X-Men 'Evolution'

X-Men Evolution

Kitty woke up to a wet bed for the first time in six years. Her mind raced and she felt sick to her stomach. Then dancing at the back of her conscious she felt Professor Xavier probe her mind. She just sat there like a small child with a parent looking down on her from up high. She wanted to sink into the floor. Her mutant powers easily granted her wish.
“Kitty stop!” Professor X shouted into her mind. Kitty focussed on becoming solid and raised herself back onto the floor beside her bed.
“Please come up to my study once you have changed.” Kitty removed her wet clothes and stuck on some sweats and a thick jumper which was so long she could have hid inside which is what she wanted to do. She moved off down the hallway praying that Kurt didn’t find out what she had done as she wouldn’t have been able to suffer the embarrassment.
“Ah Kitty come in.” Professor X echoed in her mind as she approached the door of his study. Kitty didn’t even bother opening the door and just walked straight through it and looked her balding mentor in the eyes.
“I suppose you know what I’ve done?” She glared at him wishing the embarrassment she was feeling as pain on him.
“Actually Kitty yes I do, but I sealed off your emotions so Jean wouldn’t have been able to pick up on them. Your psychic cries were very loud.”
Kitty despised the thought of any sort of crying especially since she had just wet her bed but she was grateful that her thoughts had remained her own. Professor X nodded as if he knew of her approval which he probably did considering his immense psychic powers.
“If you agree Kitty I can examine your subconscious and see if your problem is psychological. I don’t think it is medical considering your higher than average scores in the Danger Room.”
Kitty nodded unable to trust herself to speak. Then she felt a slight dancing presence at the back of her mind it meandered its way through her thoughts until it disappeared from her perception. Then she felt herself tumbling. Her vision swam and her knees let go of all physical strength. She was two years old again. She had just been changed and was now wearing her satin-yoked dress the pink one with the white bows. She was four and had just come back from nursery. She had been asked if she had needed to go to the toilet but had said no. Now she was regretting it as she wet her pants on the bus into the city. She was seven years old and she remembered watching the commercial for pull-ups and remembered being fascinated by the diapers for the big kids although she had never needed them before then. She was eight and her last remembered wetting accident at night she remembered the look of disappointment in her mothers face as she shooed her into the shower. She was nine and remembered wishing she was a baby again. She was fifteen, only a year before coming to the X-Men, and she remembered looking at websites which told stories about people wearing and wetting diapers for fun. Then she found herself sitting on Xavier’s couch with him wearing an expression of sorrow. He had now seen Kitty’s secret desire and her darkest memories she couldn’t help but blush.
“Kitty I am deeply sorry.” He said as Kitty became aware that she had in the space of an hour wet herself twice.
“That was my fault I have touched the equivalent of a psychic nerve with this as a response. I am also sorry that I have viewed your thoughts so thoroughly. It appears that you are reacting to the shock and any probing will result in all related ideas of wetting being thrown up. It is entirely my fault.”
“So what’s wrong with me?” Kitty asked praying that it wasn’t something major.
“Absolutely nothing. You are perfectly healthy.” Kitty balked she had hoped for something more than that.
“Then why did I…” She let her voice trail off.
“Nothing psychological after you get changed I suggest having Storm give you a medical. This could be some sort of prank.”
“Nightcrawler?” Kitty fumed when she caught up with Kurt he was dead.
“It may be. Then again it may be down to your changing body. I am also going to make another suggestion. One you may find strange.”
“What is it Professor?”
“I think you should wear some protective underwear to bed. Just until the psychic wound heals.” “But you mean…”
“Unfortunately I do Kitty. They are located in the medical supply cupboard. Do not worry nobody but myself will know.” Kitty sunk through the floor to the medical bay.

Robbie woke up and cursed. It was Thursday. He hated Thursdays because it meant he still had school and couldn’t escape his tormentors. He was of average height, average build, black hair and hazel eyes. Average in every way except for his teeth. They had a bluish tinge to them. Not so much that it was noticeable but enough to pick him out from everybody else. So he was bullied. He had heard of mutants and wished he was one. He wanted a way to combat his tormentors. He wanted strength or speed or the ability to fire lasers from his eyes. Yet he had none of these things. Just blue teeth. Sighing he got up and walked towards the shower.

Kitty woke up wet…again. The professor was right she had needed the protection. She had felt his presence in her mind while she had slept. Smoothing over the jagged fear spike in her brain. As she threw the disposable diaper in the bin she wondered if anybody would mind if she borrowed a couple of the pull-up garments. She doubted it and at the same time pushed the thought from her head. She had training to become an X-Man to complete she didn’t need to be thinking of turning into a baby.

“Hey Frost Bite.”
“Yo blue mouth!”
“Your blue teeth make you look gay.”
“You are gay aren’t you?”
“Can you kiss a boy without him freezing up?” Robbie endured his morning walk to school alone. He had once had friends but they had long since deserted him and now he had to deal with this alone. He just kept walking his head down and his blue teeth gritted.
“So you want some Colgate?”
“COLGATE! COLGATE! COLGATE!” They began to taunt.
“Back off!” Robbie shouted turning back for the first time. He knew all of his tormentors by name and by class and he had at least two in everyone today. Just make it till the weekend he thought then I can hide for two days.

Kitty threw on her last clean pair of sweat pants over the top of her diaper, she no longer thought of them as protection or wanted too, and began the her morning ritual of dealing with Kurt and Evan. At least supermodel Jean didn’t know about her wetting otherwise she would have delighted in putting Kitty down. Anything to make the other attractive girls in the Xavier Institute look younger or less mature than her was one of her favourite games.

Robbie was moving between his mid-morning classes when the “Frost Bite” taunts started. His tormentors then thought it would be funny to stuff him into a locker. Robbie tried to resist but the four of them manage to keep pulling him towards the locker. He held his own until the door was opened then he began to panic he concentrated all of his strength to avoiding the locker. The struggle continued but he appeared to be winning, as he wasn’t moving any closer to the locker. Then more bullies joined in. Now they began to punch him as well.
“Back off!” Robbie shouted. “BACK OFF!” He shouted again this time his voice was filled with another type of power. Mutant power. The four bullies that were holding him down flew across the corridor and slammed into the lockers. The extra four that had joined in were busy searching for weapons to use to fight against this new development.
“Now its time for you to leave.” Robbie said. He took his right arm across his chest in a slashing manner and the four bullies moved back propelled by the force of this repulsion blow. Robbie collapsed to his knees and was sick on the tiled floor. He then stood up and shook his head.

The next few minutes flew by in a blur.

All Robbie now knew was that he was now seated in front of his principle, Mrs Proctor, with his teacher beside her and his parents seated beside him looking worried.
“Now Robbie,” the principle began, “tell me how you found out about your…powers.”
“I didn’t know I had any until today.” Robbie answered honestly.
“But your teeth…” She proceeded.
“I honestly didn’t know I was a freak.” Robbie answered angrily his powers building up to another crescendo. His mother put a knowing hand on his arm and Robbie felt himself calm down.
“Look those bullies got what was coming to them. I hate to say it but I feared for my life when they started attacking me.” Robbie bit back tears.
“Well why didn’t you come to me?” His teacher Miss Simmons asked. She didn’t like Robbie probably because of his teeth.
"I did. Twice. You told me ‘boys will be boys’. Robbie glared.
“And…the second time.” She backtracked.
“That was the second time.” Robbie glowered.
“Look we need some information here.” Robbie’s father said.
“Yes what is happening to Robbie?” His mother asked Robbie felt like he had just disappeared from the conversation.
“I have contacted a specialist in this field who will be arriving in the next two days but until then if I could ask the Robert stays at home?” The principle asked not wanting to induce the wrath of Robbie’s father.
“Certainly if he has been getting bullied then I don’t want him anywhere near this school until those hooligans are expelled.”
“Actually Dad,” Robbie explained, “Those hooligans won’t be expelled because they won’t be a real danger to other students unlike me.” The bitterness and irony in his voice was very thick. “Also it appears that they are still being treated like humans even though they bullied me. So I guess us freaks don’t deserve protection.”
Mrs Proctor looked at Robbie wickedly and he knew he had guessed right.
Robbie’s mother who he had never seen filled with pure venom before stood up and leaned across the desk until she was almost atop Mrs Proctor. “Look you lowlife uncaring bitch.” Robbie’s mother never swore. “If something isn’t done to protect other students from those little shits then I will see that this school is closed. Okay? Now what is being done?”
Mrs Proctor looked to Miss Simmons who simply avoided eye contact to avoid commitment.
Robbie’s dad, never one to miss a trick, piped in: “Yes you too Miss Simmons as it appeared you neglected our son.”
“Well of course they will be…” Mrs Proctor stammered.
“Disciplined. And have this put on their records.” Miss Simmons finished.
“And then?” Robbie asked. The look of pure venom from both teachers told Robbie and his parents that his return to the school would not be a happy one if this specialist didn’t come up trumps. His parents rose to leave and Robbie followed them out of the door nobody else spoke.

“So Frauline how did you sleep?” Kurt asked hanging from his favourite chandelier.
Kitty bristled with anger but she kept her response cool. “Oh fine Kurt what about you I know you have lost your teddy bear.”
“Oh I’m keeping myself dry at night.”
“What?” Evan added.
“Nothing. Night Crawler tried to make me wet my bed last night but failed.”
Kitty said still wearing a diaper.
“Kurt that’s not on. You should have at least succeeded.” Evan joked. He secretly fancied Shadow Cat and loved the idea of babying her.
Kitty felt that she should dish out some punishment especially since Kurt had admitted his guilt. As they continued to eat there breakfast in silence all three sat there lost in their own thoughts.

Robbie walked home from school with his head held high. He had unleashed a power he never knew he had and he was now going to learn how to control it. He had heard of the legendary mutants who saved humanity from extinction despite the fact that humans despised them. That was who Robbie wanted to be, a hero. When he felt the wind touch his face he remembered how he had used his mind, body and something else to push away all those who were unwanted and now he left himself feeling free he opened his mouth and smiled. This was something he hadn’t done for a long time.

Kitty walked back to her room. Every movement she made was accompanied by an orchestra of crinkling and rustling quiet enough for only her to hear as she moved to her door she found it slightly ajar and found Rogue sitting there in her usual black and green sweater and black jeans. Her makeup wasn’t done yet and she appeared to be very angry.
“Well you sure took your sweet time.” She drawled in her Southern accent.
“What is it Rogue I’m busy?” Kitty asked she wanted to experiment with her diaper before she had to go to class.
“Professor Xavier had selected you to go on this recruiting mission instead of me.”
“And?” Kitty feigned nonchalance when she didn’t even no about the mission.
“I was supposed to be going next but it appears that the cat has got the cream again, Sugar.”
“Look Rogue we both know that nobody can change the Professor’s mind so why are you mad at me?”
“He is taking you in the van with him whilst the rest of the team takes the Blackbird and checks out the anti-mutant factions.” Kitty was rocked this meant Professor Xavier was keeping an eye on her maybe he was going to indulge her and let her wear a diaper all the time they were travelling. The thought of this made her feel weak at the knees. Rogue looked at Kitty and obviously decided that it wasn’t worth pursuing, as she wasn’t going to fight for it so she stormed off to go and complain at Logan.

Once she had gone Kitty closed the door and locked it. She closed her curtains and moved over to her dresser. She pulled out the bottom drawer and pushed her hand in behind it. Carefully so as to not make any noise she pulled out three of the night time diapers. The white plastic backed garment had soft gauze on the inside to make it more comfortable to wear and Kitty had appreciated it. Although they didn’t look very babyish Kitty could change that with some ribbon and a pair of scissors. She pulled off her sweats and dropped them on a pile on the floor. She then pulled up all three diapers over the top of the one she was already wearing. Now she was very excited. She walked up and down enjoying the feeling of having her legs forced out at funny angles making her baby waddle. She dropped to all fours and crawled around making her diapers gently swish around. She then rolled over onto her back, closed her eyes and wished that the moment could last forever. On hearing approaching footsteps Kitty simply stepped out of the diapers as she phased through the extra three she put on, quickly replaced them in their hiding place and phased back into her sweats she adjusted them so they looked normal again.

Sometimes when she phased in clothes they had a tendency to phase into each other and form a new garment but that hadn’t happened here. As Kitty ran her hand over her padded rear she wondered what other things she should buy to make her nursery complete. As she was a girly girl her posters were fine but she needed a changing table. Although her dresser would do because of its large solid oak shape it didn’t have a changing mat on it. Maybe she would just get one of those. She needed a pacifier too a big comedy one and a little one. Some ribbon and baby patterns to make her diapers look the part and maybe a couple of pairs of diaper-covers. Plastic pants, rompers, bibs, bonnets and everything else she needed would come later. All she needed was some money and a better hiding place. This would require some thought but she had to get to school first and just hope that her diaper would go unnoticed.

“It will Kitty don’t worry.” Professor X spoke into her mind. “I will ensure that nobody notices your underwear is different. Once again I can only apologise for what I did to your body when I was trying to help you.”
Kitty balked at the idea of always having him listen in to her thoughts. ‘But then he probably doesn’t’ she thought ‘he must try and block out those thoughts so he can function.’ Kitty smiled again. If nobody noticed her diaper all day perhaps she could wet it later on in the day. It would have to be very late on because her diaper would smell after a while. Skipping to her dresser she pulled on a light pink tee shirt and her sneakers and pulled her hair back into its ponytail and grabbed her bag. She unlocked the door and was ready to face a brand new day.

The dark gloom of the cave where Mystique was training her new mutants was not a happy place. Of the ten she had recruited there were now only four left. Shockwave, Vertigo, Hypnotic and Summon all of whom had good strong powers but only Shockwave was really offensive. How she long for Avalanche and Quicksilver they were good enough to stop bad planning hampered them against Xavier’s children. Now she heard of a new mutant with the ability to push people back and forth with force. To smack people up against the wall and if all the rumours were correct smash them down again. She needed this mutant whatever he was called. After all she was down to only one male, Shockwave, and she felt that they usually had more offensive powers usually due to their more aggressive psyche.

Cyclops and Havoc were practising in the Danger Room when the call came that they were to go on a recruiting mission both of the two young mutants turned and ran to the Blackbird. Logan was already waiting for them when Kitty and Charles showed up. Kitty seamed very happy for some reason but that pleased Logan who enjoyed seeing the young ones enjoying themselves for a change.
“Logan, you are to lead the team to check out anti-mutant sentiments in the town. Be alert as I am sure Mystique knows of this mutant. Storm will stay and run the Institute while we are gone I shouldn’t expect this to take more than two days we should be back by the beginning of next week.”
“You got it Charles.” Logan nodded, then turning to the rest of the X-Men he said: “Alright Rookies saddle up. Cyc you can fly us in Havoc you can fly us out Kitty your with me on systems.”
“Actually I am taking Shadow Cat with me in the van for this trip.” Everybody looked at Professor X.
“She suffered an attack of unknown origin which I am still trying to determine.” They all regarded Kitty and nodded.
“Don’t worry Kitty, Professor X is the man.” Havoc said in his usual surfers drawl. The rest simply turned and entered the Blackbird with Logan snarling something about attacking kids while they sleep as he entered the jet.
Kitty looked at Professor Xavier with thanks in her eyes, Charles Xavier just simply nods as he manoeuvres his wheelchair into the drivers’ side of his van.

Robbie sat waiting in his room. Two days of this would seem like an eternity so he decided to work on his mutant powers to improve his chances of fitting in with some superbly trained mutants. He concentrated on developing his abilities to push things. Starting small at first he realised that he could move most things with little effort but as the weight increased so did the difficulty as it did when he tried to concentrate on moving objects and more than one object at once. After hours of practising though he felt ready to try out his powers for real so he told his mother he was going for a walk.

“Colgate…Colgate…Colgate…Colgate” The taunts started almost immediately as he approached the mall. Rather than move away from the voices as he used to do he walked right up to his tormentors. These weren’t the same idiots who had tried to stuff him into the locker and obviously those who had been thrown across the corridor would not have said anything. Approaching the littlest, snappiest, most intelligent one, Mark Edwards, he stood inches above him and was only inches away from him.
“Yes, Edwards what is it?” Robbie asked sounding very angry.
“I was wondering if you had been seeing your boyfriend yesterday because I missed you at lunch.”
“Well actually I have been expelled for throwing your friends around the corridor.”
“You are such a liar.”
“Leave me alone or I will hurt you Mark.”
“I’d like to see that, you have never fought back.”
“I don’t make empty threats. Why don’t you try me?” Edwards’s friends moved around the pair forming a semi-circle behind Robbie so he couldn’t run without moving their bodies. Little did they know that Robbie could do this easily with his powers. Edwards smacked Robbie across his face. Robbie felt something happen to him. Rather than extreme pain, which he had expected to feel, it was a lot milder, that meant he had been afraid of these people for absolutely nothing.
“That didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would.” Robbie said. Edwards responded with a kick in the shins.
“Cheap shot!” Robbie responded by punching him as hard as he possibly could in the stomach. Mark fell over and his friends piled in and held Robbie in place. Robbie’s heart skipped a beat. Then he focussed himself and readied to reveal his powers. Mark Edwards stood up with tears in his eyes. Robbie hadn’t expected this. Finding his voice Robbie asked sadistically. “Are you going to cry?”
Mark Edwards lost control and jumped on Robbie biting, scratching, hair pulling punching and kicking him.
Once again although it was painful Robbie didn’t fear for his life.
“Back off Mark.” Robbie said. Mark redoubled his efforts his tears of frustration now flowing openly. Then his friends got tired of holding him down so instead they joined in. “Back off!” Robbie shouted as soon as he felt real pain. The entire gang flew away from him. A few landed uncomfortably. Two landed in a nearby fountain. Mark was lying directly in front of him crying into the ground. Aiming a kick square at Mark’s chest Robbie took out some frustration on him. “Now you little freak you are going to die.” Robbie glowered. Then he stopped and turned. He thought he had felt someone watching him. He turned back to Mark who was trying to stand up. Robbie kicked him in the arm and sent him back to the floor. Then Robbie walked away leaving Mark crying hysterically on the ground.

