Wive hunters

This story takes place in a fictive country isolated from the present world.


The sun was setting in Lake City when Susan Atkins walked out of her store. There were no customers there and she liked to watch sunsets. Lake City was located on a valley among high mountains and the scenery was beautiful when sun rays reflected on the lake and the waves were creating bizarre mirror images of the surrounding hills.

All of sudden she heard a noise and turned to the road. A strange group of riders was approaching the city. A strong and muscular man was riding on the head and two more horses were following him. He was leading all horses by a long rope connected to the saddles. A woman was driving a wagon behind the horses.

Two young women were sitting on the horses and they were tied up tightly. Their arms were tied behind their backs in a strict boxtie and their legs were tied under the horses’ bellies. Both women were gagged by wooden ballgags strapped behind their heads…

The man stopped at the Sheriff’s office, dismounted the horse and entered. Five minutes later he came back along with the Sheriff and headed towards the hotel.

Susan felt a cold chill running down her spine. She knew exactly who the man and woman was.

She lived in West York, an independent state located between mountains and separated from civilization by a desert and by impassable mountains. After the Civil war West York became a closed community and its development stagnated. The local government was very conservative and broke almost all contacts with the outer world.

Life in West York matched the 19-th century and the Wild West time. There was no electricity, no cars, no radio and TV and no phones in West York. The only legal connection to the civilization was an old fashioned railway through the desert. The border station was guarded heavily and the rails were not connected. All goods had to be reloaded. No passengers could cross the border. The only allowed import goods were weapons and ammunition for the army and sheriffs as well as basic tools and machines. The export goods were food and cotton mostly.

However there were illegal connections to the civilization and people in West York got goods from the modern industrial world. Even if the offer was limited by missing electricity, there still was a lot of goods to provide. The most popular ones were colored magazines with images of modern items and clothes, clothing, lighters and even battery powered electric torches. Smuggler gangs delivered those goods through the mountains; they knew secret paths. In rare cases people were smuggled out of the state but it was very expensive.

West York was a strictly patriarchal community. Women’s rights were quite limited; a wife had to obey her husband and she couldn’t leave him. Women had to wear floor length skirts and they weren’t allowed pants at all. Despite the strict rules the black market flourished. Women had to wear long skirts and dresses but nobody could peek under the dresses and skirts. There was a wide offer of panties, tights and bras in the stores.

Susan was a definite rebel since her childhood and she always wanted to be independent. Three years ago she ran away from her husband and started her own and independent life. She was able to build a clothing shop in Lake City and she was successful. She also sold the smuggled female undergarments.

Now she was worried about the man and woman who had just arrived. They were Wive hunters. Married men in West York hired the hunters to bring their runaway wives back and the hunters were merciless. There were rumors about their methods and those rumors caused Susan’s worries. The women were broken when they were delivered back to their husbands. Susan knew two of them that had been delivered back to Lake City. They were quiet and there was something wrong with their legs apparently.


Part 1:

Susan’s rebel nature made her decide quickly. Even if it was risky, she wanted to rescue the poor women. However she had to wait until night and hope she would be able to sneak to the hotel room. The hotel was not too big and there were only a few rooms there. Usually the rooms were vacant except on some big occasions.

She closed her shop at dusk and headed home first. About an hour later she sneaked carefully to the hotel. All windows but one were dark. Susan squatted and peeked into the room. Both women were lying on the floor, their arms still were tied in the same position and their legs were tied by rope. The man was nowhere to be seen. Was he in the saloon? Probably yes but Susan wanted to be sure. She walked over to the saloon and looked into the front window. The wives hunter was sitting at a table and drinking whisky.

Susan didn’t hesitate any second and headed back to the hotel. She couldn’t use the main entrance so she walked around the building to the back yard and opened the back door. The corridor was dark and she had to guess which door to open. Fortunately it wasn’t locked. Unfortunately, Susan was unaware of the next door. It was ajar and a pair of eyes was watching her.

The room was illuminated by a candle. The women looked at Susan and she could see terror in their eyes:

“I rescue you,” she whispered, knelt down to them and removed the gag of the first woman.

“Miss, don’t do it; you can get arrested for it. Nobody can help us.”
“No, I have to rescue you at any price.”
“You can’t rescue us. The beast is a hunter and he escorts us to our husbands.”
“I know but I’d like to help you anyway. I untie you and you can escape.”

Susan tried to free their arms but they were tied by many ropes. She stood up and searched the room for a knife. Unfortunately she didn’t find any and could untie their legs only. She planned to get a knife and cut the arm ropes later. The ankle ropes were not tight and Susan could untie the ankles of both women and remove the gag of the second woman. However they still couldn’t stand up and Susan had to reach under their skirts to untie the ropes on their knees.

Finally both captives could stand up and walk out of the hotel room. Susan wanted to lead them home and stay there until the hunter would leave.

“Thank you for your courage, tell me your name please. I’m Ann,” the first woman asked Susan.
“I’m Susan Atkins,” Susan replied while they were walking out of the backyard.
“I’m Patsy,” the second woman joined the talk.
“Let’s hurry up, girls,” Susan looked around carefully.

She opened the door but the hunter woman was standing on the corridor and she was holding a bunch of ropes in her hand. The man was standing behind her and holding a revolver.

“Good evening, Susan Atkins. Oh, we have a hero here. Now you will share their fate. Jill, take care of her.”

Jill stepped forward, grabbed Susan, turned her around and kicked her in her back. Susan had to catch her breath and fell face down. The man put the revolver back in the holster and grabbed her arms. Jill tied her arms quickly in the boxtie position just like Ann and Patsy.

“Let me introduce myself. My name is Jack the Hunter and I will escort you back to your loving husband now. You seem to be a hero and I can appreciate that.” the man announced.

Patsy and Ann had to lie down as well on both sides of Susan and their legs were tied up again. Jack pulled her legs apart and tied them to Ann’s and Patsy’s legs. All three girls had to lie on their backs and Susan’s legs were kept apart.

Jack forced ballgags into their mouths and went to bed. Jill brought a package and squatted down between Susan’s legs, reached under her skirt and pulled down her panties and tights. Susan lifted her head and watched Jill; she was holding strange thick panties in her hand, put it between her legs and pulled the panties and tights back up her legs.

“You won’t be untied until we deliver you to your husband and you eventually will have to answer the nature call. Get used to the diaper between your legs.”
Susan suddenly realized that Jill spoke about diapers. She tried to protest but the gag muffled her effectively.

“Good night, ladies,” Jill laughed and lied down on the bed after she had put out the candle.

Susan cursed herself for being that careless. She should hide instead of taking the risk. She was a rebel but this time she underestimated the risk and made a big mistake.

She started struggling but the ropes were tight and unyielding. Her legs were tied to Patsy and Ann, her arms were tied behind her back and she couldn’t reach the knots.

After several attempts she calmed down and started thinking of her options. Of course she didn’t want to get back to her husband. Her only hope was Patsy or Ann or maybe a miracle.

Even worse, Susan’s bladder was getting full. She realized she wouldn’t be able to go to the toilet; Jill had told her already. However Susan hated the idea of peeing in a diaper; after all she wasn’t a baby anymore. She tried to press her legs together but it wasn’t possible in the position she was tied.

Her struggling awakened Ann and she sighed: “Uon’ff fhgumuhff ahng mnff go mn ffhn gmahpfnuh.” Susan didn’t understand but the tone of Ann’s voice revealed what she wanted to say. She sighed and relaxed the muscles. A stream of hot pee soaked the diaper. To her surprise the diaper didn’t get wet. Half an hour later Susan fell asleep finally.

In the morning Jack and Jill got up from their beds and looked down at their captives:

“Hey, ladies; a new day begins, let’s have breakfast first.” He left the room and Jill followed him. They returned later and Jill carried a bowl of mashed potatoes and a bottle of water. Jack ungagged the captives, Jill took a spoon and fed each captive. When she finished, he regagged his captives and left. Jill followed him and appeared a bit later with the diaper package and a bowl with warm water:
“Ladies, go in your diapers and I’ll change you,”

Susan was embarrassed but her bladder was full and she relaxed the muscles for the second time. The diaper between her legs got heavier but it didn’t leak fortunately.

Ann and Patsy pushed and Susan realized they pooped in their diapers; it was disgusting.

Jill untied their legs and changed the diapers one by one. She used warm water to clean their crotches. Both Ann and Patsy seemed obedient and resigned. It wasn’t a good sign.

Jill took the dirty diapers and left. Jack returned: “Time to go, my ladies,” he helped them stand up, tied a long rope around their waists and led them out of the room to the waiting horses. Four horses were tied to the long bar; Jack tied the end of the connecting rope to the bar, untied the women one by one from the connecting rope, lifted them on the horses and tied their legs below the horses’ bellies. Sitting astride in skirts was neither comfortable nor ladylike.

Susan was the closest one to the bar and she looked at the knot; if she could loosen it, she could try to run away. Unfortunately the knot was beyond her reach; her arms were trapped by the boxtie and her teeth by the gag.

