X2 Chapters 1-13

Just to show that I will post more than sarcastic posts in the general discussion here is the repost of the sequel to my X-Men Evo fanfic. This should be complete by the end of the month due to me getting some serious motivation. (I hope). As always all comments are welcomed.

Kitty felt her head rise and fall with the uncomfortable motion of the cruise liner. The glass and a half of champagne she had drunk with the rest of X-Men had made her seasickness worse and now she felt like she wanted to vomit. Placing her hand on the railing she found herself starting to phase through her only protection from falling into the sea. Standing back up she placed her hand firmly onto the solid metal railing. Satisfied she found her foot slipping up and out of her shoe.
Giving her head a shake. “Man champagne really doesn’t help to control your powers.”
“Or it could be stress…” Logan said from behind her.
“Mr Logan.” Kitty turned stammering.
“Couldn’t sleep either.” He said answering her question.
“What’s your problem?” Kitty said. Gasping at how rude she quickly tried to recover. “I mean what’s wrong how come you can’t sleep?”
Logan grunted his low laugh. “X23. Shield now knows that I let her escape. And now Nick Fury wants me to track her down.”
“And will you?”
“I don’t know. That’s why I’m freezing outside at 3 in the morning.”
“Oh I see.”
“Well the best cure for sea sickness is bed.” Logan hinted.
“I’ll leave you alone.” Kitty said shuffling her foot back inside her shoe and retreating bellow decks.
“Why did you bust her out of Shield?” Logan asked his mental picture of his young “sister”.

X23 stood her two long claws sheathing and unsheathing themselves in a sign of frustration.
“How long now?” She asked again. This time the single claw in her foot protracting.
“Patience is a virtue.” Lucas said. He gently stroked the red sole patch on his chin and rubbed a hand through his red mane of hair.
“Meaning.” X23 growled she sounded ready for violence.
“Impatience is a vice.” Lucas didn’t even look up from the makeshift operating table.

X23 studied the back of the man she had fallen in with. He was strong, tall and appeared to be a couple of years older than her, nearly 20, and his appearance was straight out of music video. He wore a Machiavellian style red coat over a black shirt and black jeans which allowed him to dramatically swing his coat around him when he used his powers. X23 knew that he was the son of Charles Xavier, but Lucas wasn’t as blessed as he had originally seemed. His power of telekinesis was greater than that of his father but his fractured personality had led to the development of three different consciousnesses. Lucas was by far the strongest of the three and may have been the original personality and his mutant power was that of telekinesis with limited telepathy. David, the middle personality had been accidentally sealed by his father so X23 had never seen him but from what she could tell David had no mutant power at all. Ian the youngest personality usually came to the fore when Lucas was too tired to take control of him. Ian’s mutant power was the ability to create flames with his mind and although the youngest “brother” didn’t speak he was usually able to communicate via pointing.

And now Lucas was hunched over his new acquisition. He was busy removing the neural inhibitor from her forehead. As he gently pulled the final link from her spinal cord her stepped back revealing Summon to X23.
“Now Maria let’s wait for our new guest to wake up.” Lucas said turning to X23.
When Lucas had originally found out that doctor Samson at Hydra had christened the X23 embryo he had used the information to keep her here. Now every time X23 heard her name called she felt calmed by her name. As if it carried some properties that meant she wasn’t just some failed experiment in a test tube.

When they finally reached the shore Kitty was first off the boat. She was practically kissing dry land before the others had taken steps down the ramp.

As Logan walked past he even had a sly smile of his chiselled face. Many of the X-Men who had been on the mission to Muir Island walked straight off the boat and into the waiting cars of their parents, or in Scott and Jean’s case their own, and sped off to enjoy the holidays. Logan had decided to head out in completely the wrong direction to track X23 which was sure to pull the watching Shield agents away from her. There would be very few mutants at the Institute over this Easter break and Kitty was looking forward to enjoying some quality time with Robbie, Force the mutant with the repelling powers, who had been unable to go on the past couple of missions due to the fact that he had dislocated a shoulder in the Danger Room. Looking around the dock Kitty saw Prof X’s van with Robbie and Ray, Berserker, waiting for her. She held her walk until the last moment when Robbie came rushing up to her and gave her a hug.
“You’re more beautiful now than when you left.” Robbie said.
“You big lug.” Kitty giggled.
“Oh sweet.” Ray moaned sticking his fingers down his throat. “When do we eat?”
“As soon as we get our equipment in the van.” Xavier said wheeling up to the van. “Robbie I hope you don’t mind if I drive back.”
“Not at all Professor.” Robbie said picking up two of the three bags of equipment and stowing them in the back of the van.

“I thought you said he was the greatest mind of all the mutants.” X23 said her tongue playfully lying at the tip of her lips.
“That’s what I heard as well, my dear. It appears that the greatest brain doesn’t make you invulnerable to attack.” Lucas smiled.
“Now.” X23 asked. Her muscles tensing.
“Not yet Maria lets let everybody else go home first.”

When Kitty awoke she found that much of the journey back to mansion had already been travelled. She realised that she had been lulled over to one side and sleeping on Robbie’s chest for much of the journey. What was even worse was the fact that she had left her left sleeve sitting in the ketchup from their drive-thru.
“Gross.” Kitty mumbled grabbing a couple of napkins.
“Morning.” Ray chimed.
“Funny.” Kitty said.
“I’m glad you slept well Kitty.” Xavier began. “Because I was thinking that you would be able to take over the driving for a short stint. Robbie had already taken his turn and I don’t want to drive tired.”
“Sure thing Professor.” Kitty smiled. She looked at Ray and Robbie’s faces and saw the looks of pure terror on them. “It’ll be okay guys.” She said.
Robbie and Ray looked like they would rather have walked.

Summon was awake now and regarded Lucas with a mixture of excitement and distrust. How did this man know what she wanted to do? Or more importantly could only the three of them do what he claimed?
“So in exchange for me helping you, you will give me Kitty Pride?” She asked. Summon gave a tiny shudder at hearing her own voice. From its lack of use in the past months it sounded cracked and stressed. Her blue eyes still hurt and her body looked malnourished. Even her muscles ached from being forced to lie still for so long.
“That’s the bargain. We have the perfect opportunity to take out the X-Men you hate and my father in one fell swoop.” Lucas boasted.
“So why do you need me?” Summon asked.
“I don’t.” Lucas said. “I just like the company.”
Summon again looked at Lucas. Opening her mind she used her thought reading power to try and see why he needed her.

Summon’s world began to spin. She found herself standing on fragmented red rocks in a barren landscape. The rock before then became liquid and rose into a spire before solidifying into an image of Lucas. Skin tones then appeared as the statue turned into Lucas.
“My name is not just Lucas. Like you I have a mutant identity.” Lucas began. “They call me Legion for I am many. Or I was. I am now only two but we need someone with powers such as yours.”
“To do what?” Summon asked.
“To separate us.” Lucas said. As he did his body appeared to split into two. The second body began to fold down onto itself until it became that of much younger boy. Around 9 or 10 Summon guessed. “This is Ian. He is I but then not I. We have different thoughts, different powers, and very nearly different bodies. And you could make a machine to split us apart.” Lucas said his arm around Ian’s shoulder.
“But you could die.” Summon stated.
“But if I die just now my little brother dies with me.” Lucas said. Ian grabbed hold of Lucas’s waist in a powerful hug.
“I will help you.” Summon breathed.

Summon found herself awaking almost from a dreamlike trance. She looked deep into Lucas’s eyes and saw Ian in them. “I will help you. But first I want Shadow Cat and Rogue.”

Xavier felt David reach out to him. Awaking with a noise that was part animal and part human he looked around at his startled students in the car. “I’m sorry.” Xavier said. “I guess even I’m not immune from nightmares.” He gave a light chuckle.

Force stared back at Xavier with raised eyebrows. His mentor had told him on two occasions that it was dangerous for any telepath to dream and so many couldn’t or wouldn’t. His shout hadn’t been that of terror or fear. Force had recognised it as the one he had woken himself up with on many a time. It was helplessness. Whatever Xavier had seen, the powerful mutant couldn’t stop it or save it.

“Planning a strategy like this takes time.” Lucas explained. “Originally my father was able to seal both Ian and David away. But over time this seal cracked. But I spoke to Ian, we made peace, and now he is willing to help me.”
Summon looked at the older mutant with disbelief. She wasn’t sure willing would be the correct term. Her own thought reading capabilities whilst still rusty from the months in a test-tube could sense Lucas pumping positive emotions into her when he suggested something. But Summon was smart enough to know exactly what she had to do. “Well if you help me I’ll help you.” Summon smiled.

The XI never failed to impress Robbie as the van drew towards it. The imposing gates opened by themselves and as Kitty softly drew in on the gravel Robbie watched as the main balcony came into view. After some very long hours of driving he was ready for a shower and better sleep but first they would have to unpack the van and stow the gear.

As night fell; Robbie, Ray and Kitty were sitting huddled together on the big leather couch in front of the TV. As the Titanic sunk and the music started up Robbie could feel Kitty’s eyes upon him. Looking down to the top of her head he kissed her forehead gently. Ray stretched and pulled himself over to the other side of the couch letting a rush of cold air blast Kitty and Robbie.
“Hey.” The appealed in unison.
“What like you weren’t trying to make me uncomfortable?” The blonde mutant said rubbing his slicked hair back into position. “Well I’m going to bed. You two lovers can be alone now.” He grumbled.
“Night night.” Kitty mumbled.
“Night mate.” Robbie smiled.

Professor X watched quietly from the door. These young mutants were certainly talented. Kitty was a flown blown X-Man already and both Robbie and Ray would be there soon. If it hadn’t been for Robbie’s injury he may have even been on the last mission. Shaking his head the old mutant smiled. As nice as it was for his X-Men to enjoy a night of normality Charles knew that once Oruro and Hank arrived back tomorrow these peaceful moments would become distant memories.

From the tip of the lighthouse X23 stared at the XI the large mansion just a dark shape in the distance. She had infiltrated it once without help and now here she was listening to this overblown ego trying to get back at his father. Feeling the wind whistle through the windows around her Maria turned to move back down the stairs.
“Is that all you think of me Maria? As an ego?” Lucas asked softly his accent giving his word a gentle lilt.
“It’s rude to spy.” X23 growled.
“Look who’s talking.” Lucas smiled floating up the stairs. Landing beside X23 he placed his arm around her. X23 bristled but made no attempt to remove his arm.
“So everything’s in place.” She whispered.
“Almost.” Lucas nodded. “We have the king and queens. We have to find ourselves some pawns.”

Kitty awoke with a cough. Her mouth felt dry and acrid. Shaking her hair out of her eyes Kitty pulled herself out of her warm cocoon of covers and allowed her body to be subjected to the frigid morning air. Looking around her modestly decorated room Kitty saw that she had a tightly wrapped parcel sitting on the futon at the bottom of her bed. Moving over her bed sheets Kitty grabbed the parcel and looked for a card. Resisting the urge to just rip straight into the box Kitty found the label. “From an old friend…” Was all that it said? Chewing her bottom lip Kitty carefully unwrapped the bow. Looking for a seam of tape to open the parcel with Kitty found one and pulled the paper off of the box. Her excitement mounting Kitty opened the box. Looking at the contents Kitty’s eyes went wide and she batted the box from her bed with her hand.
Who knew? Had she not been careful enough? Did Robbie know? Taking one last look warningly around her room Kitty pulled the covers back over her head and decided to sleep.

At first there was a quiet knock at her door. Then it became a pounding. Then finally a frantic attempt to open the locked door.
“Let me in sugar.” Rogue whispered urgently.
“Rogue…” Kitty blinked. Sitting up in her bed barely an hour had gone past since she had woken up to the parcel at the foot of her bed. Rising from her bed Kitty stumbled, still half asleep, to her door and opened it. Rogue barged in barrelling past Kitty.
“You got one to.” Rogue said moving to Kitty’s futon. Picking up the same parcel Kitty had already opened Rogue aimed the re-tied bow at Kitty and thrust the parcel towards her. “Open it. I’ve got to see what you’ve got.”
“Wait a minute Rogue. You got one to?” Kitty asked puzzled. She untied the bow and opened the box. “Wait how long have you been back? I thought you were seeing off Kurt?”
“He got an earlier train. So I got back early this morning.” Rogue grabbed the box from Kitty and tipped out the contents letting them land on Kitty’s bed. Kitty quickly phased through the bed and slammed her door shut. Turning back to Rogue Kitty saw the Gothic mutant pick up the plastic pants and turn them over in her hands.
“Well at least mine weren’t pink.” Rogue said with her eyebrow raised.
“You…you got a pair to?” Kitty asked snatching the plastic pants from Rogue. Kitty quickly gathered up the diaper as well and stuffed them back in the box.
“Do you think I’d be banging down your door if I didn’t?” Rogue shook her head. Carefully reaching into her pocket Rogue unfolded a pair of black plastic pant with several rows of black frills on the rear. “I think this means we have a problem.” Rogue stated.
“Do you think this means…?” Kitty began.
“Yeah. Summon is back.” Rogue finished.

“You know. I brought you back to the present, I fixed you up, removed your neuraliser and this is how you repay me.” Lucas sighed.
“Who me?” Summon asked innocently.
“Well I suppose all this means is we have to move forward a bit faster.” Lucas shrugged. He stroked his soul patch. “In fact getting them on edge just means that they’ll run to dear old dad. And he’ll come looking for you. He’ll be so distracted he won’t see us coming.” Lucas smiled turning to X23.
“So it’s not a problem?” Summon asked.
“A problem. No Summon. We’re a team remember, if we have to move forward we do it together. It just means tonight I’ll need your powers a lot more.” Lucas pressed. X23 stood by his side unsheathing her claws.
“Of course. We’re a team.” Summon muttered rolling her eyes.

Robbie dodged under the paint ball barrage as the Danger Room began to increase its ferocity. Turning and standing he threw up his hands and pushed the blasting drone against the ceiling. Feeling an electric buzz beside his ear he turned to his left as a Berzerker detonated another drone.
“Good save.” Force nodded.
“No time to relax.” Berzerker warned shooting himself into the air using his electrical blasts. Robbie created a block beneath him and skidded along away from the circling drones.
“Good.” Beast’s disembodied voice commented from the Danger Room controller. “Now to complete your objective.”

The Danger Room seamed to stop momentarily as the paint ball bots, circular hovering devices with a rotor in the middle and two independently mounted paint ball guns top and bottom began to hover in position. The Danger Room floor began to twist as it rose up into three levels resembling a car park.

“There are four devices each to be deactivated. Berzerker if you try and short them out you will detonate them.” Beast warned. “You have four minutes.”
“But Rogue and Shadow Cat got 6.” Berzerker moaned. As if in answer the paint ball guns swivelled and targeted the electric mutant. “Gotta go.” He laughed before blasting himself away.

Robbie got clear of his bots and grabbed the first device. Taking a moment to study the device Robbie pulled the timer lever preventing the device from ever counting down to zero. “One down.” He shouted to Berzerker before creating a force block above him and blasting up to the next level.

Kitty and Rogue stood in Professor Xavier’s office. The parcel that each girl had received in the morning was sitting on his desk. The wheelchair bound mutant turned the diaper in his hands over again. This was Rogue’s, it said so clearly on its rear, and had black trim and Gothic prints. “Well it appears we have a problem.” Xavier said almost to himself.
“I thought the neuraliser stopped Summon from being able to use her powers.” Kitty said she could barely contain her panic.
“Well in theory it should.” Xavier agreed. “However this leaves us with only two assumptions.”
“That she’s got a lot more powerful.” Rogue stated.
“Or she’s no longer wearing it.” Kitty finished. “But Professor who would release her?”
“That Kitty is the most pertinent question. At the moment this could be viewed as a threat or simply a way to spook us into acting too quickly.” Xavier theorised.
“So what do you suggest we do? Wait for her to come for us.” Rogue asked her arms folded across her chest.
“No. I want you to continue your training. Whatever happens we shall deal with.” The bald mutant said. “After all this is what we train for.”

Robbie stared at Kitty as she powered through more laps of the pool. She was definitely hiding something he was sure. It wasn’t like Kitty to keep things from him. And she was making him more honest with himself as well. Turning back to table Robbie watched Rogue butter the same slice of bread again clearly as distracted as Kitty. It was at this point Robbie wished that Kurt was here. At least then the furry mutant would have broken the tension with some joke or another.

X23 couldn’t believe where she was. It was unreal. She was downtown. In a shopping center in broad daylight. And not only that she wasn’t afraid. Rubbing her knuckles once again she turned to Ian.
“Are you sure it’s OK for us to be doing this without Lucas?” She asked.
At first it had felt strange taking orders from somebody who looked so much younger than her, especially when that person didn’t talk but looking into Ian’s eyes it was clear he was from the same stock as Lucas, even if you didn’t know he was the same person.
Ian simply nodded and pointed to the notice board. At first X23 didn’t believe that it could be so blatant but after only a few seconds of looking she came across the same familiar circle and H picture she had been told to look for. The meeting was tonight. X23 growled slightly before kicking the wall. When she turned and walked away there was a large gash in the wall. Ian simply shrugged and followed the older mutant.

Robbie watched as Kitty and Rogue sat on a bench outside the XI talking in hushed voices. Sighing he turned around only to be surprised at Ray’s beaming face.
“Wow.” Robbie said taking a couple of steps backwards. “What are you so happy about?”
“Oh nothing.” Ray smiled. “Well I might have a date tomorrow night.”
“Really?” Robbie nodded. “Who’s the lucky guy?”
Ray fired a well aimed punch at Robbie’s rips before responding. “Her name’s Susan and she’s on holiday here.”
“Ooh not a local.” Robbie nodded coughing up air.
“That’s right.”
“Means she won’t know about your reputation.”
“No kidding.”
“Probably why she’s going out with you in the first place then.”

“I don’t know Kitty it seems kind of risky to me.” Rogue said.
“She’s only doing this to frighten us. If we get a couple of mannequins to put this stuff onto we can see if its booby trapped or not.” Kitty pressed. “We both know it will be. We can ask the Professor to find Summon and stop this before it happens again.”
“It’s a good idea.” Rogue began.
“Do you want another dose of diaper rash?” Kitty asked.
“You sure know how to be manipulative sugar.”

Lucas rubbed his hands through his hair and arched his back. Clearly he was tired of waiting. X23 was motionless ahead of him the younger girl was watching the old theater with unwavering concentration. Summon for her part chewed her lip slightly and tried to prevent her mind from wandering too much. This was a bold move by Lucas and any trouble would see them killed before their plans could come to fruition.

As the door to the theater final closed and the outside lights were extinguished X23 silently slipped off into the darkened city. She returned mere minutes later her face an impassive mask. “The doors are sealed the only true exit is the one we are watching.” She said quietly.
“Any truth in the rumour they have one of our brothers captive?” Lucas asked passionately.
“I don’t know. The entire building is soaked in something which is overpowering my senses. It’s probably to keep mutants away.” She grumbled.
“Then let’s go and disappoint some humans.” Lucas smiled.

The stage of the old theater had a single lectern placed in its center. Behind the speaker to lone red drapes were hanging from ceiling to floor with the familiar circle and H design in the center of the drapes. The scene resembled a political spectacle rather than a witch-hunt.
“Children on Humanity.” The speaker screamed as he approached the lectern. The theater, which was full of people, erupted at this and as the wild cheering subsided the speaker lent into the microphone and softly began to speak. “We are all homo-sapiens. We are no longer bound by creed or colour for today we are under attack from a greater threat than even ourselves.” The old man looked very official in his grey pinstripe suit and the crowd silenced themselves listening intently to every word. “These creatures may look like us. May sound like us but they are not us. They are abominations. Some of them are so powerful they can hear your thoughts. Some can shoot lasers from their eyes or even control magnetism. And what does our Government do? Nothing.” He said standing back and opening his hands emphatically. “They say we should be accepting. Their leader tells us that we are a doomed species. He controls magnetism destroys cars and stops bullets and we have to be accepting? I say NO!” He shouted this, causing the crowd to erupt again. “I say we should…”
The man’s next sentence was cut off as wall behind fell backwards. The drapes billowed outwards to their full extent and as the dust cleared a single figure hovered in the middle of the gap in the wall back lit by the neon colours of the city behind him. Hovering forward Lucas landed on the stage and stalked towards the lectern.
“Look.” The man hurriedly began to shout in the microphone. “They don’t even respect our right to a peaceful protest. They don’t live by our rules of society we must rise up and take…” This time the man was cut short by Lucas striding over to him and pinching his neck. The crowds’ mood shifted. Some were panicking; some took this as a call to arms. None however, even those that had turned to flee, noticed the two female mutants who now stood at the only exit to the theater.
“Children of Humanity.” Lucas clucked. “Children.” He began softly. “Children.” His voice boomed echoed with psychic resonance that caused all the humans in the room to turn and face him. “That’s better.” Lucas smiled. “Now children you must be attentive. Your species is not the dominant on the planet any longer. Mine is. You have nothing we want and exist purely because we allow you to.” He stopped to let the crowd digest this.
“No.” Came a lone voice from the crowd as a rough looking biker type pulled a semi-automatic from his ripped jeans. Lucas looked under whelmed. Moving his arm from his thigh to his shoulder Lucas used his telekinesis to lift the man into the air.
“Homo sapiens. You are the weakest beings on this planet. But you have your guns.” Lucas nodded to Summon. The younger mutant focused her attention on the man. The rough looking biker type was then engulfed in black smoke. When the smoke cleared the gun had been replaced with a lollipop and the man was dressed as a comic book five year old. Complete with a propeller hat. “Children perhaps this style would suit you better.” Lucas tossing the man against a wall casually. “Now as you are children you clearly need someone to look out for you. To protect you. To teach you right and wrong. We are going to do this.” Lucas laughed. This time the crowd didn’t turn hostile. This time the crowd surged towards Summon and X23.

Summon smiled her nose twitching as she made a large box appear in front of her. X23 bared her teeth and unsheathed all of her claws. The crowd ignored the box and immediately surged towards Summon. From the box thousands of pacifiers floated up, held in space by Lucas’s TK powers. The pacifiers then shot at crowd like rubber bullets driving them back towards Lucas.

