Witches Of New Orleans

Witches of New Orleans “Hi…I’m Venus, I Like reading books. They can be creep, funny, drama , action and all other kinds of genre. This big book right here, it has so many stories. It’s my favorite, I wrote it my self you know. I fell like the grimm brothers. It’s has great tales of people being…well lets not ruin it for you. Lets begin this story, Its from a old time, enjoys sweeties.” -Venus

Chapter 1: Welcome to New Orleans

At a train station, The scream of metal on the track signals that a train is has comes to a stop. A young man in is early 20’s jumped of the train. Hyper and energetic like a child. He carrying a large backpack full of clothing, Money, deodorant, tooth brush and other a young traveler would need on his journey. He wore a open denim jacket with a white and blue striped button up. His denim pants wear a little worn at the bottom.

“Welcome to New Orleans Jonathan Wilkes! New Town, New Adventure!” he said to himself. He walked around the station spotting all the pretty women, his age and older, all ethnicity. Sure the older people from yesterdays would kill each other for tasting the rainbow but not this generation. It’s all about free love. He walked up the station stairs and enter the early sunny spring streets. “So, do i find a place to stay or get something to eat before i find some fun? Dissension, Dissension, Dissension.” He said to his self as he walked down the street.

Later on that evening after he got some McDonald’s and walked a mile looking for a place to stay. He saw a motel on the side of the street. It was Maroon colored and had two floors. The sign said it had 7 rooms for rent. Jonathan walked across the street and into the motel. He got to the check in office and ringed the bell. A little while after a old woman came to the counter. Her hair was grey and her skin was wrinkled, she had to be at less 70.

“Hey miss, can i get a room, I’m new in town.” Jonathan said.

“Okay dear…you got money?” she asked.

“Yeah i do, how much for a room ma’am.”

“$20.00” she told him with a innocent smile.

“What! $20.00, are you trying to shake me down.”


“$10.00.” Jon told her trying to coax her into a cheaper price.

“$30.00” she said pulling a chair over to her. She sat down and grabbed a book.


“Grandma!” a feminine voice yelled. A stunning woman walked out of the back. She had long blonde hair with a green and pink bandanna with design warped around her head. Her eye’s were piercing blue. She had on the a mini dress in the same color, design as her bandanna with white Go Go boots and a pink belt.

"I’m sorry if my grandma has been rude to you, she likes to mess with people, Her own way to amuse her self. " she said

“Well can i please get a room to stay in for about 3 days.”

“Alright, $16.00” she said holding her hand out.

Jon handed her the money “My names Jonathan Wilkes Thank you…”

“Carly Wayne, Let me show you your room.”

They walked outside and up the stairs and to door 204. She opened it and showed Jon the room.

“You got all you need, Bed, bathroom, stove and even a couch. Please call if you need anything or have questions, numbers on the table next to the bed, peace Jonathan.” she said walking out of his room.

“She can lead to some fun things to do around this place.” he said to his self.

Chapter 2: Traveling…And Pants!

“Come on, Come on, Come on!…Kiyaaaa!” he yelled in his dark motel room. “I wonder, Do they watch this or do i do?” he asked throwing the towel across the room. He looked up at the ceiling and closed his eyes. He thought about the girl he met today. He wondered if she could be some fun. She did live in this town so she must know were all the party are, He also thought about how quick he can shag her. “Why im i so perverted.” he said chuckling to his self as he dosed off.

Jon woke up and rubbed his eyes. He grabbed his underwear from his bag and walked out of his room to the main office. He started working the coffee machine and poured his self a cup. He looked at Carly grandma and she looked back. She smiled and gave him a thumbs up and he replied the same.

“Sir! Put some damn pants on!” Carly said catching Jon before he left.

“Pants? Oh yeah, I forgot to put them on.”

“How can you Forget, It doesn’t matter.” Carly told Jon.

“So i don’t have to wear pants.” he said drinking some more coffee.

“My grandmother is right there you idiot! How much smoke have you smoked to screw you brain up that bad.”

“Carly! Stop ruining this fine morning. Jon you can come down with no pant anytime you want…You don’t even need underwear.”

“Thank you granny,” Jon said.

Carly turned Jon around and kicked him out the door.

“Hey Carly, Wanna chill later? Your my only kinda young person friend that i just meet, So how about it?”

“Maybe, How about you go put some pants on your damn creep!”

Jon walked back to his room and finished i his coffee. 3 hours later he got ready to hang with Carly. He threw on some pants and t-shirt. He grabbed his shoes and laced them up. Jon walked out and down the stairs to the front. He saw Carly chatting with a woman.

She was a light-skinned black woman, her hair was dark and short, her eye wear a sandy color. She was wearing yellow shorts sleeve dress and brown saddles.

“Alright Carly, i’ll see you tonight then.” She told her as she walked away from Carly and pass Jon. He turned his head and look at her walk. Her butt was nice and thick, Her walk it self was graceful and full of moxie. She turn around and looked at Jon. She smiled at Jon and looked at Carly.

“Remember 6:00 tonight, Bring a friend.”

Jon walked up to Carly and smiled. " Diana Ross said bring a friend, I think wear going to party tonight."

“Who said we wear friend mister no pants.” she told Jon walking pass him.

“You said we can chill anyway, You leaving me hanging now.”

“I said maybe, If you want to come with me, hurry up then.” she said walking out the door.

Jon followed her outside to her blue Chevy Vega. She open the door and got in. Jon stopped and examined the car.

“You coming?” Carly asked.

“Um, your Vega looks pretty new. You just buy it?” Jon asked.

“No, i got it in high school when it came out.”

“It’s still running, Not rusted? A cat i knew up state told me about these, there…”

“Horrible, mines magic. It fixes it’s self.” she told him.

“I’ll take your word for it.” Jon said getting on the passenger side. “Were are we going anyway?”

“The mall.”

“Cool, you can show me around town after that.”

As they drive, Carly starts to ask him questions, Trying to find out who he is.

“So, Why you come to Louisiana, Why stop in new Orleans?”

Jon averted his, “I just like to travel, Decide to come down here next.”

“How old are you then?”

“I’m just turn 22 years old.”

“So…did you serve your time?”

“My time, What you mean by that?” he asked.

“I mean did you…”

“Yeah, I did. I serve my time.”

Carly smiled, “Jon, You don’t got to lie, We share the same views right.”

“I’m not…honest.”

“I can tell when someone’s lying, you don’t have to be so guarded with me.”

Jon look at her and sighed, “Yeah…you got me, I ran as soon i got the letter, My dad was so happy too.” He started quoting his dad “This is going to man you up Jonathan, No more time for all that stupid shit you do.” He leaned back, “I use to want to be in the army, So I can be the hero and shoot all the bad guys down, But that’s a dream of a little kid, one day i learn that it’s all fun and game untill you get shot, Had a gun pulled on me before, pissed my pants. Before I ran, I wrote a note for them, Saying I love them and forgive me dad, But when i called him up one day, he called me a coward, a fucking pussy.” Jon turned his face away and kept talking. “My mom wasn’t mad, she was so worried about me, telling me to come home. She told me how they were doing, She told me my little brother might be getting sent to better school. That was really nice to hear, i think he has a bright future ahead of him.”

“I’m so sorry Jon, You didn’t have to tell me all that.”

“I know, but it felt good. Finally getting some stuff off my chest.” He wiped his face with his hand. “Tell me about your self Carly, You got any demon biting at you?”

“Well, Oh never mind were here. Maybe i’ll tell you later at the party.”

“So, were friends now?”

“I’m just doing what Egberta said, that’s all.” she said leaving the car, “Come on, I can carry all the bags of stuff im buying.” Carly said playfully.

“Why me? Just a pack maul today.”

Chapter 3: The Party

“God! This sucks Carly, whey do I have to help your shop?” Jon asked sitting in a chair, Bored out of his mind They wear in a descent store, Far out outfits for a female but a little over price.

“You can leave, Just find away back to the motel.” she said jokingly. "It’s a walk but you can make it, I just hope you don’t get lost. It can get will scary on some of the streets.

“Please, This cool cat can handle it’s self, If they ever try it…” Jon jumped up and got into a boxing stance. “3 quick jabs for ever dumb ass who wants some, I am rocky Balboa!”

“Your a year early.”

“I I’m, Ok…Cinderella Man then.”

“Sure, use a guy from the 30’s and not someone from this time period.”

“Know what Carly, Your a joke killer.”

“I call them as I see them, Now how do I look.” Carly walked outside of the dressing room. She was wearing a white jacket with a scarlet shirt and white shorts.

“Far out, You look good Carly…knocked my socks off good.”

She smiled, “Thank you, I want to look good for the party tonight.”

“So Carly, The chick from earlier. She was totally into me.”

“Egberta? She gets mad when people don’t remember her name.”

“Yeah, Come on. Tell me, You know her.”

“So, She’s nice to everybody. Just because she smiled at you dose not mean she likes you.” Carly explained.

“We will see about that then.” Jon said smiling to his self.

“Wow, Hopeless I tell You, Now enough gossiping, We got shopping to do.” she said. She got back into her other cloths and bought the outfit. She looked at Jon and smiled, “Don’t look so down! Come one, I’ll buy you a ice cream cone.”
“Don’t talk to me like some little brat.” Jon told her fallowing her out the story.
Later on, Jon and Carly finished shopping and went back to the motel. Jon then started helping her with her groceries.

“You know I should be paid for this, A ice cream cone ain’t covering all this.” Jon said taking the last bag into the motel’s kitchen.

“Ok, You can have a free night. Sure I thought we were friends but…” Carly told Jon.

“We are…But that free night sounds so great, Thank you.” Jon told her rushing outside the room. He made it back to his room and jumped into his bed. He remembered the party was at 7:00 so he took his evening nap. He slept tell sometime around 5 o’clock. He woke up and wiped his eyes. He got up and went to take a shower. He got dressed in navy jeans and a black Led Zeppelin shirt. He then went into his bookbag and went back into his bathroom. He was in there for about 20 mines and when he walked out a thick smoke came out with him. He sprayed some air freshener and check the time. “All most 7 o’clock, I’ll met her outside.” Jon walked out of his room and down the steps. He then rested on the side of Carly’s Vega. She walked out wearing the clothing she bought at the mall. She walked up to Jon and smiled. “Saved any for me?”

