Witch Hazel And The CIA

Witch Hazel And The CIA - Presented in Chapters
Mary Beth Sanford

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Josh was the second boy Hazel pushed back on. Hazel was six that first time, so was the boy. This time Hazel was thirty eight the boy eighteen. Both boys ended up diapers wondering what the hell happened. You really don’t want to push on a witch - Ever!

Second Draft

Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. There may also be sex between consenting partners over the age of 18 which may include sexual fetish elements and role-playing.

Characters Created For This Story (in order of appearance)

Hazel, the witch
Josh Baker; protagonist.
Harriet: Hazel’s maternal great grandmother
Helen: Hazel’s grandmother
Rose: Hazel’s mother
Gloria: Helen’s secretary
Jack Diamond, Helen’s CIA contact.


A Family Affair
Going to Need Diapers
Central Intelligent Agency
The Basics


The contact between Hazel and Josh would be accidental. Hazel was behind Josh with both heading into the Amalgamate for their own reasons. Josh was heading for the Deli and dinner, while Hazel the pharmacy desperate for aspirin. They were using the handled doors and not the automatics to avoid a train of carts moving into the store.

Josh, ahead of Hazel was reaching for the large glass door first. He had just girded himself subconsciously for the weight of the glass as he was about to grip the handle and pull. He only missed the handle by an inch when a person on the other side pulled first. Josh watched the handle start to drift away from his grasp.

Josh knowing he missed the handle had already braced and leaned back in anticipation of pulling the heavy glass door. He’d been thinking of dinner and how hungry he was and not about losing the weight of the door. Josh didn’t compensate so he immediately lost his balance and started falling backwards.

“Damn it,” Josh said, more to himself, but out loud. He realized his mistake too late, and knew there was nothing he could do about it, nor what was to come.

As Josh went back he became desperate to recover. As most do, he instinctively began rotating his arms as if the act of pretending he could fly would generate enough lift to get his legs back under him. It was a futile effort which didn’t stop the attempt. He was going over and knew it.

Hazel, a few feet back, and nearly blinded by her headache was closing with Josh but she couldn’t see it. Between the headache’s pain and dazzling bright sunlight adding to it she had nearly closed her eyes. For those last few agonizing steps Hazel walked, Josh was nearly invisible.

Josh took two more off balance steps backward before falling directly into Hazel. Hazel was only half aware and threw her hands up instinctively also falling backwards. Hazel, already driven nearly to tears by her migraine lashed out in pain. That harsh collision drove her head forward first then back rapidly creating a blinding flash in her vision, watering her eyes. Hazel didn’t even know she was reacting, as she winced.

Hazel’s pain, already driving her nearly mad, had grown even worse. It was leaving her no choice as she squinted desperately at the intruder to wave him away. Any other time lifelong training would have controlled her actions and she would have pushed with precision and guidance. But Hazel was out of control.

In this case pain had buried that training and she had no access to it. Everything was operating near a primitive level. What made it worse, Hazel didn’t measure her force as she might have, and for the first time since the age of five she lashed out uncontrolled.

Most of her skills were decades old now so she could have easily handled the encounter. She should have. She would have, easily, but she had ignored her migraine till it was too late and now her pain was unimaginable. When Josh reached her she was incapable of managing any conflict, let alone the one she thought was occurring.

She saw Josh through the anguish of her migraine. She fought Josh in those first few seconds as an adversary. She was back in her training days. Her superior mind could have easily killed him. Josh did wonder somewhere in his thoughts where that blast of heat came from.

Thankfully in those milliseconds that it managed on its own the conscious side of Hazel prevailed and Josh lived. Not only did he live, but the crushing injuries he could have sustained never came. That force coalescing just above his head crushing it like an egg that would have horrified bystanders suddenly dissipated in a soft blast of heat.

Two things did happen though and both happened at once: Josh was physically forced back in the direction he had originally been heading, and there was an odd warmth at the base of his head. No, Josh would later remember it as inside his head, but near the base. Josh’s didn’t know it but his hypothalamus was engulfed in the same sudden warmth as his body.

There was a sensation of something inside his head gently squeezing him into submission. That slight squeeze sent a powerful but very primitive impulse through Josh’s brain. Josh’s hypothalamus, a walnut size part of the brain was actually a regulator, that was the part warming.

That was the part Hazel was touching. Hazel had learned this in her teens and was squeezing it just as you might a grape without popping it. Her pressure, rolling it from the middle to the top triggered a “fight or flee” response.

Hazel had also learned that in her teens as she created chaos in Josh’s endocrine system. That chemical messenger system was now rushing hormones throughout Josh’s circulatory system warning the body to brace itself. Within a normal range of heart beats Josh’s body got replenishments about once every second.

When Josh was pushed back and Hazel squeezed his hypothalamus triggering that “fight or flee” response his heart rate doubled. His heart was pumping twice that rate in half the time. Within one second his body was also making adrenaline and the next full beat his body was flooded with it.

Josh’s muscles were now awash and ready for whatever he demanded of it. His rate had reached flee level and blood sugar manufacturing went up to exponentially to start feeding the machine for a sustained run. New hormones sent neurotransmissions back reporting that the machine was ready and the only thing left was to batten down the hatches.

Josh by the next second, and at his subconscious level was now desperate to run. With the flight imperative fully engaged other parts of his body began preparing for his run as acid production in his stomach stopped. As desperation grew other functions began dropping in priority and Josh unknowingly went into a panic. He was entering his third tick of the second hand on his wrist watch.

It was time to run.

In that instant Josh’s brain, the deep primitive part of his brain, automatically released his bladder in anticipation of Josh running for his life. Josh was fortunate because before leaving the house he had left his solids in a toilet bowl. Had he not done so those too would be releasing.

For those additional few seconds that followed Josh wasn’t even aware he was wetting, but that quickly changed. He was turning back to help the woman he’d knocked over. For a moment there was an instant of gallantry till his wet pants touched his leg, warmer in some spots. That wetness galvanized him instantly to oppose any other use of his hands other than to bring them back and cover himself

Josh chose compromise by covering himself with one hand and aiding the woman with the other. Josh feeling the warmth in that instant was shocked over his loss of control. There was absolutely no rationale that could justify him wetting. It left him overwhelmingly confused and suddenly terribly embarrassed. Even as he still tried helping.

“I’m so sorry,” Josh said apologizing while knowing full well he’d wet himself. It was an impossibility, in spite of the evidence. He could deny it but there no hiding it, and even more shocking he was actually still wetting. There was no logic to this as he added in despair, “what the hell?

Hazel, realizing what she’d done, pulled back on her hold immediately but it was too late. She did hold him and in doing so took his hand but she also lifted herself to her feet. She did so just as the young man moved to help her and right as he realized he’d wet himself. It was his apology that made her remember all of her training. Compassion returned as well.

She covered her mouth in revulsion. Not revulsion, that was too refined a word, she was horrified. In all of her years she had never come close to doing what she’d done. She had gone past her training, completely past it. She could have easily killed the boy still wetting himself. It scared her beyond reason.

“Oh honey, what have I done,” Hazel said purely out of guilt as she stood alongside the young man. Josh stood, bent slightly, confused, looking down at himself with shock, then back at her as she added, “it’s going to be okay.”

“I… I lost my balance,” Josh stammered. He sounded like a child trying desperately to explain his accident to a teacher in the school yard or a mother looking down at a child.

“I know honey, I know,” Hazel said taking his elbow and trying desperately to reassure him.

But… But I… I… I just wet myself. I don’t know what just happened,” Josh said looking desperately confused at the woman, then around at the other people. “I don’t… I don’t know why I did that? I’ve never done that?”

“I know, I know, Precious. It’s not your fault. Please, it’s not your fault. If it’s anyone’s fault it’s mine. I reacted before I even realized I was reacting," Hazel said. “It’s me… It’s all me! It was the pain! My migraine. I wasn’t paying attention. You’re just a bystander.”

“What? I don’t understand? What are you saying? How could you do this,” Josh asked slightly confused. He knew better. He had bumped into the woman.

“I shouldn’t have squeezed you so hard,” Hazel said apologetically. “If I’d been thinking I would have just pushed a little. I’m in so much pain!”

“Squeeze me? How could you squeeze me lady? You were not close enough to squeeze me,” Josh said trying to understand how she could say that when she had fallen one way and he the other? Come to think of it? How did he fall the other way he wondered?

"It’s okay honey, it’s difficult to explain. You know what? Never mind all that. It doesn’t matter. You’ve had an accident. Let’s worry about that first! In fact, forget what I just said. Never mind any of it. You need help. That’s what matters,” Hazel said.

“But you said you did this? How could you have done this,” Josh asked and then suddenly went quiet again as he looked down. He looked at Hazel in desperation, panic on his face. “I’m wetting again.”

“Oh God! Never mind all that for now,” Hazel said. “Come on, let’s get you away from the public first. This is not going to get any better any time soon.”

Hazel moved alongside Josh and put her arm around his shoulders. “Come on, I’m parked right over there, It’s fairly close and we can hide you while we get this straightened out.”

Josh already desperate to hide allowed himself to be guided away from public view as Hazel aimed him for her car. She cursed again over what she had done. She also squinted against the throbbing pain still stabbing at her behind her eyes. If she didn’t get that taken care of she was going to pass out.

Josh meekly allowed himself to be led praying no one saw him, believing everyone did.

The trio, almost three thousand miles away felt it…


Hazel’s push, as slight and as isolated as it was, had been executed with deadly force. It wasn’t deadly but it had been intended to be. That was what still moved a great number of subatomic particles, in this case as a wave, rippling after Hazel had pushed them.

Those particles oscillated at a particular frequency at a wavelength very unique to Hazel and her lineage. With the exception of a high frequency receiver turned exactly to her and a trio of woman connected by their bloodline and located at Langley, only three other people could “feel” or receive Hazel’s push.

Hazel’s bundle of particles traveling at right angles to each other circled the earth in harmonic waves just a tad bit under the speed of light or 186,282 miles per second. In that second of time for Hazel’s unique push, felt more as a pulse, her particles traveled 24,900 miles. Those particles passed through Hazel’s mother, grandmother and great grandmother 6 times before they dissipated over the ether.

500 years before Columbus, near the time the Norse explorer Leif Eriksson discovered America, Hazel’s relatives settled near London. Following the purge most of Hazel’s family were captured and killed. By World War II a few still survived. Three at the end of it. Their papers would show they came through Ellis Island.

It would be a family irony, and worth a laugh or two still that they’d chose a site at the Southwest tip of Salem Massachusetts. It wasn’t that far from Salem Woods and a bit isolated and somewhat dilapidated and that facade was to die for. If you were a witch and wanted a house that might look like a house a witch would own, this was the house.

It even had a local history for connections to witches. The realtor told them of witchcraft and trials. When it came time to buy it was a nearly perfect marriage of seller and buyer. Even the neighbors loved the idea of two women and a child living there. Hide in plain sight someone once said as renovations began in 1945. By 1946 life was being lived and Hazel’s mother, a little girl then, was riding the bus down Highland Ave to school.

So it was that the only real home Hazel’s family had ever known suddenly came alive as Harriet’s hand jerked. Harriet was sitting at a 200 year old high wooden writing desk deep in the mansion they owned for over five decades now. The hand carved leather bound book she was writing into was her second and nearly half full since it began.

The first sat on a pedestal designed for it. Like the second it had been done with ink crafted from a thousand year old Chinese firm in a black that looked like glass even after it dried on paper also handmade. Harriet had been using Japanese paper only because it too was handmade.

Of course the paper was also acid free, resisted bugs and had those long smooth fibers that made it feel like silk. Harriet sighed as she stood and sat the homemade quill down. She came up slowly allowing the muscles in her back to catch up, warm up and stretched.

Harriet was Hazel’s maternal great grandmother and she felt the pulse first. It was her age that gave her those dozen milliseconds of advantage. She knew exactly what happened as she gently put the vintage quill pen down. It wasn’t a magical pen but some things were special. The book had much of her family history in it.

Harriet had been writing down the spells she’d been taught. A project twenty years long so far. She opened and closed her hand. It was not quite a shiver, more like a slight tremor and Harriet got hold of it quickly. She was still looking off into the distance as her daughter Helen, Hazel’s grandmother, and Rose, Hazel’s mother, came rushing in.

“You felt it,” Helen asked noting her mother’s hand still shaking slightly for that instant.

“I did,” Harriet said as she added, “it was Hazel”.

“My granddaughter just pushed,” Helen said turning in shocked amazement at Rose.

“I know,” Rose said easing into the room to stand between her own mother and grandmother.

“We’ve got to know why,” Harriet said softly extending her aging hands. Her daughter and granddaughter took hold stopping, for a time that shiver with a loving handclasp. One of their own was in trouble.

All three immediately joined to strengthen their image of Hazel. Their viewing might seem magical but it wasn’t much more complicated than the focusing effects of what the CIA had been working on since 1956 with their near-field magnetic induction communication systems. It was one of the reasons they even knew about witches and their ability to “push” or “pull”.

Harriet, Helen and Rose closed their eyes as an appendage near the base grew warmer and together began using their inherent ability to find the best magnetic lines flowing over the earth. They began following a series of soft repealing folds in that fabric of electromagnetic lines of flux into a path. Those same particles the Earth held from a constant bombardment from the Sun coalesced and sped off to where Hazel was.

If you had the advantage of fluoroscopy coupled with thermal imaging and turned it on the women you’d see their brainstem portions where it touched the cerebellum begin to radiate. At the bottom of their cerebellums that appendage wiggled and twisted more as it communicated with several parts of their own hypothalamus. The very source of the Push was also the attractor for the Pull as it became fully awake.

The roadmap became as clear as if they were migrating birds aligning themselves to travel the globe to any point they desired. They couldn’t fly. In spite of the rumors, witches don’t fly, but Harriet, Helen and Rose did the next best thing and simply moved together exponentially. With their consciousness linked they found the lines they needed and rode along them with blinding speed.

They arrived within the blink of an eye and shimmered over Hazel and what they were sure was a young man. Hazel was walking him across a parking lot. He appeared doubled over as if injured. All three viewed Hazel and that young man but their view gave no reason why Hazel had pushed.

They lingered above, moved around them, but gained nothing from watching. They shifted, circled again, and watched a moment more. They spread over the parking lot, rose maybe twenty to thirty feet above the pavement. They moved higher joining into what witches call a spin to see outwardly from where Hazel was.


They spun three hundred and sixty degrees twice, all three sets of eyes and their senses fully open. If Hazel was in danger they would see that connection, those lingering lines, but there was nothing. They waited just in case. Still nothing? Nothing at all. They began to slowly let go, then fully, and they were back.

