Wishes and Consequences 2

I don’t know why it hasn’t taken me this long to come up with a sequel, or why I just haven’t written anything in so long. It’s probably because I just don’t feel like the sequel does the first story any justice, and I have had to go back and tweak it so many times, I just feel like I may have done more harm than good. And I just felt like all my stories were getting, well, boring. I guess that’s all for my audience to decide, so here are the first four chapters, I will post more after hearing some comments and critiques, and maybe some ideas that you all may have as to how to continue. My main fear is that I rushed the characters into diapers too soon, and that will make it feel kind of formulaic. But I love stories about diapers, so I am somewhat torn. But either way, enjoy!

Wishes and Consequences 2

Chapter 1

The house was nearly empty. Just a few more boxes upstairs in my old bedroom. Well, it hadn’t been my bedroom for a long time, but it still had a familiar feel to it as I stepped in. Even completely barren, furniture all moved, and just the last of the final boxes in the corner, I still felt a sense of nostalgia as I bent down to pick up a box. I had grown up in this room, and every scuff on the walls, scratch on the floors, and even the dent in the door all had history for me. It still had the pink walls, and the light still came through the windows the way I remembered. This is where everything happened. I sighed as I thought of all this, even with the weight of the box in my arms, I stood stoically thinking of my past, and pondering my future. I didn’t even realize how much time had passed or even that someone had entered the room behind me.

“Ella? Do you need any help with those last few boxes?” I nearly dropped the box I was holding in surprise. I hadn’t expected anyone to be in the room with me, I thought everyone was still downstairs.

“Sam! You nearly scared me to death! I’m okay, I could use some help. I was just thinking,” I replied and handed him the box I was holding, and I bent down to grab the last box.

“There is a lot of history in this house, I understand. I haven’t been here since I left for college, but I am still fond of the old homestead,” Sam said and smiled.

“Yeah, it’s been a long time since we were all back as a family. I just hate the fact that we have to sell this place, but with mom gone, I guess we don’t have much of a choice.” I sighed as I pondered the events of the past week and everything they meant to our family.

I had left home at 18. That was almost 20 years ago. Sam, being six years younger than me, had left for college at 18 as well, but by that point, we were all but relative strangers. Each year, I would return for family gatherings, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, but eventually my own family obligations got in the way and my home visits became less frequent. Sam didn’t even come back after he left for college, it took mom’s death to bring him home. The reason for his absence always gave me pause to think, but I never pushed him for an answer. I had my own reasons for the few times I came home, all of them selfish and unworthy of explanation.

“Ok, enough reminiscing. I will be downstairs. Take one last look Sam, this is the last time we will ever be home, for the rest of our lives.” I bumped Sam as I walked past and out the door.

I could hear Sam audibly sigh as I walked away.

I walked to Sam’s van and placed my box in the back, and a few minutes later Sam walked out and did the same. He closed the door and paused. I looked at Sam, and he looked at me, and then at the house.

“Well, that’s it, I guess,” Sam said as he breathed out heavily.

“Yeah, that’s it,” I shared the sentiment.

A car horn blared behind us.

“Mom! Let’s go already!” I could hear my daughter call from the car, and my son was crying in the backseat.

“Well, I guess that’s my cue! Bye, little brother, I guess I will see you at the close of the sale, if not before.” I said as I reached to embrace my brother in a hug, and awkwardly, we embraced. I guess it had been a long time, and we were not always known to be all that affectionate. Maybe it was our age discrepancy, but I could never figure it out.

The hug lasted probably longer than it should have, as we were both unsure as to when we should let go, but both of us did take one last look at the house, before another horn blared, and we slowly departed to our vehicles.

Sam turned to look back at me and yelled, “Bye Sis!” and I turned back to wave before I got in my car.

My son was upset but had stopped crying as I entered the vehicle, and my daughter was in her own little world, phone in her hands, headphones on, oblivious to the presence she had requested just moments prior. To be twelve again, I mused as I buckled my seatbelt, and made sure my daughter was buckled in as well.

I tapped my daughter on the shoulder, and she looked up from her phone and rolled her eyes, an expression I was growing used to seeing as she came upon her adolescent years.
She popped her headphones off and, said, “What?”

It was like I was interrupting an important meeting with a trivial question whenever I bothered her.