“Nope, If you called me earlier I would have shared.” Jon told her.

“Pure jive, You look like you love it to much to share.” she told him. She open hair door and started the car. She unlocked the passengers door and Jon got in.

“I do but I’m always ready to share. I’m running low so if you know people, tell me.”

“I hear ya.” she replied driving out of the parking lot and down the road."

“Hey, Carly.”


“I told you my story earlier and you never told me yours. Tell me what your about.”

“I would like to show you instead, Later tonight you’ll see baby.” in a slightly ominous tone.

“That was foreboding, Carly please don’t be some crazy chick because this happen before and I had a arrow shot through my hair because of me being stupid.”

She rolled her eye and giggled. “I’m not going to try and kill you, I am going to kill you!”

“Oh shit!” Jon tried to unlocked the door but couldn’t grasp it.

“Jonathan! I’m joking. Calm down.” she said looking at him with a large smile.

“Ok, I believe.” she said grasping his heart. “Just tell me in the party is in a cabin in the woods.”

“No, It’s not… It’s a house in the woods.”

“Ok, Your last name is Wayne, Right.”

“Yeah.” she said meekly.

“I need to remember that if I’m going to write your name in my blood.”

“Wow, Now your being excessive with the murder thing. I can get away with it but I like you.”

“Well that makes me fell a little better. Just don’t say anymore creepy shit or I’m jumping out.”

“Ok Jon.” she said.

They arrive to the forest and drive down a dirt road to a mansion. Music can be heard from the outside.

“Beatles, Oh! Darling. Nice.” Jon said fallowing Carly up to the mansion. The mansion looked aged and untouched. The white paint chipped and a little moss on the house it self. Carly knocked on the door.

“wHAt CArrieS LiFE?.” a deep and echoing voice asked.

“Gaia’s scared back.” Carly replied.

“ThE CoVeNt iS oPEN to yOu.” She pushed on the door and it open up. She grabbed Jon’s hand a pulled him in and shut the door.

Jon saw the most groovy party ever. People dancing to the music, The smell of weed seeping from down the halls. Colored lights all around the place. The woman all ripe for the picking. “This is far out, So trippy.”

Carly let his hand go and told him “Still think IM going to kill you, Enjoy.” She waved her hand bye and walked up the stairs.

Jon walk around Intel he found the strong smell of Smoke. He open up the door and walked in. He found people laying on she ground and others sitting on the couch. He saw a man hitting a bong, The man had long brown hair, shades, A tannish vest with no shirt. It showed how white and hairy he was. He wore some bell bottoms and sandals. He was of average body shape, more toned the Jon but same height. He looked up and saw Jon, “Hey bro, Want a hit, I warn you this is some heavy stuff.” the man said.

“I’ll be the judge of that.” Jon replied.

“Ok, Look at that cat over there, He’s down for the count.”

Jon took the bong and sat down, He lit the bong and was hit with the most intense smoke he has ever had. He coughed and coughed as he passed it to the person next to him.

“Told ya, Some heavy stuff. Grew it my self with some help from Carly.”

“Your her friend, I know her too, Came here with her.”

“Well a friend of Carly is a friend of mine. My name is Moon Claw.” he said raising his head with pride.

“Your jiving me.” Jon replied.

“No man, My real name is Franklin but Moon Claw is my name my grandfather on my Native American side of the family gave me.” He explained.

“I’m going to call you frank.” Jon told him.

“Or Moon Claw.”

Jon laid back with Frankie and Relaxed. He smoked with the group of stoner and got Frankie’s number if he wanted to buy any of his supply. Frankie wrote it so it said Moon Claw on it. Jon left the room and went looking for the dining room. He found some food and started dig in. He then went to dance. He dance with a few ladies intel he saw her, Egberta. He walked up to her and tapped her on the shoulder.

“Hey, Your names Egberta, right?”

“It is, And Your names Jonathan. Carly told me about you. She said your a clownish cutie pie, Like a little kid.” Egberta told him with a smile on her face.
Jon thought (" What the fuck Carly, Why would you tell her that shit. She thinks I’m like a little kid, She didn’t help me out on bit! Jonathan, You can recover those lost points, Believe in yourself.)

“You all right there, You look lost in thought.” Egberta asked.

“Um, Sorry. I’m kinda in space right now, So good stuff from some guy who calls him self Moon Claw.”

She sighed, “Frankie? Please don’t ever call him that. He needs to accept he doesn’t have a nickname.”

“Well lets leave him out of this conversation, I wanted to ask if you wanted to boogie.”

“I hope you can keep up sugar, I might me a little to much for you to handle.” Egberta said walking out to the dance floor.

“Don’t down play me sugar, I just don’t have the groove I have the moves too.” Jon said walking out to the dance floor.

A new song played a they dance. Egberta started of simple but got more complex little by little. Her movement matched the song perfect, If it was smooth and calm, She was smooth and calm, If it was upbeat and quick, She was upbeat quick. After a while Jon start to tire.

“You don’t look so hot, Told you couldn’t keep up, Take a set and recover.”
“Get Real! I ain’t done yet.”

“Ahh, Determination, Ok then lets see how long you can last with the best dancer around.”

A few more song played and Jon gave up sometime after that. He fell back into a couch.

“So sugar, You quit?” she asked.

Jon looked up to her with his red eyes “Take a guess.”

“I like you, I see what she was taking about know.”

“Why do I fell it won’t be anything that works in my favor?”

Egberta smiled and look up, “Oh Carly, Were you been?”

“Just getting things into place, Looks like you meet Jon.”

“Sorry to interrupt you talk ladies but I need to use the bathroom, Were is it?” Jon asked standing up.

“Well, We have a free room with a bathroom in it. Wait about 5 mins and come up, Last door on the left.” Carly told Jon.

“Yeah, There’s going to be a nice surprise when you arrive.” Egberta added. The both off them walked away and went up stairs.

“Ok foxy Mama’s, Be up soon.”

Carly bit her lip, She then kept walking up stairs.

Jon sat there, He was shacking with excitement, Smiling like a kid on Christmas. (This is great, I’m shagging these girls tonight, It’s a threesome I can fill it.) Jon sat there still shack, Now more thanks to the pressure on his bladder. He then felt someone sit down next to him. It was Frankie (Moon Claw).

“Jon, What happen, Trying to smoke some more?” Frankie asked.

“Not right now, But to go get some, If you know what I mean.” Jon replied.
“I fell you, From who, know there names.”

“Yeah, Milk Jug Carly and Apple Button Egberta.” Jon told him proudly.

“Wow, Dude, Those chicks are extremely zappy when you hook up with them. I’m a beast and I would never try it, Taken them on is just not wise. Don’t get involved with those kinky girls.”

“I like it kinky, I had some crazy moments in bed, Don’t worry man. Save me some, Be back in about 2 hours.” Jon told him leaving the couch and walking up stairs.

“Tried to warn him.” Frankie got a dutch from his pocket and sparked it. “I’m a werewolf and I think there the real monsters.” He took a hit and laid down. “Damn, I need some food.”

Jon himself walked the halls, Hiding down to the last door on the left, He smelt the air seeping from the cracks, A feint sweet scent. His bladder at it’s limit, His heart pumping. He twist the door knob and stepped into the room. There he saw Carly and Egberta, And the sweet scent that he now realized was baby powder that flood the room.

Chapter 4: Mama and Mommy

Jon looked around the room and saw a extremely strange site. Carly and Egberta were inside a babies nursery. The truly the strange thing was that every thing was so big, This baby most be big, Really big. There was a brown smooth wooden crib, A mobile above it, A changing table with large diapers under it, A rocking chair and horse. There was a Large Playpen with toys neatly place inside. There is a closet half way open with infantile clothing that could perfectly fit someone Jons size. The wall of the nursery wear painted a light green with black symbols along the very to part of the wall. In Carlys hand is a large disposable diaper and in the other a bottle. In Egberta’s hands is a large blue onesie and diaper cover.

“Jon.” Carly said softly. "Come with me over to the changing table and take off your all clothing.

“What are you trying to do?” Jon asked confused, heart now pumping out of fear for some reason, Like he was not getting out of this one.

“Were trying to get you dressed, Now come over here please.” she ordered sweetly.

“No way, man…I’m not doing this, We don’t go to fuck tonight.” Jon said backing up to the door.

“Close!” Egberta yelled, the door then slammed shut. “Now lock!” Egberta looked at Jon and smiled “Fight back or don’t baby, We have the advantage over you. Use that brain and choose the best thing for you at the moment.”

“She’s right sweetie, Come over and let your mommies get you all set up.”

Jon was truly done, He tried to work the door but it wouldn’t open. He knew he had no choice so he took a step over to the woman who lead him to the changing table. Egberta and Carly then start to undress him. “Stop! Let me do it please.” He told them with his voice slightly cracking. He remove his shirt and t-shirt. He unbuckled his pants and slide them off. He was in just his underwear now. “Can I use the bathroom real quick?”

“Sorry, just wait a little more Jon, You can use it soon.” Carly told him.

Jon slide off his underwear.

“I thought it would be bigger.” Egberta hold Carly.

“It’s not like it’s small, It’s just nothing special that’s all.” Carly replied.

Jon stood there balling his fist.

“Don’t do anything stupid baby, Mama will give you a spanking if you do.” Egberta told Jon grabbing and unballing his hand. Jon tried to break away but her grip was tighter then he thought.

Carly and Egberta helped him on to the table and laid him down. Carly slide the diaper under Jon’s butt.

“Do you think I added enough baby powder?” Carly asked.

“Yes girl, Add anymore and his crouch will look like it belongs to a ghost.”

“Yeah, Your right.” Carly continued diapering Jon, She brought the diaper over his crouch and taped it in place.

