Hi guys, I have been a reader here for a while but this is my first post and my first story. I am sort of a Disney geek and when Sofia(read article I post for some background) was announced as a Princess I decided it would make a good story. I love magic stuff, so a lot of the story comes from there.

Please please please let me know if you like it… I have some good ideas for the rest. Posted is the prologue, chapter one, and a little bit of chapter 2 as a teaser.

Here is the article… this story is based off of a real upcoming thing, but I am using quite a bit of “artistic license” in this story about the character.

Premise: It has often been said that Disneyland is a place of magic, a place where dreams and wishes are not just fantasy, but the stuff of reality. Many fans of Disneyland even believe that Snow Whites Wishing Well, a well that opened with the park, was a wishing station and many believe that if someone believes in Disney magic and throws a coin into the fountain with a wish that their dream will come true. This is the story of one such girl who got her wish, even if it was not entirely what she expected.

Bella was 6 years old when she came to Disneyland with her parents for the first time on vacation. She lived in San Francisco at the time, and although she liked where she lived there was no place better than Disneyland. There were no princesses walking down the streets of San Franciso with her mother on their way to church, and as far as she knew Mickey and Minnie had houses in Toontown, not San Francisco. It was a truly perfect place in Bella’s mind and she vowed that she would come back again.
When Bella was 14 years old Bella’s parents went through a very messy divorce that devastated her. She was not entirely sure what cause the divorce, but from what she could tell from the arguments that were unintentionally so loud Bella’s mother had fallen in love with another man and would be leaving the family. The process was quite fast and it was decided that Bella would live with her father, which was one of the things that had hurt her the most, it seemed like her mother no longer loved her because she had given Bella’s full custody to her father almost immediately. He was a pretty great Dad, but having two parents was far better than having one parent in Bella’s eyes.
Before she knew it they were both moving to Newport Beach California because she and her father had both agreed that it was time for change. One of the first things they did after they moved into their house was to go to Disneyland, which was now less than an hour away from their house. When they arrived inside the park they went right into the pass processing center where he bought each of them a Disneyland pass, because he knew his daughter loved the theme parks, and Disneyland was a great place for both of them to escape to after such a traumatic time in both of their lives.
When Bella was 16 years old her father met a woman named Shana at the school he worked at. At first she seemed like the perfect woman for him to date and Bella initially loved her. Shana seemed to always have a compliment for Bella, always had Bella’s favorite gum in her purse, and had even bought Bella a set of adorable Disney pins when she had accompanied Bella and her father to Disneyland one day. She seemed like the perfect woman.
Six months then went by and Bella began to see Shana’s true colors. She had very expensive tastes and made very little money herself, she was the librarian at the junior high school while her father was an English teacher, and despite the fact that both were relatively poor she often demanded steak and lobster dinners. She was also very strict regarding Bella, imposing strict curfew times and dress codes as if she was Bella’s mother, whom she was not and would never be. Bella hated her and knew that she would make her Dad miserable if he decided to marry her, and she knew he was thinking of proposing.

1: Bella’s Wish
Bella went to Disneyland almost every Friday after school by herself, which most of her friends found to be odd but for Bella Disneyland is where she went to relax, especially during this time it was early November meaning the Halloween crowds had just died down, but it was a bit too early for the Christmas crowds. This particular Friday night was quite cool, which explained why the park was relatively empty, of course it usually was during this time of the year. Bella had been enjoying the park for only a few hours and was preparing to leave, it was only eight o’clock but she came to the park all of the time and rarely stayed until closing because she came so often. She decided to stop at the wishing well on her way out, which in her opinion was one of the most beautiful things to see at Disneyland.
The well had opened with the park in 1955, and was just on the right side of the castle if you were facing it. The area around the well was beautiful, there was a waterfall which lead into a small pond full of coy fish, and on the side of the pond were small statues of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. There were speakers that were concealed into the foliage around the fountain with the voice of Snow White who sang the Walt Disney Classic “I’m Wishing” which was very appropriate for the area surrounding the wishing well.
It was always Bella’s ritual to throw a coin into the well on her way out of the park, but she rarely had an actual wish for the well. Today however she had an actual wish… she did not want to live with Shana, but she also knew that her father was in love with her, and was going to marry her no matter what Bella thought of it. Disneyland was one of the few places where her troubles went away. Standing at the basin of the well she reminisced back to her childhood, remembering believing that the Princesses lived in and ruled over Disneyland from the castle, when she truly believed in magic. This place truly meant something to her.
“I wish I could live in the castle with the Princesses, that way I would not have to live with Shana” she said as she dropped her penny into the water.
Suddenly a man wearing blue robes and a sorcerer’s hat appeared out of nowhere. Bella stepped back in shock… he looked just like the sorcerer from Fantasia, he even had the
“My name is Yen Sid and I am the guardian of Disney magic. For decades I have granted the wishes to those deserving of Disney Magic. The princesses are real and you know it in your heart to be true, but your parent’s divorce turned you into a cynical girl, but you still posses magic in your heart. I can grant your wish to live with the Disney Princesses and you will live the life you want, a life of magic and innocence, but are you sure that what you want?” He asked.
Bella was flabbergasted; she had never in a million years believed that her wish would be granted. Sure, she had a lot of problems at home, but was she really prepared to let this man, this wizard, grant her wish?
“Yes, please mighty Yen Sid, grant my wish,” she responded shakily.

Chapter 2: Sofia
Bella awoke with a start… she had had an insane dream about some wizard granting her wish about living in the Sleeping Beauty Castle with the Princesses, what a childish dream… but it had been a nice dream.
The sun was shining through the stained glass windows into Bella’s room, and she could see nothing. She rubbed her eyes and looked around the room… everything seemed normal, the bars on her crib were up… her diaper was wet… her purple paci was in her mouth. Then it dawned on Bella, she didn’t sleep in a crib, wear diapers and certainly didn’t use a Pacifier.
“HRP!” she cried, her voice muffled by the pacifier. She spit out the pacifier.
“HELP!” she screamed in a voice she barely recognized… it was the voice of a little girl.
“SOFIA…SOFIA… ARE YOU OKAY?!” a voice frantically called back as Bella heard footsteps racing toward her.
Bella sat there in a panic wondering where she was, who was coming, and who Sofia was.

Re: Wishes

good start. should make chapters longer and give more depth to the story. please continue.