Wonderwoman Back to Diapers

Chapter 1

Wonderwoman walked to the transporter on the Justice League Satellite. Supergirl had been kidnapped by a villain known as “The Nurse”. It was Wonderwoman’s job to rescue her and put The Nurse behind bars. Wonderwoman closed her eyes and instantly appeared outside a small building, where they suspected was The Nurse’s lair. She walked inside and took a look around. She noticed rooms on each side of a long hallway. Wonderwoman looked inside the rooms and noticed people in them who appeared to be sleeping. The rooms looked like hospital rooms, but there were cute little duckies and birds painted on the walls that made her think the rooms were for newborns. She didn’t see Supergirl in any of the rooms.
Wonderwoman went to the end of the hallway and took the stairs up to the next level, which was largely the same as the first. Wonderwoman searched around further and discovered a secret passage underground. She went down the steps and walked into a large room with multiple cribs in it. Standing over one of them was The Nurse. The Nurse turned and saw Wonderwoman almost immediately.

“Ah, there you are Wonderwoman.” The Nurse said, smiling.
“What have you done with Supergirl?” Wonderwoman yelled, getting straight to business.
“Come and look!” The Nurse said as she gestured to one of the cribs.

Wonderwoman ran to the crib and looked down. There Supergirl was, laying in the crib clad in nothing but a visibly dirty diaper and a tight Supergirl shirt. She had her thumb in her mouth and was sleeping soundly.

“What have you done to her!?” Wonderwoman said, horrified.
“I’ve simply given her a small dose of my medicine, she doesn’t have a care in the world.”
“But, why would you do this to her? What do you have against the Justice League?” Wonderwoman asked.
“I believe that humans are more relaxed when they’re innocent and carefree, just like a baby, so I’ve made a medicine to reduce an adult’s mind back to that innocent state, sure it has some drawbacks, like incontinence, but nothing that won’t be hard to deal with. As for the Justice League, well I had to make sure it worked on people from other planets such as Supergirl.”

Wonderwoman thought of what this could mean for the world and decided she must stop the Nurse before it was too late. Wonderwoman took out her lasso and threw it towards the Nurse, but it got caught on one of the beams and wouldn’t budge. Wonderwoman desperately tried to yank the rope down, but it was no use. Wonderwoman then let go of the rope and ran towards the Nurse. The Nurse was expecting this and had installed a contraption in the floor that dropped victims into the prison below. Wonderwoman walked over the trapdoor as it opened and fell down into the cell. The Nurse looked down to see an unconscious Wonderwoman lying inside a giant crib cleverly positioned under the trapdoor. Then the Nurse’s machines went to work. Giant arms came down from the walls and undressed Wonderwoman, leaving her naked. Then the arms shaved Wonderwoman’s pussy and powdered her. An oversized baby diaper was then taped up under Wonderwoman. A pacifier was then placed in her mouth and a small needle injected the Nurse’s precious medicine into Wonderwoman’s adult body.
Inside Wonderwoman’s body the medicine was beginning to work. First the bladder muscle was severely weakened until it could no longer control itself. The first outward sign that the medicine was working was the yellow wet spot that formed on Wonderwoman’s diaper. The Nurse smiled when she saw it. Then the medicine worked its way into the bowels, making it impossible for Wonderwoman to control them. A brown bulge formed on the back of the diaper to accompany the soggy yellow in the front of it. The medicine wasn’t done yet, it traveled up to Wonderwoman’s brain and pleasure centers.The medicine made Wonderwoman less nervous and all-around happier with something in her mouth, in this case a pacifier. It also made Wonderwoman’s arms and legs hard to control, rendering her strength almost useless. The medicine had been perfectly engineered for superheroines and normal women alike and worked perfectly. In a matter of seconds Wonderwoman’s body was brought back to, in terms of control, that of a baby.
The Nurse pressed a button and Wonderwoman’s crib moved into one of the hospital rooms and the doors were locked shut. Wonderwoman lay there for awhile before gradually regaining consciousness.
The first thing Wonderwoman noticed when she woke up was that she was definitely not in her room on the Justice League Satellite. The next thing she noticed was the bars surrounding her bed, or as she would soon realize, crib. Wonderwoman felt sort of groggy and her head hurt. She wrinkled her nose at the smell she just discovered was all around her and moved over. A distinct crinkle told her that something was wrong. Wonderwoman looked down at what she was wearing to find that she wasn’t wearing a shirt or bra. She was completely naked from the waist up! And not only that, she didn’t feel like she was wearing her typical panties or costume on her lower half either! Wonderwoman reached down to feel what she was wearing, but what she felt wasn’t cotton or cloth like she though it was, but something different. She moved her hand along the garment and heard it crinkle. She then realized that she was clad in a baby diaper. Wonderwoman’s eyes widened when she realized that not only was she wearing a diaper, she was wearing a wet one. Her cheeks blushed bright red.

“I must have…wet myself in my sleep or something…” She said to herself, thoroughly embarrassed that as an adult she couldn’t control her bladder.

Her nose wrinkled again at the smell of - what was that smell? She realized she also felt a strange squishy mass clinging to the back of her rump, secured in place by the diaper. Then she put the two and two together. She got out from under the covers and looked at the diaper and saw the brown lump in the back.

“Gross!” she thought as she realized she had messed herself as well.

