Not sure of the full story behind this…apparently, neither is the media…but from what I gather, the dude cheated on his wife, and this is her revenge.

All I can say is this. If I ever cheated on my woman…I wouldn’t be wearing a sign around my neck. A noose maybe, but not a sign.

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This story was just on Yahoo. I kept meaning to read it, but I got sidetracked.

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Yeah…why couldn’t he have done the honorable thing and dumped her, fucked the new piece of ass, realized his mistake, crawl back only to be denied to the new man in the original woman’s life, and then blow his own brains out?!

This way other people’s valuable time isn’t wasted by a low-brow half assed news article that’s not the least bit interesting to begin with due to how unbelievably common a cheating man is. Seriously, this doesn’t even faze me. I honestly couldn’t care less what happens to that man.

Bleh, I’m being irritable. Other than getting a job my day’s been pretty shit sucky, sorry….

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Oh for fuck’s sake…