“Who was that,” Rose asked back in the room in her corporeal form.

“I don’t know,” Helen said.

“Nor I,” Harriet added.

“She was confessing to him,” Harriet noted in desperation as the words had vibrated through the aether.

“I could hear,” Helen noted as she said, “why is she using the aether?”

I don’t know,” Harriet noted. “It may have been for our benefit?”

“But you know if we can hear so can the Agent at the Agency,” Helen said.

“I know, but only if they are listening,” Rose noted.

“Do you think she wanted them to hear her,” Helen asked to no one in particular.

“I’m wondering that now myself,” Rose said.

“They are listening. You know they are. She got their attention when she pushed. They are going to seek her out sooner or later and that young man she pushed. Most likely sooner,” Harriet noted and added, “one of us needs to go to her before that happens.”

“I’ll go,” Rose said in a whisper just after the viewing as she added, “she’s my daughter. Odd, that it’s a male and he’s definitely not a familiar?”

“Why would she be doing that,” Helen asked to no one in particular.

“I don’t know,” Rose said and added, “but I’ll definitely ask her when I see her.”

“Hurry,” Harriet said turning to her granddaughter Rose. Helen also nodded her approval as they shook free of their séance and viewing. Rose turned for the stairs. She would pack for her trip as Helen dialed for her familiar. Gloria was also doing duties as her secretary

“Hello,” Gloria answered,

“Witches don’t fly,” Helen said saying the first part of her password to Gloria confirming who she was.

“Unless it’s first class,” Gloria answered with the second part confirming who she was.

That second part connected to the first gave both permission to converse freely. Gloria typed in the information as Helen spoke. Witches were a practical race and had followed and embraced technology faster than anyone.

Gloria, Helen’s familiar, scanned the link that hooked to the airlines and found the information that would put Rose in Hazel’s city directly. When Helen hung up the phone she looked at the old grandfather clock and calculated that Rose had three hours before her flight.

Glen, Helen’s driver handyman and another familiar, picked up the estate intercom in the garage and answered. Helen would need him to drive Rose to the airport she said suggesting the Bentley for its speed.

The Bentley also had the electronic jamming installed for the interstate cameras that tried recording license plates to ticket those that drove too fast. The Embassy plates gave them a little leeway with the state police and highway patrol and if traffic got too difficult there were also lights and sirens.

Glen acknowledged Helen’s request, hung the service phone up and removed the canvas apron he was wearing while polishing the Rolls-Royce. He had been a follower of the Wiccan faith before the fall that injured him. He had been with Hazel’s family under a generous pension ever since.

Gloria called Hertz next and Hyatt Regency in Hazel’s city putting the information onto a print out with her tickets and boarding pass. She folded everything into an envelope to give to Rose as she came down the stairs for the ride to Boston’s airport

“Best speed Glen,” Rose said looking out the window and wondering what her daughter was up to.

“Yes ma’am,” Glen said and then added, “GPS shows us clear all the way down 107 to Logan International. Thirty-one minutes to the gate. I’ve got you going in on a diplomatic visa.”

“Thank you Glen,” Rose said.

Glen pressed a switch, then set the cruise control. The small high speed drone that left the bottom of the car, created at Cal Tech under a grant with DARPA had found a lot of use in Afghanistan. It now flew down the center of the freeway at 90 miles per hour just ahead of the Bentley. The drone radar was pin pointing every law enforcement vehicle with a GPS system. At twenty mile increments it found a light standard and hovered above it to wait for Glen to catch up.

Each police car, as the Bentley approached, got a radio call that notified it there was an emergency diplomatic vehicle traveling at high speed to Logan International Airport. No interception.

Rose’s 31 minute drive took 20 as she said goodbye to Glen and walked into the airport. Airport security looked at Rose, her diplomatic visa for a moment, wondered about the lapse they had, and decided he would turn in earlier than normal as he waved her through. Rose boarded an electric cart arriving a minute earlier for the VIP they were told was coming in and rode it to the gate.



Hazel wrapped her arm around Josh and began to usher him away from the large doors of the store and away from the front towards her Cadillac XT5. Her car was parked in the first stall just past the handicapped parking so it was already close to the store. She got Josh to stand between her car and another before she moved to the trunk.

Hazel pressed the button on her hands free litigate, then the doors. She went to the back first and opened her road side emergency bag grabbing the plastic poncho from the bag resting next to an umbrella.

The poncho and umbrella were there on the off chance it might rain while changing a tire, as if she would ever do such a thing. She left the umbrella and grabbed the poncho moving back past Josh to the door. She opened her rear door to spread the soft plastic over the seat so Josh could climb in and sit.

With the exception of summer when she forgot a towel to cover the leather she regretted sitting Josh down on the poncho. However, Josh was eager to hide and thankful just to get out of the public view.

Josh waited for Hazel to fix the poncho over the seat. He did exactly as Hazel instructed. The poncho was four feet by four feet square with a hemmed hole for the head in the center of it. When Hazel was done Josh sat looking out of the tinted windows.

“Honestly I don’t know what happened,” Josh said and then added, “you’ve got to believe me, it’s like I said, I’ve never done that before.”

“I know. Listen to me, we’ll fix this. Honey, it’s not your fault, but let’s ignore that for the time being and get you dry first. To do that I’m going to need your waist size,” Hazel asked.

“My waist size,” Josh asked and added, “you need my waist size? For what? I mean how come?”

“Because honey, what is happening to you is only going to get worse before it gets better,” Hazel said closing her eyes to the throbbing pain that was pounding behind her eyes.

“Worse? How can it get worse? I just wet myself? What does that even mean? Worse? How do you know that? How can you know that,” Josh asked with a worried look on his face and a growing panic in his voice as he added, “was I injured or something?”

“Please young man, can we wait on that conversation, I really need to get you a change and I need an aspirin for myself very badly,” Hazel said and added, “so, let’s stay focused on those two things only for this moment and talk later. Now, please honey, focus, can I have your waist size?”

“Twenty two inches,” Josh said looking at her curiously. Josh was about to ask why again, but he suddenly lost the thought. He did feel a sudden warmth towards Hazel, and he focused on that. Nothing else mattered suddenly but her.

“I’ll be right back,” Hazel said. She had given up trying to reason with the boy as she gently pushed on Josh again, this time very lightly and only to calm him. Her headache was killing her and she had no time for the boy’s questions. She planted another thought of calmness in his head as she said, “Just lean back, close your eyes and relax. It’s going to be okay.”

Josh, with a growing sense of security, felt very safe and suddenly thankful. He nodded, closed his eyes leaning back against the seat. Endorphins began flooding his brain again. Neuropeptides and peptide hormones began flowing over Josh as Hazel found the part to push on.

There was a sudden rush of role processing neurotransmitters that instantly associated Hazel with Josh’s maternal senses and pair bonding. His central nervous system had been gently teased to overcome his anxiety over wetting himself as well. He trusted Hazel and immediately relaxed. Josh felt the small rush of warmth again, but this time as he wet he ignored it.

His wet pants were getting wetter. Hazel cursed under her breath as she realized Josh was wetting as she gently closed the door and quickly walked off towards the Amalgamated again. She was going to need to shampoo the inside of the car after this she thought. Next year when she bought her car she wouldn’t get leather she mused.

Hazel turned and walked quickly towards the store and kept whispering his waist size and cursing herself. She couldn’t believe this was happening as she headed for the pharmaceuticals first. She could only just manage the pain. How could she have lost control like that.

Hazel grabbed a cart, found the chewable aspirin, fought the lid with shaking hands using a nail to cut through the protective wrap, punched through the protective paper, cursed the cotton she tugged free and managed to get three aspirin out for her headache. She would love to push the people that built in those safeguards she mused.

She chewed the aspirin, making a face, swallowed them dry then headed for the sodas and water. She grabbed a flavored water, twisted the cap, drank and pushed the cart forward at the same time. From there she would move to the disposable diaper section.

By the time she felt the first three aspirin just beginning taking hold she found the diaper aisle. She still had the headache but the painkilling drugs were rushing into her bloodstream thanks in part to her own skills. She moved her cart out of the aisle’s center, stopping for a moment to closed her eyes.

Out of the way, standing with her eyes closed she silently recited a momentary mantra and scanned her own chemical’s path. She continued the sacred utterance that slowly enveloped her own brain easing the pain. With the pain nearly gone she moved to the diapers to read sizes.

It wasn’t until she began turning the adult packages over to see the actual waist sizes that it struck her how tiny Josh really was. She was way off in diaper sizes as she moved left down the aisle from the adult section towards the children’s diapers. She kept moving left till she came to the toddler sizes.

She only stopped at the Pampers section because she recognized the name. It delighted her some standing there in the middle of diapers meant for babies and toddlers as she reached back momentarily to where Josh sat. In all the chaos she hadn’t realized he was as cute as she had imagined, made even cuter now as she held the diapers in her hand.

Hazel was moving again down the line to the toddler cruisers. It took her five tries but she found a diaper package that went from 20 to 25 inches. She was looking at a toddler on the package front. Josh, she noted with a touch of surprise, actually fit easily into a Pampers size 6 baby diaper. She put the Cruisers into the cart with wipes, baby powder and rubber gloves. On a whim she tossed a pacifier into the basket.

That realization he fit toddler diapers was her first bit of warmth as she smiled over the child on the front of the package. Hazel realizing Josh was so small made her also remember that she had been able to put her arm around him easily. He really was small, almost tiny, even elf like, making her start guessing he might be far younger than she first thought. He might even be preteen. Preteen would be worrisome.

Preteen would make diapering him too risky in this day and age. With everything else that had happened the last thing she needed was anything to do with a child and nudity. Hazel decided she would have to let him diaper himself as she made her way to the registers with her purchases. She picked up some kitchen towels and sanitary wipes.

She still worried over him diapering himself simply because he was in her car but there was nothing to do about that. Still, even then she would be at risk because he’d have to remove his clothes. She might have to do a full mental wipe she realized which made her uncomfortable doing so, but then again…

She smiled at the clerk ringing her purchases which now included a bottled water with a third gone. As soon as the water had been rung up she opened it again and drew another third. she got a nod and a “have a nice day, as Hazel took the grocery bag. She reached the car and saw the shadow of Josh still inside.

“I’m back. Are you okay,” Hazel asked worried she might have injured him beyond what she’d done. Hazel did a soft probe and search within Josh’s brain and found no tell tale hues of reds, oranges or even yellows as she removed the package of diapers from the bag.

“No. No I’m not okay. I wet again. I couldn’t help it, What’s happening to me,” Josh said calmly and in a much quieter tone added, “honestly, I don’t know what’s wrong. I didn’t even feel it till my bottom started getting warm again”

“I know honey, that’s why I got you these,” Hazel said handing Josh the diapers as she began working on freeing the kitchen towels from the large staple and cardboard.

“Diapers? You got me diapers,” Josh said looking at Hazel in shock and then added, "wow? Lady, you’re not really serious? Diapers? I don’t know what you were thinking, but I’m not wearing diapers.”

“Honey, you’ve wet twice already. You’ll wet a few times more today. You need these,” and then added, “oh, and can I ask how old are you?”

“How old? I’m eighteen! Why,” Josh said and added ignoring the question on his age, “and how do you know I’m going to wet more?”

“Because, as I’ve said, you’ve wet twice already. I’m asking your age so I can consider your size, actually your bladder size. Your bladder holds about 7 ounces. How much liquid have you had today,” Hazel asked.

“How should I know,” Josh said.

“Can you please guess for me,” Hazel said.

“I don’t know? I guess about… maybe? Okay, fine. I had a full glass of juice before I left the house. What’s that? About 8 to 10 ounces. Most of that was at breakfast,” Josh said, and added, “are you a doctor or something?”

“I have medical training. Let’s see? Kidney to bladder? You’ve had a full glass at breakfast so that means you’ll likely wet one more time within the next few minutes from that. Then blood to kidneys so you’ll most likely go another two to three times after that," Hazel said.

“How do you know all that,” Josh asked as he watched Hazel now opening the package of diapers.

“Josh, The problem is you don’t have any control over your wetting at the moment. The normal triggers that warn you if your bladder is full are not working. They got shut off. Your bladder isn’t storing the liquids. It’s voiding them okay, but it’s not telling you. I’m asking how much liquid you have in you to know how many diapers you’ll need,” Hazel said.

“You can’t know that,” Josh said.

“Based on what you’ve told me you’re going to need at least another four diapers Josh,” Hazel said and added, “and I can know that. It’s simply math.”

“How can you know that,” Josh asked.

"The water you drank is absorbed into your bloodstream from your stomach and intestines. That’s about a quarter of a liter every 15 minutes or so. Your kidneys process what you don’t need as urine. That urine normally goes to your bladder until it’s full. Unfortunately your bladder isn’t holding any of it” Hazel said and then added, “so you’re 18?

“Yes,” Josh said and then added, “and why isn’t my bladder holding anything?”

“Because I told it not to,” Hazel said and then added, “hard to believe your 18, but I’m thankful for that. What’s your name honey,” Hazel asked.

“Josh… Josh Baker. What did you mean when you said you told my bladder not to hold my urine,” Josh asked.

“That’s for another time,” Hazel said and then added, “you’ve really got to get into one of those diapers.”

“Diapers,” Josh said looking at the package of disposable she was opening at the end, as he added, “You’re not seriously expecting me to wear a baby’s diaper are you?”

“Josh, like I’ve said, you’ve wet twice. You’ll wet again, maybe twice more before I can get you somewhere private. I’m afraid you have no choice. Listen Josh, just so you know, what happened to you is going to last for at least another three to five days, depending on your recovery time.”

“What,” Josh said utterly shocked.

“That’s right. For some, those with weaker minds it could even be as high as ten days. And to be honest Josh it’s all just a guess,” Hazel said and added, “so you can sit there and soak yourself or put the damn diaper on till I can get you home.”

"Are you serious? What the hell happened to me? Wait? Are you telling me I’m going to be wearing diapers for… No, no, no. That can’t be! There is no way. I can’t be in diapers for what? Two weeks,” Josh said and added, “I’ve got school?

“I’m saying it could be that long. I’m not saying it’s going to be that long,” Hazel noted.

“So what if I stop drinking till it passes," Josh said making it more a question than a statement. He knew before Hazel said anything that he wouldn’t last without water.

“Impossible Josh. You’ve got two to three days, some can last a week, but there is damage to your body after that long without water. Josh, don’t be silly, there is no need for you to go without water just to avoid wearing diapers,” Hazel said and added, “wear the diapers.”

