Xersa's Birthday


So, I recently enjoyed a futuristic diaper story, even wrote a short story in the same universe and got to thinking it wasn’t quite what I’d want. To that end, I tried to make a fantasy future that allowed people to suspend disbelief. I may have failed horribly, but let me know either way. I hope you enjoy it!


“Look at this,” A girl said, pointing to a line on a book. I acknowledged her request and climbed up onto the chair with her, glancing over the page. The book itself was of a scale that a reasonable person would suspect but the table it sat up appeared to be made for a giant.

“I dunno,” I replied, frustrated. “I’m not really a musician.”

The first woman sighed as she put that book down and looking through another one, tossing her long, blonde hair behind her. A second woman, of a more petit build (though not in the bust department) and medium length dark-red hair sat off to the side, giving me moral support, though openly admitting she just wasn’t that interested in history books and cultural artifacts.

“Just make sure it comes from the heart,” The petite one suggested, “that’s what Xersa will want.”

“I know, I know,” I said, skimming through another textbook about wooing in the middle ages. Most of this stuff was of a romantic bent. I was looking for stuff about Platonic love, but there was scant little human artifacts about it. Why did we have to sexualize everything? “I just want Xersa to have to best birthday ever.”

“Well, of course,” The petite woman said happily, “That’s what we all want for our masters.”

“I bet if I really was an ancient one I’d know how to show her how much I cared for her.” I said, frustrated.

“Well that is your specialty.” She responded, “You’d be the only one to know.”

“Xersa’s real proud of the studies you’ve done,” The blonde added, “You’re one of the foremost scholars on ancient human culture, even if it isn’t that competitive of a field. You sure proved Dr. Yulax wrong during the last that last seminar.”

“Yeah, but he’d just misread a few things. I didn’t mean to make him look bad. Heck, I wouldn’t even know how to explain all this to an ancient human…” I mused, trying to figure out what a Shakespeare or Don Juan would tell me if he could even fathom my position. Suddenly I realized what my present would be, for better or worse.

Xersa’s Birthday - Chapter 1

I took my first breath on, what would be September 17th, 2526, if we still measured time that way. I had been alive much longer than that but, breeding being what it was, I’d been in suspended animation until the ripe age of twenty-one.

One of many human laborotories, the one that created me specialized in creating a lovable, cuddly breed called “Malkins.” I’ve since read about other breeds, among others, include the “Dusra” which as efficient cleaners (being able to get into smaller spaces that would be a pain for our larger Arcian masters), and the “Versi” which are trained to take care of live stock. It’s funny that in the later parts of human civilization they came to think controlled breeding was evil. I, however, came out a little more intelligent than Malkins usually intended to be and, consequently, took an interest in ancient human history and literature. My master didn’t mind, she is an absolutely wonderful Arcian female and loved that I was particularly smart (even if I couldn’t understand Tri-quantumniity or fargle-space vectoring which, for the Arcian race, was considered a part of elementary schooling) for my breed.

I awoke from my suspended animation tube right after Xersa ordered me, which the consent of her parents, of course. She was the first living thing I saw in the world, and it was quite disconcerting. Until a human is ordered, we’re kept in tubes and have informational training videos played directly into our brain. Thus, I came out understanding the Arcian language (well, as much as a human can fathom it’s intracacies), basic math, history of Arcia and social structure. I did not, however, have any idea how to use my muscles- including my vocal cords.

It was an experience that an ancient human would probably love to have described. Being that dreams fade a lot after being woke, most of the actual content of what I had seen in my mind while I slept disappeared. Only the information remained. It was probably like being born, only with the words and mental functionality to correctly remember the event.

I was in a dark, warm place and suddenly I wasn’t. I felt cooler air hit my skin as the fluid drained from around me and my eyes, crusty as they were, opened. I couldn’t focus on anything though, the whole world whirled around me in a sickening display of color and light.

“How cute,” I heard, knowing the meaning though the actual sound of words felt foreign to my ears. “I’m going to name him Alex.”