She moved her hand to the straps on the diaper to take it off, but for some reason her grip wasn’t there. She just could not get the diaper off! She tried to plain tear it off but she wasn’t strong enough to. She found it strange, and then looked up at the room around her to try and figure out what happened. She didn’t remember much, only that she was on a mission and somehow ended up in a diaper that she couldn’t take off. She was stuck in an oversized baby room in an oversized baby crib. Wonderwoman was then aware that there was a pacifier in her mouth and that she was sucking on it. She was able to take it out, but as soon as she did she felt upset, like she wanted to cry. Wonderwoman decided it was best just to leave it in her mouth. She lay their for awhile trying to remember when the door opened and a nurse came walking in to the room. Wonderwoman quickly hid herself under the blanket. If anyone saw her like this her career could be over.

“Oh, it’s ok Wonderwoman, I’m just here to change you! Even big girls need help sometimes.” said the nurse, smiling.

Wonderwoman looked up and her covers were torn off. The nurse then pressed a button and the bars in the crib came down. The nurse untaped the diaper and threw it away. The nurse reached down and took out a baby wipe.

“You’re a messy messy girl Wonderwoman!” the nurse said as she wiped her down.

Wonderwoman didn’t really remember how she got here or why she suddenly couldn’t control her bodily functions, but she did know that somehow she got here and until she knew what was going on, she shouldn’t do anything she might regret. Plus Wonderwoman wasn’t so sure she had the strength to do anything about her situation. She decided to rest up and try to get her strength and memory back. She blushed and allowed the nurse to change her diaper without saying much. She was powdered and a brand new diaper was pulled up under her and taped in. Her mother always said she had trouble getting potty trained… Of course, at the age of thirty you would think she would have learned.

“There you go! All set for breakfast in a brand new diaper!” the nurse said, patting Wonderwoman’s diaper.
“Thanks…” Wonderwoman said softly, she was still sleepy and confused (and a little embarrassed).

Wonderwoman’s crib then transformed into some kind of high chair. Wonderwoman was surprised by the level of technology this place had, but of course if she was somewhere on the JLA Satellite… She was fed a disgusting pulp and then put in an adult sized playpen. Wonderwoman soon realized something wasn’t normal. If she did indeed have a medical condition, that would explain her weakness and inability to control her bodily functions. It could also explain the pulp she ate, as she might not be able to process solid foods. But the one thing that didn’t fit was the playpen. Wonderwoman heard her stomach rumble loudly.

“Ugh.” Wonderwoman muttered as she put her hand on her abdomen. Her stomach wasn’t handling the “food” very well…

She looked around the playpen and noticed stuffed bears and horses. She reached out for the bear and looked at it. Perhaps they were monitoring devices? Why else would they put the animals in there? As Wonderwoman thought harder she realized it was becoming increasingly more likely she was in an unfriendly place. She could be in big trouble right now. Perhaps she had been given some sort of drug to weaken her and make her a prisoner? If she really was in enemy territory, the Justice League would surely come to her rescue. She had a tracker on her in case something happened. But then Wonderwoman came to another conclusion: In the state I’m in right now, do I really want to be found? She could never live it down if the word got out that Wonderwoman wasn’t potty trained…

“Blart!” Wonderwoman let out a loud fart into her diaper. She just couldn’t hold it in anymore. Before she could think to try and call a nurse to get her to the bathroom, her bowels were pushing out the load. As Wonderwoman blushed bright red, a brown mass burst out of her and into the back of the diaper. She gasped as the back of the diaper was loaded with the remains of her breakfast. She reached down and felt the added bulk to the diaper. She couldn’t believe she had messed herself. She was an Amazon! She wasn’t a baby! She looked down at the fluffy diaper around her bottom and saw that she had wet herself as well without noticing.

As if on cue the nurse came in to change her.

“Did someone make a stinky?” The nurse asked, smiling. The nurse pressed a button and giant arms came out from the walls, picking up Wonderwoman and laying her onto a changing table. The nurse took off Wonderwoman’s dirty diaper and wiped her down. Then she began powdering Wonderwoman. Wonderwoman was still shocked about what had just happened and didn’t have much to say, but she was able to mutter a few words.

“W-what happened to me?” Wonderwoman asked, worried. She was, after all, an adult woman and shouldn’t be having incontinence issues.
“Oh nothing Sweetie!” The nurse replied. “Some Amazons like you are just big babies on the inside. All I had to do was bring that out.”

The nurse had just finished taping up the diaper when Wonderwoman jumped off the table. Wonderwoman knew something was off, and she just realized what. She was in The Nurse’s lair, and most certainly was being given the Nurse’s “medicine”. Wonderwoman felt a little stronger and was able to stand up and move her arms. The medicine was wearing off no doubt and The Nurse was probably about to give her a second dose. Clad in nothing but a diaper, Wonderwoman made a break for the door. The Nurse pressed the button to lock the door, but Wonderwoman had already opened it.

“Damn, I knew I should have given her another dose earlier.” The Nurse muttered, running after Wonderwoman.

Wonderwoman ran as fast as she could, and picked up her costume on the way. She hurried down the steps and put on her bra. She ran towards the entrance of the building and ducked into the weapons room to retrieve the rest of her gear. The Nurse wasn’t far behind, but she knew she wasn’t fast enough to catch up to the incontinent superherione. Wonderwoman got on her suit and dived out through the door. She still didn’t have the energy to fly, but she could run. Wonderwoman ran towards the city and ducked into a nearby restaurant. It was only then that she realized she didn’t take off her diaper. Wonderwoman went into the restroom and reached down to take the diaper off. It was wet.

