Wishes and Consequences

My first story here, there will be more chapters to follow, I already have them written, but I wanted to make sure this would work first. Enjoy!

Wishes and Consequences

Chapter 1

It was the end of the last day of school at Vincent Park Middle School, and Ella and her best friend Melody were waiting in the Parent Pickup area of the school parking lot. As usual Ella’s mom was running behind picking both of them up from school as she had promised the day before. After all, it was summer, and that meant camp for Melody, so Ella was hoping to spend their last day together before Melody left. They both just sat on the curb, the school looming behind them, glad to be done with it, but also kind of sad because they knew it would be a while before they saw each other again. Ella pondered how much she hated this time of year, even though for most kids it was the best time of their lives. Even at age 12, Ella knew what summer meant for her, and she did not look fondly on all the new responsibilities she was sure she would have to take on.

Every summer was like this for Ella, she so wished she could escape to camp with Melody, but she knew her mom couldn’t afford it. Ella and Melody could pass as sisters, they were both about the same height, a little small for their age, and both had the same mousy brown hair. The only real difference between the two was Ella’s freckled face, and the fact that Melody was bit chubbier than Ella. They both had the same interests and hobbies, mostly ponies and pop music, and had the same tastes in clothes as well, they both liked bright colors. They were both girly too, and liked wearing skirts and dresses. However at the moment, they were both in school uniforms, which left little to the imagination and were very bland color wise, as uniforms could be. So, if you did not look too hard, you would swear they were related.

Finally, after a brief uncomfortable silence, Melody spoke up.

“Your mom sure is late today.”

Ella looked up and being a bit embarrassed, replied, “Yeah she is. She probably had to get Sam from daycare though.”

Sam was Ella’s annoying little brother. This made Ella ponder her eventual summer nightmare even more, as she was sure her mom wanted her to help take care of Sam while she worked, which meant forced babysitting at no pay was probably on her for the next three months. Each year, Sam was getting older and it was getting harder to take care of him, last year she had to deal with his terrible two phase, and his diaper changes were getting increasingly grosser by the year, now he was 3, which to Ella’s mom meant a whole new phase, the dreaded potty training years. Ella was not looking forward to teaching her little brother the intricacies of using the toilet.

“Man, this summer is gonna suck!” Ella said loudly.

Melody looked confused, “Why is that?”

Ella put her head in her hands and brought her knees up to her chest. “I just know my mom is gonna have to work all summer, which means I will be stuck with Sam all day, and he is getting older and grosser by the day. I wish I could go to camp with you, but my mom is broke, I will be lucky to even get any birthday presents this year!”

Melody suddenly got all wide eyed and smiled, “Speaking of your birthday, I just might have your present!”

This brightened Ella right up, Really? No way, you gotta let me have it!" Ella reached for her Friend’s backpack with greedy hands, only to be admonished by Melody.

“Hands off Impatient Ella! I will get it for you.”

Melody took off her backpack and laid it at their feet, undid the zipper and rummaged around inside until she came upon what she was searching for.

“Ah, there it is!” Melody exclaimed as she pulled out a bracelet with a large stone amulet charm on it. The amulet was a bright blue color, which just happened to be Ella’s favorite color, encased in a bronze setting and the bracelet was really more of a leather strap. Ella didn’t care about that though, she automatically fell in love with it.

“Ooh, let me see that, it’s so pretty!” Ella reached for the amulet bracelet and Melody slipped it onto her wrist.

“My aunt got it on one of her expeditions in South America, I think she said it had some kind of history, something like luck, I don’t really remember, but I know you like that kind of stuff, so I asked if I could give it to you, and she said yes, but do be careful with it, it’s really old.”

Ella knew Melody’s Aunt was an archaeologist, and she was always bringing her old coins and stuff from her expeditions, and Ella loved listening to the stories about them. Ella admired the amulet as it laid on her wrist, and she loved the way it twinkled in the light, almost like magic.

“Oh, Melody, I love it! I promise I will take real good care of it! I may never take it off, thanks so much!”

And with that Ella leaned over and gave her best friend Melody a big hug, just as Ella’s Mom’s minivan came bounding around the carport loop.

Both girls got up from where they were sitting on the curb and climbed into the minivan as it stopped a few feet from them. They both got in the back seat on opposite sides of the car seat that took up the middle of the second row of seating, as according to Ella’s mom, they both weren’t old enough for the front passenger seat yet. This was a constant debate for Ella and her mom, Maxine, as Ella didn’t like sitting so close to her little brother, as he had the tendency to pull on her hair, or just generally be annoying to her. However, today Ella was too entranced by her new wrist wear to even give it a second thought, let alone start an argument. After both girls were seated and buckled in, Ella’s mom said,

“Hey girls, sorry I am late, I had to pick up Sam from daycare and run some errands, and I had to change Sam cause he didn’t tell me he needed to potty like a big boy would. Did you Sam?”

Sam was in his car seat, playing with his dinosaur action figures, but looked up as his name was called, and put on a Cheshire grin, and shouted, “I made poopies!” and smiled as he giggled. Ella stuck her tongue out and made a disgusted sound, bleccch!

“Mom, that’s gross! Why do you have to tell us that? I would have been fine not knowing!”

Maxine was concentrating on the road in front of her and the traffic, but still had the wherewithal to respond to her daughters caustic remark.

“Oh Ella, it’s just what babies do, you know that, you were a baby once too! Besides, you might as well get comfortable with it, I am sure you will be seeing a lot of it this summer, young lady!”

“Oh Mom please don’t remind me! Can’t I have just one last day of freedom with Melody before I become your slave for the next three months?”

Ella was sitting pouting when Maxine dropped the bomb.

“Actually, a bit of bad news I am afraid, I have to take Melody home right now, the office called me back in, it’s an emergency, and I need you to watch Sam, Ella.”

Ella looked over at her friend who had a dad look on her face but was being her usual quiet self.

“Aw, but Mom.”

Ella just crossed her arms and pouted. Maxine spoke up,

“I am sorry dear, sorry about this Melody. You guys will just have to get together when Melody gets back from summer camp.”

“But Mom, that’s like ages from now! I can’t believe this! I hate your stupid job!”

“Now Ella, that’s enough young lady, any more back sass out of you and I will ground you for the whole summer!”

Ella knew better than to take her Mom’s threats of punishment lightly, so she bit her tongue.

But as day turned to night and she saw her friend Melody leave and she took on the responsibility of taking care of her younger brother and his nasty little toileting habits, she couldn’t help but think that if only she had something that would make her one wish come true, she would take it. If only she had a genie’s lamp or a magic wand carrying fairy god mother, she would wish and wish until all her dreams come true, and she didn’t have to deal with her icky little brother and she could be a normal preteen girl. If only wishes came true, she would wish.

Wish 1: I wish mom didn’t have to work this summer!

Ella felt like screaming that wish at the top of her lungs as she wiped the poop off her little brother’s butt, carefully trying not to get any on her, but not succeeding. Oh gross, she thought, as she wiped it off her fingers with a fresh wipe. Sam was wiggling around, making it hard to get his night diaper on before bed. He had pooped in his pull up, even after he had been using the potty all day for urinating, it seemed he still didn’t have the other bodily function down yet, much to Ella’s suffering. After Ella was finally able to get this diaper taped and got his pajamas on him, Sam seemed a bit more cooperative, until she told him it was time for bed.

“No wanna go bed!” Sam screamed as Ella picked him up, kicking and bawling at the top of his lungs and carried him to his room. Ella put him down on the floor of his room and let him play with his toys on the floor, not wanting to make him any more upset.

“You have to go to bed sometime Sam! Just play with your trucks! I give up!”

Ella threw her hands up as the phone rang in the other room. She ran to pick it up, hoping Sam wouldn’t follow her. To her luck, he was too busy playing to care. Ella picked up the phone on the third ring.

“Peterson Residence, how may I help you?” Ella saw it was her mom by the caller ID on the phone, she answered it that way to mess with her.

“Haha, very funny young lady, how is Sam? Is he using the potty?”

“Yeah, mom, I am doing my job, being a good babysitter, even though I am drastically underpaid!”

“I don’t pay you at all, sweetheart. You know that. So Sam is being a big boy, I am so proud, making all his pee pees and poops in the toilet, ya!”

“Well, not quite, he pooped his pants before bed, I had to change him, and it was gross!” Ella made another disgusted noise.

“Ella, you need to pay better attention to him, he needs to do that on the potty! I am disappointed in you.”

“Mom, it’s not like I can make him poop on the toilet! That’s not fair.”

“Whatever dear, just make sure he gets to bed now, I am going to be working late, so make sure you get to bed soon too.”

“OK, mom, see you in the morning I guess. Love you,” but all Ella heard was the dial tone, so she angrily hung up the phone. She stomped back to Sam’s room, and he was asleep on the floor, clutching his teddy bear and sucking his thumb. Great, Ella thought, as she scooped him up and laid him in bed. She covered him up, turned out the light, and closed his door to a crack as she walked to her room across the hall.

In her room she greeted her light blue walls, adorned with posters of ponies and pop groups, and made her way to her bureau, where she got her nightgown and panties, and she proceeded to get dressed for bed. After a quick trip to the bathroom, she brushed her hair and then made her way to her bed, where she laid down and covered herself with her comforter, and snuggled against her pillow. I can’t take much more of this, she thought to herself. She felt her bracelet catch on her blanket as she rolled over to turn out the lamp one her bedside table.

She stared at the amulet, then closed her eyes and, clutching the amulet thought aloud to herself, “I wish mom didn’t have to work this summer!” Ella opened her eyes a crack and looked down at the amulet, expecting it to glow or something, and make all her dreams come true. But it just looked the same. So much for magic, Ella thought as she turned off her light and went to sleep.

Magic, you say. Well it doesn’t exist, but a contract may if you so wish. Mom works all day so the girl cannot play, which makes the girl dull indeed. So to remedy this, I will do a little twist, and mom will be home to stay.

In Ella’s room, a faint glow could be seen under her sheets, as the amulet lit up with a powerful light.


Re: Wishes and Consequences Chapters 2-4 as promised

Chapter 2

Maxine didn’t get home until well after midnight. She trudged in the front door, her makeup streaming down her face, for she had been crying the entire way home. She just could not believe it. Everything was going so well until she got a call from her boss, who had just gotten a call from their corporate office, saying her position at the company at which she had worked for 25 years had been suddenly terminated. Corporate rebranding, or some nonsense as they called it. She had spent the next hour in her boss’s office outlining the layoff and getting told of her severance package. And while it was a very generous severance, which meant she could take her time finding a new job this summer, it wasn’t at all comforting. So she cried, cursed herself and questioned her life up to that point the entire ride home from the office. It was all very emotional.

However, Maxine was seeing the bright side of it all, as this meant she would be able to spend the whole summer with her kids. I might just be able to get this potty training thing with Sam down too, she thought.

She went into Sam’s room to check on him. Sam was lying with his teddy, all sprawled out on his bed, covers on the floor, as he was a bit of a violent sleeper. Maxine sat on the edge of his toddler bed, and rubbed his back as he slept. She gently rubbed his diaper, checking to see if it was wet, and to her surprise it wasn’t. She was delighted by this fact, and hoped he would make it all the way to morning like that, and if he did she would have to do something to reward him for it. She had read that nighttime training was the longest, so she was hoping that this was a sign of good things. Maybe I can make his favorite breakfast in the morning to reward a dry night, she thought. And with that, she covered him back up, kissed his forehead and left the room. She did not bother checking on Ella, as she went to her room to go to sleep.

The next morning, Ella woke to the smell of pancakes. She got up out of bed, and headed for the kitchen. There her mom was at the stove, flipping a pancake onto a plate, and Sam was at the table in his high chair, using his hands to slop syrupy pancakes into his mouth, getting more on his shirt and into his diaper than in his mouth, but enjoying himself nonetheless. In fact, Ella witnessed, the mood was quite cheery as she entered the room.

“Hey, good morning, Mom, Sam.” Ella said thirdly and with a yawn.

“Good morning, sleepyhead! How did you sleep?”

“Ok I guess. That smells good. Wait, shouldn’t you be at work?” Ella asked puzzled.

“Well, yes and no, you see, I was kind of fired last night. But that’s ok, now I get more time to spend with you and Sam this summer.”

“Fired! That’s awful, mom. I am so sorry. What are we gonna do about money?” Ella asked worriedly.

“Oh, don’t you worry about that silly goose, we will be ok, I will find a new job soon, until then we will just live off the money my job gave me yesterday in severance, it is quite a bit, so I thought I would take the summer off to be with you kids. Does that sound ok?”

“Ok? That is great, Mom!” Ella said emphatically. In truth, it was just what she wanted, not that she wanted her mom to lose her job, but her being free from work, meant that Ella would be free from babysitting. It was a winning combination.

“But why the pancakes? Are we celebrating something? We don’t usually get to eat your cooking.” This was very true, most mornings consisted of cold cereal or oatmeal, then packed lunches, then usually take out for dinner because Maxine was too tired to cook from working all day.

“Yes we are celebrating. Your little brother stayed dry all night long, then made pee pee into the potty this morning like a big boy! Sammy, baby, what a good boy you are!” With that Maxine came over to Sam from the oven and gave him a big kiss and hug, even though he was all sticky from the syrup, and Maxine clapped and sang a cutesy little song about being a big boy to him, one that went along with a certain commercial you would see on the TV during children’s programming.

Ella just looked on and smiled, as she got her own plate of pancakes and scared them down. In fact, she couldn’t help but envy all the attention that Sam received from their mother. She thought back to a time when her mother would dote on her as she doted on Sam, and she couldn’t help but feel a pang of jealousy.

The rest of the day was rather uneventful. Except if you count the ten or so mini celebrations had by Maxine and Sam every time Sam made it to the potty. Ella was growing rather annoyed by it all. When she tried to talk to her mom about a show they were watching on the TV, or if she just wanted to have a simple conversation with her, it would always somehow get back to Sam, and taking him to the bathroom, and then they would celebrate and sing that annoying song. Even Sam started singing it to. It was so much so that Ella started hearing it in her head.

Even though Ella would say she was just getting tired of the matinee put on by her mother every time Sam did something good, that wasn’t the whole story. Ella was growing increasingly jealous of all the attention Sam was getting, and was quite upset at the lack of attention she was receiving. Even after Sam had been put to bed for the night, Ella could still feel the jealousy growing. It got to the point where she was so starved by the lack of attention, that after she had finished using the bathroom, she told her mom about it.

“Ok, Ella thanks for telling me silly. Why did you think I need to know?” Maxine asked, puzzled by her daughter’s statement.

“Oh, I just thought you might like to know is all.” Ella replied embarrassed she had even brought it up.

“Was everything ok? You didn’t have an accident or anything, right?” Maxine added with a chuckle.

“OMG! No, mom, gross, sorry I even said anything, gosh! An accident at my age, really? I am going to bed. Goodnight!” Ella said as she left the room to her mom laughing and saying good night.

Ella stormed off to her room and sat on her bed with authority. She couldn’t believe her mom would say that. She was 12 years old, after all, and she hadn’t had an accident wince, well, before she could remember. Her Mom’s methods of potty training might have been annoying, but they worked, Ella was dry day and night by age 3. There was no way she would have had an accident, she just wanted her mom to show her some of the affection she showed Sam. Since she had already gotten ready for bed earlier and was already in her pajamas, she decided to just lay down on her bed and try to get some sleep.

But sleep alluded her, as she tossed and turned, still focused on the lack of attention she got from her mom. It was bothering her so much, she grabbed at the amulet on her wrist, closed her eyes tight and wished.

Wish 2: I wish I could get the same attention Sam does!

Ella said it loud in her mind, repeating the wish over and over for emphasis. When she could say it no longer, and sleep felt like it would take her at any second, she cracked her eyes open a bit, and she could have sworn the amulet was glowing, but she was too tired to focus and ended up falling asleep.

If attention is what you seek, you might find your future bleak. The mother celebrates the boy, but not the girl, which makes the girl dull indeed. But if the girl wants to be more like the boy, then the girl should act like it. With a little twist, I can make the girl get what she wants, but only if she acts the part. Attention for good and attention for bad, both come with attention. So since the boy’s attention is for the good, shouldn’t the girl’s attention be for the bad? I believe it to be so.

Ella’s room once again is filled with a mysterious glow from the amulet.