“So what happened to me,” Josh asked still reluctant to even take the diaper she had managed to pull from the bag.

“Answering that is going to be long and complicated, and I’d like the time to answer, but we need to leave here and go someplace to talk for me to do that, and that means you need to change,” Hazel said and added, “and you need those clothes cleaned. They are full of urine.”

“But you do know what happened,” Josh asked.

“Josh, I do and but to be honest with you I’ve still got my headache a little, and I can’t think anything else to say so if you’re not going to wear the diapers and you don’t care about staying wet. Please leave.”

“Wait what,” Josh said.

“Josh, you’ve exhausted me,” Hazel said and added, “You don’t want to wear the diapers? I get that! So honestly there is no more reason for you to stick around any longer, and that plastic cover isn’t going to last very much longer. I’m asking you to leave my car and go find your own.”

“I came on a bus,” Josh said.

“Okay, Then I’d suggest you hurry to the bus stop and make it home,” Hazel said.

“I can’t go out like this,” Josh said and then added, “I can’t believe I’m about to diaper myself."

"I’m sorry Josh but I’m afraid it’s necessary. Those pants and your underpants are not going to absorb very much more, if any,” Hazel said and then added, “now then, you can sit there and put this on or, if you prefer, you may lay back after you’ve taken your clothes off and let me do it?”

“NO! No way! I mean no, I can do it. Can you turn around for a second,” Josh said abruptly and added, “seriously, I can do it myself.”

“Of course. I got you wipes as well,” Hazel said turning to look out over the other cars she was parked with. That soft push she gave Josh then was simply to add more emphasis to the decision to be dry over the embarrassment of wearing a diaper. She also minimized his fear of being seen.

Hazel sat in the front seat and closed her eyes. At the same time she opened her mind to the inputs. With her headache growing less intense she was smoother this time. She couldn’t help herself as she began to view down at the car.

The top of the car, opaque at first, shimmered slightly and grew transparent as Josh came into view. Hazel started to watch Josh . The image of Josh undressing formed as she quietly watched him undo his pants after he removed his shoes and socks.

She was beginning to gain insight into the boy as he folded his socks and placed each into a shoe. He was neat as he placed his shoes together putting them aside first.

There were people coming and going from the large discount store but no one near, and her headache had thankfully become a dull nag. She couldn’t help but smile at the image of the young man now diapering himself in the back seat of her car.

Josh, after his shoes, gingerly slid his wet pants and underpants down and off. Hazel had the insight to buy small kitchen trash bags which Josh found and opened. Josh bundled his pants and underpants into the bag and laid a kitchen towel on the poncho after using a sanitary wipe. Josh opened the baby wipes for himself.

When Josh finished cleaning he opened the toddler size white disposable diaper over the kitchen towel. He turned so he was half laying over the diaper before fussing with his position. Josh fixed his diaper fully open and flat with the front hanging first as he maneuvered himself over it.

With the diaper experimentally at the small of his back and enough hanging in the front Josh leaned back against the seat, taking the diaper with him to spread his legs as wide as he could. He tugged the diapers front up so he could grab the flap to meet the back. He twisted to close the first tape as he smoothed the diaper around himself before closing the other side.

Surprisingly it fit him nearly perfect and that made him curious over what size it actually was as he fused with both the left and right single tapes. He’d seen the picture of the toddler running away from his mother on the package which was very unnerving. He was far from being a toddler in size yet the diaper fit nearly perfect.

Josh bent over to pick up the bag with his shorts and pants to add the towel and poncho. He moved his shoes so they sat together near the bag now resting on the floor. Josh was now sitting on Hazel’s back seat in just his tee-shirt and diaper. He used another baby wipe for his legs.

Hazel, leaning against the door but watching remotely, slipped quickly back to consciousness, opened her eyes and waited for Josh to tell her he was done. She shivered slightly over the sensations she had, still savoring the slight pleasures and waited.

“We cannot be more sensitive to pleasure without being more sensitive to pain,” Hazel whispered quoting from Alan Watts. Watts was often in her thoughts when she was learning to master her push. Alan taught her Zen which taught her to look within. Now he was teaching her that odd relationship between pain and pleasure.

“Okay,” Josh said with reluctance. He tried pulling his tee shirt down to cover the diaper but it slipped back up to his waist each time. He stopped fighting the edge of his shirt and simply sat there as Hazel turned.

“Josh, my house has a garage, one that we can drive right into, and we’re not far from there. Maybe a diaper or two depending on traffic! Let’s get you there first and I can get those wet clothes in the washer.

“Can you tell me what happened then? You seem to know,” Josh said.

“I do know, and yes, I will share what I know, but lets get you to my house first,” Hazel said closing his door to open the driver’s side.

Hazel started the car, backed out of the parking spot before pulling ahead. Josh was sitting in back, worried, looking around. Hazel took glimpses, noting how cute he was in his innocence. She couldn’t help it, Josh was adorable in his diaper and the shudder she felt was a subtle reminder of how long she’d been without any male interactions.

She thought about that part as she realized with a grin that Josh at 18 was perfect for a Cougar like her since they were both at their sexual peaks. The thought caught Hazel with another shudder. The image of Josh’s erection came as she slowed then pulled into traffic. He was looking at the mirror to make sure she was watching the road as he caressed his diaper.

Josh looked down at the white bulge formed between his legs. He experimentally spread his legs but it did little to lessen the mound. He pushed on it but in doing so it pushed on his penis and also caused what he considered too loud a crinkling sound. By then his erection had formed and wouldn’t go away.

Thankfully when he looked, Hazel was paying attention to the road. Hazel, easing onto Shutter Avenue for the freeway on ramp took another glance at her rear view mirror and caught Josh pushing on his diaper again. This time when she grinned she covered it.


It was a short drive and harrowing besides as each stop put Josh at risk of being seen. They went from a boulevard to a street to another before Hazel turned onto a street with homes built decades before, and clearly by the wealthy. The driveway was long and ended at a garage that opened when Hazel pressed the button on her visor.

There was a short flurry of activity as Josh was ushered into Hazel’s house through a side door to sit at her kitchen table. She was behind him and again admired how adorable he looked in that diaper.

The diapers softness was clearly apparent as it shifted and folded in the light with each step. While the bulk of it became obvious as it’s fullness flowed into a soft “V” before disappearing between Josh’s thighs.

Hazel invited him to sit before she left him there to carry his sodden clothes wrapped in the plastic into the laundry room. Cold water and a light soap would clean his clothes and the plastic poncho without bleeding colors as she started the small wash. With that done she returned and smiled at Josh as she passed for her pantry.

Hazel put his wallet on the kitchen table.

“Can we talk now,” Josh asked.

“A little calming tea first,” Hazel said opening the pantry door.

She entered her custom pantry and searched among the many small spice jars above more rows with slightly larger jars. Hazel mumbled an unlabeled tune as a rhyme: “Poppy seeds, a pinch, then two, boil them quickly, for calming you”.

It had been how she was taught. All of her formulas, learned as songs or poems from her mother gave her the herb type, an amount, how to prepare it and its use.

In this case Hazel was looking for a mild sedative to calm Josh, and one of the best for this occasion was Poppy Seed Tea. She knew from experience to mix it with an aromatic tea blend for taste and smell.

As a practicing Witch she knew hundreds of poems and jingles for an equal amount of cures and uses. As a practicing herbalist she also knew that the Poppy Seed she used came from the Papaver Somniferum opium plant which produced it’s opium as a natural defense against predators.

In her studies she had been taught that the final chemicals if taken from the dried pods were opiate alkaloids, primarily consisting of morphine. It would make a nearly perfect sedative if it wasn’t illegal. Of course it had been legal in her mother’s and grandmother’s time.

As a twenty first century witch Hazel also had to know the laws and currently her purchase of poppy seeds was legal while all other parts of the poppy were now considered a schedule II drug.

A schedule II drug was a controlled substance under the federal Controlled Substance Act of 1970. Her students, all budding young chemist and not witches, learned the same thing but differently than Hazel had.

Hazel opened her Poppy Seed jar for a small amount to put into a single cup brewer. Again her skills as a herbalist and a practicing witch served her well. It was just a pinch.

Her pinch was a measured 1/16 of a teaspoon, which was slightly more than a smidgen at 1/32. A dash was measured as 1/8 and a tad about 1/4 of a teaspoon. Hazel smiled remembering her mother hovering over her teaching her each measurement as she reached into the small glass jar for the tiny seeds.

Everything had to boil to extract the beneficial chemicals as she brewed her tea. She prepared it with a touch of fresh honey before filtering it into a cup for Josh to drink. She sat across and allowed Josh to sip the tea till it was half gone.

She measured the amount he drank visually and casually noted the time. Two things a witch did out of a lifetime of habit: Check the amount taken and when. As half the cup was consumed, the warm tea would just be entering Josh’s blood stream. At that point she pushed just a very tiny bit to ease him into a mild but deeper state of relaxation.

Josh felt the push, but only as a warming sensation just as the first few grams of tea began reaching the bloodstream. Josh scrunched comfortably blaming it on the delicious tea he was sipping. Hazel ordered her thoughts deciding to give him as much as she dared and only because he had already been exposed to her power.

Besides, she mused, anything less would leave questions unanswered and unanswered questions were not only awkward but dangerous for her kind. She was trapped by her actions which also trapped Josh. The coven that Hazel belonged to held the oldest living witch, her great grandmother.

Hazel’s great grandmother, her grandmother and mother clearly knew she’d pushed and Hazel also knew they would be traveling. She would also have to call them soon.

Hazel meanwhile weighed the pros and cons of telling Josh everything, before decided she really had no choice and from that she further ordered her thoughts. She would begin with blood, go through history and then explain the push…

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“Josh, are you familiar with human blood types,” Hazel asked.

“Not really? I mean I know there are blood types, but not really why or what they are? Why,” Josh answered.

“It’s part of my explanation and no reason for you to know. So, allow me a little more time and I’ll begin there. Josh, I won’t bore you with too much history, but around 35,000 years ago, in what was called the Cromagnon period there was an introduction to a new blood type in early humans. It has since been called Rh-negative,” Hazel said.

“So you can trace your family back 35,000 years,” Josh asked.

‘No Josh, just my particular blood type,” Hazel said and then added, “which science presupposes was spontaneous, and that could very well be true, but regardless of how it came about, it did. It left a small segment of humans marked by that blood type as very special. My ancestors are descendents of those special or rare humans.”

“But we all descended with some sort of blood types,” Josh said and then added, “Right?”

“True,” Hazel said and then added, in fact no one knows why we became so diverse or developed so many blood types but as some have speculated it’s thought we also evolved from apes. Ironically the Rh name itself is derived from Rhesus Macaques monkeys used in the labs.

“Monkeys,” Josh repeated curiously,” I’m wetting because of monkeys?”

Just the name Josh, and I’m sorry about all this academia, but I’m a teacher by profession so if I sound like I’m lecturing, I probably am. Anyway back to the blood. You don’t know this, but there are about 35 groupings of blood types which separates all of us as a species.

“Nope, I didn’t know that,” Josh said yawning.

“Well, one of those species was identified as an ancient race called the Annunaki. Not everyone agrees with this, and it might sound funny but some believe they reached very significant heights in their time. There is also a lot of speculation that these were actually the Gods of ancient Babylon and Mesopotamia so take it with a grain of salt.

Anyway they were called the Anuna Gods. There is even mention in the original Sumerian writings that goes back about 3600 B.C. These people carry that blood type,” Hazel noted.

“Wait,” Josh said perking up as he added, “so you’re saying that your descended from Gods from about 5,600 years ago?”

“Not really. I’m saying some believe my people or those with my blood type descended from a group of people that were more advanced. Given how that advancement was recorded some may have seen them as Gods. I wasn’t there,” Hazel said

“Wow,” Josh said.

“No kidding,” Hazel said and then added, “Josh, It gets even more speculative when you consider that some believed that these human’s or beings descended from the heavens to Earth. Actually in later, more modern interpretations, they came as aliens from space.”

“Serious,” Josh said.

“How should I know.” Hazel noted smiling. “People like their notions!”

“So your blood doesn’t melt steel or go through floorboards or anything,” Josh said laughing.

“Cute Josh. Long story short, who really knows, because no one can find a history yet. Anyway, those with that particular Rh-negative factor took also took another evolutionary turn again fostering the development of a brainstem cerebellum connection that can physically manipulate particles.

“Particles,” Josh said.

“Not normal particles Josh, but something closer to quantum particles. Fundamental particles that if you could, you’d find at the smallest scales of particles called hadrons and don’t ask me to go too much further because I get lost fast,” Hazel said.

“Okay so we’ve got an alien brain as well,” Josh said.

“Perhaps. Suffice to say these, whatever they are, do not follow ordinary laws of physics, or if they do we just don’t understand them yet. However they are part of an appendage that I have, that we have which to put it mildly communicates within us without us actually doing so.” Hazel said.

“I’m getting my own headache now,” Josh said.

“I know,” Hazel said laughing a little before adding, “ again this is pure speculation, but for my people it’s part of our history. For the record, I can’t prove any of this either, but it’s going to help begin to explain certain things that you’ve had happen to you and experienced I can prove,” Hazel said pausing.

“Gods? How does all that explain what happed to me,” Josh said.

“I’m getting to that. Josh, you were what we or my people call pushed. It was accidental and happened when you knocked me down. I was actually acting in self defense,” Hazel said.

“I don’t follow,” Josh said.

“Josh, to put this bluntly, I can push another person’s mind and body. We all can. That is we as in those of us born with this unique Rh factor, and if born female. Males, by the way, don’t have it. It’s why men can’t push,” Hazel said.

“You push,” Josh asked.

“I push. Hazel said and then added, “while you on the other hand, and all those like you, or those not born with that Rh factor can be pushed. Like many species Josh, you have a built in sensor mechanism allowing your cells to detect and react to electrical fields,” Hazel said.

“What kind of sensor mechanism,” Josh asked.

“It’s actually pretty common among other species like birds and fish who migrate. This so called weak electrical field sensor guilds migration in a process called galvanotaxis or electrotaxis. To be honest Josh science don’t really know how this works only that it does,” Hazel said.

“Okay, so I’ve got this thing and you can push it, and in my brain this thing… this kind of sensor that can feel that push. I get that maybe, I just don’t get what happened to me,” Josh said.

“Josh, when I pushed, it was a defensive mechanism. It was done instinctively and meant to incapacitate till I could ascertain the risk you posed,” Hazel said as she added, “repelling you was also instinctual. When I realized you had bumped into me accidentally it was too late to take back that push.

