go to the shopping centre around noon.” She told me as we packed up, “Your mum told me that you didn’t bring that many sets of clothes, so we’ll buy you some more and pick up some other stuff whilst we’re there too.”
“Okay Auntie Angela,” I said and retreated back to my room.

When I got back in my room I felt my lower tummy growl. I just tried to ignore it. I sat back down at my laptop and loaded up some youtube videos. It kept coming back though, a reminder that I’m only human and that I need to poop. ‘No, I must fight it.’ For about twenty minutes I put off the urge, but I could feel this was only making the situation worse. I sat in the chair squirming in my nappy. I decided to get up and ask Auntie if I could use the toilet. If she retaped this thing before surely she could do it again.
“Auntie, can I please use the toilet?”
“What did I tell you, you can’t waste that nappy Yasemin.”
“But it’s not pee this time, I really have to go!”
“Yasemin.” She said angrily.
“But you re-taped me just before, I don’t see –”
She gave me a certain stare, and I knew that was it. I felt the growly again, I could feel the need to poop. I went back into my room to get some privacy.

Once I got in there I had no idea how to approach pooping. Would I stand, would I lie down, would I bend over? Would I get on all fours like a big baby? I tried to push it out whilst standing up. hnnggg I grunted, but nothing would come. Then came the cramp. Instinctively I squatted onto the floor to get rid of the pain. I had my palms on the ground in front of me and I was squatted down just like a toddler who needed to go poop.
I tensed up my face and grunted. pffBLORT I let out a juicy wet fart and the first poop made it’s way out. It wasn’t hard, but rather soft, sticky, hot and stinky. I sighed, and then tensed and grunted again. Another hot wet fart and more sticky creamy poop found its way into my nappy. I felt the seat of the nappy expand outwards with the hot mess. One more push and the sticky mess made its way up my crack and towards my front. I thought I was done, so I stood up with the stinky, sticky mess in my nappy. It was such a strange and uncomfortable feeling standing there with your own poop stuck to your ass, in a nappy. The stink finally hit my nose. It wasn’t as bad as the little girl’s poop, but it certainly was something.

I went out into the living room. I didn’t want to call Auntie to check out my mess because that was just too embarrassing. Instead, I sat down on the couch in my mess to watch some T.V until she noticed the stink. I didn’t realise how stupid sitting down was. The expanded seat of the nappy pushed upwards and all of the hot sticky poop went up the back of the nappy. I could feel it at the top of my crack, it felt so mushy. Auntie soon came into the room. As soon as she did I felt another cramp coming on. This couldn’t be good.

“Smells like somebody made a poopie.” my auntie called, “Stand up dear, I’ve got to check your nappy” I blushed and obeyed. She turned me around, pulled back the waistline of my nappy with her finger and peered in. “My, my, my you did an absolute number on these nappies! You really had to go poop didn’t you.” Oh no…poop. The cramp hit again. Without thinking I just tensed my face into the ‘I’m making a poopie’ face and grunted. A wet fart erupted into my nappy and a gush of stickier, smellier poop burst out. I sighed and smiled, that felt much better now. “Wow, you really do have no self control” my Auntie exclaimed and snapped the waistband back. I realised that she was still peering into my nappy when I mindlessly shit. “I think I might have to keep you in nappies day and night until you can control yourself!” Now I’d done it…but my body still wasn’t done. My only response to her words was to look blankly into the distance, crunch up my face and let the last bit of poop into the nappy. Now I felt really good. I gave a great big sigh of relief, and totally forgot I was getting myself in trouble.

“You’re getting changed right now,” My auntie demanded, “and then you’re going to the shops in your nappy. I hope you already have some baggy clothes.” My auntie got out an old tarp from the garage and laid in onto the floor. “This will have to do until I get get a proper mat for big stinky messes like yours.” I lied down tummy up and she undid the tapes.The fumes of the stink rose into the air, there was a significant amount of poop. She turned away at the smell and sight. She removed the nappy and put it in its own plastic bag. Then she didn’t know what to do with the poop stuck to my bum.

“Would you go and take a shower?” She asked, “And come right back here afterwards so I can put you in a fresh nappy.”
I did as she wished. The poop was disgusting to get off in the shower. It was all smeared on my butt and it was yellowy-brown. Eventually I was done and Auntie put me in a fresh new nappy ready to go to the shops with her.

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I think it has a ton of potential and I definitely like what I’ve read so far.

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Thanks Dshark25 and DL4LIFE, I’m in the middle of my year 12 exams so I won’t get much else done for a week and a bit, but It’s nice to have the support :slight_smile:

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This is great so far

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I look forward to more. :slight_smile:

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That was pretty well written, keen for more! I thought that the pacing of being forced to wear and mess daytime diapers was a bit of a surprise, in that she might have put up a bit more of a fight on that, and getting her diaper put on the first time, but it was still very good.

edit: Although, I’m not sure if there was meant to be an attachment which I don’t see, perhaps it’s an account setting.

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There is an attachment, it just wasn’t visible because it didn’t get approved when the post did :slight_smile:

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Is this going to be continued

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Though it’s a common abdl theme, I enjoyed it so far.