Chapter 3

Ella awoke to the sun peeking through her curtains. As she laid there in bed, she thought about not getting up, because she was just so warm and comfortable. I wish I could lay here all day, she thought as she yawned. She felt particularly warm under her sheets. And, as an added bonus, she was surprised to find she didn’t need to use the bathroom like she usually did in the morning. But as she lie there, feeling the warmth, she felt like maybe she was too warm. And when she shifted her legs ever so slightly, she could have sworn she felt damp, like she was sweating, but as she moved more, it dawned on her that she didn’t just feel damp, she felt wet. Like she was lying in a puddle. That’s when she quickly rolled over and tossed back her covers, to find to her horror that she was indeed lying in a puddle. A puddle of urine. She had wet the bed.

Ella was so freaked out she didn’t know whether to scream or cry. She could do neither though, as she was so thoroughly shocked that she was speechless. That was when she heard a knock on her door.

“Ella, time to wake up!” her mom announced as she opened the door to her room. Ella tried to pull the covers over her mess, but her mom saw it, and walked towards her with alarm on her face.

“Ella? What is that? Did you pee in your bed? Oh it smells like urine in here!” Maxine exclaimed as she grabbed the blankets from Ella’s hands to survey the damage. Ella just sat there in shock, unable to find any words to explain her current situation.

“Oh my gosh! Look at all that pee that is just disgusting! And it’s soaked through to the mattress, how am I gonna get that stain out? Get up, Ella!” Maxine shouted at her, and grabbed Ella’s arm and hoisted her off the bed, and tore the sheets from the bed. Ella just stood there, in her soaked nightgown and panties, her nightgown clinging to her back with urine. She felt a draft, and shivered a bit as her mom gathered all her sheets and headed to the laundry room. When her mom returned, Ella was still standing there, drenched, not knowing what to do.

“Why, Ella? Just please explain to me why a 12 year old wets the bed! I just cannot come up with an answer myself. Did you drink a lot before bed? Did you forget to use the potty? What am I going to do about this?” Maxine looked flummoxed by her daughter’s lack of control.

Ella just stammered out a weak, “Sorry, mom.” She couldn’t think of anything else to say. “It was an accident,” was the only way she could think to follow it up.

“An accident? You just told me last night you never had accidents, and now this? Incredible! Just give me those clothes you are wearing and go take a bath. I can’t deal with this right now. I mean your brother is 3 and he was dry this morning! Unbelievable!”

Ella was just shocked by her mother’s last statement. She couldn’t believe she was outdone by a 3 year old, and as she shed her nightgown and panties and handed them to her mom, her eyes filled with tears as she made the lonely trip to the bathroom to shower. The day had just begun, but it was already ruined. Little did Ella know, that this was just the beginning.

Every night that followed for the next week, Ella woke up wet, while her brother woke up dry. Maxine had even gotten Ella a waterproof mattress cover for her bed, and left a change of sheets in Ella’s room every morning. Ella was cleaning up after herself, but her mother had to do all the laundry, so when Ella would bring her mother the stained sheets in the morning along with her pajamas that she had worn to be washed, her mother would just look at her in disgust and make remarks about how she was too old for this, and how she was getting tired of all the laundry.

It all came to an ugly head when Ella and her mother were watching TV together after dinner and Sam was already asleep. A commercial for bedwetting came on. A boy and girl about Ella’s age came on the TV, and spoke of their bedwetting and how it was so much better since they got bedwetting protection. The “protection” was basically a diaper for older kids, it had tapes and everything, but the commercial made it out to be some type of miracle, as they usually do. The kids on the commercial were so happy to be wearing them, even showing how they thought no one could tell they were wearing them under their pajamas, but Ella could see they were totally diapered. They looked like bigger versions of her little brother’s night diapers, and the kids in the commercial looked like overgrown toddlers, with big poof butts to boot. It was all so ridiculous to Ella, that she huffed and said, “Sure.”

Maxine was intrigued by the commercial though, especially the part where it mentioned less laundry. And when she heard her daughter’s sarcastic remark, she said, “Well, I think you should try it.”

Ella just looked slack jawed at her mother and said, “What?”

“I said, I think you should try those. Your brother wears a diaper to bed for his bedwetting, I don’t see why you should be any different.”

“Uh, mom, I am twelve, he is three, you can’t be serious.” Ella just couldn’t believe what her mom was saying.

“Well, you both act like babies when you sleep, so maybe I need to start treating you like you act.” Ella could see her mom was dead set and serious on this matter. The commercial ended with a list of stores you could buy the product at, and Ella’s mom said, “Well, they sell them at our local grocery store. I guess I have some shopping to do. Stay here and watch your brother, I will be right back.”

Ella pleaded with her mom, “No mom really you don’t need to do that. I swear I will help out more around the house, I will try to stop wetting my bed, I promise really! Please don’t go! Please don’t buy me diapers!” Ella was crying, but her mom did not seem to care she just slipped on her sandals and grabbed her purse and headed out the door.
Ella couldn’t believe what was happening, her mother was acting nuts. How could she expect Ella to wear diapers at her age? Ella just sat there dreading her mother’s return. When she came back an hour later, it was just before Ella’s bedtime. Ella had already showered and was dressed in her pajamas when her mom came in, carrying six bags of the diapers Ella and her had just seen on the TV. The brand was called Tranquil Slumber Nighttime Protection and had a picture of a smiling girl on the outside and big bold captions reading Keeps them dry all night long, and No more wet sheets. At least that was what Ella could see as her mom came into her room carrying the bags. Her mom took them to her bureau, and placed them on top. She opened the top drawer where Ella kept her panties and started taking them out and throwing them on the floor. Ella just sat there on her bed and watched in horror as her mother systematically emptied her underwear drawer and placed the diapers inside. She put two whole bags of diapers in the drawer and then put the other four bags in her closet for storage. Then she grabbed the underwear she had taken out of the drawer and put them in a lower drawer in the bureau.

Maxine grabbed a single diaper from the top drawer and handed it to Ella. “Hold this.” She said, then she left the room for a moment. Ella grasped the diaper in both hands. It was smooth to the touch, as it had a plastic backing, and it was much bigger than her brother’s diapers. It was generic white, but it was decorated with pink flowers and polka dots, and had a line running down the center, with the words wetness indicator in bold letters. Ella felt her stomach in her throat, and her eyes welled with tears. This was actually happening. A nightmare come true.

Her mother returned a couple minutes later with a towel and her brother’s baby powder. She laid the towel on the floor, then grabbed the diaper from Ella’s hands and placed it and the powder next to the towel. “Stand up.” She commanded, and Ella, who was in a daze like state because she was sure this was a dream, complied without argument. Maxine raised her Daughter’s nightgown and pulled it over her head. She then pulled off her Daughter’s underwear, and examined them.

“These are a little damp already. I can see this was the right idea.” Maxine remarked about her daughter’s panties. Ella wanted to say she just got out of the shower, and that was the reason her panties were moist, but she was still out of it. So she just stood there in her nakedness, trying to not cry and throw up.

Maxine pointed to the towel and said, “Lay down.” Ella looked at her mother with pleading eyes, but knew there was nothing she could do, so she laid down on the towel on the floor, and covered her eyes with her hands. She bent her knees so her feet were flat on the floor, and spread her legs, completely compliant and wanting to just get the ordeal over with.

“Good girl.” Her mother remarked as she unfolded the diaper, and placed it under Ella’s backside. Ella heard the rustle on the plastic and felt the cling as it slid under her butt, but she kept her eyes covered, thinking if she didn’t see it, it wasn’t happening. She smelled the powder and felt the light dusting on her privates as her mother applied it, but she kept thinking that it wasn’t real, it couldn’t be real. As her mother pulled the diaper up between her legs, she felt the tightness around her thighs and the puffiness between her legs, and then she felt the tightness around her waist as her mother taped the diaper shut one tape at a time, four tapes in all. Then her mother pulled at the top and sides of her diaper, adjusting it so it fit just right, and it was over. Ella attempted to close her legs, but it was no use, the sheer expanse of her diaper region was enough to keep them slightly apart. This diaper was very thick, and since it was aimed at nighttime protection, Ella understood why. Her mother grabbed her hands and pulled her to her feet. Ella wobbled a bit at first, but then felt her mother pulling her nightgown over her head and down her body, attempting to smooth it over her now poof backside, but the diaper still stuck out a few inches under her nightgown’s hem.

“Well, I guess the commercial didn’t get everything right. I can totally tell you have a diaper on, but that’s ok it will make it easier to check in the morning. And I will be checking you every morning from now on. I am going to be keeping tabs on how much you drink and how wet you are in the morning, so don’t even think about removing this diaper, do you understand me?”

Ella was just so tired and upset that she just nodded and put her head down. She grabbed at her wrist and played with the amulet. She took a step towards her bed and found it hard to walk with the diaper on, so she had to kind of waddle. She heard the telltale crinkle, and thought to herself that was another thing the commercial got wrong, it was obvious by both sight and sound that she was in a diaper. Her mother patted her diapered butt as she climbed into bed, and said,

“I know this is difficult, but it’s for your own good. Hopefully by morning we will have a dry diaper that isn’t your baby brother’s. Good night Ella.”

Ella just crawled under her covers and rolled to face the wall, not watching her mother leave the room. She could not believe she was wearing a diaper. It felt like there was a pillow between her legs. And her mom only made it worse by comparing her to her little brother. It was enough to make her grab the amulet, and close her eyes tight, and wish.

Wish 3: I wish I could be more like Sam!

Of course she meant to say she wished she could be dry like Sam in the morning, but it just felt easier and quicker to word it that way. She fell asleep clutching the amulet, as it once again illuminated the darkness of her room.

This girl is a pain, this girl is dull indeed. She has what she wants, does she have what she needs? Her mother’s attention is not quite enough, she still asks for more stuff! Well if like her brother she aims to be, then she will earn it with her pee. Attention, whether good or bad, is attention all the same. If the girl wants it she will have to play her brother’s game. Since it works so well at night it shall be the same for the day, every time the brother is dry, the sister will be wet. The mother’s attention will be earned with that, tis a safe bet.

Chapter 4

The next morning, Ella woke up to a very wet diaper. When she stood up, it felt so heavy and droopy, she had to hold it up on her waist. It was thoroughly drenched, but she remembered her mom told her not to take it off, so she tried to waddle out her door to her Mom’s room so she could get it off her. She made a few steps toward her door when she felt a familiar feeling. She could swear she was peeing. In fact, she was, but she couldn’t stop the flow by putting her legs together, that just squished the diaper, and made it leak on the floor. So there she was, 12 years old, a heavy wet diaper between her legs and a puddle at her feet, and that is exactly how her mother found her as she walked in the room.

Maxine’s jaw dropped as she stared at Ella. She had just gotten done take Sam to the potty, where he went like a big boy, and there was her 12 year old daughter, soggy wet diaper around her waist, standing in a puddle of her own urine. She was shocked to say the least.

“Oh dear lord, Ella, what is the matter with you? I just got done taking Sam to the potty, he was dry all night and this morning, and then I come to my 12 year old daughter’s room, only to find that she wet her night diapers and leaked pee all over the floor. There is no way that is all from last night! Did you pee your diaper just now?”

Ella just looked down and muttered, “I tried to come get you, but I had an accident on the way, and you told me not to take the diapers off…” she trailed off with a sniffle.

“Just great, amazing and unbelievable. You are just, wow, I can’t even say it. It just blows my mind. Just stay there I will get a towel.” Maxine walked off with a huff and more statements about how older kids didn’t do this and how Ella was setting a bad example for Sam, and how she couldn’t believe she had one child getting out of diapers and one going back in them. It was all just too much for Ella, so she started to sob. Her feet were growing cold from the urine puddle she stood in, and her diaper was clammy and wet. She felt disgusting, and wondered if this was how Sam felt. She could not believe this was happening to her.

What made it worse was how her mother was treating her. She had a meltdown every time Ella wet the bed, and now it was worse since she was in diapers. She didn’t understand why she had wet herself, she thought it was probably just a one-time thing, just an accident, but she couldn’t understand why her mother was so hard on her. She didn’t even try to get her help, just kept admonishing her and comparing her to her brother. She never got this upset when Sam wet his pants in public or wet the bed at night, was it just the age difference that made her so cross to Ella? No, Ella thought, she loves him more than me. That must be the reason.

Ella just stood there bawling her eyes out at the realization that her mother did not love her as much as Sam. She let go of her diaper and it dropped to the floor with a thud and a splash, and she grabbed the amulet on her wrist.
Wish 4: I wish mom would love me like she does Sam!

Ella pleaded with the heavens or whoever was listening to make her wish come true. She not only needed her Mom’s attention, but her love as well. She was tired of being the comparison to her little brother. She wanted her mom to care enough to help her with her bedwetting and not admonish her every time she had an accident. Enough was enough, she had endured it too long. She wished with all her might, eyes clenched shut so hard she did not see the glow of her amulet as it burned brightly on her wrist.

The girl I do not understand, she is dull indeed. I give her all she wants and she throws it back at me. I give her mother’s attention, I make her more like her brother, yet she still asks for more. Now she wants love, well I cannot do it all. Mother’s love and attention she will get, but like her brother she will no longer be. She cannot have both. However, with a little twist, fun can still be had.

After her mom brought her a towel and took away the wet diaper at her feet, Ella went to shower and got dressed for the day. Her accident must have been one off, because she used the toilet regularly throughout the day without incident. The strange thing was her mother always seemed to be around when she finished, asking her if she used the potty, and then telling her what a good girl she was after hearing she did. It was eerily similar to how she treated Sam after his potty successes. But Ella just shrugged it off, as she was happy to be over it.

That night, after her mother diapered her, she even felt better about going to sleep than she had in a long while. And when she woke up the next morning, she was dry too.

Ella sprang out of bed, and rushed to the living room, wearing only her nightgown and diaper, to tell her mom the good news. She didn’t know her mom had company. Apparently a new neighbor just moved in down the street and she was over having coffee with Maxine in the kitchen. Ella bounded in and exclaimed,

“Mommy, mommy! I didn’t wet the bed, my diaper is dry!” and to prove the point she lifter her nightgown to show her diapered but dry state. That was when she saw the other woman in the room, and the surprised look on her face.

“That’s excellent, honey! I am so proud of you! Such a big girl! This is Mrs. Henderson, she just moved in down the street. She was just telling me she has a daughter your age…”

“No, Maxine, my daughter is 12.” Replied Mrs. Henderson.

Maxine just smiled and said, “I know she might not look it, dressed as she is, but Ella is 12 too.”

Mrs. Henderson just laughed, “Oh my, I thought she wasn’t more than 6 years old. She is still in diapers at her age?”

“Well, just for now until we figure out why she has been having so many accidents lately. I am doing my best to help her through this difficult time. Sweetie, why don’t you go back to your room while I show Mrs. Henderson out?”

Ella quickly pulled her nightgown down and ran back to her room, her face beet red. Maxine showed Mrs. Henderson out and went to her daughter’s room. She found Ella under her covers hiding.

“Aww honey you can come out now there’s no reason to be embarrassed, imagine if you came out with a wet diaper, now that would have been even worse!”

“Mom, I can’t believe I did that, I feel so stupid!” Ella came out from under the covers sniffling, ready to cry. Her mom sat on her bed and pulled her close into a hug. This was surprising for Ella, because it had been a while since her mom hugged her like that.

“Its ok baby, mommy is here. Everything will be alright. I know what will cheer you up, how about a visit from the tickle monster!”

Ella hadn’t heard that since she was a kid, but before she could say no, her mom was tickling her all over.

“Mom, please, ha-ha, that’s too much, ha-ha…” Ella laughed and laughed and her mom continued to tickle her, getting all her most ticklish spots.

“The tickle monster doesn’t give up so easily!” Maxine was really getting into character, even growling as she tickled her daughter senseless. All Ella could do was laugh and laugh. She laughed as the tickling went on for a good five minutes. Then her mom stopped.

“Ella?” she asked.

“Yes…. Giggle… mommy?” Ella replied.

“I thought you said you woke up dry?” Maxine asked puzzled.

“I did, I am dry!” Ella exclaimed and grabbed her diaper to emphasize the point, but all Ella felt was a squish. Oh no, Ella thought, I didn’t even feel it.

“I’m sorry mommy, I didn’t know, it was an accident I swear!” Ella just looked so forlorn at her mother, who did something amazing next.