I saw an Arcian child, somewhere in the realm of eleven feet tall, smiling at me as she picked me up in a large towel. She dried the fluid that I had been suspended in off of me carefully, cooing at me as she held me to her chest, her blue and indigo striped skin (in a pattern somewhat like a Earth zebra’s) glistening in the sparkling lights of the human breeding laboratory. I also saw her gray, fine tendrils which flowed from her head neatly tied in bands behind her. The tendrils themselves ranged from a half inch to an inch thick and had a healthy glisten to them.

“That’s an old human name, right?” One of the adult Arcian’s asked her as the girl nodded to the adult.

“Glarr” I sputtered, trying to say I thought “Alex” was a nice name and angry that none of the noise I made formed a discernible word.

“He’s trying to talk,” The other adult said, gently rubbing my head.

“He’ll figure it out in a week or two,” The girl said happily, hugging me tighter.

The experience was incredibly stressful for a mind and body that had never experienced more than informational videos pumped directly into the brain for twenty-one years, but I wasn’t really scared. I knew the Arcians were a lovely race of beings which had a master-servant relationship (which was more parent-child than master-servant because of the Arcian capacity for love) with humans.

On that ride home I found out my new owner’s name was Xersa, and her parents were name Xenol and Rikan. Xenol was the Arcian equivalent of a mother, and Rikan was her father. Xersa continued telling me about herself during the ride home, knowing full well I couldn’t talk yet so there was no point in waiting for me to speak. She told me about the fourth training, which was her academic rank, and about her recent third birthday.
Birthdays on Arcia (or for an Arcian even if they live on a different planet) are timed on a single revolution of that planet around its star; it’s roughly the equivalent of thirteen of ancient Earths revolutions insofar as duration of the revolution. However, Arcians live far longer and mature slower than a human, such that an Arcian isn’t considered fully grown until they’re twelve, which would put them at 180 of our years. (I cannot begin to explain how hard it was to calculate that considering the Arcians place any value much for old human measurements.) That makes an Arcian’s trip to adulthood about the same as a human life expectancy (though I have read it was much shorter before the Arcian breeding program began).

So, my master was three but their period of adolescent is a longer percentage of their youth than ours so, compared with an adult Arcian, in human terms maybe… ten? It’s hard to say since she could already put any human without a Ph.d, and most with one, to shame on any mathematic or scientific material.

As she talked to me, she finished cleaning me off with some warm, damp towels she had prepared in the car. Next, she took out some rectangles of cloth diapering, lifting my legs up and setting me on top of as I laid helplessly on the car seat next to her. The powder smelled fresh, but it made me sneeze.

“This is for when you pee and poop,” She said kindly, snapping the diaper cover closed as she finished diapering me.

“And you’re the one changing him,” Xenol said gently but sternly.

“I know mom, geeze…” Xersa said, folding her arms, “honestly, you treat me like I’m barely two.”

“Oh, come now, how many two year olds get their own human Malkin?” Xenol asked, “Really three is probably too early…”

“Mom, don’t embarrass me in front of him.” Xersa whined, but I could tell it didn’t really bother her, while lightly tickling my exposed stomach. I writhely involuntarily in response, although it felt kind of neat.

“Xersa, like a human’s opinion of an Arcian matters?” Xernol returned lightly.

“But, some of them are smart…” Xersa returned, “Mr. Sneezey discovered the theory of parallel multi variance in under-stellar phase drives.”

“Sure, honey, but that’s one notable human in trillions.” Xenol replied, looking into the back seat with me. “I certainly hope you don’t expect him to be as smart as Mr. Sneezy.”

“Well, no…” Xersa said, though I could see in her eyes she would’ve liked me to be. I felt a pang of anguish that I might disappoint her and be uninteresting. Apparently Xersa noticed a change in me because she instantly picked me up, holding me against herself.

“It’s okay, Alex,” She said, gently caressing my back as she held me close, “I just want you to cuddle with and be happy, as long as you’re okay with me as your master, I’ll love you forever.” I sank into the warmth of her embrace, slowly feeling the world go dark as I fell asleep from mental exhaustion.

