Yahooo, kicked out of Ivy Tech Community College!

Fuckers screwed me over BIG time.

9 weeks ago I applied for a student loan. Keep in mind classes only started 3 weeks ago, so I went in for plenty enough time considering it shouldn’t take too long to process a loan.

I applied. Week 1 went by and I got nothing. I went to the financial aid offices to check and see if everything was in order. There were a couple of things the old woman said I needed to hand in. (I say old woman because I don’t know her name and she’s important to the story later).

Week 2, I’ve handed in everything they asked me to, I’ve signed MPR promissory notes or whatever. I think things are fine right? Well four weeks go by in total and I’m starting to worry considering it was the friday before classes started and I still didn’t have books.

I go in, talk to the old woman, she says I have just one more thing I needed to turn in and it should be Really quick for student loans to come. So, I turn it in. I figure since it’s only the first week of class and we’re not turning in homework, only getting homework, I should be fine. And I was.

Two more weeks go by and I’m…well kind of frustrated. I have no homework turned in due to not having any materials or books (I take graphics courses, so sketch paper, rulers, cutting knives and other art supplies are kind of essential). Now, this is the time period when I just got my first paycheck from Long John’s and because I started at a weird fucked up point in the pay period, I’m only getting paid 50 to 60 bucks for my work and the rest of the hours worth two weeks later. I dunno how they explained it but they logically did.

I go back to classes today, it’s now the third week in and I don’t have a single book or art supply. I’m there early enough that I could stop by the financial aid offices and see how my papers are doing.

Oh fuck me the old woman says I’m not even eligible for that type of loan because it ties in with the financial aid rules, and considering I was terminated off of grants, I’m terminated from loans as well.

Ya know, that would have been fine if I had known that 9 weeks ago when I asked her, point fucking blank, “Hey, there’s not gonna be a problem with me getting this loan right? I know I can’t get the grants but the stafford loan should be fine right?” She said yes, she said it’d be no problem, and yet nine weeks later I get to sit down and listen to her tell me I wasn’t eligible from the start AND watch her take my name off the semester list because it’s too late as it is to apply for a loan now.

You people wonder why I’m bitter all the time? Partly a psycho mother but mostly shit like this I get to deal with on a daily fucking basis.

Yahooo, kicked out of Ivy Tech Community College!

Why can’t you get grants? And why aren’t you eligible for “that type” of loan? I’ve never heard of that before. The only way I know of that you can end up not eligible is if you are not a full-time student.

Third semester of college I fucked up big time. Dropped the ball, and got all F’s, Lowering my GPA to a 1.4. I was put on Academic probation and even though I worked my ass off the next semester to get my grades up, it wasn’t enough. So I was terminated from grants.

Federal stafford loans are apparently tied to the same financial aid grants benefits, and if you’re not eligible for one, you’re not eligible for both. It’s the most retarded thing I’ve ever heard considering a grant and loan have a hell of a difference.

Point is, I applied for the Stafford Loan, she said I was good for the Stafford Loan 9 weeks ago, then told me I wasn’t good for it today, and it was too late to apply for a private loan of any kind as they were already calculating tuition bills and shit.

If I had known that I wasn’t eligible for a stafford loan, I would have just gone to my own bank and gotten a regular loan there. Hell, I wouldn’t even need to wait until after college to pay it back. I had a job, I just needed the money now and not then, and I could have started paying it back immediately. But nope, the old hag suggested the stafford loan, saying it was the best, and told me I was perfectly capable of getting it.

I kind of want to burn her and everything she owns.

Yahooo, kicked out of Ivy Tech Community College!

I know it doesn’t fully apply here, but it might be worth passing along for someone else. If you get your Stafford Loans through Sallie Mae, be prepared for bad service. I emailed them about rates that just didn’t add up, and they have not replied - and it’s been 3 months. I figure I have to pay it off, but the math looks funny.

As for your situation. That sucks that the people whose job it is to guide you properly in your funding for college screwed up like that. I mean, come on, how can someone who has a certain job not know what they are talking about, or at least tell you they need to find out from someone who knows?

Yahooo, kicked out of Ivy Tech Community College!

Whats worse is she’s an older woman. Meaning she’s likely been in that area of expertise for a while now, unlike those fresh out of college students barely with a Bachelors.