“What?!” Wonderwoman exclaimed when she realized she was still incontinent. She began to think that maybe the medicine, having fully worn off by now, left her permanently incontinent…

Wonderwoman decided to leave the diaper on. She looked in the mirror and immediately noticed the bulk it added to her crotch area and around her butt. It was obvious she was wearing a diaper. She decided that it wouldn’t matter. All she had to do was teleport back to the JLA Satellite and make some sort of medicine to combat the incontinence.

“Computer, teleport me back to the satellite.” Wonderwoman said and she was immediately placed back on the JLA Satellite.

Wonderwoman then began hurrying to the lab to find a cure for her incontinence. She got into the lab to be analyzed and the doctors there examined her. They took a blood sample and looked at what Wonderwoman had been given.

“It seems to be some sort of muscle debilitating parasite. It targets the bladder and bowels specifically.” The doctor explained. “It should wear off in about… six months or so.”
“Six months!?!” Wonderwoman exclaimed. “I can’t wear diapers for six months!”
“I’m afraid there isn’t anything we can do.” said the doctor sympathetically. “Feel free to come in here for changes if you like.”
“I can change myself thank you.” Wonderwoman said, frustrated and annoyed.

She stormed out of the lab and got into her room before anyone could see her. So she was back in diapers for six whole months. How was she going to fight crime when she couldn’t even use the potty? And Supergirl was still in The Nurse’s lair… What was Wonderwoman going to do?

Chapter 2

On the Justice League Satellite Wonderwoman is sitting in her room wearing a rather bulky diaper. Wonderwoman wasn’t sure what to do about this change of pace. She needed diapers for the next six months until the formula the Nurse had given her wore off, but she had no idea how to go about fighting crime in this bulky “protective undergarment”, as the lab people called it. As she sat there thinking she noticed one of her older costumes hanging up in her room. Suddenly a solution came to her: A simple costume change would do! If she changed her costume that she was wearing a skirt, then perhaps she would be able to hide the diaper she was wearing underneath.
Wonderwoman got to work converting her costume. When she finished she slipped it on and checked the mirror. The diaper was barely noticeable, only someone looking for it would notice. She began thinking of what to do about the Nurse. She paced back and forth inside the room. She wasn’t used to the thickness of the diaper. She vaguely remembered wearing diapers when she was first created, but it was a distant feeling she had, for the most part, forgotten. As she looked in the mirror she noticed that the diaper was so thick it made her waddle a little bit when she walked. She silently hoped no one would notice. After much thought Wonderwoman decided that she should talk to Jon, or Martian Manhunter, about the Nurse. She silently crept out of her room and headed towards the center of the satellite where Jon was. As Wonderwoman approached Martian Manhunter sensed her.

“I notice your mission to bring back Supergirl has yet to be completed.”
“Jon, you know I don’t give up easily. Originally I was counting on breaking her out and, together, taking down the Nurse.”
“What happened?”
“I’ve underestimated the Nurse. She has the capability of sapping powers. I barely made it out myself.”
“Perhaps if you had help you could accomplish your mission?”
“I will send Superman with you. He has just finished his last mission. We need you to go get Supergirl out. We need her back here before we make any other decisions.”
“What should we do about the Nurse?”
“If you can capture her, then do so. But the number one priority is Supergirl. Get onto the transport beam and I’ll send you down to where Superman is waiting.”
“Bye Jon.”
“Farewell Diana.”

As Wonderwoman left Martian Manhunter thought he heard a small crinkling sound, but dismissed it, thinking it absurd. He watched Wonderwoman beam down and wished her luck. She was going to need every bit of it…

Wonderwoman arrived near the Nurse’s lair in an instant. As she looked around she noticed Superman standing outside of a small shop. They were in a small city late at night and very few people were awake. Superman was looking around for a hospital that might contain the Nurse, having no luck.

“Clark, it’s over here.” Wonderwoman told him, gesturing towards a deceptively small unmarked building.
“This building looks almost the same as all the others. Are you sure this is it Diana?” Superman said, doubtful.
“I’ve been there Clark, I think I would know where it is.” Wonderwoman retorted.

They walked over to it. Superman opened the door and glanced inside. It was dark and there was no movement.

“That’s odd, these walls contain lead. The Nurse was expecting us…” Superman said, disturbed.

They silently walked down the hallway and down the stairs. Wonderwoman and Superman proceeded to search the rooms, all seeming to be vacant. Wonderwoman thought she heard a noise coming from a room at the end of the hallway. She quickly walked/waddled over while Superman was searching another room.

“Great Hera! Clark come in here!” Wonderwoman yelled, shocked.

Supergirl was bound to a crib with Wonderwoman’s golden lasso. She was struggling with the magical rope when Wonderwoman entered the room. Supergirl was clad in only a diaper, with a pacifier in her mouth. Supergirl tried covering herself up to no avail.

“What! What happened?” Superman said, running across the hall.
“It’s Supergirl, she’s here!” Wonderwoman replied, pulling out the pacifier and covering Supergirl with a blanket.

Superman walked into the room.

“Kara! Thank goodness you’re okay! I was worried about you.” Superman said, seeing Supergirl.
"You two took your time getting here. Supergirl said, annoyed. “Wonderwoman, can you help me with this stupid lasso of yours?”

Wonderwoman began untangling Supergirl and Superman persisted with his questions.