“Oh sweetheart, its ok. It was probably all my fault, tickling you like that. Let’s get you out of that wet diaper!” Maxine jumped off the bed and went to get a towel. When she returned, she had wipes and powder too. Ella was puzzled. But she let her mom take off her diaper as she lay in bed and her mom wiped her down. That was when her mom went to the drawer to get another diaper.

“Mom, what are you doing?” Ella asked concerned.

“Changing your diaper silly goose! I don’t want you to have another accident, especially not in your pants, so you need to wear another diaper until we are sure you can stay dry!” Maxine explained it like it was the most reasonable thing in the world. But Ella was not having it.

“Mom, I don’t need to wear diapers all the time, just at night.” Ella felt her argument was sound. But Maxine was adamant.

“Honey, this was your second daytime accident in two days. I think you should wear a diaper just to be safe. I don’t want you to be embarrassed if you go in your pants by accident. This way, if you do have another accident, no one else will know. Doesn’t that make sense to you?”

Ella couldn’t argue her mother’s logic, so in defeat she said, "I guess you’re right. But if I stay dry all day can I wear regular underwear from now on? Ella pleaded with her mother.

Maxine thought about it, “I guess so, if you stay dry all day.”

As Maxine powdered and diapered her daughter for the day, she kept thinking how absurd it was for Ella to think she wouldn’t have an accident. Maxine knew it would happen, in fact she was sure of it. She didn’t know why she knew her daughter was bound to wet herself, but it seemed like her duty to protect her from the embarrassment of wet pants, even if it meant keeping her in diapers forever.

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Re: Wishes and Consequences

nice story. you write with such detail and feeling

Re: Wishes and Consequences chapter 5

This chapter is a bit longer than the others so I thought I would post it while I work on the next. Thanks for the comments, they really keep me going. Enjoy!

Chapter 5

Maxine helped Ella get dressed for the day, now that she was in diapers. She helped Ella pick out a black skirt that concealed what she was wearing underneath it, and a nice button down blue shirt that Ella really liked. After Maxine helped Ella put on her shoes, Ella asked,

“Are we going somewhere?”

“Yes, we need groceries, so I thought we would go to the store. Is that ok?” Maxine told her daughter.

“Well, yeah, I guess so mom, it’s just usually you have me stay home and watch Sam while you go grocery shopping.” Ella stated matter of factly.

“And leave my babies here all by themselves, I wouldn’t dream of it. You just finish getting ready and go to the car. I will wake up Sam and get him ready to go. Give me 15 minutes.” And with that, Maxine left Ella’s room to go take care of Sam.

Ella was a bit confused by her Mom’s new seemingly overprotective nature, but she thought it was for the best, even if she was freaked out about going out into public in her current diapered state. Ella just had to concentrate on not using her diaper, as she wanted out of it as soon as possible. She didn’t know what her mom would do if she were to have another accident.

Ella stood up off her bed and went to her mirror, where she brushed her hair and made sure she looked ok to go out. She looked at her outfit in the full length mirror, making sure her diaper was not noticeable, and even though she thought her butt looked a bit poofy, she was confident that the skirt would hide her diapered state, as long as she was careful not to do any handstands in the store. It was a knee length skirt and her shirt did come down below her waist, so Ella believed she was safe from anything peeking out.

Ella could hear her mom in the bathroom that shared a wall with her room, singing the potty training song to Sam, so she knew she had a couple more minutes. She gently lifted her skirt so she could see her diaper in the mirror. It was in stark contrast to her regular underwear choices, it bulged in the front and back, and the designs, while aimed at an older audience, came off as childish at best. The flowers and polka dots of her previous diaper, were now tiny fairy and ballet dancers, still very pink, and still with the large wetness indicator down the middle. Ella guessed that wetness indicator was how her mom knew she had wet herself earlier just by looking at her diaper, because it turned from the yellow it was now to a dark blue when wet.

As Ella was admiring her diapered state in the mirror, she didn’t notice her mom peeking through the doorway. Maxine watched her daughter examine her diaper in the mirror, and she thought that she could even see Ella smile, while she lightly touched her diaper and fixated on herself in the mirror. This was just Maxine’s perception though, as Ella was actually frowning as she hated what she was wearing, but her mother could only see an expression of joy on her young daughter’s face. She looks so happy, Maxine thought, like she enjoys wearing her diapers again. And as she entered her daughter’s room to tell her it was time to go, she silently vowed to keep her daughter happy forever.

Maxine, Ella and Sam all piled into the minivan, with Maxine taking extra time to make sure both Sam and Ella were securely buckled in. Ella was really enjoying the new found attention she was receiving from her mother, even if she felt it was a bit overboard on her part. It was almost if her mom was a completely different person, but in a good way. As they rode to the grocery store, Ella just hummed along to the radio station her mom was playing, barely noticing that they drove right past the local grocery they usually visit.

“Um, mom, I thought you said we were going to get groceries? I think you just passed the store.” Ella stated in a confused tone. Maxine just kept driving, but answered her daughter,

“Yeah, I thought we would go to the store in Newberry, the selection is better there.”

“But, mom, isn’t Newberry like a three hour drive from here?” Ella asked incredulously.

Maxine replied, “Don’t worry, it will be a quick ride, plus I made sure I packed extra changes for both you and Sam, just in case.” Maxine padded her large purse that she carried with her on shopping excursions for emphasis. Ella didn’t even remember her mom going to her bureau to get her diapers, but she must have done it while she was unaware. No matter, Ella thought, there is no way I am going to need a diaper change today.

About an hour into the drive, however, Ella’s bladder was telling her a different story. She could feel the pressure mounting, and she knew she would have to use the bathroom soon. Well, Ella thought, I will just ask mom to pull off in a rest area, that shouldn’t be a problem.

“Hey mom?” Ella called out.

“Yes dear?” Maxine replied.

“Can we stop at a rest area, I need to use the bathroom.” Ella stated innocently.

“Oh dear, I wish you had told me earlier, the last sign on this highway said the next rest area isn’t for another 60 miles. And we just passed the last one.” Of course this wasn’t completely true, but Maxine had no intentions of stopping.

“Oh, but mom, can we just take the next exit and find a store I can use the bathroom in, I really need to go.” Ella pleaded with her mother.

Maxine just kind of chuckled. “Ella, dear, you are wearing a diaper, just use it. I am not going to stop in a strange town that I don’t know just to search for a bathroom when you are in a diaper. Just use your diaper, and I will change you when we get to the store.” Maxine was adamant.

Ella could not believe her mother. She told her if she could keep her diapers dry, she wouldn’t have to wear them during the day anymore, and now she wanted Ella to purposefully use her diaper? It was unbelievable. Ella was shocked.

“But, mommy, you said if I needed to use the bathroom, I could. I don’t want to use my diapers on purpose. That’s not fair!” Ella shouted them last part. This made Maxine shout back,

“Ella Marie Peterson, do not raise your voice at me young lady! Now, I told you I am not stopping, so just stop complaining and use your diaper for its intended purpose, or so help me, I will give you a spanking when we get home, do you understand me?” Ella just got quiet. She knew better than to argue with her mother, she knew her mother’s threats were real. Ella didn’t even remember the last time she was spanked by her mother, but she knew it wouldn’t be pleasant. However, Ella was dealing with a new problem, for she knew that if she peed her diaper, the next thing was she would have to poop as well.

Ella could feel her bowels churning as she desperately tried to hold in her urine. But due to the diaper’s sheer girth between her legs, she couldn’t cross them to help stem the flow that was inevitably going to find its way into her diaper. She decided to give her mother this new information, as it might convince her to stop.

“Please, mommy, can we stop somewhere? I have to poop too, you don’t want to clean up that mess, do you?” Ella hoped that her reasoning was sound enough to get her mother to stop the car. But her mother just kept driving, right past another exit on the highway.

“I told you, Ella that is not possible. I will clean you up when we get to the store. Not another word.” Maxine practically growled that last sentence, so Ella could tell she was perturbed. There was nothing Ella could do. She desperately had to go, her mother would not listen to reason and stop the car, and she was growing more desperate by the second. Ella felt so defeated, that she could feel the tears welling up in her eyes. Ella knew she had no other choice.

Just as Ella squirmed and wriggled with all her might to stop the floodgates from opening, Maxine hit a pothole in the road. That was the last straw for Ella, as she felt her bladder release. Warm liquid flowed into her diaper with the force of a raging river, covering her crotch and seeping onto her backside. Ella whimpered as she completely emptied her bladder, and as she felt the shocking warmth of the urine hit her backside, she felt another dam break. Being securely fastened into the seat of the car, due to her mother’s diligence, Ella couldn’t even lift her backside slightly as she felt the warm poop ooze into her diaper. Ella felt it creep up the back of her diaper, and then make its way to the front, as she was completely covered in her own mess. The smell made Ella gag slightly, which caught the attention of her mother.

“Aww did my little girl make an oopsie in her diapers?” Maxine cackled at her joke evilly, as Ella started to cry. But all Maxine heard was a happy and content child in the backseat. She was completely oblivious to her daughter’s cries.

Ella was forced to sit in her own mess for another hour before they reached the store. By that point she was completely out of tears. She just hoped her mom would change her quickly. As they parked in the lot of the grocery store, Maxine announced,

“We are here, babies!” Ella was so glad she was practically giddy. Sam was asleep in his car seat, not a care in the world. Maxine got Sam out of the car and into a stroller she procured from the back of the minivan.

“Looks like I have two babies to change,” she remarked as she checked his diaper while fastening him into the stroller. Sam stayed asleep, however.

Ella undid her seatbelt, and opened her door. But she was afraid to move due to the massive load in her pants. Maxine just looked at her as she stowed her purse on the stroller.

“Well, are you coming in or not, sweetie? Don’t you want to be changed?” Maxine asked her unusually slow moving daughter.

Ella looked at the store, which was a good fifty feet away, and then back at her mother with pleading eyes, “Can’t you just change me here? Why do we have to go in?” Ella asked innocently.

“Oh dear, sweet Ella, I need the changing station in the store for your brother, so I might as well change you there too. Plus, I don’t want anyone to see you naked in a parking lot, silly goose. Now come on, let’s go.” Maxine goaded her child to get out of the car and make her way.

Ella was just so defeated already, all she could do was comply. She knew her mother wouldn’t sway, so she carefully made her way out of the minivan, and though she felt the contents of her diaper shift, she knew it would hold. However, walking was a real challenge, Ella soon found out as she waddled behind her mother, her mess swishing about in the diaper. Ella felt so gross as she followed her mom up to the doors of the store on their long trek across the parking lot, the whole time Ella feeling her butt sway with the load in the back of her diaper. It felt so heavy with each step, like she had grown an oblong tail that was now jutting out her backside, making it hard to keep her balance.

When they finally reached the store, Ella was sure as they stepped inside the cranking of her diaper was even louder as they walked to the bathroom in the store. Ella was also painfully aware of all the people they passed in the store, and she knew that they all knew about her diapered state. She was sure of it. Ella was relieved when they finally reached the bathrooms. They all walked in the ladies room, and Maxine took Sam out of the stroller, still peacefully in slumber, and placed him on the changing station that she folded out of the wall. Sam roused a bit as Maxine expertly changed him on the spot, but soon was back asleep after being placed back in the stroller, clean and peaceful.

Maxine grabbed a towel out of her purse and laid it on the bathroom floor, next to the changing station. She looked at Ella and then at the towel, and said,

“Well, are you gonna lay down so I can change you or what?”

Ella just stood there slack jawed. She couldn’t believe her mother planned to change her right there in the public restroom. “But, mom, can’t we use the stall or something, what if someone comes in?” with that an older woman entered the bathroom, smiled at Ella and her mother, and went into the stall.

Maxine just smirked. “Well, we can’t use it now. Plus, we wouldn’t all fit in there silly! Now lay down so I can change your dirty diaper!” Maxine pointed to the towel. Ella was just so beet red from embarrassment, she stammered, “Mommy, do you have to be so loud! The whole world is gonna find out!”

Maxine just kept smirking as she pulled her daughter down to a laying position, catching Ella a bit off guard as she smashed her poop riddled butt into the floor. “Ow, mom geez, do you have to be so rough!” Ella practically shouted as her mom lifted up her skirt to expose her diaper to the world. Of course the bathroom was empty except for her mother, Sam, Ella and the lady currently occupying the stall, but to Ella it felt like this diaper change was being broadcast to the entire world.

Maxine untaped her daughters diaper as she lay there and surveyed the mess.

“Wow, someone really had to go, what a stinky little girl you are!” Maxine exclaimed as she gave Ella’s tummy a slight tickle. Ella giggled a bit, due to her mother’s tickling, not at the situation she was currently in, and bit her tongue so as not to say what she knew would get her on trouble.

She could only close her eyes as the lady in the stall came out, saw her on the floor, getting her severely soiled diaper changed, and smiled as she made her way to the sink to wash her hands. Of course the lady had to chat with Maxine, to Ella’s horror.

“She is just so cute, she looks so grown up in those clothes, and I would never guessed she was still in diapers. How old is she?” The complete stranger lady asked.

Maxine didn’t pull any punches. In fact she really couldn’t. She wanted to lie for the sake of her daughter, but found herself saying, “She is 12. She just has problems with her toileting. So until we fix that she will just have to keep wearing her diapers.” Maxine felt powerless to what she was saying, but it sounded right to her. The stranger lady just kind of blushed and stammered,

“Oh well, you have a nice day,” she croaked out as she left as quickly as her feet could take her. Ella just covered her eyes with her hands, and endured the rest of the diaper change, not completely oblivious to the door of the restroom opening again and more people going in and out. Ella could have even swore she heard a giggle, but kept her eyes closed, as her mother unfolded a new diaper, put it under her butt, powdered her, and taped it up. Ella felt her skirt being pulled down over her shame, and felt her mom grab her hands from her eyes, to help her to her feet.

Ella stood there as her mother packed away her diapering accessories into her purse, and adjusted Ella’s skirt and shirt.

“There, all done. Fresh and clean. Feel better?” Maxine asked her daughter with a wink.

Ella just nodded solemnly. A girl of about 8 exited the stall, took a look at Ella, snickered and left. Ella finally knew where the giggling of earlier had come from, and felt the red rash of shame creep into her cheeks. All Maxine could say was,

“That little girl didn’t even wash her hands…” as she grabbed the stroller and pushed it out the door, Ella following in a slow march behind her, unable to comprehend what may happen next.

Re: Wishes and Consequences chapter 6

I could do this all day, and I think I have. Enjoy!

Chapter 6

“Ella, can you go get us a shopping cart, please?” Maxine ordered her daughter.

Ella nodded and left to get a cart. When she had one she rejoined her mother at the front of the store. Maxine pushed Sam in the stroller as Ella pushed the shopping cart. They made their way around the store, filling the cart slowly with all kinds of different foods and snacks, until it was quite nearly full. Maxine wanted to do more cooking now that she would be home this summer, so she stocked up on everything she could think of, keeping the perishables to a minimum as they had a long drive home.

As they made their way around the store, they passed the little giggling girl and her family. The little girl was with her mom and two brothers, and as they walked by each other both the family with the girl and Ella’s mom stopped at opposite ends of the aisles. Ella couldn’t help but glance over, and could see the little girl pointing her out to her brothers and giggling, probably telling them all about the older girl’s diaper change on the floor of the restroom that she had witnessed earlier. Ella looked away in shame, and said to her mom in a quiet voice,

“Can we please go home now, mommy?” It came out as a squeak, and Maxine looked to her daughter with worry in her eyes.

“Why the rush, Ella? Did you have another accident?” And before she could tell her mom no, Maxine had lifted her skirt and exposed her diaper, for all the shoppers in the aisle, including the little girl and her family, to see. Ella just raised her hands to her mouth and blushed furiously, as her mom poked and prodded her diaper.

“Seems dry to me. You let me know if you need a diaper change, ok, Ella?” And with that, Maxine readjusted Ella’s skirt back over her diaper, gave her a pat on the behind and went back to examining the shelves of the aisle. Ella stood there completely mortified that her mother would expose her diapered butt to the whole world as she just did, and felt very small at that moment. This couldn’t possibly get any worse, she thought.

The amulet twinkled slightly.

Oh, but it can, and it will.

