Writing challenge (Robocop fanfiction)

This story is a quick one-off that is just the result of BabyAnna challenging the chat to think of a story that would use the following line in context:

I got permission to change the name. I’ve also made a couple of minor changes, but nothing I think violates the spirit of the challenge. Also, if there are any typos or grammatical mistakes, please bear with me. This text has not gone through my usual proofreading process.




Everybody ducked down behind desks and filing cabinets as another projectile shot through the broken glass, hit a pipe and ricocheted into the water cooler, breaking the bottle, spilling the water onto the floor.

“Shit! Anybody hurt?”

Shouts of ‘no’ and ‘not yet’ rang out from around the squad room before somebody said what everybody was thinking.

“Can someone put a stop to that?”

Officer Anne Lewis looked out from behind a filing cabinet. Her gun was in her hand, more out of habit than necessity. She knew where the shots were coming from. They all did.

Officer Alex Murphy, or Robocop as the OCP reps insisted on calling him, had had a bad night. It had started with a simple convenience store robbery, but had quickly escalated to a hostage situation. This again, had led to a car chase which had ended in a fiery crash and two dead robbers.

This wouldn’t have been anything too out of the ordinary except the soon-to-be crispy criminals hadn’t had the good sense to steal the 6000 SUX parked just down the street from the convenience store. Instead, they had gone for the garbage truck. The crash had mangled one of Murphy’s legs and torn his left forearm off.

Both were easily replaced, but it was still a time-consuming process. And then, five minutes ago, they had found out that there was a problem with the nutrient paste dispenser.

Lewis holstered her gun and began crawling towards the closed-off area where the OCP technicians did maintainance on Murphy. Another projectile shot through the glass partition and there was a howl of pain as it hit somebody. Lewis didn’t stop to see who it was. Thankful for her body armour, she kept moving forward, broken glass scraping between the armour and the floor. She was almost at the door. She paused for a moment before pushing it open and peering inside.

She could see the techs huddled behind some heavy equipment; one of them holding his shoulder where a bloody stain was slowly spreading. On what looked like a cross between a heavy-duty operating table and an industrial assembly station, Lewis could see Murphy lying face-down. His wrecked leg had already been detached and was on the floor next to the table and it looked like he had been shut down for the repairs.

Just then, Murphy’s body jerked and yet another bolt shot out.

Man, that nutrient paste must really be fucked up.

Lewis crawled under the table until she was on the other side of Murphy’s body, the safe side, before standing up.

She looked over at the technicians. “Now what?” she yelled.

“Lewis, fetch the kevlar reinforced diapers. This is going to be a long night.”

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:rofl: Oh good one. I just realized what the projectiles are. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’d say mission accomplished.