“So now that we have Kara, where is the Nurse?” Superman asked.
“The Nurse knew you both were coming back to get me and left.” Supergirl replied.
“Do you know where she went? Did she mention any plans to you at all?” Clark asked, hopeful.
“No, not to me at least, although perhaps something was mentioned to Diana.” Supergirl replied, gesturing to Wonderwoman.
“Yes, the Nurse said she had developed some sort of special formula that well,” Wonderwoman struggled for words, ‘“debilitates” people."’
“What exactly does it do?” Clark asked, a little confused.

Supergirl had a good guess that Wonderwoman had also been given the “treatment”, but Superman was most likely unaware of the situation. Supergirl was still covered by the blanket and quite thankful that Wonderwoman found her before Superman did, sparing her further embarrassment. She was untangled and let out of the oversized crib. Her clothes were found in the room’s closet, and Supergirl went inside the bathroom to change, leaving Wonderwoman and Superman to talk.

“The Nurse’s formula reduces adult’s minds to a more infantile state. It weakens the muscles and debilitates its victims, even super-humans.” Wonderwoman said, answering Superman’s earlier question.
“So if the Nurse used it on the general population the people wouldn’t be able to survive…” Superman reasoned.
“Not exactly Clark, the formula is strange. The formula debilitates yes, but only for a short while. It must be administered again and again to maintain that effect, so it’s more of a temporary thing.” Wonderwoman explained.
“So the Nurse would have to find a way to suppress people enough to be able to reapply the formula.”
“Yes, but that’s not all. The formula has some long term effects as well.”
“How long term are we talking?”
“I’m not sure. Six months at least, maybe longer.”
“So what is it?”
“Well, some muscle groups don’t really hold up as well against this formula as others do.” Wonderwoman guessed, “For example, some of the more nether regions…”
“What do you mean Diana?”
“I mean, more specifically, the bladder and bowels…”
“So every citizen who is given a dose of this formula becomes… incontinent?”
“Yes, it would appear so.”

Supergirl came out of the bathroom at that moment as if on cue. Wonderwoman and Superman glanced over and Superman gave her a weird look. Supergirl was wearing her normal costume with the skirt cleverly concealing the diaper underneath. It was apparent by the odd look on Superman’s face that he now knew what Supergirl was wearing. Fortunately, Superman had yet to notice Wonderwoman’s new choice of undergarment, and Wonderwoman wanted to keep it that way. Supergirl was given no such privacy. Superman turned back to Wonderwoman.

“How very strange. Why would the Nurse want this? What’s her motivation?” Superman asked.
“From what she told me. the Nurse believes that humanity is better off in a more innocent, infantile, state.” Wonderwoman answered, “She’ll do anything it takes to get that. If she can weaken the population through this formula… may the gods help us.”
“Then we need to find her and stop her before it’s too late. Search the rest of the building, see if we can find any evidence of where she’s gone.” Superman said, motivation in his eyes.

They split up and Wonderwoman searched throughout a lower floor, finding only empty rooms. Soon she reached the last room on the floor and, ready to give up and reunite with the others, she almost missed a clue. In the room, there was a small note on the wall.

“Clark! Kara! Come down here! I think I found something!” Wonderwoman yelled.

Superman and Supergirl hurried down to meet Wonderwoman. Wonderwoman held the note up for them to read:

Hello Justice League members!

I have very good news for you all! Soon you, and the rest of Metropolis, will be in utter bliss. A state of pure innocence and happiness that will leave you more joyful and carefree then you could possibly imagine. It will be a sweet way to end your adult lives and start a new, better life. A couple of you have already gotten a taste of this bliss I speak of and, if you’re smart, you won’t try to stop me.

Best Wishes,
The Nurse

Chapter 3

Martian Manhunter was at his post, watchful as ever, when he received a message from Wonderwoman. She mentioned that there was a note left by the Nurse in the building and that they had rescued Supergirl. Martian Manhunter thought about this for awhile. He knew that there was no way for the Nurse to evacuate so many people in such a limited amount of time without leaving evidence. But how was the team going to find such evidence? What they needed was a detective, and he was more than willing to provide them with the best he could offer…

Wonderwoman looked at the note a little longer before sealing it in a plastic container. It was evidence, it had to be kept safe. Her earpiece was picking up a call from Martian Manhunter:

“Diana, I am unconvinced that the building is all that it appears to be. Something more must be there to use to find the Nurse.”
“Look Jon, We’ve done everything we can. Clark can’t see anything rather unusual about the rooms. It appears that the rooms are simply oversized nurseries. We need someone down here that actually knows what to look for.”
“I understand. I have sent down Bruce for a more thorough investigation. He should be there within the next three minutes.”
“Has he been briefed?”
“Yes. Inform me of any information you receive. Good luck.”
“Thanks Jon.”

Wonderwoman headed towards the front of the building to meet up with Batman. As Wonderwoman was walking she reached down and felt the front of her diaper. Sure enough, it was soaked. She took a quick duck into the bathroom to change. Taking off her skirt she untaped the yellowed diaper and threw it away. Getting onto the adult changing table, she noticed the necessary changing equipment in cubbies in the wall. Wonderwoman realized that she would, in the future, have to find a way to fit a diaper bag into her costume. She had never changed her own diaper before, and was rather unsure as to how to go about it. Reaching towards the wipes, Wonderwoman wiped her crotch down. Then she took the diaper and laid it down underneath her. Taking baby powder, she powdered herself and then reached down and taped the tapes in place. The diaper fit snugly around her butt and crotch area, exactly her size. Pleased with herself, she put on her skirt and went out to meet Batman.

