work time blues

Hello Everyone,

Hope everyone is doing fine.

I just got a call from a coworker aka my older brother who gave me the heads up on work.

They are going to give me a test that proves my want to work when he and a few others head to Las Vegas on a company vacation because they don’t think I am serious.

Here’s what gets me. I have been busting my ass, and they think I am not serious.

He told me he heard a few of the people say that they thought I wasn’t serious because I told a customer that I have been working with for the past 3 weeks “I know how you feel”

They want me to be professional as well as build a rapport with the customers. I believe that I was doing that quite well.

I am glad for the head’s up, my brother gave me a bit of advice I plan to take to heart.

“Treat this like you did in the Military. Don’t be friendly get your work done, and go home.”

So that is what I will do. I am a friendly person most of the time, but if they want me to be a hard ass and get me work done only and not help anyone out with what I can than I will.

I hate how some people have a double standard.

First day of work, guy told me. If you have any questions come to me.

Today: I had a question about a MAC machine, so I had a MAC and asked him a question. He said “You’ll have to ask someone else, I am busy”

all he was doing was sitting at a console printing off customer orders. I did find the answer after much searching online and using another terminal.

So I will be friendly after work and on breaks when I am not on the clock, but from now on I will just be the serious guy I was when I left the navy.

Hopefully everyone has had a better day than I had.


Re: work time blues

\open rant:

Okay I get people wanting to keep you from doing a good job by not doing their jobs and making you look bad,

this I have experienced in my life, but do not, and I do mean DO NOT try and sabotage me as is happening at work ATM.

A few pc’s that I built were sabotaged and it is pissing me off royally!

I have a few people in mind and they are pissing me off beyond belief!!!

the few who are doing it think I am making them look bad because I do my job as well as others.

They are morons that piss me off beyond belief! I was almost written up today because of this small duo of idiots!!!

:end rant:

Re: work time blues

My suggestion to you is to document what you do. If you build PC’s I assume you use a burn in program to make sure that the hardware works together without issues. That program produces logs. Copy them to a USB stick and store them.

If something doesn’t look right later, run the diagnostics again, and compare the two. Also look at the original to see that it hasn’t been modified.

It might be a good idea to give them to a supervisor once they are created. That way, there can be no question that they were doctored after the fact.

This is a difficult issue to deal with, and I feel for you.

Good luck with it.


Re: work time blues

Thanks for the advice BB.

I backed up all of my paperwork on a flash drive, and printed it all off to have a hard copy with me at all times.

This way if there is any question of correctness in the system paperwork or set up I can show the owners that it was not on my end, or my interns end.