While she was watching Jack lifting Patsy and Ann on the horses, she spotted Penny. Penny was a widow and a close friend of Susan. She also was a quite courageous woman.
“Susie, don’t worry. We try to find and rescue you,” she whispered in Susan’s ear and hurried up away.

“Hey, bitch, don’t meddle into my business or you regret it,” Jack yelled at Penny; he watched her closely and remembered her face. After that he untied Susan, lifted her skirt and put her on the horse. Her legs were tied below the horse’s belly.

Jack tied a long rope to all horses. The captives were tied to three ones and Jack mounted his own horse, tied the connecting rope to his saddle and rode off.


Part 2:

Susan was riding the last horse in the column. She looked around in a hope somebody would help her but the people in the city didn’t show any interest. She wished she could scream for help but the gag prevented her from it reliably.

They left the city and proceeded down the dusty road between small fields. The sun was shining and Susan felt small rivulets of sweat running down her cheeks. She tried to wipe them away but her arms were trapped behind her back. Several hair strands fell down to her face but she couldn’t push them away. Her skirt rode up and revealed her thighs; she again couldn’t pull it down.

About an hour later Susan felt a growing pressure in her bowels. It was difficult to hold it when her legs were held apart in the saddle. All of sudden she realized why Ann and Patsy pooped in their diapers earlier. She didn’t want to sit in her poop and focused on clenching the muscles.

About two hours later Jack stopped, rode back to his captives, removed their gags and gave them several sips of water:

“You can scream as much as you want; nobody hears you anyway,” he returned to the front and they proceeded their journey.

In the afternoon Susan was tired and her body cramped after the long ride. She was used to riding but she never was riding that long and with her arms tied behind her back. Even worse she had peed in her diaper earlier. Fortunately the bowel pressure decreased.

She was glad when Jack finally found a clearing and stopped. He dismounted his horse and walked back to the captives. Patsy was the first one and Jack untied her legs and helped her dismount. She had to sit down on the ground while Jack moved to Ann and Susan. When all three women dismounted, Jack tied their legs at ankles and knees, took care of the horses and started making fire. He left the clearing to get some wood and Susan could talk with Ann and Patsy:

“Patsy, Ann; we have to do something as soon as possible. It is humiliating to be delivered back to my husband like a piece of cattle. I really don’t want to get back. Wouldn’t you like to escape? If we help each other, maybe we could get free.”
“Susan, I don’t know what to do. I wish this hell is over. We have been escorted for almost two weeks and our arms never were untied. The old bitch feeds us and changes our diapers. It’s even better to be with my husband again,” Ann told in an utter resignation. She wasn’t the right partner.
“I wish I could help you but the damn ropes are biting in my flesh. However I also don’t want to get back,” Patsy’s reply was promising.
“Well, Patsy; we try to do an attempt as soon as possible. I wouldn’t mind this night.”
“I’m not sure, Susan. Our arms are numb.”

They stopped talking when Jack came back with the wood. He set fire, Jill cooked some beans with bacon and fed the captives. Susan was hungry and it was a good feeling to have her tummy full even if she was worried about the upcoming days. She’d have to poop eventually.

After dinner he turned them face down and checked the ropes on their arms: “Well, it’s time to change the rope,” he untied their arms and tied them again in a different position. This time he tied their wrists behind their backs and used another rope to tie their arms to their torsos below their breasts and at the waist level.

Before going to sleep Jill brought the diaper bag and a bowl with warm water. She untied their legs and changed their diaper, one by one. She looked at Susan: “Oh my dear, you didn’t have the bowel movement today. We should help you a bit.”

Susan didn’t understand her but Jill’s voice didn’t sound friendly; it was like teasing. Jill left and returned with a bottle of water.

“Your throats are dry probably, have a sip before the long night.” she held the bottle at their lips. Susan was the last one but Jill stopped shortly. Susan couldn’t see what Jill did but her fingers were close to the bottle neck.

Jack lied down next to the fire and Jill crawled into the wagon. Susan couldn’t wait until Jack fell asleep; she was excited and eager to do an escape attempt. Patsy could help her possibly. Unfortunately Ann lay between her and Patsy so they couldn’t reach each other. Susan whispered:

“Patsy, are you awake?”
“Yeah, I am.”
“How do you feel about your arms? Could you try to untie some ropes?”
“I’m not sure; the ropes are tight and my fingers still are numb.”

Susan checked her own arms but she was disappointed. The wrist ropes were tight and her fingers were numb, too.

“Patsy, what if we tried to loosen the ropes using our teeth?”
“Maybe, it is the only option now. However we have to get closer to each other.”

Ann was either asleep or she didn’t want to help. Susan had to get closer to Patsy. Rolling over Ann was out of question so she had to push herself by her legs and Patsy had to do the same:

“Patsy, push yourself by your legs,” Susan started the attempt but she was stopped quickly. As soon as she bent her legs, she felt a cramp in her bowels. She never experienced anything like that. The cramps increased and the content of her bowels was moving down; a cold chill ran down her spine. Minutes later the pressure grew and she wasn’t able to clench the muscles anymore; a mass of liquid poop soaked the back of her diaper and everyone could hear the loud sounds.

“Oh no,” tears appeared in Susan’s eyes and she blushed deeply; however her blush wasn’t visible in the darkness.
“Sorry Susan but you made a mistake. They keep watching us and take care of a regular bowel movement. I had the same experience the day after I had got captured. It was hard for me to poop in the diaper. Jill gave me some laxative and she did the same to you.”
“This is disgusting.”
“Try to stay calm and not to move too much. Otherwise you would leak.”

Susan sighed, she had to spend the night in a messy diaper. All she could do was stay calm. Unfortunately it wasn’t easy. The smell kept spreading in the room and the poop caused a terrible itching on her crotch. Anyway her fatigue took over and she fell asleep.

The next morning Jill awakened them and started changing Susan’s diaper. Ann was soaked and Jill had to change her but Patsy still was alright. Susan felt an immense relief when she got rid of the itching and smell. After the diaper change Jill fed them breakfast and left.

Ann and Patsy pushed hard and they pooped in their diapers; Jill returned and changed them before Jack helped them mount their horses, tied their legs to the stirrups and rode off. Susan felt much better when she could hope for an escape. She tried to move her fingers as much as possible.

The journey wasn’t as long as the day before and they reached Snakeville in the early afternoon. Jack stopped in a distance about a mile and gagged them.

In Snakeville he dismounted his horse, went to the Sheriff’s office and came back along with the Sheriff. Just like in Lake City he booked a larger hotel room and led his captives there. Jill stayed outside.

The room was large indeed and there were several heavy wooden chairs inside. The captives had to sit down and they were tied to the chairs. Ther legs were lifted from the ground and tied to the chairs’ back legs. The women couldn’t reach the floor and move the chairs. Jack left the room, Jill brought a bottle of water, let the captives drink, one by one and she left as well.

Susan tried to stay calm. She couldn’t do anything in her current condition. Her torso was tied to the chair back and her arms were trapped between her torso and the chair. Her thighs were tied to the chair seat and her ankles were lifted from the floor. Patsy and Ann were in the same condition and the chairs were arranged around the table far from each other.

Time passed slowly and two hours later Susan’s bladder was getting full and she started squirming on the chair. Her legs were spread wide and it was impossible to press them together. Patsy was squirming as well but Ann was sitting still. Minutes later Susan peed in her diaper and Patsy stopped squirming shortly afterwards.

All of sudden the door opened and a small boy peeked in the room. He closed the door again and came back about ten minutes later. He looked around carefully and walked over to Susan; she was the closest one to the door:

“Hey, lady; I can help you. I unstrap the gag and you can talk to me but don’t be loud please,” he whispered and reached for Susan’s gag.
“You are a small boy only. How could you help us?” Susan stared at him.
“I can untie you just now.”
“It isn’t a good idea. Our captor is nearby and he would catch us again. Even the sheriff would help him. Would you like to fight our captor?”
“No, madam but I’ll give you something,” he showed a small knife: “Use it if you can and at a good opportunity.”
“Well, put it into my shoe. Thank you,” Susan’s heart jumped.

The boy put the knife into her boot, strapped the gag and left the room as quietly as he had come earlier. Patsy and Ann stared at him in an utter disbelief.


Interesting… Curious to see where you take this. Solid writing!

Part 3:

When the boy left, there was silence on the street. Suddenly Susan could hear loud screams and sounds of a fight. A woman was yelling and her vocabulary wasn’t a decent one. The voices and sounds were coming closer and finally the door opened and Jack was dragging a young woman inside. Her hands were tied behind her back but she tried to kick Jack and kept yelling at him:

“You are the son of a bitch! I never will go back to my husband!’’ She wanted to lift her leg and kick Jack but the skirt was a serious obstacle of her effort. Jack lost his patience and his fist hit her chest. She staggered backwards, lost her balance and fell down to the ground.

Jack kicked her and turned her onto her belly so she couldn’t defend herself by her legs. He sat down on her behind, grabbed her ankles and tied them by rope.