Ella just followed her mom around the store, hoping that the sheer torture would end soon, and she could go back home and wallow in her grief. She didn’t know why her mother was treating her in such a way. At first it was nice and all, and she really enjoyed the extra attention, but now it was like she was treating her like she would treat Sam after he had a potty training setback. Ella could understand her treating Sam that way, but why did her mother feel like she should be treated the same way. Maybe she has some sick sense of humor about all of this, and this is her idea of punishment, Ella thought. Could her mother really be so cold?

Maxine and Ella finally made their way to the diaper aisle. There Maxine picked up some more diapers for Sam, and placed them in the cart. That was when Maxine noticed they carried Ella’s brand, Tranquil Slumber, as well. She grabbed a couple more bags of them and put them in the cart, to Ella’s surprise.

“Mom, why are we getting more of those?” Ella asked in earnest. She knew there were still at least 5 full bags at the house in her room.

“More of what, sweetheart?” Maxine asked obliviously.

Ella looked around to make sure the aisle was empty before answering.

“You know, more of my diapers,” Ella practically whispered, scared of anyone overhearing.

“Oh,” Maxine answered nonchalantly, “I am pretty sure we need more.”

Ella was confused. “But we still have like 5 bags at the house, how many diapers do you expect me to wear?” Ella stated incredulously.

Maxine just looked down at her daughter, and smiled and poked her daughter’s nose with her finger.

“Why, all of them, you silly goose! You are going to need enough for the rest of the days and nights of the summer. I can’t have my baby going around unprotected, now can I?” Maxine just smiled and continued to push the stroller down the aisle, getting more wipes and powder on the way. The whole summer, Ella thought stunned by her mother’s candid statement. Why is this happening to me?

At the checkout lane, Ella just stood with her head down as her mom pushed the groceries along the conveyor belt. She didn’t want to risk looking at the cashier and getting a knowing look from him as he scanned her diapers across the scanner. Ella had just about had her fill on embarrassment for the day, anymore and she might croak.

“Oh, Tammy, what are you doing here?” Maxine suddenly asked the bag clerk. Ella looked up to see her old neighbor from when she was 7 bagging the groceries from their cart. Tammy just looked up and smiled. When Ella was 7, Tammy was 12, so that must have made her 17 by now. Baggage clerk seemed an appropriate job for someone her age. But Maxine acted like she was surprised to see her there, even though she knew she started working there after her family moved from Vincent to Newberry years ago. It had been a while since Ella had seen Tammy, she looked so mature to her. Tammy spoke up,

“Oh, Ms. Peterson, you know I work here, I am saving up for college. Oh my gosh, is that little Ella? Look how big you have gotten! You are such a pretty young lady.”

Ella smiled, “Hi Tammy,” was all she replied before Maxine took the conversation back over.

“So how have you been Tammy, still working hard I see.” Maxine remarked.

“Oh yeah I work here a couple days a week, and then I have the babysitting I do over the summer. I finally got a car so I can go from one job to the next, while I am out of school for the summer.” Tammy beamed in pride.

“Oh, that’s wonderful, dear. Did you say babysitting? Would you be willing to watch Ella and Sam some time, I need some free time to look for a job this summer.” Maxine smiled at her fantastic idea.

Ella was confused. She usually watched Sam for her mom. So she had to speak up.

“But mom, I usually watch Sam while you are out, why do you need a babysitter?” Ella asked in concern.

“Oh dear Ella,” Maxine remarked, “I can’t leave my babies alone without some sort of parental supervision, what kind of mother would that make me? No you need someone responsible to take care of you, with experience. By the way Tammy, how are you with diaper changes?” Maxine couldn’t stop herself, even though she knew it would embarrass Ella to no end. It was like someone else was talking for her.

Tammy kind of blushed at the stark questioning by Maxine, but answered, “Well I usually take care of some kids who are still potty training, so I have some experience. Why, is Sam still at that age? He couldn’t be more than three right?”

At just the right moment, Maxine picked up the Tranquil Slumber diapers for Ella that were hiding in the cart, and placed them on the conveyor belt. As she said the next statement, she patted the bag for emphasis.

“Well, yeah Sam and Ella both. Ella has been back in diapers for a couple days now. I swear, sometimes I think I will never stop changing them. Is that a problem?”

Tammy was surprised by the nonchalant way Maxine talked about her daughter’s problem. She phrased her next answer carefully, “Well, I surely don’t mind, but isn’t Ella a little old for that still?” Tammy tried to spare Ella the embarrassment, but Maxine was on a roll.

“Well, she isn’t so old that she didn’t mess her diaper on the way here, that’s for sure.” Maxine didn’t know why she was saying these things so easily, she felt absolutely evil, but she had no control over the words that were coming out of her mouth.

Tammy turned bright red for Ella, who just stood there, head down, twirling her foot into the floor, like a naughty child who was being scolded would. Ella was afraid to look Tammy in the eyes, and she knew everyone in line was now locking their gaze onto her. Ella was broken and defeated, unable to defend herself any longer.

“Well, I am sure I could help you out, just give your number and we will hash out the details later.” Tammy said, hoping to end the torment Ella was obviously going through. Maxine and Tammy exchanged numbers and they finished checking out and headed to the minivan. Tammy offered her help loading their vehicle with the groceries.

Back at the minivan, Maxine put Sam in his car seat and buckled him in. He was awake now and made noises and sang while he played with his toys. Ella helped Tammy load the groceries, and Maxine soon joined them. Maxine thanked Tammy as they finished and they said their goodbyes. Ella walked over to the door of the car and opened it. It was the door behind the driver’s side of the car so Maxine approached from behind, and helped Ella into the car, while also lifting her skirt to check her diaper.

“Mom, seriously, I am dry!” Ella snapped. Maxine helped her in the rest of the way and buckled her in securely.

“I was just making sure, honey. No need to be so fussy, sounds like someone needs a nap.” Maxine chided playfully.

Ella just crossed her arms across her chest and pouted, but she soon found her mom was right, as she felt very sleepy all of a sudden. She could only look back in horror on the day she had just had, before she slowly closed her eyes to go to sleep on the long ride home.

When Ella finally woke up, she was lying in her bed and her mom was changing her diaper.

“Good to see you up sleepyhead, you took quite a long nap, I had to carry you inside. All done.” Maxine remarked as she saw her daughter stir. Ella looked down to see she was in a fresh diaper. She wondered if she had wet it in her sleep.

“Why did you change me?” Ella pondered, not really wanting to know the answer, but needing to hear it.

“Well, because you were wet silly goose. That happens to babies when they sleep, they just can’t keep all their pee pees inside.” Maxine once again chided playfully.

“I am not a baby, mom. I am 12 years old!” Ella exclaimed in frustration.

“Well, in your current attire, you could fool me. Only babies wear and wet their diapers. Now come on, help me unload the car so I can start making dinner.” Maxine was going at full speed now, Ella was utterly defeated by her logic.

Maxine helped Ella up off the bed, and they were just about to go unload the car when Ella realized she was no longer wearing her skirt, just a shirt and a diaper.

“Mom, where is my skirt?” Ella asked while searching around.

Maxine quickly answered, “Oh, you leaked on it in the car, so I threw it in the wash. But hurry up now, let’s go.”

Ella just looked at her mom in confusion. “I can’t go outside like this, everyone will see my diapers!”
Ella stomped her foot in emphasis.

Maxine just smiled, “Oh come now, Ella, it’s almost dark out and no is around, there is no one to see you. Plus, it will be easier for me if from now on you didn’t wear bottoms at home, so I can see when you need a change.”

Ella was flabbergasted, but she still couldn’t argue with her mom. Really, it was true there was no one who would see her and it was starting to get dark. And it wasn’t like she was walking the block in her diaper, just a few steps to the van. Whatever, Ella thought and followed her mom outside.

Ella tried to make as few trips to the van as possible to limit the exposure of her diaper, but there were so many groceries. On the third trip, she grabbed the bags with her diapers in them, and was rushing to the door when a familiar voice made her freeze.

“Ella? Is that you?” Melody asked as she skidded to a stop on her bike. Ella was so excited, she quickly turned around to greet her friend, but then remembered in horror what she was currently wearing. So she just locked eyes with Melody, turned beet red and choked on her words.

“OMG! Ella, are you wearing a diaper? OMG! That is so freaking hilarious! Look at the little designs on them, what are you 2 years old, ha ha!” Melody almost fell off her bike she was laughing so hard. All Ella could do was watch her friend berate her over her current situation. Then Ella found her legs and ran inside, threw down the groceries she was carrying and rushed to her room. There she hid under the blankets, closed her eyes real tight, and kept repeating, it’s only a dream, it’s only a dream. But when she opened her eyes, she was still in a diaper and a shirt and her friend had still made fun of her mercilessly.

Ella grabbed her amulet and wished as hard as she could, her eyes straining closed.

Wish 5: I wish Melody would understand.

Wow, this girl is driving me nuts, she is anything but dull. First her mother, then her brother, now a friend as well. The poor friend has no idea, and I am sure it will be just as hard for her as it is for the girl. But to truly understand someone, you must walk a mile in their shoes. So, march onward friend, the girl beckons you.

The amulet glowed with a brilliant light.

Re: Wishes and Consequences

This story is amazing! Absolutely love it. Great job.

Please keep writing this and please include lots more embarassing moments with her messing her diaper in public and being humiliated. Maybe even have someone hold her and have her speech get regressed to baby talk. That’d be awesome. :slight_smile:

Re: Wishes and Consequences

This is an amazing story. Thanks very much for writing it. I can’t wait for another chapter.

Re: Wishes and Consequences

This story is so good I wished it didn’t end. You’ve gotta keep going

Re: Wishes and Consequences

Wonderful story, keep up the great writing.

Re: Wishes and Consequences Chapter 7 and 8

Thanks everyone for the comments, they really keep me going. Suggestions are appreciated too! I am already thinking of ways to sneak them into the coming chapters, so please keep reading and commenting. And as always, Enjoy!

Chapter 7

As Melody rode her bike home, she couldn’t believe what she had seen. She had only come to say her final goodbyes to Ella, before she left for camp the next day. She had even planned on asking to stay the night, but she found it hard to picture Ella without bursting into laughter again. She looked so ridiculous in that diaper, Melody thought, like an overgrown toddler. As Melody came to a crosswalk, she couldn’t help but giggle at the thought of Ella, 12 years old, in a wet and messy diaper, lying on the floor calling for her mommy. The image in her head was so very funny that she soon found herself laughing out loud as she stopped to wait for the crosswalk sign to change.

There were a couple other people at the crosswalk waiting as well, and they all looked to see who was laughing behind them. When they saw it was just a little girl on her bike, they quickly focused their attention elsewhere. But Melody didn’t care, as her laughter changed from an ordinary chuckle, to a maniacal cackle. Soon she was laughing so hard tears were streaming down her face. It was so much, she had to get off her bike and let it drop to the ground with a crash as she stood there holding her sides from the side-splitting laughter. This caused the people around her to once again take notice, and one of them even asked Melody is she was ok.

But all Melody could do was keep laughing, harder and harder. I can’t stop, why can’t I stop laughing, she thought panicking, slapping her legs in vain, tears still streaming down her face. That is when she felt a familiar wetness near her crotch, and suddenly she stopped laughing. She could only turn a dark shade of red and hold her hands to her mouth as she watched her white capris turn yellow as she peed in her pants, in front of all the people at the crosswalk.

There was so much urine, it started to seep into Melody’s socks and tennis shoes, and as she took a step to try to grab her bike, she felt her shoes squish with wetness. Quickly regaining her strength and not wanting to be stared at anymore, Melody grabbed her bike and hopped on, trying to ignore the now uncomfortable wetness that covered her lower body, as she raced across the street on her bike in a desperate attempt to escape mockery.

By the time Melody reached her front door, she was in tears. As she lay her bike on the porch, she surveyed the damage to her pants as she thought of what her mom would do when she saw her. She was afraid of what might happen to her, as she remembered the last time she did this, when she was 8 years old. Of course back then, it was a bit different. Back then, Melody was a bed wetter, and had woken up wet at camp. All her friends made fun of her and she had to see the camp counselor, and even though it was the first day of sleep away camp, her mother had to come and take her home, as that was camp policy. Melody had been wetting the bed since she was a little kid, so this was nothing new, but her mom had apparently had enough. When she got home that day, her mom spanked her, and then put her in diapers! For the rest of that summer when she was 8, she had to wear them day and night, as punishment. Of course soon after, Melody started waking up dry and the punishment ceased, so Melody hadn’t thought anything of it when she saw Ella in her diapers, but now she kind of felt bad about how she treated her.

My situation was different, she thought, I was still a little kid, lots of kids that age had bedwetting problems and wore diapers, she thought. But Ella was 12, like she was, and 12 year olds don’t wear diapers and have accidents. That was when Melody realized, with a quick look at her lower region, how much of a hypocrite she was being. There she was, 12 years old herself, with urine soaked pants from an accident of her own. Yet she still thought Ella was the immature one. At least it can’t get much worse than this, Melody thought as she braced for what her mother might do.

That’s what you think, a mysterious voice whispered on the wind.

As she reached for the door handle, Melody was suddenly overcome by the worst cramps she had ever experienced. She had to stop reaching for the door handle and quickly grab her stomach. Her legs grew so weak at the sudden pain that she fell to her knees outside her front door. Sweat quickly pooled on her forehead, and she could feel her bowels churn as she realized what was about to happen. Oh no no no, this can’t be happening, she thought desperately. But all Melody could do was clench her stomach as she felt the warm poop escape her backside and fill the seat of her pants.

Melody just sat there and whimpered at the sight she must have been. Pants already soaked, now filled with poop, she could feel it invading the back of her panties, and even some running down her legs. She could just imagine what her pants looked like after all this mess congealed inside them. That was when her mother opened the front door.

“Oh, Melody, I thought I heard someone out here. What’s wrong, and what is that smell?” Melody’s mother, Andrea, just looked down forebodingly at Melody, who was now on all fours on the porch, silently crying at the ground, as she was too ashamed to look her mother in the eyes. Melody tried to answer her mother, but could not think of anything to say. How could she possibly explain this to her mother, she thought in vain. But she had to say something, so she squeaked out a meager reply,

“I’m sorry mommy, I had an accident in my pants,” was all Melody could muster as she still found herself unable to look at her mother.

Andrea’s jaw just dropped, and she yelled, “What do you mean you had an accident in your pants? You didn’t?” Andrea walked over through the doorway to her child who was crouched on the ground and surveyed her pants from behind. At the sight of the yellow and brown stains on her child’s beautiful white Capri pants, Andrea felt her temper flair up, and lost control of her anger.

“You did what?” Andrea exclaimed in disbelief. But the answer was staring her in the face, the brown badge of shame covering her daughter’s backside needed no further explanation. Did she really just poop and pee all over herself, Andrea thought in shock. Andrea quickly snapped out of her genuine surprise as her anger bubbled over.

“I cannot believe you did this! You are 12 years old and here you are, lying on the ground in your own mess, no better than a toddler. Well, you are in for it now, little miss!” Andrea belted out as she quickly threw her arms around her daughter’s prone form and yanked her off the ground with surprising strength.

All Melody could do was hang there limply in her mother’s arms as she was carried across the threshold of her house, and dread what was to come next. She knew she was surely in for a spanking of some sort. But her mother just carried her over to the corner of the living room, stood her up and placed her nose into the corner.

“You will stand there until I decide what to do with you, young lady! Do not move!” Andrea stormed into her bedroom and shut the door, as she was afraid what she might do to Melody if she had to be in her presence a second longer. Andrea was thoroughly disgusted, and barely took notice that the TV in her room was still on as she sat on her bed and tried to calm herself. But that was when a commercial caught her eye.

“Tranquil Slumber Nighttime protection keeps even my biggest messes a secret, nobody has to know about my bedwetting, or the lack of bladder and bowel control I have during the day, they do the trick and keep me dry and happy all day long!” A cheerful girl said as she bounded across the screen, quite obviously diapered under her shorts, but still willing to approach her friends and family like it was completely normal and accepted that she was so obviously wearing a diaper. Pfft, Andrea thought, that kid looks older than Melody. And that was when a light bulb turned on in Andrea’s brain, and she suddenly felt an overwhelming urge to go shopping.

Melody was so upset and scared and lost in thought that she didn’t even notice her mother had left until she came back an hour later, carrying several large bags, like she had been shopping. Melody stole a glance as her mother quickly strode to her room, bags in hand, and disappeared for a few moments.