“Good children.” Lucas smiled. Feeling out with his senses he began to search for the mutant that X23 had discovered. Feeling the signal to his left Lucas used a blast of TK to knock down the wall. When the dust settled he saw he had revealed a large hulking grey mutant who was tied in thick chains and surrounded by flaming torches. "How medieval."Lucas commented before lifting the mutant clear and snapping his chains with his mind. Setting the stone behemoth on the stage beside him Lucas again nodded to Summon who conjured a box on stage beside Lucas. “Now children we need your help. Actually it’s not so much that we need your help. It’s actually that we’re demanding it.” He motioned to the box and yellow bands with red X’s began to hover in midair. Suddenly they began to shoot out in all directions slapping against humans and tightening around their wrists. Once attached the X would glow and the human would stop moving. With the entire crowd pacified Lucas appeared to shrink back considerably. “Now go from this place my children. When the time comes I will call for you.” He said before leaving the stage. The grey mass beside him simply followed Lucas from the stage and out the main exit.

With Lucas gone the crowd became slightly more animated as they turned and began to walk out of the building perfectly in step.

Outside Lucas turned to Summon. “You have almost complete mastery of your powers I’m impressed.” Turning to the big mutant. “I’m Lucas but we’ll speak later. Please follow us back to our base I wish to ask you something brother.” Lucas smiled. Suddenly he began to shiver. Rushing around the corner Lucas let out a low moan.

Ian then returned from around the corner.

The young boy had a determined look on his face. Holding his arms wide so that the entire theater stood within them the young mutant began to concentrate. Suddenly flames began to creep around the theater. Pretty soon it was engulfed in flames and a raging inferno but the four mutants had vanished into the night.

“David?” Xavier asked quietly.
“Professor?” Robbie replied nervously opening the door and walking inside. He watched his bald teacher for a moment with questioning eyes but said nothing.
“Force…of course come in.” Xavier smiled his composure returning he gestured for Robbie to take a seat.
“You wanted to see me Professor?” Robbie asked.
“Yes, I’m sending Hank on an investigative mission to the old theater. It burned down last night, I believe that was no accident and we’re going to find out who was responsible.” The bald headed mutant explained.
“Why are you telling me this?”
“Because I’m taking Ray and yourself on this one.” Hank McCoy smiled from the doorframe behind Robbie.
“Really?” Robbie asked his eyes wide.
“I think you’ve earned it and when I spoke to the Charles he couldn’t see any reason for you not to come along.” Beast smiled.
“So I’m an X-Man now?”
“I believe congratulations are in order.” The Professor nodded. “But those can wait.”
“So suit up and I’ll meet you at the van in ten minutes.” Beast smiled before swinging out of the room.
“Thank you Professor you won’t regret this.” Robbie vowed to his mentor.
“I’m sure I won’t Force. Something tells me that we will need all the X-Men we can.”

Robbie was in the lower levels of the XI in a flash. The lift doors couldn’t open quickly enough for him as he jogged quickly into the equipment room. Selecting a black uniform as opposed to the normal navy training uniform with the two X-plates on the shoulders Robbie concentrated on getting himself ready. First he looked at shoulder pads, gloves, boots and belts to try and figure out exactly what his new look as an X-Man should be. Growing tired of his own vanity Robbie simply shrugged himself into a normal training uniform. As an after thought he removed both X-plates from the shoulder and placed one over his heart instead. Shrugging at his own reflection Robbie bounded back upstairs hoping to find Kitty before he had to depart on the mission; after all he wouldn’t want to be late would he?

After quickly checking on Kitty’s room Robbie couldn’t find his girlfriend. Glancing at his watch he decided not to take any chances and hurried across to the motor pool to meet with Beast and Berzerker.

As the van sped off Kitty watched it from Rogue’s room. They had decided to spring Summon’s trap here as it afforded them greater privacy than Kitty’s room. Laying the mannequins down the two teens proceeded to diaper the unmoving statues. As Kitty slid the plastic pants up the molded legs she chewed her lip slightly. As far as her diaper desires had gone she had tried to keep them to a minimum. And as she was sure the cache of diapers that the Institute had was monitored Kitty had been very reserved in moving them. Although once she had found out that there was more than one bed wetter at the XI, and one mutant who could accidentally make himself a lot more than one, Kitty had become braver in her acquiring of her favorite underwear.

Robbie was of course, clueless, but Kitty liked it that way. It meant that she could enjoy something on her own without the aid of the brooding mutant. As she and Rogue stood the mannequins beside each other Kitty snapped out of her daydream. Almost as soon as they were in a standing position the mannequins began to smoke disappearing in the same thick acrid smoke that always accompanied Summon’s power.

Looking at each other the two girls gave each other smug smiles. That was until two boxes poofed back into place where the mannequins had been.
“Persistent isn’t she?” Kitty mused.
“Well I guess we shouldn’t really be surprised.” Rogue nodded. “Should we open them?”
“If we don’t they’ll just follow us around like last time.” Kitty sighed.
Rogue looked at the packages with disgust her hand unconsciously touching her rear end. She could remember the diaper rash vividly and certainly didn’t want it repeated. As Rogue tentatively ran her hands over the parcel Kitty had taken hold of her parcel and had pulled the bow from the top.
“I’ve got a bad feeling about this.” Rogue warned as Kitty opened the box.

Looking into the pink box Kitty a stack of diapers this time as well as yet another pair of plastic pants. However these pants had a clear main body but the seams were a very babyish pink. And of course the rows of frills across the rear where pink and white polka dots.

However unlike the last parcel there was also a doll figurine maybe 12’’ in height. Kitty immediately recognized the blonde hair and sharp nose. It was the doll was styled to look like Summon. It even wore the same white pants and shirt combo that Summon had been wearing the last time she had captured Rogue and Kitty. The doll had a white ring attached to its back with a tag reading “Pull Me” in bold script.

Kitty dropped the doll back into the box and shook her head. How much credit was Summon really giving Rogue and herself? Looking across to Rogue Kitty watched as the Gothic mutant threw her own doll with disgust back into the box.

“Is she really even trying?” Rogue asked softly.
“I don’t think she’s giving us enough credit if she is.” Kitty smiled. The two turned to walk away from the boxes.

Force sat in the back of the van with Beast. The blue mutant stared at his new take on the X-Men uniform.
“Well I guess understated is the key.” Beast spoke almost to himself.
“I might change it when I feel I’ve done something to deserve it.” Force commented.
“Hey bro, you missed your big chance.” Berzerker smiled from the driver’s seat. He had decided on quite a different look from Robbie. Ray had gone for a black uniform and had thrown his leather jacket on top of it. His slicked back hair had been styled into a Faux-Hawk and his gloves and boots wear black leather as well.
“I guess I didn’t want to look like a reject from a music video.” Force countered.
“I don’t think anyone of us could escape that comparison, Force.” Beast chuckled before rechecking his equipment.

Arriving at the burnt out shell of the theater the X-Men disembarked from their van and spread out looking for clues. It had been decided that Beast would check the inside of the building due to his superior agility just in case the building wasn’t quite secure. Berzerker would use his electrical powers to check for any monitoring devices that would still function as well as powering their own. Whilst Force would check the outside searching for any clues about what caused the granite building to catch fire.

Searching around the back of the building Robbie looked at a large hole in the back wall. Unlike the rest of the burnt out shell this appeared to have been moved with some force. Pausing and trying to visualize the situation Force checked the mortar around the bricks, if the wall had been blown out by an explosion it would be rough however if, as the Professor suspected, it was a mutant attack then it should been a reasonably straight pull. The bottom of the mortar was completely burnt away and so offered no clues but at the top of the hole Force could see even from the ground the mortar looked to be a clean cut. Creating a platform beneath him Force lifted himself up to eye level with the mortar.
“Clean as a whistle.” Force repeated his dad’s saying.
“And what does that tell us?” A fuzzy blue shape appeared from the other-side of the hole.
Force’s platform wobbled in midair as he struggled to keep his composure due to the surprise. Failing Robbie landed hard with his feet buckling sending him down to his knees.
“It means that it was pulled out by a mutant possibly the same one who started the fire.” Robbie theorized rubbing his sore knees.
“And our pyromaniac has a flair for the dramatic.” Beast commented.
“How so?” Force asked.
“The hole opens onto the stage. Whoever did this wanted people to see them do it?” Beast smiled. “Now let’s perform a little experiment. Force raise yourself up so you are floating exactly in the middle of the hole.”
Force concentrated on the embarrassment he had just suffered from Beast’s scare and he hovered into the middle of the hole and hung there on his platform. Flying was difficult for Force as it required him to focus on using his powers on two different directions he much preferred to hover or simply blast his was across a gap using his powers to slow himself down as gravity restricted him but floating and hovering where relatively easy for the black haired mutant.
Beast watched Force hanging in mid air for a second. Calculating.
“Turn around Force and let’s see if we can find the bricks and mortar that should be here.”

Robbie looked around. “Whoever it was would not have just dumped the plug on the ground. If they were trying to make an entrance they would have sent it back quite far so it showed how powerful they were.” He concluded.
“And they would have also avoided slamming it into the light.” Berzerker added walking around the corner. Firing a crackle of electricity into the light behind Robbie the three mutants turned to look for the plug. It was Beast who saw it first.
“Well no wonder the Fire Department couldn’t see it.” Beast nodded leaping up towards the walls behind Robbie. Spinning around Force watched as the blue mutant scurried up the wall.
“He fired it up.” Force breathed. The plug had actually impacted on the first Storey above the theater.
Beast sniffed the plug and reacted as if something had just stung him. “Whoever was inside the theater clearly didn’t want any mutants inside. This has been treated with an irritant.”
“Should we take a sample?” Robbie asked.
“Of course. And since we have determined it was a mutant attack we must now also find out another important fact.” Beast cringed as he took hold of one of the bricks. “Namely who was inside the theater when it was attacked?”

As Kitty entered her room she immediately felt something was wrong. Reacting with all of her training she surveyed the room. The only thing that seemed out of place was that her parcel had been teleported into her room and her bay windows were open. Ignoring the parcel for the moment Kitty walked towards her windows.

As she closed the doors Kitty looked out at the city smiling. She watched as the sun moved behind the taller buildings signaling the end of the afternoon. Taking hold of the cord for her blinds Kitty unfastened the cord and let the shades slide down into place with a whir.

Moving away from the bay windows Kitty felt something tighten against her wrist. Looking at her hand she saw that she had the cord for the blinds wrapped around her wrist. Giving it a pull Kitty watched as something fell from the window. Moving to the shape Kitty realized that it was the doll from Summon’s parcel.
“You didn’t want to play with me.” The doll spoke in Summon’s voice. “So now I get to play with you.”

Kitty tried to pull her arm away. However the cord began to reel into the dolls back with such force that the plastic figurine accelerated to towards Kitty. Using her reflexes Kitty ducked under the dolls flying kick. The thing moved fast, using it’s momentum it continued down and around Kitty’s back and arm before jumping up onto Kitty’s waist. As the phasing mutant tried to bat the doll from her it jumped over her hands and ran around her leg. Leaping and grabbing Kitty’s other leg as she attempted to kick the doll away the phasing mutant lost her balance and the doll quickly darted around her back. As Kitty hit the floor the doll was around her chest and neck in quick succession before it ran down and roped her knees together.

“Now who’s in control?” The doll laughed. Turning around the cord began to reel into the doll again tightening the bonds around Kitty.

Struggling against the cord Kitty found that she had been completely immobilized by the toy. As the cord reeled her closer and closer to the doll Kitty tried bucking quickly. She had lifted the doll and even in her current state was heavier than the toy. This meant that she should have been able to move the toy using her superior mass.

Unfortunately every time Kitty bucked the cord would simply slacken off leaving Kitty as helpless as a worm on a hook. Once it had Kitty on a suitable length of cord the doll moved over to the phasing mutant with a smile.
“Now that your nicely hog-tied I guess its time to get you ready.” The doll smirked. Moving under Kitty’s chin the doll looped the cord around Kitty’s neck. “If you give me any trouble I’ll reel in my web.” The doll threatened. “And you don’t want this to get any tighter do you little fly?”
Kitty gave a slight shake of her head as a negative.
“Good. Now let’s get you in diapers before you pee on the carpet.” The doll mocked.

At this Kitty resumed her squirming. Attempting to phase through the cord she found, as she had expected that the cord moved in and out of phase with her. Trying her best to wiggle some space for her wrists Kitty found the cord tightening around her neck. Looking up she saw the doll staring at her with a diaper and the plastic pants in its plastic hands. Kitty then felt the cord drawing tightly around her neck. As she began to choke the doll flipped her onto her back.
“Now let’s get the baby dressed.” The doll smiled. Moving quickly the doll forced the diaper between Kitty’s legs. Deftly spreading the garment around Kitty the doll fastened it tightly around her.
Kitty tried to look down at her diapered self but she couldn’t move her head due to the biting sting of the cord around her throat. She had no choice but watch patiently as the doll proceeded to place another three diapers around her, making four in total, and the bulk forced her legs sharply against the biting cord leaving red marks around her outer thighs.

When the doll was finished diapering her Kitty watched as it brought the plastic pants around her and snapped them into place. Finally with a tug it released her from its cord and the young mutant sat up and stared down at her crotch with tears in her eyes.

Through the clear pants it was easy for Kitty to see the brilliant white of the diapers. Each were trimmed with pink cuffs and was covered in nauseatingly cute designs of bunnies and kittens.

Immediately moving to remove the diapers Kitty grabbed hold of the snaps in the plastic pants.
“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” The doll warned.
“Like who asked you anyway.” Kitty sneered. Trying to unsnap the buttons she watched as a little circle in the middle of the pants suddenly began to glow red.
“You’ve done it now. You’ve set off the tamper alarm.” The doll explained.

Kitty watched horrified as spindly metal poles suddenly shot out from around the cuffs of the plastic pants. Moving down the snapped seams of the pants the metal poles telescoped around Kitty sealing her into the diapers.
“How long do I have to stay in these?” Kitty bit out.
“72 hours. However if anybody finds out that your wearing them then you’ll have 10 minutes to convince them your not or else.” The doll explained.
“Or else what?” Kitty frowned.
“Or else you’ll end up going to potty training lessons.” The doll laughed. It then disappeared in a puff of black acrid smoke.
“72 hours.” Kitty questioned out loud. She rubbed the back of the tight diapers; things were going to get uncomfortable really quickly in these things.

Rogue casually munched on her sandwich as she walked into her room. The door slammed shut behind her by itself and this caused the mutant to spin. Quickly moving her eyes she surveyed her room.

It was covered in a thick white cord that made it look like a spider’s web. On her bed however there looked to be somebody or something but it was mummified by the thick cord. Moving forward to see if she could help whoever was trapped in this web Rogue failed to notice the scurrying behind her as more chord was deposited into her room.

Moving to the bed Rogue heard a muffled shout, like a cry for help, coming from the cocoon of chord. Running up to it she felt along for a seam or someway to try and open the mass. Her finger slipped gently around something. Pulling hard the cocoon started to split pulling her hand away Rogue looked at what she’d pulled.

It was a simple tag with the words “Pull me” written on it.

Stumbling backwards in shock Rogue looked at the cocoon. It opened up to reveal absolutely nothing. Taking another half step backwards Rogue tripped on the chord.

As soon as gravity took hold of her body the chord suddenly began to pull in tight. Rogue tried to flail her arms onto something so she could climb out of the web but all her fingers could find was chord, chord and more chord.

The cocoon suddenly splayed around Rogue completely enveloping her. Thrashing Rogue found the cord slipping into her mouth, around her eyes and looping her arms to her sides until eventually she was indistinguishable to white cord. Finding her body being turned upside down Rogue’s feet were slowly pulled apart as she was reeled against the ceiling.

It was then Rogue felt the plastic around her. As the first diaper was drawn tightly around her Rogue kicked out. Suddenly the cord holding her went slack. Rogue dropped to the floor and landed on her head dazing herself. In fact if it wasn’t for the cord around her head Rogue was sure she would have blacked out. The blow however knocked the fight out of her and she offered no more resistance as another three diapers were fastened tightly over her. Being returned to a standing position but not released from the cord Rogue found her eyes being released and her ears were uncovered.
“Are you good? Said the fly to the spider. Good enough to eat said the spider to the fly.” The doll smiled as she spooled towards Rogue with the plastic pants in her plastic hands.

Rogue’s pants were similar to Kitty’s in that they were clear and frilly however her colours were dark purples and blacks. Even the cute pattern on her diapers were spiders and creepy crawlies. Rogue’s consciousness was slowly disappearing into her peripheral vision when the doll spoke but its words came out so slowly as the blood rushed from Rogue’s head and she collapsed forward.

The only words she remembered hearing vividly before she passed out were those that sounded like “Bed wetter”.

Changing into slightly less obvious clothing Force and Berzerker searched for clues to who had been using the theater as a meeting point. Whilst they were hard at work Beast analysed everything found on their recording equipment from the seclusion of the van.

Robbie rubbed his hand through his black hair, it had grown wild since he had been at the XI and now he had to pull it behind his ears less it flapped into his eyes. Occasionally Kitty had given him stick about looking shaggy but Force thought it made him look the part.

Staring at Ray who had discarded his X-uniform and was instead wearing his leather jacket, Robbie smiled. They had practiced surveillance techniques together for the better part of a year and as they poured over clues they two teens dropped into an easy routine.

Rounding the corner to the nearest mall Robbie and Ray moved casually through the crowd and with the exception of the attention Ray’s new hairstyle attracted the mutants blended in perfectly with the main crowd. Although Robbie kept his mouth closed so as to not reveal his blue teeth.

Moving over to the county notice board Robbie began to cycle through the notes, nothing even mentioned the theater. Looking at Ray to signal what a waste of time it had been Robbie caught sight of a familiar symbol.

A circle with an H in it.

“Berzerker.” Force said nodding at the symbol.
“I see it. What do you think?”
“I didn’t see inside the theater but wouldn’t it fit with the irritant?” Force asked.
“You mean reusing the old stock of Prepperton?” Berzerker asked.
“Well we didn’t think that all the stock was actually dumped down the sewers.” Force stated.
“Back to the van.” Berzerker interjected. Here was not the place to theorise.

Rogue awoke groggily. She tried to lift her hands but found herself tied to the bed. White cord was holding her tightly against the bed leaving her form visible but her skin covered. The doll had to be here somewhere but the semi-conscious mutant couldn’t see it.

Finding cord gagging her Rogue could only watch the world from a thin sliver of light around her eyes where the doll had been sloppy in mummifying her. As her senses slowly came rushing back to her Rogue could feel a familiar sensation in her diaper. It felt grimy against her skin which meant that she had wet it whilst she slept. Her hearing was muffled but Rogue guessed that she was alone. Summon knew how to press an advantage and had been caught out before when she had brought Kitty and Rogue too close to her so she wasn’t likely to make the same mistake twice.

Sensing that Rogue was awake the cocoon lifted the mutant from her lying position. Spinning her so her face towards the floor the cocoon opened and Rogue slapped against the bed, bouncing onto the floor as she did so.

Rogue didn’t know what to do first. Her initial reaction was to turn round and attack the doll however she also wanted to rip the horrid diapers from her body. Turning to the doll she saw it hanging from the ceiling by the chord. Seeing that the beastly little toy wasn’t moving to attack her Rogue grabbed the sides of her plastic pants.
“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” The doll mocked. “Clearly you need them.”
“Screw that.” Rogue swore. Grabbing the buttons along the side of the plastic pants she began to unsnap the pants. As with Kitty the thin metal poles snaked between Rogue’s fingers and encircled the diapers trapping her in the plastic prison.
“You’ve really done it now.” The doll laughed. “You set off the tamper alarm. You can now look forward to spending the next 72 hours in those diapers. And if you don’t want to end up in Potty Training Lessons you have 10 minutes to convince anyone who is suspicious of your underwear that your not in diapers. Understand?”
Rogue simply glared at the doll as it disappeared.

Even as the acrid smoke was clearing Rogue was rummaging through her dresser. The doll had carefully slashed every pair of pants she owned. Whilst her skirts were unharmed Rogue mentally decided that once she caught up with Summon the mutant wouldn’t live long enough to regret that decision. Examining her skirts Rogue shook her head defeated. Whilst each one would cover her diapers and plastic pants they would do nothing for the plastic crinkling sound that followed her and if she was to wet or mess her diapers the skirt would allow the mess to sag meaning that would be entirely possible to allow the very bottom of her frills to appear from the bottom of the skirt.

Not that Rogue would be silly enough to pick a short skirt. Picking up a calf-length black velour skirt Rogue slipped into the warm skirt. It was dark enough that Rogue suspected that nobody would question her wearing it but still she felt self conscious wearing it. Fastening it around herself Rogue took a couple of experimental steps. The diapers she was wearing hadn’t been soaked, Rogue mentally shuddered at the thought that she knew this from feel alone, but they had been significantly wet. Whilst the wouldn’t smell, yet, they wouldn’t be comfortable in moving long distances.

Although if she had her way, she wouldn’t be moving very far at all.

Kitty stared at the pile of clothes on her bed. All of her pants had been slashed and most of the skirts and dresses that she had where above knee length. Absentmindedly Kitty rubbed the back of her diapers again. The crinkle sound was quite comforting at the moment. However Kitty knew that in three days time she would be thinking differently. And to be honest Kitty didn’t believe that she would be spending three days in these diapers because Summon would force her to reveal that she was in diapers to somebody.

Pulling on a knee length plaid skirt Kitty ran her hand along her rear again. She was going to kill Summon for this.

Rogue had tried lying in hundreds of different positions but no matter what the tight diapers still held some part of themselves against her body. Even when she tried lounging between two chairs she could still feel the grime against her body as her diapers had sagged towards the ground. Swearing softly to herself Rogue stood up and went to her door. There was one other person she knew who would be in this position so she would go and get help.

Gently closing her door behind her Rogue heard the sound of cloth being stretched too far. Turning to face her door Rogue so that the very bottom of her skirt had been caught in the door. Sighing that this wasn’t her day Rogue tried to open her door only to find it stuck.

Pushing the door again Rogue found the heavy oak door standing fast. Worse her more of her skirt appeared to have been taken in by the door as she had tried to open it. Grabbing her skirt Rogue tried to pull it out of the door. This however caused yet more of her skirt to be pulled into the door. Releasing her skirt quickly Rogue looked around for something to help her.