Kitty had wet her diaper, she had meant to she wasn’t even aware of her need to go but she had. As soon as the wetness had touched her skin Kitty knew what she had done and was deeply ashamed.
Professor Xavier had turned and looked at her while she was doing it and Kitty had to wet herself in front of her mentor.
She felt like a baby. She smelt like a baby with the clammy pee in the front of her diaper and she was now crying like a baby. Professor X said nothing as he pulled into the car park beside the lake.

Once they had arrived at a secluded spot Professor X opened the door and moved to the back of the van. Kitty got out of the passenger side and went to take his wheel chair to him.
“Kitty I have stopped us here for two reasons.” Professor X said. “The first is so you can change…if you want to the second is so that I can try and fix the damage that I have done to you.”
“Thank you Professor.” Kitty blushed as she realised just how childish she must have seemed as the car had to be stopped for her diaper to be changed.
“I will be by the lake. Once you are ready please come and get me.” The Xavier said as he rolled towards the picture postcard setting.
Kitty moved to the back of the van and proceeded to begin to change her soggy diaper.

Robbie had wandered aimlessly since his fight with Mark and he found himself facing the church at the wrong side of town. This was a place where he didn’t want to be. The bad neighbourhood was to his left. To his right was the lake; Robbie could smell the burning tyres from beside the lakebed. He turned and began to walk back to his house when he once again felt someone staring at him. Whirling around he saw a cat streak across behind him. It was so black it looked blue when it ran. He laughed at himself for being so jumpy there was no one following him.

Mystique watched the awkward looking mutant spin around. He was fast to have noticed her watching him. Once he turned back around dismissing what he felt as whatever she pulled her body into its human form. If her plan worked he would come begging to her to help him. She took the form of a beautiful teen girl.

Hypnotic approached the now sullen Mark. Her straight black hair and skinny body made her attractive except for her pointed nose and thin lips. “Hey there bully boy.” She taunted in her melodic voice.
“Huh?” He grunted. He was nursing his forehead sitting in the café of the mall alone.
“I bet you wish you could get your own back on the guy who did this to you.”
“Yes, so?”
“I could help you.”
“How?” “I could give you powers to fight him.”
“Because I can. Now shut up and look at me.” Edwards raised his head and looked into Hypnotic’s eyes.

Once Kitty had changed into her fresh diaper she moved down to the lake and stood just behind the Professor. “Did you know when I first discovered I couldn’t use my legs all I wanted in the whole world was to be able to swim from one side of this lake to the other?” Professor X said.
“No.” Kitty said cagily.
“And every time I come past here I look at the water and think how easily I could so if I had stronger arms.”
“Kitty what happened to you was one of the failings of my own control over my powers. I have been training myself for over twenty years and cannot even look into a young person’s mind without affecting something.”
“What are you talking about Professor?”
“Nothing was wrong with you before and now you keep wetting yourself.”
“Professor didn’t Storm tell you?”
“The stuff Kurt gave me was very potent and probably won’t have worn off yet. It wasn’t your fault. Besides…”
The Professor turned and looked at her.
Kitty squatted down so she was at his eye level.
“Kitty, I understand your desire. I don’t discourage you to develop interests into certain areas. But please understand that I will not hide the fact that you are wearing diapers for a fetish. We do not use our powers for personal gain. And yes I was aware of how long the drug lasted. I was just worriedly that you had less control.” The Professor sounded disappointed and angry.
“I haven’t been deliberately wetting myself Professor.” Kitty defended.
“I know Kitty but you must understand that I…I…Kitty I must know where this desire comes from.”
“Why Professor?” Kitty asked ashamed.
“Kitty its for your protection it may be that you are trying to force yourself to move back to a time without your powers. If that is so then you may become useless to me as a member of the X-Men.”
“Professor I cannot explain it. But no I would never jeopardise my friends over DIAPERS.” Kitty said defiantly.
“Thank you Kitty I am glad…and please allow me to help you one last time.”
“How Professor?”
“If we get this new mutant to join the school I will allow you to get your own back on Night crawler.” As Kitty walked back to the van she was uncertain of what had just transpired between her and her bald mentor. But she felt strangely good about herself. Then she realised the Professor had just cured the psychic wound he had inflicted.
Xavier who was slightly in front of Kitty nodded his head as they moved back to the van.

Robbie walked back to his house to find it already surrounded by the biggest gang of bullies every assembled. They were all standing outside his house looking bored. Above his head a blackbird squawked. And the gang turned to look at Robbie. Many of them pulled out knives and other assorted weapons. Robbie swore as he began to back off. He was trying to pull everybody away from his house. He saw his parents at the front window. His dad was pulling on his coat and he had Robbie’s titanium baseball bat. His mother was busy punching numbers into the telephone. The gang had still not said anything as the moved towards Robbie.
“Come on then!” He screamed. The closest began to surge on Robbie. He looked around frantically and turned and ran. The problem with living in a cul-de-sac was that it was an easy bottleneck for the gang to cut him off. Robbie saw two cars pull across the street blocking him in. Mark stepped out of one of the cars.
Accompanied by a girl with straight black hair and a pointed nose. Mark pulled out a gun.
And pointed it at Robbie.
He saw the flash of light. Robbie concentrated all his power on repelling anything moving towards him. He felt the bullet punch through the dome he had created. It passed through it moving towards Robbie. Then he was moving sideways. He opened his eyes and looked at the beautiful blonde girl who had just saved him.
“Thank you he breathed.” The girl simply nodded and she stood up and turned to the gang behind him. Robbie could see his father trying to push through the gang. As he moved through he was being punched and kicked slashed and stabbed. Robbie was watching his own father being killed trying to get to him.
“NO!” He screamed all of his emotions rising up into a crushing wave pushing the lump in his throat down. Robbie aimed his hands either side of his father and pushed out the way. Clearing a path for him to move towards his son.
“Robbie.” His dad screamed sprinting through the cleared corridor. As his father approached him Robbie saw bullets begin to pepper the area surrounding Robbie and his female savour.
“Why isn’t he hitting us?” Robbie found his voice through cracked lips.
“I’m a mutant.” The girl said, “I am confusing his aim.”
“Thank you now let’s go.” Robbie ran at his dad full pelt. The girl followed. Placing his left arm around her waist Robbie hit his father in his waist with his right bicep. Still running Robbie jumped and repelled the ground with all of his might. He began to hurtle towards his house. Misjudging his aim totally Robbie smashed his face into the wall of his house.

Cyclops put the blackbird down at the end of the street and saw that a gang of at least sixty had gathered. Wolverine turned to each of the X-Men in turn.
“We are not here to aggravate the situation.” He snarled.
“It looks pretty aggravated already.” Cyclops said adjusting the width on his visor. So he could push his way through the gang rather than shooting through them.
“If we had Night Crawler he could get the people outside without to much of a fuss.”
“We’ll do it the old fashioned way.” Havoc said charging his power. The three X-Men pushed into the crowd.

Xavier sat bolt upright so quickly it almost made Kitty wet her second diaper of the trip. “Kitty get changed we have to move, the others need our help.” Kitty jumped through into the back of the van and cursed. Her tight suit would show off her diaper bulge nicely, or she could chance going without it and pray she didn’t wet her suit. As if her body wanted to answer her question the Diet Coke she had drunk on leaving the lake began to soak into her diaper. She waited until she had finished then pulled on her fresh diaper along with her combat suit. As she squirmed back into the front of the van Professor X told her.
“I will be unable to hide that until after the fighting has finished.”
“Its for protection Professor.” Kitty said.

Robbie awoke inside his house. He was in the upstairs bathroom with his mum bandaging his hands. “What…what happened?”
“Relax you saved both of them and now we have a chance to leave.” His mother said busily trying to stop the blood flowing out of the wound where his watched had smashed through his wrist.
“But what…what about the fighting?”
“Its nearly over the specialists have sent in some mutants to help us to live through this.”
“Good but I must see this.” Robbie mumbled staring down at his thickly bandaged hands. His mother helped him down to the window beside his dad and the mystery girl who had saved them and they watched the fighting. Three men where fighting back the crowd. One was using his fists, one was firing crackling red bolts of energy from his eyes and the other was firing sizzling yellow energy bolts from his arms. They weren’t killing the mob either. They were knocking them unconscious or driving them back from the house.

“Kitty get ready we are going to enter the house from the back using your phasing powers. I am detecting a strange mutant power beside a familiar presence. It’s Mystique. We must go now!” Professor X said increasing the throttle on the van.
Kitty mentally prepared herself for the infiltration then she checked just how visible her diaper was. Very, well she would have to help this new mutant first and restore her pride later.

“So who are you and why did you save me?” Robbie turned to the girl staring at the fighting before them.
The girl’s skin began to blister all over; these blisters then popped allowing blue pus to run all over her body. The pus began to change her skin into a deep dark blue colour and her clothes dissolved into a single white garment. Her hair now covered in blue pus began to turn red and her blue eyes blinked out the pus then turned blue. Once this transformation had occurred Robbie felt violently sick. His mother was in the same state but his father remained impassive.
“I’m a mutant like you, Robbie.” She said in a deep sultry voice. “I know what its like to be shunned by those around you. To be feared and hated because you are different. And I know how you can change all that.”
“Mystique thinks that mutants should be the rulers of this planet and that humans should be culled to make way for a new world order.” A voice from the bottom of the stairs said. Everybody turned and saw a bald man sitting in a wheel chair phase through a wall with a pretty teen girl walking behind holding onto the wheel chair.
“That’s not right.” Robbie’s mother said. Mystique just melted into a giant falcon and soared out of the window.
“But she saved me?” Robbie said.
“Yes she also started this riot.” Kitty said consciously moving behind the professor to hide her diapered behind.
“I am picking up Cyclops and the others outside Kitty, please go and check to see if you could find where the last mutant signal is coming from I am detecting something strange.”
Kitty cursed the Professor he was making sure that everybody saw her diaper so she didn’t enjoy wearing them any more. She moved quickly to the window and then she saw what the Professor was talking about. She saw the last mutant signature because she saw Mystique land beside a girl who jumped on her back and they flew the last two metres to the car and then sped off into the distance.
“Yes Professor I see the other mutant a black haired girl they are moving into a car and escaping. The riot seems to be stopping.” Kitty said turning she saw that everybody was staring open mouthed at her behind. Kitty blushed red. Everybody seemed to shake his or her heads and then turn back to the professor.
“Thank you Kitty. I am Professor Charles Xavier I believe you called me about the development of mutant powers in your son.”
“That’s right.” Robbie’s father said. “He was being bullied at school when his powers came to the front. Apart from the slight discolouration to his teeth we had no idea he was a mutant.”

Robbie hated being talked about as if he wasn’t there so he turned to Kitty. “Was this what it was like for you?”
“Worse.” She replied. “I was pushed into a locker at school and fell through it. One of Mystique’s goons tried to recruit me as well. That was before I met the Professor. Excuse me but where is your bathroom.”
Robbie seemed to shake his head. “Up there, first door on the right.”
Kitty moved upstairs.
Once in the bathroom she locked then door and took off her diaper. It wasn’t wet so Kitty used the bathroom and then phased her diaper into the space between the bath panelling and the tub itself. Then she refastened her suit and moved back downstairs. She could already hear Scott and Logan talking to the new mutants parents whilst she could see the professor talking to the mutant himself.
“Excellent. Then it’s decided. Kitty will come back with us in the van. Logan will take his contingent with him back in the Blackbird. This should ensure that there will be no more rioting in the street especially if they see Robbie leave just now. How quickly can you pack?”
“He has already.” Robbie’s mother said moving through to speak to her son.
“Excellent.” The Professor concluded and Robbie’s father moved up the stairs to his bedroom. It dawned on Robbie for the first time; he would be leaving his parents, his hometown and everything he had known for sixteen years today. He would no longer know exactly how long it would take for him to move from one side of the town to the other. Or every short cut to every location in town with this thought he looked at his mother. He moved over shyly to her. Unwilling to display all the emotions he felt in front of these battle hardened mutant warriors that he hoped he would become.
He needn’t have bothered. His mother grabbed him with both hands and with tears in her eyes she could only whisper, “good luck”, to her departing son. Robbie’s father witnessed this show of emotions from the stairwell and could just about contain the lump in his throat that had risen and threatened to cut off his air supply. Robbie saw his dad. The man, who had raised him, taught him just about everything and the man who had been willing to risk his own life to save him. Robbie moved over and hugged him.
“Thank you. Thank you for everything.” Robbie said.
“I know son, now get going you have a long trip ahead of you.”
“Remember if things don’t work out you can always come home.” His mother added. Now she was crying.
“I understand.” Was all Robbie could manage to say as he picked up his suitcases and walked out the front door. Kitty and the Professor followed him then Logan, Scott and Havoc in a slow precession leaving Robbie’s home behind them.

Robbie sat in the passenger’s seat of the van and watched the countryside roll past, washing away the familiar and putting the unknown in its place. He sat silently for he had nothing to say. His family were behind and now he had only two suitcases of clothes, no reminders of his past just his clothes, which he had taken with him.

Kitty sat in the back of the van and squirmed, on returning to the van she had decided not to put on any more diapers, this new guy was kind of cute, even with his nose slightly damaged and the swelling above his eye which he hardly seemed to notice. She guessed it was his brooding, dark looks that had her so entranced. At the Institute all the guys tried to be like Scott, the hero, all the time. That was endearing but this guy, everybody likes a bit of darkness to the hero. And here it was sitting in the seat in front of her. Then Kitty felt it. She was doing it again. Wetting herself, with no diaper on and with a guy she liked the look of sitting in front of her. Turning herself around she took one of the diapers out of the medical supply box which the Professor had had put in the van for her. She phased out of her underwear and into her diaper. Although it would do no good with the stain that would know be present on her X-Men uniform.

Robbie turned to the professor. “What did you say?” He asked before slumping on the chair asleep.
“Thank you Professor.” Kitty said. As she began to change into her sweat pants and pink tee shirt.

Mystique turned to the communicator. “I know what I saw. She defiantly was wearing them.”
The shadowed form of Magneto stared back. “You are sure you saw Shadow Cat wearing diapers. An X-Man wearing diapers why on earth would Charles allow this. Unless it was an attack of some kind, we must act quickly to press this advantage. Get pictures of this. Then send Toad to distribute them. I will concentrate on how we can press this further. And send Summon to me. I now have use of her talents.” The transmission blinked out. Mystique moved to the cave wear the brotherhood’s main attack power was.
“Hey boss lady what’s going on?” Quicksilver asked moving around her in circles.
“I want to know too.” Blob wined.
“What did Magneto tell you?” Avalanche said he usually led the other mutants so he was desperate to know.
“Toad I have a special assignment. One you will enjoy and Summon you too have an assignment the rest of you have school tomorrow. But you will have to help Toad so it should be fun.” Toad who was chasing a fly with his tongue looked around and just shrugged. He didn’t care he was still trying to annoy the fly.

When they arrived home the other X-Men and many of the students at the Xavier Institute were waiting to see the new arrival as Professor Xavier never usually went out to recruit mutants any more.

As Robbie emerged from the van he could feel the wave of disappointment hit him. They were expecting something more. Fangs, wings or something not an ordinary looking guy. Robbie smiled at them all, something he hadn’t done in a long, long time and he felt the warmth of these people smile back at him.
“This is Evan, Robbie.” The Professor said pointing at the dark skinned guy clutching the skateboard under his arm.
“Hiya.” Evan said.
“Robbie will be staying in the free room in your part of the building could you show him to it, and show him around please.”
“Certainly Professor.” Evan said moving toward Robbie with his hand outstretched. “I’m Evan you can call me Spyke as well.”
“Okay Spyke-as-well.” Robbie joked as Evan eyed him suspiciously.
“You’re going to fit in just fine.”