I can’t just expect her to wear these without a fight, Andrea thought as she placed the bags of diapers in the closet. I will just have to wait until tomorrow and lay out the details of her punishment then, she thought with a smirk. And that is what Andrea decided right then, she would play the innocent caring mother until the next day, and then dole out her daughter’s punishment, that way it would be even more embarrassing to her, and make her think twice about using her pants as a toilet ever again!

So Andrea left her room and approached her daughter, who was facing the corner in the living room. Andrea could see the mess in Melody’s pants had mostly dried up, and she was confident that Melody was extremely uncomfortable in her current state. Good, Andrea thought, that’ll teach her. But Andrea knew she had to put on her best concerned disposition, so she wiped the smirk off her face, and approached her daughter with her best genuinely concerned face.

“Are you okay, baby?” Andrea asked in a sickly sweet voice, to which Melody just nodded in response, with a sniffle.

“Well, then let’s get you out of those messy pants and into a bath. That’ll make you feel better. I’m sorry you had to go through this, sweetheart.” Andrea consoled her daughter, giving her best Academy Award winning performance.

Melody was genuinely surprised by her mother’s oddly concerned behavior, but was desperate to get out of her own mess, so she quickly agreed with a nod and followed her mother to the bathroom. Melody could feel the poop that rested against her backside had hardened over the last hour or so, and was becoming uncomfortably itchy, so she did not want to wait another second to get cleaned up.

In the bathroom, Andrea assisted Melody in taking off her shirt, and then ran a warm bath. Melody stood there half naked, shivering a bit in the cold of the bathroom, but soon felt herself warmed by the light steam of the warm water of the bath. Andrea then helped Melody, carefully, remove her sodden pants and underwear. But even with their best efforts, some of the mess still made it on the floor, which Andrea quickly wiped up with a rag that she wet in the bathwater. Andrea quickly disposed of the soiled pants and underwear in the bathroom garbage can, and tied up the bag to try to eliminate the smell coming forth the now full can. Then she helped Melody into the bath, some mess still clinging to her backside, and wiped her butt with another rag dipped in bathwater. Sufficiently satisfied with her handiwork, she then had Melody lower herself into the bath, and said,

“Now you just sit there and relax, and get all clean, Mommy will be right back with your night clothes.” Andrea added a warm smile, and Melody returned it. Good, Andrea thought, she is buying the act.

Andrea left to go get Melody some pajamas, and Melody sat and soaked in the tub. She was already feeling a lot better. She was much more comfortable now that she was getting fresh and clean, and with the warm bathwater, she felt the concerns over her sudden incontinence wash away with the mess she was now rid of.

Andrea contemplated making Melody wear a diaper to bed, because she was afraid she might have an accident in her sleep, but quickly dismissed the thought. She hasn’t done that in years, Andrea thought. So she stuck with her plan to surprise her with a diaper punishment for the rest of the summer, and called her camp to cancel her trip there the next day. This summer was going to be a lesson in continence, and Andrea was ready to make sure her daughter never had an accident in her pants again, because after she was done with her, she would be too embarrassed to ever do it again.

Melody finished her bath, and her mother helped her get dressed for bed, and they had a light, quiet dinner, before Melody made her way to her room, dressed in a nightgown and a pair of clean underwear. Little did she know, that it would be the last pair she would wear for long time.

Chapter 8

Melody went to sleep that night determined to put the day’s embarrassment behind her. After all, her mother was surprisingly okay with what had happened, and she hoped that punishment was not in her immediate future, but she had no reason to really expect it either. I am much more mature since the last time this happened anyways, Melody thought, mom wouldn’t dare try what she did back then again, would she? Melody felt a bit uneasy, knowing her mom had a mean streak in her, but was comfortable enough with her confidence that it was just a one-time accident, that she soon drifted off to sleep without a care.

The next morning, Melody awoke to find her thumb in her mouth. She quickly spat it out, mentally punishing herself for doing something so childish. She chalked it up to a stress induced reaction to yesterday’s incident, and thought nothing of it. But soon, as she shifted in her bed, she felt another alarmingly familiar feeling in the area under her covers surrounding her crotch. Her heart dropped into her stomach as the dread filled her mind, and she slowly lifted her covers to unveil the shocking truth that was once a childhood nightmare had come back to rear its ugly head once again. Melody had wet the bed.

As Melody just stared at her ultimate shame, she pulled her knees up to her chest, and put her head on her knees and started to cry. She didn’t know what to do, her mother was sure to punish her severely for this. Luckily, Melody still sported the plastic sheet on her bed, as her mother thought it was a good precaution against spills, and Melody didn’t mind it, in fact, she had grown accustomed to the security it afforded her. That might make her mother a bit more understanding of her plight, so she wiped the tears from her eyes, peeled herself off the covers and started the long march to her mother’s room to confess her sin.

Melody approached her mother’s door and quietly knocked, whispering mom to try to get her attention. But her mother didn’t answer, so Melody opened the door and saw her mom still very asleep in her bed. Great, Melody thought, now she is going to be angry with me for waking her up too. But not wanting to wait anymore to clean herself up, Melody tiptoed to her mother’s bed and poked her in the shoulder.

“Mommy?” Melody whispered, as she poked and tapped her mom in an effort to wake her.

Andrea felt the light tapping on her shoulder and rolled over. As she opened her eyes to see who was interrupting her sleep, she slowly let them adjust to see her daughter Melody as the side of her bed.

“Hey, good morning, Melody. Is something wrong?” Andrea asked, even though she already had an inkling of why her daughter would come into her room to wake her, as she used to do many times when she was younger. Melody blushed and took a step back as she struggled to find the words to tell her mother to explain her nighttime accident. But, as she backed up, she didn’t have to say a word, as Andrea could see the yellow stain on her nightgown and immediately knew what had happened.

“Oh, baby, did you wet the bed?” Andrea played her best concerned mother, even though she knew this was too good to be true. Now I have a reason to start the punishment, Andrea thought with glee. But she was able to contain the happiness she felt, as she saw her daughter lower her head in a solemn nod. Andrea decided to turn off the caring mother routine, and sat up in bed and pointed back towards Melody’s room.

“Go back to your room and sit on your bed, until I decide to come help you!” Andrea said in a demanding tone that snapped Melody back to the moment, and she quickly looked at her Mom with tears in her eyes, pleading for comfort,

“But, mommy, I,” Melody trailed off as her mother shouted, “Now!” And Melody quickly rushed back to her room and sat on her bed, trying to avoid the puddle that still adorned her sheets, dreading what her mother had planned. Melody dare not face the door, as she sat facing the opposite wall, scared to make eye contact with her now obviously infuriated mother.

Andrea quickly grabbed her bathrobe off her master bath door that joined her bedroom. As she slipped it on, she headed towards her closet and grabbed a diaper, wipes and powder she had bought the night before. She examined the diaper in her hand, and enjoyed how childish the designs made it look, little pink and purple flowers adorned its plastic covering, giving it the look of something trying to look more mature than it actually was. Considering how thick it was, it was a feeble attempt at maturity, she thought with a snicker.

With that, and well prepared to deal out her punishment, Andrea headed to Melody’s room. There she found Melody staring at the far wall of her room, so in keeping with her new found parental attitude, she quickly shouted,

“I can’t believe you passed the bed! How old are you? Well, I am not going to be washing sheets all summer!” And with that, as she closed in on her daughter who still refused to turn towards her, she grabbed her shoulder and pushed her into a lying position on her bed as she waved the diaper in front of her face.

“You are going to wear these diapers day and night whether you like it or not!” Andrea growled at Melody, who was making a feeble attempt to wiggle away, but was kept on her back on the bed, feet hanging over the end, by her mother’s powerful hand pushing down on her shoulder. After Melody finally gave up her struggle, realizing it was useless to try to run away from her mother, she lie still in her prone position on the bed. Melody could feel her shoulder getting wet as her nightgown soaked up some of the remaining urine on the bed, but all she could do was lie there as her mother lifted her sodden nightgown up to her chest and ripped off her yellowed panties.

Andrea unfolded the diaper and practically shoved it under Melody’s backside, making sure the tapes found their home on the opposite sides of her midsection. Then she grabbed a few wipes after popping the top of the container, and cleaned her daughter’s groin and midsection with surprising efficiency. Just like riding a bike, Andrea thought. Then she grabbed the powder and spilled it on, making sure to lift her daughter’s butt and get underneath as she had with the wipes. Soon the whole room was filled with the scent of baby powder, mixed with the slight scent of urine that still permeated the room.

As Andrea pulled the front of the diaper up between Melody’s legs and securely fastened it on, she finally looked her daughter in the eye, and saw the red bags and tears that were running down her face. She also saw her daughter’s thumb in her mouth and her other hand twirling a lock of her hair, as Melody used to do when she was changed when she was 8 years old. Andrea quickly pulled the diaper up on her daughter at the waist, making sure it was snug and secure, and smacked the hand of her daughter that was currently getting sucked on and said,

“That’s enough of that, what have I said about thumb-sucking? It’s a dirty, nasty habit! Now take that nightgown off and put a shirt on. But you remember the rules from the last time, no pants for babies in this house! That way I will know when my baby needs changed! After all, you don’t want me asking you if you need a diapey change all summer, now do you?” Andrea smirked.

That’s when it clicked for Melody and she sat up as quickly as her new diapered state would allow, and with a loud crinkle, as she shouted,

“But, mom! What about summer camp? I am supposed to be there tomorrow!”

Andrea just smiled evilly, “Silly baby, you can’t go to camp in a diaper. Who would change you? Plus the camp you go to has a strict policy on bedwetters, or don’t you remember the last time you wet the bed at camp? I had to come all the way to get you and take you home. No, you will stay home this summer, and take your punishment.”

And with that, Andrea left the room and Melody, sitting on her bed, in a fresh diaper and dirty pajamas. Melody raised her nightgown over her head, careful not to get a face full of the urine soaked portion, and put it in her laundry hamper. She went to her closet to see if she could find a bigger shirt which might help to hide her diapered state a bit, but had no luck. So she just grabbed a pink shirt with a picture of a horse on it, and put it on. As she looked in her mirror, she did not look like a 12 year old girl anymore, in fact, in her current diapered state she bet she could pass for 7. She noticed her hair was a mess and brushed it out, then went to the bathroom to brush her teeth and wash her face before heading out to the kitchen for breakfast.

As Melody ate cereal at the kitchen table, she watched her mom carry several bags of diapers into her room, and come back out carrying a bag filled with what looked like all her underwear. “You won’t be needing these for a while,” her mother said as she took the bag of underwear to her room, probably to hide them away so Melody didn’t get any ideas about wearing them. This is it, Melody thought, as she crunched her cereal in her mouth and stared down at her diapered crotch, I guess I will be in diapers all summer again.

As the day wore on and Melody was forced to use her diapers against her will, all she could think of was how mean she was to Ella and wondered if she was going through the same torture. Melody vowed to make it up to her somehow, but she didn’t know what she could possibly do to make amends for the hurt she possibly caused to her friend. I have to let her know that I know how she feels, Melody thought, I think I might have to show her that I wear diapers too.


Re: Wishes and Consequences Chapter 9

Ok, one more chapter before bed. I work nights so this is the only time I can find to post here unless its the weekend, but hopefully you guys don’t mind too much, anyways, enjoy!

Chapter 9

Ella was slowly learning to accept her fate. It had been a whole day since her friend Melody had witnessed her wearing her diaper outside, and after the last 4 or 5 diaper changes, she was starting to get used to wearing and using her diapers. That morning, she had of course woken up wet, as her bed wetting had obviously started up again, so she was kind of even glad to be wearing a diaper at night. It sure beats wet sheets, Ella thought. She was even getting used to the diaper changes. When she was wet or messy, she would just go see her mom, tell her she needed to be changed, and unless her mom was extremely busy, she would stop what she was doing and change Ella right then. Her mom was so good at changes, they usually didn’t last long, and sometimes her mom even made them enjoyable, by tickling her or just chatting about what they were going to do that day. It had almost become a bonding experience for the two of them.

There was even a time where Ella was so engrossed in her favorite TV show, that she didn’t even notice she had a wet diaper on, and her mother just silently walked over and changed her, and Ella fid not even have to miss a single second of her show while she was being changed. This whole diaper thing might have some perks, she thought. But Ella knew she was fooling herself. She still hated when she felt the urgent urinate and knew she would have to go in her diaper, and messing that was just torture to her. She so wished she could at least use the toilet for that. But she knew her mom would never agree to that, so she just suffered through it. And, to tell the truth, when she found she was wet without even remembering having gone, it scared her to death.

What if I can’t control myself when my mom finally lets me out of diapers, and I end up having to wear them because I can’t control my bladder, Ella thought in horror. Ella had a bad feeling that wearing and using diapers all day every day, might just have an adverse effect that would cause her to need to wear diapers forever. Ella really hoped it was just her imagination playing tricks on her, but she honestly wasn’t sure and it made for a lot of stressful diaper usages. Ella sometimes thought, if she could just be more like Sam, maybe she wouldn’t have such foreboding thoughts of disaster. Sam always looked so content, whether he was wet, messy or both, he sometimes even seemed proud of it.

Maybe if I was more like Sam, I wouldn’t mind wearing and using my diapers, and I could be happy again, Ella thought. Ella didn’t even realize she was clutching her amulet tightly, as she uttered the words that would make for the most interesting day of her life thus far.

Wish 6: I wish I could be as carefree as Sam!

Ella saw her amulet shine powerfully, but before she could fret about it, she found herself in bed and fast asleep.

Oh my, this girl, again with the wishes, it is like she hasn’t learned her lesson. I have done so much for this girl, without even a thank you or a job well done. I am starting to feel used by this girl, it is always her wants and needs. Well, it is my turn to have fun now, if this girl wants to be more like her brother, than so it shall be! With a little twist, I can have my fun!

Ella woke up with a start. How did I get in bed, I thought I had just woken up, and then it was night again and I was asleep, and now its morning again, Ella thought, her mind racing. She was so focused on what happened, she didn’t even notice she was messy until she smelled it. Oh great, Ella thought, now I am pooping in my sleep too! She could tell she was wet too, so she carefully sat up in her bed, and tried to get up. However, when she tried to stand up, her legs felt weak and she fell to the floor, right onto her butt, with a big sloppy squish. Ow, Ella thought, that hurt. She soon found herself bawling her eyes out, and she couldn’t stop. Soon she was hollering, and all she could think was, ok, it didn’t hurt that bad, I should really stop crying, but she couldn’t stop. The tears just kept coming, and she found herself blubbering incoherently due to the wracking sobs that shuddered in her body.

That was when Maxine heard all the commotion and came into Ella’s room, carrying Sam in one arm. She saw Ella sitting at the foot of her bed, crying, blubbering, and by the smell, obviously messy.

“Oh, Ella, baby, what’s the matter? Did you fall out of bed? Phew, someone sure stinks this morning, did you make poppies in your diapers? Hold on dear, I will get you all cleaned up!” Maxine said as she put Sam on the floor next to Ella, while Ella continued to cry her eyes out. Sam just looked at his sister puzzlingly.

“Ella no cry! Ella make poopies? S’okay Ella! No cry!” Sam pleaded with Ella.

Ella calmed down a bit as her brother was obviously trying to make her feel better, and after a few sniffs, she decided to try to tell him thanks. But all that came out was,

“Tanks.” It was like she couldn’t properly pronounce the word, and it freaked her out. So Ella frantically tried to say other things to prove to herself this wasn’t happening, she wanted to say, Mom, I need a diaper change, but it came out as,

“Mama, diapey stinky! Ella want new diapey!” Ella was really freaking out now, and started to cry again. Maxine thought Ella was just playing around, so she played along. Maxine grabbed a towel, wipes and baby powder, along with a fresh diaper from her bureau drawer, and walked over to Ella. As she laid the towel down next to her, she said,

“Yes, I have a very stinky baby Ella today, don’t I? Why don’t you bring that dirty little butt over to this nice comfy towel and I can make your stinkies go bye bye!” Maxine thought it was cute that Ella was acting babyish again, she was sure enjoying it.