Surprisingly there was a pair of scissors sitting on the floor just in front of Rogue. The Gothic mutant knew this was a trick but as she had no other choice Rogue carefully eased herself forward along the carpet to try and reach the scissors.

Finding the just out of reach Rogue strained forward only to hear her skirt rip slightly. Ignoring it Rogue unfastened the clasp of her skirt, moved forward on her belly and grabbed the scissors. However as soon as her fingers grasped the scissors Rogue felt her skirt being pulled away from under her.

Seeing that she had no other opportunity Rogue quickly slid back into her skirt and re-fastened the clasp. The skirt didn’t stop reeling back towards the door and Rogue found herself being dragged along the floor back to the doorway. The speed at which she was being dragged caused Rogue to flip over so she was in a sitting position with her skirt disappearing into the door behind her.

Grabbing the material in one hand Rogue took the scissors and hacked herself free of the door. Standing Rogue stared at what she had done to her disguise. Whilst the skirt was still calf length at the front at her rear Rogue found that the skirt barely covered the sagging crotch of her diapers. Looking at the scissors and the door as if they had betrayed her Rogue so that she really had no other choice. Carefully lining up her skirt she shortened the front so that it was the same length as the back, so she wouldn’t draw too much attention to her rear. Stepping forward she went to find Kitty.

Robbie and Ray had briefed Beast as to what they had found. The fuzzy blue mutant had agreed that it was entirely probable that the Children of Humanity were indeed part of the blaze.
“However if they had been there when it had happened surely they would have used it to further their cause.” Beast had concluded.
“Unless they were doing something so bad that they couldn’t afford for this to be found.” Robbie interjected darkly.
“But then why let the police find all the clues. Surely they can’t believe that they won’t prosecute just because we’re mutants.” Berzerker questioned.
“It’s good to see your both trying to reason well. However we won’t be able to tell anything until we’ve analysed the samples we’ve collected. We might even have to do a further examination of the building.” Beast said.
“Back to some lab work.” Robbie sighed.
“Ooh I love homework.” Ray mocked rolling his eyes.

Lucas watched X23 getting changed. The girl slipped casually into a full black suit. Using her claws to slit through the black gloves she grabbed her neuralisers. “I don’t need you to distract him. I got in before and the Professor isn’t looking for me.” X23 sulked. She had bristled when Lucas had told her that he would be engaging his father in a battle of wills whilst she stole into the academy to neutralize the teaching staff at the XI.
“Never the less Maria. It will serve as a timely reminder that as a team we will accomplish so much.” Lucas smiled. “And Summon has provided you with something for the trip as well.” Lucas levitated the diapers and plastic pants to X23.
“Is this a joke?” X23 growled revealing her enlarged canines.
“Maria would I do that to you?” Lucas soothed. “Either Kitty or Rogue will require a change. I want you to offer them this instead of trying to catch you. So remember to let yourself be discovered.” Lucas stressed.
“What do I have to do with these?” X23 rolled her eyes. These diaper games didn’t interest her in the slightest.

Kitty sat on the couch. She kept slipping from one extreme emotion to the other. On the one hand she still had her diaper desires, as she had christened them, on the other she had the deep rooted embarrassment and shame that Summon was doing this to her. Shifting her weight Kitty’s diapers crinkled again. Whilst they were clean, which hers currently where Kitty could almost enjoy the diapers, if she could put the fact that she was locked in them out of her mind. However Kitty knew her body and she could feel her insides begin to tell her that one of her most basic of functions was about to happen. Her diapers where tight around her legs and waist but still mockingly loose in the seat Kitty wanted that to continue despite her body’s protest. Trying to focus on the TV Kitty tried to loose herself in the shows.

Hearing a shuffle and a crinkle behind her Kitty spun around.
“Rogue?” Kitty asked staring at the Gothic mutant. Kitty’s eyes were drawn to the short velour skirt that Rogue was wearing. “Are you alright?” Kitty asked not moving her eyes from Rogue’s midsection.
“No I’m not.” Rogue sulked. “You know our mutual friend? Her little toys have decided to make life difficult for me.”
“I think I know what you mean.” Kitty said placing her hands on her lap causing her diaper to crinkle. “But we shouldn’t say anything about it. I had a warning.”
“Me too.” Rogue agreed. She then moved from behind the couch to besides Kitty. Sitting very gingerly on the couch she grabbed a cushion and placed it on her lap.

Summon stared in the distance at the XI she couldn’t believe how well her plan was working. She felt a shudder as Lucas floated into the room beside her.
“So how are you going with your little games?” Lucas asked positively.
“Their getting there.” Summon smiled turning to face the older mutant. “And yours?”
“Once our rock covered friend wakes up I think we should have enough power to complete my plan.” Lucas smiled stroking his soul patch. “And then maybe you can finally set my brother free.” He added as a half hearted after thought.
“Of course.” Summon smiled sweetly. “I thought we already had enough power with just you?” She questioned.
“Did I say that?” Lucas smiled. “Well we do. But then don’t you have enough power to kill them outright anyway?” He countered.
“Well I do.” Summon began.
“But?” Lucas pressed.
“I’m a thought reader.” Summon offered as way of an explanation. “I can hear them through my mind. I can usually hear everybody. That’s why I’m always able to create things. I can hear thoughts. See visions. Relive memories. It means that I can create anything that either has been or has been dreamed.” Summon stressed. “But every time I’m cruel or do something horrible to a person I can hear their thoughts. Those stay with me. Whilst I get the normal satisfaction from making Rogue think that she wet herself or knowing that Kitty will be filling her diaper soon whenever I get pure hatred it makes me feel sick to my stomach. Even people I don’t know who I feel dying hurts so imagine how bad it feels if that plus the hatred from one of my enemies. I won’t do it. But there are worse things you can do than kill somebody.”
“Don’t I know it?” Lucas said reminding himself of the trapped middle brother David lost in his mind. “Well you’ve convinced me.” Lucas smiled. “Now let’s see if our stony faced brother is ready to talk.”

Robbie rubbed his eyes trying to focus he had been trying to analyze the residue he had found on the bricks for seven straight hours now. CSI this wasn’t. Basically he had been running the same battery of tests with the same negative results. Turning back to Ray Robbie sighed.
“I know this is our first mission but I thought we might have had a bit more action.”
“Easy once we get this sorted we’ll be able to go out and kick some pyrokinetic ass.” Ray reassured him.

The rocky mutant sat with his knees drawn up around his chest. At the first he didn’t react to Lucas and Summon. Well he might have but it was difficult to see any movement whatsoever in his immobile features. Unsurprisingly he hadn’t said anything in the hours he had been in the lighthouse. And despite Lucas and Summon’s best attempts neither of their mental powers h

X2: Chapters 1-11 (Repost)

Kitty and Rogue sat on the couch polar opposites of each other in every aspect, diapers notwithstanding. Kitty sat and fidgeted on the couch she was disparately trying to will her body to forget its basic functions whilst Rogue sat carefully trying to prevent her skin from coming into contact with her own. The diapers only seamed to heighten this difference. Whilst Rogue’s were clammy and used Kitty’s were clean but Shadow Cat was struggling to remain calm and focused at least Rogue could put her mind at ease slightly knowing that she couldn’t change what had already happened.

Finally Kitty’s constant rustling movements had become too much for Rogue who turned to her.
“If you’re going to go to the bathroom just go Sugar.” Rogue snapped at Kitty. “I have already been forced into using my diapers. You might as well be comfortable when Summon shows herself.”
Kitty opened her mouth to say something but she was drowned out by a rushing sound and a bright light that began to shine from underneath Rogue’s skirt. Suddenly the light shot out in all directions melting Rogue’s skirt away to nothingness.
With a bang of acrid smoke one of Summon’s dolls appeared on the TV in front of the now skirt-less Rogue and Kitty.
“Well it looks like we have a problem here.” The doll smiled jumping from the TV to the coffee table. Rogue and Kitty stared at the doll and very slowly stood up. Each mutant readied herself for an attack. “Your suppose to be ashamed of your diapers, especially wet one’s Rogue, but if your not then I guess your ready for toilet training.” Pointing at Rogue the absorbing mutant disappeared in a cloud of the thick black smoke. Kitty stood motionless. “Oh and Kitty you should just let it out.” The doll smiled jumping at Kitty.

Kitty watched the doll fly towards her and waited until it was committed on it’s course before she moved nimbly to the side. The doll however wasn’t out foxed by a simple body swerve. Slinging it’s draw string towards Kitty it looped around Kitty drawing the thick white chord tightly around her stomach.
“Now I’m just trying to clear some space in here.” The doll mocked tightening the chord.
Kitty grunted as she tried to hold her body under control. Grabbing at the table Kitty took hold of a large bowl that sat on top of it. Slamming the glass bowl hard down on the doll Kitty grunted as the chord tightened again. Ignoring the pain Kitty brought the bowl down again. The doll’s head shattered with an electrical pop. Hearing the gears whiz and bang Kitty felt the chord tighten again. Feeling her bowels start to give Kitty smashed the glass bowl breaking it over the mechanical image of Summon. Taking a shard of glass Kitty cut the chord from around her stomach and wiggled herself free of the doll’s grip.

The doll twitched and sparked into lifelessness. Kitty took a deep breath and forced her body back under her control. Letting out a strained sigh Kitty thought about going to the Professor obviously he’d know about the attack on Kitty and Rogue. Turning Kitty choked on the acrid smoke as a thick belt appeared around her waist. Whirring it tightened around Kitty’s stomach. Kitty felt her body give in to the assault and she messed her awaiting diapers.
“If you think that embarrassing me will stop me going to the Professor then guess again.” Kitty told the charred remains of the doll.

Kitty opened the Professor’s door. Strangely she didn’t feel his psychic presence as was the norm when she approached his office. Opening the door she felt the icy blast of cold air from the open window. Looking around the room Kitty saw the Professor’s form spread out across his desk. He appeared to be asleep but Kitty sensed something was wrong. Tipping his head back Kitty saw that he had a strange device on his forehead. It looked like a quarter only there was nothing imprinted on it’s shinny surface. Sliding her nails underneath the edge of the device Kitty heard a shuffle from behind her.
“Bad idea.” X23 growled softly. Standing bent kneed on top of the couch behind Kitty.
“What?” Kitty said spinning around quickly causing the sickly mess in her underwear to spread around her rear. Kitty winced as the wild mutant smiled.
“If you remove the neuraliser without the diffuser the shock will fry his brains.” X23 laughed.
Kitty moved into a fighting stance. “You’ll pay for this. Wolverine trusted you.” She yelled.
X23 recoiled at the mention of her adopted “brother’s” name. Growling. “I have no fight with you. Yet.” She withdrew the diapers and the plastic pants and threw them on the ground. “If you want a change then here.” X23 smiled. “These pants will let you unsnap the ones your wearing. You’ll be able to be in clean diapers.” Kitty bent down slowly to grab the diapers. They exploded with a puff of white smoke flying up into Kitty’s face. “Babies will believe anything they’re told.” The brown haired mutant watched as Kitty fainted and landed on her messed diapers. Sliding from the couch she moved downstairs to complete her mission.

Robbie snatched the test results from the printout and slid them on the table.
“I thought Beast was meant to be coming back?” Robbie asked.
“He went to read up on something. If we see him tomorrow its a good day.” Ray laughed.
“Your sure it was a PK?”
“No ignition and very little fuel to burn. If it wasn’t a PK then the theater burned to the ground without burning.” Ray sighed. “What about you? Have you got any matches yet?”
“6 partials. Meaning no.” Robbie sighed. “Screw this.” He began to drop the rest of the residue into the Petri dishes. “I’m going upstairs the lack of sunlight is killing me.”
“Because your going to see sunlight at this time? Or is that your new pet name for her?”
“Just because they call you Berzerker doesn’t mean I can’t kick your ass.” Robbie threatened casually.
“Sure dude.” Ray smiled sending a crackle of electricity towards the ceiling causing the ceiling lights to flicker. “But yeah it’s time for a break. Maybe we should go and see if Beast has forgotten about us.”

When Kitty came to X23 was gone. So was the uncomfortable feeling of messed diapers. However her skirt was gone too and the extra diapers that X23 had thrown before her. Trying to stand Kitty knew where the extra diapers were. Trying to squeeze her knees together would be an impossibility so Kitty resigned herself to crawling on her hands and knees to the intruder alarm. Slapping her palm against the alarm Kitty let her head sink into her hands as she gently cried. The feral mutant hadn’t even considered her enough of a threat to even subdue.

Robbie was at Hank’s room when the alarm went off. Opening the door. “Beast we’ve got to go.” Force yelled Robbie immediately returning to his persona. Staring at the blue body hanging upside Force realised that he was hanging motionless. “Beast!”

Force was in two minds. Should he try and help his mentor or go and see the cause of the alarm. Beast appeared to be breathing. And Storm was in the building anyway. Turning Robbie concentrated on creating a force block beneath his feet and he skidded along to the Professor’s office.

Robbie and Ray hit the top floor at the same time rushing down the main hallway Robbie became acutely aware of the lack of psychic presence that the Professor normally exuded from his office was gone.

Pushing away the distracting thoughts Force created a bung of energy in front of him. Using this he pushed the door open as he heard the crackle of electricity beside him from Berzerker.

Kitty watched as the door shot open. She watched as Berzerker and Force moved through the doorframe. Kitty stared behind her two friends looking for her mutant mentors. However after a few seconds of silence Kitty ventured from behind the desk. Robbie’s eyes didn’t move from Kitty whilst Ray’s where constantly flicking from Kitty to the motionless Professor.
“Kitty are you locked in diapers again?” Robbie asked.
“Again?” Ray asked. “When were you wearing the first time?”
Kitty tried to answer but shock, her emotions and a wave of helplessness overcame her and she began to cry. Robbie moved to her and grabbed his girlfriend. Being shorter than Robbie Kitty lent her head against his chest and cried into his uniform. She felt his chin against the top of her head.
“Not now Ray.” Robbie warned. “Kitty do you know what’s wrong with the Professor?” He asked gently.
“You can’t remove the neuraliser.” Kitty croaked. “Robbie X23 was back.” She spoke into Robbie’s chest.
“In the XI?” Ray asked nervously rubbing his forehead. The last time Wolverine’s sister had entered the academy she had managed to subdue almost all of the X-Men himself included with her neuralisers.
“Did she say she had gotten to Beast and Storm?” Robbie asked.
“No she didn’t say anything, except…” Kitty trailed off hugging into Robbie tighter.
“Except what?” Robbie pushed gently.
“She told me she’d give me clean diapers.” Kitty sobbed.

Summon arched her back and gave almost a purr of pleasure. Life was good. Hearing a scuff behind her Summon opened her eyes and turned to face X23.
“Maria you are phenomenal.” Summon smiled.
X23 stared at Summon for a second as if unsure whether to attack or not. “Don’t call me Maria.” She settled on saying.
“Sorry I thought you liked the name.” Summon answered honestly.
“Yes, but your still Summon.” X23 offered in way of an explanation.
“I understand.” Summon smiled. “Do you want to see what’s happening to Rogue?”
“I don’t care.” X23 growled.
“Your worse than Lucas.” Summon teased. “Come on you can have some fun.” She offered. “And then I’ll show you what you’ve done to Kitty Pryde.”

Kitty explained everything to Robbie and Ray. Using what little information that the Professor had imparted from when he had interrogated Hypnotic and from what her dolls had said Kitty relayed the previous day’s events. Even down to when she had been forced to mess herself.
“You know there’s one thing I don’t understand.” Ray said.
“What’s that?” Kitty asked. She still hadn’t bothered to try and cover her expanded midsection. Besides she was pretty sure that any attempts to would result in Summon trying to sabotage her in one way or another.
“When you and Rogue were being threatened to keep quiet you where threatened with toilet training lessons. Surely being toilet trained is better than being in diapers.” Ray asked.
Kitty looked at Ray then to Robbie, who was still sitting beside her holding her hand. “But Summon won’t let us pass toilet training I’m sure that all that would happen is that we would be forced to wet and mess pants instead of diapers.”
“As gross as that sounds I agree.” Robbie said putting his arm around Kitty. “But maybe that gives us a chance of finding them.”
“What makes you think that?” Kitty sniffed.
“Summon would want to embarrass you in front of a crowd so maybe she’ll be slack enough to take Rogue outside.” Robbie theorised.
“I sure hope so.” Kitty gave a half smile.
“But we’ll have to wait for her to make her move. Either on you because of your diapers or with Rogue. So first off I think we round up Beast and Storm let’s take them down to the infirmary and finish our tests on the theater.” Robbie said.
“Hey bro, who died and made you Cyclops?” Ray teased.

Lucas stared out at the night a victorious smile spread across his face. Running his hands through his hair he felt the presence of Ian standing beside him.
“We’re nearly there brother.” Lucas smiled warmly, in his vision he felt the smaller personality grab and hug his leg.
Hearing a small cough behind him Lucas turned to see Summon standing behind him.
“And where are we?” She asked coyly.
“Close to keeping my brother safe.” Lucas smiled. “And even closer for your revenge.”

X23 stood motionless downstairs. She watch Rubble unnervingly. The still of the rock covered mutant was curious to her. He seamed to favor inaction over action. He had a large size and looked like he could easily have escaped the Children of Humanity.
“You want to ask something.” He rumbled.
“Why didn’t you fight off those humans?” X23 asked.
“Why should I?” He retorted hurt. “Your Lucas talked about being able to live as one. And if he’s right then I shouldn’t have to fight.”
“But why didn’t you fight first?”
“My fist is as strong and as heavy as granite.” He began then finished.
“You did fight. But you stopped.” X23 recognised something within the grey behemoth. It wasn’t reluctance. It was something that the COH didn’t exhibit, it was humanity. She felt drawn to this mutant. She had assumed that just because of his size he would be a mindless brute but clearly he was deeper than perhaps even Lucas gave him credit for.

The sanitary condition of the XI’s medical room gave Kitty the creeps. She had pulled one of the white lab coats around her to cover her expansive expectant midsection. She drew the coat around her tighter trying to suppress a shudder. Kitty wasn’t sure what she was worried about. Clearly Robbie and Ray had accepted that Kitty had been forced into the diapers and Kitty’s opinion on wearing them was insignificant at this time. Robbie and Ray had left her alone whilst they attended to the sample analysis from the theater. Without Beast the test had been completed but they were all unsure how to proceed.
“Should we call back the other X-Men?” Kitty asked aloud.
The mocking silence that answered her seemed to imply yes but at the cost of her dignity.
“As if I have any dignity stuck in diapers.” Kitty replied quietly.

Rogue awoke to the salty sea air and sounds of the beach. At first she was unsure of where she was but as her vision slowly swam into focus she realised that she was in a well furnished room like a cabin on a ship or a hotel room. Pulling the silk bed covers from her body Rogue stared at what she had been dressed in.

Surprisingly for being Summon’s prisoner Rogue marveled that she was wearing panties, even if they where thick bubble gum pink “Hello Kitty” little girl panties, at least they weren’t diapers. They did contrast sharply with her baby blue T-shirt with it’s embossed flowers and frills on it but despite the youthful attire it was youthful as opposed to babyish.

What was surprising was the strange watch-like device on her wrist. It was about six inches long and red with a silver circular monitor in the center. As if it was aware of Rogue’s attention the words began to appear on the monitor. “Morning Sleepy-head” it spelled. “Get ready for a busy day. You’ve got 10 chances to stay out of diapers.” As Rogue read this a stack of little girl panties appeared. On closer examination Rogue realised that they weren’t all panties. As Rogue’s fingers gently traced their way down the stack of underwear the garments became thicker and thicker with the last pair in the stack being a thick cloth diaper baby pink with white cuffs and waistband.

Moving her finger back up the stack Rogue felt the thickness decrease. By her estimate there were two pairs of thick training pants and the rest of the little girl pants were probably the same thickness as the ones she was currently wearing.

Rogue had spent so much time examining the pants but by the time she had got round to examining her room and trying the exits her wrist monitor was vibrating alerting her that her attention was required. Flicking her glance to the screen Rogue watched as the words “Challenge 1” appeared on the screen.
“Surprise in the Box” The words scrolled. “Using the building blocks provided pick the correct Jack in the Box. If you get it right you get a nice surprise. Get it wrong and you’ll have a nasty surprise.” Accompanying the instructions Rogue turned as a large blue box appeared accompanied with Summon’s signature black smoke. Rogue shuddered she supposed she could try and ignore the box and the task but she knew deep down that whilst she was Summon’s prisoner she would have to succumb to her will.

X2: Chapters 1-11 (Repost)

Opening the box Rogue pulled out three Jack-in-the-Boxes, they were all the same size and design; green base colour with a single diamond on each face, with the only difference being the colour of each diamond. One was Purple, one yellow and one orange. Inside the blue box there was also a sealed packet of baby building blocks. The blocks were arranged so that they spelt out the colours “Orange”, “Yellow” and “Purple”. Turning blocks around before she opened them Rogue so the letters on the back were slightly less descriptive spelling out “UU OH CLIP OF ROCK NEST”. Hearing a beep from the big blue box Rogue found a clock face on the bottom. It appeared to be counting down to something. Feeling a rumble in her stomach Rogue could guess what.

Staring at her wrist and at the timer Rogue realised that she had two minutes in which to pick the correct box. Looking at the building blocks Rogue used her training to reason out the clue she had been given.

Ripping the blocks open Rogue began to rearrange them to try and solve the clue. At first she wondered whether or not she had to use all the different sides of the blocks but Summon had almost been kind as all of the other letters on the blocks began to fade leaving only the ones from the rear of the packet.

Watching the counter enter inside one minute Rogue threw the blocks against the wall in disgust. She hated anagrams. She had less than 60 seconds to do basically something she couldn’t do in 60 minutes. Instead she moved across to the Jack-in-the-Boxes. There was only one key in the blue box so she really only had one chance to get this right. Reasoning that the boxes’ with the orange and yellow diamonds were too close in colour Rogue picked the purple diamonds and inserted the key. Staring at the timer Rogue wondered what would happen if she just didn’t compete in these challenges.

As if to answer her question Rogue felt her stomach chunder. She let out some painful gas and the meaning was too clear. Turning the key in her hands Rogue set the Jack-in-the-Box on the floor and took half a step backwards. The first few bars of “Half a pound of Tuppenny Rice” began to play.