“Ready to go?” I asked earnestly, as this would be a long drive home.

“I’ve been ready forever. What took you so long? I thought you said it was only a couple of boxes.” Sarah sighed as she rolled her earbuds in her fingers. Her legs were crossed, and she was fidgeting a bit as she spoke.

“Well, yeah it was just a few boxes. I guess I just got caught up in the nostalgia of it all. Are you ok? You seem to be squirming a bit. Do you need to use the bathroom before we go?” I asked as Sarah shifted in her seat and crossed her legs the opposite direction.

Sarah shot me a dirty look, like I had asked an extremely personal and unwanted question.

“Geez, mom, I am fine. Let’s just go already.” She sighed and started to put her headphones back on.

“Sarah, don’t act this way. We are here, at the house, the bathrooms still work, you can use them if you need to. I don’t understand why you always do this. You always wait until the last moment to use the bathroom, and its always me who is the bad person when I have to stop suddenly on the road to find a rest stop, or heaven forbid, we can’t find one, and well, I am sure you remember what happened on the way here!” I exclaimed as my knuckles turned white on the steering wheel, and I flashed back to the drive here, and not two hours into it having to pull over to the side of the highway, in the middle of nowhere.

There I had to deal with my sobbing and soaking wet daughter, try to calm my empathetic son, who was crying as well, and find a towel to clean the seat as my daughter peeled off her wet jeans and underwear. All the time she was crying, apologizing and blaming me for not stopping to let her use the restroom, and I was arguing back, telling he she should have gone when I asked her to, and trying to get her to stop crying by taking the blame for the whole ordeal. It was a losing battle that we both regretted.

I, of course, hadn’t had the foresight to see this whole event happening, so I hadn’t packed any extra clothes for my daughter. So, even as she cried while drying herself off, I had to give her the bad news. And when she realized that meant either finishing our trip half naked, or as I suggested, wearing the emergency pullup I had in my purse that I carried for her little nighttime issues, she was absolutely crushed. But she couldn’t stay nude from the waist down until we reached a store where we could buy her some new pants, so she reluctantly agreed to wear the pullup, and covered herself with the towel. I don’t know if she was too embarrassed to ask to stop and get more clothes, or if she just didn’t notice we had driven the rest of the way without stopping. Either way, we made it without further incident.

“Mom! You said we didn’t have to talk about that ever again! It was an accident!” Sarah blushed furiously and clutched at the towel that was still under and over her, that I had used to dry the seat and keep her from sitting in her own mess, and that she was using to hide the shame of only having a pullup on underneath. Of course, I was wondering if she was just trying to hide the fact that she was in a pullup, or if she was trying to hide the fact that it was wet.

“Oh? And is it an accident every morning too? It is getting awfully ridiculous, the wet beds, the wet underwear, the wet pullups! Are you wet right now? Do I need to check? Sometimes I wonder if you are a teen or a toddler!” I was immediately regretting my choice of words as they came streaming from my mouth. My daughter looked at me like I had just broken a sacred bond of trust.

“Mom, that’s not fair! Why do you hate me? I’m sorry, I don’t know what’s wrong with me! I don’t need to go to the bathroom! My pullup is dry! Can we just go home?” Sarah exasperated as she stopped sobbing long enough to answer, and she put her headphones back on, and I knew that was the end of our conversation.

My forehead was planted on the steering wheel, and my daughter had turned toward the car window. I could hear the music in her headphones, so I knew anything I said would fall on deaf ears. I wanted to apologize. I wanted to tell her that I wet the bed when I was her age, that I had to wear protection as well, that it was a constant strain on my own relationship with my mother, and that yes, it would stop eventually, but the struggle was eternal. I wanted to tell her that I sometimes still had accidents myself, and that she wasn’t the only one who still needed pullups at night, and on long car rides. But I was a coward. I couldn’t share my secret shame with the one person who I knew would understand. Instead I just took all my frustrations out on my daughter’s already shattered self-esteem.

I turned my head back to check on my son, who was like a trooper through it all. He had the bladder of a camel, it seemed, and I never had to stop to change his clothes, and he always went to the bathroom when we took pit stops. In fact, I couldn’t remember ever having a toileting issue with him. He must take after his father.