“So my assignment is to take photos of Kitty Pryde? That’s fantastic boss lady you really are a lot better than I give you credit for.” Toad said before being side kicked into a wall.
“Shut up and listen Worm. You will do this assignment, the rest of you will make sure that the rest of the X-Men are kept to busy to do anything to help her. Shockwave I want you to find the new mutant and see just how strong his powers really are. If he lets his emotions rule him like I think he does then we have a huge weakness to exploit. Now get to it.”
“Sure thing boss lady.” Toad said rubbing his shoulder.

Robbie awoke with a start; well almost he hadn’t really slept. His mind was in turmoil every time he closed his eyes he could see his father pushing through the crowd getting slashed and clubbed as he tried to save him. Robbie couldn’t help but wonder what he would have done if the X-Men hadn’t stepped in. No, actually he knew the answer to that question. He would have let Mystique help him and joined her not only willingly but happily he would have waged war on humanity with a song in his heart and a smile on his face. But now he was going to become one of the X-Men a protector so that others like him could develop their powers and eventually when powers were the norm nobody would be discriminated against. A pipe dream Robbie knew it would never happen but he had to try else he would become so disillusioned with the system he would try to destroy it like the Brotherhood Professor Xavier had told him about. But first Robbie needed a name. He had to have something like Shadow Cat, Night Crawler, Cyclops, Wolverine or Rogue something cool but what. His powers were to repel but that would be a bad name. “Fear me for I am Repel.” Robbie laughed at himself. No he wanted something better.
“Why not Force?” Professor Xavier’s voice said inside his head. Robbie hated the idea of the psychic mutants reading his mind all the time but he guessed it would yet another thing to adjust to.
“It seems too powerful I don’t want my name to be arrogant I want to be a defender not an attacker.” Robbie said voicing his thoughts more articulately than he thought he could.
“Well there is a question that only you can answer. Perhaps speaking to Storm could help she is very wise in matters of the heart.”
“Thank you Professor.” Robbie said trying to quiet his thoughts so he could sleep.

“Stinky, poopy baby.”
Kitty awoke with a start.
Rogue’s voice had sounded so real but it was just a dream.
“Sure it was sugar.”
Kitty sat straight up.
There at her door was Rogue. Fully clothed and holding Kitty’s bed sheets in her left hand. In her right was a baby bottle.
“How…when…why…what’s going on Rogue?” Kitty demanded.
“Don’t get fussy ma’ little kitten.” Rogue teased. She moved into Kitty’s room leaving the sheets outside and closed the door. “I just came to make sure your diaper was wet.”
Kitty looked down hoping that what she was feeling against her skin was wrong. Unfortunately it wasn’t, she had once again wet her diaper.
“Gonna’ cry?” Rogue asked.
“No.” Kitty spat at Rogue.
“Don’t get fussy sugar or I’ll get ma camera.”
“What do you want Rogue?”
“To feed you.”
“Don’t shout baby, or else you will attract unwanted attention to your condition.”
“You want to feed me. Why?”
“It’s the second most demeaning thing I can do to you.”
Kitty knew what the first was so she decided not push Rogue.
“Okay then.” Kitty sulked.
Rogue jumped onto Kitty’s bed so quickly that Kitty had to bring her legs up so Rogue didn’t crush them with her army boots. Rogue collapsed onto her knees in front of Kitty and aimed the bottle’s nipple straight at her mouth. Kitty leaned forward and began to drink from the bottle. Slowly she brought her hands up to the bottle and she tried to snatch it from Rogue’s hands.
“No baby you’ll spill it.” Rogue said pulling the bottle away from Kitty. “Now what do you say.”
Kitty fumed. “I’m sorry can I please have my bottle back.”
“Of course you can’t.”
“You obviously can’t be trusted to be fed here. We will have to change the venue.”
Kitty’s heart sank. “Where?” She breathed.
“The kitchen.”
Down two flights of stairs past Evan’s, Kurt’s, Scott’s, Jean’s and Robbie’s rooms Kitty could feel her embarrassment growing. Even if she could get down to the kitchen she could never make both trips without being seen.
“No.” Kitty said.
“Big talk from such a little girl.” Rogue said removing her gloves.
“What are you doing Rogue?”
“If I touch you for four seconds you’ll be so weak I could drag you into the middle of the field, put you in a baby bouncer, cut all your hair off and make you cry like a two year old with out any effort. Now come with me.”
Kitty used the only trick she had available to her. Using her powers she phased through her mattress and under her bed.

She would have made it if she had been a fraction of a second quicker. But Rogue had been prepared for such an eventuality and didn’t even try to catch her. She simply ripped up Kitty’s mattress and grabbed hold of her legs when she phased through. Kitty felt herself becoming weaker and beginning to drop into unconsciousness. Rogue left her like that and put on her gloves. Grabbing Kitty’s nightshirt she pulled it off of the weaken girl. Grabbing Kitty under the arm she pulled her downstairs, fortunately for Kitty not waking anybody. Rogue pushed Kitty into one of the big dining room chairs in the kitchen. Kitty was to weak to even resist. Rogue pulled off her chain belt and tied it around Kitty’s waist tightly with the buckle around the back of the chair digging into the soft leather.
“Right then Kitten its time for the rest of your meal. But first.” Rogue picked up some oven gloves from the stove. She pulled Kitty’s hands into them. Kitty began to mumble incoherently. Rogue took the baby bottle to the fridge and filled it back up with milk. She then took some meat paste, a horrible pate like substance that Kurt liked and a spoon.

Re: X-Men ‘Evolution’

Kitty pulled herself together, Rogue was putting her into this position and she could easily escape being tied up. She shook her head for clarity and tried to phase through the chair. The cold hard leather against her back remained in place.
“What’s going on?” Kitty said sounding a lot more awake than she felt.
“I took your powers so you couldn’t use them Kitten.” Rogue laughed. “Open wide.”
Kitty swallowed the mouthful of the gritty tasting chicken liver spread. She then opened her mouth to rid it of the taste that had coated her mouth only to find another mouthful of paste waiting for her forcing her to swallow again.
“Now sweetness its time for your milk.” Rogue said showing Kitty the once again full bottle Kitty groaned as she once again leaned forward to suck on the bottle’s teat.

As she did this Kitty glowered at Rogue because Rogue was standing there wearing her adult clothes whilst she was wearing a diaper and her bra. The two were incomparable and as Kitty was tied up there was no question of who was in charge.
“Don’t give me the evil eye sweetness, or I’ll just fill up the bottle again.” Rogue taunted. Kitty wasn’t that worried it was only a baby’s bottle and even two and a half wouldn’t be that much to drink. “That’s better now you are smiling again.”

Kitty finished the bottle and Rogue stood there looking at her.
“What’s it like?” Rogue asked.
“What?” Kitty demanded.
“Don’t take that tone with me, brat, wearing wet diapers what is it like.” Rogue took great pains to spell it out.
“My diaper doesn’t feel that wet any more.” Kitty admitted. “There is sort of a coolness that I can feel but it is just sort of a weight around my middle now.”
“So its not that bad?”
“No it is horrible but only when the diaper is still warm with pee once that is pulled away from my skin it isn’t that bad at all.”
“So you can stand wearing wet diapers?” Rogue was baiting a question.
“I suppose so.” Kitty said more anxious to get out of this chair than play twenty bloody questions.
“Good, because you are going to stay in those until I come to change you tomorrow morning.” Rogue laughed. “And Ill know if you have changed them because I will just touch you and take your memories of when I left you in your room. Okay Kitten?”
Kitty nodded not trusting herself to speak.
Rogue moved to untie her.

Kitty woke up back in her bed. Her covers were pooled around her ankles, which is where they usually lay, and her diaper wasn’t really that wet. Shaking her head she tried to make sense of what had happened.
“Rogue answered one of my thoughts.” Kitty said. “It was just a dream.” Kitty examined her middle for marks cut into her stomach by the stinging bike chain belt. There was nothing there. Kitty began to relax. Then at the back of her mind she could hear a little voice that said ‘What just happened then?’ Kitty couldn’t answer it. But she knew a man who could.
Checking her clock she saw it was nearly seven thirty, time to get up and get ready for school so she took off her diaper and went into the shower.

Robbie realised he had managed to sleep late on his first day at a new school. He threw himself into the shower and washed himself with soap. Once again he cursed himself for only packing clothes and he threw on a grey hooded sweatshirt and a pair of black jeans. He stopped as he passed the mirror on the reverse of his cupboard door. What he saw in the mirror he didn’t like, it was the quiet, timid, scared and bullied boy who had left his school in a state of panic Thursday, that wasn’t him anymore. He pulled of his clothes and searched his bag for something he liked. Pulling out a pair of brown cords, a smoky grey shirt and a black top Robbie change his appearance. He looked cocky, maybe too much so, this is how Force would look and Robbie didn’t know if he was Force yet.
“What the hell let’s go.” Robbie puffed out his chest put his head back and walked out to face his new school life as one of the X-Men.

Robbie was really surprised to find his fellow X-Men still eating at the table when he walked into the kitchen.
“Hey sugar.” Rogue said happily.
“Yo man.” Evan said not even looking up from his cereal.
There was a blue skinned mutant hanging from his tail eating a bowl of cereal and it took Robbie a second to remember his name, Night Crawler, Kurt.
Kitty sat at the opposite side of the table from Rogue and was staring at her intensely Robbie would have to figure out what was going on there. It must have been because she was the first person on the team he had met, not counting the Professor but he felt a certain kinship between the two as if they shared the same secret…
“Are you going to sit down or eat your breakfast standing up there?” Rogue quipped cheerfully.
“I thought I was late.” Robbie said confused.
“For what?” Evan asked.
“For school. You said we had it on Saturday’s.”
“Yes we do.” Kurt explained. “But it starts at ten and finishes at twelve. Its only really us mutants there as well.”
“Because we miss so much school disappearing off on missions.” Scott finished from behind Robbie.
“And the Brotherhood from trying to stop us.” Jean said attached to Scott’s arm. Robbie had never seen the two apart but then he had only seen them twice.
“No, we can separate when we want to.” Jean said.
“I really don’t like it when people read my mind.” Robbie said.
“People, people lets just eat breakfast.” Kurt said dangling with intent.
The X-Men took their seats with their latest recruit.

“You see Logan he does fit in.” Charles said turning to Wolverine. He was standing impassively staring at the single monitor watching the pictures being beamed back.
“I don’t know he seems very bleak in his outlook.” Logan said staring deep into the boy’s eyes.
“He managed to keep an entire school’s worth of attackers at bay with no training of his powers. He is also a lot like yourself, Logan.” Charles moved his chair to face Logan.
“What do you mean?”
“He is a loner just like you.”
“But I don’t think it was by choice.”
“Neither was yours Logan, please give the boy a chance. He is still trying to come to terms of leaving his home behind. Perhaps you could talk to him later?”

The silence was deafening as they all sat around the table eating their breakfasts, Robbie for one didn’t care for the silence so he piped up after swallowing his mouthful of cereal.
“I forgot to bring some toiletries with me is there anywhere I could go to pick them up?”
“Sure there is. I can take you after school if you’d like.” Scott suggested.
“That’d be fine. Thank you.”
“So Robbie…” Kurt started. “Have you thought up…ahem…a name yet?”
“I think so.” Robbie shrugged.
“Good. What?” Rogue leaned forward as if sharing a secret.
“I will tell you once I find the name I consider most appropriate.” Robbie said suddenly defensive. What if the name was too much? What if it was really lame?

Kitty sat in silence, brooding, she couldn’t tell if Rogue knew about her dream, or if somebody else had caused it, but every time she caught Rogue’s eye the Southerner wrinkled her nose at her and then turned away. Something wasn’t right.
“Why are you fidgeting like that sugar? Do you need somebody to help you eat your breakfast?” Rogue teased snapping Kitty’s attention around to her. Looking at Rogue’s self-satisfied smile Kitty knew that Rogue knew.
“No Rogue unlike you I can feed myself.” Kitty snapped back.
“Easy sugar, no need to throw a tantrum.” Rogue was teasing Kitty openly. The rest of the table stared opened mouthed at the two girls who were clearly arguing about more than breakfast.
“Calm down ladies.” Scott said trying to put enough authority into his voice to bring the girls back down to earth.
“Back off.” Both girls turned and hissed at him.
“I was going to call myself that.” Robbie said quietly. He became the centre of attention again.
“Why?” Jean asked softly.
“It was the first words I spoke when I discovered my powers.” Robbie said he was still a little bit uncomfortable talking about the subject so he stopped there. And dropped his head.
“What happened?” The whole table seemed to say with nobody saying at all.
“I was being bullied by these boys at my school. They called me names because of my teeth. Stupid names, names that weren’t even insulting but after a while I couldn’t stand them. They called me Colgate, and then when my mum bought that kind of toothpaste I contemplated suicide. That’s when my father came in. I owe him my life, but not because he conceived me but because he believed in me and didn’t tell my mother. He protected me; he did everything he could to help. Then one day I decided to fight back. The bullies were supposed to stop when I did that. Instead they picked on my friends who found they stopped when they stopped being my friends. They made me alone. Even if I fought back it was always me against all of them.” Robbie stopped, raised his head and found his knew housemates staring back at him with empathy, even lo…no they didn’t know him that well.

Kitty stood up and moved to Robbie she took his hand in hers and held it up. “Please Robbie go on.” She breathed.
“Then at the beginning of the week every time I got angry with the bullies I got stronger. Not a lot at first but enough to make me feel a little less of a victim. Then on Thursday they tried to stuff me into a locker. I fought back. They tried harder. I fought back with every fibre of my being. Then at that point when I had used up all my power, when I had nothing else but my emotions and blood to give I found a new power source. When they dragged me in I gave everything to this new power I fed it every drop of my mind, body and soul. The last thing I remember about feeling wholly human at that last point was shouting back off. From then on I have been feeling every since I got here.”
“And that is?” Scott asked.
“I don’t know who I am anymore. That’s why I need to find a new name that I deserve. Not what I want.”
“Its simple Robbie, you are now one of the X-Men and for just now that’s all the name you need.” Jean said. She filled her mind with warmth and confidence and allowed it to radiate to Robbie. But she saw it wasn’t needed. He was taking all of his comfort from the physical contact with Kitty.
“Now if you will excuse me.” Robbie said untangling his hand and moving away to the toilets tears filling his eyes.
The rest of the X-Men returned to their eating their own thoughts suddenly overtaken them.

They still had an hour after finishing breakfast before they had to go to school so Jean went to Robbie’s room, to see if he still needed comforting. Although she loved Scott the bad thoughts and feelings that burned forth from other people occasionally got her down so she tried to be as nice to people, without being a doormat. She wanted people to have positive emotions not be able to push her around because she was so nice. Knocking on the door she began to turn the handle.
“Robbie?” She said quietly now she had started turning the handle she suddenly tensed up her hand reluctant to open it any further.
“Come in.” He replied his voice having almost returned to normal.
“I just came to see if you were alright.” Jean said opening the door fully.

Robbie’s room was decorated exactly the same as Jean’s before she had repainted. The walls were a creamy off white and there was a single bed in the middle of the room. The windows at the far wall, opposite the door, lead out onto a small balcony and Jean could see Robbie sitting along the thick balcony rail with his back against the wall.
“You said a very personal thing just now, I was just wondering why?” Jean began in the middle of her thought process because Robbie hadn’t moved since she had entered the room.
“I don’t know. It’s because I want to fit in. But I’m afraid; at my last school where I was myself I was bullied. But here the thing I was bullied for is to my advantage. Perhaps I felt I was coming here to easily.” Robbie said his words once again more articulate than he had expected.
“I’m glad you did. I am also here to tell you a little more about school and our special arrangement with the teachers.”

Kitty moved into the medical bay slowly. This course had to be perfectly timed so she could get the diapers without getting seen. It was simple she could just pick up the diapers put them in her bag and take them to her room. If she was seen on the way then she would dump her bag. Or lean against a wall and let her bag phase through it. The diapers were kept in a small cupboard in the storeroom at the back of the medical equipment. It was an easy place to get to because of the wide-open space around the three beds which served as sort of ward for the X-Men. Kitty moved softly to the cupboard door, did a casual one-eighty then softly clicked the door open.

Softly moving in Kitty waited until she had shut the door gentle before turning on the light via the cord to her left.

The cupboard was a huge junk pile. The shelves were stacked with very neatly labelled medicines but the floor in the middle was not to be seen. Burned uniforms, old dressing packaging had just been discarded into the pile.

And at the very back in the oak cupboard which came up to Kitty’s waist were the diapers. On each shelve there was two neat rows of ten diapers. With two shelves that made forty and Kitty had been going through them at some rate. Sometimes a half shelf a day so she prayed that there would still be some left. Checking that the door was still shut behind her Kitty bent down onto her knees and opened the cabinet.