The Jack exploded out of the box with such ferocity that Rogue had to take a step backwards. The large evil looking clown began to shake and laugh manically. Rogue watched as the head and eyes began to turn towards her. The clown began to speak.
“Well it looks like somebody failed in the challenge.” The high pitched hysterical laughed.

Rogue looked down as she felt herself begin to pee. “No.” She commanded her body but it wouldn’t listen. Finding herself unable to stop she watched as her urine began to drip through her panties. Darting towards the en-suite bathroom Rogue felt like a humiliated toddler. Feeling the pee running down her legs Rogue spied a white potty closer than the bathroom. Swallowing her pride Rogue pulled down her panties and squatted down onto the plastic receptacle.

The mortifying sound of water on plastic nearly brought tears to Rogue’s eyes. Then the anger as her body moved back under her full control and she stopped wetting drove them from her. She wouldn’t give Summon the satisfaction of knowing that her games were getting to her.

“Haven’t you done well?” Summon smiled sadistically staring from the doorway of Rogue’s cell.
Rogue didn’t know what to say to her captor. The burning embarrassment caused her to jump up and pull the wet panties up.
“Oh dear. Maybe you haven’t done so well after all.” Summon licked her lips. “Well it’s okay. That’s why we have a lot of panties.” Summon traced her finger down the stack of garments, just like Rogue had done only Summon managed to make the gesture seem a lot more ominous. “And we’ll know that your actually a big girl if you can make it through a whole day without using up this stack.” Summon warned.
Rogue hadn’t been inactive as Summon had explained the rules of her game she had moved towards the blonde mutant and sensing her opportunity the Gothic mutant leapt forward and placed her palms against Summon’s cheeks. Waiting for the nausea that accompanied her absorbing power Rogue was shocked when her powers didn’t work. Instead Rogue felt Summon’s hands snake under her armpits and the smaller blonde mutant lifted her up into the air.
“That’s not possible.” Rogue gulped.
“Sure it is Rogue; your powers didn’t develop until well after you passed toilet training.”

“Damn it.” Robbie said spinning around looking for something to throw against the wall. “Same contamination. No results.” He spat.
“What’s the problem, bro?” Ray asked.
“I’m no closer to identifying what type of PK mutant we have or where the Prepperton is stored.” Robbie moaned.
“Really I thought all the tests where complete?” Ray asked.
“They are but they’re all contaminated. They’ve all got the same chalky residue. Whatever or wherever the Prepperton is kept I can’t tell because I can’t tell if they’ve got the residue from the theater or from the storage. It’s so frustrating. We have to do this for the Professor. We need Beast or somebody with more experience.”
“I think your forgetting we do have somebody with more experience.” Ray smiled. “Your just overlooking her because she’s down for a nap.”

Kitty stood in the medical room knees bent and facing inwards. She rubbed her inner thighs. The diapers, whilst they might have been soft and fluffy, were putting a constant pressure on her legs making it nigh on impossible to walk but it was uncomfortable too. Kitty was unsure how long she would be in this diapers but the had already reduced her to crawling around and now when she stood she had to affect a babyish stance as well. Kitty felt humiliated but she knew that the reason she didn’t feel defeated was because deep down she was enjoying the warmth and safety associated with her situation.
“But that doesn’t mean I don’t want out of these.” Kitty said to her teachers. She had hoped to see some sign of recognition of the Professor’s face but her bald mentor remained motionless.

Dropping into a swivel chair Kitty felt her legs pushed hard up against the arms of the chair. After only a few seconds Kitty could feel the textured plastic digging into her legs so she wobbled back onto her feet and waddled to the table. Sitting on the edge of the table she stared down at her diapers and then to the chair. That was just one more thing being this diapered had going against it. Pushing back onto the table Kitty crossed her legs to make herself more comfortable as she began to check the chart readouts for her patients.

Kitty stared at Ray ask he quietly opened the door to the medical room. Staring around wide eyed he saw Beast, Storm and the Professor all lying on the tables for the first time. Giving a discreet but noticeable shake of his head he set his eyes on Kitty. Seeing the way she was sitting with her legs forced out awkwardly by the thick padding at her crotch he smiled slightly. Kitty smiled back then realised that Ray’s eyes weren’t near her face. Looking down she saw that the crotch of the plastic had pushed out from underneath her lab-coat and the white mass of diapers was visibly through its clear plastic.
“So do we call you Dr Drippy Pants?” Ray asked coldly.
“Berzerker.” Kitty snapped in shock.
“Sorry babe.” Ray shrugged. “I guess I’m not use to this sort of attack.” He added honestly.
“It’s alright Ray. It’s what she wants to have me embarrassed like this.” Kitty stated. “Did you want something?”
“Yeah Robbie and I need you to look at some results.”
“I’ll be right there.” Kitty said acting dismissive whereas she just didn’t want Ray to see her have to crawl from the infirmary to the lab.

Rogue didn’t really know what had happened to her. Normally there was no way she would have let anybody, let alone an enemy like Summon, do what she had done to her. At first Rogue had been to shocked that Summon could actually touch her to stop the blonde mutant from stripping her of her panties and wiping her with baby wipes. Rogue hadn’t even offered resistance when Summon had selected the next pair of panties from Rogue’s pile and pulled them sharply up her legs.

Rogue hadn’t been physically manhandled in years and as much as she would have liked to have blamed the shock from preventing her from reacting to Summon she knew that somewhere inside herself she was drawing a perverse pleasure from the first human contact since puberty. Even when Summon had declared that Rogue wouldn’t need to worry about wearing any pants, to give her the best chance possible of making it she had said, Rogue didn’t even complain. And now Rogue found herself walking through the quiet halls of this complex for breakfast.

She might have offered no resistance but Rogue’s mind hadn’t been completely inactive whilst she had been dressed. Rogue had taken note that her cell door was opened by a palm reading device and had no door handle so Rogue couldn’t escape through it. She could also see from the way that other patrons were attired that this was definitely a beach resort meaning Summon had modified a room in a hotel rather than creating a whole complex with her mind.

At first Rogue’s appearance was dismissed, there were plenty of people wearing T-shirts over their bathing costumes and walking down to breakfast. At closer inspection they weren’t wearing large panties clearly designed for little girls like Rogue was. The bright red panties were high cut finishing just below Rogue’s navel, although fortunately her own baby blue shirt covered the candy stripe elastic waistband, and full cut with cloth wrinkles forming at her behind as she walked. The fact that the pants had a beaming white cat’s face in the middle of the pants, front and back, meant that Rogue’s attire was questioned rather than just being questionable.

Feeling her own guilt surging through her Rogue decided that this would be her best time to escape and as she was pushed through the big double doors Rogue pushed them back at Summon hard and turned to run.

She didn’t get anywhere as she had left it too late and Rogue found herself almost crashing into a line of people standing over the buffet cart. Looking around Rogue saw Summon opening the door looking with venom in her eyes and no where to run. The dining hall was packed and as well as being a public spectacle she was also standing at the head of the room where most people were trying to get to anyway causing the space between the tables to be packed with people. Sighing Rogue moved back to Summon. Maybe if she apologised the blonde mutant would go easier on her. Rogue mentally scolded herself, she knew that wasn’t true.

Summon grabbed Rogue’s hand and squeezed it tightly nearly forcing Rogue to her knees. Instead she meekly allowed herself to be steered to a table and sat in a high-backed chair. Summon gave Rogue a warning glare and told her to “stay put”, as the blonde mutant moved away from Rogue slightly before picking up a tray that was clearly designed to lock Rogue into the chair.

Considering her options Rogue decided that it was better to be locked in the chair and have her panties hidden than the other way around so she did as she had been commanded. Rogue stared out at the questioning eyes watching her and blocked them out. She hoped that if she was near Jean and Scott then the commotion of hearing about Rogue’s misadventures with Summon was cause them to come and investigate although they probably wouldn’t.

“Hands up or I’ll lock them where you can’t use them.” Summon said in a nice voice. Rogue still wasn’t sure what Summon was going to do about punishing her for her stupid escape attempt but clearly she wanted to play as many games as possible with her so the waiting game was just another one Rogue would have to play.
Complying Rogue raised her hands with a quiet “sure” and then placed them on top of the yellow plastic tray. Feeling her wrist vibrate Rogue sighed slightly. “The games continue.” She mumbled.

“You’ll need to wear a bib or you’ll be messy.” The message warned. “A palindrome will keep you clean.”
Rogue began to rack her brains. What the hell was a palindrome anyway? Gently lifting her shirt slightly Rogue looked down at the bright red panties. Trying to envision just how babyish she’d look with a bib on and a dark wet spot on those panties Rogue shuddered and dropped her shirt. Watching Summon she saw the blonde mutant load a tray with four glasses of apple juice and some milk as well a bowl of cereal and a bowl of fruit and yogurt. Rogue wondered just how much of the breakfast she’d actually be eating and how much would be spread around her face and bib. Sighing again loudly she saw that she’d attracted the attention of the nearest couple of tables giving them the evil eye Rogue put her head down and wished that Summon would hurry up.

Kitty stared at Robbie’s results. She had come to the same disappointing conclusion about the contamination but she knew that she had to be of some use to the mission. She looked down at her bare red knees and saw that both Ray and Robbie were looking at them instead of looking at her face. Well at least they weren’t staring at her diapers Kitty thought dryly.
“This happened to all of your experiments?” Kitty asked.
“Every single one.” Robbie said obviously annoyed.
“Well maybe that’s telling us something.” Kitty smiled cryptically.
“Oh yeah. What?” Robbie tried to keep his composure.
“Well if you have a brick or some sample that’s not soaked in Prepperton then you could use it as a test sample. You’d have to run some of the test again but then you’d see if it has the same contamination.”
“That’s brilliant.” Robbie smiled. “Beast picked up a couple of samples and took them to his room. Do you think he’d have any sample material left?” Robbie asked Ray.
“There’s only one way to find out. Why don’t we run upstairs and grab it?” Ray smiled.
“Only one of us needs to go upstairs.” Kitty folded her arms as she said this.
“Yeah we can work on setting up the tests.” Robbie agreed.
“I guess I’ll go then.” Ray rolled his eyes heading for the door.

Kitty watched Ray go out the door. She was almost alone and for this she would prefer to be alone. Whilst she was pretty sure Robbie would understand it would be difficult for Kitty to look her boyfriend in the eyes if he had seen her wet her diapers right in front of him. Once again she cursed Summon for doing this to her. She was really hitting Kitty where it hurt first by stopping her from using her powers, then by taking away her dignity, then her poise and grace and now finally she had done the worst thing possible. By leaving Kitty almost alone after locking her in her crinkly plastic prison Summon was forcing Kitty to actually use her diapers herself rather than forcing her to use her diapers. The difference burned Kitty inside but she had to be strong. Watching Robbie fuss with the Petri dishes and the spectrograph Kitty turned and waddled outside.
“I’m just going to check on the Professor.” She smiled.
“Sure thing.” Robbie agreed. “Hurry back.”

X2: Chapters 1-11 (Repost)

Kitty took three waddling steps outside the door before slumping back onto her hands and knees. She crawled around the corner then lent back with her back against the corridor wall.
“I’ll just make myself more comfortable.” Kitty said to no-one arching her back against the wall so her shoulders pressed against the cool walls. Relaxing the pressure on her aching bladder Kitty let herself pee a little.

Her diaper readily pulled the liquid into it’s gel core and Kitty felt the slight heat as she dampness subsided slightly. Taking another short breath she wet a little bit more. The diapers were more than able to contain her wetting and seamed to be begging for more. Looking around for Robbie or Ray Kitty satisfied herself that she was still alone and began to let a little bit more moisture into her diaper. Suddenly she heard a whir of movement, shocking her bladder into releasing itself entirely glancing around anxiously Kitty flooded her diapers in fear. Paralysed by her own lack of control Kitty watched as the air conditioner gave another whir before it began blowing its recycled air again. She bit her lip to keep from crying instead of light wetting she had drowned her diapers. Kitty could feel the warmth and dampness spread around her crotch. Remaining very still as her diapers did their job all Kitty could see in her mind was Summon standing over her looking superior.

Poking at her plastic pants Kitty felt the humiliating increase of weight in her diapers. They had certainly done a great job in retaining some of her dignity she thought ironically. Moving back into a crawl Kitty was shocked at the solidity of the crotch of her diapers it made them a lot more difficult to move in. In fact from struggling to walk if her diapers condition deteriorated anymore Kitty doubted she would be able to move let alone walk or crawl.

Rogue stared at the lavish breakfast that was placed in front of her. A big bowl of cereal, with lots of milk, a bowl of fruit with yogurt and nuts and three glasses of fruit juice. She knew why Summon had given her such a spread but Rogue was still hungry enough to find it all appetizing. As Summon moved each from the plastic buffet tray to Rogue’s feeding tray the Gothic mutant watched as Summon revealed three bibs. Shuddering Rogue saw that the bibs were almost identical, white with a thick green boarder, and the only difference appeared to be in what was written on them.

Summon took the bibs in her hands and showed them to Rogue.
“Now I’m going to let you make a decision you can pick one of these pretty bibs or you can go without what to do you want to do?” Summon asked loud enough that the tables nearest could not only hear but they were unsubtle about turning round and staring as Rogue made her decision.

Reading the three bibs Rogue knew that she should choose one but she was unsure which to pick. The first stated “I am Sam, Sam I am” the second “Tot’s Bib, Bib’s Tot” and the third said “Break Bread Baby”. Rogue stared at the bibs and tried to rack her brain for any mention of a palindrome by anyone she had met. Nothing came to mind and it once again came down to chance. Eliminating one of the bibs because she knew it was alliterative and not a palindrome Rogue mentally tossed a coin.
“Hurry up sweetie or are you not picking one?” Summon asked.
“That one.” Rogue said quietly pointing her finger to one of the bibs.

Summon quickly tied the bib around Rogue’s neck with a smile. As she was so close to Rogue’s ear Summon whispered. “Nice try but that’s not a palindrome.” Much to Rogue’s chagrin. The blonde mutant deposited some cutlery on to Rogue’s feeding tray. Ignoring what was about to happen Rogue began to eat what was at her spot, one because of her fear of what would happen if she didn’t and two because she was absolutely famished.

As Rogue was tucking into her bowl of cereal Summon screwed sippy cup lids onto all of her glasses before standing up and going to get herself some food.

Almost as soon as Summon had left the table Rogue’s wrist vibrated. Checking her next challenge Rogue was surprised to find that message was instead one to clarify her challenges. It was almost like she was being given the rules of Summon’s games as she went along. Although as it was Summon who was making the rules Rogue was surprised to hear about any of them at all. “Instead of simple pass/fail your challenges will now be graded.” The message read. “If you complete it successfully with an A you will stay dry. A B will see you wet at later time. A C will have you wet where you stand. An F will see you mess. Because of your escape attempt your next challenge will feature a toilet training fail grade. If you fail your next challenge you will move straight back to diapers. But for this challenge you received a B.”
Summon read the message a second time. She was going to wet at some point. Fantastic. It would probably be as soon as she stood up so as many people as possible would see her wet herself instead of just seeing the results. By this time Summon had returned to the table.
“What’s wrong baby? Do you need me to feed you?” She asked cruelly.
“I’m fine sugar.” Rogue said defiantly. If Summon was playing by these rules then clearly she wasn’t the one making them. Hopefully she could use this to her advantage. Taking another spoonful of cereal Rogue continued to eat her breakfast.

Kitty kept finding her hand at the sagging crotch of her diapers. She couldn’t keep it away from there. Every time she consciously put her hand on something it would sneak back to her diapers when she wasn’t paying attention. Fortunately Robbie and Ray were too absorbed in their work to really notice but Kitty knew it was only a matter of time before she was caught shuffling in her wet diapers. Sitting cross-legged again Kitty watched as the gel core of the diaper stood between her legs rather than hanging like it had done when it wasn’t used. ‘At least it’s away from my skin.’ Kitty thought hoping it would prevent her from fussing with it.

Robbie smiled triumphantly and turned to Kitty. “You’re a genius Kitty Pryde.” He said leaning in for a kiss. “Beast’s samples did not give off any residue. Meaning the contamination isn’t a contamination at all. It’s a clue.” Robbie said talking fast because he was excited.
“You’re loosing me bro.” Ray stated trying to get his friend to calm down.
“It’s elementary my dear Berzerker.” Robbie smiled. “The chalky residue is chalk. Like you’d find in a limestone cave.”
“You’ve got an illegal chemical that’s dangerous for mutants that you have to hide. Where would you put it? In a silo? In a plant? Or in a bunch of caves where nobody would find it?” Robbie asked.
“The caves outside of town.” Kitty smiled.
“Bingo.” Robbie whooped. “It might not be our PK but if we find out where they’re supplying it to next we’ll find our next COH meeting. And we’ll stop that. Find our PK and save the day.”
“I think you’re going a little bit too far with the last one.” Kitty laughed.
“I know.” Robbie agreed. “But it’s good when we finally have something going our way.”

Lucas stared from his vantage point. Using his telekinesis powers he was standing on the very tip of the lighthouse staring at the XI. With his own telepathic power he had been listening to what his enemies in the XI had been saying and thinking. And it pleased him. They might have taken a while but they were finally going to take his bait. Now all he needed to do was use his drones to keep the X-Rookies busy until he was ready to deal with them.

Rogue burped quietly and brought her hand up to her mouth shyly. “Excuse me.” She offered.
“Oh do you need to be burped?” Summon asked slyly.
“No.” Rogue said. “No!” She said a little louder as Summon stood up from her seat. Rogue tried to fidget but she couldn’t move without sending the cups and bowls clattering to the floor.
“Now don’t be fussy. It’ll help you be more comfortable.” Summon laughed moving the feeding tray away from Rogue. With no effort Summon lifted Rogue with one hand supporting her bottom gripping tightly against her legs warning her not to try anything, her other rubbing harshly up and down her back.
Rogue wanted to kick out but she could see the still full dining hall staring at her so she allowed a burp to be coaxed out of her. “Pardon me.” She said again biting the words out.
“Isn’t that better?” Summon teased as she put Rogue back into the chair and fastened her hands by her sides locking them out of place with the tray. “Now let’s get your juice drunk so you can have some play time before your nap.” Summon smiled picking up one of the cups and aiming it at Rogue’s mouth.

“So it’s settled.” Robbie said.
“I’m still not happy with it but okay.” Rogue said.
“It’s not that we can’t use you Kitty but you are more vulnerable at the moment.” Robbie soothed.
“Yes and we don’t have a car seat in the van.” Ray teased gently.
“Remember I’ll get you for that.” Kitty tried to sound confident. Ray’s teasing was meant to be good natured but whilst Kitty was sitting in soaked diapers it still hit home hard.
“We’ll be in communication with you all the time. If there’s any trouble you’ll let us know. You’ll be safe in the control nest in the Danger Room.” Robbie smiled reassuringly his blue teeth showing.
“You two be safe as well. If X23 is still around she could be waiting to get all the able bodied X-Men so watch your backs and each others.” Kitty said sounding a lot like Jean.
“Will do Boss.” Ray saluted.
Robbie gave Kitty a peck on the check. “I’ll be home soon and I’ll be home safe.” He promised quietly. “Alright let’s go.” Robbie ordered.

Rogue finished her drinks and then had to wait, still locked in by the seat, whilst Summon casually finished her breakfast. Rogue knew that deep down all of the food would either end up in her underwear or, if she was lucky, in a potty but she also knew that it was better to keep her strength up whilst she looked for an opening to exploit. She was again swamped by a wave of emotions whatever Summon was doing to her it had her powers dormant enough that Rogue could be picked up, touched and generally treated like a normal person. It really was Rogue’s dream to be able to do those things whilst retaining her powers and she felt guilty that she was desperately looking for a sign of how Summon was achieving this so she could do it as well.

“Now little one. Let’s get you upstairs so you can have some playtime before you go for your nap.” Summon repeated. She made sure she was emphasizing the words to draw people’s attention. And now that she had it Summon deftly unfastened Rogue and stood her up so that the people who hadn’t seen her little girl panties and bib could get a good look. “Silly me. I’ve left your bib on.” Summon announced. Moving around behind Rogue she pulled her shirt tight behind her so it rose up revealing all of her panties so every body could see their cut and fit whilst she untied Rogue’s bib. “Now let’s go for some playtime.” Summon mocked.

Rogue considered that she had been lucky so far. Sure she was effectively down three pairs of underwear and it wasn’t even mid morning but she had tried to escape and didn’t really have much of a punishment to deal with. Maybe they had underestimated her resolve or maybe Summon didn’t consider Rogue a threat with her power nullified but Rogue knew that she’d find a way to escape. Even as she was being lead back through the corridors of the complex Rogue was busy trying to memorise the route to the dining room for her escape.

Kitty had begun the trek up to her room once Robbie and Ray had left. The cold steel floors of the lower levels of the XI had turned her knees red and even in the elevator it was just wasn’t worth the ungainly embarrassment of trying to stand back up. Sitting on her knees Kitty watched as the elevator doors swung open leaving her two flights of stairs to traverse and ages of corridors to crawl. ‘At the very least they are carpeted.’ Kitty thought.

Force sat behind the wheel of the van. He stared at Berzerker who was still struggling with his customization of his uniform. Force could see the Latino’s temper rising over such a non-issue. ‘I guess he didn’t get the name Berzerker for pressing flowers.’ Force smiled. “Hey Queer-Eye, we’re almost there.”
“Game face.” Berzerker shrugged just throwing his leather jacket over the training uniform.
“We go in. Do it quietly, find the Prepperton get everybody out then destroy the vats and find out where the next meeting is.” Force checked.
“In that order?” Berzerker mocked.
“It sounds easier if you say it quickly.” Force smiled. “But we know what we’ve got to do.”

X2: Chapters 1-11 (Repost)

Summon didn’t enter the room with Rogue instead she just unlocked the door and pushed the Gothic mutant into the room. Almost as soon as the door had snapped shut behind her Rogue found her wrist vibrating. Letting the back of her head bang softly against the door Rogue lifted up her wrist for the next challenge.

“Your three dollies all wet and cry. Two will be safe and secure in diapers whilst the third will need to be put on the potty. You will have three attempts to get your dolly to the potty. An ‘A’ is every dolly gets to the potty. A ‘B’ you miss one. ‘C’ You miss two and ‘F’ you don’t get any to the potty. Once you hear your dollies cry you will have 1 minute to deal with them.”