“And that’s when I wet? But how the hell did I wet,” Josh asked interrupting.

“Josh, your bladder receives its control by way of transmissions from your nervous system. That involuntary release was caused by your fight or flee response driven by a very primitive part of your brain,” Hazel said.

“Which part,” Josh asked.

“I’m getting to that,” Hazel said and added, Josh, I simply stimulated your hypothalamus, which in turn automatically released hormones that instructed your bladder to ready itself for that flight response,” Hazel said and then added, “unfortunately that stimulus to the hypothalamus will keep the cells responding spasmodically from that push for five to seven days that I mentioned.”

“Fight or flee,” Josh said repeating what Hazel had said.

“It’s an automatically controlled response induced by another autonomic response. In mammals as in humans it produces what is called that fight or flee response which unfortunately can cause us to release our bladders. Animals and humans do not need to consume energy holding their waste in if they’re going to fight or flee. When your hypothalamus was stimulated I’m afraid it triggered that release,” Hazel said

I still don’t understand,” Josh said and added, “why can’t I stop myself from urinating?”

“Josh, it’s because of your hypothalamus. That is a part of your brain, the primitive part, that regulates certain metabolic processes like your autonomic nervous system. It’s difficult to explain, and I may lose you on this, but your hypothalamus is synthesizing neurohormones,” Hazel said.

‘Neurohormones,” Josh repeated.

“Yes. Those hormones are stimulating your pituitary system which in turn controls your external sphincter muscles,” Hazel said and added, “Josh, I know it doesn’t make since but suffice to say you’ll be incontinent for the short term.”

“So I’m wetting uncontrollably like a baby might,” Josh said.

“Pretty much,” Hazel said and then added, "like I said earlier I’m guessing two to three more diaper changes for the balance of today and then five to eight diaper changes a day for the next five to eight days.”

“Wait a second,” Josh said looking at the package of baby diapers Hazel had sat on the kitchen table when she came in.

Josh did the math. There were roughly twenty diapers in the package giving him at most four days worth if he did five diapers a day. That would mean another package of diapers.

“So let me see if I’ve got this right? I’ve got to change myself five times a day for at least another five days. That’s 25 diapers. What’s that package hold 20? Are you listening! So I’ve also got to purchase another package of diapers,” Josh yelled. “And what? Do I run around with a diaper bag? Go into a bathroom with a changing station? You know the ones? They’ve got a woman and a baby on them! Are you serious?”

"Calm down for a second. Listen to me. Honey, I’m going to tell you a couple of things that’s not going to make any sense. Just know first that it was an accident…,” Hazel said but then paused and then added, “okay?”

"Calm down? How can you ask me to be calm? No, no I’m not okay if you want to know the truth,” Josh said.

“I know this is rough,” Hazel noted.

“Rough? look, I’m in a diaper. Look at that package. There is a baby on it, running around in front of its mother? You’re telling me that’s me for the next five to eight days,” Josh said and added, “Rough? Yes, I’d say it’s rough!”

“I know,” Hazel said.

“You’re telling me you did it because you got alien blood and your a God or something and I’m supposed to be calm,” Josh said and then added, “my diaper is getting wet and I can’t stop it. I’m not calm.”

“Do you want to change,” Hazel asked.

“What? No! I want to know what the hell did you do to me? How did you make me start wetting like this? Look at me… no, on second thought don’t look at me. How am I going to get home without becoming the laughingstock of the world," Josh asked in frustration.

“Well, of course you can stay here while you are incontinent and wearing diapers. That’s my next question? Do you need to be anywhere or call anyone,” Hazel asked and then added, “I mean until this spell wears off I’d like you to be my guest.”

"I don’t need to be anywhere, I don’t need to call anyone and I sure as hell can’t go outside wearing just a diaper so yes, I’d like to stay here if you don’t mind. I was done for the day as it happens, and just getting something to eat,” Josh said.

There was a long pause. Josh sat there looking at Hazel. Hazel knew what was coming and waited for it. Josh had heard most all of it and with reluctance had more or less accepted everything she’d said till just now. Hazel saw it in his face.

“What do you mean when the spell wears off? Are you trying to tell me you’re some kind of a witch?" Josh said with a snicker before adding, “seriously, is that how you’re going to play this out?”

“Are you still wetting,” Hazel asked.

“Hell yes I’m wetting and it’s damn uncomfortable,” Josh said.

“Would you feel better if I told you I’m a secret agent and I poked you with a needle that was suppose to render you helpless?” Hazel said and added, “would that work?”

“Seriously, you’re trying to tell me you’re a witch,” Josh asked.

"Sorry, no I’m not trying to tell you. I’m telling you I’m a witch and to be frank you can believe it or not. Makes no difference now that the spell has been cast,” Hazel said.

“You’re a witch,” Josh said shaking his head.

“No matter what you think that diaper is going to keep getting wetter and you’ll need a couple more." Hazel said and added, “plus four more days in this package and another three or four in a second package.”

“Right. You’re a witch,” Josh said scoffing.


“So sitting there in a diaper isn’t proof enough,” Hazel asked.

“No,” Josh said and added, “if you’re a witch you need to do something that proves to me you are what you say you are!”

“You realize how silly that is,” Hazel said before adding, “considering what has happened to you already.”

“Nevertheless, if you want my cooperation, you’re going to have to convince me you are what you say you are,” Josh said and added, “like do you have brooms or that sort of thing?”

“Brooms? Really Josh? All right I’ll prove it then. Tell you what, let’s at least make this interesting. When was the last time you masturbated,” Hazel asked.

“Excuse me? Say what,” Josh said.

“I asked you when was the last time you masturbated,” Hazel asked and added, “a simple question. You can answer that can’t you? Actually, never mind. That doesn’t really need an answer and you are a very naughty little boy!”

The chair scrapping the floor was the next sound in the room as Josh kicked it back a little. The shock on his face said it all.

“What the hell,” Josh said pushing back on his chair as both hands gripped the chairs edge. Josh looked down at his diaper startled. That changed to a glassy eyed look instantly as his legs kicked out independently first the left then the right.

Both legs stiffened, extended fully then spread widely as Josh arched his back while his eyes closed tightly. His toes curled. Anyone looking on would have guessed he was being electrocuted. A second later he moaned as his eyes remained tightly closed.

After a moment there was another moan, deeper, more guttural. He arched again, not as much and released. Then another moan, quieter, then suddenly Josh relaxed, and collapsed. There was silence for a time with no other sound but Josh breathing, heavily, deeply, quickly but slowing.

“Holy crap,” Josh whispered as his breathing reached nearly normal.

“How’d I do? I mean on a scale of 1 to 10 for prove it to me, from where am I sitting? Did I make it to 10? I mean do you need more proof? I’d have to fluff you a little, but I think I could get it up again, and there is a trick from the backside but you might not like that one, ” Hazel asked softly as Josh began composing himself or trying to.

Josh had withered like a soft sheet of tissue paper dropped in a gentle breeze. It was as if he no longer had any bones. For a few minutes it was as if his endorphins, ran amuck and left him laying on a bed of soft cushiony warm clouds. He didn’t want to talk.

Whatever went into his diaper had him ejaculating explosively within seconds. It was like nothing he’d ever felt in his life. The whole thing was demonic. It felt like he was being vibrated by hundreds of tiny warm wet soft things all trying to get a place on his penis. Josh shuddered remembering.

Even now, as Hazel talked, he was gently caressing himself for the last of that unexpected pleasure. There was another soft push as he caressed. She gently shoved a soft layer at him and suddenly he wanted desperately to suck a bottle or pacifier even her breast, anything and then her face hovered close and the sensations were gone.

The pacifier she had purchased came out and she held it in front of him. He tried to fight it but it was impossible as he reached for it. He took hold, turned it so the brown rubber bulb was facing him. He looked at her pleading, but she only grinned as he brought it to his lips.

His cheeks went crimson and warmed. The humiliation of a baby’s pacifier in his mouth was too much as she made it worse as she patted the front of his diaper He held the pacifier’s ring pushing the soft rubber nipple into his mouth and began to nurse.

She moved closer, kissed his nose.

“They sometimes call these, soothers because it calms a baby that’s fussy. Are you still fussy Josh? Do you still need proof? Anyway, while you’re calming yourself it might help to know that as a practicing Witch I’m capable of certain powers. That sensation in your diaper I’m patting right now was one of those. That was the power over those particles I have.

This power, the power to make you nurse that adorably cute pacifier like a woman’s teat so aggressively as you’re doing is another. It really is cute by the way. Which if you didn’t know is why they make these things with that mouth shield. Can you imagine, with the pressure you’re sucking with what would happen without it? So, those are two of my powers as a Witch.

The third by the way was the one I’ve been trying to tell you about till you scoffed. Now then, I have a few more examples I can use but why don’t I pause here and maybe you and I can sort of take a mental inventory and see where we’re at,” Hazel said and then added, “okay?”

Josh immediately was free and removed the pacifier. All he could do was look at it. The rubber nipple was dripping with saliva as he looked at Hazel.

“How the hell did you do that,” Josh managed to gasp out, and then added, “No wait, never mind all that! You just masturbated me and then that thing in the back? What was that. If I was female that would have been rape! And this was forced into my mouth!”

“Wait? Me? Masturbating you? Now how would that be possible? I was sitting at the table,” Hazel said and added, “and what I saw was you taking the pacifier on your own which I suppose was some sort of fetish thing.”

“You did all of that,” Josh said.

“Oh, really? So you believe me then,” Hazel asked and added, “and just so you know, I would suggest it wasn’t rape since I wouldn’t have done that if you weren’t already thinking about having sex with me and concentrating on nursing my breast. I simply took advantage of what was already there.”

“So you can do that any time you want,” Josh said dropping the rape charges while still pushing on his diaper to gain the last bits of pleasure as he added, “what was that other thing. That thing that you did… you know, in the back?”

“A minor probe up to your prostate gland. Yes, I can do that too and a few other things. It’s been a long time since I’ve played with a man,” Hazel said and then added, “but some of it’s coming back. I’d need to practice more.”

“Okay, maybe rape is too harsh a word and I guess I’d be willing to let you practice,” Josh said dreamily.

“Never mind that, I did all that to prove I was a witch, because we’ve got other issues, Hazel asked and then added, “so do you believe me?”

“Yes,” Josh said as he tried to hand the pacifier back to Hazel.

“Keep that,” Hazel said getting up. She went to a drawer rummaged for a moment, found spool of string she was looking for and took it. A moment later she hung it around his neck as she added, “I may want to punish you later.”

“So you really are a witch,” Josh said.

“Josh,” Hazel warned.

“No, it’s not a question! Just amazed is all,” Josh said.

“Fair enough. Now then. Since you haven’t eaten, I’m guessing you’re hungry,” Hazel asked.

“No, not yet. I’m… I’m yes I’m hungry, but I’m sort of not ready to eat yet,” Josh said still savoring that incredible three or four minutes he’d just had.

“So what were you going to be having for dinner," Hazel asked.

“Microwave-able something,” Josh said.

“Mind something cooked? It’s the least I can do,” Hazel said.

“Okay,” Josh said and added, “so you really are a witch?”

“All my life,” Hazel said.

“Witch Hazel? Seriously, you call yourself Witch Hazel?” Josh said snickering at the play on words as he began to relax.

“You do realize that… I mean fundamentally, it’s probably not a good idea to make fun of a witch,” Hazel said.

“Oh shit… I didn’t mean to say shit … Wait! Look, wait, hold it. Please don’t do anything rash. I’m sorry. It just struck me as funny,” Josh said putting his hands up as if to ward off a blow.

“Relax. I’ve been teased over that all my life. My mother had a horrible sense of humor. I had a birthmark in the shape of a hazelnut and it didn’t become funny till she herself first use it on me.”

Hazel came over with a glass of juice and sat it down in front of Josh.

Hazel’s house overlooked the valley. It sat higher by fifteen feet with a huge hedge between her and the neighbor on the left and nothing but a hill on the right. Privacy assured Josh mused.

“This place is nice,” Josh said and then “thanks,” as he held up the juice.

“So what do you do Josh,” Hazel asked pulling her own juice out of the refrigerator.

“Engineering student,” Josh said.

“Where are your books,” Hazel asked.

“I was out of class. Weekend,” Josh said and added, “left them in my room, still in my backpack.”

“Got it,” Hazel answered as she opened her juice and asked, “hungry?”

“Ya, I guess I am. I mean how long before I can get my clothes back. This diaper is feeling kind of weird,” Josh said and then added, “actually it’s getting kind of soaked.”

“I put the diapers in my family room with a comforter on the floor for you. Clothes won’t take more than another fifteen minutes to wash, perhaps another forty to fifty to dry.” Hazel said as she moved to the large windows overlooking the valley. She had placed everything strategically so she could watch Josh change his diaper in the reflection without projecting.

Josh grabbed another diaper from the bag and the baby powder and went into the family room to lay on the comforter. Josh was still savoring the sex he had while trying to figure out what to call it. It wasn’t masturbation nor partner sex he mused and he wasn’t sure if there was such a thing as Witch’s sex but he liked it.

“Might use the wipes this time Josh,” Hazel said breaking into his thoughts as she added, “get that urine off before you powder.”

Hazel was closing her eyes to the soft hints of pleasure suddenly sweeping over her as she added, “and use lots of powder. Your urine is very acidic.”

“Okay,” Josh said.

His frustration was lessoning as he focused on the end of it all. Standing with a fresh diaper in his hand made it slightly different than it had been when he was sitting in the car.

Josh went down on his knees, turned, sat and lifted the seal on the baby wipes. Something about being in a diaper on a large white quilted nylon comforter made the whole thing surreal.

Josh wasn’t expecting an erection and glanced guiltily over at Hazel to see if she was seeing it. She was in the kitchen so he was sure she wasn’t watching. Josh had opened his second diaper, untapped the first and lay over the fresh one before picking up the baby wipe. He went over his genitals and that’s when the erection began. Hard to believe he could have an erection after getting off the way he had.

Hazel moaned in near silence fighting the urge to push Josh just a little. Had she been willing and didn’t care much for Josh’s feeling she could exaggerate his time in diapers easily. There were other chants that could make him helpless, and the best one would make him love wearing diapers but she rejected them all.

She suddenly wanted this conquest to be hers and hers alone and as a woman and not as a witch. Josh’s erection coming so soon after her mental masturbation of him gave her hope. She lowered her hand, slipped it into her pants, but over her panties and rubbed.

Josh laid the baby wipe on top of his soiled diaper and opened the baby powder as he sat and then lay over his diaper. He was desperate to hide his erection, worried that Hazel would see it and think he liked diapers. The baby powder falling on a now very sensitive tip only exaggerated the sensations and it only got worse when the powder reached his nose as Josh brought the diaper over his penis.