Two sweet rows of the standard diapers she had been wearing on the bottom shelf…but on the top shelf…Kitty took out one of the thicker diapers. There were only ten on this shelf because the diapers were so thick. Rather than a pull-up it had tapes. Yellow tapes. It wasn’t a plain white diaper either it had two yellow broken lines starting at the middle of the crotch and extending to the fold just slightly behind the leg holes. Cocking her head slightly Kitty tried to figure out what this was for but couldn’t.
“It’s a wetness indicator, sugar.” Rogue said from behind Kitty.
“Good god!” Kitty jumped a mile.
“I hope you haven’t just filled the one you are wearing, Kitty.”
“I’m not wearing one but no I didn’t poop my pants.” Kitty said defensively, she might not have pooped them but she had certainly been caught with them down. Metaphorically speaking.
“I didn’t suggest that.” Rogue said sniffing the air. “Smells like a guilty conscious to me.”
“I didn’t.”
“Prove it then, sweetness.”
“Take down your sweats let me see your white little training pants and I’ll be satisfied, kitten.”
“No way.”
“I could always force you. Then after removing your sweats I could touch you weaken you so much I could take you onto the school bus, without any trousers and with plenty of diapers sticking out of your bag. You always have a choice, kitten.”
“Don’t call me that. I will show you but you must promise to tell no one about me…and those.” Kitty said thrusting her head towards the stack of incriminating evidence.
“You show me cleanliness and Ill show you kindness.” Rogue said grandly.

Kitty hesitated, then realising she didn’t have to take her sweats off she untied the waistband. She then pulled the grey baggy trousers down to her knees and turned around. Rogue moved over and gave her rear a quick pat.
“Nice and firm.” She pronounced.
Kitty had the sweats pulled back up the second Rogue’s hand had left contact with her pants.
“That was silly, sugar.” Rogue said she stressed the point like a peeved parent.
“You are going to have to take them off now to put one on.”
“I’m not wearing them to school.” Kitty said hoping Rogue didn’t know she already had.
“Of course but today is different. I’ve caught you here, with diapers in your hands, baggy trousers to hide the evidence and you are cornered. Kitty I think curiosity has just got you.”

Kitty didn’t even reply she just fell through the floor and landed outside the kitchen nearly knocking over Storm.
“Be careful my child. You must not use your powers just because you can.” Storm said thinking that Kitty just couldn’t be bothered using the stairs.
“Sorry Storm.” Kitty said as she moved back to her own room to remove the other diapers that Rogue would look for as incriminating evidence.

Robbie was talking with Kurt and Evan when Rogue rushing into Kitty’s room knocked him to the ground and the others had just pulled him to his feet when Kitty ran into her room almost planting him back on his ass.
“Shall we go into my room?” Robbie said gesturing grandly with his hand.
“I’d be delighted.” Evan said getting the joke.
“Mine friends you are weird.” Kurt said shaking his head.

Kitty flew into the room and jumped straight down to the bottom shelf of her dresser. Opening her secret diaper store she picked them up then moved to her bin Rogue was standing there gloves off when Kitty turned around…then her world went hazy.

The clock sitting on Kitty’s stomach had fallen over so she had to reach up and turn it over.

Nine forty five.

Kitty was late for school. Standing up off her bed Kitty realised something.

She was back in her diaper.

Not the wet one from this morning but another one of the pull-up variety and because she had been wearing to bed now it didn’t feel as like she was wearing one because it was dry.

Removing her diaper Kitty moved to her top dresser drawer. Pulling it open Kitty went to take out some underwear.

Only to find that it was full of diapers.

Turning around Kitty caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror.

Kitty hesitated, then realising she didn’t have to take her sweats off she untied the waistband. She then pulled the grey baggy trousers down to her knees and turned around. Rogue moved over and gave her rear a quick pat.
“Nice and firm.” She pronounced.
Kitty had the sweats pulled back up the second Rogue’s hand had left contact with her pants.
“That was silly, sugar.” Rogue said she stressed the point like a peeved parent.
“You are going to have to take them off now to put one on.”
“I’m not wearing them to school.” Kitty said hoping Rogue didn’t know she already had.
“Of course but today is different. I’ve caught you here, with diapers in your hands, baggy trousers to hide the evidence and you are cornered. Kitty I think curiosity has just got you.”

Kitty didn’t even reply she just fell through the floor and landed outside the kitchen nearly knocking over Storm.
“Be careful my child. You must not use your powers just because you can.” Storm said thinking that Kitty just couldn’t be bothered using the stairs.
“Sorry Storm.” Kitty said as she moved back to her own room to remove the other diapers that Rogue would look for as incriminating evidence.

Robbie was talking with Kurt and Evan when Rogue rushing into Kitty’s room knocked him to the ground and the others had just pulled him to his feet when Kitty ran into her room almost planting him back on his ass.
“Shall we go into my room?” Robbie said gesturing grandly with his hand.
“I’d be delighted.” Evan said getting the joke.
“Mine friends you are weird.” Kurt said shaking his head.

Kitty flew into the room and jumped straight down to the bottom shelf of her dresser. Opening her secret diaper store she picked them up then moved to her bin Rogue was standing there gloves off when Kitty turned around…then her world went hazy.

The clock sitting on Kitty’s stomach had fallen over so she had to reach up and turn it over.

Nine forty five.

Kitty was late for school. Standing up off her bed Kitty realised something.

She was back in her diaper.

Not the wet one from this morning but another one of the pull-up variety and because she had been wearing to bed now it didn’t feel as like she was wearing one because it was dry.

Removing her diaper Kitty moved to her top dresser drawer. Pulling it open Kitty went to take out some underwear.

Only to find that it was full of diapers.

Turning around Kitty caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror.

She was wearing black tights, a short black skirt, a black and white Guinness top and her hair was in bunches. Her makeup had been done to make her look like a cat with the tip of her nose black and whiskers painted along her cheeks. Around her wrist was a piece of dark green cloth that Rogue liked to wear. Untying it a small piece of paper landed at Kitty’s feet.

Picking it up Kitty saw that it read: “Got you.”


“No problem.” Kitty declared to herself in the mirror. “Ill just get my clothes from Rogue’s room then get a lift to school with Logan.” She said turning to her makeup on top of the dresser for a removal wipe. She unfortunately didn’t see that her skirt was tucked into the top of her tights and that her ass was clearly visible to all.

Now fresh-faced Kitty started for Rogue’s room before realising she forgotten to check to see if she still had her sweat pants hanging in her closet. She could have saved herself the trip because deep down the logical part of her brain was screaming ‘NO!’ despite the idiot’s optimism she felt. She moved past some the other students who were just waking up on another lazy Saturday morning and Bobby Drake, Iceman, whistled at her behind as she moved past.

Blushing uncontrollably but glad she had removed her diaper Kitty sorted her skirt as she moved into Rogue’s corridor.

Kitty didn’t even bother to open the door the just walked to the oak barrier and began to phase through. Pushing her hand against the wood she felt a slight resistance, as she always did at first, then the microns at the tips of her nails pushed through the wood then her nails then her fingers then her hands and then she was through.

And falling.

Rogue was nobody’s fool and she had proved it by leaving a trip wire about fifteen centimetres in front of the closed door. Anybody opening the door would have pulled down the trip wire but to Kitty it was as if there was no door and because she was concentrating on moving her body out of the oak she had tripped over the electrical flex.

A Post-It Note stuck on the foot of Rogue’s bed just at Kitty’s eye level told her. “Babies can’t walk so you must be a baby to read this. How wet is diaper?”
Kitty stood up and brushed herself down. Her clothes weren’t lying anywhere obvious and after a quick check Rogue’s cupboards were bare. Kitty was stuck in these clothes.
“I could try and borrow somebody else’s.” Kitty said to herself.
“Kitty.” She could hear the Professor’s voice. “Hurry up or you will be late for class.”
Sighing Kitty moved back to her room to get her bag.

“A new look kid?” Logan growled as Kitty hopped onto the back of his motorbike.
“An unfunny joke of Rogue’s.” Kitty said as they roared off towards the school.

As Logan pulled into the school car park Kitty drew a few envious looks, she didn’t notice that she also drew a few looks herself. Her new look certainly finding favour with the males that saw her. She saw Rogue standing at the door to the school waiting for her. Rogue was talking animatedly with Robbie.
“So she is trying to get him as well.” Kitty mused.
“You talking to me kid?” Logan asked not quite hearing properly.
“No just thinking out loud. Thank you Logan.” Kitty chirped as he turned the motorcycle around and headed into town. Now Kitty just had to figure out how to get Rogue back.

The bell rang and Robbie moved inside, Rogue stood waiting for Kitty who tried to move past her.
“That’s very brave of you sweetness.” Rogue whispered millimetres from her ear. “No diaper on. Unfortunately if you don’t have one on by the end of the first class I will be forced to have to put one on you in the corridor.”
Kitty turned to her shocked. “You wouldn’t.”
“Just try me kitten.”
Kitty moved off to Maths whilst Rogue strutted across to English.

Each class lasted twenty minutes and Kitty wasn’t in Rogue’s next class until the Physics which she had third. Kitty decided not to see if Rogue’s threat was empty or not so she would change in between first and second class. Then she would concentrate on finding some way to get her back.

Robbie sat in maths staring at Kitty. He found her attractive and she seemed to do the same to him but every time she spoke to Rogue she became preoccupied like there was something so important that he disappeared. He gave an internal shrug he had known Kitty for two days and they had nothing in common except they lived together and were mutants but then infatuations were normal right?

Toad was going to love his new assignment it was so right for him. He had the brand new digital camera around his neck and he had escaped having to bathe for another week. He was in heaven and would remain there until he had to stop taking pictures. Kitty Pryde had on a skirt today so Mystique could receive pictures of Kitty’s underwear as well. It would all start third period.

Kitty slouched in her seat absent-mindly copying out page upon page of notes. She wondered what would happen if she didn’t comply with Rogue’s demands. Would the Southern Belle try to diaper her in front of everybody. If so would she do it at school where there is less than a hundred people there and besides the X-Men only the Brotherhood really knew who she was or Rogue may try it out at the Institute plenty of people all of them knowing exactly who she was and embarrassing her in front of her peers. ‘Or Rogue might be all mouth and no trousers’ Kitty mused and turned around to see if anyone else could hear her thoughts. She saw Robbie staring back at her and it hit her. If Rogue did diaper her then she couldn’t look Robbie in the eyes, or Kurt, or Scott or Evan or any of the X-men she would play along just now and get her own back later. Kitty smiled and Robbie smiled back each of them thinking completely different thoughts.

The longer Kitty held Robbie’s gaze the more his ego grew he felt special to be in her eyes because then he was in her thoughts and that was where he wanted to be. Then she smiled and Robbie could hear the angels begin to chorus and he smiled back she then looked determined even through the smile she had a sense of something else in her thoughts. What Robbie couldn’t describe but it was there like a sickly sweet honeysuckle smell that overpowered his senses and drove him wild he wanted her to look at him with that look in her eyes and claim her love for him.

He barely even noticed the bell that signalled her to flee from the class.

Running into the cubicle Kitty closed the door, put the lid down on the toilet and locked the door. Going into her bag Kitty was thankful for Rogue’s foresight with two diapers lying in the bottom. She pulled out her standard pull-up diaper only to finds that it was her ‘slightly’ used one from this morning. There was no way she was going to put that back on her skin. Gross! The next was even more horrific. It was the tape up extra thick baby style diaper but it was clean and with the style of skirt she wore it was hardly even noticeable she thought holding the diaper around her waist, contemplating. Being sensible Kitty used the toilet she was sitting on then returned to her crinkly white problem. Walking in wet diapers for an hour and forty minutes longer. Or brave it out without either, run the risk of Rogue finding out and have to face the unknown. Or just change into the thicker diaper it was only an hour and forty minutes of her life after all. Kitty didn’t need another thought she grabbed the tapes around her left leg and pulled it tight around her leg.

Rogue was ecstatic when she saw Kitty waddle out of the toilets. She could tell she was wearing the extra thick diaper because of the way in which Kitty now walked and the way in which her skirt was now hanging. Rather than flowing downwards from her waist the skirt was now flatteringly loose at the waist but it bulged around the very top of her thighs just enough to prove it was on and then it proceeded to flow down to a quarter of an inch higher than where it was before. Rogue now had a power of Kitty one that didn’t rest in her mutated chromosomes.

“Summon what do you see?” Magneto demanded
“Rogue has a power over Shadow Cat.” The young thought-reader said. “Something about this not coming from mutated chromosomes.”
“Of course and what is Shadow Cat thinking?”
“She is worried her diaper will be discovered.” The blonde haired girl said she didn’t blink when she said this. As what often happens the thought-reader just recites parrot fashion what the subject was thinking rather than actually read into what was said.
“Excellent now I want you to go and work on another very special project.” Magneto said flicking his wrist at her. The lithe girl dropped to the floor beneath the magnetic mutant and she scurried away in doors. Magneto remained hovering from his vantage point for a few more minutes considering how to proceed. He would allow Mystique to use her initiative for this.

The second class was the fastest in the entire week. Social Studies or why you shouldn’t take drugs/smoke/delete as appropriate. Twenty minutes flew past like it was five and to make matters worse Kitty couldn’t sit comfortably in these diapers. They itched badly, they were hot, sweaty and they crinkled perfect like baby diapers. She would have loved these if she had been lying in her room on her bed sucking on a pacifier by herself made to wear these by nobody it would be fantastic. But in her present situation there wasn’t much more that could go wrong.

Rogue was almost willing the seconds to tick past she was dieing to go and make Kitty die of embarrassment but she was stuck in maths while Kitty was relaxing in Social. Life wasn’t fair but she was going to take it out on Kitty very soon. That brought a self-satisfied smile to her face.

Toad was balancing on top of a locker with his fellow Brotherhood members when Kitty moved out of Social. There was no point in them being here except to cause trouble but then that was the purpose of many peoples school life but these guys could bring down the school if they were bored enough.

As she walked pasted them Toad he flipped over her head and began clicking away at her with his digital camera he sailed over her head and took a series of pictures of Kitty as she walked past them. She felt very conscious of the diaper crinkling. Then she had Blob standing before her. She felt a rush of air as Quicksilver moved past her spinning her around.

Her vision blurred and her head sang but once she focussed her eyes she saw that Quicksilver was holding a long flap of black material in his left hand. His right was covering his mouth and barely concealing the smile on his face. There was something about that flap of material, it had a split just where…
“Crap.” Kitty said.
“No you seem dry.” Avalanche said.
Dipping her head the brilliant white was darkened underneath her tights but the thick diaper was still visible to Toad’s camera who was clicking away intently with each flash of the bulb Kitty felt herself shrink. She wished the ground would just swallow her up.

Then it did.

Grabbing her skirt Kitty phased through into the dust filled catacombs of the cellar of the school. Although she had to duck at least she was away from prying eyes. And cameras. Now that the moment had passed Kitty’s cheek burned with shame her anger focussed on Rogue who had made Kitty put it on in school when she didn’t want to. And with whoever had given Toad that camera. Kitty felt her powers grow slightly, her joints began to ache slightly but she could pull this up and away from her throwing this power out with her mind she saw a focussed shimmering wall before her. It clearly wasn’t solid but when she launched an old paint tin at it the tin clattered down like it was made of Logan’s bones. Kitty walked through the wall as if it wasn’t there. A new power brought about by extreme emotion and quite easy to control.
“I have my way to get my revenge.” Kitty said out loud before phasing through into the corridor.

Robbie walked into the basketball cap’s peak before looking up. Instead of using his hands to push himself away he just let the other guy’s speed take him away from Robbie’s own body.
“Sorry mate.” The Australian accent said.
“Its alright I wasn’t watching…” Robbie trailed off as the Australian whipped off his cap and turned to face him. “What are you doing?”
“Letting you hear my singing voice.” The sandy haired shaggy bearded youth said. He was about Robbie’s height and his intense blue eyes shone against Robbie’s dull hazel eyes. “The name’s Shockwave. Just so you know.” He said opening his mouth and knocking Robbie to the lockers behind him with a shout.
The pain that exploded at Robbie’s back was intense but so was the disappointment of being unable to reflect what was coming behind him and bounce off of it. He pulled himself up using the lockers only to see Shockwave standing there with his hands at his mouth.

This time Robbie was prepared he used his powers to create a cone of repulsion, which forced the energy shockwave either side of him, rather than taking the blow himself. Robbie then concentrated on pushing forward the tip of the cone and hitting Shockwave with it like a bullet.

It was Shockwave’s turn to be hit in the back by lockers. Robbie would have gloated if it wasn’t for the fact that the ground began to shake violently. As he once again collapsed to the ground Robbie used his powers to spin himself back onto his feet facing his new attackers standing to his left.

Avalanche was crouched on one knee with his left palm in a slapped position against the ground. He raised himself very slowly from the ground a feral grin on his face.
“Now, try someone who can fend for themselves.” He moved his hand next to the wall and sent a wave of lockers across the wall.