I awoke in a barred bed, soft mittens covering my hands, wearing a onesie with sleeves and a diaper. I struggled to move but found it hard to do much but writhe around. I concentrated on my left arm, trying with all my will to get it to raise. I saw my right leg kick out and sighed. Well, at least that was one muscle controlled. I spent the next hour mumbling and kicking just my right leg, trying to get some minimal control over my body.

“He’s awake,” I heard from above and suddenly Xersa was over me, picking me up and carrying me. With her eleven feet of height, and me around five foot ten inches (once again, the amount of time spent in calculating ancient Earth measurements), it wasn’t quite comical but she was a little small to be carrying me around on her own.

“He’s really cute.” I heard as we went into a bigger room where Xersa propped me up against some cushions on an Arcian-sized blue-clothed couch. My legs barely went to the edge of the thing as I tried to concentrate on moving my right leg some more. “Hey, Cookie, come see Xersa’s new human.”

I managed to get my head to turn to see yet another Arcian seated at an opposite couch. She looked to be sized somewhere between Xersa and Xersa’s parents, so I assumed she was an adolescent. Suddenly I caught another human trotting over to couch, smiling at me.

Her hair was a deep blue which nicely offset her pale complexion, and was worn braided behind her. She wore a purple dress so short it didn’t really cover the diapers that were under it. The height of couch seat was about four feet off the ground so she had to get a grip on the edge and pull herself up to really see me.

“My name’s Cookie,” She said, smiling cutely, at me, “What’s yours?”

“Alex,” Xersa said, leaning down next to me so her head was next to mine. “He just woke up for the first time, so he can’t talk yet.”

“Oh,” Cookie said, obviously a little bummed. Her expression was so cute, even if it was disappointed. I looked her over, noticing she was quite busty under that purple baby dress, and I felt something odd happening in the diaper area as I followed the curves of her legs into her diaper, imagining what might be down there. I felt my heart rate increase slightly as I considered such things and the feeling in my diaper, albeit indescribable, grew stronger.

Cookie walked over and wrapped me in an embrace, and I smelled lilac and soap as her hair fell next to my nostrils. The feeling in my diaper was raging now, and I let out an involuntary mewl in frustration and lack of comprehension.

“What’s wrong?” Xersa said suddenly, looking at my eyes, searching. “You wet?”

I couldn’t answer, of course, so Xersa gently pulled Cookie off me, setting her down on the older Arcian girl’s lap as she undid the diaper cover and looked inside.

“Oh, poor thing,” She said noticing my erection, as my head swayed down to meet her gaze, “That must be uncomfortable.”

“I hear that’s the trouble with male humans.” The older Arcian said as she began brushing Cookie’s hair, “Sexual attraction can be painful unless it’s fulfilled.”

“Can I help him?” Xersa asked the older girl, though she didn’t sound to thrilled about it.

“He’d probably prefer a human girl,” The older girl replied, looking down to the human girl on her lap. “You want to try, Cookie?”

“What do I do?” She asked.

“Well, see the pointy thing where your vulva is,” The older girl pointed, continuing as Cookie nodded. “It needs to be rubbed like this” she continued as she made a motion with her hand “until semen comes out or it’s uncomfortable for the boy. You don’t have to if you don’t want to though. Be gentle if you do, the boy’s penis is almost as sensitive as your clitoris.”

Cookie nodded with a certain amount of steeled resolve, climbed off of her master’s lap and headed back over to me. As she came closer my erection, (now that I realized what it was), throbbed harder.

“You want me to do it?” Cookie asked cutely, searching my face for an answer even though I couldn’t talk. She gently wrapped her fingers around my cock, “Make a noise or something if you want me to…”

“Uggh,” Was all I could muster but it brought a broad smile to Cookie’s face as she stroked my penis up and down for a few brief moments before I felt something happen and suddenly all that tension was gone. I felt my whole body relax almost instantly as my hips thrust with a will of their own.

“Ewww!” Cookie said as my semen shot onto her hands and dress. Suddenly, the quick shot turned into a flood as my bladder released itself involuntarily in response to the end of my sexual stimulation. As my piss started to hit Cookie in the face she sputtered, and spat. Xersa was there in moments, putting my diaper back up over my penis as the older Arcian girl came over to help Cookie.