Rogue stared at the device on her wrist. This was crazy. Completely crazy whoever was in control here was toying with her. She was like an ant under a magnifying glass. Knowing that to not play along would be worse Rogue looked around the room. She saw a smaller potty sitting next to her own and a toy crib in the corner of the room but she couldn’t see any signs of the dolls. In actual fact she had never even seen the dolls so she had absolutely no idea what they even looked like.

Hearing a sniffling sound Rogue realised that the challenge had begun. Stalking quickly towards the sound Rogue found her first doll. It was the spitting image of Rogue. The only difference, besides the obvious size difference, was that the doll was dressed in a pair of denim strapped overalls. Unsnapping the doll’s overalls, Rogue found that the little version of herself protested at this, Rogue discovered that this doll was diapered. Throwing the doll into the crib, Rogue knew that if she could keep all the dolls together then she would give herself the best possible chance of getting an ‘A’, the Gothic mutant rushed towards the second sound of crying. Finding the second doll also diapered Rogue began to rip up the cell searching for the third doll.

Searching under the bed, beside the potty, in the chest of drawers and almost every other conceivable place Rogue couldn’t find the doll. Peering at her wrist Rogue watched as the counter moved inside 17 seconds. Looking upwards at the light fitting Rogue knew why she had to peer at her wrist. Jumping up onto the bed Rogue pulled down the light fitting and grabbed the third and final doll. Unsnapping its overalls Rogue found that it wasn’t in diapers and moved over to the potty.

Only two steps from the potty Rogue felt her hands become wet. Cursing Rogue dropped the doll onto the potty only to find it stop wetting as soon as it was in contact with the seat.
“Looks like you’ve missed once Sugar.” The doll teased.

Rogue cursed silently under her breath as the dolls were engulfed in a bang of black smoke. Spinning around to face the room Rogue looked for the dolls. The mess of having thrown almost all the soft furnishings around as she had been searching worked against Rogue as the dolls now had more mess to hide in but the Gothic mutant was determined to find them again.

Despite the mess Rogue quickly found the first doll as she was almost on top of it when it started crying. The second one quickly followed and as Rogue pulled the drawers out from the chest in the cell she found the third doll. Stripping the mini versions of herself down to their underwear Rogue plopped the one in panties onto the potty. Rogue almost gave a smile as she triumphantly watched the doll. Remembering that she was effectively two pairs of panties closer to diapers dampened her spirits somewhat but as the dolls began to smoke again Rogue grabbed the doll closest to her and held onto it.

Even though the doll smoked and shook Rogue held tight and once the smoke cleared Rogue still held the doll in her hand. It was now fully dressed again but Rogue thought she could feel the padding on its behind so she dropped it into the crib. Quickly finding the second doll Rogue unsnapped it’s crotch and found the doll diapered. Listening for the crying of the final doll Rogue zoned in on the doll. Moving over to the untouched stack of panties on the bedside cabinet. Rogue listened as the crying began to subside. Checking on the floor Rogue finally found the doll under the bed. Grabbing for it’s leg Rogue found that she couldn’t reach the doll. Staring at her counter Rogue panicked slightly, fighting to maintain her composure Rogue stretched under her bed and grabbed the doll.

Unfortunately in reaching for the doll Rogue kicked the cabinet sending the pile of panties tumbling down on top of her. As the panties hit Rogue they changed consistency becoming more malleable. They splashed around her legs and then reformed around her waist.

Squeezing out from under the bed Rogue rushed the doll to the potty. The counter was getting dangerously close to zero and when Rogue unsnapped the dolls overalls she nearly fainted. It was diapered! Turning back to the doll in the crib Rogue attempted to leap to the doll.

As the counter hit zero the doll spoke. “Well aren’t you unlucky Sugar? We’re both about to wet but I’m only going to dirty one pair of panties.” It mocked.
“Damn.” Rogue said grabbing the waistband of the panties and rushing back to the potties. Whipping down the panties Rogue shut her eyes to the taunts of the dolls. When she finished going in the potty Rogue began to separate the different panties from one another so she could put them back in order in the pile.
However the door burst open and Summon walked into the cell.
“Oh my.” She exclaimed. “I thought you were going to play nice. Not destroy your room.” She laughed. Moving over to where Rogue was sitting Summon gave her a wicked smile. “But you are being such a big girl going to the potty. Wait a minute.” Summon’s voice changed from happy to annoyance in a second. “What are you doing wearing all your panties at once?” Summon didn’t pause long enough to allow Rogue to answer. “Are you trying to pad up your panties so they’re like diapers? Because if you are you are going back into diapers this second and we won’t potty train again until your 50.” Summon teased.
“No, no I want to toilet train.” Rogue stammered. She couldn’t believe she had to beg to do this.
“Well why are you sitting there in multiple pairs of panties? I thought so no explanation. I suppose I’ll believe you this time but I better not find anymore accidents. Your pile is getting small as it is.” Summon explained.
“I’ll try.” Rogue admitted through blurry eyes. This was humiliating, yet Rogue was secretly longing for Summon to come and clean her up just so she could experience human contact again and this ambiguousness was what was causing Rogue’s tears.
“I know you will little one.” Summon smiled. Pushing Rogue back onto the potty she removed all of the panties except the pair closest to Rogue’s skin. “But you’ve kind of had an accident in these panties as well. So I think we’d better get you cleaned up and ready for your nap.”

Kitty pushed opened her door and went to flop face down on her bed. She was pretty drained, both emotionally and physically, from what had transpired for the day so she thought she should be able to afford herself a short nap whilst she was all alone in the XI. ‘Well I’m not technically alone.’ Kitty thought but she knew she wouldn’t be disturbed. Rolling over onto her side Kitty felt something uncomfortable in her bed. Pulling off the covers Kitty saw that she was lying on what appeared to be a net. Swearing softly Kitty looked up to see the second doll staring at her from above. With a twang the net recoiled trapping Kitty in the net and pulling her off of her feet.

Rogue knew that she wasn’t enjoying having Summon swipe a baby wipe across her private areas but she was still happy for being cleaned up by the blonde mutant. What Rogue was actually enjoying the most was the feeling of Summon’s hand on her breast-bone keeping her pressed down against the bed. The blonde mutant made quick work of cleaning Rogue and was drawing up the next pair of panties up her legs. This pair was the same childish cut as before but instead of being a solid block of red colour they were white with little gold bells all over them. Rogue’s baby blue shirt was removed and replaced with a yellow Lion King short sleeved sleep shirt. Although it too was short, leaving quite a lot of Rogue’s panties on display even whilst she was lying down.

Summon drew the covers over Rogue, who hadn’t really realised just how submissive she’d been during this change, and began to back away from the Gothic mutant. Rogue wanted to protest but the point was moot by now anyway. Summon had already beaten Rogue mentally by forcing her to beg to continue this toilet training farce so Rogue just rolled into the covers and tried to forget where she was. As Summon reached the cell door she opened it with her palm and stepped outside leaving Rogue in darkness as the door shut. Then a brilliant white night light illuminated the room leaving Rogue to squirm under the covers in self pity as she was left alone by her captor.

Kitty had just been hanging now for about five minutes the doll hadn’t actually said or done anything since Kitty had accidentally sprung it’s trap. The phasing mutant had hoped that the doll had been defective or just run out of power but it had reacted to prevent Kitty from swinging the net and using her superior weight to pull the doll off balance. As she sighed dejectedly Kitty heard the doll quietly begin to chant. “Head-em up, roll-em out. Rawhide.” Trying to spin the net again Kitty panicked the last thing she wanted was to discover what the doll meant by the phrase “rawhide”. However instead of moving her the doll continued to sing and rock Kitty.

Force and Berzerker had stalked through what seamed like miles of caves until they had eventually found the sight where the Prepperton was being manufactured. It was easy to see how the chalk had ended up in the chemical as it was being stored in two large open vats sitting hard against the dripping walls of the cave and as Force watched the production line he became aware of what appeared to be a sprinkler system connected to the vats.
“Berzerker.” Robbie spoke into his communicator. “Have you got sight of their defenses?”
“Sprinkler system full of Prepperton to keep us in here, what appears to be some low fire weapons and each of the workers has a cattle prod.” Berzerker replied. “There aren’t any surveillance devices that I can see or detect. They might be here but I can’t see them.”
“I don’t think there would be. Surely they wouldn’t want to film the fact that they’re making illegal chemicals when they claim to be political.” Force theorised.
“Not important now.” Berzerker reminded Force.
“Roger that. Have you sight of any manifests? I can see what looks like docking shipments in the south east.”
“Got them in sight. I can see an office in the north east. It’s almost right below your position out of your eye-line. It looks locked maybe something to check.”
“Cool. Let’s try it quietly. If we’re discovered I’ll come to you and we’ll do it the hard way.”
“Understood. Let’s go. Good luck.”
“You too.” Force said. Backing slowly away from the edge of the cave he carefully inched back until he was well clear of the main cave. Sneaking down towards the office, keeping a line of rocks between himself and the cave, Force readied himself for action.

Hearing a footstep in just meters in front of him Force stopped. He heard a worker kick a stone against the ground and click on a lighter. Slithering along the stony wall of the cave Force moved closer and closer to the worker. Finally Force could see the man but he was protected from his eyes by a thick pillar around which Force was peering. Force mentally checked his options, he could try to sneak past the man, take him out or wait and see if he was going to leave. The importance of stealth tactics, as Wolverine had taught them, was patience over speed. Force crouched back behind the pillar and waited. The nicotine junky didn’t take long in satisfying his craving and moved away from the cave wall. Moving quickly but quietly Force moved to the office door, the office was really just a Port-a-Cabin erected to watch over the production line, but it was empty and unbelievably unlocked so Force snuck inside.

Looking at the documents on the wall Force realised that this much intelligence could render all the production of the Prepperton a complete waist as there were molecular diagrams, shipping manifests, money transfers and a quite substantial amount of cash lying around. Clearly this operation was big time. Recording all of this Force slid back out of the office and moved towards the wall of the cave. Looking to see if he could spot Berzerker Force was a little disappointed he couldn’t, as it meant he couldn’t see what his partner was doing, but he was also proud of how well they were doing.

Ducking against the stone pillar Berzerker watched as the workers tirelessly repeated the same task over and over again. All they were doing was injecting one blue chemical into a red pipe but however mundane it looked Berzerker knew the damage this could eventually do to his kind. Feeling his blood begin to boil he tried to calm himself. Moving his “spy-camera” into position he recorded the crates and barrels that the Prepperton was being loaded into. Being close enough to see the huge vats Berzerker could feel the irritant begin to assault his system. His skin itched, he wanted to choke and gag with this much concentrated chemical Berzerker actually wondered if they were trying to make a weapon out of it. As if to answer his question Berzerker watched as two men loaded backpacks and sprays into a crate. They looked like an old style flame-thrower from the 1940’s but Berzerker felt no pride in watching his heritage being turned against him.

Getting to a safe distance Berzerker contacted Force. Activating his communication device with a beep Berzerker let his partner know he was at ready for phase two. He’d seen enough and surely they had enough information to shut this place down for good.

Force heard the beep like a whisper beside him. Berzerker was in position. Force had scoped out and taken a recording of everything in the cave. Hopefully they now had enough information to prevent a factory like this from ever being reproduced. Or if they didn’t hopefully they could develop something to neutralise the effects of the Prepperton. Pressing his communicator twice Force signaled to Berzerker that he need to say something.
“Go ahead.” Berzerker voice whispered.
“I’ve seen enough. Let’s get everybody out then destroy the vats.” Force whispered.
“Why do we have to get everybody out? Have you seen what they’re trying to do with the chemical? They’re turning it into a weapon.” Berzerker’s voice raised as he got angry.
“Keep your voice down.” Force hissed. “Now isn’t the time to loose your temper. We’ll get them out alive because we’re better than them. Then we’ll destroy the vats.”
“But if we destroy the vats the chemical will leech into the ground. It could end up in the water table.”
“Not if we boil it first. We’ve been handling cooked “P” all day and nothings happened to us.”
“Got it.”
“Metal vats. Any idea’s on how to boil it Sparky?”
“Understood. How we going to get them out?”
“Try it subtle first. Let’s set off their fire alarms.”
“And then?” Berzerker asked slyly.
“Then we improvise.” Force smiled.

Berzerker scanned the cave for any sort of heat sensors. The only ones he could see where around the vats of the “P” clearly the COH didn’t want their precious chemical to boil into something harmless. Shrugging he fired a small burst of electricity into the sensors setting off the alarms. Squeezing back into the wall of the cave Berzerker tried to remain invisible as he watched the ensuing reaction.

Force had thought that maybe some of the workers would panic but instead they moved with fluidity and practice. Scores of the workers grabbed up fire hoses each one setting himself in position whilst two or three other moved around the vats trying to find he source of the heat. Finally they moved to the heat sensors themselves. Staring at the zapped sensor for a while one of the workers stopped and began to look around the room. Clearly he was searching for any signs of the saboteurs. This worker clearly began to take charge as he motioned for two of the others to move to the large cog wheels that connected the vats to the sprinkler system.
“Now can we improvise?” Berzerker asked hopefully in Force’s ear.
“Go for it.” Force smiled.

Creating a flat wall with his mind Force slammed the men into the wall knocking them down. He watched as arcs of lightning shot up at the sprinkler heads welding them shut. Force created a block beneath him and raised himself up so he could see what was happening through the pandemonium and so that the workers could see him.
“Leave this place now.” Force shouted trying to sound as intimidating as he could.

As if to answer the workers turned the fire hose on Force and tried to knock him down with the water. Propelling himself up further Force created another block with his palm he slammed the hose down breaking it causing the water to leak out of it rather than shoot in a pressurised jet.

The second hose suddenly became live as a blast of electricity surged up the water causing the four workers who were holding it to drop it and head for cover. Berzerker then revealed himself to the workers who were rushing for the “P” weapons. Burning a line of electricity in front of them forcing them back from the weapons.

Force dropped to the floor and rolled beside Berzerker. Creating a thick blunt bullet with his mind he fired the bung through the crowd of workers and into the office. Once it was inside the office Force caused the bung to expand rapidly causing the office to burst impressively.

“Get out of here!” Force commanded again.
The workers stopped briefly. Looking at each other for leadership one worker turned and fled. Suddenly the flood-gates opened and he was followed the vast proportion of the workers. Only a couple remained but they didn’t stay of fight instead one risked himself by grabbing a gun. As Force and Berzerker prepared to drop the man he didn’t aim for them but instead he shot out the remaining sprinkler heads and then a large metal block in front of the pipe before fleeing. Seeing their last line of resistance fleeing the last men followed at the brave worker’s heels.

X2: Chapters 1-11 (Repost)

“That went well.” Force smiled.
“We’re not out of the woods yet bro.” Berzerker reminded him.
“Well at least we didn’t hurt anybody.” Force said. “Now let’s get rid of this P.” As Force said this the sprinkler system suddenly kicked in. Concentrated Prepperton began to rain on Force and Berzerker from above them. Fortunately they had taken out enough of the sprinklers to not be in any immediate danger but they hadn’t reckoned on COH’s ingenuity. The walls began to drip with Prepperton forcing Berzerker and Force into the middle of the room as torrents of Prepperton began to move over the only exit from the cave. Beginning to choke. “We have to do something.” Force commanded.
“What?” Berzerker shouted back over the roar of the chemical.
“Boil the vats.” Force choked.
“I can’t it’s to wet. I’ll electrocute us.”
“Leave that to me just be ready.” Force ordered. Finding a splash of Prepperton hitting his suit he could feel his skin blister even through his uniform. Setting his body Force concentrated on creating a dome around him and Berzerker. “Back off!” He screamed filling his voice with all the emotions he was feeling.

Suddenly the Prepperton was splashing against the sides of the cave as if it was being pushed by glass. It even slid down around Force and Berzerker instead of pooling near them.

Berzerker only allowed himself to be impressed for a moment before he held up his hands and pointed them at the vats. Two constant blasts of electricity, arcing purple-white bolts of lightning, splashed around the vats heating the copper coloured containers until they glowed a soft orange colour.

Force began to feel weak. He was channeling all his emotions dragging up memories of Christmas and humiliation trying to keep his dome constant. Eventually he began to feel emotionally drained but the vats weren’t boiling. Feeling his dome begin to crack he closed his eyes and thought of one thing and one thing only, Kitty. It was as if she was standing right in front of him. He could feel his anger boil at what Summon had done, his love for Kitty for what he had shown him. And his dome swelled against the sprinklers bending them closed causing those that couldn’t be closed to be pushed hard against the rocky cave wall making them stop.

Hearing the sound of metal straining and feeling heat on his face Force opened his eyes to see the contents of the vats violently bubbling.
“We’re doing it.” Berzerker cheered.
“Keep going.” Force answered. Suddenly the nauseating smell vanished the horrible sick feeling began to subside as the fumes for the boiled P began swirl. Although they were still harmful they were a relief to Force compared to the fumes from the concentrated P.
“Almost done.” Berzerker smiled. The closing his hands together Berzerker caused the lightning to arc between the two vats causing a blackening spot to appear on their sides. Force could watch as blinding leaps of electricity rattled between the vats sounding like a piston striking an anvil. Then vats began to crack. The crack then began to glow red as well then they began to melt the molten metal further sterilised the chemical.
“Let’s go.” Force said.
“Right with you.” Berzerker agreed. Force then created a platform beneath them and skidded across the P soaked floor and out of the cave. He turned back just in time to see the now useless P burst out of the vats in a wave smashing the crates of weapons over flowing the barrels and soaking through the equipment.
“It’s over for here.” Force smiled as they skidded to the van.

Once at the van Force stripped off his uniform and looked at his blistered arm. The wound needed cleaned and quickly so opening the back doors to grab the medical kit Robbie was surprised when a large stone hand greeted him. Cracking Robbie’s head back the black hair mutant fell to the ground unconscious.

Berzerker heard the crack and rushed quickly to see what had happened to his friend. Thinking that some of the workers might have found the van he was ready for anything. But on seeing a large stone covered mutant he stood dumbfounded for a second. Firing a blast of electricity at Rubble he mentally scolded himself when hid blast had no effect. Rubble then hit Berzerker with an upper cut that lifted him clean off his feet and dumped him out cold beside Force.

Kitty wasn’t sure when she had fallen asleep only that she had. As she clawed herself awake Kitty found that she was no longer in the net. Instead the doll had looped it’s cord around her waist and then around her thighs lifting Kitty from the ground leaving her legs to kick helplessly above the ground. Kitty’s hands were also bound at the wrist leaving her flapping around like a puppet on strings.

Sensing movement above her Kitty looked up to see the doll pulling its spider impression again.
“Howdy my little cow-poke.” The doll laughed spooling down from the ceiling.
Kitty stared at the doll. First Rawhide now cow-poke what was she missing?
“Are you ready Calamity Kitty?” The doll asked again.
“What’s with all the wild west references?” Kitty asked the doll. She didn’t receive an answer instead a pair of cowboy boots dropped from the ceiling attached to the dolls cord.
“Are you ready my little yee-haw.” The doll laughed.

Kitty found herself turned upside. Her feet were squeezed into the pink cowboy boots, Kitty could feel the tassels gently swishing against her legs. Still upside down Kitty’s shirt was removed and replaced with a red and white checked shirt. Although the doll fastened all of the buttons from the neck down to just below Kitty’s breasts the buttons stopped and instead the shirt was tied tightly around her stomach. Finally Kitty was righted and a pink cowboy hat was deposited onto her head. Kitty could feel a band tightening around her head and an elastic strap was snapped around her chin. Finding herself pulled across to the mirror Kitty stared at what she had been transformed into. Her sagging diaper bulge beneath a cowgirl look. She couldn’t have looked more ridiculous if she wanted to.

Kitty turned to look up at the doll, as things stood she had nothing to loose.
“If your changing me, could you change my diapers?” Kitty swallowed. She knew that Summon would make her suffer for asking that but maybe the doll would show some mercy.
“Of course not. You didn’t understand the idea of a rawhide did you?” The doll laughed. It moved closer to mock Kitty. It was then she saw her chance. Grabbing hold of the doll’s legs in one hand it’s head in the other she waited and held on until the mechanical torture device tried to free itself. The cord around her waist began to tighten as the doll tried to free itself. The cord crushed against her guts but still Kitty held on. Then the cord around her wrists began to pull. It was inevitable because all of the cord was still connected to the doll. Then with a grinding of gears the doll burst apart in Kitty’s hands.

Feeling the chord slackening Kitty landed hard on the floor. Clutching the broken pieces of the doll in her hands Kitty threw the mess against the wall as she moved back onto her hands and knees. Trying to remove her hat Kitty felt poles encircling her head, sighing Kitty stared at the mirror, the hat was biting harshly into forehead and whilst she could have pulled the hat off she would have been force to pull a lot of her hair as well. Running a hand over the back of her plastic pants Kitty sighed. Listening to their crinkle brought a slight smile to her face, whilst she was alone this was pretty close to her fantasy, and she allowed herself to indulge in a quick suck of her thumb in the mirror. She wasn’t sure how long she was going to be locked in these diapers but they weren’t yet uncomfortable although that wouldn’t last much longer.

Her stomach rumbling Kitty wasn’t sure how much she wanted to eat or drink but she knew that she was hungry. Crawling to her door she felt ridiculous but at least she was alone.

The smell of urine assaulted Rogue’s nostrils as she woke up. Her panties felt clammy, warm and wet. Throwing off the bed covers Rogue gingerly moved away from the bed. She was soaked, the sheets were soaked and the smell of urine was everywhere. Rogue stared at the stack of panties beside her. The cell had been cleaned whilst she had been napping. Counting the stack Rogue had 5 pairs of panties before she reached the cloth diaper at the bottom of the pile. Shaking her head Rogue heard her cell door open.
“Did you have a good sleep baby?” Summon asked. “Oh dear.” She taunted. “It looks like somebody might need to be in diapers for a little longer at night. Probably the next thirty years.” Summon laughed.
Rogue didn’t know what to say. Would Summon really keep her here for thirty years? Would Rogue be unable to escape Summon’s wrath for thirty years? Rogue’s mind was in overdrive she didn’t realise that she had been pushed back to besides the baby wipes. Regaining her composure Rogue waited until Summon was off balance and reaching down for the wipes when she pulled the blonde haired mutant down off her feet a pair of panties she grabbed Summon dragged her by the hand to the door.