Robbie waited until the wave was almost upon him before he reacted. Pushing outwards he created a bubble around himself and threw the lockers away from himself and uncontrollably into the centre of the corridor he turned to look at Avalanche only to catch Shockwave starting to attack him in his peripheral vision.

Pushing down hard on the ground with his powers Robbie launched himself into the air avoided the wall removing attack. His landing was less than graceful but at least he remained on his feet this time which was some improvement. Avalanche and Shockwave both readied for an attack when a piercing shrill “Stop” was heard from the corridor behind Avalanche.

The vice-principle came charging up the corridor with a slip of yellow paper in her hand. “You boys, stop right there.” She continued to shriek. “Stop this immediately or you will all be expelled.” She turned to Robbie. “And on your first day as well I would have expected better behaviour.”
“What!” Robbie was incredulous. “I was attacked. The most you could have seen was me landing from when they demolished a wall.” He motioned his hand at Shockwave and Avalanche.
“I was expecting you to lie like that imagine not only picking a fight some of your fellow students but lying to your vice principal as well. You should be ashamed, boy.”
Avalanche and Shockwave stood together nodding their heads.
“Whatever give me my detention.” Robbie resigned.
“Its not for you I didn’t see you destroy any property so you will escape punishment this time.”
Robbie just shrugged and turned towards the other X-Men who were running up the corridor after hearing the commotion. As they surveyed the wrecked lockers and the holes in the walls Kurt could be heard to be laughing.
“Welcome to the X-Men, mine friend, welcome to the X-Men.”

Fortunately for both Kitty and Robbie the rest of the day passed without incident until the final period of the day.

Kitty sat sweating into her diaper in her final Geography period of the week listlessly coping down the notes her teacher was scribing up on the board not hearing a word he said when the speaker system annoyingly punched into her mind with its racketing screech.
“Kitty Pryde to the Vice-Principals office please.”
Everyone turned to look at her. Kitty turned red. She had to be extra careful when getting out of the seat because if her skirt had risen up more than an inch the people sitting closest would get a glance of her disposable underwear.

Being very careful to get up the crinkling of her diaper sounding very loud, at least to Kitty, in the audible silence of her class. She politely excused herself and took her bag with her as she left the class.

The X-Men had discovered a few weeks before that the vice principal was in fact Mystique and this would usually be a ploy for her to deliver a challenge to the Professor. Unfortunately Kitty thought that any challenging would be given to her directly and it would involve black mail because of her unfortunate situation.

As she moved through the halls she saw the same girl with the pointed nose and the black hair who was at the riot at Robbie’s house. “Stop.” Kitty said beginning to walk towards the girl. The girl turned her head saw Kitty moving towards her and began to run. Kitty followed her as she turned into the girl’s bathroom.

Opening the door of the bathroom Kitty saw that all the stalls were closed but none of them were locked so Kitty began to move down each one checking to see if the girl was hiding in one of them.

As she approached the third last Kitty swung open the door only to find she was staring into the eyes of the girl.

“I have asked to see you Kitty because it has come to my attention that you may be unfit to be in high school.” Mystique said leaning back in her high backed green leather chair.
“Why?” Kitty asked staring into her eyes.
“In fact I think it would be hard for you to even complete preschool.” Mystique went on.
“Why?” Kitty demanded sitting forward and leaning over to Mystique’s desk.
“Because most preschools now demand that the children be fully toilet trained.”
“Oh.” Kitty said deflated. “What do you want to do to me?”
“I only want to help you.” Mystique said standing. She opened a drawer in her desk and put a gift-wrapped box on the desk in front of Kitty.
“What is it?” Kitty asked her curiosity getting the better of her.
“See you are losing some of your adultness, it’s a present silly.”
Kitty pulled the wrapper off the box and opened the box.
Pink plastic pants stared back at her.
“Great.” She mumbled.
“I think you should try them on to make sure that they fit.” Mystique said her interest no more piqued in Kitty than usual.
Sighing deeply Kitty stood up and faced one of the leaders of the opposition and moved her hands to the clasp at the back of her skirt. She found it missing and stared down at her legs.

She was still wearing a skirt of some sorts.

A wispy pink tutu with only four petals of material which didn’t disguise, cover or obscure her diapers in anyway shape or form. The elastic waistband was applying slight pressure to Kitty’s waist and the four petal shaped pieces of silk where fluttering with the air conditioning.

Kitty had to fight to continue breathing; forcing air down her tightening windpipe she swallowed and grabbed the plastic pants.

As she pulled her tights down and stepped out of them gingerly, her sandals had been stepped out of before she had even left her seat at the desk, stepping into the pants Kitty was terrified, excited and quavering with ambiguous emotion she pulled the pants up to her waist and ran a smoothing hand over them.

Electric to touch and super slick the creamy pink plastic added to the orchestral sound of her diapers but Mystique wasn’t about to let Kitty enjoy this moment.

“Now that we have you safe to fill your diapers its time to remind people you are a member of the X-Men.” Mystique said.
“Sorry, I don’t follow?” Kitty replied
Mystique reached once again into the drawer and pulled out an X shaped broach. “This is for your distinctive uniform.” She moved towards Kitty.
“Now wait a second.” Kitty said.
“Now then Ms Pryde if you want your black skirt back before you leave this office you will allow me to place this symbol on the front of your plastic pants.” Mystique said slightly annoyed
Sighing Kitty dropped her arms to her sides.
Mystique put her fingers down the front of Kitty’s plastic pants, leaving only white diaper between her and Kitty’s most sensitive of areas. Applying pressure to the back of the broach Mystique attached it to the front of the pink plastic pants. Mystique went back to her desk and pulled out a camera she took a quick of photo of Kitty who was mesmerised by the entire proceedings.
She then sat back down behind her desk and turned on her computer plugged in the USB cable and the camera. Kitty stood still flabbergasted at the familiar way in which Mystique had put her hands beside her. ‘This diaper business isn’t as fun when you are stuck in them.’ Kitty thought chewing her lip.
Mystique spun the computer screen around and Kitty found herself staring at possibly the cutest picture of her ever.
“I look great.” She filled her voice with venom and sarcasm.
“Yes very babyish. So now that you are no longer an adult how often do you need to be changed?”
“I am an adult I don’t need changed.”
“Okay, the average person grows out of diapers by age 3. A baby develops diaper rash after 6 hours of wearing a wet diaper.”
“Well you are sixteen over five times the age you should have grown out of diapers.”
“So that means that you only need to be changed after wearing a diaper for 30 hours.”
“Okay.” Kitty said. ‘There is no way she can make sure I am wearing the same diaper for 30 hours because she can’t keep me here without my friends thinking I have been kidnapped.’
“I know what your thinking Ms Pryde and I have a great surprise for you.” Mystique gloated as she clicked the mouse. The computer screen still facing Kitty flashed up a black box with green writing with the words ‘Locking Mechanism Activated’ on it.

The X on Kitty’s plastic pants suddenly shot out thin metal poles that encircled the waist and the leg holes of the pink pants. The centre of the broach then spun open like a camera shutter revealing a timer glowing with its own LED confidence.


“As you can see I have many ways of keeping you in diapers but I thought this was the most effective after all there is nothing worse than a baby leaking all over the furniture because she has wiggled out of her diapers.” Mystique still seemed disinterested when she told Kitty this. “But wait there’s more” Mystique said drolly.
“What now.” Kitty said her emotions rising to the surface.
“Meet Hypnotic.” Mystique gestured behind Kitty who turned to see the black haired pointy nosed mutant she had seen in the toilets. “She has lovely eyes don’t you think.”
The girl was close enough to Kitty’s height so that they were already at eye level and when Kitty looked into those eyes she felt a buzzing in her head. It was so strong that she fell backwards onto Mystique’s desk and then crashed onto the floor.
“Wh…What was that?” Kitty asked as she clawed herself to her feet.
“I was activating the hypnotic suggestions that I placed in your mind earlier.” Hypnotic said. She had a sweet almost melodic voice.
“I don’t understand.” Kitty said shaking her head to clear it.
“This will take some explaining.” Mystique piped in. “It would be better if you took a seat, Ms Pryde.”
Kitty moved back to the seat in front of Mystique’s desk and sat on it. She immediately slid off of the chair as if it was made of pure ice. She landed with a teeth-jarring thump on the floor with her super thin skirt coming gently to land as if to emphasise her condition.
“More comfortable on the floor? Okay I’ll sit in the chair then.” Hypnotic said gleefully.
Kitty put her hands on her lap and fought back the tears. This was the worst experience of her life and there were pictures of these precious moments so she could never forget.
“What have you done to me?” Kitty said straining to look over the high desk at Mystique.
“Its simple Hypnotic has the power to make people do what she tells them to.” Mystique began to explain. “And she has used this power to help you to rediscover your ability to use your diapers responsibly.”
“Responsibly?” Kitty mused.
“What you told us when you were in Hypnotic’s trance was that you haven’t been pooping in your diapers.”
Kitty glanced down at the floor she didn’t like where this was going and she didn’t want to discuss her bowel movements with anyone. Especially Mystique.
“So we decided to help you.” Hypnotic joined in. Her grin was spread from ear to ear.
“We have locked you in and taken away some adult benefits from you just to remind your body that it belongs in diapers and that the diapers should be used.” Mystique said her love of making people squirm was coming to the fore.
Kitty had a brainwave. A tiny little thought had blossomed in her brain, one that could help her if she used the idea at the right time.
“But I wasn’t using my diapers because I’m a baby.” She said hoping that this would work.
“Really?” Mystique said with a long drawn out glance at Kitty. “You are wearing a diaper, with a wet diaper in your bag and you think that you’re not a baby.”
“No.” Kitty said. She had to hope that the next question was asked correctly.
“Then what are you?” Hypnotic said forcefully.
“A toilet trainer.” Kitty said triumphantly.
Both Mystique and Hypnotic cracked up laughing. Kitty however felt the buzzing in her head again. She hoped she had found away to break the hypnotic programming by doing this. Just like the technique Jean had shown her.
“Actually you are a failed toilet trainer.” Mystique said regaining some composure. “You had a wet pull-up in your bag so sorry you are still a baby.”
Kitty felt her head buzz. She wasn’t getting out of this that easily.
“Here’s your skirt. Ms Pryde.” Mystique said throwing it gently towards Kitty. Who stood up and pulled off the tutu. Taking the skirt she pulled it around her waist and tried to fasten the clasp.
“Go in.” Kitty said aggravated.
“That is one of the problems of being a baby.” Hypnotic smirked. “Trouble with dressing oneself.” She stood up and fastened Kitty’s skirt.
“Anything else I should know of?” Kitty demand.
“Lots but you’ll figure them out.” Hypnotic laughed.
"Being a messy eater. The sound of running water making you need to urinate. Having to be strapped into furniture to be able to sit on it, the inability to swim without floatation aids, trouble with walking great distances, inability to use electrical equipment that isn’t touch screen, only able to ride a tricycle and of course a love for the taste of Ex-Lax. Any of that interest you?
Kitty gulped they had thought of everything.
“And of course you have to do everything Mamma says.” Hypnotic added.
“Mamma says Lie down and suck your thumb.” Hypnotic said.
Kitty found her thumb squirming in between her lips. Then she was facing the lighting fixture.
“Great.” She gurgled around her thumb.
“Now leave.” Mystique boomed. Kitty got up pulled her thumb out of her mouth and ran out of the office. Mystique turned to Hypnotic. “I hope she tries to use her powers.”
“That will be a nasty surprise.” Agreed Hypnotic.

Boarding the school bus Robbie saw Kitty sitting alone staring out of the window. She looked as though she had been crying and needed a friend. Robbie touched the swelling on his lip to make sure it wasn’t too big and moved over to Kitty.

“Hey Kitty.” Robbie said cheerfully. “What’s up?”
“Oil prices and your ego.” Kitty said listlessly.
“What’s wrong?” Robbie said quietly changing tack in hope of gauging a better response.
“I can’t tell you. I can’t tell anyone.” Kitty said starting to well up.
“Okay Kitty I’m sorry I can’t help you with what’s upsetting you. Can we talk about something else it might help you to take your mind off it?”
“Okay what do you want to talk about?” Kitty said composing herself.
“I got into a fight today.” Robbie said turning his head so Kitty could see his fat lip.
“With who?”
“Some mutant who calls himself Shockwave.”
“Are you hurt?”
“Not badly. You should have seen the school wall.”
“Robbie this isn’t a game people really do get hurt both physically and…” Kitty trailed off.
“Do you want to go swimming later on?”
“I can’t.”
“For a walk?”
“I can’t.”
“The arcade?”
“I can’t.”
“For a meal?”
“Look Robbie I just want to be left alone.” Kitty said furiously.
“I understand.” Robbie said defeated. He stood up and moved to the seat that Evan was filling with spines.

As soon as the bus pulled into the Xavier Institute Kitty was upstairs and heading for her room. She was going to get out these plastic pants and get rid of this hypnotising by herself. She wasn’t spending 30 hours in the same diapers consecutively. And she especially wasn’t spending some of that time in dirty diapers.

She flung the door to her room open and marched in. Lazing on her bed looking like she was asleep was Rogue. Kitty moved forward trying to make enough noise so someone who was awake would notice her but someone who was asleep wouldn’t. Rogue stirred and snorted. She was asleep. Kitty moved to her drawers. Sure enough Rogue had left the diapers sitting in them. Picking up one of the thick garments Kitty moved to Rogue.

Rogue rolled onto her side. Her face was looking straight at Kitty although her eyes were closed. Kitty took the extra two paces to get her to the bed and moved to Rogue’s skirt. Kitty was about to lift Rogue’s skirt when suddenly her eyes shot open.
“Hey Kitten. What’s that you’ve got in your hands? Do you need changing?”
“Damn you Rogue. What are you doing in here?”
“Checking on you, Stinky. And don’t swear or I will spank you.”

Damn you Rogue. What are you doing in here?"
“Checking on you, Stinky. And don’t swear or I will spank you.”
“I’m sorry, I just had a really bad day that’s all.” Kitty said, ignoring Rogue, she really did need to sit down she felt drained from having to walk all the way from the bus to her room.
“Don’t sweat it, Kitten.” Rogue said not quite sure how to proceed with Kitty’s response. She thought to herself for a moment then decided to press on annoying Kitty. “Well as I’m here I might as well check the old diaper.”
Kitty could even be bothered fighting Rogue away. She just reached for the clasp at the back of her skirt and unfastened it.

“Holy…Wow…Kitty where did you get those?” Rogue said flabbergasted.
“Mystique forced me into them.” Kitty said moving to the bed and lying down. She nearly fell on top of Rogue who had to roll away to avoid being landed on.
“Kitty what’s going on?” Rogue said with concern for her friend.
“Nap time.” Kitty said her thumb creeping into her mouth.

Robbie sat eating a sandwich in the kitchen. Evan and Kurt were leaning over trying to watch the TV in the common room. Rogue walked in, she had to tell someone about this but who? Deciding against it for just now she sat down to make lunch.

Robbie sat eating a sandwich in the kitchen. Evan and Kurt were leaning over trying to watch the TV in the common room. Rogue walked in, she had to tell someone about this but who? Deciding against it for just now she sat down to make lunch.

Robbie rubbed his eyes he was so tired despite only doing half a days work. He thought back to last week when his Saturday was the first day he could kick back and relax without being persecuted for who he was. But now he had been in a minor scuffle and he had felt good because his new housemates had all experienced this but they all liked him for who he was. Even if Robbie didn’t quite know himself.

Glancing over at Rogue Robbie gave her a reassuring smile. She looked like she had the world against her and he knew only too well what that was like.
“How are you Rogue?” He asked.
“I’m just great, sugar.” She said half-heartedly.
“Please Robbie I just need to think.”
Rogue decided that there was only one person she could turn to. Tensing her shoulders she moved out of the kitchen more determined to help Kitty to ease her own guilt.

Kitty awoke, her senses flooding her back into consciousness. Unfortunately her sense of touch was not being kind. Her diaper, the one she was locked in, was wet. It may have only been a little wet but it could just have been saturated because after another…twenty-eight hours stuck in these diapers the rash would be the same.

“No.” Kitty said to her reflection on the wall mirror. “I am taking these pants off now.” She put her hand on the plastic and pushed through the plastic. Phasing through the pants wouldn’t take any time at all.

As always there was a slight resistance as Kitty’s fingertips moved into another phase. But this time the resistance didn’t change. It was constant. It was as if the pants moved in and out of phase with her body. Kitty collapsed back onto the bed.

The tiny shutter in the centre of the locking X opened.

A semi-transparent Mystique gazed down on Kitty.

“Tried to use your powers have you?” Mystique gloated. “Only bad babies tried to wiggle out of their diapers when Mommy says that you aren’t allowed to take your diapers off. This means you will have to be punished. Babies cannot speak. Now neither can you. Babies are not allowed to use sharp objects. Now neither are you. Babies cannot read. Now neither can you and of course babies cannot operate door-handles. Now neither can you. But to show my disappointment in you Kitty you now have to spend another twelve hours in those plastic punishment pants.”