Jon wiggled around in the diaper, He found it was like having a pillow between his legs and under his butt.

Egberta then slide on the plastic pants. “Do you think next time we can use one of the cloth diapers, There so much better.”

“Better? Disposable is way better honey.”

“Sure they are.” Egberta said sarcastically.

“Ok, We can use cloth next time.”

(Really, There fighting over what is the best kind of diaper.) Jon thought.

They helped him down and got him dress in the onesie. They snapped the crouch closed and lead Jon to the crib. He struggled but they over power Jon in no time. They gave him a bottle of milk and pulled the gate down then locked him inside. They pull the gate back up and locked it.

“Well wear all done for now.” Carly said. “Jon you look so cute, Yes you do.” she told him in baby talk.

“So how are you we going to cover this up?” Egberta asked.

“I don’t know yet, He’s a drifter so I’ll figure it will be easy.”

Jon just listened at to them ramble, He grew even more angry. “Why did you girls kidnap me, Tell me!”

“Girls? Where you mommies, Don’t forget that, we have feeling too.” Egberta told him.

“You really want to know Jon, Do you?” Carly asked teasing him.


“Now there’s no need to keep yelling. Now quite down so I can tell you.” Carly told him.

“Fine.” Jon said lowering his head.

“The reason is, Why not. I thought you look adorable and even more if I made you my a baby. I told Egberta about it and she agreed it was a good idea. She had a friend of ours Akio start to transmute so items for us. That crib, All her, That soft diaper, her and the onesie is here work too.” Carly explained.

“Transmute?” Jon asked griping his bladder though the diaper.

“Think how was all this possible, Open up your mine sugar. It was all thinks to magic.” Egberta told him.

“What? That’s impossible, I was thinking it was that but I thought it was the weed that was making me so easy to overpower, What was making me so malleable.” Jon reasoned.

“So stuffy, Right Carly. Let me show him some magic.”

“Please don’t damage the nursery.” Carly begged.

“I wasn’t, You never trust me Carly.” Egberta told her.

“I’m sorry Egberta, I didn’t mean to get you up set.” She moved closer to Egberta and tried to give her a hug.

Egberta swiftly turned around and quickly slide her finger down Carly shirt. It then ripped open like it was cut with scissors, Even her bra was cut in half leaving her big breast exposed.“Slasher Slasher magic.” Egberta said. Carly and Egberta got behind her and squeezed them. “I love your soft melons.”

“Ah! Egberta! Why would you do that, That was a new outfit.” Carly pushing her away and cover her breast up.

“Sorry, I wanted to show the baby my magic power.” Egberta told Carly.

“You never think before you do things do you!” Carly yelled.

“I’m sorry Carly, Don’t be mad. Forgive me.” Egberta said with a puppy dog face.

“Fine…can’t stay mad at you now can i.”

“Thanks you Carly,Now Shouldn’t you tell Jon about your magic.”

Jon looked up to Carly, Legs shaking badly. “You have magic powers too?”

“Yes, Ever since we got in this house you been under my spell, I shouldn’t even lie, Ever since the the first day we meet you been in my web.” Carly told him in the most sweetest voice.
“What do you mean?”

“My natural magic effect is that people really like me, And guys always act more childish around me. A guy like you who is already a overgrown child was easily caught in it. Remember when I grabbed your hand, I placed a high level curse on you, Submissive to any female older then you, even by a minute. Mommy has a lot of ability she could have used.”

"Why you…"Jon said.

“Don’t even start going off about how where poopie head and big jerks. I can place a curse on you that changes ever bad word you try to say into a word a little kid would say. Like the couple I just used, I don’t believe in cursing around a child.” she told him.

Jon was scared now, He was wondering what these to women were able to do. He knew that they can really kill him if they felt like it. Egberta’s Slasher Slasher magic looks quite deadly and he isn’t sure what else Carly can do. His bladder is pleading to be let free but he doesn’t want to wet him self like some baby or at less not this early in the game. Jon sulked in his crib and curled up in a ball.

“Hey sugar, Don’t sulk, Your going to enjoy be a baby. There are some many fun thing you can do and you’ll never have to worry about money, food or all that grown up stuff. You just have to sit there, Sleep, Play and mess you diapers.” Egberta explained to Jon trying to consul him.

These words only mad Jon fell worse, She just mapped out his whole life. What else can he do then just sit in his own waste and play with those toys in his crib. Jon tried to hold himself together and not crack, They want to break him, See him cry and have him look like a real baby.

“Hey Jon, Don’t you still have to go pee pee, Why don’t you let it go and fill that diaper.” Carly told him, encouraging him to do it.

"No, I’m not going to let you guys have it your way so easily. I’m no infant, I’m not doing anything a baby would! You better understand that now because your going to be waiting her for awhile! " he told them raising his head to them from his sulking position.

“Wow, Your really cute when you show your resolve.” Egberta said to Jon. She then turned her head and told Carly “Hey, What about you make him relieve himself, Make it easier on him.”

“I could but he’s going to use it no matter what, We should leave sweet pie buy himself and go enjoy the party.” Carly told Egberta. She looked at the her watch and saw it was 10:20. “Let come back at 11 o’clock and see how he’s doing.”

“Alright.” Egberta said agreeing with her.

They faced the door and said “Unlock. Open.” The left the room and relocked the nursery doors.

Jon now sat there in his crib with his bladder full. He was shacking trying to hold his bladder, Sure it was pointless and he knew this but he wasn’t going to give up so easy. He decide to keep his mind of peeing and thought of how stupid he’s been . He should have known when he heard the door ask Carly a question. He should have thought about it, The car ride when it wouldn’t let him out or when he just open up to Carly so easily. The strange thing is he couldn’t have seen this coming, No one could, But he still blame himself. Jon griped the bars of the crib and sighed, A tear rolled down his check and 2 more rolled down on the other check Intel he was blubbering like a baby. As he cried, he realized he was peeing when he notice his diaper grow warmer and wet. He tried to stop the flow but found it hard to stop well crying. He kept wetting until he was empty and the diaper was soggy and warm.

“Dammit, I wet this stupid thing, I can’t ever get my hand to uncuff the onesie. I’m got to sit in this thing Intel there back.” Jon said. “They didn’t even leave me anything to do.” Jon look around the crib and saw a few toys. “Never.” He laid down and tried relaxed. “This thing is so nasty, I can smell the piss.” Jon rolled around and around not knowing when Carly and Egberta would return. It grew cold after awhile, He was wishing he could be change as soon as possible even if he would just be put into another diaper. “I wish I can say onesie unlock or something like that…wait.” He looked at the nursery door “Unlock!” Jon heard the door click. “Open!” he yell smiling at his triumph against them.

“What is baby yelling at, Did he decide to wet his diapee yet.” he heard Carly say coming through the door with Egberta. She changed her shirt, didn’t get a new bra. I was a T-shirt now and you could tell she didn’t’ They walked up to the crib and unlocked it. “Now don’t make a fuss.” Carly lowered the rail and lead Jon out of the crib. “You don’t look right sweetie pie, Your missing something. Hey honey, Get me a pacifier.”

“Alright” Egberta responded. She went to the closet and came back with a pacifier . She handed to Carly and she shoved it in Jons mouth.

Jon tried to spit it out but I wouldn’t leave. He pulled at it but it still wouldn’t come out. The more he had at it the more he sucked at it, The more it soothed him. Soon he didn’t wanted it out and happily sucked on it.

“Well don’t you look delighted, Does baby like his paci.” Egberta commented walking by to changing table.

Jon stop sucking and blushed.

“Already at the changing table, I think Jon held his pee pee, Didn’t he.”

Jon blushed even more, He started sucking o the pacifier again. He looked over and saw Egberta setting up, Grabbing a cloth diaper and pins. Under him Carly was checking his diaper. “Oh well, You couldn’t hold it. Doesn’t really matter, You were going wet I ether way.” She took Jon over to the table and helped him up.

“I got this one.” Egberta said moving Carly aside. She took the plastic pants off and undid the wet diaper. She smiled and balled up the diaper. She gave it to Carly who was gladly watching. She took it and put it in the trash. Egberta powered Jon and rubbed it in. She got under his butt and slide the cloth diaper under. She pined it on and pined the onesie back up.

“Hey, You forgot the plastic pants.” Carly told her.

“He doesn’t need them, The cloth diaper is enough.”

“Your changing the crib when I leaks.”

“There won’t be one. Lets not get into a fit about this again.”

Jon just laid down sucking on the pacifier as Carly and Egberta rambled. He Looked at the wide open door. He saw a way out of the nursery and away from the sick bitches that want him to call them his mommies. He just had to get them to the way.


Jon looked up at them, Carly had her eyes on him.

“Lock.” she said.

It was her, She knew he was about to make a run for it.

“I saw you looking, Don’t want baby running out there and ruining the party. We got a lot of people out there. The normals wouldn’t understand, Egberta and I would look like were some freaks.” Carly told Jon taking him off the table.

“Yeah Baby, Don’t ever try to run because if anyone ever sees you…” She looked at the nails. “I’m going to get a new color on my nails and I think red is a banging shade.” Egberta told Jon nodding to a darker deed.

Jon saw how serious she was, Her sandy brown eyes looked cold and dark. They dawned on Jon, He felt scared, forcing him to pull his self closer to Carly.

“Oops, I think I scared him, I’m sorry sugar.”

Carly smiled and pulled Jon closer, “Don’t worry baby, Mommy here for you.” She said sweetly. “Now back in the crib.” She took him back to the crib and placed him inside. She took out the pacifier and gave put his bottle in his mouth. “Drink up and go to sleep, Well see you tomorrow.” She motion to her cheek and Jon gave her a peak.

Jon nodded and took a drink from his bottle filled with somehow still cold milk. They locked the crib and move to the door.

“Good Jon Honey, You really scared him into being a good baby.” Carly whispered.

“Thank you but you better not get all the kisses.” Egberta said.

“If you want a kiss…You Just need to ask.” Carly making a move to Egberta’s lips by closing the nursery door.