“What a baby you are,” Josh whispered as he bent his head to see himself taping the diaper closed.

“Are you really hungry,” Hazel asked not looking over at Josh. She was nearly at an orgasm watching him first move his erection around to diaper himself then move it again after he diapered himself. She could have taken care of that instantly she mused and his next diapering would be thrilling - for both of them.

“I am,” Josh said breaking his thoughts and becoming seriously self-conscious. He quickly tried to fluff the diaper so it didn’t outline his erection. It didn’t work very well and he was afraid that if he stood it would only look more pronounced.

“I sure put you into a difficult situation didn’t I,” Hazel said and added, “I really am sorry.”

“I guess under the circumstances I’ll live,” Josh said as he sat on the large white comforter. It was a satiny nylon almost reminiscent of an oversize baby blanket and Josh suddenly wondered if she was influencing any of this?

“You’re not doing your witch thing are you,” Josh asked suddenly.

“Absolutely not! Why?” Hazel asked.

“It’s just… You know, it’s just that all of a sudden all of this isn’t so bad. Not exactly what I would call a normal attitude given the circumstances.” Josh said as he decided to sit there till his erection went away. Sitting there in the middle of the blanket in just the tee shirt and diaper made him feel babyish. He almost lifted the pacifier but fought it.

“You’re in your second diaper Josh, so the shock is passing, and you’re in a safe place so the normal humiliation and embarrassment of this isn’t there.” Hazel said but added, “and I’ve discovered another new kink in my life.”

“What? Kink? What kink,” Josh asked suddenly nervous.

“Never mind that. That was strictly Freudian and not meant to be heard.” Hazel said and added, “anyway, let me start dinner… I owe you a meal.”

Josh looked over at Hazel, got up and followed her across the room to the kitchen counter and cabinets. He was desperate to know what she meant and as he stood there he began pressing against the cabinet as he leaned against the tile. He was wondering how it might feel with her doing it.

“So what kink,” Josh asked feeling his erection growing again. He hadn’t thought about it but when it grew soft it fell slightly to the left within the diaper and now grew in that directly making it so damn obvious.

“Well, first of all I’m thinking it’s similar to yours,” Hazel said looking at the bulge as she came around the counter top from the sink drying her hands to set the table.

“I can’t catch a break here,” Josh said and then asked, “this isn’t your doing is it?”

“Sorry, no and stop blaming me for your sexual urges,” Hazel said but then added, “wish it was because you are pretty damn cute in those diapers, but I promised myself I wouldn’t influence you. Other than what I did to prove to you I was a witch and you asked for that.”

“I did and to be honest I’m wishing I hadn’t,” Josh said timidly as he added, “so I’m cute?”

“I’m not saying anything else. Except that part about you wishing you hadn’t what? Why’s that,” Hazel said softly.

“It’s that old adage. Be careful what you wish for,” Josh said and then added, “because now I truly miss it - badly.”

“Tell you what, dinners not ready yet so do me a favor and go back to the blanket and lay on your back,” Hazel said and then added, “right in the middle of it.”

“For what,” Josh asked.

“Humor me will you. I want to show you something,” Hazel said.

“Okay fine,” Josh said gently laying back over the blanket.

“Would you mind putting that pacifier back in your mouth? You don’t have to,” Hazel said and then added, “that would be for my benefit actually.”

“Okay,” Josh said grabbing the pacifier and putting it back in place. He was glad she had asked.

“Okay, now hold that for a second,” Hazel said as she closed her eyes and spread herself above and over Josh…

Hazel closed her eyes and visualized Josh’s penis, the head, it’s mushroom shape, she imagined Josh’s hypothalamus glowing slightly orange it’s shape as it heated and the molecules surrounding it. She imagined his penis again and could see the glistening moisture from the pre cum forming at the tip now spreading into his diaper. The molecules began dancing.

Hazel smiled, gathered focus and concentrated her power circling Josh’s penis just around the tip so her warmth surrounded it. She widened the band of energy she had produced but concentrated it sliding first to the tip to vibrate there. Hazel’s visualization allowed her to spread the pressure along the dorsal nerve down as a high frequency vibration began along the entire nerve till it reached his base…

She left the movement there but kept the vibrations while she sent a finger of air between Josh’s cheeks in a wiggling fashion that wormed it’s way to his prostate. She closed her eyes to feel his penis more firmly for that sudden growth hinting he was going to ejaculate and just when it came she pushed firmly from behind.

“Damn,” Josh screamed as he ejaculated explosively, instantly causing him to bring his knees up almost immediately in defense of an invisible hand. He spread his legs, curled his toes, twisted his torso and rolled left then right in an agonizing flood of pleasure.

He pulsed but more like shots once, twice, a third time then several more till he reached seven with his hands on his knees to keep his legs now up and spread. Something inside was still wiggling. He lowered his feet flat. Eight, nine, ten pulses came, the last dry, which finally ended it as Josh just sat there once again breathing deeply.

After a time he looked up, rolled to gain leverage, put a hand down shakily and managed to stand before moving, trembling to sit again.

“I went too far didn’t I? Sorry about that,” Hazel said lying as she added, “I hadn’t meant to go that far.”

“So you really just did that,” Josh whispered.

“I did,” Hazel said.

“How was that even possible,” Josh asked in a voice sounding like he’d run a marathon.

“As I’ve been explaining Josh, I’m a witch,” Hazel said.

“Do you believe in love at first… what would that be? what did you call it? Push,” Josh asked.

“No,” Hazel said.

“Well, it just happened to me. Josh said.

“Sex is a wonderful purifier,” Hazel said and then added, “but it’s not perfect.”

“What is,” Josh said.

"I wish I knew.’

“Will, I’m in love.”

“You won’t remember me I’m afraid.”

“Why is that?”

“My mother Josh. You and she are about to meet, and she will not be happy about you knowing all this,” Hazel said.

“But you’ll tell her it’s not my fault. Right,” Josh said.

“I will. She will accept my explanation and she will understand it as well, and all will be right in our world. Trouble is it won’t be in yours Josh,” Hazel said.

“I don’t understand,” Josh said.

“Josh, the woman that is coming here, again most likely my mother, is coming here to do a wipe,” Hazel said. “It’s the law. Our law and part of an agreement we have with our government, your government.”

“Law? Wipe? Government? Wait a second, what’s a wipe,” Josh said.

“I guess we’re going to be eating a little bit later,” Hazel said.


“What is a wipe? Well, as I said, it’s our law. A wipe is a selective insert into the area of your brain that stores short term memory. Trouble is it’s not as selective as it sounds, and just for the record, I’m against it Josh. Look, this is all my fault but what’s done is done. What I want to do now is fix it,” Hazel said.

“You’re making me kind of nervous. So what happens with this wipe,” Josh asked.

“You’ll forget everything that’s happened - short term that is,” Hazel said. “Like I said it impacts your short term memory.”

“Everything in my short term memory,” Josh said. “Maybe that’s a good thing.”

“It’s not."

“Why’s that?”

"You’re coming up on the end of your first year of school right,” Hazel asked.

“Yes,” Josh answered.

“You’ll lose that,” Hazel said and then added, “and most likely a big part, if not all, of the year before.

“Wait, that’s bad,” Josh said. “You said short term?”

“Exactly. That is considered short term,” Hazel said. “Which is why I’m against it and why I want to convince her that I am about to start training you to be my familiar.”

“I don’t follow,” Josh said.

“That’s why we need to eat and begin your lessons. I’m hoping by the time my mother Rose arrives I can convince her to let me keep you - intact,” Hazel said. “More or less!”

“So how do we do that,” Josh asked.

“First I’ve got to convince you to come work for me. Then convince my mother that you are fulfilling the role of a familiar in spite of the fact you’re neither a girl nor a demon. Then I’ve got to persuade mother not to wipe you and the CIA not to shoot you,” Hazel said. “Now let’s eat something.”

Josh just sat there open mouth. It ended up being cheese and crackers…


“So what was that about the CIA,” Josh asked.

“I’m being a little sarcastic but just a little. Okay, let’s see? I suppose our modern day history begins with our relationship with the CIA, and great grandmother Harriet. Actually it goes back to the end of World War II. That’s when my great grandmother Harriet was rescued from a German prison hospital,” Hazel said.

“You’re great grandmother was part of the CIA,” Josh said.

“No. The CIA didn’t exist then. She was a prisoner of war, part of a captured gypsy family arrested and known for their, gypsy, witchcraft ways. At the time she was pressed into creating drugs for Germany. Some pretty remarkable drugs for the times,” Hazel said.

“Interesting start,” Josh noted.

It gets even better because she was making fake drugs. A lot of German men couldn’t get it up after a while. Luckily before she got caught she was rescued by the allies. Unfortunately the allies wanted her to continued her work,” Hazel said and added, “but then China started brainwashing their people.”

“So they started using Harriet’s potions for brainwashing,” Josh said.

“We’re not sure,” Hazel said and added, “it was still indoctrination Harriet believed but they were making some of her teas into mass drinks so it was most likely a program for mass brainwashing.

“How the hell do you wash a brain,” Josh said laughing.

It’s funny, but that word brainwashing actually came from the Chinese or rather two Chinese words ‘nao’ which is the Chinese word for brain and ‘xi’ which means ‘to wash’,” Hazel noted.

“So she’s brewing tea for the allies,” Josh asked.

“After the Chinese went dark no one really cared what they did,” Hazel said. “And meanwhile the allies were grabbing as many German scientist and technicians as they could find before Russian got them.”

“Germans," Josh asked.

"Germans. Yes. Near the end of the war Europe, Russia and the US were grabbing all kinds of technologies to bring home” Hazel said and added, “along with the scientist, doctors and engineers. Including people they had captured and used like my great grandmother.”

“So your saying along with our rocket scientists we grabbed a bunch of witches,” Josh asked.

“Exactly Although great grandmother Harriet wasn’t considered a witch at the time. She was really just classified as a chemist and her familiar,” Hazel said.

“Familiar,” Josh asked and added, “you keep using that word? What exactly is a familiar?”

“In ancient lore a familiar was considered a spirit usually an animal of some sort that acts as an assistant to a witch. It’s still used that way but for Harriet it was also a lover,” Hazel says.”

“So I could be a Familiar,” Josh asked smiling.

“No, yes… I’ll explain that contradiction to you later,” Hazel noted and then added, “funny thing is, my great grandmother’s familiar was her neighbor. A woman. They just lied about her to bring her over. Harriet arrived pregnant. The father was actually a German guard. That’s how my grandmother Helen came along about 5 months later and how we became part of ‘Project Paperclip’.”

“Project Paperclip,” Josh repeated.

"Yes Paperclip. That was America’s code word for it. Project Paperclip was authorized by President Harry Truman to sneak people into this country without a lot of red tape. At the time it was under the War Department’s Joint Intelligence Agency, which was the precursor to the CIA

“So we’re getting closer to the CIA,” Josh asked.

“Pretty much, because among those that followed Werner and the rest into the US was a man named Dr. Albert Heinz. This guy Heinz was to brainwashing what Von Braun was to rockets,” Hazel said. "Albert and Harriet began working together in Virginia on project Bluebird.

“The brainwashing project,” Josh asked.

“Exactly,” Hazel confirmed. “He had a son Albert Junior a year older than Helen, Albert Junior. Albert and My grandmother Helen grow up together while Albert senior and Harriet worked from 1950 till 1975. In 1964 the kids go off to college together, and at a rock concert in 1965 my mother Rose is conceived…

“So Albert and Helen have your mother,” Josh asked.

“Albert and Helen have mom and they graduate and start working a new project for the CIA called Artichoke. Artichoke, for its blooms by the way, involves the actual brainwashing capability within PUSH . So this is also where it starts to involve you and me.”

“Got it,” Josh said feeling a tightness in his gut.

"Like I said, my grandmother and grandfather created Project Artichoke and work on various applications which ultimately became the program WIPE and their effects that clean the brain. Also by 1968 she was refining our PUSH skills.

“Now I’m starting to hear Push,” Josh said.

“Exactly. So guess who the first person with the Push skill is,” Hazel asked and without waiting for an answer says, “my mother Rose. Rose was a little girl when she get’s the first drugs and stats getting her training to “push” people under project Artichoke.”

“That’s where you come into it,” Josh said.

“Exactly,” Hazel noted and added, “with my mother proving it could work our people under project Artichoke expanded into the clandestine part of the CIA and some, most I suppose, became operatives.”

“Operatives,” Josh says trying to understand the term in her context.

“Imagine young men and women that can move about the world influencing just about anyone to do just about anything,” Hazel notes.

“Wow,” Josh said.

Exactly,” Hazel notes and added, “which is why they want to keep it quiet.”

“So you are a CIA operative,” Josh asked.

“No. A few of us. a lot of my generation, me included, began opting out of CIA intelligence with promises of non-interference,” Hazel said.

“When you say non-interference what exactly does that mean,” Josh asked.

“Josh, it just means I can’t interfere in anyone’s life by pushing. They don’t want us advertising this is all. That compliance is mandatory to insure those within the CIA that still push remain anonymous and secret. When I pushed you I violated my terms of anonymity.”

“So bottom line when you pushed me you broke the rules,” Josh noted.

“That’s right! When I pushed you I triggered two alarms,” Hazel said and added, “one in my family because we’re connected, and the other at the CIA with operatives watching a monitor that tracks my specific frequency.”

“So do they know that you did what you did,” Josh asked.

“Oh yes. Both are very anxious to discover not only what I’ve done but why. If they find out I’ve pushed you by accident which I did, both will want to wipe you of your memories of it. That’s a standard operating procedure,” Hazel said and then added, “I don’t want to do that.”

“Me neither,” Josh said and then added, “so what are my options?”

“I’m not sure yet,” Hazel said and then added, “but it’s going to have a lot to do with keeping your mind intact.

“I think I’d like that,” Josh said.


“Hi mom,” Hazel said opening the door.

Hazel had Josh dress early sending him out in a pair of her shorts to cover the diaper. He wore it under his own tee shirt to walk around the neighborhood till he got her text message telling him it was okay to return. At first Josh thought he was stepping into a skirt till he realized it was shorts under a front fold of fabric.

Hazel had chosen the skort on purpose pushing the boundaries a little to see how Josh would react to the feminine side of women’s shorts covered with a fabric panel that resembled a skirt. She’d acted harried, as if panicked, appearing grab something without too much thought due to her mother’s imminent arrival. It was to see how quickly Josh might accept his feminine attire. She was also hoping it would prove beneficial when she introduced Josh to her mother.