Wonderwoman left the bathroom to find Batman walking into the building.

“Hello Bruce.”
“Where are Clark and Kara?”
“Right upstairs, last room on the right.”

Batman walked ahead of Wonderwoman and went up the stairs and into the room. Upon entering the room he paid almost no attention to Superman and Supergirl, but merely walked to the crib and began looking underneath.

“What are you looking for?” Superman asked.
“I’m looking for some sort of crevice or break in the floor. In order to evacuate paralyzed victims out of this building within an hour or two, the Nurse would have to have some sort of way of transporting victims while leaving them in their cribs. Judging by the thickness of the ceilings on the lower floors, I believe the victims were transported through a contraption under the floor.” Batman answered.

Finding no such crevice or break, Batman took out a laser and cut around the crib.

“I could just use my laser vis-” Superman was cut off.

The laser cut full circle around the crib, caving in the floor. The ground fell away as if it was made of glass. Batman’s reflexes were instant. He grappled up onto the ceiling and watched as Wonderwoman and Kara fell in immediately. Superman grabbed onto a door handle next to him, avoiding the fall, before flying down to see what happened afterwards.

“You could have warned us that was going to happen!” Kara exclaimed, scrambling out from the rubble.
“The floor was weaker than anticipated.” Batman replied, smiling.

Wonderwoman landed in an awkward position, inadvertently flashing her diaper to anyone watching. Trying to regain composure, she got up and quickly pulled down her skirt. But Superman had seen enough to know that both Wonderwoman and Supergirl were heavily padded, victims of the Nurse’s formula. To spare them the embarrassment, Superman said nothing. Batman had no look of shock or disbelief on his face, he simply jumped down from the ceiling and into the hole in the floor. Superman wondered if he had even seen it. The hole gave way to a dark tunnel.

“This tunnel goes on for miles.” Batman stated after a quick scan. “It looks to have been here for a long time. It should be already in our database.”

Batman brought up a map of the area using one of his gadgets. The tunnel itself was an old subway track that had long since been abandoned. The track split in two, one headed for the center of Metropolis, and the other to a rural area further away.

“It looks like the only way to find which route the Nurse took is to split up and search them both.” Superman said, “When we find where the Nurse has gone we can call it a night and head home.”

Wonderwoman and Supergirl both agreed on this, while Batman simply began walking down the tunnel.

“It’s about half a mile until the tunnel splits.” Batman said, “We can figure out who’s going with who when we get there.”

As they were walking there (though it was more of a waddle for Wonderwoman and Supergirl) Wonderwoman gave Batman the note. Batman scanned it for fingerprints, but found none.

“She knows what she’s doing. She left no evidence when she wrote this.” Batman said.
“So you can’t identify her?” Wonderwoman asked, disappointed.
“No, not yet. But I’m sure by the end of this we’ll know who this “Nurse” really is.” Batman replied, a hint of motivation in his voice.

They arrived at the fork in the tunnel and it was decided that Wonderwoman and Superman would take the tunnel to the rural area, while Supergirl and Batman would head towards the center of Metropolis.

Wonderwoman and Superman flew down the tunnel. A couple of minutes later, they reached its end. It opened up into a small rural area, with only one house, barely visible, nearby.

“If the Nurse went here, there’s a good chance she’s staying in that house.” Superman pointed out.

Wonderwoman flew over to the house with Superman and opened the door. It was an old cottage with a small animal pen on the side of it. The inside of the house looked like it hadn’t been used for years.

“I’m not sure, but I think I see something.” Superman said, using his x-ray vision. “Some kind of contraption in the fireplace.”

Wonderwoman got on her hands and knees and looked up the fireplace. She reached up and felt for any kind of lever and, finding one, pulled it. A cool wind swept through the empty house. Wonderwoman felt a draft up her back and quickly backed out from the fireplace and stood up. Realizing her diaper was on full display, Wonderwoman’s cheeks blushed bright red. She decided to go with a longer skirt next time.

“I pulled a lever in the fireplace.” Wonderwoman said, “There must be another lever or something near here.”

Superman pushed in the mantlepiece on the fireplace with a “click”. The fireplace turned 90 degrees revealing a staircase leading underground. Wonderwoman walked inside first.

“What do you think she has down here?” Wonderwoman asked Superman, but before Superman could answer the fireplace turned back around.

Instantly the steps folded up and became a ramp. Wonderwoman fell onto her padded bottom and slid down into a dark room. Landing on her ample chest, a thick wall slammed down behind her, sealing off the way in.

“Clark! Help! I can’t see anything, I’m stuck in here!” Wonderwoman yelled, but there was no response.

Wonderwoman looked around for a light switch. She reached over to a nearby wall and ran her hand along its side. Finding a protrusion in the wall, she pressed it down. The lights went on all around her, illuminating the area. Wonderwoman was trapped in a small empty room. The ground was a soft, mattress-like material, while the walls were a hard metal. The room was empty but for a large screen on the far wall. The screen flickered on revealing a video of the Nurse.

“Welcome test subject to my experiment room! Here I test my latest and greatest formulas on unsuspecting subjects like you! Today’s test will be a dose of one of my many formulas, Formula 2. Let the experiment commence!”