I looked at my son and smiled, and he smiled back, and without skipping a beat, I put the car in reverse and backed out of the driveway, quickly departing the home I grew up in for the final time.

Chapter 2

I thought about Sam a lot over the years. He was my little brother after all. I wondered why we never really saw each other anymore, but I figured that was as much my fault as his. He had his family, which he had just started, in earnest. He was married and had a kid in the first couple of years out of college. I took a while longer. Here I was, nearing 40, and with a child from two marriages, the first failed, but gave me my daughter, Sarah, and my current one, as successful as I hoped it would be for years to come, had given me my son, Thomas. Sam’s little girl was 7 years old, so the age difference was an obstacle, and our children never really formed bonds with each other, as I had hoped they would. This was probably because they had only met a few times, over the years. Anything to give me an excuse to make our families visit each other more often. I know families could drift apart, but even as much as I wanted to make things work, something always came up and our schedules could not match up to bring us closer together.

I had moved a couple states over for school and settled down there with my first husband. After our divorce, I moved across town, but never any closer to home, as I still called it after all these years. I would visit my mother on holidays, but over the years my visits became more and more infrequent. When mom got sick, she didn’t tell anyone at first, not until it became clear she wouldn’t make it through the year. That is when our families, Sam’s and my own, finally came back together to handle what became more of a chore than a reunion. Sam did most of the planning from his home. He handled mom’s funeral arrangements, hired the moving company to pack up the house, and scheduled everything from his own home, without ever stepping into the house. I was amazed by his meticulousness, but Sam always did things efficiently. I remember when we were younger, his toy box in his bedroom was organized by size and color. He had a system of order for all things, and it showed these last couple months. I don’t know if it was a mistake on his part to leave the last few boxes in the house for us to retrieve, or if he just wanted to see it one last time. Either way, I was glad to be able to help in some way.

I was surprised by my mom’s sudden passing, but Sam was more stoic, like he had an idea this was coming. The cancer took her suddenly, in my opinion, but only later had I found out that she had been diagnosed almost a year prior to her passing, and that she had undergone treatment to try to survive longer than she had. Sam knew all this, but I was not privy to how close he was to our mother, even though he never came to see her. Apparently, facetime counted as visiting, and our mother was more versed in technology than I was, and Sam and she were constantly video chatting. So even my few visits a year were not enough to match my brother’s visits over the internet.

This all was going through my mind as I drove the six hours it took to reach my home. And with just a couple pit stops on the way, we made it in close to record time. Sarah was still in her pullup, still with the towel around her waist as she raced inside. I took my time, helped Thomas out of his car seat, and by the time I got inside myself, I could already hear the shower running as Sarah was in it.

The movers had taken everything but the last few boxes to a storage facility in my town, that was close to my home, and I knew I would have to start going through the boxes and trying to figure out what to keep and get rid of the next day. I had nothing but time as I was still on bereavement leave from work, and it was summer, so my daughter was home from school, and I had my son out of daycare while I was home as well. I figured we could work on it the next day, so I just drove.

With all the driving, we were all exhausted when we got home. I made a quick dinner, and Sarah emerged from the shower to eat as I got Thomas ready for bed. After I gave him a bath, he was nearly asleep as I changed him into his pajamas. I couldn’t believe he was already four years old, he was growing so fast. After I tucked him into bed, I walked out of his room into the hallway and almost bumped into my daughter returning from the kitchen. She was in a white robe and had her hair in a towel.

“Let’s get to bed in the next hour, Sarah, we have some work to do tomorrow. Please,” I said as I followed her to her door.

Sarah sighed, a breathy teenage, I-know-mom-jeez, kind of sigh. “Fine,” she said as she opened her bedroom door. I stood in the doorway and looked into her room. It looked a lot like my room growing up, posters adorning the walls with the latest hot young boys in the music and movie business. I guess some things never change. Sarah walked over to her bed and sat down, the plastic sheet on her mattress giving off a crinkle as it settled. Some things, however, stayed the same.

“Do you need any help getting ready for bed?” I tried to approach the situation cautiously, but I was bad about it.

“Jeez, mom, I’m not a little kid anymore! I will put on my pullups and tuck myself in, I don’t need your help. I’m not 8 years old anymore, you don’t need to help me with my night diapers anymore.” Sarah said it all so matter-of-factly that I almost gasped.