Ella still couldn’t figure out why her legs weren’t working, so she ended up having to crawl over to the towel her mother had laid on her floor. As she slowly inched her way to the towel, her butt stuck straight up in the air, her big poofy, heavy diaper causing it to sway back and forth under the weight of her mess. This caused Maxine to giggle at the site of it, and exclaim,

“Ella, that is so adorable! I wish I had my camera!” Maxine smiled as Ella finally laid down on her back on the towel, legs spread wide in anticipation. Someone is all business today, Maxine thought, better get to work. And Maxine expertly changed Ella’s diaper, and didn’t notice until the end that Ella had the most content look on her face as she sucked happily on her thumb. This made Maxine’s heart flutter with joy, and as soon as she finished the diaper change, she picked Ella up off the towel and held her in her arms, rocking her gently as she felt her eyes well with tears of joy. Oh my cute little baby daughter is back, Maxine thought, I am so happy! All Ella could do as she lie there prone in her mother’s arms, was scream as loud as she could in her head, please, I wish this would stop!

Her amulet twinkled, and a whisper on the wind said, this girl is no fun.

Ella suddenly felt her strength return to her legs, and her mind clear. She quickly took her thumb out of her mouth, saw Sam on the floor next to her, just looking at her quizzically, and realized she was in her mother’s embrace, as her mother sat cross legged on the floor. Also on the floor were her changing supplies, and an obviously dirty diaper. I guess I remember being changed, Ella pondered, but how did I end up like this? Her mother continued to rock her slowly back and forth, until Ella broke the silence.

“Umm, mom, what are we doing on the floor? And why are you holding me like this?” Ella asked, obviously still a bit confused.

Maxine just looked at her daughter and laughed. “Done playing already, huh? Ok, if you want to act like a big girl again, maybe you can explain why you pooped in your bed?” Maxine was obviously a bit more serious now.

What? Ella thought, did I really do that? Oh, that is so gross! Ella just kind of shrugged as her mother set her down on her bedroom floor, and said,

“I don’t remember doing it. Sorry, mom.” Ella looked down at the floor in disgrace and humiliation, thinking it was bad enough that she had made a mess in her diaper, but doing it in her sleep, she felt like she had hit a new low.

Maxine just rubbed her daughter’s back and said, “Oh, its ok, silly goose, just be glad you were wearing your diapers! All babies do that in their sleep sometimes, its nothing to worry about sweet pea! Now how about some breakfast? Come on Sam!” Maxine beckoned Sam over to her and picked him up as he waddled his way over. Ella stood up as well, and Maxine walked out the door as Ella went to her closet. Once there, she picked out a light blue shirt adorned with a musical note and shooting stars as decoration, and a plaid skirt. She took off the nightgown and put on the clothes. She knew her mom didn’t want her to wear bottoms at home, but Ella felt like going outside today, hoping to see if Melody was still home to try to explain everything that was happening to her. She couldn’t let her friend leave without a proper goodbye.

As she finished getting ready for the day, Ella looked in the mirror, making sure her diaper wasn’t peeking out from under her skirt. She tried bending over, and after her skirt rode up and showed a good portion of her diaper, she decided not to do that again. She tried twirling as well, and tried to simulate a strong breeze, and both attempts gave away a shocking amount of her diapered butt, but she knew her mom would never agree to let her wear pants, so she just decided to try to be careful.

Ella made her way to the kitchen, where her mother was making bacon and eggs, and Sam was bouncing in his high chair. Maxine noticed the skirt Ella was wearing, and quickly started to admonish her about her no pants rule, but Ella was prepared for it, and said,

“Mom, Melody leaves for camp today, and I want to say goodbye, so I am going over there after breakfast, and I don’t think you want me to leave the house with just a shirt and diaper on, right? Plus, it’s just a skirt, easy access for changes.” And to prove the point, Ella lifted the skirt and moved it side to side playfully, fully exposing her diapered crotch to her mother.

Maxine smiled, and continued cooking as she replied, “Well, I am glad you are being so mature about this, I would’ve thought you would try to leave the house in your underwear, and I was thinking about letting you, but since you already have your skirt and diaper on, might as well go with that.”

Ella just looked at her mother with a thousand yard stare, but quickly realized she was just joking as she snickered and flipped the eggs.

“Oh ok, mom. Whatever you say.” Ella said as she was served her bacon and eggs by her mother and quickly scarred them down. After she finished, she got up and practically ran out the door when her mother shouted, “Hey, do you want a ride?”

Ella thought about it, but passed. “No mom, its only two blocks, I can walk. Bye!” Ella shouted as she headed for the door.

“Ok, just be careful, sweetie. Oh and make sure you come home if you need a change!” Maxine shouted after Ella, but even though she heard her, she was already out the door, and plus, Ella thought, who else would I get to change my diapers anyways?

On her way to Melody’s house, Ella was careful not to draw any attention to herself, even though she now had to pee. Great, Ella thought, barely get a block away from home and now my diaper is wet. Ella couldn’t hold it at her brisk pace, and quickly felt her diaper grow warm and swell. She really hoped she wouldn’t leak. But the diaper seemed to hold, and it was actually refreshing. Guess I can’t stay too long at Melody’s, Ella thought as she rounded the corner and spotted Melody’s house in the distance.

Melody’s mother’s car was still in the driveway, so Ella was sure she had made it in time. Strange, Ella thought as she got closer to the car, it doesn’t seem to be packed, I guess they must be running late. Ella walked up the driveway to the front door of Melody’s house and knocked on the door. Melody’s mother, Andrea answered.

“Oh hello, Ella! What brings you here?” Andrea questioned with a smile.

“I was going to say bye to Melody. Isn’t she leaving for camp today?” Ella asked and tried to peek around Andrea to see if she could see Melody. But Melody hadn’t come out of her room, even though she knew Ella was outside.

Melody peeked out her window to see Ella at the front door from her room. She quickly hopped into bed and threw her covers over herself to hide her diapered state. Please, Melody pleaded with the heavens, don’t let my mom let Ella in. But Melody’s prayers went unanswered as she heard her mom call out,

“Melody, you have a visitor! It’s Ella! She should be right out, Ella. Bit of a change of plans, Melody is going to stay home for the summer after all.”

This caught Ella by surprise. So she asked,

“Really, why is that?”

Andrea pondered her answer, but then just decided to tell the truth, “Well, Ella, you see, sometimes, when Melody is sleeping, she doesn’t always wake up to use the bathroom, and they don’t allow that at her camp, so since she has started doing that again, we both thought it was in her best interests to stay home instead of risking an incident.” Andrea explained like it was common knowledge.

Ella blushed a bit, and stifled a laugh, but composed herself enough to say, “You mean, Melody wets the bed?”

Andrea nodded, and said, “Yeah, poor thing is terribly embarrassed about it too, so please try not to ridicule her. I was hoping her best friend would understand and be able to make her feel a bit better, what do you say?” Andrea smiled. Ella didn’t remember Melody’s mom being so nice, but she just nodded and said,

“Oh I understand perfectly. No need to worry about that.” Andrea was a bit puzzled by the starkness of Ella’s answer, but soon understood as she led Ella to Melody’s room.

As Ella passed by Andrea, she brushed up against her, and Andrea heard the telltale crinkle of Ella’s diaper. But Andrea just kept that knowledge her secret, but before they got to Melody’s room, Andrea stopped Ella by grabbing her hand, and said,

“One more thing, Ella. You see, Melody has to wear protection for her little nighttime problem, so please don’t laugh. I am afraid it will break her poor little heart, if you saw her in her diapers and made fun of her.”

Wow, Ella thought, Melody is in diapers too! The shock on Ella’s face must have been apparent, because Andrea noticed.

“Now, Ella, don’t look so shocked! I would think you of all people would understand.” Andrea admonished Ella, who was a bit confused.

“What do you mean?” Ella asked.

“Well, dear, it is quite obvious that you are diapered right now, in fact,” Andrea lifted up Ella’s skirt before Ella could push away her hands, “You look like you could use a change. You are awfully wet, young lady!”

Ella was thoroughly embarrassed and her face was red from shame. How did she know? Ella wondered. Andrea quickly came to Ella’s defense.

“Oh, I am sorry dear, I didn’t mean to embarrass you. Why don’t you go see Melody now?”

And with that, Andrea opened the door to Melody’s room and Ella walked in.

Re: Wishes and Consequences

Please don’t stop writing this, it’s a rather fun read. The speed that you are writing this makes me look forward to coming here, not a lot of writers do that anymore.

Re: Wishes and Consequences

This story just keeps being amazing. Thanks for all the work writing all the chapters.


Re: Wishes and Consequences chapters 10-12

Thanks to all of you for all your positive comments, it makes writing this even more fun. I hope you like the direction of the next few chapters, please let me know if it works or not. As always, enjoy!

Chapter 10

Ella slowly entered Melody’s room, only to be greeted by Melody’s shocked gaze as she sat on her bed covered by her blankets. Ella just stood in the doorway for a moment before breaking the awkward silence.

“Your mom told me everything, you know.” Ella stated calmly.

Melody just blushed as she lowered her head in embarrassment. Then she did something Ella didn’t expect. Melody threw back the covers and exposed the fact that she was obviously diapered, and actually very wet, as her diapered had yellowed significantly. Melody sighed in relief, and said,

“Good then, I guess, I was getting tired of being uncomfortable hiding under my blankets. Why do you look so surprised, Ella, never seen a 12 year old in a wet diaper?” Melody stated this as sarcastically as she could, hands on her hips and her crotch jutted outward in emphasis as she sat on her knees in her bed.

Ella blushed, but was determined not to be outdone by her friend, so she gulped down her fear, and put on her best confident face, as she lifted her skirt with both hands to expose to Melody her soggy wet diaper.

“Well, now you have seen it too, Melody!” Ella shouted, trying not to let her face glow red, but failing miserably. However, Melody’s face was also a good shade of crimson.

The two girls just stood prone, exposing their diapers to each other, neither wanting to back down, but both failing as they started to uncontrollably giggle at themselves and each other. You wouldn’t know it, due to the fact that both their diapers were already sopping wet and yellowed, but during that fit of laughter, both girls leaked a bit more urine into their diapers.

Melody stopped giggling enough to tell Ella, “Hey, Ella! Guess what?”

Ella stifled her laughter to reply, “What?”

Melody started giggling again, but was able to blurt out, “I wet my diaper again!”

This sent both girls into doubled over laughing as Ella agreed with Melody, that she too, had just wet her diapers as well. After the girls had finally stopped laughing, they both sincerely apologized to each other, each girl swearing to never let anything as silly as a wet diaper come between their friendship again. Ella made her way over to Melody’s bed, and carefully sat down next to Melody, hoping her diapers didn’t leak onto her bed. Melody also took a seated position on the bed next to Ella, also plopping down onto her wet tush. Then they both embraced each other in a warm hug.
After the cheesy makeup scene was finished, the girls got down to business. Ella started,

“Melody, you ever wonder why this is happening to us? I mean, it feels like just a week ago we were sitting on the curb at school, discussing our summer plans, and now here we both are, suddenly no longer potty-trained it seems, and both stuck at home in diapers for the summer. You ever think about that?” Ella queried uncomfortably.

Melody pondered it a bit, but then concurred, “Yeah, it is awfully strange, and even though I wet the bed until I was almost 9, I haven’t had trouble like this since then. It all seems rather sudden.”

With that confession, Melody blushed a bit. She had never told anyone about how she used to wet the bed. Ella picked up on her friend’s sudden uneasiness.

“Really, Melody? Nine years old? I never once noticed. Did your mom make you wear diapers then too?”
Ella queried.

Melody just nodded solemnly, and said, “I swore to myself I would never let this happen again when I stopped having accidents as a kid, but now look at me! It’s like my worst nightmare come true, all over again!” Melody practically shouted in exasperation.

Seeing her friend obviously upset, Ella felt herself clutching her amulet in nervousness, and as she saw her friend sit there, melancholy written all over her forlorn face, she made a quick wish.

Wish 7: I wish we knew why this was happening to us!

And with that, Ella and Melody both saw the amulet light up brilliantly, as a forceful wind tore through the room in which they sat. Both girls embraced each other in fear, as the wind picked up speed and forced them to close their eyes due to the intensity.

A disembodied voice boomed on the harsh, violently blowing wind,


And as the wind died down, both girls opened their eyes to see a boy not much older than themselves, standing a few feet away from them. Both girls opened their mouths to scream, but the boy, exquisitely dressed in a full suit that fit him perfectly in every way, and a single red rose in his lapel, snapped his fingers and both girls found themselves unable to speak, nary a squeak escaping their lips.

“Now,” the boy spoke in a voice betraying his age, a dark deepness about his words, “I can’t have you girls screaming and carrying on and alerting your mother to my presence, so if you both promise to be quiet, I will return your voices. Deal?” The boy deadpanned like it was second nature to have that sort of control.

But the girls would have none of that, as they continued trying to call for help, even in vain. The boy just shook his head at their futile efforts.

“Well, since we cannot come to an agreement, maybe we should adjourn to somewhere a bit more private.” The boy smirked as he snapped his fingers.

With that, Ella and Melody’s world went black.

Chapter 11

Suddenly, the girls found themselves standing next to each other in a massive ballroom, with gold etched walls that seemed to go on forever, stained glass windows that towered over them, depicting scenes from historic events neither of them could place, and as they looked up they could see a massive chandelier overhead, glittering in its brilliance. The boy again stood a few feet in front of them, with a slight grin on his face, but a stern expression to let the girls know he meant business.

Not only had the scenery changed dramatically, but the girls also found their clothing was different as well. Each girl wore what could only be described as a gothic form of dress, complete with frills, and dark shaded colors, not all black, but blue for Ella and green for Melody, both the girls’ favorite colors. As the girls found themselves admiring their dresses, they were dismayed to find that they were still, in fact, diapered.

“All that, and you still couldn’t put us in underwear? Some trick.” Ella stated incredulously.

“I could still do that if you would prefer, but I would rather not have you ruin the floor.” The boy quipped sarcastically.

“What are we doing here? Why are you here? Just who are you?” Melody asked with fear in her voice. She was unusually talkative, as normally she shied away from speaking to strangers.

“Well, if that isn’t the million dollar question! Well, I guess you could say I brought you here, however, this is but a dream, a meeting in your subconscious. In fact, you both are still in Melody’s bed back at her residence, sound asleep. It is kind of cute, seeing you too curled up together like that, like little angels.” The boy slyly remarked as he removed his glasses and pulled a handkerchief from his pocket, cleaning his spectacles as he spoke.

Both Ella and Melody blushed, and stood quietly, watching the raven-haired boy as he spoke. His perfect features under constant admiration by the two girls, even though his skin was quite pale, they both thought he was exquisitely handsome.

The boy replaced his glasses onto his face and continued.

“But don’t worry, your mother will not enter your room anytime soon during our little chat, I have her quite busy doing other things at the moment to occupy her time. Treat this like you would any other dream, and I promise you will awake refreshed and at peace when we have finished, like after a brief hypnosis session.” The boy bared his teeth in a perfect smile, and both girls felt a rush of calmness wash over them, as the boy continued.

“As for your next question, I am the one who currently resides in that amulet you wear upon your wrist. I have been trapped inside it for many, many years, most recently locked away in a tomb of sorts in South America, until your gracious Aunt freed me from my cage, of sorts. For that, I am eternally grateful to her. You see, I am a demon, locked away for eternity, a rather harsh crime, but what can you do? You may call me Loki.”

Both girls stood there in shock, completely filled with horror at the thought of being in the presence of an actual demon. But Ella was a bit skeptical as to the boy’s claim.

“Really?” Ella asked in doubt. “A demon? You don’t look like any demon I have ever seen. Why should we believe you?”

“Good point, girl. But if I were to show you my true demon form, I am afraid it would make you more than wet that diaper you are wearing. No, it is much more feasible for me to take this appearance in your presence, so I do not cause you any harm psychologically. I am not here to hurt you, girl.”

Again with the girl, Ella thought, if he is such a hotshot demon, you would think he could actually get my name right. But Ella just let Loki continue.

“So, as to why you are here, that is a simpler explanation. You wanted to know why you were experiencing certain events, you wished for clarity, and thus, I granted that wish. I like doing this for the people who wear my amulet, since once you put that on, we became connected, in a cosmic sense. We are pretty much sharing the same body as you wear that amulet. So tell me, girl, what do you think of the fact that you are possessed by a demon?”

Loki just smirked as Ella turned pale. She had no idea she was possessed, but it did make sense. She could remember times where it felt like she wasn’t running the show recently, and felt like more of a spectator to her own actions. It was really quite scary to tell the truth, so she quickly reached for the amulet on her wrist to try to yank it off and throw it away, but it wasn’t there.