The Nurse’s image flickered away and the screen went blank again. The screen was then lifted away revealing a vent concealed behind it. Wonderwoman watched helplessly as a strange gas was released into the room.

“Diana are you there?” Superman yelled, “I can’t see through these walls.”
“Clark! I’m inside a room near the far wall. Don’t go inside until I say it’s safe, I don’t know what’s going on in here.” Wonderwoman replied, nervous.

Wonderwoman made a valiant attempt to hold her breath, but she was unable to do it for very long. Wonderwoman gasped, taking in much of the gas at once.

“Hera, give me strength.” Wonderwoman said, closing her eyes and fearing for the worst.

She lay there for what felt like eternity. Wonderwoman waited for what the formula would bring her, but nothing happened. She got up and walked around. She seemed to be just fine.

“Come in Clark!” Wonderwoman said, “The gas in here has cleared.”

Superman broke through the wall and came inside.

“Are you okay Diana? What happened?” Superman asked, worried.
"It’s strange, nothing seemed to hap- " Wonderwoman tried to answer, but she stopped.

Suddenly Wonderwoman buckled over and fell down. She clutched her stomach and groaned loudly.

“What! What’s going on?” Superman said, running over to Wonderwoman.
“Nghh!” Wonderwoman replied.

Wonderwoman’s stomach was churning furiously. Wonderwoman realized the formula must have been some sort of powerful laxative administered through the air, but the realization came too late. Wonderwoman clenched her butt cheeks together, but was unable to stop the massive surge of poop into the seat of her diaper. The diaper bulged outward, making it quite obvious under her skirt, and became discolored. Superman watched with disbelief as his friend and colleague filled her adult diaper. Wonderwoman gasped for air, but her bowels weren’t done yet. Another massive movement added to the load in her diaper, but signaled the end of her messy ordeal.

“Ugh…” Wonderwoman groaned, exhausted and embarrassed.

With all her strength Wonderwoman tried to get up, leaning against the wall. Her legs could barely close with the huge load in her diaper, and she herself was tired. Wonderwoman collapsed down onto the soft floor.

“Diana, let me help you.” Superman said, his eyes showing sympathy.
“You don’t have to Clark… I can change myself.” Wonderwoman said, shamed and embarrassed. “Tell Batman the Nurse isn’t here. Leave me.”
“Diana, you can’t stand, let alone change yourself.” Superman replied. “I’ll go and get supplies you just stay here, Batman can wait.”

Wonderwoman lay there, disgusted by the smell of the mess now plastered to her bottom. She lay there wondering how she was going to stop the Nurse when she couldn’t even control her body. She felt something she hadn’t felt in awhile; A feeling of being powerless, of being unable to help the League like she should. They had to stop the Nurse quick, before anything more embarrassing happened to her (though messing herself in front of a colleague was about as embarrassing as it could get). Wonderwoman was worried she was just weighing her team down. Most of all, she worried about the word getting out, but Superman was someone she trusted, and he wasn’t the kind of person that would tell anyone about this incident. She knew it.

“I’m back Diana. There was another one of those nurseries downstairs.” Superman said, walking into the room with supplies.

Superman walked over to Wonderwoman. She lay there and closed her eyes as the diaper was untaped and pulled out from under her. He silently wiped her clean with his soft, gentle hands. She blushed furiously, but still trying not to think about her embarrassing situation. Her mind wandered as Superman powdered her. She hoped Batman and Supergirl had been more successful than she had been. Superman taped up another, thicker diaper around her crotch.

“All done.” Superman said to her, smiling. “Ready to go home?”
“Yes. I most certainly am.” Wonderwoman replied, relieved.
“Jon, beam us up.” Superman said, pressing on his earpiece.

Superman picked up Wonderwoman and they both disappeared from the room. They reappeared on the JLA Satellite, with Superman carrying a exhausted and sleeping Wonderwoman back to her room. He laid her down on her bed and shut the door.

“What a night.” Superman said, walking down the hall to his room.

Chapter 4

Wonderwoman slowly opened her eyes. She was back in her room on the Justice League Satellite. As she woke up she noticed that she had her thumb in her mouth. Wonderwoman quickly pulled it out and sat up. The she remembered what had happened. She looked down at her diaper. She could feel that it was drenched. She was going to need thicker diapers… She looked in her closet and found a stack of thick and dry diapers. The lab people must have put them there in the night. But how would she be able to carry them in her suit?

“Wonderwoman? You there?” A voice said at the door.
“One minute!” Wonderwoman replied, hurriedly pulling a diaper out from the stack.

She took off her wet diaper and changed herself quickly. Wonderwoman then waddled to the door. It was Supergirl.

“We know where the Nurse is. Superman and I are going to catch her today and we need your help.” Supergirl said.
“I’ll meet you down there.” Wonderwoman replied, “I should only be a minute.”

Wonderwoman went back into her room. She examined the stack of diapers more closely. They looked like they could be easily folded. Wonderwoman folded one of them up and fit it into a small pouch. She slipped the pouch on the belt of her suit. She thought it fit in with her suit rather nicely. She went out the door and to the teleport pad.

Meanwhile Superman and Supergirl found themselves at the end of the tunnel from yesterday.

“I take it you and Batman found the lair?” Superman inquired.
“Yes, at least he thinks he did.” Supergirl replied, annoyed. “He saw traces of her fingerprints or something stupid like that.”
“Wonderwoman and I didn’t have such an easy time.” Superman said, pushing out the memory.

Wonderwoman appeared behind them.