“Well, I am sorry. I just thought you might need some help, we are all tired. Just try to get some sleep, okay? I love you, sweetie.” I tried to glaze the tension over as sweetly as possible, but Sarah wasn’t having it.

“Gosh, I am 12 now, mom. I don’t need you checking up on me. I am sorry I am not like Thomas, your perfect son who can keep his bed dry all night.” Sarah exclaimed as she stomped over to her dresser drawer, grabbed a pullup out of the top drawer, fluffed it out and pulled it on all without removing her robe. She then stormed back to her bed and sat back down, with another crinkle, and crossed her arms defiantly.

I grabbed the handle of the door, and leaned in as I spoke, “We are all different, sweetheart. Even the fact that your little brother doesn’t have this issue, it shouldn’t bother you like you let it! I know you want it to end, believe me, I understand that, but you have to let it happen naturally. Let’s just leave this for another night, its late and we both need some sleep. We can forget about what happened earlier, we will just try to be more prepared next time.”

Sarah sighed as she whispered, “I’m sorry mom. I’m sorry I wet myself. I didn’t want you to be mad at me, so I didn’t even tell you I needed to go again, I just used my pullup on the ride home. I feel like such a freak.” Sarah started to cry as I crossed the room and sat next to her on her bed and held her in my arms.

“Oh sweetie, you’re not a freak. A lot of kids have the same issues as you do. Remember what the doctors said, you will grow out of it like other kids do, you just have to let it happen naturally. Don’t worry about it so much, accidents are accidents. I know you can’t control it, even if it seems like I don’t understand it and I get frustrated, I am not trying to take it out on you. I feel like I have failed as a mother, that’s all.” I said as I cried with my daughter.

“But, Thomas doesn’t have the same problem! Why is it just me? What did I do to deserve this?” Sarah said through sobs.

You have me as a mother,
I thought as I held her tight. It’s all my fault.

“I don’t know why, sweetie. Let’s just get some sleep.” I lied as I got up from the bed and helped Sarah under her covers.

Sarah rolled over and faced the wall, and I flipped the light switch off as I left the room, leaving her in darkness, as I closed the door.

I retreated down the hall to my own room. There, I went into my bathroom, showered and put on my own robe, before sitting down on my bed. I felt my own bed crinkle, as my plastic sheet rustled under me, and before I got into bed, I went to my own dresser and got out my own pullups. I put them on just like my daughter had put her own on, and as I got into bed I realized just how ironic it all was. I guess I could never really tell my daughter the whole truth, as I had always struggled with wetting at night, all through my teens and formative years, and my pregnancies had only compounded the problem further.

Some things change, but it seemed my daughter and I were still the same.

Chapter 3

I woke up early the next morning, quickly changing out of my own wet pullup and went to get my kids out of bed. Thomas was easy to wake, and I sent him to the kitchen table for breakfast. Sarah was a deep sleeper, so I had to wake her up each morning, even an alarm clock would not wake her. I walked into her room and turned on the light, and saw Sarah curled up in bed. Her comforter was on the floor and she was curled up in the fetal position, her back to the door. Her robe was hiked up and I could see her pullup from the doorway. I could also see it was wet, as was her sheets and robe. It looked like she had leaked through. I went over to her to survey the damage. The plastic sheet protected her mattress, but her sheets would have to be cleaned as well as her robe. I lightly nudged Sarah, and said her name softly, and when that did not work, I shook her more violently, and spoke louder.

“Sarah, honey, wake up! You need to get in the shower. Come on honey, get up, your pullup leaked through, I need to change your sheets!” I said as I shook her by the shoulder, finally getting her to a slightly awoken state.

“Wha…Gosh mom, I’m up, ok. I’m up! Stop shaking me. Oh, jeez, I’m all wet! Damnit!” Sarah whined.

“Hey, now, watch your language! Come on, get up, I need to get your sheets in the wash.” I said as I started to pull the sheets off the bed.

“Fine! Sorry, I am just frustrated, you know how much I hate this. I hate being wet in the morning, its such a hassle! Let me get up!” Sarah said as I almost wrapped her in the sheet I was pulling off her bed.