“What are you doing to me? It is kidnapping. Aww, it hurts,” she didn’t stop yelling. However Jack laughed only, untied her wrists and forced her arms into the reverse prayer position. He pulled all ropes taut, stood up and kicked her again:

“Shut up. It is no kidnapping and I get paid for escorting you and these three women back,” he showed her a big ballgag. She stared at him:

“You don’t dare, you motherfucker!” but Jack pinched her nose and forced the ball into her mouth. Then he lifted her skirt, pulled down her tights and panties, unclasped his belt and spanked her bare behind thoroughly.

The woman stopped struggling and tears appeared in her eyes. Jack tuned her over, grabbed her legs and Jill put a diaper on her. Jack pulled back her panties and tights and tied her legs into the lotus position.

“Think of your behavior, bitch! I teach you as many lessons as necessary until I pass you to your husband. You will be obedient!” Jack left the room and slammed the door behind him. He headed to the saloon to have some drinks and Jill followed him.

The young woman was lying face down now and the only sound was her sniffles. Her butt was burning from the spanking but she couldn’t caress it. Her skirt was lifted and her diaper exposed along with her legs and leg ropes. Her arms were tied in a cramped position and the ropes also were biting into her flesh. Every attempt to move or turn on her back was stopped by the pain.

Susan, Patsy and Ann were watching the poor girl but they were unable to do anything. They were as helpless as she was. Susan wished she could use the knife but it was beyond her reach. However she calmed down and realized that it would be a very bad idea. However Susan realized something else. She had a partner for her escape attempt. All she needed to do was calm the girl down. She couldn’t help Susan while tied up that tightly. Susan desperately needed to talk to her.

Jack came back in the evening and he was carrying a bowl with food and two bottles of water. He ungagged Susan, Ann and Patsy and fed them. The new captive had to watch them only but Jack leaned to her, turned her over and removed the ballgag:

“You need a lesson but you need to eat and drink anyway; I need you alive after all,” he fed her as well. She was too weak to yell at him this time.

After dinner Jack turned to his captives: “It’s time to go sleep, my ladies. Jill takes care of your diapers.” He untied the captives from the chairs and forced them to the floor. Jill appeared with the diaper bag and bowl with warm water.

Susan’s diaper was soaked and she was glad to be clean but she blushed when she realized she was comfortable with diapers. Patsy and Ann also were wet but Ann looked like she had resigned totally.

“Don’t blabber or I gag you all,” Jack warned his captives and lay down on the bed. Ten minutes later his snore echoed across the room. Whisky made him sleep soundly. Jill also seemed to be drunk and fell asleep shortly after Jack.

Susan waited patiently until Jack and Jill fell asleep. They had a chance to talk as long as they didn’t awaken them. She wanted to explain to the girl what was going on and how they could do an escape attempt.

“Hello, my name is Susan.”
“My name is Mary,” the girl answered but she didn’t want to talk too much. She was in a desperate condition, helpless and unable to move a finger. Her bladder was overfilled and her legs were held apart in the lotus position.

“Susan, it’s embarrassing but I have to pee.” She kept fidgeting in a vain effort to push her legs together. However she couldn’t avoid the inevitable; her bladder muscles failed and she wet the diaper. She relaxed and tears appeared in her eyes.

“Oh no; I couldn’t hold it.”
Susan wished she could help Mary somehow but she also was tied up tightly. The knife was out of her reach and she only can encourage the poor girl:

“Mary, calm down please. Nothing bad happened though. We have to be brave.”
Unfortunately Mary didn’t answer and she kept sobbing only.
“Mary, we need to pay back everything he did to you but I need your help.”

Mary finally stopped sobbing: “Yeah; I’d like to do it but how? We both are tied up.”
“I have a knife hidden in my shoe. As soon as you are able to reach it, we could try to get free.”
“How can I reach the knife? My fingers are numb and I’m unable to do anything.”
“Wait, Jack calms down and he ties you in a more comfortable position.”

Fortunately, Jack didn’t awake and gag the captives. However they were tired and fell asleep even if Mary struggled again. The wet diaper between her legs was irritating and embarrassing. Susan, on the other hand, fell asleep quickly.

The next morning Jack got up early and his mood improved. He was close to getting the first bounty soon even if he had a three days journey ahead until his camp. The captives should be broken there.

The captives were still asleep and Jack kicked each of them: “Good morning, we have a long journey ahead!”

Jill brought a bowl with food and two bottles of water and fed the captives. After breakfast she carried the bowl away and waited.

Susan’s diaper was wet from the night but this time she tried to poop before Jill came back. Ann had wet her diaper in the night without realizing it and she pooped as well before Jill returned.

Jill untied their legs and changed their soiled diapers. Mary tried to protest but she definitely was weak.

After the diaper change Jack tied all captives to the long connecting rope. However Mary wasn’t able to walk. Jack kicked her several times until he found out it was vain. He led the remaining captives to their horses, tied the connecting rope to the bar and returned to the room to pick up Mary and carry her. He even had to tie her legs tightly below the horse’s belly.

While they were riding, Mary felt strength returning to her legs. The legs weren’t tied that tightly and she was able to keep balance soon. On the other hand, her arms were still tied up tightly and in an unnatural position. She knew she wouldn’t be able to help at any escape attempt soon. She also was embarrassed by the diaper between her legs. It was a humiliating experience. Mary’s bladder was full again; she forgot to pee in the morning before Jill changed her. She peed in the diaper about an hour after they had departed.

In the afternoon Jack stopped and helped his captives dismount and tied their legs. He left to collect wood then and Jill was busy preparing dinner.

Susan used the opportunity and turned to Mary:
“Mary, we should try to get free as soon as possible. What do you think about it?”
“Of course but I don’t have any idea how to get untied. My arms are numb.”
“I could try to reach the knife,” Patsy interjected. She wasn’t tied as tightly as Mary.
Ann didn’t show any will to cooperate. She was too scared: “Leave me out please. I’d prefer to be back home.” Susan even got worried if Ann doesn’t reveal their plans to Jack.

Before cooking the dinner Jack turned to his captives:
“Mary, I can loosen your ropes now but don’t try to fight me anymore,” He turned her, loosened the ropes and left. Mary’s heart jumped and she tried to move her arms immediately. Unfortunately she found out that her arms were numb and she only looked sadly at Susan and her shoes. Before she regained strength, Jack tied her wrists behind her back and her arms to her torso.

After dinner Jill approached them with the diaper bag and bowl and she started changing the captives and Mary had to control herself not to try anything while her legs were free. Jill checked her diaper and found it wet only.

“Oh, you didn’t have bowel movement today. We have to help you.”
Susan realized what was going on but it was too late. Jill gave Mary laxative.


I bet Jill knows how it feels to be in diapers. I’m betting the captives are getting it easy compared to how she got treated.

To be honest, I didn’t think about Jill having experience with diapers.

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Part 4:

Jack and Jill went to sleep and the captives were alone. They were lying next to each other but Ann was lying between Susan and Patsy. According to the previous experience it was hard to switch places. Susan had to take the risk and ask Ann for help:

“Ann, you have to help me now. We should escape and we have to cooperate.”
“No Susan. It is impossible.”
“I have a knife in my shoe though. Reach for it and try to cut the ropes.”
“No, Susan. I don’t manage it.”

Susan sighed only. She couldn’t do anything without help.

“I can try to help you, Susan,” Mary interjected. She was as rebellious as Susan and would do anything to escape. However she had to get closer; they were lying too far away from each other.
The first attempt was promising and Mary’s body shifted when she bent her legs and pushed herself. She knew how to avoid stepping on the skirt. Unfortunately, the laxative made her bowels move quicker and her crawling added to the pressure. She stopped but it was too late. The next cramp sent a mass of mushy poop into her diaper. The humiliating experience was a bit too much for her and she started whining.

It was hard to fall asleep but they were tired and their eyes closed. Susan kept thinking of an escape and hoped for another opportunity or a miracle.

The miracle was about to happen even if Susan wasn’t aware of it. Penny promised her to do a rescue attempt and she wanted to keep her promise. The next day after Jack captured Susan in Lake City a group of local women met and made a plan.

Despite the West York laws the wive hunters were private persons. They were no officers and anybody could free or steal the captives; the hunters had to be worried about rival hunter gangs.

The women couldn’t ask any men for help; they had to rely on themselves and decided to find two volunteers among the group. Penny and Millie went on the mission. Penny was a widow and an adventurer. She was in a good physical condition and she even was skilled at fighting. Millie was a young girl and she desperately wanted to rescue Susan; both of them were Susan’s good friends.

The next day both rescuers packed everything necessary and mounted their horses. Both women had men’s clothing with them in the saddle bags and they changed as soon as they left the town. It was safer to look like men even if they couldn’t hide their long hair; however they had to avoid villages.