Reaching the door Rogue found that she couldn’t pull Summon’s hand any closer to the locking pad. Summon’s hand began to raise up Rogue began to try and violently pull the fingers towards the locked door. Grabbing hold of Summon’s wrist Rogue felt the appendage move upwards as Summon stood. Lifting her own body and Rogue’s the blonde mutant glared at Rogue with venom in her eyes. Rogue let go of Summon and retreated backwards as the blonde mutant approached her.
“Oh you have been a very bad girl.” Summon growled stepping towards Rogue. Rogue didn’t know what to do so she backed off. Finding her shoulders hitting the wall of the cell she began to whimper slightly.

Rogue didn’t know what was going on. She’d never been in this situation without her powers. She felt vulnerable, exposed and above all scared. Her wet panties clung to her legs uncomfortable and she couldn’t escape Summon who was stronger than her. She could feel her flight or fight desires kicking. Rogue could feel her body loosen. She was ready to run. Then her body opened up to run. Rogue could feel her bowels loosen by herself. She let out a hysterical scream as she tried to reassert control over them. But it was at this time Summon acted. Grabbing Rogue roughly by the shoulders she forced the Gothic mutant to her knees. Compacting her body on her stomach and bowels and feeling a pain in her body Rogue began to wail as she lost control of her body and messed her panties.

“That’s why your so cranky.” Summon hissed viciously in Rogue’s ear. “You woke up and wanted to go potty. Well now you have soiled yourself. Clearly your failing toilet training. You are nothing but a stupid little baby.” Rogue cried as she heard this. She wasn’t paying attention as Summon lifted her up and placed her in the corner of the cell. “Stay here. If you move at all you’ll be sorry.” Summon warned nastily. Rogue continued to wail and shriek at her own helplessness.

Summon quickly returned to Rogue, the Gothic mutant still hadn’t calmed down and continued to wail, and spun her around. What Rogue saw didn’t calm her in the slightest. Watching as Summon picked up a yellow pacifier Rogue shook her head. She didn’t want this. Summon grabbed Rogue under the shoulder and spun her back into the corner. Several harsh slaps to the back of her legs subdued Rogue and when Summon lifted her back round she timidly excepted the pacifier. Summon fastened the soother to a collar around Rogue’s neck and pulled down the other mutant’s panties. Summon took hold of some baby wipes and began to clean Rogue’s behind. The Gothic mutant sniffed into her pacifier but otherwise offered no resistance. Once Summon had wiped Rogue clean she ripped off Rogue’s top and left her sucking on her pacifier naked.

X2: Chapters 1-11 (Repost)

Moving across to the pile of panties Summon selected Rogue’s next pair. Returning to Rogue Summon took hold of the back of Rogue’s neck and forced her across her lap.
“No.” Rogue mumbled weakly around the pacifier.
“This is going to hurt you a lot more than its going to hurt me.” Summon mocked the common phrase.

It didn’t even take one smack for Rogue to spit out the pacifier and begin wailing. Her resolve fell apart at the first hard stroke. Her screams bounced off the walls as she was harshly spanked.
“You won’t try that again will you.” Summon seethed. “Will you?” She asked bringing her palm down against Rogue’s red and sore behind.
“No!” Rogue wailed as she was smacked again.
“What are you?” Summon demanded.
“Your baby.” Rogue cried.
“What?” Summon demanded again.
“Your BABY!” Rogue screamed.
“Good.” Summon said with finality. She stopped spanking Rogue and stood her up. “Now go and stand in the corner. If you move we’ll start again.” Rogue took a big sob and followed Summon’s finger. “Wait.” Summon commanded. Rogue stopped. Summon took the pacifier that was dangling at Rogue’s neck and placed it in her sobbing mouth. “Place your hands on your head and don’t move.” Rogue looked like she about to protest but a look from Summon broke Rogue’s resolve and she slinked into the corner sobbing hard into the pacifier. Rogue’s tears began to fall again as Summon left the cell chuckling softly to herself.

Kitty sat on the kitchen table trying to massage her inner thighs. The crawling was particularly harsh on her legs with them forced at such oblique angles and Kitty could feel some tenderness starting to creep around her diaper area, maybe she was closer to diaper rash than she had thought. It was annoying that she couldn’t open her diaper to check.
“No.” Kitty announced to the empty kitchen. “It’s annoying that I’m locked in diapers.” She couldn’t believe what she was thinking. How could she be so accepting of diapers. Kitty pulled herself up beside the sink and held the glass under the faucet. Knowing she was both hungry and thirsty Kitty hesitated before running the water. The plastic pants were still sagging around her waist and her she was effectively going to fill them up again. Turning around Kitty stared at the fridge. “Damn it.” Kitty said tugging at the pants. Of course she knew it was futile but Kitty was still trapped. If she drunk enough water she could suppress her appetite, she had done it before when she was trying to loose weight, but the more she drank the quicker she’d be forced into wetting her diapers Turning back to the sink Kitty turned on the faucet. Maybe if she had a little of each she’d be okay.

Waddling to the fridge Kitty looked for a light snack. She could see plenty of junk food but that wouldn’t fill her up. She contemplated getting some Imodium to prevent her having to go to the bathroom but she didn’t want the pressure on her stomach in case she had to react if Summon attacked.

Fixing herself a little chicken salad Kitty tried to squeeze into a kitchen chair, failing she plopped back onto the table and quickly ate her food. Staring at the clock she saw that Robbie was due to check in. He had given Kitty a time and if he hadn’t checked in by then she should expect the worse. Kitty didn’t believe that Robbie or Ray would need help but she finished her salad and drained her drink before crawling to the elevator.

X23 stared at Rubble since returning to the lighthouse with the two downed X-Men he had seemed even more quiet and withdrawn than before. Neither mutant moved a muscle as Lucas floated between the captured mutants giving an unnerving calm to the whole scene.
“You keep staring at me.” Rubble said quietly.
“You fascinate me.” X23 announced.
“Why?” Rubble asked earnestly.
“You look like a monster but your not. The humans wanted to batter you, they had you in chains and you didn’t break them. You didn’t fight, you didn’t lash out. You showed them more humanity than they should you. Why?”
“Because you don’t have to look like a monster to be one.” Rubble smiled. “The humans fear what they see as different that’s a human response. To me everybody is different. But I won’t live my life in fear.”
“You don’t know what it’s like to live in fear.” X23 growled softly.
“You forget who your speaking to.” Rubble laughed.
“No.” X23 said flatly. “You were born into a world that didn’t understand you. I wasn’t born. I was created to be a weapon. Worse I was born to be better than Wolverine. Everything that made him unique is duplicated in me. And then they stop me growing. Whilst you had a troubled childhood I never had one.”
“Whilst I felt the worst of humanity you didn’t even experience it. I am sorry.” Rubble sighed his eyes full of pity.
“Don’t feel sorry for me. I don’t need anything. Or anybody.” X23 growled dramatically.
“But you joined with Lucas. He uses your name against you. What you need you didn’t know you had. You needed your humanity.”
X23 had no answer. Instead she felt suddenly devoid of all her emotions. Standing she moved to Lucas suddenly feeling to the warmth he exuded.

“Maria what to do we have in front of us?” Lucas asked cryptically.
“Rookie X-Men.” X23 bristled. She stared at Lucas he appeared to be enjoying her discussion with Rubble.
“What we have is the two remaining X-Men with powers. Kitty Pryde can’t stop us. Because she’s to busy soiling herself. So these two were the only things stopping us from getting what we need for my father’s institute. But perhaps we can convince them to cooperate.”
“You think so?”
“Well one of them is called Berzerker. Perhaps we should appeal to his calmness.”
“And the other?”
“He is Ms. Pryde’s boyfriend. I doubt he’d help us.”
“Maybe he should join her.”
“In the mansion?”
“In diapers.”

Kitty lowered herself into the Professor’s wheelchair. The plastic mass around her waist forced her legs against the sides of the chair but it was more comfortable, and faster, than crawling around the XI. She had set up the communicators so that they would ring through to the infirmary so she could continue to administer care to downed teachers.

Shuffling in her seat Kitty felt her stomach become queasy. It felt like something was bubbling inside her. It wasn’t painful but definitely uncomfortable. Sulking as she felt like her body was conspiring against her Kitty checked the communications devices again. She didn’t really want to think that she needed to poop but it was beginning to feel that way. Squirming in her seat her rear end encased and secured well away from her hands frustrating Kitty so she nervously chewed her lip. It was approaching the time for Robbie to check in but in reality Kitty was a lot more concerned about her rear end than the possible life threatening mission her boyfriend was on.

Sighing heavily Kitty shuffled from side to side in the seat. Closing her eyes with a despondent breath she leaned slightly to one side. Meaning only to pass a little gas Kitty was disgusted as her body released a discharge of watery mess into her hungry diapers. Kitty didn’t know what to do. She could feel her gag reflex kicking in so she wheeled quickly to the sink. Not getting there fast enough Kitty stood up out of the wheelchair and stumbled over the sink basin. Feeling her jaw lock as she turned open the tap Kitty heaved up nothing as her stomach went from being uncomfortable to agonizing. Belching Kitty tasted bile as she leaned forward again. This time the vomit came with the putrid coloured liquid hitting the sink with a dull thud.

Tears stinging her eyes Kitty felt the urge to be sick rising again leaning forward into the sink Kitty’s jaw locked again. This time Kitty could feel the vomit coming down her nose as well. As she threw up Kitty’s kidneys began to ache. In her fragile state Kitty didn’t really have much choice as she involuntarily moved her bowels. Feeling the liquid diarrhea spreading around the back of her diapers Kitty winced as her inner thighs were coated in the horrid mess.

Unsure of how to stand Kitty wanted to stamp her feet and shake her legs but even the most minute of movements sent a spurt of feces onto a previously clean portion of skin. Holding onto the sink as her head began to clear Kitty wanted to kick and scream but all she could really feel was anger at what her body had done to herself. Feeling the horrible sensation of her diaper sagging Kitty carefully backed away from the sink. Her inner diaper was full. She could almost imagine it struggling to hold the contents. Finding her thigh touching the wheelchair Kitty didn’t want to contemplate what would happen if she was to sit down on top of this mess. Starting to crouch down into a crawl Kitty felt her poop slide forward moving closer to the full gel core. Standing abruptly back up Kitty felt the inner diaper leak. Looking down at her outer diaper it was definitely sagging but it still looked untouched. Kitty’s diaper had expanded again and her inner thighs were not only feeling grimy but were hurting as well. The only way to stand comfortably was to have her knees pointing inwards. There was no way Kitty could walk like this. Taking hold of the arm rests of the wheel chair she lowered herself onto the seat. With a nasty squelch Kitty let her full weight drop onto the seat. The mess oozed around her legs and Kitty knew she would get a rash a lot quicker like this. But she didn’t really have a choice. Staring at the clock Kitty hoped that Robbie would be back soon. She hadn’t asked the most obvious question of her boy friend. Could he release her from her disposable prison?

Ray came to slowly. His teeth felt like they had been mashed together and his nose felt broken. Surprisingly his jailor was a mutant. Recalling the stone behemoth that had knocked him to the floor he quickly stood up and examined his cell. He was in a narrow stone room with one small circular window and a low door. He could hear gulls or some other type of sea bird cawing outside but his eyes were transfixed on Rubble.
“You better let me go Rocky.” Ray said trying to sound brave.
“Good you awake.” Rubble spoke softly. “I’m not going to hurt you don’t worry. There is someone who wants to speak to you but you don’t have to meet him if you don’t want.”
“What are you talking about?” Ray asked. His confusion causing his anger to boil. Coupled to the helplessness he felt due to his powers being useless against the stone mutant he was quietly seething at his own predicament.
“A man who is planning on creating a new world order. A bloodless revolution. To do what your Professor is too scared to do.”
“You know what if he really wanted to talk to me he wouldn’t have kidnapped me, now would he?”
“Perhaps he didn’t think you’d be any use to him.” Rubble mocked. He was playing the Latino mutant but Ray was to angry to notice.
“Of course I’d be of use.”
“So you’ll speak with him?”
“Yes.” Ray said. Then he stopped. What had he just agreed to? Was he begging to show this guy what he could? Shaking his still injured head he sat back down on the stone floor and watched as the door opened.

Lucas walked in to the cell. The junior X-Man was sitting cross legged in front of Rubble looking angry using his powers Lucas projected confidence and calmness to the mutant. The Latino looked up and into Lucas’s eyes. It was then Lucas knew he had this one.
“My brother.” Lucas began. “How would you like to change the world?”

Rogue’s shoulders were sore and she was beginning to shiver. She wasn’t sure if she was still alone in the cell or if Summon had returned the only thing that she was sure about was that next time she tried to escape she would have to be more prepared. Hearing a shuffle behind her Rogue tried not to flinch as Summon placed a cold hand her back.
“You can put your hands down now.” Summon spoke softly. Rogue complied. “Now let’s get some panties on you. Turn around.”

Rogue complied with Summon’s command again and turned to face her captor. Looking down Rogue watched as Summon bent down and moved the panties to her feet. Rogue knew better than to try and kick out at Summon so she meekly lifted her feet and stepped into the panties. Summon grinned at Rogue as she slid the panties up her legs and into position. These panties were pink with tiny red hearts all over them. But the worst thing about them was the white frilly trim which encircled the waist band and hung several inches around the cuffs on her thighs. Rogue had hoped, when she had first seen the panties, that the frills might have actually made the panties look more like a skirt than training panties. The frills however were pulled tight in around the cuffs of the panties so they opened up from her legs rather than hanging down from them.

Worse still they accompanied her movements with a lackadaisical swish, even if it was her stumbling backwards onto the bed in the cell. Summon stood up in front of Rogue wielding a green vest with a large felt Unicorn on its chest. Rogue wanted to back away from Summon but she knew that was exactly what she wanted so instead Rogue put her hands up with a defeated sigh, a movement of surrender in every way.

The vest was incredibly tight around her chest but instead of this accenting her figure if squashed it practically out of existence and the mocking Unicorn wasn’t even slightly raised by Rogue’s breasts.

Summon grabbed Rogue roughly around the shoulder and half-dragged, half walked her off the bed. Not bothering with shoes or any other items of clothing she pulled her captive out of the cell casually. Rogue was disappointed that Summon hadn’t even considered her enough of a threat to even warn her.

Kitty watched excitedly as the X-Van pulled up along the gravel driveway. She was positively bouncing up and down, despite the sizeable load in her diapers, as the doors opened. Spinning the wheelchair around she made for the elevator.

Flinging open the doors Kitty smiled expectantly only for her jaw to hit the floor. Facing her was the smiling faces of her enemies. X23 visibly recoiled when the smell from Kitty’s diapers hit her but otherwise Kitty had to contend with the smiling eyes of her enemies.
“Bastards.” Kitty screamed. Hitting the door close Kitty watched as the door began to slowly close. The lazy pace of the door defeated the gesture as Lucas, X23 and Rubble stepped into the XI. Kitty’s eyes began to tear up as Berzerker stepped in behind the villains.
“Do you need a change or a stable hand, Cow Poke?” Lucas laughed as he levitated Kitty out of the wheelchair.

Kitty briefly struggled against the giant mental hand around her but was powerless to stop Lucas. Even if she tried to phase out his mind’s grasp he would still be able to hold onto her diapers.

“Kitty don’t struggle. Lucas isn’t going to hurt you.” Berzerker said trying to reassure her. “I’ve spoken to him. He’s going to do everything the Professor wanted to do but no one is going to get hurt. It’ll be paradise.”
“One of his goons has locked me in diapers.” Kitty screamed out.
“But you filled them up all by yourself Calamity Pants.” X23 laughed despite holding her nose.
“No one is going to get hurt?” Berzerker confirmed.
“That’s correct. In fact we’re going to take Miss Pryde with us so Summon can give her some dignity.” Lucas promised moving into the XI.

X2: Chapters 1-11 (Repost)

Rogue had readied herself for her next escape attempt. She had planned which corner she was going to spin kick Summon and escape. Sissy swishing panties or not, all Rogue needed was to pass the right vase and close enough so that she could kick it and Summon wouldn’t be able to catch her.

Unfortunately Summon had put a very large spanner in the works by not taking Rogue to the dining hall. So instead Rogue had unintentionally missed another escape opportunity by waiting for what she had expected to see.

Summon threw open the double doors leaving Rogue blinking in the sunlight. As her shock subsided the Gothic mutant realised that this was her chance to escape. Taking one step forward Rogue grunted as she was winded by Summon’s thin fingers encircling her waist.

The smaller mutant had no trouble in pressing the fight out of Rogue, the X-Man had been hurt and humiliated so much already she was dropping into a very submissive role without much coaxing. Conjuring a black ribbon Summon pulled the five inch thick band of satin around Rogue’s stomach and quickly wrapped it into a bow around her back. From the center of the bow Summon created another thinner strip of ribbon that connected her captive to her.
“Let’s go Shirley.” Summon smiled as she began to pull Rogue towards a large red convertible.

Rogue had recovered from her winding and was ready to flee at the first sign that Summon wasn’t paying attention. She wasn’t worried about the ribbon around her waist because she could use the momentum gained to force her captor into letting go of her leash.

Picking her spot carefully Rogue decided to use the most open area of the car park. This would give her the most direction to run and move. Just two steps to go and Rogue found her wrist vibrating. Despite its size she had almost completely forgotten about the watch and its challenges. Looking at the device with a mixture of contempt Rogue stared down at the screen. However before the text had even materialized onscreen Summon had walked past Rogue meaning that she had lost her opportunity to escape.

“With your little hands you will be able to find the correct key for the quickly.” The screen said cryptically. “Find it within 10 seconds to stay dry, 20 for an accident later, 30 for a wet accident now and over 30 seconds for a messy accident.” It read still not really informing Rogue of the task.

Feeling the ribbon around her waist tighten Rogue made some faltering steps towards Summon. As she approached the large pink Cadillac Summon opened her purse, Rogue hadn’t even seen the garment before, and hundreds of keys began spilling out of it. As they fell on the floor and scattered under and around the car Rogue’s wrist vibrated signaling for her to start searching. Rushing up to the car she felt the ribbon tighten around her waist coughing as she dropped to the ground Rogue scrambled around looking for an obvious key to start with.

Finding a pink one Rogue pushed herself towards the door and slid the key in door. It didn’t even budge. Sighing Rogue grabbed up the nearest keys and began to try them all in a hurried fashion. Realising that she wouldn’t know how long she had taken until after 20 seconds Rogue didn’t bother trying to count in her head she just bit her lip and powered through the keys.

The pile of tried keys was slowly reaching the same dimension as that which hadn’t when Rogue felt her legs began to get wet. Shuddering, Rogue knew that this meant she had taken over 20 seconds to find the key, the broken X-Man decided that she definitely wasn’t going to poop another pair of training panties so she redoubled her efforts.

With a satisfactory click Rogue felt the key turn in the lock. Feeling triumphant for a second Rogue was brought down to earth as Summon lifted Rogue easily back to her feet.
“Well it looks like somebody was trying just a little too hard to find my keys.” Summon smiled. “But don’t worry I’m always here to clean you right up whenever you wet your panties.” Summon shouted.

Rogue hadn’t really paid much attention to how busy the car park actually was but now she was again facing the possibility that Summon would be changing her underwear she became more aware of the flow of traffic, both pedestrian and vehicles through, around her. Looking down sheepishly Rogue watched as the soaked frills around her legs appeared to have wilted after being soaked by her own urine. Placing her hands in front of the large wet patch Rogue didn’t know what to do as Summon approached her.

A quiet bang accompanied the car seat that materialized beside Rogue. Summon was casual as she began to remove changing supplies from her purse. Deciding that she had endured her last change at the hands of Summon Rogue dashed forwards to grab the other mutant.

Summon actually gave a disappointed sigh as she casually swept her foot forward tripping Rogue. Landing on her wet bottom in front of Summon Rogue stopped in shock momentarily, and this was all the blonde mutant needed to take the ribbon and spin it around Rogue pulling it in tight. Rogue struggled briefly but she knew that Summon was stronger than her. She didn’t want to drop into helplessness to quickly however she didn’t want to be that submissive to her captor. It was hard however when Summon picked up Rogue one handed and stood her beside the Cadillac. Pulling the panties down to Rogue’s knees she left the blushing mutant whilst she went to retrieve some baby wipes.

Rogue was quickly cleaned and as she waited for Summon to take the next pair of panties, Rogue was struggling to remember if these were the ones that had the increased thickness and padding or not. However Summon instead removed a diaper.
“You will fall asleep in your car seat.” Summon offered as way of an explanation. “So I’d better make sure that you are protected. We have already decided that keeping dry when you sleep is beyond you.”

Forcing the diaper between Rogue’s tightly clamped legs Summon smiled as she moved to secure the diaper. Instead of tapes the plastic diaper tied at the sides. Summon made a grand show of tightly tying the sides in large bows leaving Rogue’s cheeks burning in shame.
“And besides this diaper is so perfect for you.” Summon laughed. “Look at the cute spider.” Summon pointed to the large black cutesy spider in the middle of the front of the diaper. “And it’s got somebody’s name on the back.” Summon laughed giving the padding on Rogue’s rear a squeeze. Picking Rogue up Summon dropped her into the car seat and Rogue blacked out.

Kitty was forced to struggle along beside Ray and Rubble as they moved her into the van. She wasn’t sure how to react to her friend’s betrayal or if he really believed he was betraying them because he kept whispering reassuring phrases. As Ray opened the doors to the back of the van Kitty gasped with what she saw.

Sitting proudly in front of her nose was a completely clear cube with harness suspended inside it. On closer examination Kitty saw that there were three holes in the cube, one larger one at the top and two side by side facing forwards, and it didn’t take somebody with the Professor’s brain to figure out what they were for.

Feeling a large stone hand on her mushy rump Kitty found her legs being lifted off the floor leaving them kicking uselessly in mid air. Berzerker then shifted past Kitty and unlatched the top of the cube and motioned to Rubble.
“This will help keep in the smell.” Ray offered as way of an explanation. “And Lucas said that the harness will be more comfortable for you to sit in.” He blabbered. Kitty could see in his eyes that maybe he didn’t completely believe in what he was saying but he was accepting it nonetheless.