“Kesti!” Cookie whined pitifully, “He peed on me!”

“Oh, it’s okay,” Kesti, the older one, replied. “We can clean you up. You did a real good job helping him.”

As Kesti started to pick up her human I wanted desperately to say something, I struggled with my mouth as much as I could, frantically before Kesti took her away - perhaps forever.

“Sowwy,” I managed to lisp out in toddler-esque Arcian. Kesti and Xersa looked at me in surprise.

“How long ago did he wake up?” Kesti asked again.

“This morning,” Xersa replied.

“Wow, he’s a quick guy- figuring out how to make a word on the first day.” Kesti replied as she picked up Cookie and held her like a baby, “It’s okay, Cookie will be fine once she’s cleaned up. You know he didn’t mean to mess your dress up, right Cookie?”

“I know,” Cookie mumbled as she clutched at her master. Soon the two were off and out of sight, leaving me alone with Xersa. She’d already worked on the couch, cleaning up my pee that had landed on it unexpectedly. Next, she picked me up and carried me back to the room with the barred bed, which I realized now was her room. Next to my little barred bed was also a changing table which she placed me on as she began to remove my diaper.

“Well aren’t you a messy little boy,” Xersa teased, smiling at me as she tickled my stomach. “Seriously Alex, Cookie will be fine, she was just surprised. You just concentrate on learning to walk and talk. You’re doing such a good job- I’m sure you impressed Kesti quite a bit. Cookie didn’t say her first word for almost a week.”

She pulled off the somewhat wet diapering (obviously a large amount of my piddle had landed on other objects) and wiped me up with some warm, wet toweling before powdering me again. She rubbed it into my skin softly, cooing at me as she did so.

“It’s funny,” She said, as she powdered me, “Humans were supposed to be so violent in the wild but they make the best pets once they’re domesticated. Smart enough to express love in interesting ways, but not so intelligent or loving to need to learn not to express it.” Xersa said, “and so resilient besides.”

That was when I first learned, from Xersa, of the concept of “higher love” of the Arcians. They are an incredibly empathic race, so much so that the experience of a strong emotion in one could elate or depress a whole group of them. To that end, each Arcian is taught to carefully control their emotions less the group have to either cease functioning or cut off one of them from the circle. On a mental level, Arcians love each other very deeply, but on an emotional level they reserve themselves for non-Arcians because a mutual emotional love between Arcians could compound upon the empathic wavelengths making it impossible to concentrate on anything else but their mutual love. Once a month (Arcian months are a bit longer than Earth months), however, they express their love that way and all the Arcians of the galaxy would take a day off to just bask in each other’s compassion. It’s a beautiful thing, as Xersa explained to me.

Xersa finished changing my diaper, and the fresh diaper felt awesome between my legs. I struggled to add a “thank you” but it just came out as a jumble of nothing, although Xersa applauded my effort. Next she held me in her arms, gently pushing a plastic nipple into my mouth as I began sucking as an automated response.

The liquid was somewhat filling, if a bit boring. Xersa obviously thought feeding me was fun and I certainly wasn’t going to complain. I didn’t feel really hungry yet, and my stomach felt very odd at being filled for the first time. As I finished the bottle Xersa returned to her room.

“Alex,” She said, “I’ve gotta do my homework, will you be okay on your own?”

I nodded, slightly disappointed, as she set me back down into the barred bed. I determined that I would be somewhat competent at speaking by the morning. Once Xersa had sat down at her desk and placed on some headphones (I could see through the slats of my- well, it was basically a crib) I began a full volume self-taught vocal coaching session. I went through the sounds of the Arcian alphabet, trying to carefully articulate each one and generally failing pretty harshly. My throat was a little raw from the abrupt workout by the time Xersa had finished her homework.