Jon grew tired and after a half hour and fell asleep. In the darkness there was a figure with glowing read eyes. The silhouette laid on the wall, Watching Jon. “Well, Well, Well, Looks like those girl just had a baby. SIDS is a new problem popping up around the nation.” The voice said walking closer to the crib but it stopped. “No, I’ll let them have there fun, This evidence will be more useful alive.” The silhouette turned around and went to the door. “Bloody hell, Still hungry. Need to feed on some more drunk people.” The Door open and the person quickly left the room and shut the door.

Re: Witches Of New Orleans

Chapter 5: First Morning as a Baby

“Wakey, Wakey baby.” Jon heard along with a hand rubbing of his back. He opened his heavy eyes and saw Egberta. She was now wearing a regular tannish brown dress that stopped at her knees.

(Well, I wasn’t having a dream. What wilded thing to hope for.) Jon thought. “Why you wake me up. I was better off sleeping.” He said.

“You have to get up for the day, It’s 9:15.” Egberta told him. She grabbed Jon and lifted him up and out of the crib with ease.

(No way! She needed Carly help last night.)

She put him over her shoulder and kept a hand on her back and another hand on his diapered bottom. “I would check but I know you didn’t wet you diaper,Well not yet a less. If you want, You can go right now before I take you down stairs, I’m sure you your bladder is killing you and I bet you got a log in the trunk too.”

(Oh god no, I do! She pushing this to fast, I’m not going to shit my self, I may have piss but that was a accident. Im going to have to hold it for awhile tell she has no choice to let me use the toilet.) “I’m fine, We can go down stairs.” Jon told her.

“Ok sugar, Don’t be scared to let it out, Just holding can be a torture.” Egberta told Jon patting his butt. She turned around and carried him outside the nursery and down the halls. She took him down the stairs and through the living room to the kitchen.

Every part of the house was spotless, Not a sign of the party remained. The Living room was clean and straighten up, Kitchen spotless and unconscious on the floor. I looks as if the girls got everyone out before the time Jon woke up. In the kitchen was a high chair, Something that was not there last night. On the table was a plate of sausage, Eggs and Pancakes.

“See that, Mommy Carly for that, She made it before she left for the motel. A guest never came back last night and left all his stuff behind. She has to throw it all out now.” Egberta placed Jon into the high chair and locked him in. She then started cutting the food on the table and gave it to Jon.

“What, I can eat like a adult can’t I, No need to be cute and cut it up.” Jon spat. He reached for the for on the side but Egberta grabbed it first.

She then place the fork in a piece of pancake and held it in Jon’s face. “Open wide.” she commanded.

(Like hell I’m…) Jon stopped thinking as his mouth open. She placed the food in and she told him to chew, He did. He swallowed and this went on and on.

(Damn bitches, Them and there stupid magical power. Carly and her stupid curse, God i hate magic.)

“Now last one.” Egberta said putting the last of egg and sausage in Jon’s mouth.

Jon eat the last of it, “Can you let me out now?” Jon asked.

“Yes you can.”

She lifted the high chair’s table and pulled Jon out of it and back over her shoulder. She carried him into the living room and sat him onto the soft brown carpet.

“I forgot to get you your bottle, Be back ok.” She turned the TV on and went into the kitchen."

The Tv was on a cartoon channel but Jon smiled when he saw it was Tom and Jerry.

“Haven’t got to see you guys in awhile, What stupid thing is Tom up too now.” Jon watched saw it was the episode were Tom is diapered by his owners daughter and forced fed some nasty oil. He looked up to the ceiling and said “Oh very funny, You think you a comedian now God.” He turned his head back to the TV "Dick.

As he sat there, He was planning was of escape. Jon was a clown and could be pretty absent minded but was no idiot. He knew he need to what before he tried to make a break for it, he needed to learn the prison he was stuck in. He needed to learn who lives here and where they would be when he makes his run for it. He knew he would look silly when he would reach town but he would handled that some way. He just wanted to get out before he shits his self. He could use a knife to cut open the onesie and be free to remove the diaper.

Egberta walked in holding a bottle. She told Jon to open his mouth and she placed it in his mouth. She squeezed some milk out into Jon’s mouth. He grabbed the bottle and happily dranked the warm delicious strange flavored milk.

“Good you like it, It’s milk from a Drake.”

“What is a Drake?” Jon asked removing the bottle from his lips and placing the bottle back in his mouth when he finished speaking.

“Well, It’s like a lesser dragon. There smaller, More slender and No wings. There milk is very good when warm but very nasty when cold. I have to say I does go right through the system.” she explained.

“What…You have a dragon!” he asked worried.

“No! How could we hide that thing. We just bought milk from a Drake milker.” she replied. She thought Jon’s ignorance to there world was quite cute and funny.

“Oh.” he said relaxing, He didn’t want to deal with no mythical monster when he made a escapes. He drunk more from his bottle until he realized something “Hey Mama, I mean Mama, Damn it.”

“Going to have to get Carly to cover that dirty mouth up.”

“Whatever, Hey Mama! You said this milk goes right thought you right?”

“Yup, You should just drink it, I know your bladder is killing you and your bowels will be even worse with that breakfast you just had. Your going to use that diaper like the baby you are.” She told Jon coldly. “Don’t worry, Just cry or tell me and I will change it for you. Come on sugar, Leave me a present already, It only will get worse over time.” she said encouraging Jon in a unsettling but kind voice way.

“Present? I got one right here for you.” Jon told her smiling. He griped the bottle hard and threw it at Egberta with all the power he had.

The bottle smacked her in the head, It heart even more with it still being half full with the Drake milk. Egberta didn’t even flinch, She stood her ground at stared down at Jon. She moved her self slowly down to his lever, Slowly invading his space.

(Ok…I should have really thought about that one…Not my brightest moment. What’s this, I’m peeing a little, This will be bad.) Jon thought.

She got into his ear and whispered into it “Baby, That was naughty, I’m going to make you use that diaper now.” She told him soft and stern. “Use your diaper, Let all of pee and poop flow out. Don’t stop until your all empty.”

A power came over him and he did as he was told. He started to pee even faster in his diaper. He open his butt cheeks and loaded it up. He tried to stop him self but it was useless, His body betrayed him and wouldn’t stop.

Egberta open up the onesie and watch his diaper turn a slight yellow in the front. The bottom slowly browned, She smiled and teased him. “Well baby, You can sure fill a diaper, It’s good you have one on.”

Jon’s eyes warmed up and his vision blurred. He started to cry as he mess his self. He felt defeated again, He was just a toy for some girls to play with. He still wanted to fight, But he was running out of options.

“Now Jon, Are you done, I can change it for you. I just want you to beg for one.”

Jon finished using his diaper and looked up into her eyes. “No, I won’t beg, I’m not some damn toy. You can’t treat me like this! I’ll sit in this mess of mine before I beg for a change.”

“Fine, sit there then. I got to potty, Hope you change your mind soon, Your going to get a mean rash.”

She walked away and down the hall.

Jon sat there in his warm and icky diaper. After some time he pulled his self together and tried to stand. He got up and waddled out of the living room. He passed the stairs that lead to the upper floor were the Nursery was. He was heading for the door. He was trying to remember were the exit was.

“Hey, Stop right there buddy!” a female voice yelled at him from the stairs.

Jon stop in his track, He was once again frozen by a order…No wait, he could move! When Jon realized that she must be younger then him, he ran down the hall way as fasts he could, He could fell he was going the right path but he heard the person running after him tell him to stop. The voice behind him wasn’t Egberta or Carly. He didn’t care who it was, He just wanted freedom.

“Ok then, It can’t be helped.” the female voice said.

A flash came from behind him and Jon tripped on something. He fell flat on his chest, Rolling in pain.

“Sorry about that, Can’t let you leave.”

Jon looked up and saw another beauty, She was Asian, Her hair was black,long and straight , She was 5’5 and slender, Her chest more or less on kind of flat side. On her hands wear black circles or pentagrams with marking and lines in them, She was wearing yellow pajamas with white strips. Her face was of a laid back quality, The only emotion she showed was in her eyes, They had pity for Jon along with her altruistic actions.

“You alright, Let me help you up.” she bended down and helped him up.

Jon was nervous, He didn’t trust this girl but she seem to be different, Nothing nefarious in her actions, All her actions were straight forward. Jon moved away but was stopped by the girl.

“Hey! Don’t try it. I’m trying to help you out ok.”

“You are?” he asked with disbelief.

“Yeah, Names Akio. I bet your Jon right, Pretty obvious since your the one in a diaper.”

“Akio! Your the one who made all that baby stuff!” Jon said angrily.

“Yup, That’s me. Now don’t be mad, They paid me.”

“And that’s makes it alright.” Jon said sarcasticly.

“Yeah, In my world but let me help you out, I can get you out off the diaper.”

“Into what?”

“Another diaper but at lest it’s won’t be filled with crap. Trust me, Akio is your new best friend Jon.” she told him leading him up stairs.

(I don’t know why…But I trust her, She’s talking to me like I’m a adult and not a baby.) “Better not be a trick or something.” he said going along with her.

She laid Jon up stairs and back into the nursery. She went to undo the diaper but was stopped by Jon.

“I can do that my self.” he told her.

“You can’t, You really think Carly wouldn’t curse or enchant the diapers so you won’t be able to remove them. Don’t underestimate her just because she comes across as a dumb blonde, She’s cunning.” Akio told him.

“Yeah, Go ahead already. At less I’m not on the changing table.” Jon said.

“Lay down on the ground.”

Jon did as he was told with great reluctance.

She placed her hands on the side of the diaper and unpinned it. She grabbed some whips and told Jon to clean himself up. She took the cloth diaper and placed it in the trash like a normal diaper.

“Egberta going to be upset when she spots that.”

Jon finished up and Akio slipped a disposable under him and powdered him, She then tapped it on and Jon got up from the floor.

“Wasn’t as caring as Mommy(Carly) or Mama(Egberta).” Jon said jokingly.