Unfortunately for Kitty with Berzerker’s inaction Rubble had taken the opportunity to slide her into the cube. Feeling the webbed seat take support of her ruined diapers Kitty begrudgingly allowed her feet to be threaded through the leg holes of the cube. As she was latched in Ray moved close to speak quietly in her ear.
“Don’t worry Lucas said he knows exactly what he needs in the XI.” He smiled trying his best to be reassuring.
“I’m going to leave you two here.” Rubble spoke solemnly before turning and closing the van doors.

Kitty was about to scream at Ray when an unexpected event shocked her into silence.

Lucas levitated a few centimeters off the ground as he swooped along the corridors of the XI. He followed X23 closely but not blindly keeping himself aware of what he was passing. Whilst he had complete faith in the tracking skills of X23 he wanted to be sure he wasn’t going to loose an opportunity by being blinded by his own brilliant plan.

“Stop.” Lucas commanded. X23 stopped and turned back to Lucas looking around she saw that they were outside the infirmary.
“Cerebro is really close.” She snarled showing her impatience.
“But my father is in here.” Lucas smiled, it was a kind gesture. Moving into the sterile room he could smell the lingering smell of Kitty’s diapers, a shock against the cleanliness of the room, but it didn’t dampen the triumphant feeling he had.

Lying motionless in the center of the room the bodies of his father, the furry mutant teacher and the weather witch were all completely at his mercy. Flicking a finger he called a scalpel to his outstretched hand. Letting his feet touch the ground he stalked purposely over to his father’s lifeless body.
“I hope you can hear me in their father.” He spoke into the Professor’s ear. “You tried to lock me inside my own head. You tried to keep me from the world. And now? Now I’ve done the same to you. The only thing stopping me from ending your life was your precious X-Men, but where are they now? Some are on holiday blissfully unaware of the battle being raged. But what about your children who were here? Well two are wandering around filling their underwear, one has joined me and the last hero is probably isn’t even conscious yet. And now I’m here. With no one to stop me. The greatest mutant mind on the planet and you can’t even raise your hand to stop me. It almost pains me to have to do this in this manner.” Lucas spoke softly as he lifted the scalpel above his head.

Bringing it down quickly and forcefully Lucas closed his eyes to savior the sound of the scalpel tearing into flesh. But the sound never came. Instead he felt his wrist being grabbed. Opening his eyes in disgust he looked down and saw Ian, his own brother, stopping him.
“What are you doing?” Lucas snapped.
Ian as always said nothing but stared defiantly into Lucas’s eyes.
“Let me go. I could end this all now.” Lucas bellowed.
Ian shook his head definitively.
Lucas took a deep breath and let go of his frustration. Several small vials and bandages that had been held in suspension by his powers dropped to the ground. “You are right brother.” Lucas smiled comfortingly. “This is not what our plan is. Our dream will allow us to live beside our father. We do not need to do to him what he did to us.” Lucas shrugged and placed the scalpel down beside his father’s chest before turning back to the unnerving stare of X23. “Come Maria. Let’s finish what we set out to do.”

Ray slid down defeated against the van doors. He could still hear Kitty’s ferocious insults echoing on the inside of vehicle. Had he really betrayed them? He had nothing to do with Robbie and himself getting kidnapped and as Lucas had said himself it had been Rogue and Kitty who had humiliated Summon in the first place. The Professor? Well truly it had been X23 who had attacked him. But if she had got that close and not killed him the surely he wouldn’t. They had the time and the opportunity but they hadn’t surely it was how Lucas had explained. Kitty was just upset because Summon had revealed her diaper fetish and embarrassed her. But again she had the abilities to kill Kitty but she hadn’t.

Listening Ray heard Kitty finally shout herself hoarse. He banged his head against the van door and sighed. He hated trying to think through motives and plans.
“Give me a head on attack any day.” Berzerker smiled firing a bolt of electricity into the earth. “Besides Kitty’s just upset that we had to fill the cube with water to keep her own smell away from her.”

Kitty couldn’t even slosh around in the cube. The leg holes were above her so she had to sit back and the cube was to capacity with water. The holes themselves had narrowed like camera apertures sealing her skin tight into the cube. In her slightly lent back seat she could feel her mess sliding down away from her front but her diapers were still full and she was still feeling the blistering sensation that the onset of diaper rash had begun. Not knowing whether or not to continue to shout at Ray or save her energy for her escape attempt Kitty began to day dream.

Lucas stood outside the sealed door to Cerebro. The room was impenetrable. The locks titanium and full encrypted. The Professor’s iris was needed and then there was the DNA lock. Lucas couldn’t just pull the door from it’s hinges because it rolled into place and was supported by the weight of the whole XI he couldn’t move that in so much that he couldn’t move a mountain. Lucas smiled.
“You don’t even need your brain to be functioning to get into the stronghold do you Father?” He gloated. “Maria get my father’s body and bring him here.”

Robbie awoke painfully, his senses returning to him slowly like after a long sleep, only to find that he couldn’t see. Opening his eyes he found nothing but a horrible green fluid rushing at him. At first he thought he was going to drown until he realized that there was an Oxygen mask covering his mouth and nose. Feeling his hands slowly through the thick liquid he found his body still clothed in his uniform and surprisingly not saturated. Clearly the liquid was more of the consistency of hair gel but without the same stickiness. His movements were slowed exponentially by the “gel” and with it moving into his ears he was effectively deaf as well as blinded. He couldn’t smell anything except his own musky breath and the rubber from the mask so he was in almost complete sensory deprivation although he had an obviously solution to the problem.

Concentrating on his body Robbie felt for the microns around his skin starting a barrier there he focused his mind until he could feel himself completely surrounding in this barrier. Steadying himself he used his powers to push everything away from him. Forcing his arms down with the effort Robbie slammed his fists into the unmoving gel. Hearing a buzz Robbie tried to move his head but instead he had to listen as Summon’s voice told him. “It’s a non-Newtonian gel, there’s no way your powers can get you out of here.” She added with a laugh. “And you won’t be out for potty breaks either.”

X2: Chapters 1-11 (Repost)

Lucas stared in awe at the mighty room he was in. The large circular room that housed Cerebro was truly magnificent but that was not why he was here. Listening Lucas heard X23 gently step up beside him. Turning he watched her drink in the room appreciating it in a way he could not, as a marvel instead of a monument to his father’s ego. A device, for that’s what Cerebro was, through which the Professor could see every mutant on the planet. Yet he hadn’t seen Lucas, David or Ian despite them being flesh and blood.
“Not that it matters now.” Lucas murmured. “Maria, do you know why we are in this room?”
“No.” X23 growled softly. There was something about Cerebro that made her voice go quiet and her thoughts reflective.
“In here my father has the greatest weapon ever devised. Not biological, not nuclear but a mental weapon. A psychic could kill every person on the planet with the amplification this room gives. And yet my father never once made a grab for power.”
“But you’re not psychic.” X23 reminded Lucas.
“No but I am telekinetic. I can move objects with my mind. I can hear thoughts and create illusions. I can implant thoughts into people’s minds. And with this…” Lucas thrust his hand towards the single console in the room causing a helmet to fly to his outstretched hand. “I can use this halo to remotely amplify my powers.” Lucas beamed with pride. “Today Maria, today dawns a new age for the Planet Earth, today belongs to us. Today we will finally be free.”

X23 stared at Lucas. She was fighting with her own body to prevent her claws from unsheathing. When she had first met Lucas she had seen something in his eyes. It wasn’t this maniac in front of her. She had seen a leader, a visionary. Someone who could finally change the world without the need for secret societies and biological weapons but staring into his eyes she didn’t see compassion. She saw madness.

Thinking back perhaps she had been blinded by the way Lucas had manipulated her. He took everyone’s desires and used them not as a bribe or reward but in a perverse more subjective way. He played on what you wanted by only showing you what you didn’t. With Kitty Pryde it was obvious she had a deep desire or affinity with diapers, of all things, but Lucas forced her to wear them constantly. She wasn’t safe when she wore them but she hadn’t resisted as hard as she could. Berzerker’s emotions had been played, talk to him of atrocities yet say them calmly to keep him in confusion. Nobody would believe they had been played into being inactive as the mutants were too used to either fighting or training, stopping was their most vulnerable state.

It had allowed Lucas to near his ultimate victory.

“Come Maria.” Lucas beckoned tucking the Halo under his arm. “We will return to the Lighthouse and watch the dawn of our new age from there.”

Rogue awoke to the sounds of airbrakes and laughter. Shaking her body from its unnatural slumber she opened her eyes to what seemed like hundreds of faces staring down at her through the windows of a bus.

She was lying on her back across the white leather seats of the Cadillac with her diaper a yellow brown, soaked to the point of leaking facing back upwards to the bus’s windows. The teenagers on the bus where busy with their camera phones, laughing and pointing at her, when Rogue realized she was alone. Sitting up Rogue quickly pulled the belts of the car seat off of her body and she moved for the door. Not bothering to open it she simply hopped the side of the pink car and looked for the best direction to run. Her diaper however was so full that changing her position from sitting to standing showed Rogue that she would not be able to move at faster than a waddle because her garment was so ruined that it could no longer bend around her shape and was instead only being held in a curve by the two knots at her side.

Ignoring this Rogue made one final sweep of her surroundings and began to waddle as quickly as her diaper would allow away from the car. Deciding that the best way to move away from the car and Summon would be to keep herself out of view of the Cadillac Rogue headed for the side of the bus because although it would give the teenagers in it more of a chance to take her picture once past the bus she would be completely hidden from the Cadillac.

Rogue rounded the side of the bus waddling at a ridiculous pace when she came face to face with Summon. The blonde mutant was standing beside a man in sharp double breasted suit and a school tie discussing something. A deathly silence turned the air as Summon blossomed into a smile.
“Good morning Sunshine.” She beamed. “I think I know why you are here.” She snaked her arm around Rogue’s waist and gave the knot at the side of her diaper a tug.
“Quite.” The well dressed man responded with a shake of his head. He couldn’t take his eyes off of Rogue’s sodden diaper.
“As I was saying…” Summon continued. “My little one still has a little bed wetting problem.” She then harshly grabbed Rogue’s head and gave it a painful squeeze in a mock attempt to cover Rogue’s ears. “And we’re still a little shaky during the day time if we get over excited.” She shrugged and winked returning her arm around Rogue’s waist. “But we would really like to enroll at your school. What do we need to work on?”
The man’s eyes bulged slightly as Summon said this. Coughing and rubbing his chin to gather his thoughts the teacher responded. “Well unfortunately all of our children have to be toilet trained before they can even start in Kindergarten.” He gulped moving his eyes from Rogue’s diaper to Summon’s eyes and then back again. “I’m not sure how we deal with bedwetting I don’t think we currently have a problem with any of our boarders.” He answered honestly. “I’m not sure what to tell you.”

Rogue shifted uncomfortably as he said this. It wasn’t just the itchy sensation of the saturated diaper but the fact that Summon might be making plans to put her to school meaning that she was planning on keeping Rogue here for a long time. Moving her hand to her inner thigh to gently move the plastic into a more comfortable position Rogue watched the teacher as his gaze followed every movement of her diaper.

“Oh be at peace.” Summon said giving Rogue a shake. “You wet it not me. I’ll change you once I’ve finished speaking to the nice man.” She bellowed loud enough for at least most the watching bus to here. “I’m sorry can I continue this later. I suppose I better put somebody into her training panties.” Summon smiled at the teacher before tightening her grip around Rogue’s waist and lifting the gothic mutant up onto her hip and half turning away. “Although mind you. With her current success ratio sticking her back in diapers for a bit might be easier.” Summon smiled winking at the teacher before turning and moving Rogue back to the Cadillac.

Kitty’s pleasant daydream was shattered by the sounds of a triumphant Lucas and X23 exiting the XI.
“Finally brothers, today is our day of conquest.” Lucas boomed as the doors to the back of the van were opened.

Kitty couldn’t move and just had to sit on display in her cube as X23, Rubble and Berzerker shuffled in beside her. She couldn’t bring herself to look at Ray so Kitty kept her eyes to the floor.
“Don’t worry Kitty.” Berzerker smiled. “When we get back to our base Summon will give you some clean diapers.” He said trying to sound reassuring.

Kitty wanted to scream. How could he be so stupid? She didn’t want clean diapers she wanted out of diapers! It wasn’t that hard to figure out. When she got out of this she would make Ray pay for being so naïve.

“They’ll have to be cloth with her diaper rash.” Lucas joked from the front of the van.
“And something to help seal in the smell.” X23 chimed in. She wasn’t sure why it was as if her mood had suddenly been lifted.
“I’m sure Summon can get her a lovely pair of plastic pants.” Rubble laughed.
“Nothing but the best for you, Kitty.” Berzerker agreed.

Kitty just blocked it all out and concentrated on getting an opening to escape. Although a tiny voice at the back of her mind agreed just how comfortable some nice clean diapers would feel.

“Now stay there whilst I get your changing stuff.” Summon commanded releasing Rogue and putting her in front of the Cadillac facing the bus.

Opening the trunk of the car she pulled out a large packet of diapers and slammed them into Rogue’s waist. Rogue coughed loudly as the packet winded her. She bent over with the packet and bumped the car with her diaper causing the alarm to go off. Now it wasn’t just the bus and people who had seen Rogue now it was the whole car park that stopped to see what car’s alarm was going off. Only to be greeted by the sight of a teenage girl dressed in a ruined diaper and holding a packet of diapers in front of a Cadillac. Rogue was beyond a public spectacle she was an exhibition in humiliation.

Watching as Summon deftly hoisted a changing bag into the back seat of the car the blonde mutant stood up from beside the trunk and took hold of the diapers. Moving to put them away she stopped and stared at Rogue’s diaper ballooning out, straining to become straight and sagging under it’s own weight, looking once more at the diaper packet, as if in consideration, she scratched her chin, then shook her head and then finally put the diapers back in the trunk and closed it. Finally silencing the alarm Summon moved beside Rogue and opened the back doors to the Cadillac.

Leaning in past Rogue Summon unzipped the diaper bag and pulled out a clear plastic sheet spreading it all over the back seats. Turning back to Rogue, who was standing with both arms ineffectuality trying to cover her diaper, she grabbed the knots at the diaper’s sides and ripped them off. Summon laughed as the diaper literally sprang open and Rogue fumbled to hold onto the garment to hold onto her modesty whilst revealing her tight bottom in all it’s glory. Turning Rogue around Summon displayed Rogue’s rear to the bus as she pushed her captive into the Cadillac for a very public diaper change.

Lying back on the cold calmly plastic Rogue wasn’t sure if she wanted to kick out at Summon or not. In the tight confines of the back of the car Summon’s strength whilst clearly still an advantage would be neutralized somewhat. But at the same time with the blonde mutant stretching over her at least Rogue’s dignity was still in tact. Unsure of what to do Rogue’s inaction again counted against her as Summon quickly pulled the crusty diaper from her grasp and wiped Rogue clean. With the clear open skies above her Rogue decided to wait until she was changed before she tried to escape as she didn’t want to have to run around naked from the waist down especially as her butt was still shiny from the oil that Summon was applying to her. As if hearing her thoughts Summon roughly grabbed Rogue’s vest and ripped it from Rogue leaving her as naked as a newborn whilst Summon moved away from Rogue, again revealing her to the bus and the watching crowd that had gathered, as she searched for Rogue’s next outfit. Covering herself with her hands Rogue meekly pulled her legs up to her chest however due to the fact that the oil was still thick on her backside she began to slide up into the corner of the seats. Finding her ankle gripped by Summon’s hand Rogue yelped slightly as she was roughly pulled back down into the centre of the sheet.

Summon took her other hand and placed it tightly down onto Rogue’s stomach. This allowed Rogue to kick out at Summon but she didn’t due to the fact that she was still buck naked with only Summon between her and the watching crowds. Fumbling behind Rogue’s head Summon plucked some items from the waiting diaper bag. Moving her hand to Rogue’s shoulder Summon pulled the gothic mutant into a sitting position. Holding Rogue tightly by the shoulder Summon pulled a bright pink top over Rogue’s head. Releasing Rogue briefly Summon pulled her captives arms through the straps of the pink camisole top before taking hold of Rogue’s hair and pulling her forward into a lying position.

Summon kept her hand on the small of Rogue’s back, pinning into place, as she roughly hauled a pair of panties over Rogue’s ankles. She quickly followed this by placing a pair of bubble gum pink shorts over the panties and pulling them sharply up into place. Pulling Rogue up into a sitting position Summon pushed her into the white leather seats as she took a pair of sunglasses from the diaper bag and a long strap of plastic material.

Rogue looked down at herself ignoring Summon. Her bubblegum pink shorts matched her pink camisole top but neither came close to hiding her training pants although this pair of pants was definitely closer to being a diaper than being big kid underwear. The thick yellow waist band started at her navel and was close to two inches thick. Then the pants were covered in a brilliant white crinkly plastic cover, although Rogue could feel the touch of terry toweling on the inside, with a pink princess on the front. It was even still possible to see the cuffs of the forward facing leg holes, red on the right and blue on the left, even though the were bisected by the nauseating pink of the shorts.

Summon hadn’t been idle as Rogue had been staring down at what she had been reduced to. The blonde haired mutant had attached a blue child’s leash to Rogue’s arm and had placed a white baseball cap, with a long flap of material to cover Rogue’s neck on the gothic mutant’s head. Rogue seemed to stir back into her predicament as Summon slipped a pair of pink star-shaped sunglasses over her eyes.

As soon as the glasses were over Rogue’s eyes her whole perception of the world began to change. Everything looked so huge, except for her who looked so tiny; Summon appeared to be some Amazonian Goddess holding onto her with a huge unbreakable strap. Moving down with her giant hands the blonde mutant placed up Rogue and placed her beside the car.

Rogue could only stare at the bus beside her. Craning her neck to look up over the wheel to the distant windows above her Rogue could make out huge teenagers wielding phones taking her picture. Swinging her head down to stare at herself Rouge felt her vision swim. Once it refocused Rogue stared at her pink outfit. The crotch of her panties held her shorts at the top of her thighs but aside from that she felt she looked indistinct. Maybe Summon had underestimated just how discreet the panties were.

Summon watched closely as Rogue tried to cope with her knew point of view. She stared at her captive and bit her lip to keep from laughing. The thickly padded crotch of her training pants was really the most the tiny shorts hid and their tightness would make her steps smaller, further increasing the illusion that the glasses gave off. The camisole top again pressed her figure into nothingness leaving Rogue looking like an overgrown two year old and nothing like her former X-Man self.

Giving Rogue’s shorts a sharp tug at the back to lift them over the expectant mass of cloth at her rear Summon moved closely to Rogue’s ear. “Come on little one let’s go and see some monkeys at this zoo.”

X2 Chapter 12 (New Chapter)

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Robbie tried to shake himself into action. Despite this gel neutralizing his powers he could feel he was alone. Knowing that he had to make the most of this opportunity he allowed himself to sink into his mind as he tried to remember everything that Dr. McCoy had told him about Newtonian physics and gels. It didn’t take long Robbie couldn’t think of anything more than they resisted movement and forces acting on them becoming like a solid. Knowing this meant that Robbie couldn’t simply blast beneath him or he would send his own body crashing into what would effectively be a solid wall. Shifting slightly he felt the gel pucker around his body but let him move.

Experimentally Robbie slowly moved his left leg and tried to cross it over his right. Finding that if he moved slowly he could move about not freely but with only a small amount of resistance Robbie began to work on an escape plan. Suddenly he stopped. No matter where she was Summon was still a thought reader. There would be no way he could plan an escape he would simply have to do it whilst stopping Summon from reading his thoughts. Concentrating hard Robbie began to sing in his head. Keeping it up would be mentally exhausting but it would allow him to be free. Although he wasn’t sure how he could actually think out a plan and keep singing at the same time.

The X-Van was far too crowded for Kitty’s tastes as Lucas announced they were almost home. Kitty wasn’t cheered by the thought. And worse the sling seat that had provided the most relief from her diapers had moved with the motion of the van swinging her diapers about sloshing Kitty through the water and finding gaps through which it could rush past her plastic panties and into her diapers. Looking into the glass cube Kitty could actually see that the level of the water had dropped some and her already saturated diapers were fit to burst with any movement. Kitty had long since given up hope of escaping this cube, she had no way to fight this many enemies in her current state anyway so she just had to bite her lips and keep her head down showing them nothing but her stupid cowboy hat.

Suddenly the van lurched to a stop, which was accompanied by a splash as Kitty was swung up and left by the sling pushing the water around the cube.
“Here we are.” Lucas spoke cheerfully. “Rubble, Berzerker would you mind helping Miss Pryde into the lighthouse Maria and I are going up to celebrate our victory.” It was the arrogance in his voice that made Kitty’s skin crawl even over the thought of Ray and this stone mutant carrying her around again.
“No problem Lucas.” Ray agreed. He opened the doors and as X23 hopped out Rubble moved behind Kitty’s cube and pushed it to the back of the van.

Kitty blinked at the sunlight the van had been dark and she had kept her head down most of the time as well. She had forgotten it was only just approaching the end of the day. Ray quickly moved to the front of the cube and zapped the two top corners of the device. Kitty watched as the front of the cube opened and the water began to rush onto the grass beneath the van. Feeling stony hands around her shoulders Kitty was lifted from the sling and placed on the ground in front of the van. Her legs were so weary that Kitty actually stumbled forward and had to be supported by Ray. Looking down at swollen midsection Kitty could see all the water that was inside her pants but couldn’t be absorbed by the water and although she hadn’t thought it possible her legs were now spread further apart than before she had been placed in the cube.

Finally the plastic garment could take no more and burst. Kitty squeezed her eyes shut as the water splashed straight down taking pieces of diaper, pant and her own waste and pulling them down around her legs some going into the cowboy boots and squishing around her toes some running straight down her legs and the rest splashing noisily onto the ground beneath her. Kitty opened her eyes and stared for a moment. Despite the locking mechanism still encircling her waist, legs and its lock in the middle of her crotch Kitty was naked, excluding the ruined pieces of diaper stuck around the poles so she quickly put her hands down to cover her modesty. Feeling a draft behind her Kitty glanced at her behind only to see red raw flesh from the worst case of diaper rash she had ever seen. The wind currently kept that cool but she could only imagine the horrid itching and burning that would follow from that.