“Glad you could join us Diana!” Superman replied, showing no memory of their previous encounter.

The tunnel opened up into an alleyway formed by two buildings.

“Batman said that the building on the right is where she is now.” Supergirl said, pointing to a large skyscraper.
“That’s one of the tallest buildings in Metropolis!” Superman said, “How could she get there?”
“I guess we’ll have to find out.” Wonderwoman replied, waddling over to the door.

The building had a new paint smell and boxes lay on the floor. It looked as if the building was being moved into. They decided to check out the other floors for evidence. There was no evidence of the Nurse, only mysterious boxes on each floor. They stopped at one floor that had a large number of these boxes.

“What do you suppose is in the boxes?” Wonderwoman asked, looking at one of them.
“If this really is the Nurse’s new hiding place, I’m not sure I want to find out.” Supergirl replied.
“Clark, can you see what’s in this box?” Wonderwoman asked.
“Hmmm…” Superman stared into the box, “Nothing strange, just a bunch of plastic.”
“Why would the Nurse have boxes of plastic?” Wonderwoman asked, almost to herself.

They continued to search each floor until they finally arrived at the last floor at the top of the building. This floor, unlike the others, contained no boxes. Superman walked into the room cautiously. Nothing seemed odd at first, but when Wonderwoman and Supergirl had walked inside, the ceiling began to change.

“Clark! Look up!” Wonderwoman yelled, “Something is coming out of the ceiling!”

A platform was slowly decending from the ceiling. The floor underneath them began to change as well. An opening was being created in the floor, right near where Wonderwoman was standing. Wonderwoman fell forward, but Superman quickly grabbed her skirt to pull her back. A ripping sound was heard as Wonderwoman was pulled back to lie on the floor. Her skirt had been partially ripped, falling down to reveal a now sodden diaper underneath. But it appeared as if no one was paying any attention to Wonderwoman, as the Nurse stood on the platform now level with the floor of the room.

“Hello Justice League!” The Nurse said, welcoming them with a devious smile. “I’m afraid you are too late to stop me. You see I have already distributed my formula to Metropolis. All the women in Metropolis will soon be reduced to mindless infants, a blissful state few can remember.”
“You couldn’t have possibly distributed your formula to the entire Metropolis yet!” Superman said in disbelief.
“Ah, but I have! I was able to get massive doses of the formula Supergirl and Wonderwoman have recently received into the water supply. All I have to do is press this button and the formula will be activated.” the Nurse said, gesturing towards a button on the platform she was standing on.
“Only women are affected by the formula?” Supergirl asked, curious.
“I have specifically used them as a test group, soon the men will meet the same fate.” The Nurse replied, sneering. “Soon I will welcome all into this building to serve as a nursery for those gifted with eternal bliss and there’s nothing you can do to stop me.”

The Nurse reached down to press the button, but not before Superman lunged forward at her. Immediately Superman bounced backwards.

“It’s some sort of shield!” Superman exclaimed.
“I always take precautions…” The Nurse replied, pressing the button firmly.

Wonderwoman watched as Supergirl collapsed to the floor next to her. Then Wonderwoman felt her body betray her. Her arms and legs flew helplessly about her. She tried to suppress them but she only managed to get her thumb in her mouth. Wonderwoman felt the formula attempting to take over her brain, but she fought back. Wonderwoman struggled and saw that Supergirl had already given up, a wide smile slipping onto her face as she filled her diaper. This only made Wonderwoman fight back harder, forcing the formula out of her brain, using her willpower against it.

The Nurse’s platform dropped down through the now opening floors below her. The boxes opened, revealing diapers and changing equipment. Some boxes released a foggy substance into the air, allowing the Nurse to get away. But Superman was determined, having recovered he dived down after the Nurse. A hot pursuit ensued, the Nurse reaching the bottom floor with Superman on her tail. She pressed a button in her pocket, revealing a small opening in the floor for which to escape. The Nurse almost made it inside, but Superman tackled her, knocking her away. Superman bound the Nurse’s hands and called for a teleport back to the station.

“You’re not getting away this time. We’ll find a cure, you just wait.” Superman replied, vanishing with the struggling Nurse.

Meanwhile Wonderwoman was having troubles of her own. She struggled with the effects of the formula, but her strength was dying out. She felt her body begin to push a load into her diaper. She felt the gooey mass slip into the seat of her diaper, squishing itself against her bottom. She tried to keep her mind together, gagging at the smell. Wonderwoman felt the diaper become warm, the feeling felt…good. She closed her eyes, ready to give in to the bliss. Superman reappeared beside her, picking her up and transporting her back to the station. He took her to the hospital on the JLA satellite and laid her down.

“What do you want us to do for her?” one of the nurses asked.
“She needs medicine to help her fight the formula. It might be already too late.” Superman replied.
“Come this way.” The nurse said, “We’ll put her in the nursery.”
“Good, I’ll go get Kara.” Superman replied, laying Wonderwoman down on a bed.

Superman left to go get Supergirl. Wonderwoman felt medicine going into her body. The formula stopped trying to take over her mind. She would remain conscious. She would not slip away like Supergirl did. But as she lay there, sucking her thumb, she realized that if no cure was found, she would remain an infant for the rest of her life. She, unlike the other women, would remain aware of what had happened to her. Wonderwoman smelled her diaper’s stench, she felt the mess squish along her butt, the warm feeling fading away. She didn’t want everyone to be like this forever. There would be a cure, Wonderwoman knew it.