“HI MOM? How about starting with ‘I can explain’,” Rose said moving pass Hazel into the house with her purse and overnight bag. From the curb a cab was pulling away. Not seeing a rental was disturbing for some unknown reason as Hazel turned back towards her mother.

“I’m going to make tea."

“I’d like that.”

"Why didn’t you guys touch me. Right after I pushed? I felt you, grandma and great grandma in the parking lot so I knew that you knew something already, and it was kind of an emergency. I could have used you guys about then. Since then it’s been just me and the boy. Hazel said as she took her mother’s luggage and sat it out of the way to lead her mother into the kitchen.

“We needed to know what happened and there wasn’t enough information from watching you in the lot.”

"Well, just so you know, it was an accident.”

“Accident or not? We should have been your first call and we didn’t get one,” Rose said. "We did get a call from Jack Diamond, or at least my mother and your grandmother’s CIA contact called them. In fact, he called within five minutes of your push. Your grandmother had to tell him we were looking into it. He said he’d wait, but he’s not going to wait for very long you know.”

“I know, I’m sorry,” Hazel said. "Mom, it all happened so damn fast. I had a terrible migraine, the worse I’ve had in years. I was going in for aspirin. I wasn’t paying attention and this boy fell into me and I simply pushed on him. Pushed him hard. Too hard, and he wet himself.”

“Is he hurt,” Rose asked.

“No thank the stars. Mostly I just ended up releasing a lot of hormones, and he’s got about six more days of it. He’s in diapers. I got a package of them and brought him home so he could recover. I actually told him what had happened and why. I told him believing I was going to do a wipe, but then decided against it,” Hazel said.

“Why’d you decide against it,” Rose asked.

“First because it was my fault. He fell back against me and I pushed him. Secondly, because he’s a college student and he’d lose his entire first couple of years if we wipe him. Finally, I believe he’s smart enough to become useful to me, Hazel said. “As maybe a Familiar.”

“A Familiar,” Rose asked and then said, “am I missing something? Did you skip a couple of paragraphs?”

“I know what I said, and I know what you’re going to say,” Hazel said.

“You think,” Rose noted with a huge amount of sarcasm.

“Mom, it’s the second millennium,” Hazel noted before adding, “there is precedence for this sort of thing almost daily.”

“For this, not for us. We’re witches,” Rose said. “We don’t do ground breaking honey! We do tradition and there is a reason for that! We do things that have been handed down from mother to daughter for generations. And if that argument is not convincing enough might I remind you, if you’ve been away for too long a time, that our family is still part of America’s Intelligence Service! They don’t like do precedence either! They do established!”

“Mom, he’s got a good head on his shoulders and I actually think he can make it that way, and the bottom line is I like him.” Hazel said.

“You like him,” Rose repeated.

“I really like him.” Hazel said and then added, “and he’s damn cute and I haven’t been with a man in a long time and this one I could spend a little time with.”

“Well not if you’re going to go changing all that,” Rose said.

“But that’s the beauty of this mom,” Hazel said and then added, “I can declare him, but not tear him if you know what I mean?"

“Actually I don’t.”

"It’s in our own bi-laws. It goes back centuries. There are effeminate males born to us throughout our history. Our kind has dealt with this kind of man before. We’ve accepted that some men are born more feminine than masculine in spite of the obvious evidence that they are male. And we’ve accepted them as female without altering them. It’s not too unlike American Indian traditionalists.”

“I’ve heard the arguments," Rose said. “And while it all sounds wonderful as you put lipstick on him while the rest of us sing kombywa and welcome him into our closets you’ve got CIA still insisting on a wipe?”

“But mother, the CIA can’t insist."

“Really? And you know this how?”

"Mother, I’ve read the contract we’ve signed, the one you signed for me when I was a girl. Unless it’s changed, they can’t insist. You can, You’re my materfamilias! You and only you can.” Hazel says.

“No, that is still your great grandmother’s title. Only she can lay claim to female head of our family.” Rose said. “I can only claim to be your matriarch and only if you have a child. That has not happened yet.”

“Still mother, the CIA cannot insist unless you step aside and allow it, and since I’ve taken care of the problem already or can with your permission, there is no violation. Yes, granted, there was an incident, but no, there was no breach and our family is taking care of it.” Hazel said.

“When were WE taking care of it,” Rose asked.

“Mother, this conversation we are having at this very moment is US taking care of it,” Hazel said with a smirk.

“When did you get to be so damn smart,” Rose mumbled shaking her head.

“Mom, the real issue is, will you sanction my choice to having this young man become my familiar,” Hazel asked.

“Will he be willing to declare himself female gaining all the rights and privileges granted to him by doing so,” Rose said and added, “under oath.”

“Yes,” Hazel said. “Maybe?”

“So if I understand this, that’s a definite, kind of, and I hope so,” Rose asked.

“Yes! I mean God I hope so,” Hazel said.

“You don’t sound at all confident,” Rose said.

“Will you at least let me try,” Hazel asked.

“Yes,” Rose said.

“Thank you,” Hazel said moving the couple of feet it took to hug her.

“At the risk of being wiped yourself if he fails,” Rose warned.

“At the risk of being wiped myself if he fails,” Hazel said.

“So when do you think he will be ready to take the oath,” Rose asked.

“I have no idea,” Hazel said and then added, “he actually hasn’t been told about any of this yet.”

“So he’s got no clue what you’ve planned for him,” Rose asked.

“None,” Hazel said. “But he knows what happens if you or the CIA don’t like him. So aside from that other part, he knows the downside. Now all I’ve got to do is convince him that becoming a girl and having a relationship with me is actually the upside.”

“My work here is done,” Rose said.

“How long do I have?”

“Till the CIA tells us your time is up!”


“So may I meet this young man that’s going to become your familiar and end all of our problems with the CIA,” Rose asked.

“I’ll text him to come here and say hi,” Hazel said picking up her phone.

Josh’s phone buzzed startling him. He was sitting on the far side of the property deciding not to do too much walking. There was no traffic and the only homes were down the hill but the shorts he’d stepped into, with the material across the front were too much like a skirt. Or felt too much like a skirt and his diaper was getting wetter.

“Okay to come home,” the text from Hazel read.

Josh stood and turned for the house.

“Hey Josh, mom’s in my guest room taking a shower. Here, go into my room and change and come back and I’ll introduce you two,” Hazel said handing Josh a fresh diaper and the wipes.

“So everything is okay,” Josh asked.

“More or less,” Hazel said before adding, “there are some issues we need to address but I think we can address those.”

“Great, so let me go change and then we can talk,” Josh said.

He’d make a cute girl. Hazel mused as Josh walked off in her skort. They ended just above the back of his knee.

“Hello Josh, I’m Rose,” Rose said gently taking Josh’s hand. The warmth he felt followed a nerve that seemed to flow around the flesh of his thumb, along his arm warming his shoulder.

“Is that you,” Josh asked no longer frightened of those odd sensations or at least not as much.

“You felt that,” Rose asked.

“Yes ma’am,” Josh said.

“I was tracing your life and fate lines. That was your fate line that short line falling off the way it did. Very unusual actually,” Rose said.

“You read palms,” Josh said smiling.

“I do. Skeptical,” Rose asked.

“Very,” Josh said. “But growing less so of late.”

“Excellent,” Rose said and then added, “stay that way.”

“Why,” Josh asked.

“So when we start betting against each other during the football season, I can keep my edge,” Rose said.

“So what’s my lifeline and fate line say,” Josh asked.

“While your life line is a little about the length of your life it’s also how zestfully you live it. I felt a strong zestful approach in you which is good,” Rose said and then added, “likewise it’s also what I got from your line of destiny or fate. Your lines run deep meaning strong uncontrollable events will impact your life. You have several breaks so you face at least several more.”

“Is what you’ve seen good or bad,” Josh asked as he added, “since a very strong uncontrollable event did impact my life?”

“You noticed that, did you,” Rose asked.

“As if,” Josh said.

“The real question Josh is what has happened to you viewed positively or negatively,” Rose asked.

“Interesting question Rose,” Had you asked me that earlier today I would have said most definitely in the negative. Seems the more I get to know your daughter, the more positive it gets,” Josh said and then added, ‘as of right now, I’d say slightly more positive than negative.”

“She likes you too Josh,” Rose said.

“Mother,” Hazel yelled.

“Neither of you are pushing right,” Josh asked.

“You see what you’ve done,” Hazel said in frustration.

“Josh, close your eyes for a second and you tell me if you’ve felt either of us push you recently,” Rose said and added, “you can actually feel it now that you know how it feels.”

Josh closed his eyes, focusing on the areas that he knew had been made sensitive to Hazel’s push. There were no tingling sensations. No significant warming.

“No, you’re right. I don’t feel anything,” Josh said with a little more confidence than he thought possible.

“I’ll support you daughter,” Rose said slapping her knees and then grabbing Josh’s shoulders in a kind of embrace before turning to Hazel as she started texting on her phone, “and I’m calling Uber.”

“Wait, you’re not staying,” Hazel asked.

“No. No need honey. You guys are just fine without me, and within a couple of weeks you are visiting us with your new familiar,” Rose said and added, “so what’s the point. Besides, I need to shut the CIA down ASAP and that may require a one on one with them.”

“I love you,” Hazel said.

“I love you too,” Rose said hugging Hazel back before turning to Josh and saying, “never tease a witch and, never believe we can predict a game’s outcome when we start betting this next season.”

“Got it,” Josh said.

In thirty minutes Rose was getting into a very clean white 2018 Lexus ES 350. Hazel and she hugged, Josh shook hands and both Hazel and Josh stood at the curb watching her drive off to San Francisco airport.

“That was a very strange visit,” Josh said standing with Hazel and waving at the woman he found as warm as her daughter.

“You don’t know the half of it,” Hazel said turning for the house.


“So, Josh, I’m going to talk about Familiars again,” Hazel said and added, “and I need to be serious here because your life depends on it.”

“Okay,” Josh said.

“Remember when I said I’ve got to convince you to come work for me, then convince my mother that you are fulfilling the role of a familiar in spite of the fact that you were not a girl nor a demon,” Hazel said and then added, “which included persuading the CIA not to shoot you?”

“Yes, I do remember that,” Josh said. “How could I forget it?”

“Well, so far I’ve done two out of those three which was convince my mother you’re worthy of the effort and in turn she’s going to convince the CIA that I have a right to make that effort,” Hazel said.

“Which saves me,” Josh said and added, “in spite of the fact that I’m not a girl nor a demon?”

“Right, and since converting you into a demon is impossible, I’m going to have to opt for the other alternative,” Hazel said. “Which is convince you to come work for me as my Familiar.”

“But you told me that only females can become Familiars,” Josh said, paused and suddenly took a step back.

“And that’s still true,” Hazel said.

“So instead of killing me, or wiping my brain, you’re just going to cut off my penis,” Josh said falling back into the chair.

“Actually Josh I was thinking along the lines of simply transfixing things a little,” Hazel said. “Which more or less keeps you alive, keeps your brain intact and keeps your penis attached just the way it was intended.”

“Wait, what,” Josh asked sitting up as he added, “I’m not going to become female?”

“Not in the way you’re thinking? No,” Hazel said and then added, “look, I’ve convinced my mother this is a new age. Which by the way it is."

“I’m not following you,” Josh said.

“Josh, in the past men born to witches, that is men who were kept to become familiars had a penectomy and orchiectomy performed on them,” Hazel said and then added, “the lack of hormone production through the loss of their testicles fostered the feminization process.”

“So they became female,” Josh said.

“As close as a male can become,” Hazel said and then added, "of course over time they were taught to live female and very passable. Considering the times, it was the only workable solution to a society with very narrow views and limited medical procedures.”

“But you’re talking about modern times,” Josh said.

“Yes. In my mother’s generation they actually allowed for limited sex changes," Hazel said. “A number of Familiars were men born to witches that were allowed to have sex changes. Son’s born to witches were allowed to live as daughters till they were old enough to become women. These were more workable solutions as medical procedures expanded.”

“And this is where I come in,” Josh said.

Actually no," Hazel said and then added, “you’re actually taking it a step further.”

“How’s that,” Josh asked.

“Josh, I’m introducing a new generation of Familiars,” Hazel said and then added, “you’ll be our first Trans-Fixed Familiar - I hope.”

“What is that,” Josh asked cautiously.

“Primarily male who dresses female. In your case you’d be mostly a cross dressing male to play the role of a Familiar. I guess you’d say you’re a female appearing Familiar,” Hazel said. “Which by definition means no sex change, although I’d ask for some secondary sex characteristics be fixed or feminized perhaps, but your primary sex remains male. You might live female, feminine perhaps, but you will remain male.”

“Explain what you mean by secondary sex characteristics fixed or feminized,” Josh said.

“Let your hair grow longer, nails longer as well, legs smoother, electrolysis, that sort of thing. Learn make up. The clothing obviously leaning more feminine. Mostly just the hints and mannerisms that would convince someone spying on us that the young girl living with the witch is in fact more a young girl than a young man,” Hazel said before adding, “while that young girl and witch enjoy a fairly normal male female sexual relationship.”

“For how long,” Josh asked.

“Forever Josh,” Hazel answered.

“What about college,” Josh asked.

“You could continue taking classes en fem, but with a masculine flare. That is to say you could go to school more masculine than feminine but not too much to give the CIA anxiety attacks, or if that bothers you then home school till you become more comfortable with yourself," Hazel said.

“So I could wear pants,” Josh said.

“Of course,” Hazel said and then added, “albeit, girl’s wear pants.”

“What else,” Josh asked.

To satisfy our coven of course and become a Familiar you’d have to take on a secondary Major as a herbalist," Hazel says.

“I don’t know the first thing about plants,” Josh said.

“It wouldn’t be that difficult becoming a practicing herbalist Josh. I’m one by default as a Witch. The advantage is we have also adapted the Herbalist Guild so you could get your 1,600 hours of practical easily here working with me,” Hazel said.

“While convincing the world I’m a girl,” Josh said.

“Which would be secondary and ultimately second nature if you’re willing to apply yourself,” Hazel said and added, “another field of study.”

“Another field of study,” Josh said laughing as he added, “so, I’m majoring in Engineering with a minor as a herbalist and girl.”

“Pretty much,” Hazel said laughing a little.

“I can see getting grades in Engineering, even in the study of Herbs,” Josh said but how do I know what level I’m at as a girl?”

Hazel closed her eyes and focused lightly on Josh’s silhouette and pushed.