“Tsk Tsk. Silly girl, I told you this is a dream. Anyways, doing what you were thinking won’t get rid of me, after all, I am now a part of you, whether you like it or not. Destroying the amulet won’t work either, all it would do is make me unable to grant your wishes any longer. And before you ask, I cannot undue the wishes you have already made, what is past is past.” Loki explained with a bored expression, like he had done this more than a few times before.

“Wishes?” Ella asked completely dismayed. “Why would I ever wish for this? I am completely miserable, unable to control my bladder or bowels, and permanently forced to wear diapers! Who in their right mind would wish for this! You cannot be serious!”

Loki’s expression changed from bored to annoyed quickly. His voice rose as he continued,

“Stupid girl! Do you not know who you are dealing with! I am a demon god! Do not act like you think I lack the ability to change everything about you! You are the one who doesn’t know how to properly formulate a wish! It is all about the details, my dear. First, you wished for your mother to not have to work over the summer, which I gladly granted in the form of her firing from the job she had enjoyed for the last 15 years of her life. Then, you wished for as much attention as your brother was getting, so I gave it to you, he was enjoying the benefits of potty training, so I had to have you share the problem he was trying to reform, otherwise how could you possibly receive the same attention?”

Loki cleared his throat after pausing for a moment, and continued.

“Wish three was that I make you more like your brother, so I did just that. I might have misunderstood that you wanted to be dry at night like him, and instead I just had you share his problem on a more intimate level, he is technically incontinent, being that young and lacking the proper skills to remedy it, so I made you the same. Your next wish consisted of the love your mom showed your brother, but what you did not understand before you made that wish, is that your mother only gives more loving affection to Sam due to his needing it to learn the skills that will ultimately make him continent. So once again, you had to share your brother’s lack of this skill in order to share the love your mother gave. Wish five, was well, I am not sure you want me to disclose the details of that wish in the company of your friend there.”

Loki grinned at Melody, as it suddenly dawned on Ella that she had caused her best friend’s plight. Ella felt so guilty, all she could do was try to apologize to Melody, while her head hung low to her chest.

“Wait, please tell me, what did Ella wish? And what does it have to do with me?” Melody pleaded with Loki as she finally became relevant to the conversation.

“Ahhh, this is the most fun I have had in ages! Alright, the girl’s next wish was to make you know how she felt, I believe she did this after you were so rude to her outside her home though, so you kind of brought this upon yourself. I guess you could say wishes are connected, somehow each one plays off the last. So, in order to understand the girl, you had to walk in her shoes. So I had you both share the same problem, which the girl shares with her brother now. See, all very neat and cylindrical.” Loki explained with gusto, he was obviously getting some sort of sick pleasure out of seeing Ella squirm and Melody crestfallen.

“I am so sorry, Melody, I had no idea…” Ella trailed off and Melody put up her hand as to say stop.

“I am sure you didn’t, Ella. Don’t worry, I don’t blame you for any of this. I blame him.” Melody pointed an accusatory finger at Loki.

“Me? What could you possibly blame me for, I only did as she asked. Sure, I may have taken some liberties with the details of it all, but the girl was very vague.”

Melody was angry now, and shouted at Loki, “Go ahead and try to blame this all on Ella, but you don’t fool me! I know this is all some kind of sick game to you, toying with people’s lives and doing things to suit your perverted fantasies, but don’t act like you are innocent in all of this, you creep!”

Loki’s expression changed from nonchalant to surprisingly angered, and suddenly it was like his presence filled the room as his voice boomed off the walls,

“Do not mock me, child! You have no idea the hell I could bring down upon you! In fact, maybe you would be more comfortable seated!”

With that, a chair appeared and Melody was thrust into a seated position harshly. Straps formed on the legs and arms of the chair, and Melody was tied down as her dress disappeared, leaving her sitting there is just a diaper, as a gag made of a pacifier slammed into her mouth, strapped onto her head with a leather band. So there she sat, unable to move or speak, her hands and feet bound to the chair, to the amusement of their host. It was basically as if Melody was no longer there, as her eyes closed and her head fell to her chest.

“That’s better. She won’t be bothering us anymore. She looks and sounds a lot better now, right, girl? I am so glad we can have this time to chat in peace.” Loki mocked with a grin.

Ella could not believe it, but she dared not get on Loki’s bad side. He’s a monster, she thought as she gritted her teeth in anger.

“A monster? I think not. Remember, we share that body of yours, so I know what you think. You don’t want to end up like your friend over there, so please allow me to continue. Now where was I? Oh, yes, wish six, that was very enjoyable for me. You wished to be as carefree as your brother, so basically, I gave you the mind of a toddler for a few minutes, and I was more than willing to let you finish your life that way, but you had to go and ruin my good time by wishing for it to stop. Sometimes, you are no fun at all girl, very dull indeed.” Loki brushed back a strand of his hair behind his ear as he spoke, insanely proud of what he had done.

“And thus, that brings us to your last wish, and why we have all gathered here today. So now you know what is going on. What does one do with such knowledge gained? You cannot change anything that has already happened, so I am afraid you will continue to struggle with incontinence, probably for the duration of your short, insignificant life. There is nothing you can do to stop me, we are connected now, and you are completely under my control. You see, this is like a game to me, and I do love games, especially ones as fun as this has been.” Loki laughed maniacally at his last statement, supremely confident in himself.

Ella did not know how to comprehend all of this. It was all her fault, she had fallen under his spell, and unknowingly played right into his little game. But she was determined not to let a demon rule her life. That was when she suddenly got a brilliant idea, and hoped Loki wasn’t keen to it. If it’s a game he wants, Ella thought, let’s play.

“Loki, from what I can gather, there is nothing I can do to change what has happened, but you left out a very important part that makes me feel like the powerful one between the two of us.” Ella said confidently.

“Oh, I did now, huh? Why don’t you go ahead and fill me in on whatever it is you mean?” Loki questioned sarcastically.

“Well, Loki, I may not have the powers of a demon, like yourself, but I do have access to the powers of the amulet, and that means I can wish for whatever I choose, and you are bound to grant those wishes, aren’t you?” Ella took a guess, even though she thought it was a shot in the dark.

“Well, aren’t you just a clever girl. Yes, I guess you could say I have to grant you your wishes, but remember, it’s all in the details, my dear. You have to be specific, or I can take a Wiseman direction indo choose. I don’t know why you look so confident, it still doesn’t give you a leg up on a powerful demon like me.” Loki grinned in supreme confidence of his power.

We will see about that, Ella thought.

And then she made the wish she thought would start a chain reaction to solve the problems she had caused up until that point.

Wish 8: I wish to make a deal with Loki.

Chapter 12

“Wait, what? You can’t do that! That’s not fair!” Loki stomped his foot into the ground like a spoiled child who was not getting his way.

It was really rather brilliant. By making a wish for a deal with Loki, Ella could basically set the terms of her next wish, and Loki had to abide by them. The amulet glowed brilliantly, as it reappeared on her wrist and a paper and pen appeared on a table between Ella and Loki.

“No matter, go ahead and make your deal. It still won’t change anything. You and your little friend will still be stuck in diapers all summer, helplessly soiling yourself like infants, while I watch and laugh. So please, be my guest, and write your terms. But be warned, you must give me something in return to make this a binding contract. Let’s see what you are willing to give up!” Loki grinned evilly as he spoke with a growl in his voice. Ella could tell he was quite mad.

Ella had a plan, but she had to act quickly before Loki caught on. So she decided to throw him a bone to chew on, and give him the details of what he would receive in the deal first, to hopefully distract him from what she had planned.

“Ok, Loki, I plan to let you possess me forever. You may share my body for as long as I live, and do what you will with it, and after I die, you will be free to go back to whatever world you came from. No more amulet, I am letting you go.” Ella told Loki, hoping he would bite.

“Really? That is what you came up with, granting me my freedom! Maybe I don’t want that, did you ever stop to think that I might enjoy possessing people and granting wishes? I do love mischief so.” Loki responded with passion.

“Well imagine all the mischief you could cause if you were not bound to the amulet. You could do anything you please. I am giving you complete and total freedom to do as you wish.” Ella explained quickly and coherently, as she scribbled down the details of the deal, hoping Loki was too preoccupied to notice. It was working.

“I guess that could be fun. I wouldn’t have to wait for anyone to put on the amulet, and I wouldn’t have to grant any more stupid wishes. It can get rather boring, you humans are all alike, always wishing for power and money, quite literally dull. You were different though, that was what made this more appealing, all you wanted was love and attention, and your greed for it made you blind to the fact that you already had enough. Now you have to go through life beckoning to my whims, all because you decided you wanted more, typical human. You are no better than any other idiot who put on the amulet before you. What do you possibly think you can accomplish here? Trapping me inside you until you die, only to free me then. All you are doing is unleashing my evil upon the world, you have changed nothing! I agree to this compensation, we have a deal!” Loki shouted while boasting his massive ego.

I can’t believe it worked, Ella thought as she dropped the pen. During Loki’s long diatribe, she had finished writing the deal. It simple stated what they had agreed upon as the compensation, but Ella decided to add her own twist. Loki could only ever possess her, losing that power with her death. Melody would never be punished with diapers again, and even though she would have to endure her current punishment until the summer ended, the deal stated once it was over, it was over. Ella had decided to make the deal centralized around her friend’s plight, and made a point to emphasize that Melody could never be forced to wear diapers against her will again. Melody was free of the nightmare she had since she was a child.

Ella also made sure to make it so Loki could only ever grant her wishes, even if the amulet found its way to someone else during her lifetime. Unfortunately, Ella couldn’t think of any way to remedy her own situation, so she just decided she would accept it as her punishment for her role in this situation, and quickly signed the document to bind it to Loki. As Loki read the deal, he became infuriated.

“You clever little witch! You may have saved your friend, and a few others with this deal of yours, but you are still my puppet until you die. You cannot change the fact that I could make your life miserable forever!” Loki growled.

Ella just smiled, and said,

“Read the last part.”

Loki’s gaze quickly returned to the paper, and his eyes widened with shock.

It read: Loki and Ella must never harm each other, and always act with love unconditionally, until this deal ends.

Loki grabbed the pen and scribbled his signature on the paper.

“The deal is done. You have won this round. I cannot make you any worse off than you already are, as I now love you too much to hurt you. But don’t forget, this is my game, and I will play it to the bitter end. You may have won the battle, but the war still rages on!” Loki shouted menacingly.

“Bring it on! I no longer fear you, Loki, do your worst! My love will conquer you! Game on!”

Ella shouted as Loki snapped his fingers and the world went black.

Ella and Melody both woke back up in Melody’s room, in Melody’s bed, sitting in their still wet diapers, which had now leaked onto the bed where they lay. As they both became accustomed to being awake, Andrea walked through the door.

“What are you girls doing in here? I thought I heard something. Are you both ok?” Andrea asked with genuine concern.

Ella and Melody both looked at each other, smiled knowingly, and then Melody responded,

“Yeah mom, we are okay now. I was kind of mean to Ella yesterday, but I apologized and she forgave me. We are best friends again. Please don’t be mad with us, mommy, but I think both our diapers kind of leaked on the bed.” Melody pointed to the wet spot on her fitted sheet.

Andrea just smiled, “I am glad to hear you are getting along. Why don’t we get you girls changed, and then Ella can be on her way. You are still grounded, Melody. But maybe we can let Ella spend some time with you this summer, if that is okay with her mother.”

Melody nodded and lowered her head remembering her punishment.

Ella added, “Yeah, I am kind of grounded too, Melody, so I better get going home, before my mom freaks out.” Ella stood to try to leave but Andrea blocked her way.

“Now, Ella, I can’t let you leave in a leaky diaper. I think you and Melody wear the same size. Allow me to change you before you go.” Andrea suggested sweetly.

“Oh no, that’s not necessary, ma’am, I can have my mom change me at home, I don’t want to cause you any trouble.” Ella pleaded, as she really didn’t like the idea of a stranger changing her diaper, even though she knew Melody’s mother since they became friends, she still had never let either her or Melody see her naked, and she didn’t plan to start then.

“Oh come now, Ella, I insist. What kind of mother would I be if I let you go out in a dirty diaper? You might get a rash if you stay that soggy for much longer. Now lay down while I get the supplies.” Andrea told Ella with a playful push that knocked Ella onto her back on the bed.

Melody crouched next to her, unsure of what to expect, but thinking she might be about to witness her friend be changed in front of her. Melody tried to look away to give Ella her privacy, but was drawn to watch against her will.

Ella was kind of freaking out, but Andrea was fast to get the supplies and use her body weight to pin Ella to the bed by her legs. “Now, Ella don’t struggle, it’s just a diaper change, just relax. It will be over quickly.” Andrea said and she untaped Ella’s diaper and lowered it, showing Ella’s privates to Melody, who watched uncontrollably, as her friend was forced to endure an embarrassing exposure.

Using her arms to force Ella’s legs open, Andrea quickly wiped the stale urine off of Ella’s private area, even lifting Ella’s legs to wipe her backside thoroughly. Ella could only lie there as she felt violated by her best friend’s mother, all while her best friend watched intently. It was enough to make her go limp in shame and humiliation. Andrea unfolded a new diaper and placed it under Ella’s butt, and sprinkled a generous dose of powder all over her private area. Satisfied with her work, she pulled the diaper up between Ella’s legs and taped it closed.

“There, all done, fresh and clean. That wasn’t so bad, now was it?” Andrea smiled as he let the young girl free. Ella’s face had paled considerably and she felt like throwing up. She just blurted out a thanks as she jumped off the bed, pulled down her skirt and ran out of the house, leaving Andrea with her dumb smile still plastered on her face, and Melody bright red and blushing.

“Such a strange girl,” Andrea said as she started Melody’s diaper change by pushing her daughter onto her back on the bed.

Ella was glad to be out of the house, glad that she did not have to watch what was certain to be Melody’s diaper getting changed next, and glad to escape the humiliation of exposing herself to her friend.

As she made her way home, she realized it was probably Loki’s doing, and she cursed herself for not being able to keep him at bay. I really hope it doesn’t get worse than that, Ella thought.

It will, girl, just you wait, is what she heard a voice in her head whisper as a reply.

Re: Wishes and Consequences

This is so well written and has taken some great turns. Thanks for all the effort.

Re: Wishes and Consequences

People try to do diaper stories with supernatural elements all the time but they almost never work. Fingers crossed for the little demon boy ending up in diapers as well great job with this keep going.

Re: Wishes and Consequences

I’ve read and reread this story multiple times. I do believe I know why I like this story so much. There is a level of subtlety and restraint I see here that not only do I really like and respect but it helps the pacing immeasurably. Your focus is ON the characters and there are clear reasons when anything over the top happens and the explanation for the supernatural… while a bit hokey (I really wish you’d come up with your own name or used a trickster that was apart of the culture the bracelet came come) is still not completely overblown. I imagine that as the story ramps up, so will the crazy but I do believe you’ve definitely earned yourself the right to cut loose because you demonstrate restraint.

On a side note, I do like that you set a clear ending being at the end of summer. I hope the scenarios and plot devices you have in store play out magnificently!

On a side side note, shedding the haughty air of a critic, it would be REALLY cool if the babysitter can be diapered too. I don’t know how I feel about Loki being diapered though. I feel he’s too old and too experienced to ultimately lose to a 12 year old. To what end? He’s the ultimate star really. He can wind up in another story in any time period in history and cause grief for any number of people. Sorry -_- Said I was shedding the critic skin…

Re: Wishes and Consequences chapter 13

Thanks to everyone for the advice and compliments, especially you, Storytime. I really appreciate your advice and honesty over this work, and it just makes me that much more willing to give up my free time to work on it. The ideas are just flowing out of me like never before, I might have finally found my muse. I wanted to use another name for the supernatural boy, but I was afraid people might not get the hint of the trickster without using the name Loki. I didn’t want to have to explain it, as I thought that might hurt the pacing of the story a bit. So I hope it wasn’t too corny of a choice. I won’t be using his actual historical lineage though, I only borrowed the name to forego the explanation of his powers. Even those I plan to take artistic liberties with, though, so he will be my own creation, not something stolen from other stories. I think you will all grow to love his antics as I go on, though, as I plan to make his part in the story much bigger, very soon. But until then, enjoy this next chapter, I will try to post the next by tomorrow morning, I don’t want to keep my lovely audience waiting too long. Thanks again, everyone!