“If you wanted it to be caring, You should have just begged Mama to change it.” Egberta said walking into the nursery. “I thought you made a run for it, Thank you for changing the baby’s dirty diaper Akio.”

“No problem, I smelt it when I was coming down the steps.” Akio replied.

“This is the Akio who made all your diapers, onesie and crib. She is going to be the next Jabir of this era.”

“Really, How is Jabir?” Jon asked.

“The greatest alchemist of all time, The title of Jabir is given the best alchemist in the world and she will be it.” Egberta explain. “But lets get you down stairs now.” She told him. She grabbed him a lifted him up and took him down stairs. “Hey Akio bring the playpen and some toys down for me, He’s going to need something to play with and Be careful, There addictive to play with.”

They went down stairs and Akio shortly follow after. They placed him in the play pen and gave him some toys.

“I’m not playing with these, I’m not a child.” Jon told Egberta with a blank face.

Egberta reached into the playpen and grabbed the rattle. She then placed it in Jon’s hand. She close it up and kept his hand wrapped around the rattle. “Now your going to play, And trust me, Your going to love it.” She then forced him into shaking the rattle until Jon started to fill strange. He stared doing it himself with no help from Egberta. In a few mins, Egberta and Akio were watching Television and he was playing with the toys like a child and having fun.

“Hey Akio, Why aren’t you at class, It Saturday.?” Egberta asked."

“I know, I just don’t fill like it, Even I can pass that class blind folded. I’m a alchemist, Chemistry is my magical bases.” Akio replied.

“Don’t get a fat head.”

“Fat! I’m not fat you…”

“Wow, Calm down. I said don’t get a fat head.” Egberta explained.

“Oh, Sorry.” Akio told her.

They sat and watch Television until the sound off feet wear coming down the stairs. “Looks like the girls are awake, Hope he doesn’t freak out or cry again.” Egberta said.

“I don’t think he will notice them, Those enchanted toys really has him distracted now.”

The voice and foot steps got closer until they reach the living room, Jon didn’t even notice them enter, But they noticed him.

Venus: Isn’t this story great, A boy being returned to babyhood. I bet deep down he is loving this.

Good Kid: Wait right there girl, I don’t think he is.

Venus: Who are you little boy, How did you get in here.

Good Kid: Little, You know what, I’m ignoring that one. Now for who I I’m, Well I’m the Doc…Good Kid, That’s what I was going to say. I’m your boss In a way, I been thinking of firing you.

Venus: Why?

Good Kid: Because I forgot you were reading the story, Not enough emotion Venus that’s why. I don’t think anyone remembers you so I’m going to fire you…With this wooden bat, Now get over here.

Venus: Wait, Lets have them take a vote, If enough people wants me to live then I keep my job and I’ll read the story with emotion and not like a robot.

Good Kid: Ok…But when you lose, I will fire you with a rocket launcher.

Venus: Please save my me, I’m the guardian of the Book of Diaper stories.

Good Kid: Hello, You sell fire arms…Good, I need 3 rockets, Top grade… 1 or 2 weeks from now, Okay I can wait.

Chapter 6: Delz

“Your being a real hypocrite Franklin.” Carly told Franklin as she cleaned out Jon’s motel bathroom. Carly was now dressed up in a knee length dress with some shoes on.

“Sorry but I don’t know what that world even means but it won’t distracted me from the fact you kidnapped him for personal gain!” Franklin told Carly taking on the drugs he could find from Jon’s bookbag. He was wearing the same cloths from the party last night but his pants legs were dirty and he was missing his sandals.

“So your saying stealing is wrong.” Carly asked him.

“Yes, My mom raised me to believe that.” Franklin said with pride.

She smiled and looked at Frankie with her caring eyes. “Oh really, Look at what your doing right there. Does little Frankie need to be…”

“Don’t even suggest that shit to me Carly.” He said as his yellow eyes glowed through the shades but avoided making eye contact. “Ya dig?” His handed became veiny and his nails elongated. " Even I told you that’s some zappy shit you two are into." Frankie then sat on the bed and pondered. “Know that I think of it, The whole coven is full of weirdo.”

“Smart, Insult the a whole coven of witches in front of a member, They would never know you said that.” She said brimming sarcasm.

“I’m counting on you not tell them, But lets get back to the topic at hand. You kidnapped Jonathan and I’m trying to convince you to let him go before the Riunione finds out, Before your grandma finds out!” he told her, showing his concern. “You guys are not untouchable just cause you guys are special!”

Carly dropped what she was doing and sat next to Franklin. She had a smile on her face, A genuine smile. “Frankie, It’s nice your worried about me but I want this. You can’t talk me out of this, Remember when we were in high school and I told you not to fight Brandon Queen, He almost killed you if it wasn’t for me. You knew he was the son of Enyo but you didn’t care. I’m not going to listen, No matter what you say.” She then the punched him in his should “But don’t worry, I know you got my back if things ever go south.”

Carly stood up and went back to cleaning out the room. Franklin sooner or later got up and helped her finish. What they found in Jon’s bag they threw away or pawned.

Now switching back to Jon, Last we saw he was playing with his toys and the rest of the girls were walking in on him while Egberta, one of his beautiful mommies and her friend Akio.

"I can’t believe you did this to such sexy guy, If your going to have fun with a guy, Don’t turn him into a giant Baby. " one girl complained.

“I agree, Sure he is think about having sex but you could have just played some tricks on him, Make him think he’s going crazy.” Another Woman added.

A few girl were all over Jon, Playing with him but they were warned about the toys.

“Peak a boo.” one woman said. Jon played along with her, Trying to find her when she covered her eyes.

Others tickled Jon’s feet causing him to laugh and giggled. A few just didn’t really care. Everyone had there own opinions.

“Wow, I gotta give Carly a big kiss when she comes back, That rattle mad him into such a good baby who loves toys.” Egberta said.

“I feel so sorry for him, You two are just playing with him. When are you going to really destroy is mind?” Akio asked her with a serious look on her face.

“Destroy, No nothing so horrible, Were going to make it wither away, Like erosion.” she said smiling, “Can’t wait to have him like this all the time. A mind being eroded slowly is so much harder to fix.”

“You two…Malevolent Sirens of hell.” Akio told her leaving her seat.

“Well time for babies nap, He’s been playing so long.” Egberta said getting up. She ing down and removed Jon fro the play pen. “Is my baby boy tired, Does he want to go have a nap.”

Jon nodded his head yes, Rattle still in his hand.

“Okay, Let go.” She carried him up stair and back to the nursery. The open the latch and softly placed him inside. She then closed in and locked it. She went to the closet and pulled out the a radio. “These are nice sleeping sounds that will help you nap. There not magical or hypnotic ones, Don’t worry. Were not starting that stuff until later. If you wake up wet, That’s all you.” She placed the radio on the changing table and turned it on. The sweet sound of the music slowly guided Jon to sleep. The rattle rolled out of his hand. Egberta blew Jon a kiss and left the room. “Close. Lock.” The door followed the orders.

Jon woke up later on in the day, His diaper was know damp and cold. “What happen, Kind of a blur in my mind. There were Toys and girls. The rattle, The rattle! That’s what caused it, now I got to be afraid of every thing in this place.” He looked around and saw the rattle, “Damn thing, Damn Egberta.” he reached for it but remembered, That what started the hole problem."

The Nursery door open and Carly walked in along with Egberta. They had smiles on there faces as they regularly do when see Jon. “How was our baby nap, I heard he really got tired out from his playtime and I heard he made a few new friends. When we need a babysitter I can asks one of the, Won’t that make you happy.”

Jon gave her a grimace and turned his head.

“Not talking to use sugar, Don’t be upset, Is it because I left to sitting in a icky dipee, Akio told how toxic our little stinker is. He is such a impulsive baby too, He wanted to go outside so bad, Almost made it to the door.” Egberta sad fill Carly in on what happen.

“He tried to leave, How naughty but I bet we can let him outside.” Carly said moving to the crib.

“Oh, Really Carly?” Egberta asked a little confused but interested in what she was going to say.

“Yeah, Diaper please. Baby don’t be a problem” She said unlocking the latch and taking Jon out and carried him to the changing table. Egberta handed her a diaper and powder. Carly unsnapped the onesie and untapped the used diaper. She she had Egberta get her some wipes and cleaned his crouch. She then powdered Jon and slide the diaper under his butt and tapped it on. “Now we have to change your clothing if you going to go outside baby.” She picked him up and brought him to the closet. "Sweetie, Pick out something nice to wear.

“Alright, Lets see what he would look the cuties in.” Egberta said looking in the closet.

“I’ll be back, I just need to prep before we leave, were taking your van, Is that Okay.” Carly said.

“Of course, Keys in my room.” Egberta said.

After some time Carly returned and they wear till finding different looks, Egberta found the cutest clothing for him. He looked adorable. He was dressed in denim shortall with a yellow cotton shirt. His shoes were match him with there childish look.

Jon looked himself in mirror, He frowned and started to look down at the ground. Egberta and Carly thought he look so cute. They then took him down stairs and into the living room once more. He saw Akio and Frankie on the couch. Frankie was lighting up a dutch at the moment.

“You!” Jon said in shock.

Frankie jumped up and looked around. “Wow, Who, It’s her weed officer, I’m all clean now!”

“Really Frank?” Akio asked annoyed. “He was looking at you when he said it.”

“I’m Sorry, Didn’t notice he was talking about me, What you need Jon.” Frankie asked.

“You where the last person I saw at the party, You knew this would happen and you didn’t stop me.” Jon told him balling his fist.

“I tried but you wanted to bust.” Frankie said before smoking the dutch he had in his hand. “You can’t blame me for you being hard headed bro.”

“Why you…” Jon was silence with a pacifier that Carly placed in his mouth. He sucked on it and mellowed out.

“Were you guy are about to go?” Akio asked.

“Outside for a walk.” Carly told her.

“Oh.” Akio replied.

They left the living room and went to the front door. They took Jon outside and to a car.

“Okay, Put him in, I’ll start the Van.” Egberta said. She walk to the driver side as Carly placed him in the baby set.