“What the hell was that,” Josh said falling back against the coach in utter surprise at the overwhelming pleasure he just felt as he reached down and caressed his diaper over the lingering pleasure.

“What was that? Okay, that was what you’d get for a B effort in your girl studies. Just so you know, a C would get just a bit less, while an A would probably require you to sit for a longer amount of time till you could stand without wobbling," Hazel said.

“What would straight A’s do for me,” Josh asked smiling.

"Seriously Josh? A’s might require a half day to recover,” Hazel said snickering.

“Well, just so you know, you ruined a perfectly good diaper doing that just then,” Josh said snickering as he added, “thank you very much.”

“You’re welcome,” Hazel said and then added, “so, can I convince you to come live with me, become my Familiar and take on the toughest role you’ve ever taken on.

“When we’re talking about A’s, does that include you know… lots of homework assignments, class work and finals,” Josh asked.

“All of it. This role is going to take lots of encouragement,” Hazel said moving close enough to bend down and kiss him. He kissed back and as he did so she hugged and pushed slightly as she whispered, “it’s okay honey, the diapers ruined anyway.”

Hazel took Josh’s hand and walked him to the bedroom but as they walked Josh could feel himself growing aroused. He could also feel Hazel pushing or at least he believed she was pushing.

“Hazel are you pushing,” Josh asked.

“I am, but just a tiny bit,” Hazel said.

“If you’re forbidden to push, how is it your daring to risk it now,” Josh asked.

“I’m not forbidden to push per se, I’m forbidden to destroy the world! Kidding! Dissipation honey! It’s a puff push,” Hazel said and then added, “think of it as the difference between a needle and a ball of cotton. Your needle would represent focus while a ball of cotton would be a dissipating cloud. I’m manipulating you minutely to arouse you for our love making.”

“Okay, so I get that you can dissipate your push so it goes undetected, but how does messing with my brain give me a hard on,” Josh asked before adding, “not that I’m complaining mind you.”

“Well, if you haven’t learned this by now then it’s a good time to know that you’re brain really is the master sex organ and most everything about sex starts there. So, when you’re aroused your penis muscles relax which in turn allows more blood flow,” Hazel noted.

“I know about that part,” Josh said.

“Ah, Josh and herein is why you need to study more, because you didn’t know that at the same time that is happening a substance called cyclic guanosine monophosphate is causing your penis tissue also to relax. That too allows more inflow of blood and causes your erection,” Hazel said and then added, with a snicker “and sexual stimulation. It’s increasing the displacement and allowing for more nerve endings their contact!”

“Damn, how do you do that,” Josh said feeling the soft movement over the head of his penis as they walked.

“Well honey you’ll learn about this in school, I hope, but when I stimulate your nerve endings and endothelial cells of the penis they release chemicals within your muscles. To be blunt precious, the very thought of sex is actually its own chemical cascade of stimulations that I foster in you. I simply tickle and you scratch, or put another way I foster a cascade you further produce for the events you begin to feel in your diaper,” Hazel says."

“Amazing,” Josh says.

“Even better if we were in bed precious,” Hazel says as she starts to undress Josh down to his diaper.

“Does the diaper stay on,” Josh asked.

“I’m afraid so honey,” Hazel notes and then added, “but in a few weeks when things start to settle down and that too goes we can make love properly. Till then I’m going to teach you the proper way to make love to a woman as a woman.”

“Can you do this to yourself,” Josh asked.

“I wish, then again perhaps it’s a good thing that we can’t, but no, we can’t. Like the proverbial snake consuming itself, your brain cannot wrap itself around itself,” Hazel said and then added, “in the meantime I have found a partner who can provide me with direct clitoral stimulation and for that I am profoundly grateful.”

Josh spent the next thirty minutes learning about Hazel’s G-spot or what she said was her Grafenberg spot named for Ernest the gynecologist, bless his heart. Someone Hazel said must have had one hell of a fun time learning about it. There were lots of “yeses” and “oh yeses” as they made love and her sexual arousal often brought about his. They were both exhausted at the end of it and Josh’s diaper was terribly soiled.

They showered and dressed and Josh went back into the culottes he wore when Rose visited except this time he added a white polyester blouse over a white nylon camisole.

“So, if I was a student what kind of grade would I be looking at,” Josh asked.

"Well, you didn’t freshen your lipstick after brushing your teeth, so that’s going to knock off the plus you might have earned, but I’d still give you an “A”.


“You ready,” Hazel asked.

“Ready for what,” Josh asked tying his second shoe. Hazel admired him his looks considering that with very little effort she could transform him so he appeared less masculine and more feminine. Somewhat “androgynous” she mused .

“To try and find you,” Hazel said and then added, “we’ve got to shop for you so that for the time being you appear as neither male or female. We need to make you hardly identifiable in either direction or put another way undifferentiated.”

“How do we do that,” Josh asked.

“I don’t have a clue yet,” Hazel said but then added, “although shopping for the basics is on the list.”

“Basics,” Josh asked.

“You need stuff,” Hazel said trying to avoid the obvious terms like slips and panties as she added, “jeans for one thing or you’ll forever be wearing those culottes.”

“Good idea,” Josh said.

The fact that Hazel guided him into a store that was called “She’s All That” should have been his first clue but Hazel was doing her very best to calm him without him knowing he was being calmed. She was too fearful of using her power too openly too often, fearing she would slip and send enough energy to trigger an alarm. So far she was sure she was well below the threshold and Josh was oblivious as they walked past the store’s barrier. She felt like she was giving him half a sedative if that.

“May I help you,” the woman asked stepping towards Hazel first since it was a woman’s shop.

“Thank you, yes,” Hazel said and then added, “my young man is transitioning. Actually she’s just beginning to transition from male to female and we’re getting her the basics. I’d like to get her into an outfit to wear that’s a little androgynous? Perhaps find a decent pair of jeans first, a top, maybe get rid of these God awful culottes, then get into the basics.”

Hazel watched Josh’s reaction as well as the woman’s. Hazel was ready to puff her but she seemed open. To the woman’s credit she was taken by surprise but recovered quickly and clearly a sale was a sale and this young lady was interested more in the sale than judging.

“Then let’s start at the beginning? Can I get your waist and hip size honey? And I’m June,” the girl said.

Josh looked at Hazel first then at June. There was confusion on his face which Hazel took as her using too much “push” so she immediately backed off completely.

“Sorry, she’s been like that all morning. This is all new for her. She’s a 22 inch waist and 26 hip. And we’re going to need a training bra for a 26 inch chest with a “B” cup, so if I may can we start there,” Hazel said.

“I understand,” June said and then asked, “front closure or back?”

“Front,” Hazel said and then added, “might as well make it easy for her.”

“Girl’s lingerie is over here,” June said as she invited Josh and Hazel towards the Back. The store was vast and Hazel grabbed a cart as she began to follow June to the back. There were a few looks but Hazel ignored them and Josh was still in a mild daze although there was a slight blush forming as they moved deeper into the store and closer to the intimates.

“We’ve arranged these by size with your 26 here down to here,” June said before adding, “with our least expensive going from left to right. If she’s starting out I’d suggest an actual bra style to get use to the support and comfort issues plus a couple of sports styles for school and play. The Spanx brand is nice and offers shaping. It’s not exactly a training bra per se but you can add forms and they’d stay in place. Both are flexible enough to give her lots of room to grow as her own breast develop or when she goes to larger forms. These actual training bras also model women’s bras fairly consistently. Has she settled on colors or just white?”

“Pinks and lavenders for colors and whites for basics. Let’s stay with the girly colors for now,” Hazel said taking up a front closure bra in a 26 inch in a white satin. She looked at Josh who was now looking at Hazel with beet red cheeks. He was becoming aware of where he was and what he was doing there. Hazel put two white and one pink bra in the cart then moved to grab a sports bra in white. She grabbed a package of small “B” size foam inserts and tossed those in.

Hazel ended up with a couple of heavy white opaque tees and camisoles in nylon. Two packages of panties in girls brief style in size 7/8. One package of white and the other with Disney princesses. She picked up two half slips and two full slips and another full slip in black that was more dressy. Josh remained noncommittal but nodded when she asked if he liked this one or that. The redness in his cheeks never left him.

They moved to the jeans and Josh took a size 7/8 pair into the changing room. He came out a moment later in just his stocking feet and tee shirt but the jeans fit him perfectly and the extra hip room allowed easily for the diaper. Hazel whispered, asking if they felt tight around the crotch or not and Josh said they fit okay. Josh had changed back into the clothes he came into but Hazel decided he had enough to change.

Hazel decided to guide Josh into more girl clothes in his newer clothes and whispered to the girl that she was going to help Josh into one of his new bras and a white top. June said she’d remove the plastic security tag returning a moment later with his jeans, bra and tee. Josh and Hazel went into the changing room and Josh knew exactly what Hazel wanted the instant she walked in with his clothes handing him the bra first.

“Can we do this at home,” Josh asked.

“Honey, no better time than the present,” Hazel said and then added, “in fact, the more time in these things the better.”

Josh nodded reluctantly, put his arms through the straps as you might a jacket sliding the bra around as Hazel handed him a foam insert. She showed him how each went into the bra before bringing the two halves of the bra forward. The two lingerie hooks came together easily and the bra fit perfectly as Hazel fused with its symmetric’s.

“Josh, you don’t have breasts. Those bits of foam in the pockets of the bra are your breast so you’re going to have to be conscious of how your bra sits on your chest. Look in the mirror and sight the little pink bow so it’s center to your chin. That aligns your breasts, okay,” Helen said fusing with the satin edges as Josh nodded. He was still a boy but the transformation was remarkable with the white bra sitting there pushing itself forward the way it did.

Under the feminine camisole even more so. His cheeks red already, went crimson.
He couldn’t deny what she was saying nor the look. The thing was with his long hair it offered an instant layer of femininity. It added that first hint of androgyny with a leaning towards female and Hazel kissed him lightly.

“Does it help,” Josh asked. Turning slightly to see how much breast he had just as he realized he was doing so making him add, “wait, are you pushing?”

“Just a tiny bit,” Hazel said. “I’m just adding a layer of comfort is all.”

“Thank you,” Josh said turning back to the mirror. There was a sense of relief knowing he was doing this under some kind of cover.

Hazel smiled because she hadn’t pushed since coming into the store and was positive the effects that had lingered were nearly gone from the last push she gave. She smiled when it came to her. It was that proverbial magic crow feather they gave Dumbo the elephant making him believe the feather made him fly Hazel realized as Josh took the top she handed him. As long as he thought she was pushing him he was okay. Josh finished changing and they left the room.

“Let’s get you a decent pair of shoes and a couple more pair of these jeans. I really love this look,” Hazel said nodding at the girl when they came out of the dressing room. She had stapled the tags from the jeans, tee, bra and inserts to a bag for scanning when the time came. June ran off and grabbed two more pair of Jeans and came back to walk with them towards the shoes.

Josh, more confident now that he believed he was under Hazel’s protective push started actually shopping and decided on a pair of blush pink and white flats, but fell in love with an adorable (his words) pair of coquettish black patent Mary Jane strap shoes with short heels.

“Perfect for a not so little girl,” Josh said looking at Hazel for approval then for that same approval from June after he got Hazel’s.

“Don’t ask me, I’m biased. I own my own pair,” June said. That statement alone was all Josh needed.

When it ended for shoes Josh wore the blush pink flats and put the other three boxes in the cart.

“I’ve created a monster,” Hazel said under her breath as they moved to the pajamas. They were going to get dresses, jackets and sweaters last. Then accessories. June was going to mark and pierce his ears before she rang up Josh’s purchases.

Josh settled on two short nightgowns and two cute BABY doll sets for the baby he whispered to Hazel. Josh fell in love with a fleecy tie neck bed jacket in a blush pink edged in a tiny bead of satin that he wanted to wear as a shirt robe. It confused June a little because she didn’t know the context with his diapers and ruffled panties but added it to the cart anyway. It went in with a regular robe giving Hazel a snickering fit considering his protest not just a few days ago.

“You realize you’ll be out of those diapers in another week or two?” Hazel whispered when she had a private moment to caution him about the babyish looking top.

“I won’t need them in another week or two but that doesn’t mean I’ll be out of them,” Josh said giving Hazel a slightly wicked smile.

“What have I done,” Hazel whispered as Josh went back to the racks.

Hazel talked Josh into a couple of jumpers with nylon shirt style tops and conservative dresses as a start. She wanted him to get use to wearing dresses first before he got used to skirts and blouses.

They picked up socks and nylons and then shopped for hair bows and Josh got his ears pierced. He wore gold studs out but picked up some cute little girl style earrings and diamond studs for the teenager. He also got a generic black bag and a clutch, plus a thin feminine wallet to carry with his jeans.

They went to FACES for his makeup and a bag for all the items Hazel said he had to have. She made him carry the lipstick in his front pocket. They were deciding on what to do for lunch when Hazel saw the beauty parlor.

“We’ll eat after we get our nails done,” Hazel said. They both carried four bags each as they went in and sat. There were three girls sitting idle and the oldest took Josh.

“Facial and nails,” Hazel said as Josh sat in the chair.

“I’ll make her gorgeous,” the woman said winking at Hazel who moved to the woman next to the one taking Josh.

“She’s coming out today,” Hazel said.

The women in the salon, both sides, began a constant chatter with Hazel and Josh, with comments to Josh like congratulations, she was going to love dressing up and wait till “her” first formal and how pretty “she” looked already. There was no chance for Josh to answer back and it was clear he didn’t want to as Hazel sat happily getting her own nails done.

Josh, believing he was still being protected by Hazel’s push beamed at the comments unabashed and simply looked over at Hazel to mouth a “thank you” when he had the chance. The lady working on his nails decided on a wrap to extend his boyish length almost double amazing Josh through the process.

Small strips of silk and resin formed his nails before the woman shaped them into a hard thick point under a primed glassy top. She explained the small ultraviolet light she slipped his fingers under was a dryer that hardened the gel in 30 seconds instead of the 30 minutes it once took.

It was becoming exciting watching his hands transform before his eyes as the shape took on a decidedly feminine appearance as his stubby fingers became longer and more pointed. It became more exciting when Josh had to decide on color as the woman shook a small bottle of pink. She had asked and while Josh thought about it Hazel had spoken up.

“Honey, match the color of the tiny bow on your new bra,” Hazel said bringing a fresh pink to Josh’s cheeks.

“I’ll bet it’s a blush pink isn’t it,” the woman said picking up the small bottle to show Josh the color she was talking about. The only way to prove it would be to lift his top so he simply nodded.