Unfortunately Penny and Milie didn’t know where Jack headed. They only could guess his destination. Suddenly Millie had an idea. Susan was her best friend and she admitted she had run away from her husband and she told them they lived in Blaindows. They had to pass the mountains. Both women supposed they would ride faster than Jack with the captives and they could surprise him at the Crochetope pass. Penny and Milie didn’t want an open fight; they would prefer a stealth action at night.

Their journey was uneventful and they avoided all towns on the way until they reached the Crochetope pass. However they had to buy some food. There was a small village Fallwick on the opposite side of the pass about two miles down the road. It was the ideal place to take a small relax, buy the food and come back to the pass to wait for Jack.

Penny and Millie were approaching the Crochetope pass and Millie turned to Penny:
“Penny, we reach Fallwick in about an hour. We should buy some food there. However I think we have to be dressed like ladies.”

Millie sighed only; she knew about the strict rules. She slowed down and tried to find a good place to change their clothing. When they reached almost the top of the pass, she noticed a small cave on her left.

They dismounted their horses, took the dresses from their saddle bags and walked into the cave. Penny looked around carefully but the cave was dark and empty. She changed into her dress quickly and so did Millie.

All of sudden Penny noticed a shadow in the cave entrance. She stepped forward and stopped dead in her tracks. Two men were standing at their horses and they were grinning:

“Welcome, ladies. Nice to meet you. Did you ever hear of Dick the Dagger?”

Penny and Millie stared at the two men. Penny has heard about Dick the Dagger:
“Yeah, I have. You are mean robbers.”
“Watch your language, lady. We don’t like this kind of words. We only ask you kindly to give us your money and jewels.”
“Do we look like we were wearing jewels? All we have is a couple of dollars to buy food on our journey.”
“So you are poor travellers,” the man laughed and stepped forward: “However you still are interesting,” he stepped to Millie and tried to grope her breasts. Millie stepped back but Penny got angry:

“You pervert,” she grabbed his hand, turned him towards herself and slapped him in the face by the other hand. The man tried to protect himself but Penny was stronger apparently. She hit him several times and he almost collapsed to the ground. His companion laughed first:

“Hey, you got defeated by a woman. Wait until I tell it to the men.”
“Don’t laugh and help me!”

Millie stared at the men in an utter horror. She was paralyzed by her fear. Penny noticed her and tried to wake her up:
“Millie, mount the horse and ride away, hurry up!”

Unfortunately Millie didn’t listen to her and kept staring. Meanwhile the second man stepped to Penny and grabbed her arms from behind. Penny still was strong and he couldn’t wrestle her arms behind her back but she had to let go of the first attacker. He recovered quickly and slapped her back.

Penny tried to kick her first attacker but her long skirt betrayed her. She regretted she wasn’t wearing pants now.When she lifted her knee,the skirt stopped her and she lost her balance. The attacker behind her used the opportunity and forced her to the ground face down. He sat down on her thighs and grabbed her left arm. His companion grabbed her right arm and both men forced her arms into a boxtie. They took a long rope and tied her arms tightly.

Millie recovered from her shock and tried to mount her horse. However the first attacker grabbed her easily and he tied her wrists behind her back quickly. He led her back and forced to the ground.

Penny kept struggling and she tried to get rid of the man sitting on her thighs. However he moved, grabbed her legs and tied her ankles and knees under her skirt:

“Hey, she is fighting like a wild cat,” he laughed. Penny still kept struggling but the ropes were unyielding and biting into her skin. Both captors laughed and waited until she got exhausted. Millie also struggled but she wasn’t able to stand up even if her legs were free. She got entangled into her skirt.

Penny was disappointed and frustrated by failure of her mission and she felt responsibility for Susan and Millie as well. She had to find a way to get free and rescue Susan. Hopefully the robbers would make a mistake.

The men finally stopped laughing: “Well, let’s go now.” They retied Penny’s ankles so she could do small steps, untied her knees and helped both women stand up. A long connecting rope was tied around their waists, the robbers untied their horses and led both women along with their horses down the path and then into the forest towards their camp.

Penny was walking slowly because of the rope on her ankles. She desperately tried to get free. Unfortunately she couldn’t reach any single knot; her fingers were trapped behind her back far away from the knots. Maybe Millie could help but Penny had to explain her what to do first.

Half an hour later they reached the camp. Dick the Dagger stood up and walked over to the men. His voice sounded angry: “Hey guys, what did you do? These two don’t look wealthy and I doubt someone would pay ransom even if we asked it. Why the hell did you capture them and bring them here?”

The captors stared at him: “Boss, we …”
“I know, you are two dumbasses. Now you take care of them. I don’t want to see them here tomorrow and I don’t want to have any problems here.”
“Let us go then; we don’t like your company anyway,” Penny tried her luck. However Dick laughed only.
“I said tomorrow. You will be our guests until then. I can assure you the top comfort and full service. We are well prepared for that kind of visitors.” he gestured at the men and they grabbed Penny and forced her to the ground. Millie got the same treatment and her wrist ropes were pulled taut.

“Now to the full service,” Dick laughed and brought two diapers: “Ladies won’t have to stand up to answer the call of nature.”
“Are you serious? We should pee in diapers like babies?”
“Bingo! It’s a way to keep the captives secure. They needn’t be untied.”

Penny started kicking but two men grabbed her legs and Dick pulled down her tights and panties and put the diaper on her. Millie again was paralysed by fear and didn’t resist at all.


Part 5:

The robbers finished tying their captives and left them alone. Penny tried to struggle again but her arms were trapped in the uncomfortable position. She even wasn’t able to roll over to Millie. Millie watched her and she rolled closer. Fortunately the robbers didn’t gag them so they could whisper:

“Millie, we have to do something. I wouldn’t like to let Jack escort Susan back. Maybe we could get untied later. When the robbers fall asleep, I try to reach your wrists.”
“Yeah, Penny. Hopefully we can rescue her in time. However I don’t have any idea where they are and when they arrive.”
“We should have a lead of a day or two probably. If we get free tonight, we still have a good chance.”
“I try to do my best, Penny but …” Millie blushed “I have to pee badly.” Her bladder got full out of nervousness.

“I’m afraid you don’t have any other option but use the diaper. It still is better than your dress.” Penny tried to calm Millie down even if she was in a similar condition. Penny was a courageous woman but her bladder was quite weak. The pressure was increasing quickly and minutes later her muscles gave up the fight. Millie kept squirming for about half an hour until she peed herself too.

The time was passing slowly. In the evening the robbers gave the captives a little food and water and checked their diapers. Both Penny and Millie blushed in utter embarrassment when the men checked them like small babies. Penny peed herself once more after the dinner.

Before going to sleep the robbers added some ropes to Millie; her arms were tied to her torso. The ropes were pulled taut.

Millie waited patiently until the robbers fell asleep and then she rolled over to Penny. She had a hard task ahead. Penny’s arms were tied up in an unnatural position and her fingers were quite numb. Millie moved and tried to reach the knots on Penny’s arm ropes but her fingers were too weak to grab and untie them.

Their next attempt involved untying the ropes by teeth. Penny tried to untie Millie’s wrists; unfortunately the knots were out of reach. An hour later they were tied up as tightly as before and exhausted. Penny sighed only; they were trapped definitely.

In the morning Penny and Millie had to endure another humiliation; Penny’s diaper was soaked and Millie had to pee in her diaper in the morning, too. After the diaper change and a small breakfast Dick appeared: “Well, time to leave, ladies.”

Their former captors untied their legs, helped them stand up and tied a long rope around their waists. One of the men pulled on the rope and led them back to the cave. His mate led the horses.

Near the cave the robbers forced Penny and Millie to sit down and tied their legs. The horses were tied to a nearby tree and the robbers left.

“You have all your possessions in the saddle bags except the money. I’m sure a passerby would free you.”

Penny and Milie were alone; they had their horses back and the robbers even didn’t take the few dollars. However they were tied up. There were knives in the saddle bags but they were well out of their reach unless they stood up and got to the horses.

Penny was tied up and helpless; she couldn’t roll over let alone stand up; even worse, her bladder was uncomfortably full and the pressure in her bowels made her shiver:

“Millie, try to roll over to me. We really have to get free and try to rescue Susan,” she didn’t want to talk about her urge.

Millie rolled over to Patsy. and turned her back to Penny’s ropes. Unfortunately her arms and fingers were numb and unable to untie the tight knots. “Penny, I’m sorry but I can’t untie you.”
“Try to stand up and hop to the saddle bags then.”

It was the only option but Millie wasn’t able to stand up; she stepped onto her skirt several times and fell backwards. She finally gave up and sighed: “Penny, sorry.”

Penny only tried to fight the growing pressure in her guts and hope for a miracle. Millie failed to stand up and they only could wait for somebody to free them. Shortly after Millie’s attempt her muscles failed and she peed and pooped in her diaper helplessly.

The captives had to spend an unpleasant night. The smell from Mary’s diaper was terrible and the other captives couldn’t help her.

In the morning Jill walked over to the captives with the diaper bag and a bowl. Mary was glad to be clean but she blushed in embarrassment. Ann was calm and comfortable. She had peed in the night without realizing it.