Carly got in and the van took off, Down the dirt road out of the forest and away from the mansion. They chatted with each other, as they drove. Jon sat in his seat, Thinking of what they were going to do.

(These cunts, What are they up too, Oh I wish someone could shoot me.) Jon thought.

Venus: Those such Horrible ways to think, He looks adorable, Don’t you think.

Good Kid: You would be acting the same, Your not the type to be diapered.

Venus: I’m not, But you are.

Good Kid: Wipe that grin of your face Venus.

(What could I have done to deserve this, Turn into a big baby buy two lesbians who I’m not sure if they get off on treating me like this or they really wanted a baby no matter what, Hell I could be both.) He thought, Jon looked outside, He tried to figure out what time it was, he’s pretty sure he woke up at 9 o’clock but when he touched the rattle, It gets hard to remember most of that. He just laid back and waited to see what was going to happen, he knew he will be able to escape when they make it into town.

They drove until they made it into town. Jon was so excited, His freedom was in his grasp, It was being handed to him on a silver latter, Thy wouldn’t be able to stop him. They kept driving until they were in the park. The park was beautiful, The flowers have grew back from the harsh cold of the winter that year. The trees have had there verdant green leaves returned to them. The park itself was full of life, People having picnic, Going for runs, children playing, groups of young people just relaxing in group circles and old couples on the bench enjoying there time.

The girls found a place to park in and exited the car. Carly went to the back and Egberta went to the side doors and open them. She undid the set belts in the car seat and took Jon into his arms. Carly came back around with a giant stroller and a diaper bag complete with baby bottle, Diapers of course, Baby powder, Changing mate, couple of toys and snacks. They strapped Jon into the stroller and pushed him out of the parking lot into the park walk way.

As Jon was rolled into the park, he began to worry. He was going to be seen by every one! A grown man dress like a child in a stroller. What kind of nasty stuff is that.

“Well this is a nice day, We should have a picnic out here. We should bring the coven out here, Just relax out her.” Egberta said.

“Yeah, I think Jon would like that, He was so interested in the park when we got close to it. It’s so beautiful this time of year.” Carly said.

As they talk Jon was still on the fact he was in a stroller, I was so strange but no one was paying him any mind. The people he passed him smiled at him, Waved and when they reached a bench. They sat down a woman came up to them, She was pushing a stroller with a baby inside like Jon’s Mommies were doing for him. She was in her late 40’s, she had a old fashion swagger.

“Well hello, I assume that this is your baby.” The woman said looking at Egberta. “He is so cute. How old is the little guy?”

“He 1 years and 10 months old, His name is Jonathan.”

"That a good wholesome name."The woman told Egberta.

“How old is your baby, I guess about a year.” Egberta asked.

“Yes, His name is Christian Bale, My daughter’s baby. She is at work right now and so is his daddy so I decide to take him out for a little.” the woman said. “So Where’s his daddy, He left you and your friend to deal with the little guy.”

“Our baby doesn’t have a daddy, Just his loving mommies. Isn’t that right honey?” Egberta asked Carly poking her.

Carly said “Yes he does, We love…”

“What is this, You have to be kidding me.” She woman said giving a smug look. “You young people, Always trying to ruin the society with such radial ideas, Thing like doing drugs, Sex and now even endorsing Homosex…”

“Can you please hush your mouth, If you don’t like it then leave. I don’t need someone again today telling me I’m wrong for doing something, Now someone I don’t even know is telling me, Telling us what we have is wrong.” Carly told the woman. She just kept up her smug look and walked away. She said something as she left but neither Carly or Egberta could care.

Carly sat back in the bench, “People, I swear, Always trying to make me lose my smile.”

“Don’t let that…Just don’t let her get to you, It our time, No one can ruin it.”

Jon took all that end, The conversation got him wondering, The he realized they made everyone see him as a infant. He started shake around in the stroller. He needed it get one of there attention.

“Look the baby seems happy about something.” Egberta said.

“Let’s see what it is, He must have figured it out.” Carly sad. She turned Jon her way and took the pacifier out his mouth. “What is it cutie?” She cooed.

“You guys made me look like a baby, That’s why no one is freaking out right? That cun…” Jon was cut of bye the pacifier being added back into his mouth.

"No naughty words, One more cuse word and I’m taking away your ability to even do it in private. I might even make you talk like one. " Carly said running her hand through Jons hair. “Okay.” She said with a wink.

“Sheesh, Don’t take your anger out on me.” He told with a shacking voice.

She moved her hand on to his face and caressed his cheek. “You thirsty baby, Want your bottle?”

“Yeah, I am kinda.” Jon said. He tried move his face away from her hand.

She reached into a pouch in the diaper bag, She grabbed a bottle and brought it to Jon’s lips.

“I can do it my self.” Jon said sternly.

“You can, But I just want to feed my baby.” She said putting the bottle rubber nipple on his lips.

“Don’t be so mean, You let me feed you.” Egberta added.

“You made me let you, I had no choice thanks to that little bit…,” He caught himself. “That curse you guys go on me.” Jon told them moving his had away from the bottles nipple.

“Your going to get hungry Jon, I need to feed you some milk and then I can feed you some snacks.” She went in the bag and got a bag of gummy bears. “Don’t you want some, Gummy bears are so good.”

Jon looked at Carly and starred to think. (Ummm, Gummies. There my favorite snack, I love them. I can’t let her feed me my bottle, I must not. I can’t show these woman weakness, Carly probably going to make me with the curse but I never giving into them.) “I…” (Wait, What I’m I doing, There just looking for a baby, If I play that part, they will start to let there guard down. I might not get out today, Hell even this week but if I just get them to relax, I can get away from them a one point.) Jon open his mouth and let the bottle in.

“Good baby.” Carly said. She lifted the bottle and the the mix flowed as he sucked. She smiled “See Eggy, We don’t always need to use the curse.”

Egberta smiled “I guess your right.”

(Umm, Two birds with one stone, A little trust with some sweet drake milk. I need to remember to takes some of this stuff when I escape.) Jon gave them a big smile and continued to drink.

“Every time you be a good baby, You can have some drake milk…” Carly told Jon.

After awhile the bottle was half empty, “Lets save that now, Do you want some gummies now?”

“Wait Carly, I’m getting a sweet tooth for something cold. How about we get some ice cream.” Egberta said.

“Oh, I agree, Nothing bets ice cream.” Jon said.

“Well okay, Let get some ice cream then.” Carly said.

Carly and Egberta got up and pushed Jon along the parks path until they found the Ice cream cart. The cart was made from metal with gold and white stripes on it, The words on the cart were Aureole Farm Ice Cream in gold floating over a farm. The top of it had a umbrella with the same design. There was a semi-long line in front of it. Even the lady from early was up there.

“Pretty long, But the not unusual, There ice cream is amazing.” Carly said.

“Yeah, I can wait to get my banana nut fudge with some rainbow jimmies.” Egberta said closing her eyes dreaming about it.

“I’m getting a strawberry vanilla bean mix. How about you baby, What you do you want?” Carly asked.

Jon looked up at the choices, He saw his favored kind of flavor, Chocolate. “Chocolate, just plain chocolate.”

“Really? I thought you would be the type to get something less classical.”

“The originals are the best, Nothing better my dad always told me and I always agree with him on that.”

“I thought you always had problems with your pop?” Carly asked.

“We do, Were not no Brady bunch like you two but my family has it’s moments. Were pretty grounded really, I just see things different then him.” Jon said.

“That’s strange isn’t it Carly, He just assume we come from Brady family.” Egberta said smiling.

“Yeah, We could be but you never know.” Carly added.

“Well do you guys?” Jon asked.

“Okay, I don’t know what you girls are talking about, But your talking to a baby and I’m pretty sure you talking to him like he’s really saying something.” They look at the person who said it, it was the same woman from earlier.

“You again.” Egberta said.

Carly said “Eggy, Let me handle…”.

“Carly I got this, Your to nice to deal with this hag.” Egberta said walking up to the woman.

“Now lesson, If you don’t…”.

“If I don’t what faggot!” she said raising her voice.

“Lower your voice please, Your scaring the children with the your noise ma’am.” A English voice said. Interrupting the argument. I was a man, His hair was slick back and brown, His black eyes were cold, Something Jon has saw in Egberta but hers seemed false when compared to his. His skin was pale, The clothing he had on were all black. He had a decorative black gold ring with a ruby in the center. He look to be the same age as Jon and them but his swagger was vastly older then everyone there.
The woman turned around and looked at him " Who are you, I believe you should mind your own business."
“Shut up! We both were wrong, Lets not let this get out of hand.” Egberta said with her voice slightly unsettled.

“Yeah, Peace and love.” Carly said with a wary voce.

“Oh quiet, I’m not done with none of you brats.” the woman said getting angrier.

“Ma’am, You should leave before I kill you.” The man said calmly moving to the front of the line.

When Jon hard him tell the woman he would kill her, He messed himself, He scared Jon, This man was a real buggy man.

The woman face turned white, She looked like she aged a little when she heard those words.

"I am not joking.’’ He grabbed the cross necklaces around her neck. “Oh, This is very nice, To bad it is not blessed, I won’t help you much.” He ripped it off and gave it to Christian Bale. “Now before I lose control Ma’am, Scat!”

She turned around and sped off pushing her baby carriage away from the man.

He looked at her run and laughed, He turned around and started to place his order. “I would like a frosty Mary.”

“What that?” The portly cart manager asked.

“Don’t play dumb, I am already annoyed.” The man said.

“Sorry, Let me get that for you.” The cart manager went under the kart and came up with a snow cone with fresh syrup on it. “$1.25.”

“Thank you.” He took the licked it and licked it. “Its A positive.” He gave the man the money, He looked at the Carly and Egberta. “No thank you ladies, I’m sure your father an grandma raised you two better.”

Carly said “Forgive us Lord…” .

“Carly don’t be so formal, It’s just me.” The man said,

“Sorry Delz.” Carly said.

“Yeah…sorry.” Egberta said.