“Then pink it is,” the woman said shaking the bottle a little more as she had Josh switch hands under the dryer. She expertly glided the small brush from the clean cuticle edge to his tip in a single stroke that covered half his nail then a second that bleed the two together into a very reflective glaze of soft pastel pink.

Josh felt suddenly giddy over the ethers and look that took hold of his sight and smell instantly. He had not really considered what the word transition might really mean till this past two hours flashed past, rewound and played over and over again. The shopping, clothes and now just having his nails done were formidable markers in his life and he was sure it was Hazel doing some of it.

She was calming him, changing him from within so his attitude without was more accepting. He felt more feminine over the simple change to his finger tips, but not just the tips as he looked at the mirror behind the woman to see his gold earrings and small breasts. What would it be like with makeup on he mused.

“Pretty,” the woman asked.

“What,” Josh asked coming back from his fantasy.

“You are very pretty. Your hands.”

“Very,” Josh said as she finished his right hand and started the left after putting his right under the UV light. Hazel nodded her understanding knowing full well she thought Josh was of the belief he still held to the feather. It was going to be delightful telling him otherwise at the end of the day as they drove back to her place. She was amazed at the ease this was taking.

With his hands as pretty as a young girl’s the woman moved her chair to change her position and began helping Josh open packages for his makeup as Hazel joined up on the other side. It almost became a party as the other workers, those not with customers and even customers who were finished grew closer.

“I’ll be right back,” Hazel said leaving Josh in a panic for the minutes she was gone but no chance to worry as the woman doing his face began working.

Hazel did return just as the woman finished Josh’s eyes leaning back to the pleasing smiles of at least four women two of which were customers.

Meanwhile Hazel was off to the left and behind where Josh couldn’t make out what she was doing but the laughter and giggles were demanding he do so. He couldn’t move because he was getting a blusher applied. Then lipstick and finally he was allowed to blot. One for base, one for color and one for kissing the woman said. The faces looking back said it all as Josh finally had a chance to see what had happened and he too went silent.

Even the pink frosted cup cakes Hazel had brought from the bakery next door didn’t change the sensations he felt looking at the girl looking back at him. How odd to be smitten by a girl that he knew was him he mused. He turned to look at Hazel and tried to think of something to say that would convey how he was feeling…

She looked at him. He realized she knew. Of course she knew he realized. She was using her “push” to help him. She smiled at him.

“I know honey, I know,” Hazel mouthed the words.

“Thank you Hazel,” Josh said.

“You’re welcome,” Hazel said louder this time and then added, “go on and have a cupcake but don’t smear your lipstick.”

The women in the boutique began laughing as each grabbed a pink frosted cupcake and began taking bites that Josh tried to mimic. Two customers joined in as the owner began making small cups of coffee. He stood in the middle of the shop his pink tipped fingers girlishly holding a cupcake. He was awkward at eating without using his lips.

Outside a young girl leaning back against the concrete bench at a bus stop while texting on a cell phone took a quick moment to bring it up and click a picture. She did that several times, had done it several times before that. Each moment in Josh’s transformation a picture had been taken.

Back at Langley Jack Diamond, Helen’s CIA contact, picked his phone up when it chimed as another picture appeared. He in turn typed in Helen’s phone number and forwarded the picture with his comment.

“Hazel’s Familiar is truly starting to look like a Familiar. Whatever you said to her seems to be working. I’m going to lunch. Stay well,” Jack typed before pressing off to Helen and then switching back to the girl just outside the beauty parlor as he typed, “go home and thanks.”

No one paid any attention to the young girl that dropped the skate board on the sidewalk and pushed off down the street.

Hazel’s phone buzzed. Hazel pulled it up, pressed her thumb and swiped right. It was Rose, her mother, but she was texting which read: “Congratulations. Your grandmother says the CIA just went to lunch. Jack at the agency says watching you two is getting boring.”

Hazel laughed and began typing back, “saw her. She’s been with us since this morning. She just left on a skate board. Love you.”

“Love you too,” Rose typed. Hazel felt a sudden constriction around her shoulders. It was soft, warm, constriction. It felt like a hug. It felt loving. Rose was typing again: “Your grandmother sent her love as well. bye.”

“Just felt it,” Hazel said shivering.

“Okay Josh, we’ve got to get you changed and then lets get something to eat,” Hazel said looking at the woman before adding, “may she use your restroom?”

“Yes, it’s through those beads and to the right,” the woman said.

Hazel handed Josh the diaper bag and said she’d watch the packages leaving Josh to go in and change himself. It would be the first time Josh changed his own diaper. Odd how nervous he felt suddenly taking the diaper bag from Hazel as he turned for the bead covered opening.

There was laughter, fading when he went into the spacious bathroom and closed the door. He sat the bag down and removed a disposable. He saw his face again, stopped doing anything to admire it, his hands as well, then lowered his new jeans before gathering his top to bring it up above his waist.

His diaper wasn’t nearly as sodden as he’d imagined. The effects of Hazel’s original push, that very first one, on him was diminishing or so it seemed as he tugged at the tapes to release the diaper. He stood there, feet slightly apart, jeans around his calf’s as he rolled the diaper within itself. There was a small bag for the dirty diaper and he disposed of it first.

He also filled the fresh diaper with baby powder. He decided even when, not if, but when he started wearing his panties, he’d continue using baby powder. He really loved the smell. He carefully opened and formed the diaper before shaping it. Josh cupped the diaper and eased it between his thighs with one hand while reaching behind with the other.

With the diaper set between his legs and in position he closed his legs together allowing it to cuddle his testicles. It was then that he also decided that even when he stopped actually needing diapers that he might still wear them, just because. It was something about the way they cuddled him he mused as he reached behind and tugged and caressed his bottom to the flaps before pulling them together with the front.

With the diaper securely between his legs and softly gathered around his privates he brought the left front under the left rear flap and pulled the tab protecting the tape. Even that soft tearing sound the Velcro made was becoming somewhat erotic as he did the right side before he redid the left. He ran both hands over his bottom, along the sides and then over the front - twice, before pulling his jeans up.

Josh washed his hands and was about to leave when he remembered the tube of lipstick he had in his pocket. He had guilt pangs bringing it out but an erection as well as he pulled the gold colored top free and twisted to watch the pink wax circle up. He did that twice watching the virgin tube rise and fall. There was a distant taste and smell as he slid the waxy pink over his lips before blotting. There were some moves strictly for girls he mused. He could never use a chapstick again and not think of lipstick.

Josh was about to put it away but moved closer to the sink and leaned to the mirror before bringing the lipstick up again. He pursed his lips out and slowly rubbed the waxy lipstick over them from right to left. He was leaning against the sink pressing his erection against his diaper, which pressed against his jeans that were pressing against the porcelain sink.

He stopped moving the lipstick and made a slow sliding motion to move the diaper a little as he blended his lips together. It was an incredible erotic sensation leaving him with the urge for an orgasm. That release was not far away as he pressed a little harder again moving the same way as he blotted gently against a folded tissue.

He pressed again against the sink, this time kissing at the image in the mirror, and immediately ejaculated into his diaper. The shock of it made him blush and look quickly back at the door in guilt. His sudden guilt made him hurry suddenly shoving the closed lipstick back into his pocket.

He didn’t look directly at Hazel when he returned which prompted her to ask if he was okay which made his face redden even more. She knew he’d been naughty just from the way he was acting and that high color on his cheeks. Josh, she mused, had satisfied himself over something that she’d have to discover on her own when she had the chance.

Everyone hugged and congratulated Josh before “she” and Hazel left.

“Thank you,” Josh said getting into the car for their trip to the restaurant.

“You’re welcome,” Hazel said not sure what she was being thanked for, but happy that Josh was happy. He was also very relaxed considering his condition when they left that morning. Most of that his confidence. He was very passable but clearly not completely so she wondered how he’d do under the scrutiny of people in so public a place. She dared to ask.

“So are you going to be okay going to the restaurant,” Hazel asked.

“Of course,” Josh said. “Why shouldn’t I be? Just keep pushing!”


His statement was so full of confidence Hazel was absolutely convinced that Josh believed he was under her influence. At first she only suspected it, but now she was convinced it was so. For whatever reason he believed she had pushed enough to protect him and was still doing so. She decided to leave it alone.

“Just making sure,” Hazel said.

“It’s just enough,” Josh said and added, “I mean I still have enough of my senses to be enjoying this immensely but none of the usual stuff, you know, the kind of things that might bother a guy, bothers me. It’s great.”

“Wonderful,” Hazel said pulling into traffic. He was adorable looking. He was one of those guys that could transition well… no Adam’s apple, long hair, smooth face… he had a lot going for him. Even now, if he had just a little more practice he would bring most people to his side with very little effort. With a little voice coaching the rest would follow easily.

Hazel pulled into the parking lot of the family style restaurant and they spent a moment transferring their purchases from the back seat to the trunk. Hazel also watched carefully how casual Josh went through that casual process of stepping into public. He had left the car without hesitation.

It wasn’t just that, but it was how he left the car. Josh was moving almost as if he’d had lessons on how to move as a girl. Hazel was becoming awestruck and amazed as they entered the restaurant. Hazel knew then what was happening and smiled. She reached out slowly and felt both of them just as the receptionist spoke.

“Good morning ladies. Two,” The young girl said cheerfully.

“Please,” Hazel said following the girl with Josh behind her. Hazel knew they were nearby.

The other car, a rental, parked just a few stalls away, was still running.

“I think that’s just about it,” Harriet said easing back against the seat of the car. Hazel’s maternal great grandmother wasn’t so much speaking as enveloping her daughter Helen.

"I think your right mother. He’s very adorable and surprisingly confident. It really didn’t take all that much.

“It actually didn’t.”

“All he really needs now is time,” Helen said swirling about the interior of the car that Rose had rented.

“Hello,” Rose said bringing her phone to her ear. It was Gloria, Helen’s secretary.

“Okay, you’re flight is booked for your return. You leave at noon,” Gloria said and then added, “and Mr. Diamond wants you to know he’s closed the issue at his end and sends his love to your mother.”

“Thank you Gloria,” Rose said turning to Harriet as she pulled her seat belt and closed it. “They’ll make a very cute couple.”

“They already do,” Harriet said settling her mind as Rose started to drive off. “I’ll see you at home.”

“See you grandmother,” Hazel thought the thought before adding and “thank you for helping us.”

“Bye honey,” Helen added.

“See you at home mom,” Rose said as she turned for the airport.

Hazel meanwhile picked up a menu watching Josh intently. There was a nag at the back of her head that something wasn’t right. It had all gone so smoothly. Josh had slipped into this without hesitation and with so much confidence it almost seemed as if he’d been pushed yet she hadn’t done a thing.

“Josh,” Hazel said softly so her voice didn’t carry too far.

“Yes,” Josh said looking over his menu at Hazel.

“How do you feel,” Hazel asked cautiously.

“I’m starved,” Josh said just as the waitress walked up. “Do you still serve breakfast?”

“We serve breakfast around the clock honey.”


Helen was going to order first to help Josh ease into it but when the girl asked if they were ready to order it was Josh who spoke first.

“I want the omelet, but I’m afraid to have it with the cheese. These jeans are already too tight. What do you think,” Josh asked looking at the waitress.

“Breakfast is your most important meal and those jeans fits you perfectly,” The waitress said. “I’d go with the cheese.”

“Cheese omelet,” Josh said. “Hash browns extra crispy, and toast, extra butter. No, no butter and we’ll call it even on the calories. With a small orange juice.”

“There you go honey,” the Waitress said. "And you ma’am, what would you like.

Hazel just sat there looking at Josh in amazement. He… No, SHE was out, there was no doubt of that as Hazel looked back at the menu and added, “I’ll have what she’s having.”

“Will that be it,” the waitress asked.

“I’m beginning to think probably not,” Hazel said laughing.

“Excuse me?”

“No, we’re good, thank you.”

Hazel turned towards the widow facing west as the Sun was going down it was just a little after five. Eight on the East coast as Hazel turned back to Josh.

Meanwhile, Jack Diamond was reviewing reports as a technician reached his door. She knocked once.

“Come in,” Jack said.

“Mr. Diamond, you said you wanted to be alerted when we had activity on our ultra-broadband accounts and we have. As it happens, it appears we’ve got activity on three separate individuals from the same linage.”

“Yes, I know. They were running a coordinated test for me. Do me a favor, go ahead and delete that file and have technical services recalibrate the feed for me. Send me an email when that’s completed.”

“Yes sir,” the technician said turning to walk away. Jack smiled. He didn’t need a record of what his ladies were doing since they were doing what he wanted them to do. Besides, he had an idea.

Jack picked up his phone and punched in Bob Brickyards number over at the FBI. It rang once.

“Hey Jack, what’s up?”

“Hi Bob, a while back you called about help with surveillance on your Kosovo mob connection with what’s her name?”

" Leonora?"

“That’s the one! The one you sent the flyer out on?”

“Yes, that’s her, what have you got,” Bob asked.

“In the background on the flier it noted that her brother, deceased, was often dressed as a girl?”

“Yes. Odd as hell. Still processing that one Jack. Something to do with the Nanny. Hold on a second let me get the file… Got it. Her name was Althea. She was a peasant from a small village South of Macedonia. Anyway, something to do with their beliefs? Not sure what it was all about, but they were superstitious enough to practice a ritual that made dressing young boys as girls a necessity to hid them from dark spirits searching for male children. Don’t ask me why because I don’t know?”

“How does that fit this Leonora Character?”

“Well this Leonora, who was Eleonora when she was Kosovo by the way, played with her brother like he was a doll. When the family and that Nanny escaped during the insurgency of Albanians against the Serbian around 1990 things got pretty elaborate between her and her brother.”

“How’s that?”

From what I gather and from the reports it became extremely erotic between the two which continued even when she started taking over with her father. I’m pretty sure he was killed in a car crash right after they arrived. Let me confirm that. Report here says it left her pretty devastated. Why, what have you got?"

“Tell you the truth I’m not sure yet but if I could get you someone inside, close to this Leonora, I mean really close, would you be interested?”

“How close is really close Jack?”

“As close as her brother was? Would that be close enough.?”

“You heard what I’d said right? She treated her brother like one of her dolls. That went right up to the time just before he was killed Jack. I’m being serious here, they were pretty kinky.”

“I understand. So I’m asking again, would it help if I could put someone next to this Leonora?”

“You could get someone that close?”

“Might take a bit of doing, but I think I’ve got a team that might give her a new doll to play with and you a perfect set of ears.”

“Jesus Jack! If you could do that…” Bob said. "I’m being serious here, we could close down their entire Ukraine Mob…

Book Two
Witch Hazel And The FBI