xbox live tech support

ok so i rang xbox live tech support yesterday because i was unable to connect to xbox live. i had been emailing them for a while when the problem originally occured and the emails were incredibly condescending so i didnt bother to sort the problem untill recently.

basicly the first email was really long and basicly told me to turn my router and xbox off then on. this didnt work so i email them back, and i get a shorter version of the same email. this all happened during the summer so i was really disgruntled with xbox so i just did without live.

anyway yesterday i figure i may aswell sort it. so i ring up and and after about 45 minutes of talking to a tech rep, and me having to turn things on and off they tell me i just need to update my personal info. needless to say that didnt work.

i ring again and they ask if its my original console, it isnt because i had to get a replacement. then they ask me if i tampered with it, i say i didnt and they say well we are going to check anyway so i give them my serial number they register it and they say that will fix the problem. it didnt.

so i ring again and they say that i need to install the latest update, which involves me having to dl it on my pc and burn a cd. which gave me more head aches. and they also gave out to me for not having xle. i simply said that the problem has been ongoing since about six months before xle was available here and the guy is really indignant. anyway i update and still not working.

so i ring again. and this new guy takes about half an hour to read my file, oh yeah they gave me a reference number so each time the new tech rep will be up to date, but for some reason i have to give all my info everytime i ring up. anyway after half an hour he tells me to open ports on my firewall. i hang up and find out they are allready open.

so i ring back about 3 times and each time its a combination of emptying my memory cache and turning things on and off. so the last time i ring they say that my console is faulty and i should send it off to be repaired. i asked are they sure its the console and not the wireless adapter. they assure me its the console. so i hang up and go about playing my games for the last time before the six month plus wait to get the damn thing fixed.

i really didnt want that to happen so i plug my xbox in my laptotp and what do you know the problem is resolved. now i had mentioned several times that i thought it could be the wireless network adapter and they dismissed it. and after six hours or so of ringing up and doing pointless irelevant crap, i fix the problem myself. and im not that computer literate.

anyway my point is this, should i complain to the tech support? and my other point is never ever use xbox tech support. when i was working in a computer game retailers the amount of customers who would ring us with simular complaints to the xbox tech support, and in most cases it was something simple that we were able to guide them through. just from general interaction with the console. search online instead for answers or ask around or something

how do theese people keep there jobs?

xbox live tech support

Just remember, Tech support folks are always staffed by people they can hire off the street who can read prompts on a screen. Most tech support systems operate on a tier based system. Lvl 1’s are those they can replace easily, lvl 2 are those that are still replaceable but have had some form of training. Lvl 3 and above are those who have had formal training, experience and probably some form of certifications. If you ever feel like you’re getting no where with tech support, request to be bumped to the next tier. If they refuse, ask to be put on the phone with there shift supervisor and then tell them you would like to speak with a higher level. You’ll see this just about anywhere you go, it’s damned annoying, but when most problems can be fixed by an untrainned fool, you don’t have to hire as many certified tech’s at a much higher pay rate! (but it sure is nice pay for us!)

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xbox live tech support

I used to work tech support for a year.

all it requires is an HS education and the ability to read off a screen.

They don’t get paid to think for themselves.

Depending on the job as Akbound said tier 2 and up are normally the certified folks.

for a year I was the only certified tech on a tier 2 team.