“Well I guess it won’t take as long to change you know.” Ray suggested in a soft voice. It was the voice that Kitty had heard a hundred times when he was cracking an offensive joke but this time the words stung Kitty deeply. Slamming her body into Ray Kitty looked for the nearest trees for cover and began to run.

It was actually a joy to be able to move without the immobilizing bulk of her diapers Kitty almost wanted to whoop. Instead she powered on ignoring the stomach churning squelching coming from her boots. Suddenly Kitty heard a growl from behind her that sounded like a feral animal on the loose. Half turning Kitty saw X23 taking almost gigantic leaps to catch her. Nearing the trees Kitty thought she might be able to loose her pursuer however she watched as X23 nimbly flipped in front of her landing in a lazy fighting stance. Kitty was about to side step the other mutant when X23 held her arms wide and unsheathed her claws with a threatening “Snick.”

Stopping Kitty put her hands down to cover herself once more. X23 gave Kitty a mocking smile. “Oh don’t worry about that. You’ll be back in the warmth and safety of nice diaper before long.” X23 slowly raised a claw above her head. Kitty watched the claw distrustfully. Suddenly she felt a bang on her head as a heavy stone palm knocked her to the ground. “However I doubt you’ll get to enjoy it being clean.” X23 laughed as Kitty blacked out again.

Rogue stumbled along behind Summon her head swinging from side to side taking in her surroundings with astonished gasps. She had been a zoo before but with the world swinging high up away from her at every turn she marveled at the giant cages and the wondrous animals within. She heard Summon laugh from above her as Rogue nearly stumbled backwards trying to trace a giraffe’s neck up to its head.

The animal was darker than Rogue remembered with a steel grey coat covered in dark blue patches, its neck thin and swan-like which arched around creating vicious whipping movements. As the gothic mutant stepped backwards again to look into the beast piercing red eyes it suddenly lunged down towards her filling her vision with full bared fangs and a serpent’s tongue. Rogue couldn’t contain her whimper as the nightmarish creature loomed large over her. Her flight or fight instincts took over and she could feel her bladder twitch. Swallowing hard Rogue continued to back away from the evil monster in front of her.

Finding the child leash around her wrist growing tight she saw the chord as thick as a bullwhip holding her within the reach of the forked tongue Rogue began to haul and pull at her wrist. At first the leash held but soon her frantic pulling was rewarded with a tearing. Ignoring the searing breath of the giraffe Rogue used her teeth to free herself and turned and ran from the evil demon.

Battering past oblivious patrons she stumbled into thick straw surrounded by a high fence. Hearing vicious snapping and grunting around her Rogue turned frantically as the unspeakable visions descended upon her.

Robbie’s head ached from the constant concentration he had to maintain to keep Summon out of his head. He had been absentmindly swirling his foot in time with mental singing. He might not have been jukebox but he knew more songs than his Ipod so he could keep it up even if doing so was paralyzing his escape somewhat. Without warning his boot hit something beneath him opening his eyes to the stinging gel around him Robbie saw that he had reached a grating. Clearly he wasn’t at the bottom of this…tube, he assumed, but this had changed what he was feeling. Rubbing his foot slowly across it felt the gel hardened as his foot skipped across it frowning Robbie closed his eyes. Beneath the singing he tried to focus.

‘The gentle spinning movement has allowed me to sink down.’ Robbie thought down to the grate. Placing his foot back on top of it he tried to make his body spin. At first the resistance to his movement was monumental but slowly Robbie began to spin. The grate however remained in place. Frowning Robbie stopped, he concentrated his power down by his boot and made a single point and aimed it between one of the grate’s holes. Sighing Robbie began to spin this.

The grate slowly began to spin. Robbie felt his body shake with the effort but as the friction of the gel was the only force acting on the grate it didn’t harden like it would had Robbie tried to fire down through the gel. Accelerating the grate Robbie heard the level of sound in the quiet tube increase. Ignoring all distractions and dropping the pretense of singing in his mind Robbie fired all of his energy into the grate. Violently pushing the spinning object as hard as he could to one side Robbie was reward with a cracking sound as the gel almost instantly hardened around him. Yes he had cracked the tube but the gel resisted the splintering the moment of the tube around it.

But it was a weak point and now patience was required as Robbie had to wait for the energy to dissipate so he could take advantage. He mentally slid another quarter into his memory and began to sing once more. This time the song was definitely a happy one.

“Kitty…Kitty…Kitty…Wake up please.”
Shadow Cat heard her name called as she opened her eyes to Ray’s familiar voice. At first she smiled at her friend until she remembered his sickening betrayal. Looking up at Ray Kitty found herself strapped to a table in a stark circular room. The high walls were worn sandstone and she could faintly smell the ocean. There was however another more pungent smell in the room and Kitty could feel she was the source of the biting sting of a poopy diaper.

Struggling against the bonds that held her arms and legs to the corners of the table Kitty screamed at Ray. “I hate you! You traitor!” She began to thrash around on the table not caring that she smashing her own mess against her already sore rear end.
“Please Kitty…” Berzerker began. “It’s complicated. Summon will clean you up. She’ll change you into a clean diaper. It’ll be ok. You just have to listen to what Lucas has to say.”
“You idiot! I don’t want a clean diaper. I want out of diapers. Why can’t you see that this Lucas doesn’t care about us?” Kitty screamed as she bit out tears of frustration.
“Well if you’re going to have a tantrum I won’t change you at all.” Summon smirked from the doorway.
Berzerker turned to Summon. He stepped behind her in a show of his subordination. “No please.” He asked taking Summon’s hand. “She didn’t mean it.”

Kitty choked back her tears. She had heard something in Ray’s voice. It gave her just the faintest of hope that maybe her friend wasn’t a complete turncoat after all. Her hope quickly turned to despair as Ray bowed his head and moved out of the room.

“Right Kitty-Cat let’s get you into something humiliating.” Summon laughed.

Rogue was tucked up in the fetal position she was too scared to even scream as the monsters squawked, brayed and barked at her. Each sound was followed with the bitter snap of sharp teeth or the stinging gust of fiery breath. She daren’t look up for fear of that her face could be mauled. She could feel heavy hooves around her body but couldn’t even will her body to move. Feeling the pressure of a heavy body standing over her Rogue turned away and tried to hide in the wet mud beneath her. At this moment she would have preferred to have been clinging to Summon than tormented by these evil abominations.

A blistering blast of hot breath across the back of Rogue’s neck increased her dread. She felt the metallic bite of a cast iron hoof scraping across her back. The gothic mutant began to quiver in fear and as the breath got closer she was shaking violently. Almost without warning a spurt of pee escaped into her training pants and with a sickening sniff Rogue felt her body pushed by the nightmare creature as it examined the new source of smell. Rogue was powerless to stop her body from releasing again as the demonic animal clawed at her with another sharp hoof.

The gothic mutant shifted her body slightly so that the animal could find her training panties. Looking up with tears in her eyes Rogue saw that the high gate was open so she scrambled along on all fours in the mud before finally standing and sprinting to the open gate and into the waiting arms of Summon.
“Look at your shorts, what a mess you’ve made.” The blonde mutant smiled as she roughly grabbed hold of Rogue’s hand.

Summon then lead Rogue to a crowded picnic area and placed her on a bench.
“Let’s get those dirty shorts off you.” Summon laughed lightly. The blonde mutant hauled the bubblegum pink shorts from around Rogue legs and turned her to face the amused family at the next nearest bench.

Rogue looked from the family’s bemused faces down to her shorts. She could see a slight mark where her own urine had escaped her body it didn’t seem that noticeable but staring at the wide grins on the family as they looked down on her from up high Rogue felt self conscious enough to cover her damp panties. Unbeknownst to the gothic mutant the glasses were altering her perception again. The brilliant white of Rogue’s training panties was now stained yellow and had two distinctive trails from where her bladder had released pooling in the cusp of the panties thick padding.

Finding her body spun back around to face Summon Rogue cringed as the blonde mutant checked the weight of the panties before pulling the waistband back from behind Rogue.
“Well you don’t need a change just yet,” Summon explained, “so why don’t you go and play.” She smiled setting Rogue back down onto the woodchip floor.

Rogue’s vision swam due to her being picked up and spun. Feeling her equilibrium go she stumbled backwards onto her rear. Trying to swipe at her eyes she found the glasses in her way. Removing the pink frames she baulked as the world began to shift and move around her. Closing her eyes she let her head hand between her legs.

Taking a deep breath the gothic mutant opened her eyes. The zoo was no longer a nightmare vision of twisted creatures and high jagged cages surrounded by razor wire, it was a zoo. Sighing deeply Rogue looked down at her dirty training panties and her tight shirt. Venomously staring at Summon Rogue realized that for the first time since she had awoken in this strange place she actually had a viable weapon clutched between her fingers. Staring at the glasses Rogue fought a smile. She might have a chance. It was then Rogue found her wrist vibrating.

Keeping one hand over the stained crotch of her training panties Rogue read the watch.
“Fun and games ahoy. You have three games of Tic-Tac-Toe to play. Beat all three for an A, fail to win one B, fail to win two C and fail to win all three F.”

Rogue shrugged at the challenge. ‘At least it’s not an easy game for her to sabotage.’ She thought staring back at Summon. Looking around the picnic area Rogue saw three large boards each with a nine year old girl standing at them. The first girl wore a pair of green shorts and a white Minnie Mouse t-shirt. The second had on a pink summer’s dress and a yellow hand bag whilst the third was wore a blue pleated dress and a white t-shirt with a yellow purring on it. Shuffling over Rogue sidled up to the nearest girl and nodded to her. The watch began to vibrate again. “You may go first on one game, you have 60 seconds.” It explained before the words swiveled and turned into a counter.
Rogue quickly grabbed the centre square of the first boards and rotated it around to reveal her “X”.

X2 Chapter 12 (New Chapter)

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X2 Chapter 12 (New Chapter)

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The best thing you’ve got going for you in your fan fictions is that you get the characters’ pretty dead on. That and you make some very interesting situations they have to deal with.

Grammar and punction are solid. No real editing complaints. Keep up the good work =D

X2 Chapter 12 (New Chapter)

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X2 Chapter 13 New Chapter

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As the counter slowly began to count down Rogue became more exasperated. The girls were much more inclined to block Rogue’s play than try and win the game. Staring at the first game Rogue realized she couldn’t win so quickly fumbled it into a draw. Looking across the gothic mutant stared at two other draws. Quickly trying to reset the first game Rogue found her arms grabbed by the first girl.
“You only get to play once.” Minnie Mouse sneered using her tight grip on the X-Man’s hands to push Rogue into the middle of the three girls. “Why are you in diapers anyway?”
“They aren’t diapers,” Rogue bit back. “They’re training pants.” She said realizing she sounded like a defiant toddler.
“Well they are wet anyway. Maybe you should be in diapers.” Pinkie laughed. Rogue then found herself falling over as the Cat had snuck behind her and allowed Minnie to push Rogue over her back.

The gothic mutant jumped quickly back up onto her feet her arms moving instinctively into a fighting stance with her left leg leading. Rogue then felt her watch vibrate. Rotating her right wrist she glanced at the ungainly instrument strapped to her.
“Grade F,” It declared, “You have failed to beat any of your opponents.” It was a simple statement that caused Rogue to drop her hands from in front of her face and down to covering her rear. The three girls watching her began to smile widely. Looking around in fear Rogue turned to look for Summon only to find that the blonde mutant had vanished. Turning back to face the three Tic-Tac-Toe-ers Rogue passed some loud sickly gas into her training panties. Rogue looked at the three girls and for a moment she believed that her ordeal may have been over. The girls all stared at her with eyes as big as saucers.
“That is the grossest thing I have ever seen.” Minnie proclaimed as she pointed to Rogue’s stained underwear.
Staring downwards at the garment Rogue saw that the crotch of her panties was now hanging lower than it had been. Touching a finger delicately to the back of the panties she could feel warmth and wetness that could only signal one thing. Taking a minute step away from the girls Rogue felt the mess in her training panties move, hot, sticky and with a sickening thickness. The girls than began to advance on the gothic mutant who suddenly began to feel very small and helpless again. It was as if the world the glasses had been showing her was suddenly becoming very real around her.

Stumbling backwards with tears in her eyes the gothic mutant found herself falling over Summon’s feet spreading the semi-solid load against her skin. She felt slender fingers beneath her armpits as Summon lifted her back into a standing position in front of the girls.
“So Rogue, who are your new friends here?” Summon ask giving Rogue’s rear a firm pat.
Rogue glared at Summon then at the girls. She tried to surreptitiously reach for the glasses unsure if now was the best time to attack her blonde captor.
“Aren’t you all shy just now?” Summon asked again. She place a strong hand on Rogue’s shoulder and despite them being roughly the same size she squeezed her inhumanly grip and forced Rogue to half turn back to the girls. “I think I know why.” She winked. “Maybe I better take somebody and get cleaned up. She is trying so hard to be a big girl but she just isn’t getting it.” Summon laughed planting another splattering pat against Rogue’s soiled underwear.

Rogue fidgeted and squeezed the glasses she would have to pick her time. This was infuriating and if she guessed right designed to make her try something so she would be diapered and placed down for a nap. But she wouldn’t give Summon the satisfaction. Not this time.

Summon smiled at Rogue’s fidgeting. Using Rogue’s inaction against her she quickly took a bright yellow leather child’s harness, complete with a picture of some brown puppies, and fastened it quickly around the gothic mutant. “I don’t want you running off again, do I?” Summon explained motioning to Rogue’s midsection. “After all, look what happened last time.” The blonde mutant wasn’t really explaining anything to Rogue she was just using her captives silence and resolve against her. Feeling a tug on the reins of the harness Rogue began to follow Summon back towards the car park.

Moving in a slow trudge with her head down staring at the floor Rogue tried not to wallow in self pity too much. She had been embarrassed in public but she had always known that this point would come but as she now had a weapon she had a small ray of light, a small hope. She just had to hope that when the time came the inaction that Summon had forced into her with the constant contact wouldn’t stop her from acting like her true X-Man self.

Returning back to the pink Cadillac Rogue saw with dismay that the bus was still parked up beside the car. Hearing the scrambling of shoes and the general noise of the clambering of the school kids to see her latest state Rogue bit her lip to keep her anger up and her self pity down. Feeling the harness tug sharply the gothic mutant stumbled into Summon’s arms.
“Look at how popular you are Rogue.” Summon smiled nipping Rogue’s neck sharply so that she arched her back and stared up at the bus’s windows. “Why don’t we give our public a wave?” She mocked squeezing Rogue’s wrist so tightly it felt like she was going to shatter bone. Rogue had no choice but to meekly wave back.

“Is there an elephant around here? What are you all gawking at?” A voice said from the side of the bus. It was quickly followed by the same well dressed teacher from the bus. On seeing Rogue and Summon he seemed to almost skid to a stop. “Oh…I’m so sorry.” He mumbled on seeing them. Once again his eyes almost instantly dropped to Rogue’s rear. The gothic mutant would have tried to cover her sagging pants but with one hand being forced to wave and the other clinging onto the glasses she didn’t have a chance.
“Well hello again,” Summon smiled widely. She turned to Rogue. “Look who it is.” She mocked treating the gothic mutant like a toddler. “Say hello to the nice man from before Rogue.” Summon commanded spinning Rogue around via her vice like grip on Rogue’s neck.
“Hello.” Rogue mumbled as Summon made her wave her hand.
Summon gave a light laugh. “Well, we are back here again. I think you can tell why.” The blonde mutant said dropping Rogue’s hand and tugging at her soiled pants instead. “She is normally such a happy chatty little girl but it appears every time we see you somebody has dirty pants on.”
Rogue then felt Summon’s grip disappear from around her neck, closely followed by a click. Looking back she found herself now harnessed to the car.
“She doesn’t seem to be overly stressed about her condition.” The teacher said choosing his words carefully.
Summon laughed at this. “Of course she’s not. Its not an unusual condition for her to be in. And those panties have a large capacity, if you know what I mean.” The blonde mutant laughed pulling the training panties up again. Summon then turned Rogue back so she was staring at her. “We are now in the Last Chance Saloon.” She patronized Rogue. “This is your last pair of panties so any accidents and you are back in diapers, understand?” Summon added with her serious face on. “Well do you?” She added when Rogue didn’t say anything. “Or should we just skip back to diapers?”
The gothic mutant stared directly at Summon. She was within her reach and Rogue could feel the glasses digging into her palm. Choosing action over inaction Rogue flicked her wrist which opened the glasses and she quickly placed them on Summon’s face. Knowing that once you began turning your head you became disorientated Rogue kicked out at Summon’s shins before she jumped back to the car and began to unfasten the harness.


The first slap on the back of her legs buckled Rogue’s knees and sent her slipping onto the asphalt.


The second blow exploded the mess in her panties covering Rogue’s every inch of Rogue’s backside that was contained within the panties.


The final blow landed in the same place as the second. Rogue found her hands instinctively moving to her rear to protect herself as she tried to blink away the tears. It was then she was picked up and dropped onto the plastic sheet inside the convertible.
“Well Miss Fussy Pants I guess its back to Diaper Town for you.” Summon turned back to the shocked looking teacher. “I’m so sorry you had to see that. Its obvious she is getting cranky so I’ll put her down for a nap. All over a dirty diaper, sad isn’t it?”
The teacher nodded sagely. “To be honest even after that little temper tantrum she is still probably better behaved than those gawking monkeys in the bus. I have to be going now.” He added quickly before turning and moving back behind the bus.
“What a nice man.” Summon said as she loomed down over Rogue. “Unlike a certain girl in wet and messy panties.”

Summon quickly stripped and began to clean Rogue’s messy behind all the while telling Rogue she was a naughty girl and she would “have to work extra hard to try and get another shot at potty training”. The mess had spread so far that even Rogue’s shirt had to be removed and Summon purposefully left her captive naked on the back seat of the convertible.

Time slowed as Rogue was left on her own. Seconds ticked by feeling like months. The gothic mutant looked up and saw the picture phones flashing at her. She curled up into the fetal position and tried to squeeze herself into the car’s foot well. Shutting her eyes Rogue couldn’t believe how easily she had been manipulated again. She shouldn’t have expected the glasses to work on Summon and kicking out at her was always going to make things worse for her. Now she didn’t even get a chance to try and keep out of diapers. Looking up she saw Summon’s face staring down at her masterfully. The blonde mutant didn’t have to say anything as Rogue slinked back onto the backseat and lifted her legs.
“You are so much better when you are behaving.” Summon smiled omnipotently.

Rogue cringed as the diaper was tightly tied around her. She knew it was a sign of defeat a big white crinkly sign declaring her submissiveness to her captor. Rogue could feel how far up her back the diaper extended and knew that her name was now styled across her backside. The two tight knots either side of her waist was yet another tell that this diaper was designed to go on and stay on, unlike her training panties with their elasticized waist so they could be pulled on and off. Even the thickest training panties offered more hope to Rogue than this diaper.

“Now what shall I have you wear?” Summon asked loudly snapping Rogue out of her trance. Summon moved away from Rouge’s field of vision as she said this. “Well now that we don’t have to worry about you getting your panties up and down in time I can put you into some nice pretty clothes.”
Rogue gasped at this. She couldn’t help it but as Summon mentioned pretty clothes she found herself remembering the onesies that the blonde mutant had subjected them too last time she had caught them. Biting her lip she prayed that the thought reader wouldn’t remember them.
“But I should probably put you in something to prevent your diapers from drooping too much.” Summon announced loudly from the trunk of the car causing Rogue to swear softly. If she hadn’t been naked save her diaper the gothic mutant may have considered running but in her current condition she decided to wait again. Rogue then felt Summon’s slender fingers snake around her ankle pulling her to the door of the Cadillac.

With an unceremonious thud Rogue found herself sitting on the asphalt staring at Summon’s smooth legs. Placing her hands protectively around her naked breasts she looked up to see what horror the blonde mutant had selected for her.

Wafting slightly in the funneled breeze between the parked cars behind her and the bus in front of her Rogue saw the lime green onesie. Summon held it in front of Rogue with one hand and with the other she traced it up Rogue’s body until she took hold of Rogue’s left elbow. Using her superior strength the blonde mutant pulled Rogue to a standing position where she pulled the garment over Rogue’s body, arms and all.
“Well this should help stop sagging diaper syndrome, well it won’t help stop it; but it should stop anyone from being able to see it.” Summon mocked as she began to roughly pull Rogue’s arms through the onesie’s sleeves.
Placing a warning palm against Rogue’s stomach Summon knelt down in front of the gothic mutant and carefully snapped up the onesie. Staring at the two awkward bulbs of material where the knots stretched the onesie tightening across Rogue’s diaper and showing its high waist Summon smiled.
“I guess we’re going to be knots out today.” She explained before pulling white plastic covering out from within the onesie.

With the strong hand against her stomach Rogue could only look down in anguish as the onesie was stretched by the knots of the diaper. The material covering her diaper was pulled up tightly against the crinkling white garment leaving a distinctive lime green v-shape across her crotch contrasting sharply against the glossy white of the diaper which framed her hips.

The hand then slipped from her stomach to round Rogue’s waist as Summon stood and placed the gothic mutant on her hip. Opening the door and releasing the acrid smoke Rogue found herself placed in the deep car seat.
“I know car rides always put my little babies to sleep so we won’t worry about shorts or skirts right not. You just have a nice long rest and don’t worry about your diaper that is on really tight so you won’t be coming out of that until it really needs changing.” Summon laughed as she buckled Rogue. The gothic mutant found she couldn’t keep her eyes open as her captor slammed the door still cackling evilly.

X23 stared at Ian. Legion’s youngest incarnation was repeatedly turning Cerebro’s halo over and over in his hands. As per Lucas’s instructions he hadn’t attempted to activate the device and whilst the oldest personality was no longer in dominance X23 found herself more able to think.

The further along this plan proceeded the more it sounded hackneyed and insane. Lucas wasn’t trying for a bloodless revolution. He hated humans with a passion yes but he hated his father more. And this scheme was designed to act on two fronts.

During her time with Hydra X23 had seen the separation of two identities co-habiting the same body and like separating co-joined twins it was hardly ever successful. The weakest personality could never support its own body and was almost always die. ‘Summon must know this.’ X23 thought as she watched Ian’s childlike curiosity stroke the halo again. ‘And is Lucas sure he is the most dominant personality?’ She considered. Whatever his true motives were he was playing some long odds with little room for error.