After breakfast all captives got tied to their horses and they proceeded the journey. Mary kept thinking of how to escape. It wasn’t easy in the current situation. Mary couldn’t rely on Ann or Patsy. Ann wouldn’t cooperate and Mary needed an ally to do a good plan. First of all she had to cut her own wrist ropes but she didn’t see the knife and didn’t have any idea about its size. Fortunately Mary’s fingers weren’t numb anymore.

In the late afternoon Jack stopped and helped the captives dismount. They had to lie down and their legs were tied up immediately. Mary also didn’t know which shoe she should check. Susan didn’t tell her if it was hidden in the left or right shoe.

Jack left to collect wood and Mary finally had an opportunity to ask Susan:
“Susan, where is the knife?”
“In my right shoe.”
After the dinner Jack returned to the captives to check on their ropes and he retied Mary and Susan. Their arms were tied in a boxtie again.

As soon as Jack fell asleep, Mary started the escape attempt. Unfortunately she was lying far from Susan but she relied on her dexterity. She pushed herself backward to get free space and rolled over to Susan, turned her back to her and reached into her right shoe. The knife was hidden deep in the shoe and it was hard to pull it out. Mary tasted it and found out the blade was very short. It was impossible to reach her own wrist ropes. The boxtie prevented her from cutting her leg ropes. She had to think of another option; Susan’s leg ropes were easy to cut.

“Susan, take the knife and try to cut my arms loose.”

Susan nodded and started working on Mary’s boxtie; unfortunately her attempt failed. She moved down and cut Mary’s legs free.

“Ann, Patsy, help us. We can escape if you cooperate,” Susan tried to encourage them.
“How?” Patsy was taken aback
“No please, leave me behind.” Ann shook her head.

Mary rolled over to Patsy and tried to cut her wrist and arm ropes. To her surprise she succeeded. Patsy took the knife, cut her ankle ropes and stood up:

“Mary, Susan, let’s run away. Your boxties are hard to cut in the dark.”
“How? Should we walk? We don’t get too far away. Try to find a longer knife and you cut our ropes and we take the horses.” Mary stopped her.
“Okay,” Patsy nodded and headed towards Jack. He had a knife on his belt. However it was hard to take the knife without waking him up. Patsy turned to the wagon. There were several tools inside.

Patsy sneaked to the wagon and crawled inside when a pair of arms grabbed her: “Jack, wake up,” Jill’s scream sounded in the camp. Jill woke up earlier; unlike Jack she didn’t drink and she had an intuition. She also asked Jack to tie up Mary and Susan tighter.

Susan and Mary tried to stand up but they failed; their arms were tied up and the skirts limited their movement and prevented them from standing up.

“Hey ladies, the game is over,” Jack jumped up.


Good so far!
I don’t know that you need to say things like “it was a beautiful coutnry” or “it matched the wild west theme”- that should be clear from the rest of the writing.
Quick question- why is it the first time she wet she didn’t feel it get wet?

Anyway, nice story so far :slight_smile:

Quick answer - the diapers are disposable ones and don’t feel wet.

Ohhh I see what you mean, alright. Thanks!

Part 6:

Patsy tried to wrest out of Jill’s grip but Jill was a strong woman. She held Patsy until Jack came with more ropes. Patsy’s arms were tied in the reverse prayer position, Jack led her back to the other captives, forced to sit down and tied her legs in the lotus position. He turned her onto her belly, lifted her skirt, pulled the tights down and ripped the diaper off.

Mary and Susan had to endure the same treatment. As soon as they were lying face down and their behinds were naked and exposed, Jack put ballgags into their mouths, undid his belt and spanked all three captives thoroughly.

After the spanking Jill diapered them again and pulled up their tights but didn’t put their skirts back. Mary, Susan and Patsy had to sleep in that uncomfortable position. Even worse, Patsy peed onto her skirt during the spanking.

Susan, Patsy and Mary had to spend the worst night. Their behinds were on fire from the spanking but Patsy also cursed herself for her mistake. She failed at the escape attempt by her own carelessness.

Ann was asleep but she awakened when Jack and Jill recaptured Patsy. All of sudden she doubted her original attitude but she couldn’t do anything. She spent some time with Patsy and they almost became friends. Now Ann felt like she had betrayed her friend by refusing cooperation. She desperately wished she could help but she was tied up and helpless. Her mates couldn’t support her and she was afraid they wouldn’t be willing to do it.

In the morning Jill prepared breakfast and fed Ann. Susan, Mary and Patsy got water only but Jill offered them water from another bottle.

Ann pooped in her diaper but the other ones weren’t able to do it; their stomachs were empty. Jill changed their diapers and Jack untied the captives’ legs, helped them mount their horses, tied their legs to the stirrups and rode off. All of them were gagged again except Ann. He also didn’t loosen the reverse prayer.

Susan was in the worst condition from the beginning. Her arms were numb and Jack didn’t loosen the ropes at all. Her mouth was cramped by the big ballgag and she had to pee badly shortly after they had departed. She peed herself less than an hour after their departure. Even worse she was pissed off because of the two failed escape attempts but now she wasn’t able to do anything.

Patsy and Mary were in a similar condition. Their bladders were almost full and Patsy kept crying and struggling in a vain effort to get free from the unyielding ropes. Jill gave them diuretic and its effect manifested already.

Jack was riding on the front of the column. Now he had the most dangerous part of his journey. ahead. He had to pass the high mountains and the area was full of robbers and Indians in the forests. The best road led through the Crochetope pass but all robbers knew it, of course.

Jack’s worries were justified. Dick the Dagger had his camp near Crochetope Pass and his men were ready to capture the travellers. Jack wasn’t a very interesting person for Dick; Dick considered kidnapping or slave trade ineffective and dangerous. He preferred money and gold even if he sometimes had crazy or stupid ideas.

The column approached the Crochetope Pass and Jack kept watching the surroundings; he still expected an ambush. Instead, he spotted two figures on the ground and two horses tied up to the nearby tree. When he got closer, he recognized two women; they were tied up tightly.

Jack was taken aback. How the hell could two women appear in this abandoned place and why are they tied up? When he came closer, he instantly recognized Penny and laughed:

“Oh, we have a brave knight here; however the rescue mission seems to have failed. I don’t know who tied you up but they did me a favor. Jill, help me prepare them for transport.”

Penny was taken aback as well. Her rescue mission seemed to be over and she didn’t have any idea what would happen. She was a widow and Millie was single. There was no husband they could be escorted to.

“Hey, what are you doing? Let us go home!”
“You’re wrong, hero. Unfortunately you aren’t in a situation when you can decide upon your fate. I invite you to a visit in my humble camp and you will watch these … companions how they get ready for their husbands. After that I find a way to send you home.”

“Oh, it’s an interesting kind of visit. Are all your visitors tied up?” Penny teased Jack despite her own condition; she forgot about her messy diaper for a short moment.
“Not all but you are special ones, miss”

Penny didn’t know what he meant by getting ready but she was afraid it wasn’t pleasant. She wished she could help them even if it looked difficult.

Jill approached Penny and Millie and untied their legs; she noticed the smell and diapers: “Oh, somebody spared me a work.”

“Which work? I want to get cleaned and get rid of these baby garments.” Penny protested.
“You are wrong. You stay in the diapers just like our companions.”
“Companions? What an euphemism of captives. Why should we stay in diapers?”
“We needn’t untie you and this is a security measure.”
“Yeah, and a smelly one.”

Millie listened to the discussion and admired Penny’s courage. Her diaper was a little damp only but her embarrassment prevented her from talking at all.

Jill helped them stand up and Jack lifted them onto their horses and tied their legs to the stirrups.

Susan stared at Penny in utter terror. She hoped for a miracle and the miracle was getting tied to her horse. Tears appeared in her eyes when she realized her rescue failed. She struggled in the saddle but her arms stayed trapped behind her back.

Jack tied Penny’s and Millie’s horse to the long rope and drove off. Penny and Millie were riding behind Susan.

Penny also was in an unpleasant condition. She had to sit in the messy diaper and her weak bladder was filling up quickly. She fidgeted a lot but she couldn’t do anything but pee in the diaper about an hour later.

The diuretic worked well. Susan, Mary and Patsy peed themselves before they reached the Crochetope Pass and the pressure was increasing again. Their diapers were soaked and on the verge of leaking when they arrived at the destination.

In the afternoon the column reached Jacks camp. It was a small cabin in the middle of the forest, hard to be found by passersby. Jack stopped and dismounted his horse. He walked over to the cabin and opened it:

“Well, ladies; this is your temporary home until you get back to your husbands.”

He untied the captives’ legs, helped them dismount and led them to the cabin one by one. There was a trapdoor inside and the captives had to climb down a stairwell.

Susan stared in utter terror at the basement room. There were several heavy wooden stocks along a sidewall and a row of wooden stakes in a distance of about six feet from the stocks.

Every captive had to lie down and her neck and wrists were locked in the stocks. Their wrists were kept about a foot away from their neck. Their legs were tied to the stakes in a spread position.