Chapter 13

With the first month of summer coming to an end, Ella found herself growing accustomed to what now was going to be her fate for possibly tears to come. Melody had called to tell her that she no longer was wetting the bed at night, and she felt she had near full control during the day. She was sure her mom would continue the diaper punishment, but could feel her easing back a bit, so she was excited to think it might end soon. Melody, even though she was bound and gagged during Loki and Ella’s confrontation, had still heard all the details of the deal, so she was eternally grateful to her friend for doing what she did for her.

Ella was proud that she could help Melody. And she knew Melody would always be her friend, even if Ella had to wear diapers to college. Ella was constantly aware of Loki in the back of her mind, and the amulet around her wrist was a constant reminder of the bond they shared. But Ella was finally growing to accept having to use her new underwear as her toilet, even if she still didn’t enjoy it. Waking up wet every morning was still a self-esteem killer, and wetting uncontrollably still scared the dickens out of her. But Ella felt mostly at ease, knowing her mother was there to comfort her if she needed it.

Love will conquer all, Ella thought, even a mischievous demon.

Ella woke up on the first day of June, to the sun shining through her window, and the birds chirping. It was a beautiful Monday morning, and the start of another week of her dwindling summer vacation. She dreaded the thought that she would have to return to school in just a couple short months, especially considering the fact that she would probably still be in diapers when the time came. But Ella didn’t dwell on it, as she was in too good of a mood.

Loki hadn’t reared his head in almost a week, and she was beginning to think maybe he had given up on trying to make her life more difficult. But she wasn’t completely sure that he wasn’t just planning something big, and the thought had her feeling uneasy. What could he possibly do to make my life any worse? Ella thought. As Ella rose from bed, she quickly noted how heavy and soggy her diaper was that morning, and realized she must have messed in her sleep again. This was becoming a recurring theme for Ella, and it disgusted her to no end. She couldn’t believe she was pooping herself in her sleep.

She waddled her way to the kitchen, hoping to find her mother there so she could ask for a change, her diaper hanging low between her legs and her nightgown not doing much to cover it. As she made her way, she could have sworn she heard a familiar voice in the kitchen, but could not place who it belonged to. As she got closer though, she realized it was Tammy and her mom drinking coffee and chatting.

Not wanting to give Loki the satisfaction of humiliating her, she just walked into the kitchen like everything was normal and approached her mother, who was seated at the table, across from Tammy who was also sitting there. Tammy looked up at Ella and smiled. Ella’s mother realized she was standing next to her and greeted her.

“Oh, Ella, I am glad you are finally up. Tammy and I were just talking about you. What’s the matter?” Maxine asked her daughter after seeing Ella’s expression.

“Well, I need your help with something, mommy. You see I had an accident in my sleep again, and I was hoping you could help me clean up, please.” Ella pleaded with her mother, hoping she would jump up and race to give her a diaper change. But with company around, that was not the case.

“You had an accident, dear? Oh, you mean you soiled your diapers, I get it. Why don’t you just ask mommy for a diaper change, no need to beat around the bush. I will be a couple more minutes here with Tammy, and I will come change you into a fresh diaper. Just be patient.” Maxine responded to Ella with authority, but love as well. Ella pouted a bit, upset she did not get her way, but just decided to wait until her mother was done.

Tammy looked at Ella and blushed a bit, feeling sorry that she had interrupted the girl’s morning routine. But Tammy was also curious, so she tried to keep her conversation with Maxine alive,

“Oh, I am sorry. I didn’t mean to keep you from taking care of Ella, she does look desperate to be changed. Is she wearing diapers all the time now?”

Maxine just smiled at Tammy and continued speaking of Ella like she wasn’t even in the room, even though she stood right next to her.

“Yes, she has been having more and more accidents lately, and now she has even started messing her diaper in her sleep. I need to make an appointment with her doctor to see if there is anything that can be done. Until then, I guess I will do my best to get her potty trained again, but with Sam and her at the same time, I am sure to be overwhelmed. I am thinking maybe I will try to finish Sam’s training first and then concentrate on Ella, that might be for the best.” Maxine explained calmly.

Ella didn’t like the sound of having to wait until Sam was done potty training to get out of diapers again, as that could take years. But before she could protest, Tammy spoke up.

“I would love to help any way I can, Maxine. I am sure Ella wants to be done with diapers as soon as she can.” Tammy gave Ella a knowing wink, which made Ella smile. Finally, Ella thought, someone is on my side.

“I don’t know, Tammy, Ella is awful shy about her diapers, she won’t even tell me when she needs to be changed sometimes, I don’t think she would want someone so close to her age helping her like that.” Maxine stated knowingly.

Ella had to object, even though she knew she was going to regret it.

“I don’t mind, mommy. If it means not having to wear diapers anymore, I will take all the help I can get!” Ella stated emphatically.

"Maxine turned to her daughter with a surprised look on her face. But she just smiled, and Ella was afraid maybe Loki was responsible for what happened next.

“Well then, Ella, you wouldn’t mind if I just let Tammy here change you this morning. I need to get Sam on the potty anyways. Would you please help, Tammy?”

Tammy looked a bit surprised and apprehensive, but immediately stood up and nodded. Maxine left the kitchen and Tammy grabbed Ella’s hand and led her to her bedroom. Maxine entered Sam’s room, while Ella and Tammy went across the hall to Ella’s room. There Tammy got all the changing equipment, like the towel that was quickly becoming Ella’s changing mat, wipes, powder and of course a fresh diaper, out of Ella’s bureau of drawers. Tammy laid the towel on the floor and Ella, just wanting to get it over with, quickly laid down on it, feeling her mess squish into her backside.

“Oh, that is so gross!” Ella exclaimed in disgust.

Tammy kneeled down at Ella’s feet and laid the powder, wipes and next to Ella’s feet. Tammy couldn’t help but remark at Ella’s last statement.

“I would think you would be used to it by now, it’s been almost a month since you got put back in diapers according to your mom. Are you still that averse to using them?” Tammy could hear the words coming out of her mouth, but knew they weren’t hers.

Ella thought about it for a second, she had never really pondered why she had such a reaction to a messy diaper, other than the fact she thought poop was gross, she didn’t really mind using her diapers for their intended purposes. She was getting used to wearing them and going whenever she needed to. In fact, sometimes she found wearing a diaper to be very convenient. So, without even thinking about how saying it would sound, Ella just blurted out how she felt to Tammy.

“I don’t mind wearing them, I mean I don’t like to be messy and wet for long periods, but having a diaper on can actually be kind of nice sometimes. I wouldn’t say I enjoy wearing them, but I don’t hate it either. Does that sound weird?” Ella asked, kind of regretting giving the answer as soon as is escaped her lips.

“Not at all,” Tammy said, but what she meant to say was, yes, you are 12 years old, you shouldn’t like wearing diapers, but instead she said, “I kind of feel the same way.”

Ella was shocked to hear Tammy say this, and Tammy blushed profusely.

“You feel the same way? But you don’t wear diapers, do you, Tammy?” Ella asked innocently.

“No, but I always wanted to. Deep down, I just want to be a baby again. It is my one true wish.” Tammy could not believe what she was saying, it was like she didn’t have any control over her mouth, facial expressions or thoughts for that matter. She would never want to be a baby again, it sounded absurd to her to even think it. But there she was, telling a 12 year old that was what she wanted as she wiped the poop off her butt and finished changing her soiled diaper.

“Really, Tammy, your one true wish?” Ella asked shocked her friend would say that. She always thought Tammy was so cool because she was older, but now she was admiring her honesty.

“Yes, more than anything in this world, I want to be diapered, fed from a bottle, rocked to sleep, all the while sporting a huge load in my pants, that just sounds like the best day ever for me. I wish there was a way I could get my wish to come true. I really want to be a baby again, even if only for a day.” Tammy sighed as she taped a new diaper closed on Ella.

“There. All done. You have no idea how lucky you are.” Tammy once again felt like she was a spectator trapped in her own body, forced to pantomime the words that were spewing forth from her mouth like a helpless puppet. Tammy wanted to tell Ella it was someone else speaking not herself, in fact, she wanted to scream it, but all she could do was watch helplessly as her mouth just pursed in a warm smile.

Ella was at a crossroads. She knew she could make Tammy’s one wish come true, but at what cost? Loki was terribly tricky, and Ella knew if she didn’t word the wish just right, she could possibly do more harm than good to her friend and possible future babysitter. Plus, how could she get Tammy into diapers? It wasn’t like they had any in her size lying around the house. Tammy was older, and had more curves, definitely too big to fit into one of Ella’s diapers.

Ella struggled with her conscience, trying to decide what to do, as Tammy stood up and held her hands out to Ella, offering to help her up off her back. Ella grabbed Tammy’s hands, and felt herself being pulled into the air, and soon she was on her feet, as Tammy let go, and pulled at the sides of her nightgown to try to hide Ella’s diapered state.

“Geez,” Tammy said incredulously, "This nightgown barely fits over that big diapered butt of yours, Ella! " Tammy snickered playfully, as Ella laughed along.

“Yeah, it doesn’t do much to help. Sometimes, I wonder if I will ever find an outfit that will fully hide the fact that I am in diapers, everything I own seems to be too short. They are always peeking out from under my skirts.” Ella admitted embarrassingly, and felt her face turn a shade of red at her alarming admission to Tammy.

Tammy just smiled though. “Maybe, I could take you shopping sometime. And we can try to fix that little problem. Until then, I think I see something in your closet that would work. What about that dress?” Tammy pointed to Ella’s open closet, where on the far end of the rack, hung a powder blue dress, complete with white ruffles and a pink bow at the neckline.

Ella hadn’t worn that dress in years, but remembered it was a bit long on her then, so Tammy might be right. By now it should fit her more snugly, but its length would definitely hide her diapered butt. But Ella was skeptical, she thought the dress was too fancy just to wear around the house, and she told Tammy that.

“Nonsense, besides, don’t you want me to take you shopping? We could go today if you’d like. But, you can’t go in your nightie, sweetheart. Come now, let me dress you up, do your hair, and you will look like the belle of the ball! What do you say?” Tammy smiled as she leaned over to make eye contact with Ella for emphasis.

Ella nodded, and was surprised by how quickly Tammy tore the nightgown off of her, pulling it over her head, and leaving her standing there in just her diaper. Ella felt a shiver, as Tammy retrieved the dress from the closet, and undid the zipper on the back, before pulling it over Ella’s head. The dress got stuck for a minute, as Ella struggled to get her arms through the holes, which made both girls giggle a bit. After the brief struggle was over, Tammy proceeded to smooth out the dress over Ella’s midsection and work out the kinks in the ruffles, before zipping the dress up in the back. After Tammy was satisfied with her handiwork, she led Ella over to the mirror in her room, and showed her.

“See,” Tammy said with a wink, “now nobody can tell you are wearing diapers. I mean, the dress does poof out a bit back here,” Tammy emphasized her point with a pat on Ella’s diapered behind, “But it just makes you look like you got a big butt, and trust me, boys like that!” Tammy laughed, as Ella joined in. Ella was really enjoying the attention Tammy gave her, even if she was a bit grossed out by her comment on boys. Ella didn’t understand yet why it would matter to a boy that her butt was a bit bigger, but just agreed with Tammy as they laughed together.

“Let me brush your hair, then we can ask your mom if we can go shopping!” Tammy exclaimed excitedly. Ella nodded in agreement, and took a seat on the edge of her bed, and Tammy crawled into the bed behind her, after grabbing Ella’s hairbrush off her bureau. Tammy took a seated position on her knees behind Ella, and brushed Ella’s mousy brown shoulder length hair, catching a few knots, at which Ella winced a bit, and Tammy apologized profusely. Ella rebuffed her friend’s apologies, and let her continue.

Something is missing, Tammy thought as she brushed Ella’s hair. Tammy lit up as she came up with a brilliant idea. Tammy dug into her pocket and came up with a couple rubber bands she usually used for her own hair, and put Ella’s hair up in two pigtails at the sides of her head.

“There,” Tammy said with a flourish as she finished putting up Ella’s hair, “all done. Go look in the mirror. You look so super cute!”
Ella slid off the edge of the bed and walked over to the mirror, not quite believing what she saw was herself staring back at her. Tammy was right the dress hid her diapered state well, but with the pigtails in her hair, and the overall childishness of the outfit she was wearing, Ella thought she looked like she was no more than five years old, even if her height slightly betrayed that fact. But Ella had to agree, she looked downright adorable, and not wanting to disappoint Tammy, she smiled and nodded, before rushing over to the now standing Tammy and giving her a big hug, practically throwing herself around the waist of the older girl, who returned the hug, and with surprising strength, lifted Ella into her arms. Ella snuggled her head into Tammy’s neck, as Tammy hoisted her up into her arms, her hands getting leverage by pushing onto Ella’s diapered behind thru the dress.

“Thanks for being so nice to me, Tammy!” Ella whispered in her older friend’s ear, as Tammy walked her to the living room in her arms. Tammy just smiled and whispered back, “Anytime, Ella.”

Maxine was on the couch in the living room, watching television as Sam played in his playpen that was set up in the middle of the floor, not even bothering to look up as the two girls entered the room, as he was too busy playing with his trucks. But Maxine noticed, and was so delighted at the sight of Ella dressed up so cutely, straddling the side of her possible new babysitter, as Tammy carried her into the room.

"Oh, don’t you look so precious! That dress is so adorable on you, and your hair is so pretty, Ella! Did Tammy help you get dressed? Maxine cooed at her daughter from her seated position on the couch, as the TV blared in the background. Ella nodded and grinned.

“Ms. Peterson, I was hoping to take Ella shopping for some clothes today. She doesn’t really have much clothing that will hide her diapers, is that ok with you?” Tammy pleaded with Maxine, as Ella also prayed her mother would agree.

“Well, she is grounded, but I guess I could make an exception just this once, since you are right, the skirt Ella wore yesterday was way too revealing, maybe some longer clothes will do the trick. Let me get you some money.” Maxine offered, and Tammy and Ella both grinned in excitement.

As Maxine left the room to get her purse, a commercial popped onto the TV screen, and a girl matching Tammy’s measurements nearly perfectly filled the screen. Ella and Tammy both felt compelled to watch, almost in a trance. Ella didn’t even slightly expect it might be Loki’s doing, as she felt her eyes glue to the screen.

The girl was seated on the screen, as she spoke into the camera. “I used to think I was the only one with this problem, the only one suffering, but now I know better. Lots of girls my age do it too, but it seems like no one has been doing anything about it until now. I used to dread sneezing, coughing or laughing with my friends, but now, I am much more confident. Now, I can go on long car rides, hang at the mall all day with my friends, and even sleep soundly through the night. So, I just wanted to say thanks for taking my problem and finding a solution. Thanks to Tranquil Slumber, for making a product that fit my needs.” The girl smiled as she finished her speech, and the commercial showed her in various activities, such as shopping at the mall with her friends, at a slumber party in a playful pillow fight, about to board an airplane for a long flight, and finally, smiling as she held a package of Tranquil Slumber adult diapers. She continued to hold the package as another voice explained the products features, and the picture changed to show a 3D image of the diaper, which was complete with tapes and wetness indicator, but came in more adult type solid colors, like blue, green, and light purple. After explaining the features, the girl reappeared, and said, as she tightly clutched the package of adult briefs, “Now my accidents don’t keep me from doing the things I love. I can be a normal teenage girl, just as long as I wear these.” And the girl turned and walked away, the package still lovingly in her arms, and you could definitely see the outline of a diaper under her shorts, as she caught up with her friends at the store it was now apparent she was walking in, unashamed of the package she sported in her arms, her friends seemingly accepting of her diapered state. The commercial cut to black, and a list of stores you could find the product in flashed on the screen, that included the store Tammy worked at.

Ella and Tammy finally felt the pull of the television wear away, and they both just looked at each other, Tammy blushing, and Ella joining her soon after.

“Wow,” Tammy finally broke the awkward silence, “those must be new. I didn’t know we sold those at my store.”

Tammy trailed off in thought, as Ella suddenly came up with a brilliant plan, one that she was sure would make all of Tammy’s dreams come true.

Re: Wishes and Consequences

Oh wow. Bizarre that I’m in the middle of writing a chapter about someone dolling up a kid to make her look way younger than she actually is in my story…

Pace is frenetic on this one, but it’s a fun little romp.