Woot! NOT Fired.....

Hotness, I finally got a job.

It’s a shit job, minimum wage at a subway but it’s a job. The plus side to this, my parents only had to make one payment on my loan for me , so I’m not too much further in debt, the Subway is a five minute walk from my house so I’ll never need to bother with a bus pass, it’s also in a shit location right on the side of a curvy broken down freeway (meaning it’s hardly ever busy), and has a total of 9 employee’s/manager’s including me.

Long John’s had 30. Nine will be FAR friggin better for me.

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gratz, jaki ^^

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Congrats. Hope it works out for you.

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And you’re an artist now.

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I’m an artist working at Subway to try and get back into college for more art classes.

Soon I may even gain a stick up my ass, move to LA and then sniff my own farts.

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Eat fresh, Jaks, eat fresh…grats on the gainful employment man.

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Once a sandwich artist, always a sandwich artist.

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After my first day there I may soon want to claim this to be the best job I’ve ever had…

Normally when working in a food establishment, there’s a lot of positive and negative qualities about working there and the negative ones usually outweigh the positive ones. Shitty customers, stressful positions like drive through or cook, tyrant managers, etc.

At this particular subway, it’s flipped. The general (and weirdly the ONLY) manager is approximately three weeks younger than I am, making me the oldest person working there (seniority kicks ass). There are no employee discounts but rather you get a free foot long for every five hours you work in a day, in total there’s anywhere from 10 to 30 customers in an entire shift (to compare, at Long John Silvers, my slower days consisted of about 25 customers an hour), everything is easy to do, everybody is laid back, the store is actually slow enough that the GM actually bought friggin -toys- just to keep us alert and alive; I constantly see some people dribbling tennis balls and bouncing them off the wall.

This job, its the shit. The ONLY downside thus far is the dead times between customers, standing around doing absolutely nothing but listen to some high schooler rant about the “awesome saucy-ness of twilight” (Her words, not mine). My feet are tired from just standing in one spot for most of the day but other than that, the job’s pretty kickass.

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Bring some sort of handheld gaming console o.o

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I don’t own one.

I’ll probably be spending the majority of my paychecks on either my loan, just to get it out of the way, or better AB supplies if I have the spare cash.

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That sounds like a killer job. I’d love to have it.

Maybe I should try and get a job at Subway.

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Eh…the rules may not be the same for each subway. Depends on the franchise owner.

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Sounds good right now - but if it is that slow, you might be wanting to lay back some money as well. The reason? Slow franchises, in this economy, tend to close down. Not trying to be a downer - just friendly advice from someone who has had to close down a couple stores in the past, after seeing those same type of “hours between customers” days.

Oh I agree, I may have to change my spending habits based on that, but as said its only my first day there and the actual store has been in that location for ten years so I could be wrong.

Also, you have age, not seniority. While everyone else there is younger than you, they still have seniority over you, technically. However, in such a workplace, usually seniority means dick.

I know, it was a joke. Oh, and I talked to my grandmother today and found out that the GM Shawn is actually older than I thought (my grandmother knows because Shawn is the manager of four different subways in bloomington and we’ve had three family members work in them now). I misheard and he’s not 21 but rather 31 (he looks EXTREMELY young for 31 I will say). When I thought I heard 21 I had to ask for his birth date, hence why I assumed he was a little younger than me.

A mistake on my part but oh well. He’s a cool guy anyways.

Do you have any problem with working for a manager that is younger than you?

No, I wouldn’t. It’s just never happened before (especially now considering the above statement).

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That’s true, but you make it sound easy.

I still go into the restaurant I used to work at sometimes and I still have a couple of friends there that I can get the gossip from. One girl I used to work with came into the scrapbook store I was running(since closed0 and we got to talking. She said that she got a total of 12 hours for two weeks. He paycheck after taxes were withheld was something like $75.

He lasted about two weeks, then one day he went on his lunch break and never came back. lol

I have a friend that did that.

I wasn’t working that night, and I received a call at home from the manager that was closing. She knew we were friends. Anyway, she asked me if I had heard from him because he hadn’t come back from his break yet and he was about 30 minutes late. I said no, but said I would start checking around and get back to her. I left him probably 15 messages at his house and even went as far as to call his current girlfriend to see if she had heard from him(He was pretty pissed at me when he found out.)

He never did come back that night and I didn’t see him until the next day when we went into work together.

The next day it was about 3 PM and I decided not to take a break and work straight through since we only had about four more hours to go, including cleaning everything. He was on dish and he went on break around 4 PM.

Once again, he didn’t come back. So, long story short, I ended up getting done woth my duties in the front and got on dish to finish his job. I didn’t get out until 8:15 PM, which is about an hour later than we usually got out on a Sunday. I didn’t talk to him for three months after that incident.

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At my current job, which I have held for four plus years; I am the senior dishwasher with experience. Meaning I do it all> Open, close, and all in between with no vacation due to the boss keeping certain pet employees on the pay-roll.

The only reason I haven’t left is loyalty. My boss even though he is a Steeler fan, is a stand-up guy. He has given me a chance when no one else in my dirtwater college town would. If not for this job, I would not be doing as well as I am. He was there for me last year when I diced my finger on a meat slicer and my finger was squirting blood.

Jaks, just be glad you don’t have to deal with drunken college kids coming in after you’re closed looking for food at an upscale restaurant cause they’re too damn drunk to realize that where I work would bankrupt them.

Jaks, enjoy your job as one restaurant employee to another. Just be glad you have a job in these tough times.


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I officially declare this job to be the best fucking job in the world for me!

First off, I was wrong about the employee meal. It’s not 5 hours, it’s 4. So, any eight hour shift will get me 2 footlongs, which is approximately ten dollars worth of food (14 or 15 for me since I go for philly cheese steak).
Second, Drinks, cookies, yogurts, pretty much anything else on the menu is “free” (the manager doesn’t give a shit if we eat them) as well.
Third, I’ve now got four potential buyers for my artwork including the general manager from this store alone, probably gonna start handing out business cards.

And fourth, and thus far this was the best thing that’s happened. Subway had a fucked up food delivery, they were supposed to get a couple boxes of flat-breads, instead they got mini-cheese pizza’s (actual friggin pizzas too, about the size of a dinner plate), so when all was said and done with the fuckup and the delivery dudes weren’t going to take them back, we got the chance to split them between us. So now I just got twenty four cheese pizzas, roughly about forty bucks in cost to some other company, for free. Awesome sauce, pure kickass awesome sauce.

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Is the employee meal thing a company-wide policy or is it just your store?

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Again, I don’t know.

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Where I work now, I get a free meal on all my shifts, and when the Sunday brunch is done, I can pilfer what I want from it and take it home with me.

I usually these days get a wrap, a salad, or a grilled chicken sandwich depending upon how hungry I am or how busy we are. If we are busy, I just have something simple. Dude Jaks, I have to admit I like that you get free foot-longs and the Philly is awesome at Subway. I will go there sometimes.


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We had a couple of different policies when I was working at Crispers.

The first was if you worked less than six hours in a day you got 50% off your meal. If you worked more than six hours in a day you got your meal free.

The policy that started a year or so after I started working there was that you got 50% off of your meal whether you were working or not. You could come in on your day off and get 50% off of your meal. The catch was that technically you only got 50% off up to $15.00. I never saw any manager go by that technicality and they always gave me my 50% off even if the bill ended up being more than $15.00. If the bill ended up being more than $15.00, the computer automatically took off $7.00.

Both policies excluded deserts. We still had to pay full price for them. We always got free drinks when we were working.