Susan was placed between Mary and Patsy. They couldn’t move an inch and there was no chance to reach the locks and open the stocks. Penny and Millie had to share their fate and they were placed on the end of the row, away from Susan.

As soon as the last captive was secured, Jack removed the gags and stepped away:

“Now you stay here until you get obedient and ready to get back to your husbands. As for the two heroes, we send them back home in a few days but they have to see what happens to every disobedient wife.”


Part 7:

Penny was disappointed by her failure. She had to watch whatever Jack and Jill wanted to do to the captives. It probably should be a serious warning but Penny didn’t want to give up at any price. Jack couldn’t keep them captive without a valid contract but he could keep them until he delivered the remaining wives back to their husbands.

Penny’s bladder was bursting, her diaper was soaked and the poop had smeared on her entire crotch while she was riding. Now she was unable to move her legs and her bladder muscles gave up. The pee leaked out of the overfilled diaper and soaked her tights and skirt.

Susan, Mary and Patsy were in the same condition because of the diuretic. They desperately waited until Jill would change them and they even didn’t consider being freed from their ropes anymore. Their bladder muscles failed one by one and the overfilled diapers didn’t manage to keep the urine inside.

The urine smell spread across the room and all six captives kept silent and most of them were blushing deep red. However it was only the beginning of their humiliation. Jack and Jill had a devilish plan to break the will of their captives.

Jill waited until the diuretic wore off and she climbed down the stairs then. She was carrying a big bag with her. Jack followed her with another big bag and Jill returned upstairs to bring the bowl with water and cleaning rags.

“Now it’s time to begin your training, ladies,” Jack grinned. He walked over to the first captive, untied her legs, removed her skirt and tights; he repeated it for every captive until they were naked from waist down except the soaked diapers. Most of the clothes were soiled by urine but he didn’t seem to mind it while he was working.

Jill followed him and changed the diapers, one by one. However she put a thick cloth diaper package and big rubber pants on the captives instead of the disposable diapers used during the journey. After cleaning and diapering she put thick stockings onto their legs and tied their ankles back to the stakes.

“Now don’t run away until I bring you dinner.” she laughed and climbed up the stairs. Fortunately she left the lamp in the basement.

“Susan, I’m terribly sorry; I wanted to rescue you,” Penny recovered from the initial shock. She apparently was one of the stronger members of the group.

Susan didn’t answer but Mary reacted to Penny instantly:

“Don’t think of the past … sorry but I don’t know your name; I’m Mary.”
“My name is Penny, nice to meet you even if I preferred better conditions to meet you. Mary, you’re right. We should think of a plan.”
“Oh, we hardly create a plan while locked up in these stocks. Unless somebody frees us, we have to stay and wait for whatever Jack and Jill have up their sleeves for us. Penny, you have a better chance; Jack and Jill have to let you go.”
“You’re right Mary; Millie and myself try to use the first opportunity to save you.”

Jill was cooking dinner and Jack prepared the bottles of water for the captives. The diuretic was a warning only to humiliate the rebellious captives. The next step was much harder.

Jack and Jill were small criminals and they tried to find ways to keep the runaway wives back with their husbands. No husband wanted to pay repeatedly for finding his wife and bringing her back if she ran away again. If Jack assured that the wife would stay and wouldn’t run away, the price was higher and he was a very popular and wanted hunter.

In the beginning of their career they didn’t use diapers and Jill assisted the captives at their needs. However several captives weren’t able to hold their pee and they wet their clothes. Their tears and humiliation provided Jill an idea:

“Jack, what if we make the captives pee themselves? I guess none of the wives runs away if she has to admit she pees herself. It will be better than iron chains.”
“A great idea, Jill but they can’t be able to change themselves to hide the humiliation. The rubber pants will be locked. The best option is their husband that changes them.”

The idea wasn’t as great as Jack and Jill supposed; some men weren’t willing to deal with soiled diapers but they found a solution. The wife had to ask her husband for a change, he passed the key to a maid and the maid did the change. Nevertheless there were many husbands that enjoyed the change and liked to do it on their own.

Jill needed some drugs to make the captives pee themselves. She didn’t know how to make those drugs but Jack had contacts with local tribes and he found a medicine-man willing to make necessary drugs in exchange for several bottles of whisky. The medicine-man was surprised first but he agreed quickly and he was amused by the idea and the whisky supported his decision.

Jack put the drug to the water bottles; he hesitated first if he should use it for Penny and Millie but he decided to do it. After all, a bit of humiliation would be a good lesson for the heroes. He only pitied not using the locking pants; they would be able to change themselves.

Jill climbed down the stairs and she carried a big bowl with food; Jack brought the bottles. The captives really were hungry but they didn’t have any idea how to eat while lying down. However Jack had a solution ready. There was a wooden block about twelve inches high in the corner. Jack carried it to the first captive. lifted the stocks and supported them by the block. Now she was in a half-sitting position and Jill could feed her easily. All captives were given food and the drugged water in that way.

As soon as the last captive was taken care of, Jack put the block back onto its place and left the basement. Jill followed him and she took the lamp with her. The trapdoor was closed and the captives were in a total darkness. They also weren’t aware of the drug; it was getting into their blood slowly and affecting the nerves controlling their bladders.

Penny was the first one who didn’t want to give up. She was strong enough to lift the stocks using her belly muscles. Unfortunately the sitting position didn’t help her at all. She still wasn’t able to reach down to her ankles but she could try to reach Millie’s stocks:

“Hey, Millie; try to sit up and I can lean towards you and reach your stocks.”
“Okay, I try,” Millie replied but she found out her belly muscles were too weak and the stocks too heavy. “Sorry, Penny but we can bend our legs and get closer.”

“That’s a good idea, too,” Penny lied down and bent her left leg to get closer to Millie, Millie bent her right leg. Penny was taller and Millie could reach the iron rings on her stocks. They were connected by a screw. Millie didn’t need a key but she couldn’t unscrew it without using a tool.

“Sorry Penny but we’d need a wrench or pliers; I don’t unscrew it with my fingers only.”

Penny sighed only and tried to relax. The other captives realized they were trapped and didn’t have any chance to get free without help from outside.

Meanwhile the drug reached their nerves and blocked their feeling of urge as well as the ability to control the muscles. Their bladders were filling up and Penny was the first one to face the unpleasant and embarrassing reality.

Her bladder sent an urge signal to her brain but the blocked connection stopped it and rewired it to muscle control. The sphincters relaxed and the bladder muscles pushed the pee out of her body.


Part 8:

Penny wasn’t aware of her accident until she felt the diaper getting warm and wet. She startled:

“Ouch, what the hell?”
“What’s going on Penny,” Millie asked her instantly.
“I’ve just peed myself and didn’t feel the urge.”
“Are you sure?”
“Of course I am. I have a weak bladder but I always felt the urge and it was a strong one.”
“You are exhausted; try to have some sleep.”

Susan, Mary, Patsy and Ann didn’t answer; they already were asleep.

In the morning Susan opened her eyes but she was in a total darkness. She needed a minute to realize where she was and another few seconds to realize her diaper was heavy, warm and wet. However it wasn’t the worst finding. Susan didn’t remember to have felt any urge in the night.

“Hey, girls. Is anyone awake?”
“Yeah, good morning Susan,” Mary’s voice sounded in the dark basement.
“Mary, it’s terrible. I peed in my diaper at night and I didn’t wake up.”
“Me too,” Mary realized she had the same experience.
“What happened?”
“No idea … Noooooo, I’m peeing.” Mary’s voice turned into crying. She felt her diaper growing warm and didn’t feel anything.

Mary’s cry awakened all other captives and they found out they had peed in their diapers.

Penny’s diaper was soaked and her bladder voided itself after she woke up. Something definitely was wrong.
“Girls, I experienced it yesterday before I fell asleep.” she stayed calmer than the other captives. She had accidents in the past and the wet diaper didn’t throw her off balance.
“You said it as if you didn’t mind it Penny. It’s terrible though,” Mary was shocked about Penny’s attitude.
“Why are you crying, Mary?” Ann surprised them even more: “I’ve been peeing my diaper at night for a week. Now I’ll pee it at day.”
“Are you insane, Penny and Ann? Something happened to us, we pee in our diaper like babies and you take it easy.” Susan couldn’t understand her mates.

Millie and Patsy kept silent. They also peed in their diapers at night and weren’t aware of the urge.

“How is it possible that we all pee in our diapers all of sudden?” Susan tried to guess what had happened. “Yesterday I felt the urge though. What about you?”
“Me too,” Penny and Mary answered unisono.

Ann didn’t say anything; she ignored her urge more often and didn’t care.

“Wait; yesterday I felt a much stronger urge than before and now I lost control. Did we get some drugs?”
“It’s possible,” Mary replied. “Yesterday we drank the water from a different bottle than Ann.”
“Okay but now we all have the same problem,” Penny didn’t understand it “They … probably drugged us for the second time.”
“Why?” Ann didn’t understand.
“We should be brought back to our husbands though. What happens if we pee ourselves like babies?” Susan was confused.
“No idea.” Patsy shrugged only. “We have to wait and we’ll learn more.”