“Look at this, Who is this little guy.” Delz said.

“His name is Jonathan, Were baby sitting.”

“Oh, You two came up for a treat I see, Let me get out of you way, I’ll even pay for them.” Delz told the, He sounded happy to see them. “But I think one of your should handle Jonathan, The little guy used his diaper.”

Carly checked Jon’s diaper and was surprised, “He did, I’ll go handle it, Eggy can you get what we want.”

“Alright, Just don’t take long.” Egberta said looking at the ground.

Carly quickly pushed Jon away from them and looked for the bathroom. She muttered to her self, She was worried. Who ever Delz was, He was causing a up roar.

Carly finally found the bathroom and went into the women’s side. She came to a clean spot in the bathroom. She laid down the changing mate. She took Jon out of the stroller and placed him on the mate. She undid his shortalls and removed the dirty diaper.

“Hey, Carly. Who is that guy? He’s kinda seems borderline evil.” Jon asked.

"His name is Delz, He is a very powerful and important person on both sides of the ocean or he would say pond. " Carly grabbed a wipe and started to clean Jon butt. “He is a vampire, He was apart of a council of vampires her in new Orleans a long time of go. I believe it was back in 1853.” She grabbed the baby powder and sprinkled it on to Jon. She slowly rubbed it in and continued to speak. “I sorry he scared you, I saw the way you were acting.” She took another diaper from the bag and slide it under.

“I was scared, I though Mama (God damn curse!) was scary but I never felt really threatened. But him, He’s full of malice. When he told that woman he would kill her, The air changed.”

“That’s Delz for you, I didn’t even know he came back. I’m happy he could see you as your real self.” She said bringing the diaper over Jon’s crouch and tapping it in place. “Perfect.”

“Why are you happy he could see my real self?” Jon asked.

“It’s nothing, Come on baby. We need to get back to Eggy.”

She dressed Jon back up and placed him back in the stroller. She rolled him out of the bathroom.

“Mommy (Ahhhhhh!), You said he was a vampire right?” Jon asked.

“Yeah, I know your wondering why he can be in the sun, It’s the ring he wears, It protects him against things that effect vampires. When vampires have things like that, They eat garlic and not get food poisoning. Ever dealed with a sick vampire, There like big children.” She said smiling. "He was a good friend before we found out who he really was. He love to pretend to be one of the people of the current time.

They found Egberta and Delz, She was holding 3 cones. They were sitting on a bench. Carly pushed Jon up to them and took a set.

“So Delz, Were have you been?” Carly asked taking a lick of her ice cream.

“Where have I been, Well the last time you saw me was almost a year ago, Right? I went to Vietnam to handle some business. That place is still crazy, Some normal humans manage to stab me a couple times. After that went back home and ended up handling a family problem. If I wasn’t there my brother would be in prison for a good 200 years. After that I came back here to help a friend in Empusa falls with setting up a home. I been busy but I have been back for a week now.” he explained. He then looked at his snow cone, Half way melted so he just choose to drink it.

Venus: Empusa Falls, My friend Paz lives there.

Good Kid: I know, Hey no getting involved with the story characters!

Venus: You do know these are things that happen, right.

Good Kid: Really, Oh.

Venus: You really are not good at your job.

Good Kid: I don’t need to know this stuff.

Venus: Back to the story.

They sat continued to sit around and talked, The aura in the air grew less tense until they were laughing about old times. Delz even told a story about how today reminded him of his time fighting against this country and how he fought for both sides in the civil war.

“Well Delz, The sun is about to set and we have get Jon back to his mom.” Egberta told him.

“It was fun seeing you Delz.” Carly said. “Bye!” She told him giving him a hug.

“Yeah Bye!” She gave him a hug too.

They began to push Jon away until they were stopped by Delz question.

“Girls, Before you leave. Why do I feel like your guys are hiding something. I just been bugging me greatly.”

“What, Were not hiding anything. We got to go. Jon’s mommy will be upset.” Carly Responded.

Delz Laughed “Okay, I believe you.”

Good Kid: Ok Delz seems to be up to something. What a splendid show this is going to be.

Venus: I hope this doesn’t loss the cutsie aspects, If this becomes a horror story I while be so upset. Paz’s story was cute, You should have kept going with it.

Good Kid: Only if you knew were that was going.

Venus: I don’t want to hear it. Hey so are we cool sir, I’m not “fired.”

Good Kid: You were but a friend told be I should punish you and the ammo for the rocket launcher never came. claps hands and a portal opens up Get in.

Venus: Fairy wings appear and flies to it Were are we going?

Good Kid: Your going to a part of the demon world.

Venus: Is it cute, Not all of the demon worlds look bad.

Good Kid: Sure, It’s cute. "Pushing her in* Have fun! See ya in a week or two…Maybe.

Venus: Ahhhhhhh! Meany!

Chapter 7: Bath Time

As they walk away, The laughing of Delz echo in there ears.

“I don’t even think i can enjoy the sunset on ride home. Do you think Delz knows Egberta?” Carly asked still worried. She used her hand to cover Jon’s ears.

“I’m not sure, He always had a knack for detecting a lie.” Egberta told her.

“We told him were baby sitting Jon, Do you think we can hide that from him?” Carly asked.

“Yeah, Of course, We just need your illusion magic to cover up things when he’s around. He might not ever come to see us that much.” Egberta replied. “Come on, Let’s stop worrying. He doesn’t know anything.” She said smiling.

“I hope so.” Carly sighed.

They reached the car and took Jon out of the stroller. Carly placed the stroller and the diaper bag back in the trunk. Egberta took the wheel, Carly got on the passenger side and Jon was strapped into the back seat. Egberta then started the van and road out of the park.

They arrived back at the mansion, Now the sun had completely set. Egberta and Carly got out of the car took the things out of the car along with Jon. They took him inside the house and up stairs.
"Okay Jon, Bath time, Got to get you washed up for bed time. " Carly said holding Jon. “Eggy, Can you please go get the baby soup, bath toys rag and onesie for Jon?”

“Sure, But do you want the special baby soup?” Egberta asked smiling.

(Special?) Jon wondered. (Can’t be good.)

“Yeah, We need to get baby smooth and soft.” Carly said.

They went there separated way, Carly carried Jon into the bathroom. She sat him on the toilet and said “Now Jon, Don’t try anything i wouldn’t want you to do.” She turned around went to the bathtub and bent down. She turned on the bathtub and started letting it feel up. She then arose and went back to Jon. “Okay, Time to get undress you.”

The door open and Egberta walked in with the soap, Rag, Onesie, Diaper and a few toys.

“Good you got them, Let me guess, Cloth diaper.” Carly said with out looking focus on taking the shortalls off.

“Why even ask babe.” Egberta replied.

Egberta place the things on the sink and grabbed the soup. It looked completely normal. She went to the tub still filling up and poured the soap into the water. It started to bubble up and the smell of a tropical scent.

Carly continued to remove his shirt then untapped his diaper. “Okay cutie, Into the bath now.”

Jon let Carly lift him up and place him into the bath. She then rubbed his chest, It was hairy but barley. “Not that much.” She then checked his arm pits “Bushy.” groin “hairy.”

Jon open his mouth, “What are you…”

“Shh.” Carly put her figure over his lips. She grabbed the rag and pored the soap on the rag. She scrubbed the rag into its self. She then started to scrub his his chest until his chest hair started to die, fall off and dissipated.

“What the hell, No stop!” Jon started to move around vehemently, flailng his arms.

“Stop baby, Let mommy clean you all up. Just lay back and watch me remove that pointless hair. No more need for it.” Carly said.

Jon was then frozen and his body relaxed. Carly washed his body slowly and his hair was washed away with him. She got his arm, His pits, Back, ass and groin. Even when she started cleaning his penis he got a erection.

“First time for that, Was your diaper a big turn off?” Carly asked in a vain tone.

Jon looked up at her, She was smiling acting like it was cute. This made Jon blush like he really was a child, She was once again emasculating him and stripping him of his pride.

“Can’t help you with that baby, What mommy would ever play with her baby like that.”

Those worlds were enough to kill it, Now he was feeling less like a man even more. She took the bath water in her hands and splashed it on Jon’s lower face. She then whipped of his light stash and his peach fuzz. After all was done she dropped some of the bath toys into the water. “Play time!” she said excited.

Jon looked up at Carly and Egberta and then at the toys, He was scared to touch them. There was a good chance it was the kind of toys that Egberta gave him last time. He looked up a there happy faces encouraging him grabbed a toy. He knew he would be force to grabbed a toy a one point, So what the hell, Just got to play the part until he can get away. He gave them a smile and reached for the rubber duck and then he got lost in simulated happiness.

Jon woke up, He was in a dark room. The only light was from the moon full moon in the window. His eyes took time to adjust but when they did, They confirmed what he already knew. He was in the nursery, In the crib. He felt around in his mouth and he found the paci was inside his mouth too. Strange, He wasn’t sucking on it. He reached for it and easily pulled it out. Jon sat up and looked around the crib, He found a bottle.

The drake milk I bet. " He said stoically. He saw he was wearing the clothing Egberta got him. He shook around and to see if he was wet, He felt the coldness of the wet cloth diaper. “Lovely, I have been sleeping in my piss again.” He grabbed for the bottle and started drinking. It was the drake milk, Still didn’t lose it’s magic touch. “Well they want a baby, Let me show them the horrible cries of a wet child.”

“Wahhh, Wahhhh, Wahhh, Mommy, Ma’am!!!” He welled. He repeated this annoying sound until someone busted in. He had a slightly smug smiled, He made one off them wake up from there good night sleep. “My diapy…” He said as he turned his head and looked up at a furious face, He didn’t recognize this face. It was dark but this was a different person for sure. She flipped the switch and saw a red head marching over to him. Her Red hair was messy on one side, Her blue eyes where red, Like she didn’t sleep all night. She was about 5’8 with a average body. She was in some PJ’s with black and white checkers on them.

“Listen here! Your going to shut the hell up, I’m trying to sleep alright asshole.” The angry red head yelled.