The tears were falling openly from Kitty when she heard the final statement. She could have survived, barely with those sanctions placed on her. But another twelve hours in an already wet diaper that went beyond humiliation. She had to get help and she needed it now.

Kitty didn’t even bother trying to put on her skirt. She just stepped into a pair of tight green sport shorts and pulled her dressing gown over her. Then she saw it facing her. One of last things Mystique had said had turned Kitty’s quiet little room into a tomb.

Her door was closed.

Kitty had her first temper tantrum in thirteen years. Throwing herself against her bed, her floor and trying to break and smash every piece of furniture in her room. Kitty cried furious tears, white-hot rage poured from her eyes. Kitty’s final act before she would allow her exhausted body to stop was to start jumping on her floor. If she couldn’t use the door she would leave using the newly created hole in the floor. The solid oak under the pastel carpet didn’t give an inch as Kitty frame impacted against it. She could do nothing to escape and nothing was her only companion at the moment.

Exhausted Kitty threw herself back onto her bed and cried the last of her rage out into her pillow.

Robbie stood in the Danger Room, under whelmed. “This is it?” He thought out loud.
“I hope your still saying that at the end of these exercises kid.” Logan said his voice piping in from the control room.
“Me too.” Robbie muttered to himself.
“Don’t worry you have a chicken switch on your chest.” Logan said. “If get into real trouble just punch it and the exercise stops. I have to go and speak to Charles but the first exercise is just fitness drills so you have nothing to worry about.”
“Sure thing.” Robbie said hitting the activation switch on his wrist.

Kitty woke up a little later and a little wetter. “Larl fam try.” She gurgled to her mocking reflection. The door was still closed and she was still locked in. “Me prr gog sed.” Kitty lisped shaking her head to remind herself that speaking wasn’t a fun thing to do. Moving to the door she thrust her hands through the wood as is it wasn’t there then pushed herself through the doorframe.

It almost worked except for the pink doorstop hanging around her midriff. Kitty could lean forward, backwards; roll left and right but the pants still refused to move through another solid object.

Sliding back into her room Kitty turned slid down the door and put her head against it.

She couldn’t shout for help.

Or open the door.

Or pry it open.

Or try and take the plastic pants off.

Nothing else could possibly go wrong.

Magneto held Hypnotic in close to his chest as he used the earth’s magnetic centre to fly to the dampest area of the swamp.

A sign was nailed to a tree. It read, “Trespassers will be killed.” The writing was sloppy and as if to punctuate the seriousness of the message two broken land rovers were sitting side by side. It looked as if huge fists had pummelled them and if the truth were told that was what had happened although the poachers who prayed on these lands definitely didn’t want to know that.

Hovering only a few feet above the thick, leg snaring marsh grass Magneto flew to his destination without the slightest feeling of fear. His passenger however was full of trepidation she constantly fidgeted much to Magneto’s annoyance.
“Be at peace.” He barked. Then he slowed to a gentle glide. “Do exactly as I told you and you will not be harmed.”
“Yes.” She stammered.

Magneto stopped before the pile of trailers that had been ripped apart and welded back together to form some sort of impressive structure that bespoke of wealth, the satellite hanging from one of the walls at least hinted at it, yet still shone through of a lower class up bringing.

The behemoth that moved through the oversized door looked both fearsome and comical. Not attired in his usual rust covered armour but still with his overbearing presence Juggernaut looked down at Magneto clad in green coveralls that were four times to small for him.
“Ah, good it saves me the trouble of finding you before I kill you, Old Man.” Charles Xavier’s half brother boomed down.
“Who is your tailor, Juggernaut?” Magneto said. He stood unmoving as the colossal giant walked toward him cracking his walnut sized knuckles.
“It don’t matter you wont live long enough to meet him.”
“Don’t be so melodramatic. We both know that our powers usually result in a victory for myself. And besides this is a social call.”
A bemused look crossed the face towering above Magneto. “A social call?”
“I have someone for you to meet. She is simply dying to look into your eyes.” Magneto said gesturing to Hypnotic.
“Aw, a baby. Your daughter Magneto.” Juggernaut said striding over towards Hypnotic. Who sticking to her orders didn’t move an inch. “She looks frightened. And smells.” Juggernaut laughed at his own wit. Neither Magneto nor Hypnotic cracked a smile. Shrugging Juggernaut took in a deep breath and blew hard on Hypnotic. “Steady on her feet. Must be older than I expected.”
“I am right here, Juggernaut.” Hypnotic said angrily.
“Okay Baby Cuddles don’t hit me with your diaper.” Juggernaut said squatting down to look into Hypnotic’s eyes.
Recoiling as if he had been stung Juggernaut grabbed his head.
Magneto smiled.
“You will do exactly as Magneto says from now on Juggernaut.” Hypnotic said forcibly.

Re: X-Men ‘Evolution’

Kitty had exhausted herself in another tantrum and was fighting to keep herself awake. With no energy left she poured all of her emotions together to provide fuel for her depleted energy. She then felt filled with the same energy she had been in the school basement. Creating a phase wall slightly smaller than her door Kitty forced the shimmering wall backwards. Just like the paint tin the door resisted the phase wall. Kitty pushed harder. She was rewarded with a splintering sound as the door fell backwards the oak body now separated from the hinges.
'Now I need to get some help." Kitty thought walking through the space where the door stood just moments ago.

A very short chapter really only half a chapter because the next chapter should be the penultiumate and the last cliffhanger wasn’t very good. Magneto and Hypnotic arrived back at the warehouse which the Brotherhood called home. Magneto disliked this place but he was forced to keep a low profile due to his low popularity with the X-Men and the general populace. He ducked under the door and allowed his cape to billow out behind him. This appealed to the slight showman in him because it always meant he entered with a flourish. Hypnotic shuffled in behind her red armoured leader and moved quietly to Mystique’s side. Although she wasn’t afraid of anyone Hypnotic found Magneto’s own power terrifying that coupled with his icy stare sent shivers down her spine anytime the self-proclaimed Lord of Magnetism looked in her direction. Kitty just walked into Professor Xavier’s office without knocking. She was amazed to see Rogue and the Professor already sitting patiently waiting for her. “Come in and have a seat Kitty.” Professor X smiled warmly. ‘Why do I feel like I have walked into a conspiracy.’ Kitty thought desperately not wanting to speak. “There’s no conspiracy Kitty but I’m afraid until I have had Jean and Storm look at you there isn’t much I can do.” “Kitty I’m really sorry I forced you to wear diapers at school. I have told the professor everything as far as I know it but we need you to fill in the blanks.” Turning to look at the Professor, Kitty thought at him. ‘I can’t talk. Mystique has had Hypnotic hypnotise me.’ “Please take a seat Kitty.” The professor motioned with his hands to the chair in front of his desk beside Rogue. Kitty moved to the seat and sat in it gingerly. Holding onto the armrests she held herself above the seat trying not to sit on it. “Why is there something wrong?” Rogue asked her guilt seeping through her words. “Kitty please, we need to see this if we are to help you.” Professor X said leaning across his desk. Kitty sighed and let go of the armrests. When she hit the ground she let out a small yelp that caused her to blush. “Okay Kitty I need to probe your mind to see if I can destroy the hypnotic suggestions in your brain. Please lie back on the couch.” At the Brotherhood’s warehouse Avalanche suddenly started yelling to get Mystique. Rogue and the Professor both stood over Kitty. “Could you help her to stay on the couch, please Rogue.” The professor said trying to make the request sound as eloquent as possible. Mystique shouted to Summon. “Get Kitty and the person closest to her in here now.” She yelled baring her teeth at the thought-reader. Summon a part of her power that was very powerful and very dangerous. The Professor could only watch helpless as a cloud of thick acrid smelling smoke enveloped the two girls on the sofa. Once it had cleared the girls had disappeared. “What’s Rogue doing here?” Toad yelled at Mystique. “I don’t care. Summon put these babies in a playpen will you.” Mystique said quietly trying to look calm to keep her disciples calm. Kitty and Rogue were suddenly trapped in a wire mesh cube 12 meters in length. There were four thick black supports to keep the shape of the cube but there were no joins, no obvious exit points from the cube. “We’re trapped Sugar.” Rogue said rising to her feet. “You’ll all be sorry once the X-Men get here.” “Hypnotic shut her up.” Mystique said recovering from the initial shock of the failure. Hypnotic moved over to Rogue. “I hope you have some spare diapers handy…”