They didn’t have to wait long. Jill opened the trapdoor and climbed down the stairs, carrying the lamp:

“Morning ladies. Time to change your diapers. Before I do it, I tell you about your future fate. You probably found out you pee in your diapers without realizing it. We escort you to your husbands and they would change you if necessary. Your rubber pants will be locked and they will have the keys. Before we escort you, we would train you appropriately to be polite and obedient.”

She returned upstairs and left the captives alone for awhile.

Ann didn’t react at all. She knew her husband and she wasn’t afraid of being hurt; he probably would enjoy changing her diapers. Ann also didn’t mind to be babied a little.

Mary, on the other hand, was worried. She had the upper hand before she left her husband but he was a vindictive weakling and he would use the situation for his own pleasure.

Susan wasn’t sure about her husband’s reaction and neither was Patsy. They left their homes for adventure and new life without any arguments with their respective husbands.

Penny and Millie were confused. They didn’t have anybody who should take care of them.
“Girls, we have to think of our options. We hardly can get free on our own and there has to be another possibility to trick our captors. Let’s wait for their next step.” Penny started the discussion.
“Penny, I wish I had your strong will. However you are right,” Mary replied “I’m worried about my future.”
“Well, one more reason to think of the options. I don’t want to give up at all. Of course my position is a bit better; I guess it at least.”

Jill returned with a big bag, bowl and cleaning rag:

“Now I want each of you to ask for the change politely. It is the first step of your training.”
“No, never!” Mary tried to protest. She definitely didn’t want to give up.
“It’s up to you dear. The wet diaper between your legs is a very strong persuasive means. The urine will irritate your skin and cause bad wounds later.”

“Please, could you change me?” Ann was the first one.
“What should I change?”
“My diaper.”
“I’ve peed myself.”
“Of course; I do it immediately.” Jill moved to Ann, cleaned her thoroughly and put a clean diaper on her.

“Well ladies, this is an exemplar behavior. If you behave like this, you can leave this place very soon.”

Susan and Mary were terrified both by Jill’s request and Ann’s reaction. Ann behaved almost like a toddler. What should it mean? How would her husband accept her in that condition?

Penny decided to make a spectacle; she was smart and tried to trick Jill. She asked Jill in a similar but not that childish way:
“Jill, I need a change. My diaper is wet.”

Jill nodded, didn’t ask anything else and changed Penny; the diaper really was soaked.

Susan, Millie and Patsy watched Penny and recalled her idea of tricking Jill. Their diapers were wet and unpleasant and they didn’t have any other option but to ask Jill for a change. All three women bit their lip and asked in a similar neutral way.

When Jill left, Penny turned to Mary: “Mary, your attitude is a big mistake. You are a rebel but this isn’t the right moment for heroic deeds. Save your strength and don’t take the risk of diaper rash.”

Half an hour later Jill entered the basement carrying a bowl of food and two bottles of water.
“Breakfast time, ladies.” she put the bowl and bottles onto the ground, got the wooden box and called Jack. They helped the captives eat breakfast.
“Do we get drugs again?” Penny tried to surprise Jack and Jill. They were taken aback. How could she know?
“What drugs?” Jack made an attempt to confuse her.
“You know, Jack. Our bladder control couldn’t change suddenly and for all of us.”
“Okay, right. Now you are trapped by your own bodily functions.” he laughed.

Mary and Susan realized the terrible truth and tears appeared in their eyes.

Jack and Jill left and the captives were alone again. However they had to face another humiliation. Their bowels started moving after eating and Ann was the first one who pooped her diaper; again she didn’t mind it at all.

Susan was watching Ann curiously and she guessed what happened. A cold chill ran down her spine when she realized what would happen to her. Moments later she pushed involuntarily and a big mass of poop filled the back of her diaper. Her bladder voided itself at the same moment.

Mary was in a worse situation. Her diaper was overfilled before she peed and pooped after breakfast and it leaked onto the ground.

The smell of urine and poop spread all across the room and moore tears appeared in captives’ eyes.

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Part 9:

Jill returned to the captives when she guessed they had pooped after breakfast. She turned to them: “Now, you know the rules already ladies.”

Ann was the first who asked for a change and she did it in the same childish way; she realized it was somehow pleasant and it was a nice distraction in her condition. The other captives asked for the diaper change; they joined Penny and tried to leave the basement earlier.

Mary was blushing in an utter embarrassment but her diaper was unpleasant and she had a strong itching feeling on her crotch.

“Can you change my messy diaper please?” she closed her eyes and wished the ground would swallow her.
“Of course I can,” Jill nodded but she changed Mary after all other captives.

Jill left and carried the messy diapers away but the smell still remained in the basement; it wasn’t aired sufficiently.

Mary kept crying; she was disappointed by the failure at the escape attempts and worried about her future. Penny wished she could help but it was impossible in their actual condition.

The days in the basement passed slowly. The captives got used to their embarrassing condition when they peed and pooped uncontrollably and had to ask for a change. Jack and Jill didn’t free any captive from the stocks.

Jill kept watching all captives and she decided that Ann was ready to be delivered. The next morning Jill changed Ann into the locking pants, brought Ann her skirt and shoes, Jack opened the stocks, helped Ann stand up and tied her wrists behind her back:

“Look at Ann. She is an obedient wife already and her husband will meet her tomorrow.”
“Take care Ann,” Penny tried to encourage her.
“Don’t worry Penny.”

Jack escorted Ann off the basement and her former mates tried to guess what would happen to her at home.

“I don’t understand her behavior,” Susan was confused “She reminded me of an obedient toddler. How will her husband accept her like this?”
“Susan, I’d guess she somehow enjoyed the diapers. According to her calmness she isn’t afraid of him at all,” Penny replied.
“How can anybody enjoy diapers?” Mary was taken aback by Penny. “My husband would laugh at me and he would make me hell at home.”
“As for me, I don’t have the slightest idea how my husband accepts me,” Susan wasn’t sure what to expect at home but she really didn’t have any idea.

Jill came later and fed them lunch; she was alone. Jack probably didn’t return yet. The captives spent two days with Jill only until Jack returned with the money.

The next day Jack announced Penny and Millie they would be released:

“However you deserve a lesson first. The release won’t be as easy as you would expect.”

Jill changed Penny and Millie into a disposable diaper and locking pants and brought their skirts and shoes. They were released from the stocks but their arms were tied in a strict boxtie and ballgags were forced into their mouths. Jack escorted them upstairs, led them to their horses, helped them mount, tied their legs to the stirrups and rode off, leading the horses on a long connecting rope. His destination was Fallwick and his plan was devilish.

They stopped in front of the saloon. Jack untied his captives from their horses and tied the horses to the wooden bar. Penny and Millie were tied to the bar by their necks. Jack put a small diaper bag to them and pinned two sheets of paper to their shirts along with the keys.

“MY DIAPER IS WET, I NEED A CHANGE.” the script read.

Jack laughed, mounted his horse and left Fallwick.

Penny and Millie were terrified; they blushed deeply in utter embarrassment when they read the script. Penny struggled in the ropes violently and she tried to reach the rope tying her to the bar but her effort was vain. Even worse, she really peed herself while riding to Fallwick and her diaper was wet. Millie’s diaper also was a little wet.

A couple of cowboys left the saloon and they stopped dead in their tracks:

“What the hell, Joe?” one of them stepped towards Penny and Millie.
“Hey, are they wearing diapers indeed? Let’s check.” he grabbed Millie’s skirt and lifted it. “Really Mike, look.”

Millie blushed in embarrassment and struggled against the ropes. She tried to kick the cowboy but he dropped the skirt again and Millie’s leg got trapped.

“Hey Mike, should we change the diaper?”
“I think we could do something else instead. It would be much more pleasant.”

Joe nodded and untied Millie from the bar and pulled her away. Penny struggled and tears appeared in her eyes but she couldn’t do anything to help the poor girl. Millie also kept struggling but the men pulled her on the rope out of the village.

All of sudden the door opened and the bartender ran out of the saloon:

“Hey, who pays for the drinks? Where are you?”

He stopped and stared at Penny: “Hey, what the hell?” he unstrapped the gag.

“Mister, help me please. A wives hunter captured us when we tried to save the poor women. Now three men took my friend away and I’m afraid they want to rape her.”

“Oh, these bastards! They even didn’t pay for the drinks and I think they are drunk.” he turned away and ran to the Sheriff’s office.

“Mister please untie me.” Penny yelled but he ignored her and entered the office.

A minute later the Sheriff headed towards Penny: “What the hell are you doing here? Do you think you can come here and make a kinky show here?”