Chapter 5

Superman laid the newly rescued Supergirl down in the nursery next to Wonderwoman. The two grown-up women lay sucking their thumbs in oversized cribs, dressed only in large, bulky, and soggy diapers. Superman wondered how it had come to this. How could all the women of Metropolis be reduced to helpless adult babies with the Justice League watching over them? This seemingly ordinary villain was always one step ahead of the league. But now it would all end, Superman thought. The Nurse was now captured and locked away in the prison. Surely she would know the cure to the formula that now plagued the adult females of Metropolis.
Superman walked to the containment center to look for the Nurse. In one of the cells a strong, but defeated, Nurse lay on the ground. She had been stopped by the Justice League. Her plan had never reached its true fruition. Only half of the intended recipients were affected and the Justice League had finally caught her and surely would find the cure. The Nurse looked up to see Superman walk in, locking the cell behind him.

“We need the cure.” Superman stated, “Where is it?”
“You’ll never find it. I hid it far away from here.” The Nurse replied.
“Well that’s too bad, because you’re going to be needing it real soon.” Superman replied, pressing a panel of the cell.

The panel opened revealing a large stash of various chemicals, one of which was withdrawn before the panel was closed again. Superman took the container and popped open the top. Forcing open the Nurse’s mouth, he dropped a pill down her throat, forcing her to swallow.

“You have been given a version of your special drug that takes effect over the course of 30 minutes.” Superman told the Nurse. “If you tell us where the cure is we might be able to reverse the effects in time. It’s your choice.”

The Nurse stared off at an empty wall, paying no attention to the Man of Steel.

“I will not undo what has happened to Metropolis, even if my life as an adult depended on it.” The Nurse said, refusing to look Superman in the eye. “This has been my dream, I wish it to be maintained in my last minutes of consciousness.”
“Very well.” Superman replied, disappointed.

Superman left the room, locking the cell behind him. He tapped the radio in his ear.

“Bruce, I know you thought you were done with this case, but I need your help.” Superman said, talking through the device. After a little delay, he got a response.
“What is it that you need me to do?” Batman responded.
“I need you to track down and locate the cure. The Nurse says she hid it far away, but surely she knew she would be susceptible to the formula as well.” Superman said, hopeful.
“She would need to have an emergency supply somewhere nearby.” Batman reasoned.
“If you can find it we can develop an airborne version to release into the air and cure Metropolis.”
“I’ll do what I can.” Batman replied.

Batman began his search. In the Batcave he turned on the Batcomputer. Alfred, noticing Master Wayne, came down to assist him.

“What exactly are you looking for sir?” Alfred asked.
“The Nurse must have some sort of advanced medical degree in order to be able to create a drug like this. I’m running a search on all of the high-performing medical students recently graduated in the area.” Batman replied.
“What exactly are you hoping to accomplish with that information, if I may ask, Mr. Wayne?”
“If we find her true identity we could use it to track down the cure.” Batman responded.

After a couple minutes of advanced searching, many students appeared on the screen. The computer identified one of them as matching the description of the Nurse.

“Thats odd, she has a sister who hasn’t been affected by the formula.” Batman said, searching through the available information.
“Perhaps it’s a coincidence sir.” Alfred replied.
“I wish it was, but there are no coincidences. She’s been given the cure.” Batman responded, “If her sister wasn’t affected by the formula we could possibly retrieve the cure from her. Send the coordinates to the Batwing Alfred, I’m going for a ride.”
“As you wish sir.” Alfred responded, “Would you like your evening tea before you go?”
“No time Alfred, maybe once this is all over.” Batman responded, climbing into the Batwing.

The Batwing took off, flying into the night sky. It came to a hover above a small house just outside the city. A woman looking much like the Nurse was inside the house watching a TV story on the situation of Metropolis. Batman swooped down into the house, landing just behind the woman’s sofa.

“Explain why you’re one of the only woman still cognizant anywhere near Metropolis.” Batman said, surprising the woman.
“How did you get in here!” The woman exclaimed, “I’ll…I’ll call the cops!”
“You wouldn’t even touch the phone. What do you know about your sister’s work?” Batman inquired, wasting no time.
“She doesn’t tell me much about what she does. We haven’t seen each other for weeks!” The woman said, wetting her pajamas out of fear.
“Every other woman in Metropolis has the mind of a child and you’re just fine.” Batman glanced at the sodden pajamas, “Well, almost. What did she give you to keep you from having the mind of a child?”
“She gave me some pills a month ago. She said they were for my headaches!” The woman said, “I have some in my bathroom!”

The wet and shaking woman crawled to the bathroom in her wet clothes and came out with 3 pills in a small bag. She handed them to Batman.

“These are what she gave me. You can have the rest, I don’t need them anyways.” The woman replied.

Batman disappeared as soon as she turned around, climbing back into the Batwing.

“Clark, I have the cure. I’m bringing it back to the Justice League satellite.” Batman replied.

Batman arrived back at the Batcave and transported himself up to the satellite. He moved quickly the Medical Center. When he arrived, he gave the scientists one pill to reproduce and then headed to the nursery with the other two. He gave them to the Superman.

“These should do something to stop the formula from taking hold. The scientists are adapting it right now in the Medical Center.” Batman said, finished with his job.
“Thanks Bruce.” Superman replied.
“Don’t mention it.” Batman said, leaving the room.

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Great story I hope to read more of it or others like it