A huge chapter to make up for the little half one I posted earlier. As usual all comments greatly appreciated. Professor X hit the panic button at the edge of his desk almost immediately after the girls’ had disappeared. As soon as his crack team had assembled another disaster struck. Magneto had launch three offensives on the city. His most aggressive attack to date. With the X-Men already down two members those who were being groomed to for promotion would probably see more action if the team weren’t successful. “Well Charles at least we know Magneto’s plan.” Logan said his voice dripping with irony. “Yes he is going to destroy the city storm the capital building then call this his first act of a new mutant revolution.” Cyclops said. “Causing a civil war that will see all mutants having to battle for survival in a fight they cannot win.” Charles finished. This was a well-rehearsed drill and everybody’s worst nightmare. “Calm down mine friends. We can do it we’re the X-Men.” Night Crawler said. Kitty and Rogue sat in the centre of the cube. Those that hadn’t been sent on the offensives stood around staring at them, teasing them and enjoying an uncharacteristic victory. Avalanche who was slightly peeved to have be left behind as a jailor sat in a chair facing the two X-Men. Toad hopped over the cube and landed beside Avalanche his green eyes glinting menacingly. “What is it Toad?” Avalanche barked. “I was wondering…” “What?” Avalanche roared his anger now focusing itself on a new target. “If we could decorate their playpen. After all we do have Summons’s talents.” “We could.” Avalanche mused. “Summon come over here.” The petite girl moved towards the schemers. “Yes.” Her high pitched voice sang. “The babies look cold, the playpen should have a play-mat covering the floor.” Summon composed herself then used her powers. First she looked into the memories of everyone for a picture of any play mat. Then she averaged it into one complete picture. Then she pushed it into every corner of the floor of the cube. Kitty had been sitting with her back against the wall of the cube and her plastic pants wedge as far into the corner to ensure enough slack so her wet itchy diaper wouldn’t be discovered. Then the floor seemed alive it felt like it was made of mud, sand and deep snow all at the same time until it lifted her up and settled back into its new configuration of a thick spongy play mat underneath her bottom. The shock was so bad that it forced Kitty to leap onto her feet and move the weight of her diaper so that gravity took hold of the absorbent core and tried to pull it to her feet. Rogue, whose power of speech had been nullified, jutted her head forward her chin pointing at the slightly sagging diaper. Kitty nodded realising that there communication had effectively cut out. If only they could transfer their thoughts to one another. “Gad rut err ma kop.” Kitty said to Rogue who moved to her. ‘Rogue we can communicate slightly if I think something then you touch me.’ Kitty thought then she stroke Rogue’s cheek. There was the epileptic inducing nausea that always hit when Rogue touched her, albeit in tiny amounts, and Rogue looked deep into Kitty’s eyes and nodded. Rogue suddenly disappeared in a flash of acrid smoke and appeared attached to the corner of the other side of the cube via a thick pink ribbon tied to her leg. Kitty tried to move toward Rogue but found herself tethered to the opposite corner. “Sorry babies but we can’t have little Roguey trying to escape can we?” Summon said venturing her first words to the two captives. She turned to Rogue. “I can read minds perhaps you would like me to share your thoughts with the room?” Avalanche laughed for the first time and Toad licked his lips. “Can we diaper Kitty?” He asked excited. “Of course not.” Hypnotic said entering the warehouse from behind the main group. “Why?” Asked Toad deflated. “Because she doesn’t need changing yet.” Hypnotic said. “By the way Avalanche and Toad get ready Magneto has sent me back because he wants you two and Shockwave to attack the XI to stop them from trying to rescue these two little darlings.” Avalanche raised himself from his chair. “Don’t have too much fun.” He said passing Hypnotic and heading to the exit. “This will be the teams.” Xavier said once the arguments had settled. “Jean and Storm will head out and stop Vertigo, Quicksilver and Mystique’s attack on the library. Wolverine, Cyclops and Havoc will head after Sabre Tooth and Juggernaut. I will go and intercept Magneto and that leaves Spike and Night Crawler to find Kitty and Rogue.” “Let’s go team.” Cyclops said. Wolverine followed him grumbling something about the fact that if Juggernaut didn’t get him then he would. Rogue twisted her head left then wrenched it right and finally stared at the floor she was desperately trying not to look into Hypnotic’s eyes. “What’s wrong I only want to help you. Kitty loves her stinky diapers, don’t you?” Hypnotic said moving to the ribbon the held Rogue to the cube. “I am at least trying to be fair. I could just get Summon to leave your face stuck in these bars and just make you do whatever I want you to.” “Or I could just put it on you and leave you stuck in it.” Summon suggested. “Be reasonable Rogue, we’re only trying to help.” Rogue looked backwards as she felt her leg being drawn backwards. She saw that there was now a handle attached to the support of the cube and that Hypnotic was turning it very slowly. Rogue’s eyes met Hypnotic’s for a brief microsecond. For the heartbeat it took for Hypnotic to register what happened Rogue thought that she would be okay. Then her jeans were suddenly a lot warmer and a lot less comfortable than they had been a precious few seconds ago. Rogue threw her body forward onto the mat and began to sob silently, she thrashed her arms and legs spreading the mess increasing her discomfort as she started to wet herself in front of her former teammates. “Oh look Kitty, Rogue is a bigger baby than you.” Hypnotic said. Kitty sat back hopeful for just now she had been left alone. A foul acrid smell filled her nostrils. Her plastic pants were now in Hypnotic’s hands who put her fingers to her lips and blew Kitty a kiss. Then Kitty too was revealing her bowels into her underwear. Unlike Rogue’s jeans though the diapers held the mess in a relatively stable position. Despite how uncomfortable Kitty was happy that the mess she had just made wasn’t now running down her legs. “Good grief what a smell. You have out done yourself Hypnotic.” Summon clapped her hands together. “I do try.” Hypnotic said taking a mock bow. “They need changing.” Summon said putting her fingers to her nose. “Well I am not going to do it.” Hypnotic said turning to Summon. “I think you should do it.” “Hold on Hypnotic its because of me that they aren’t attacking us just now.” “But it’s because of me that they now want to kill us.” “Make them do it to each other.” Summon said. “No let’s bring someone in to do it.” Hypnotic said. “Let me see who you’ve got in mind.” Summon said allowing her thoughts to traverse into Hypnotic’s brain. At first the pictures were jumbled half images and feelings then a definite picture began to form. Red hair, firm white skin, big blue eyes and a firm body. Jean Grey was etched into Hypnotic’s mind. On top of this image was that of a red and white candy striper’s uniform. And in a puff of black smoke the cube had its third occupant. Complete with an extra image stolen from Hypnotic’s mind. Although the girl’s wouldn’t be able to see it Jean was wearing training pants. Both Kitty’s and Rogue’s eyes went wide as the realised that Jean would be changing them. “She can’t move just now because I’ve placed her in stasis.” Summon said to Hypnotic. “You might want to do the old eye thing.” Hypnotic moved to the paralysed victim. “Jean!” Cyclops yelled as the black smoke filled the Blackbird’s cockpit. “She’s still here Scott. Just fly the plane.” Storm shouted back creating a mini tornado to move the smoke away. Jean sat back in her seat choking. “What’s wrong with her?” Scott said paying no attention to flying the aircraft. Logan stood up and pulled Scott from the pilot’s chair and allowed Scott to race backwards to his girlfriend. Jean stood stock still in the middle of the cube both Kitty and Rogue were shying away from her desperately trying to hide their soiled rears. Hypnotic finished applying the personality makeover to the docile mannequin that stood stock still in her candy striper’s clothes. Moving back to Summon she said, “How do we switch her on?” Whispering Summon said “It’s not really her, it’s a copy from your mind I am just putting the finishing touches including a couple you don’t know about.” “They better not be against me or else you’ll be soiling yourself Summon my dear.” “No they are to make Jean feel slightly more at home around babies.” “What?” “Training pants.” Summon breathed. Jean blinked and looked at Scott. She then threw her arms around him and hugged him tightly. “Whatever that was.” She cried into his shoulder. “I don’t want to it again.” Jean opened her eyes. She began to sniff the air. “I smell a poopy diaper.” She sang turning on Kitty. “I wonder who it belongs too.” She stalked towards Kitty who was trying to shrink through the bars of the cube. “When I find the poopy baby I will make her play the sit up game before I will change her.” Jean laughed as Kitty fought for air and space with the red and white childlike dress looming before her. Thrusting out her finger Jean said. “I will close my eyes and follow the smell to the mushy panties.” She took a huge theatrical sniff and swung her finger at Kitty’s diaper. “Found it.” She smiled. Kitty fought the tears that what this humiliation was all about. She would brave this then she would escape. She would let her captors think she was docile then she would escape Kitty’s thought becoming desperate as Jean pretended to tiptoe toward her. Grabbing Kitty’s arm Jean pulled her onto her front. “It’s a simple game we play with little stinkers.” Jean explained. “You get the baby to stand up however she can’t use her hands.” Kitty looked at Jean, how could her friend do this to her. It was like the most extreme she had ever seen Jean ever. “Hurry up baby or I will make you poop again before I give you another chance.” Kitty rolled onto her back. Spreading the poop around her bottom. Then she sat back forcing it forward. Now came the part that everybody was waiting for. Kitty pulled her legs in tight and tried to push herself upwards. She rolled onto her toes first time. This game was easier than expected. A slender hand pushed Kitty backwards. She fell backwards. As her rear made contact with the mat the contents of the diaper moved at an alarming rate. Spreading thinly everywhere on her back and to many places on her front Kitty discovered just how much she hated wearing diapers. Yet here she was fighting to get put into a clean one. Rolling onto her feet Kitty jumped backwards to avoid another thrusting hand. She jumped straight into the cube wall and spread the mess around even more. Looking at Jean Kitty was using her eyes to plead with her friend. Jean held open a pink diaper. Kitty walked toward Jean who brought out her other hand from around her back. She held a huge safety pin, the size of Kitty’s waist, with pink ends and a brilliant white terry towelling cloth diaper. “Its now up to you farty pants. Just tell me if you want to wear the disposables.” “Yu fop gobo.” Kitty said. “Nope, cloth it is then.” Black smoke surrounded the two. Kitty reappeared tied to a giant changing table inside another cube. This one was painted pink and had Disney character carpets. The stacks of different types of diapers filled most of the cube with a potty and wardrobe filling the rest of the space. Jean then proceeded to change Kitty’s diaper. “Unfortunately stinky there is no quick or easy way to do this.” Jean sighed. “Its just a good old case of elbow grease and wiping power.” She said taking hold of the diaper’s tapes. Each one was slowly withdrawn the gently ripping sound told Kitty that there was no care being taken the diaper was just being taken off slowly. Forcing her neck upwards she tried to look at Jean to hurry her up. All she managed to see was Hypnotic, Summon and Rogue all watching intently as Jean reached for the first, of what was sure to be many, baby wipes. As soon as the Blackbird touched down everybody jumped off and scattered to their prescribed locations. Night Crawler and Spike made sure that nobody needed any real assistance before moving off to the hangouts that the Brotherhood usually used. “Next time you do a number two, you’ll know that it takes thirty seven baby wipes to get you clean again. If that doesn’t encourage you to be potty trained I don’t know what will.” Jean said reaching for the terry-towelling sheet. “Silly me I forgot.” Jean laughed. She picked up an oversized talcum powder bottle. Kitty then found she was covered in the sweet smelling, and chalky tasting, powder. “Oh dear. It looks like we will have to get you something else to wear.” Jean said moving to the wardrobe. She pulled out several nice summer tops. And threw them into the dirty diaper bucket. “They just aren’t nice enough.” Jean said her head still in the wardrobe. “Perfect.” Jean squealed with delight. Jean pulled out her find that was a lilac onesie with an elasticised waist and long sleeves that finished in rounded pommels without space for the wearer’s thumbs. On the waist line there was a tail attached that finished with a buckle at its tip. The onesie also had a hood which had cat ears and came up high enough and was tight enough that there had to be a hole cut for the wearer’s mouth. “Bet you can’t wait to try this on.” Jean licked her lips. “And now back to the diapering. You must be getting cold lying there without your clothes on.” Jean moved back to the changing table taking the onesie with her. “Raise your bottom.” Jean commanded picking up the large hourglass shaped sheet. Kitty didn’t move she tried to force the changing mat up her own ass. “Mommy says raise your bottom.” Kitty complied instantly and Jean slid the sheet under Kitty. “Now lie back down.” Kitty didn’t need to be forced to do this she would have to do it anyway. Jean pulled the rest of the diaper up from between Kitty’s legs. She then took the sides of the diaper and pulled them around Kitty so that the two folds met and Jean pushed the oversized safety pin through sealing Kitty once again back into her diapered prison. “Now time to get you dressed.” Jean took the onesie and pulled it over Kitty’s head forcing the hood over her face. The hood covered Kitty’s face up to the bottom of her nose and Kitty had to stick her tongue through the gap to open it wide enough so that it wouldn’t make her breathing more difficult. Jean moved her hand to Kitty’s shoulders putting the onesie in a optimum positions to just slid it over her once Kitty’s wrists were untied. A puff of smoke however and any chance of Kitty using a moment like that to escape had vanished. “Your thoughts betray you diaper lady.” Summon chirped in. As the smoke cleared Kitty was now fully dressed in her onesie. Her hands were cuffed inside the pommels, Kitty new this because the biting harshness of the cuffs dug into her wrist, and she had a pacifier stuck through the hole in the hood. Puffs of smoke stung Kitty’s eyes again and she was once again back in the original cube. “How long does dirty diaper smell hand around for?” Jean asked turning to Rogue. “Or could it be that we have two babies in the playpen and one lives life far too much on the edge.” Stony silence answered Jean. “So Rogue, you’re a baby who doesn’t wear diapers because?” Rogue looked into Jean’s eyes. Rogue’s body was pulsing with anger. “No answer means no reason. No reason means punishment time.” Kitty had been moving behind Jean and was ready to jump her when all of a sudden both Kitty and Jean were back in the changing cube. Kitty was stuck back on the changing table and Jean was sitting on the potty. “Finish with one baby before you torment the next.” Hypnotic said her face pressed up to the mesh that made the cube’s walls. Jean nodded; Kitty was suddenly back in the first cube. “As you have just made me wet my pants you can wet yours.” Jean said standing over Kitty. Jean’s skirt had been shortened from knee length to thigh length suggesting that any other mistake would result in another three inches being lost from her skirt length. “Mommy says wet your pants Kitty.” Jean said as she took hold of Kitty’s tail and wrapped it around the support to which Kitty had been attached. She then took the buckle and attached it back to the tail creating a simple loop that drew tighter the longer the distance away from the support was. “Chasing your tail will not be a good idea Kitty.” Turning back to Rogue who was still livid she had had to sit in poopy jeans for an extended period Jean stalked toward her new target. “Now it appears that the poopy condition is just present in babies. Or maybe you are a baby in disguise. Are you a normal person Rogue?” Jean questioned. Silence “So you must be a baby. But you aren’t wearing any diapers. Babies should be in diapers Rogue. It’s the only sensible way to stop you from ruining your pants. Wait, wait a second you have done. Now its time for you to rediscover the delights of diapers.” The acrid smoke surrounded the two and Rogue then found herself restrained in the same way as Kitty had been moments before. “Now Kitty was very good when she was being changed and that’s no fun.” Jean said wickedly. “What I need is a baby with ants down her pants…” Jean affected Rogue’s accent. “All wriggling and jiggling.” Jean went to the wardrobe and returned with a pair of luminous green plastic pants and a red and black striped onesie. “These should brighten up your appearance but you will still sit nice and still.” Jean looked out of the cube to Summon. “Maybe if this one wasn’t wearing any Jeans but had really itchy legs.” Jean suggested. Rogue suddenly saw small plumes of smoke appearing at her ankles where her restraints were. Then she saw Hypnotic moved into eye contact and Rogue had a buzzing once more in her head. Then the tops of her legs burned with an itching sensation. “Much better.” Jean laughed. Rogue began to thrash her legs about trying to drive the itching sensation away. She began to spread the contents of her underwear around so much that her knees were becoming covered in the muck. Jean just stood over Rogue, her hands on her hips watching as Rogue thrashed and squirmed helpless to stop. Hypnotic looked at Rogue again and the itching suddenly stopped. Rogue allowed her legs to settle and rest back down onto the ruined changing pad. Jean began to run her hands down Rogue’s shirt. “Oh dear, oh dear oh dear. It appears that we have got our shirt a little smelly as well as our panties. Doesn’t it Rogue?” Rogue could do nothing but start to cry and nod slowly. “Don’t cry all babies ruin their clothes that’s why diapers are the only option… for you.” Jean smiled as Rogue cried harder. Taking a pair of brilliant white disposables Jean moved her hand to the only clean bit of Rogue’s pants and drew them slowly, deliberately over her legs. Rogue was mortified by these events. She had experienced Kitty’s emotions of having to do this to herself but these emotions were her own and she hated them. This was humiliation, this was all of her adult privileges stripped from her and placed in the diaper pail with the rest of the garbage. Every baby wipe that Jean used on her caused Rogue to cry louder and eventually her bawling was so loud that Hypnotic had to mute all of the sounds Rogue made altogether. As she drew the extra thick pull-up style diaper up to Rogue’s waist Jean found that Rogue was trembling with anticipation. Rogue found her helplessness so infuriating that she was shaking with the anger coursing through her veins. “Now its time for plastic pants. They help keep your messes in your diapers even if you thrash about like that all the time.” Jean explained to Rogue’s horror. Rogue clearly hadn’t planned on using more than one diaper whilst she was in captivity. Taking the onesie Jean draped it over Rogue and Summon did the rest. Jean then took a pacifier which had a black mask which covered Rogue’s nose and eyes and dropped it in Rogue’s mouth. “It looks so cute the way your pacifier moves up and down when you cry baby Rogue.” Jean exclaimed. “Why don’t you poop your diaper more often? What about once every twenty minutes the same as Kitty?” Kitty burst into loud sobs in the other cube. “See Rogue you should be just like Kitty she is missing you already.” Jean said as the both disappeared. Rogue reappeared in the cube and was almost buried in an avalanche of baby toys that landed on top of her. Jean reappeared in front of Hypnotic and Summon now time wearing a French maid’s uniform. Hypnotic moved to the cube and walked round it. Kitty and Rogue sat in there corners monitoring her. They both had venom in their eyes and Hypnotic knew that she had to install a command that would make them forget this ordeal well almost forget it. They would just remember what Jean had done to them. Hypnotic motioned to the girls and they turned to look at her… Spike and Night Crawler were having no success in trying to find Kitty and Rogue as they busted into hideout after hideout. “This is useless we have no clues and no chance of finding out where they have gone.” Spike said throwing several spines into the wall of Blob’s home. “Cool down at least the others are managing to hold off Magneto.” Night Crawler said soothingly. “Right let’s go and see if we can find anything in Mystique’s office at school.” Spike said feeling marginally better. At that point Night Crawler’s communicator went ballistic. It hissed static and interference before Iceman’s voice came through broken and distorted. “XI…under…tack…ass…required…Respond…ice…over” The two mutants looked at each other as Night Crawler teleported them back to the Xavier Institute. Robbie was exhausted. He was physically and mentally drained after the exercises he had performed now he was trying to hold off the brotherhood whilst the real X-Men fought Magneto. At first the few mutants that were at the Institute had held their ground however as Toad had pulled off the communications aerial with his tongue the fighting had mainly fallen on Robbie and Iceman as the others were either too young or too inexperienced to fully use their powers. Slowly but surely Robbie and Ice had been driven back. They had no real chance of winning but if they could keep up the defence long enough help should arrive soon. It had but not in the shape of Cyclops or Wolverine charging across the horizon ready to leap into battle. Help had arrived in the shape of Forge, the mutant with the ability to create tools from his body. Although as Forge had admitted in the brief words that he and Robbie had said to each other his attack power was limited Forge had began rewiring a communicator to make it more powerful so that they could contact help. “Ice behind you.” Forge said as his arm swivelled into a welding torch forcing Toad to leap into the air to avoid its white-hot flame. “Thanks.” Iceman said as he dropped Avalanche to the ground by encasing his hands in a block of ice. “Where’s Force?” “Don’t know he and Shockwave separated from us.” Robbie had moved into the trees to give his aching body a chance against the fresh Australian mutant who was now pursuing him. “Force, Force come out and play.” Shockwave said obliterating another tree stump two meters left of Robbie’s position. Robbie took a deep breath and filled himself with power ready for another blast at Shockwave when he hit upon an idea. Readying his legs he pushed himself up through the tree line. When he felt gravity take a hold of his body Robbie concentrated on making a solid surface beneath him. He felt his own body landing harshly on his surface but ignored it. Opening his eyes Robbie saw that he was standing on thin air. His feet felt although he was standing on a concrete block although Robbie couldn’t see it. Leaning forward Robbie lay down and curled his fingers around the front “edge” of the block. Then Robbie pushed forward. A smiled cracked his lips. Exhausted, physically and mentally battered and yet Robbie let out a whoop of joy. “I can fly!” Shockwave flew past him propelling himself up and into the air like Robbie had done but unable to soar." Robbie forced himself to look where he was going. He looked and saw his friends trying to hold off Avalanche and Toad. The Brotherhood was beginning to get on top of Iceman and Forge and Robbie swooped down to help. He landed and dropped into a roll on his right shoulder before coming up and looking at Shockwave. Shockwave stood with his hand at Robbie’s head palm open ready to fire a sonic blast at Robbie. “Goodbye Force, you’re my first kill.” Robbie closed his eyes. His life didn’t flash before his eyes. All he could think of was Kitty he thought of her smiling the sweet smile at him when they first met and Robbie knew that he couldn’t die whilst she was captured. Shockwave supposed that Force had had long enough to suffer so her powered his attack and let him have it. Shockwave flew backwards. His right arm moving at an unnatural angle from the rest of his body as he landed beside Toad and Avalanche Force opened his eyes and stared deep into Toad’s. Robbie found his voice resonating around his body he felt the same mutant strength that he had when he first awakened his powers. “Where is Kitty?” He boomed. “Where is she? Tell me if you want to live!” Robbie raised himself slowly to his feet. Avalanche brought Robbie to the real world. He sent a tremor that knocked him to down and dropped foliage onto his body. A sickly pop had Shockwave’s arm back in his socket and Forge and Iceman were suddenly outnumbered. The Brotherhood began to advance. A host of six-foot long spines shot into the ground separating the two groups. Spike and Night Crawler stood over Robbie’s body ready to attack. “Well must be going losers.” Toad said as he, Avalanche and Shockwave disappeared. Kitty and Rogue were sitting dressed in baby clothing sucking on pacifiers playing with baby toys when the three reappeared in the hideout. Shockwave immediately collapsed due to shock. Hypnotic and Summon who had been sitting on a pair of office chairs lounging were immediately on their feet. “What happened to him?” Demanded Hypnotic. “What happened at the XI?” Summon demanded. Avalanche immediately moved to take control of the situation. “We someone who can take care of him now.” He pointed to Shockwave. “Then Ill give you a status report before we head back for round 2.” “I have just the person.” Summon said. Spike and Night Crawler sat in the medical bay listening to Iceman explain what had happened whilst Forge set up the equipment to monitor Robbie. “They were serious about getting in here.” Iceman said. “If it hadn’t been for me and Robbie we wouldn’t have held them off.” “Yes but look at what happened to him.” Spike said. “And you told the others to move to the hiding place because they were too inexperienced. What about him? He has only been here for days!” “He has more control than a lot of the people that have been here for years.” Iceman countered. “You weren’t here I made the decision based on the people I had available at the time!” “And Force almost died!” “Mine friends calm down look he is waking up.” Night Crawler said pointing his three fingered hand in Robbie’s direction. The X-Men gathered round the table much to Forge’s disgust. “Stay back give the man some air.” Robbie’s eyes flickered open. “Any calls whiles I was out?” The relief was tangible.