“I’m sorry sir but …”
“No buts. I untie you from the bar and you leave the village instantly.” he untied Penny from the bar but didn’t untie her arms, led her to his office and sat her to the table:
“Well, let’s talk about this pervert show, madam …”
“My name is Penny. Excuse me sir but we have been escorted here by a wives hunter. We tried to rescue our friend but we were captured.”
“What about the diapers? Is it a kind of game or what?”
“The captors used diapers if they didn’t want to untie us at all. Even worse, they drugged us and we need diapers now.”

The Sheriff seemed to have calmed down: “Okay, madam. Now I have to catch the bastards and arrest them because of rape. However I don’t want you in our village. Wait for me.”

He left along with the bartender and five minutes later a woman entered the office and she was carrying the diaper bag:

“I’m the Sheriff’s wife and I take care of you. Unfortunately my husband didn’t allow me to untie you. Do you really need a diaper change and something to eat and drink?”

Penny blushed deeply and nodded. The woman helped her lie down on a couch and changed the wet diaper; she didn’t use the rubber pants.

The Sheriff returned an hour later and the cowboys followed him; they were cuffed and he locked them into the cell. Millie was crying and her skirt was torn.

“Adam, I take this poor girl home and take care of her,” she led Millie away and took a spare diaper with her. They returned a bit later, Millie’s skirt was repaired and Millie got food and water as well.

“Ladies, time to leave now,” the Sheriff led Penny and Millie outside, helped them mount their horses and put their possessions into the saddle bags.

“Ride off Fallwick and never come back; you are unwelcome here. Find somebody to free your arms.”
“Please sir, untie us.”
“No! Be glad that I escort you away. The local men would teach you a serious lesson if you told me the truth.”

He tied a rope to their horses and rode off, pulling them behind him. He stopped several miles away, untied the connecting rope and headed back to Fallwick.


Part 10:

When Jack led away Penny and Millie, a tight mood prevailed. Their chance of escape dropped totally. Susan didn’t have any idea what would happen to Penny and Millie. On the other hand she doubted that Jack killed them. He definitely didn’t look like an assassin.

Jack returned on the same day and two days later he decided to take Patsy away. Susan and Mary were alone but their situation was terrible. They weren’t able to control their bladders and bowels and tried to guess the reaction of their husbands.

“Mary, how do you feel? To be honest, I’d prefer to be with my husband again to this smelly dungeon.”
“You are happy, Susan. I’m afraid I’ll get from the frying pan into the fire. My husband is short and slender and I had the upper hand at home. Now he won’t miss any opportunity to take revenge on me.”

Jack returned two days later and he announced to Susan and Mary they would be escorted the next day.

Susan and Mary were tied up tightly; their arms were tied in the reverse prayer position and it wasn’t possible to reach the knots at all. They were dressed again and Jill put disposable diapers on them and secured them by the locking pants.

Jack led them out of the basement. To her surprise Mary felt a big relief when she was out of the dark dungeon. Susan also felt some relief and she was getting curious about her future fate.

When they were helped mount their horses, Jack tied the long connecting rope and rode off. His first destination was Carlote where Mary’s husband lived. They had to ride for more than a day so Jack was in a hurry; he couldn’t wait to have his awards and start the next mission. He planned to ask for runaway wives in both towns.

Mary was very nervous and her bladder reacted quickly. She had peed herself two times when she had to choose between a wet skirt and humiliation:

“Mister please, could you change my diaper? I’m all wet. Please.”
“You bitch, couldn’t you hold longer. You delay my mission.”

However he stopped, helped Mary dismount and changed her diaper. She blushed deeply when a man was changing her but she realized she would have to ask her husband later.

After the diaper change they proceeded their journey until evening when Jack stopped on a clearing in the forest, far away from the road. He helped the girls dismount and tied their legs at ankles.

Jill packed them some food so Jack didn’t have to cook and he fed his captives quickly before sleep. After dinner he changed their diapers, covered them with a blanket and went to sleep.

Mary waited until Jack fell asleep and turned to Susan: “Hey, we have to do something now. This is my last opportunity.”
“Okay but what can we do? My arms are numb.”
“So are mine but we still can try to untie our legs with our teeth. Move your legs to my mouth.”

Susan moved her body to put her tied ankles to Mary’s mouth. Mary tried to find the knot and untie it. She succeeded but she needed more than half an hour to do it.

“Well, repay it to me now, Susan,” Mary put her tied legs close to Susan’s mouth and Susan started working on the knot. She needed even more time but their legs were free.
“Well, let’s stand up and sneak away.”

Standing up proved more difficult than expected. Susan’s legs got entangled in her skirt and she fell backwards several times until Mary found out the best way:

“Susan, lift your legs and let the skirt fall onto your belly. You can stand up then.”

Susan nodded and this time she really was able to stand up. However it was the first step only. They still were tied up tightly and needed help to get untied. The night was dark and the clearing was illuminated by dim moonlight.

Mary and Susan stepped forward and headed back to the road. The path was uneven and both girls had to be careful not to stumble. Their skirts also were a serious obstacle.

All of sudden a howling sounded from the forest and several pairs of green eyes appeared in the bushes.

“Wolves!” Susan screamed, turned back and ran away. However her skirt caught up in the bushes and she fell to the ground. Mary followed her slowly.

“Mary, help me please, my skirt has caught up.”

Mary tried to free Susan but she failed; she couldn’t use her fingers and her head didn’t fit between the bushes.

Jack woke up at Susan’s scream and he instantly realized what had happened. He grabbed a burning branch and hurried up to the forest to scare away the wolves.

“Well, well; you wanted to leave without saying goodbye. It wasn’t polite, ladies. Let’s go back!”

Jack led Susan and Mary back to the camp, tied their legs in spread position to long branches and forced ballgags into their mouths. Now they were helpless and unable to do any other attempt. Susan had peed herself when she spotted the wolves.

Mary cried; her last attempt had failed. She somehow managed to fall asleep an hour later.

The next morning Susan opened her eyes and recalled the last night. She cursed herself for panicking even if she didn’t have any idea if they really could escape. In either case they couldn’t escape at all in their actual condition.

Jack approached them and grinned: “You know what to ask for,” he removed the gags.
“Can you change my wet diaper please?” Susan was the first one who bit her lip. Her diaper was soaked and she desperately needed the change. Mary also was wet but she had to overcome her humiliation.

Jack took his time, lifted their skirts, pulled down their tights, unlocked the rubber pants and opened the wet diapers. Their crotches were exposed and their legs tied in the spread position. Jack returned with the cleaning rag but he soaked it in the cold creek. He cleaned them and diapered them again. Susan and Mary were blushing deeply when their crotches were exposed for a long time.

After the humiliating change Jack fed them breakfast, put their gags back, untied their legs and helped them mount the horses before driving off towards Carlote.

Mary was desperate; there was nothing she could do to change her fate. Even worse, Jack didn’t wait after breakfast and she pooped in her diaper shortly after they departed. Now she had to sit in her own poop.

Susan was in the same condition but she still could hope for a miracle.

Jack reached Carlote before noon and stopped in front of Sheriff’s office. He dismounted his horse and entered the office. A minute later he returned and the Sheriff followed him.

“Mister Jack, let’s do everything in private. I wouldn’t like to have a public spectacle here.” he led them to Mary’s house.

Mary’s husband Allan opened the door and grinned sarcastically: “Welcome home, dear. I’m glad to see you again. Now we start a new stage of our life.”
“Mr. Allan, here you are the key. Your beloved wife needs diapers and she is locked in them. This key unlocks her pants.”

Allan laughed; now he had the upper hand. He helped Mary dismount and smelled the poop: “Well somebody needs her diaper changed.”
“She knows what to do, Mr. Allan,” Jack grinned. “She always has to ask for a change politely.”
“Great! Thanks. I bring the money immediately,” Allan entered the house and returned with an envelope.
“Thanks, Mr. Allan. The gag is included along with a small diaper bag. You have to purchase extra diapers,” Jack whispered Allan the name of the local smuggler.

Susan couldn’t do anything but watch the poor Mary; she also was helpless. All of sudden Jack looked at her and realized he could embarrass her more.
“Do you allow me to change my other captive?” a cold chill ran down Susan’s spine.


Great story. Couple of questions though.
Do we not get to see what happened to Patsy or Ann? We got to see Penny and Millie to this point.
How does Jack know who is a runaway wife?
If Husbands of Susan and Patsy let them leave so they now want them back? Thanks and I hope to see more.

Thanks for the comment.

The story is quite open and I can write many more posts about all characters.

Jack makes some kind of advertisment; he offers his services by fliers. He asks in saloons and listens to rumors.

Susan left her husband to try out her own business and prove herself she was capable of it. As for Patsy and Ann, I’m not sure; I considered them NPCs but I can add some more background.

The next part would be dedicated to Penny and Millie mostly.

It would be nice to find out how Jack caught Patsy and Ann. Maybe Jack has a flashback to see how he and Jill first came to use diapers on the wives.

Penny and Millie are in a pickle that’s for sure. Hopefully they will come across a man who isn’t a total jerk. To put it lightly.

Maybe the ladies bladder and bowel control will. return after some re potty training. Maybe that’s something for a sequel?

Great work so far.