“Sorry for waking you up but I’m setting in a wet diaper and my 'Parents” aren’t taking care of my problem for me." Jon respawned.

“Why can’t you change it then!”

Jon laughed “I don’t know, Ask your fellow wizards. I’m got enchantments and cursed on me that give me no choice but to call for them.”

“God dammit, Just power through it and go back to sleep.” She told Jon. She turn around and started to walk out the door.

“Note to self, Fire crouch is a massive cunt.” He whispered to his self but it was still loud enough for ‘Fire crouch’ to her it.

“What did you call me?” She asked turning around. She marched up to the crib.

“Nothing.” Jon said covering his track quickly.

“Oh no, I heard what you said, I’m a cunt you say. Such naughty words from a baby will not be tolerated.” she told him. She upon up the crib’s lock and slide the gate down. Now it was the furious red head and Jon. His diaper grew warm and got raid of the slight chill his diaper had.

“Now don’t do anything rash.” Jon told her putting his hand up trying to keep her away.

“Oh baby, I wont.” she said manically.

Good Kid: Punching at random place in the air. It start to crack and then shattered. “Cool, I’m doing this like that more often. Okay Venus, Come on home!”

Venus" Venus flew out of the hole in space as happy as always. “Hi!”

Good Kid: “Umm, Why are you…What did you do!”

Venus: She grabbed the book and cleaned of her seat of chips I made that area a better and cuter place.

Good Kid: *Looks inside of portal. He sees the demon world has a clear sky of pink cotton candy clouds. The bloody rivers was turned into milk. The place was beautiful and had Venus written all over it. He saw demons diapered and happy about it. Closes portal "Well no more demon worlds for you.

Venus: “Ahh, I made so many new friends.”

Good Kid: "You also ruin the place, I wonder if this will come back and haunt me. "

Re: Witches Of New Orleans

Chapter 8: Fresh Diaper

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Stop, stop, stop, Ahhh Mommy, Momma!” These words echoed the hallway, These were Jon’s tear chocked words. The sound of a spank was able to be heard from Edgberta and Carly’s room.

This woke Carly, Egberta was coming to also. Her face was buried in Carly’s chest. Egberta moved off of Carly and wiped her eyes. Carly gave a tired yawn as said “Hey Eggy you hear that…Is baby Jon yelling?”

Egberta listened and heard his screams of pain. “Yeah, That is! I wonder what’s wrong.”

“He just yelled Mommy and Mama!” Carly said worried. She went into the closet and grabbed two bathrobes.One was a pink silk robe and the other was a yellow cotton robe. “Eggy catch, I think someone is messing with the baby.” Carly tossed the yellow rob to Egberta. They put on the robs and covered up.

Egberta cracked her neck and gave a yawn. She listen closely and a unhappy grimace appeared on her lips. “You know what, I think your right.” She said bitterly. “Come on Carly, Lets handle this!”

The couple rush out of there room and ran down the halls brimming with maternal rage and determination. They got to the open nursery door and saw one of the Coven members beating there baby, Beating Jon! Jon was being held up by the same woman but they were her copies. You could tell by the ghostly transparency they had. The real one, Bonnie was spanking Jon with her bear hand! She had a large and devious smile along with a maniacal laugh.
“Come on, Got anything else to say to me smart ass!” She gave his butt another furious smack.

Egberta saw this and got ever more angry but before she could open her mouth Carly opened hers.

“Bonnie, Stop this right now!” Carly yelled. She had intense eyes, She looked like she would kill her. This was very abnormal for Carly from what people know.

Bonnie gave Carly a irritated look and grunted. She gave Jon one last hard smack and snapped her fingers. The clones of her then whisped away and faded into the air as Jon dropped to the floor with tears in his eyes. “About time you mother’s came, This brat has a seriously dirty mouth. You’re lucky I was here to correct his naughty behavior.” She told them checking her nails for dirt. “I have to say…” She turned around and looked at Jon, His face was covered and tears and his hand rubbed his butt trying to sooth the pain. “He made it so much fun. Going to use this memory tonight for ever more fun.”

Carly gave her a look, Her eyes were hard and didn’t blink once as she looked into Bonnie’s eyes. Even this was causing Bonnie to get unsettled, She conveyed this with the look of uncertainty on her face. “Bonnie, Come here.” She said calmly but with force.

Bonnie piece herself together and walked up to Carly, She bent down slightly to meet her eye level. “What do you want Carly, Got something to say!” She said trying to dominate Carly with her voice and size.

Egberta grunted, She was about to just punch Bonnie at that moment, Bonnie was always the more troubling ones in the coven. She moved to get between the two but Carly raise her hand and pointed to Jon, She knew what she needed to do.

“You sure got this chick sugar?” Egberta asked.

“Yeah…” Carly replied.

Egberta rushed over to Jon who was on the floor crying, His butt was still red. She bent down and grabbed him. She then drew him into her chest and tried to sooth him. She spoke in a soothing voice. “Shh, Shh, Calm down baby Mama’s her. Bonnie will never ever touch you again, I promise.” She wiped his tears with her hand.

Jon looked up to at her, He was being held by Egberta. She was talking to him softly, She even wiped his tears that blurred his eyes. “Mama?” He said. He looked toward bonnie but his head was then turned away.

“Don’t worry about her, Mommy is taking care of her now.” Egberta said. She then sniffed the air. “I think someone made pee-pee.” she cooed.

Jon looked at her, He smiled softly. “Yeah,Yeah Mama i did.” he responded.

Egberta picked him up and took him over to the changing table.

Carly and Bonnie had left the room, Now they were outside of the nursery and Bonnie was leaning on the wall. She was still looking down at a angry Carly.

“Bonnie there is one thing you never mess with! You never mess with my family.” Carly told her.

Bonnie looked at her, She chuckled. “I thought we…”

“Bonnie, Shut that fucking mouth. Do you know what i can do to you?”

“Yeah Yeah Yeah, You can curse me. So scared.” Bonnie said teasing Carly.

Carly gave her a glace, It held much malice. It would give anyone chills. Bonnie shook, She knew she should shut up but…She wasn’t going to submit to her. She was sick of Carly and Egberta ruling this place like false queens. “Like i said shorty, Curse me!”

Carly smiled, It was a sincere one, A sincere one in conveying sick thoughts. “Bonn, Do you smell that, It’s piss Right?” She asked playfully.

Bonnie looked at her, She shuddered. “Yeah, That big baby of yours pissed. Reminds me i need to go wash my hands.”

“I bet your really absorbent Bonnie.” Carly said strangely. “I seen you handle a whole case of beer to your self. I bet you would make a excellent diaper!” She told Bonnie with a giddy expression on her face. “How does that sound, Being covered in my big baby’s poop and pee. I bet you would like that Bonnie. He going to love having you on him, He’s going to use you tell you split open.” She moved towards Bonnie. “That’s the curse I’m going to place on you.”

“What…You can’t do that!” Bonnie yell. She was now backed up against the wall.

“Eggy! Hold of on changing Jon…I’m going to get us a diaper real quick.” Carly yelled. She raise her hand and grabbed Bonnie before she could run. Bonnie tried to brake free but she couldn’t. “Bull charm, Grants strength of a bull in every limb.” Carly explained. This is how they are able to lift Jon.

“Let me go!” Bonnie yelled.

“As you wish.” Carly let go of Bonnie’s hand and she tripped over herself and hit the carpet. Carly then pounced on her and put her hand over Bonnie’s mouth. “Whats your brand do you want to be? Kimbies, Pampers, or do you want to be a cloth kind?”

Bonnie shacked her head free from her hand. “You asked for…” Carly mouth was on Bonnie’s lips. She was kissing Bonnie to shut her up but there was something more to it.

Carly remove her lips from Bonnie’s and spit on to the floor. “Should have activated your phantom clone magic earlier.” She then got of off Bonnie’s body and spit once more. “I hate that i have to kiss someone to place transformation curses on them.”

Bonnie clapped her hands to summon her clones, Nothing happen. She did it again, nothing happen. “Not going to work Bonnie, Your not a witch anymore, Not even human. I wish i didn’t have to do it but this was the last straw. Any moment now you should start to change. This the your curse.”

“No, No, You monster…You couldn’t have possibly done that to me.” Bonnie told her in denial. Bonnie gripped her stomach, It was in slight pain. It her organs were becoming wood pulp. “How is this possible.”

Carly smiled “My curses are pretty strong, They don’t just bend reality or harness elemental energies like normal magic. My curse makes reality it’s bitch for lack of a better word. This is why I have so much power in the coven.” Carly explained. She then pointed at Bonnie. “Bonnie, You starting to pale.”

Bonnie looked at her skin, Her skin color was losing it’s melanin. It was even starting to soften. “No.” He voice was raspy. She then starting to condense and lose her strength as her muscles changed. She fell back and laid on the floor. She tried to lift her self but her hands stick to the floor. She wanted to cry but it was impossible for a diaper to cry.

Carly walked up to Bonnie and grabbed her by her receding hair and bended her over her stomach to give her a helping hand “Almost done.”

Bonnie couldn’t even speak anymore, As soon as she fully transform into the thickest Kimbies diaper ever. It laid in front of Carly’s feet…Bonnie was basically dead for she wasn’t alive from as far as Carly knew. She was a object made for absorbing human waste. Carly picked her up and went into the nursery and Join Jon and Egberta. “Got a fresh diaper for you Jon.” She cooed. She handed it to Egberta with a smile.

Egberta felt it. “Wow for a disposable it seems…Amazing.” Egberta grabbed the baby power and went to work on Jon. Carly watched as Egberta changed there baby. She had a happy go lucky smile on her face. Egberta did not even know who the diaper was as she change Jon who also enjoyed the change when he felt how nice the thick diaper felt on his skin.

As Egberta worked someone watched. She had a emotionless look on her face…It was Akio.

Good Kid:…That’s some creepy pasta type shit right there.

Venus: Creepy pasta?

Good Kid: Google.

Venus: Whats that?

(I ripped this off the FFT site)