Jean was wearing her brand new apron and was tending to Shockwave’s arm whilst the Brotherhood discussed their second wave of attack. “We need to separate them.” Avalanche said. “If they stick together they can all use Force’s power to protect them.” “Yes but while he’s out of commission we should press our advantage.” Hypnotic replied. “With our most potent attacking force injured? Where’s the sense in that?” Toad objected. The other’s spun and faced him. It wasn’t usual for Toad to be so articulate. “Sounds like you have a plan Toad.” Hypnotic stated. “Uh huh.” Toad replied back to his usual mumbling. “With Summon we could simply place the XI in a big box and fill it with water. They’d be begging to get out.” “That’s a bit extreme isn’t it?” Summon said. “Now is not the time to be squeamish.” Kitty and Rogue had to sit listening to the Brotherhood as they plan their assault on their home. Just like real babies they had been forgotten entirely when more important matters had to be attended to. Kitty sat in her wet diaper, the feeling had become such a constant in her life for the past few hours that she barely dwelled on it anymore but it the burning that now enveloped her skin was signifying the onslaught of diaper rash developing around her most sensitive areas. Rogue had been counting down in her head. By her reckoning it would be two minutes before she filled her diaper for the first time in years. There was however a problem with her impending doom. She just didn’t need to go. She couldn’t feel her anything in her bowels as she had completely emptied everything that was in her belly into her now ruined big girl underwear. Kitty had either lost count or was miles away in her own world but Rogue knew the problems associated with trying to go when you couldn’t. She had, for her first few X-Men missions, tried to use the bathroom before she left so that she didn’t have to go on route. But when you just couldn’t it was a painful experience. Like constipation she always felt like she was trying to push something out of her body that wasn’t there, in a sense trying to push her stomach out of her own body which wasn’t healthy. As urine began to splash into her disposable diaper Rogue realised she had missed calculated. The strong baby feeling that Hypnotic was making Kitty and Rogue feel whenever they did something babyish or suffer from extreme emotions forced Rogue to grab the dolly in front of her and begin to try to make it walk by extending one leg in front of the other. ‘It weelly ard to make dolly walk.’ Rogue thought to herself as she crawled along behind her walking doll. Rogue felt her stomach cramp and begin to push. ‘Ow, whered that come from?’ Rogue rolled onto her back to see where the pain behind her came from. Then she exploded a painful liquid mess into the back of her diaper. Humiliation burned Rogue’s core as she struggled to get up. “The stronger your emotions the younger you will act.” Hypnotic had said. Rogue’s thumb caught her attention and blushing furiously, her face also reddened with her diaper exertions Rogue caught her thumb with her lips and began to suck her thumb. Kitty looked over to Rogue. She had watched what she had been doing and had seen Rogue soiling herself. ‘Like we are supposed to do every twenty minutes.’ Kitty thought. ‘But then why haven’t I?’ An alarm sounded “What’s going on?” Avalanche said looking at the security monitors expecting to see an intrusion. “Oh its nothing.” Jean said. “It’s a poopy alarm one of the babies has just filled her diaper and the other has three minutes until she does the same.” The brotherhood turned to the cube. “Its Rogue who is poopy.” Jean announced. “How can you tell?” Toad asked sniffing the air. “Because she is sucking her thumb.” Hypnotic informed Toad. Toad looked suspicious not knowing the connection. Jean meanwhile had approached the cube with Summon. Summon extend her left hand and pointed to the centre of the cube. The all-to-familiar puff of black smoke cleared to reveal a musical potty with several wires sticking out of it. “Time to show us if you can be a big girl Kitty.” Jean informed her. A timer appeared on the potty, as did a Plexiglas lid that would prevent it from being used. “Now all you have to do is defeat the baby-proof lock and make your mark as a child.” Jean explained. The potty turned and behind it was the game of putting blocks through the right shaped holes. The blocks were neatly piled in front of the holes, obviously not in front of the correct hole and Kitty could hear the timer now beeping time ominously away. “A baby can do this task in seven minutes Kitty. You’ve got two minutes thirty in thee beeps. Three, two, one go.” Kitty sprinted to the blocks but she quickly slowed into a waddle because she became to excited and Kitty realised the plan. They were planning to use her strong emotions as she got close to achieving her goal to turn her into a baby preventing her from achieving the goal. Well she wouldn’t let that happen Kitty would just keep calm and do the job quickly and efficiently. As Summon whispered this information to Hypnotic rather than looking worried Hypnotic smiled. “This is what I wanted.” Hypnotic whispered back. “Kitty remembers about the emotions making her act like a baby. But I made her deliberately not know about acting more like a baby by doing baby things.” “So.” Summon breathed. “She is playing a baby game. I have already told that. It should be enough to delay her long enough for us to get a good show.” Kitty found she had two other problems to deal with as well as keeping calm. The first was that she was still tied to the support and couldn’t jerk forward with the shapes, which were as big as her torso because her tail would tighten and she would be unable to reach the holes. The second was her rounded pommel gloves. These would limit her ability to pick up the shapes and generally frustrate her if she dropped the shape. Taking a deep calming breath Kitty picked up the star shape. “Two minutes left.” Jean said from behind the potty. Kitty pushed the star shape through the hole and felt a surge of triumph. 'I picked up the 'ectangle and put it through the 'ectangle ‘ole.’ Kitty thought her mind beginning to deteriorate ‘Next twiangle into………twiangle.’ ‘Wound in………………’ Kitty saw that this was her last shape, ‘How wong?’ She thought trying to squeeze the circle into the triangle hole. Rolling the shape around she found the circle hole and began to push. Unfortunately not the shape through the hole. In a moment of clarity Kitty realised she had been duped. Shoving the circle into its hole, the potty began to open up and turn around very slowly as Kitty finished pooping her diaper. It stopped facing Kitty who didn’t care anymore and was crawling away to find a teddy bear still peeing her diaper. Summon turned to Hypnotic with wicked respect in her eyes and an evil smile. “I know.” Hypnotic said looking at the back of Jean’s skirt. “Are you…?” She nodded her head at Jean. “No but I think she needs to use the potty.” Black smoke covered Jean and she appeared sitting on top of the potty still fully clothed with a newspaper in her hands. Quickly pulling down her wet training pants Jean began “reading” to the tune of ‘Simply the best’.

“Well now that our little entertainment is over lets get back to the task at hand.” Hypnotic said as she and Summon moved back to their previous positions leaving the rest of the brotherhood staring open mouthed at the scene that had transpired in front of them.
“You…aren’t going to change them.” Avalanche was the first to find his voice.
“No they’ll ask when to be changed.”
“Even though when they act like babies they act more like babies the cycle doesn’t take into account an infants attention span. Once they get bored or their diaper gets cold the babies will start to cry and will need to be changed.”
“And by that time they will have put another load into their diaper and the circle repeats itself.” Summon finished.
“What about the clone Jean?”
“She will get bored in the cube. Big Deal. Big kids have to play with little kids all the time the state of their underwear doesn’t bother them.”

“It’s a stalemate.” Robbie announced. “We’re stuck their stuck. We can’t fight on all sides and win but neither can they. Whatever Magneto is planning involves keeping us busy whilst someone else achieves the goals.”
“You think he is after the XI and the other attacks are to keep our attention away from our own home?” Forge asked.
“I think so but I could be wrong.”
“Oh man!” Spike said “With our defences down as well, if it wasn’t for us here the Brotherhood would be redecorating.”
“We need to find Kitty and Rogue. With them here we could separate our forces. We could help one of the other groups to win they’re battles and bring help back to here at the same time.” Iceman said.
The others nodded.
“Where do we start?” Night Crawler asked.

Kitty’s head ached; well it did when she was big enough to think…

Her thoughts drifted to her and away from her so quickly…

That it was hard to focus on anything except…

Except what Jean put in front of her…

Sometimes she understood what Jean was saying to her but others…

Kitty and Rogue were lying on their backs with Jean rocking their feet. She was moving at different speeds keeping the messy babies entertained and keeping pressure on their diapers to make the babies sweat. Once they did they would have diaper rash as well as horrible lasting memories of this ordeal. Jean had stumbled onto the idea when changing Kitty the first time because she had the very beginnings of the skin condition.

Rogue was getting bored she was starting to fidget.
“What is it my little poopy diaper baby girl?” Jean sang to Rogue. “Is your messy diapered brain not having enough fun, bless look at that smile, your going to poop again aren’t you.” Jean put her lips to Rogue’s forehead and blew a raspberry. This caused Rogue to giggle and Jean returned to rocking her.

Jean turned and looked to the Brotherhood who had now largely forgotten about there captives and she felt deeply humiliated she was not a baby, they were and she was being treated as bad, if not worse than those in the poopy diapers.
Summon turned around and faced Jean.

Jean’s clothes vanished in a puff of smoke and reappeared with a pink bikini top and a cloth diaper. Jean then pooped her diaper and Summon turned back to the planning table.

Hypnotic turned around and looked at Kitty and Rogue.

They both stood up to their full height and moved toward the Jean clone who suddenly now found herself outnumbered.

“Look out.” Summon suddenly shouted as she dived for cover.

Night Crawler looked at the scene before him utterly bewildered. “What was going on? Jean was here? What were they wearing?” Then smallest mutant turned and shouted the warning. Night Crawler teleported back to the XI.

In the Confusion Kitty saw her chance powering up the phase wall she could create she pushed one of the walls of the cube and pushed it from the others much like she had done with the door in her room in the XI. She then found Hypnotic who had thrown herself against a wall and was now lying on the ground. Kitty used the phase wall to bend the wire mesh, that was formally the cube wall, and she dropped her smaller cage on top of Hypnotic sealing her in with her face downwards rendering her powers useless.

Rogue had not been idle at this time either she had sprinted forward; even the sagging load of her full diaper did not prevent her from reaching top speed. She leapt at Summon who did not have time to spirit Rogue away from her and the diaper mutant landed on top of Summon and rammed her legs, the only part of her skin not covered onto Summon. As soon as the microns on her skin made contact Rogue began to pull Summon’s power from her.

Kitty turned her attention to Avalanche and Toad who began to circle around her.
“You are going to get such a spanking!” Avalanche said raising his foot.
“Yes, Stinky I am going to enjoy changing your diapers…TOMORROW!” Toad licked his lips.
Then a familiar puff of black smoke enveloped Toad and Avalanche who disappeared.

They reappeared beside Shockwave, tied to the changing table in the second cube.
Rogue opened her mouth.
“W…We…Well, well, well. It looks like the tables have turned, Sugars.” Rogue said.
“We can not only speak again but now we are in charge.” Kitty said.
“After all you have done to us. We are going to escape but we are going to have some revenge first aren’t we Kitty.”
“You got it Rogue. Shouldn’t we secure Summon?” Kitty said looking at the small girl who was looking very dazed and weak.
“I have just the thing.” For the first time Summon became covered in the thick black smoke. When she reappeared she was in a baby bouncer that held her one foot from the ground. It was obvious that she was also thickly diapered and that she could not escape from the bouncer due to multitude of thick locks that were attached to the seems.

Just then they heard a moaning coming from the broken cube that had been their prison for so long. The two mutants turned to see that Jean had begun to smoke. Her body was evaporating off in thick black plumes of smoke which smelt strongly of charcoal and had an acrid taste.

“She’s not real!” Rogue exclaimed.
“Quick create new cubes around Hypnotic and the rest of the Brotherhood before it evaporates as well.”
The thick plumes of smoke began to pour from both cubes but Rogue’s new powers held firm and she ensured that the prisons held firm.
“Now that we have dealt with that problem, who do we deal with first?” Rogue asked slyly.

“We have to go and rescue them.” Robbie said. The argument had been raging since Night Crawler had returned.
“Yes but how can we attack if one of them can hear our thoughts and hear us coming?” Iceman asked.
“We have Kurt teleport us in and then we attack them quickly.”
“So I teleport us in…Bam we get put in a cage like Kitty and Rogue because we are standing all together, no?” Night Crawler pointed out.
“OK let’s give them more time. I’m sure that they have a plan to try and escape in motion.”
“The only thing in motion is their bowels.” Night Crawler whispered under his breath as they returned to the monitors to check on the other X-Men.

“Now then Honey its time for a better outfit.” Rogue said pointing her finger at Hypnotic. Black smoke filled her cage. When she reappeared Hypnotic was wearing a thick white disposable diaper, a blue and white striped bikini top and a cowl that covered her eyes. Her hair was in pigtails and in her mouth was a huge pink pacifier.
“And Rogue if you wouldn’t mind?” Kitty pointed to Rogue and herself. The black smoke enveloped her and once it had cleared the mutants were wearing their X-Men uniforms and no diapers.
“That looks so much better.” Rogue nodded. She turned to the cube. “Well almost.” The three male members of the Brotherhood disappeared from view and once the smoke had cleared Shockwave, Avalanche and Toad were now only wearing extremely thick cloth diapers.

Spitting out the pacifier Hypnotic turned to the X-Men. “You think you’ve won? You two really think that I would have turned off all of the conditions I placed on you? Do you really think that I would be that stupid.”
Kitty and Rogue turned to look at each other.
“It’s been nineteen minutes girly girls.” Hypnotic managed to look superior despite her diaper.
Kitty and Rogue grabbed their kidneys as they succumbed to the shooting pains.

Kitty didn’t dare move. The mess had spread its way to the front of her underwear and hadn’t been contained as well as it should have. Now she actually wished for a diaper because she couldn’t stand ruining her underwear every twenty minutes.
Black smoke enveloped her. Kitty looked down. She had been cleaned and she was now wearing her uniform but with a diaper on underneath. Kitty looked at Rogue who was wearing the same.
“Thought reading abilities.” She shrugged.

Black smoke filled Hypnotic’s cage. She reappeared wearing a baby harness that prevented her from moving her arms. Rogue held the reins and the two X-Men teleported back to the XI with their captive.

“We have to go in and get them Night Crawler lets go!” Robbie shouted his patience had worn thin.
“Or maybe you guys could, like welcome us back.” Kitty said.
“Kitty!” Robbie shouted triumphantly. He looked at the other X-Men ashamed they simply shrugged. “We were just coming to rescue you but we couldn’t get close and not everybody thought we could attack and…and…”
Kitty put her fingers to Robbie’s lips. “Don’t speak.” The two kissed.
“I hope you guys have some good news for us.” Ice said.
“Sure Sugar, I have the perfect powers to help the X-Men. Just tell me where they are.” Rogue smiled. She no longer worried about Kitty and Robbie she just wanted to get out of diapers for good.
“Jean and Storm are at the library…” Spike began but Rogue had already disappeared.

The destruction around the library was immense. Mystique, in the form of huge tiger, was busily dodging lightning blasts from Storm. Quicksilver was busily trying to spin out of a cyclone which Storm had created whilst Jean was using her telekinesis to hold of Vertigo’s attacks. Rogue looked at the destruction dismayed, Quicksilver then found that his shoelaces were tied together. But those weren’t his shoes they were thick baby booties that hurt his feet when he tried to wiggle his toes. He then disappeared in a puff of black smoke only to reappear in a diaper and baby bouncer beside Summon to the groans of his teammates. Mystique then found that she was wearing a dog choker as she disappeared only to find herself trapped in a kennel with a glass door in the front. Vertigo found herself sitting in poopy diapers harnessed to the cube with the rest of the Brotherhood.

Jean turned to Rogue. “But how?”
“No time where is Cyclops?” Rogue asked.
“Downtown fighting Sabre tooth and Juggernaut.” She said as Rogue disappeared.

The Brotherhood then managed to laugh despite themselves as two of their strongest fighters were returned to them wearing big baby girl clothes with Sabre tooth dressed in pink baby-doll dress and diapers. He was tied to another corner of the cube. The human Juggernaut then appeared trapped in his own cube. His red armour was now pink and his dirty diapers were on display as the trousers of his armour were removed and replace with thick white cloth diapers, pink rubber pants and on top of that white and pink frilly baby pants were placed on top of those. Squeezed into the mouthpiece of his helmet was a pink pacifier and his hands where tied into thumb less mittens, which were yellow with teddy patterns. The laughing stopped as those who had been dry soiled themselves.

Rogue moved onto the Professor’s location. The lord of magnetism was flying high above the psychic mutant. A special helmet protected his mind from being taken over by Professor X but his attacks were still the most effective against Magneto.

As Kitty teleported in it appeared that Magneto had gained the upper hand but that was about to change. Without saying a word she carefully placed a disposable diaper onto Magneto. The diaper had the curious property that no matter how Magneto used his powers the diaper would pull itself up sharply. It was a childish thing to do to Magneto but in reality he had asked for it. Rogue then wound Magneto up in thick plastic ribbons and dumped him back into the Brotherhood’s hideout.

Teleporting all of the X-men back to the XI she found herself returning to applause and smiles and handshakes. Kitty pulled Hypnotic forward and Professor X didn’t need his psychic powers to tell that he needed some privacy alone with the girls and their diapered prisoner. They moved into his study before anyone spoke.
“Well ladies what is going on?” The Professor asked.
“We need you to remove all of Hypnotic’s programming from our bodies before we return her to the Brotherhood.” Kitty said.
“Of course just remove her blindfold…”
“No Professor her powers are in her eyes…” Kitty said quickly.
“Then Ill try something a little special.” Professor X leaned forward and took Hypnotic’s hand who immediately tensed up. After a small while she relaxed and the Professor said through a strained voice. “She is under my control now take off her blindfold and look into her eyes.”
The two girls complied. They immediately felt their heads buzz with the same familiarity. But once it ended Rogue sent Hypnotic back completely immobilised by her baby outfit.

Hypnotic appeared on the floor of the Brotherhood hideout wearing a black bikini and a diaper, soiled. She had a pink nylon baby harness on top of that, which held her arms in by her side. She had a white colour around her neck which held her pacifier in her mouth. She then had her knees immobilized by a yellow ribbon tied in a bow around her legs and her feet where in thick white booties that were tied tightly together. Hypnotic even felt her bladder being filled up with liquid as she farted out some black smoke that meant she would be really uncomfortable by the time the Brotherhood broke free of the prison.

Kitty emptied her trashcan into the main dumpster. Carefully wrapped amongst the rubbish were about fifteen diapers with some of them wet and the rest dry. She also had the pink ribbon that she was going to make into baby accessories in the bundle as Kitty purged her life of diapers for a second time. As she walked back into the main house she saw Robbie staring at her threw the window. Blowing him a kiss she ran into the house and upstairs ready to start something she had wanted to do ever since she was in diapers.