I felt stupid mumbling like a first-day human in front of my master (even if that’s what I was), so I napped at her side once she picked me up after her homework, determining to be rested at night so I could practice again. I was going to make my master proud of me, and quickly to boot. I stayed up all night practicing my consonants and finally passed just as the first light of morning began to protrude through Xersa’s window.

“Good morning, sleepyhead,” Xersa as she gently shook my shoulder, rousing me from my sleep. I could tell it was already late morning but it was no wonder I had slept in. I had been practicing articulating as long as I could keep myself awake.

“Gwod morn’in Xersa” I said, annoyed it still came out babbly.

“Oh wow,” She said happily, picking me suddenly and clutching me to her chest. “Aren’t you a big smarty.”

“Practiced for you,” I said, beaming as she gave me the biggest hug.

Even though the changing table was all ready, Xersa skipped that carrying me out into the living room where her father and mother were sitting. The mother was doing Arcylica, which is a complex form of knitting involving polymers that need space to swell or shrink depending on weather conditions. The father was reading a book, which was something I could fathom quite a bit easier.

“Dad, look” Xersa said proudly, holding me out in front of her.

“Gwod morn’in Xersa’s pants…” realizing I missed the word “parents”, I changed it to “mom and da”

They look duly impressed with me as Xersa clutched me back to her chest.

“That’s a pretty smart human you got.” Rikan, her father, noted appraisingly.

“I know, he’s the best.” Xersa said, obviously thrilled with me. My heart leaped at the feeling of accomplishment. We started to head back to her room when, suddenly, we stopped. “Can I take him to school?”

“I think it’s better if you wait until he’s at least a week old, don’t you?” Xenol said somberly.

“Yeah…” Xersa admitted reluctantly, looking down to me, “You wouldn’t be able to play with the other humans cause’ you can’t even crawl yet. I’m sure you’ll figure that out quick too though.”

I vowed that I would as Xersa carried me back to the changing table, setting me down and undoing my diaper. I felt my penis spring free and realized I must’ve had a little erection from when I’d woke up but hadn’t noticed it. Xersa noticed, and it made me a little uncomfortable seeing her look at it.

“You want me to clear it out like Cookie did?” Xersa asked, but I could tell she thought the idea was kind of gross. I now realize that’d kind of be like a human ‘jerking off’ a dog, or perhaps “milking” a bull, but even at that time I felt none of the mental arousal I had with Cookie, so I said ‘no’ in my lispy way and Xersa nodded matter-of-factly as she finished cleaning up my diaper area and placed a fresh one on, tucking ‘it’ in as discreetly as she could.

“Now for breakfast.” Xersa added, placing me on her hip and carrying me out to the kitchen. A highchair had been prepared, full with straps to prevent me from sliding out of it, which she gently set me into.

“Do you want to try something more than liquid since you can talk a bit?” She asked, and I nodded emphatically. It wasn’t that the bottle the night before had been bad, but it made my tummy feel sort of sloshy. I hoped solid-type food would feel a little better.

Xersa brought out a couple of jars of mashed food. I could read what they were from the labels although I doubted my ability to say “mashed peas” on the first try. Xersa smiled at me as she guided the food into my mouth, me trying hard to open and close it for her on cue. The food tasted pretty good and it was definitely more filling than the liquid in the bottle. I actually managed a pretty clean breakfast, having figured out how to keep my head still. Xersa only had to wipe my face off two or three times.

“I don’t want to give you solid food for at least the first week,” She said apologetically as she fed me, “Humans sometimes choke on it if they aren’t used to swallowing yet.” I nodded, appreciating that my master was looking out for me.

With the breakfast done, Xersa set me back and my crib and apologized profusely that she had to go to school. I totally understood though, I knew what school was even if human education wasn’t compulsory (beyond what we’re taught in the tube). Xersa said I could call out to her parents if it was an emergency, and that they’d check on me occasionally just in case for the first week.

I decided to devote my free time to toning up my motor skills. Heck, maybe I’d even be able to impress Cookie by the time she was back, if she was back. I still felt bad about peeing on her, although she’d looked so cute when it surprised her. I hoped she’d forgive me for it.

Re: Xersa’s Birthday

This is good. I would love to see more.