Sarah stepped out of bed gingerly, waddling a bit, not out of the thickness of her pullups, but out of disgust as to the contents. As I pulled the sheets off the bed, she disrobed, handed it to me, and standing in just her pullup, she grabbed it by both sides and tore it off in a quick forward motion, rolling it up and walking it over to the diaper genie in the corner of her room. I remembered how much of a fight she gave me when I moved that diaper genie over from Thomas’s room and into hers, but she quickly embraced it as it made her room smell less of urine and she didn’t have to take out her garbage every day, which made her lazy teenage self happier.

Sarah marched out the room stark naked, like most mornings and into the bathroom, and as I gathered all her sheets and robe and headed toward the laundry room, I could hear the shower come on. I walked through the kitchen and Thomas was at the table, waiting for breakfast, so I quickly dropped the laundry into the washing machine, turned it on, and headed back to pour him a bowl of cereal.

I tussled his hair after I set the bowl down in front of him and he said, “Thanks, mommy!”, before digging in. I started a pot of coffee, and turned on the tv in the living room. Letting the news fill the dead silence of the house.

Soon, I was on my second cup of coffee, and Thomas was changing the channel to cartoons. Sarah emerged from the shower in a towel and headed to her room. I went to Thomas’s room and got him some clothes and took them to him to get him dressed. After that, I went to my own room to get dressed, and by the time I emerged Sarah was dressed and on the couch watching cartoons with her brother or staring at her phone pretending not to be interested to what was on tv. I wasn’t so sure.

“You guys ready to go?” I asked as I got my purse and started to make sure I had everything ready.

“Yeah,” was Sarah’s reply. Thomas chimed in, “Yes, mommy!”

“Sarah, do I have to ask?” I inquired, again trying to be sensitive.

“Jeez, I have a pullup on and there is a spare in your purse, if you hadn’t noticed.” Sarah harrumphed. I just shook my head.

“I am just trying to spare you the embarrassment of wet pants, you know how you get when there isn’t a bathroom available, and the storage unit doesn’t have one.” I sighed as I saw the pullup in my purse, where she said it would be.

“Yeah, mom, I get it. You treat me like such a baby, I swear. I am like the only 12-year-old in existence who still needs to wear these things all the time. I don’t need you to remind me.” She huffed and crossed her arms. She was wearing a pair of khaki shorts and a long shirt, in my opinion to try to hide her thicker underwear, but even though I knew she was wearing them, I could not really tell just by looking at her, so it was all in her head. Thomas was in jeans and a shirt with trains on it, but his underwear had Spiderman on it, because he was like a camel and could hold his bladder like a champ, not needing the extra padding his mom and big sister required.

“I tell you all the time, they don’t make and sell these globally because only you have this issue. Millions of kids go through the same thing, stop being such a drama queen.” I said nonchalantly.

“Now, go get your brother in the car, I will be out shortly.” I said as I ushered them out the door.

I turned off the tv and went to my own room and grabbed a spare pullup for myself, painfully aware that I was in the same situation as my daughter, but unbeknownst to her, I suffered in silence.

I joined my children in the car and off we went to the storage unit. It was an unmanned unit, and I had to punch in a code at the gate to gain access as we drove up. When we were past the gate, I drove around until I found the right unit number, and I parked right outside it. All the units were uniform and looked the same, and there were rows upon rows of them, all reminding me of a car garage, as they were white buildings and had large steel doors that rolled up with a touch of a button. I used my key on the padlock and pressed the button to start the door rolling up, as Sarah got Thomas out of the car.

As the door slowly opened fully, I saw the task we were about to undertake. The unit was big enough for us to enter, and had boxes lining both walls up to the ceiling, with a path large enough to walk down the center. The boxes were labeled, as Sam said they would be, as he had helped the movers to identify the rooms in the house and had told them that each box should be labeled by which rooms they came from. There were boxes labeled kitchen and living room, and some labeled Ella and Sam. Even some with my mother’s name. It was all very meticulous, as was Sam’s nature.

I led my children to the back of the unit, where the furniture was, and took some chairs from a corner and had them both take a seat. Then I got some boxes labelled Ella, and put one in front of my daughter, and set one down for myself.

“Sarah, you can help me go through my old things, and if there is anything you would like to keep, let me know, otherwise, just set it to the side and can figure out what to do with it later.” I said as I used a boxcutter to open both boxes, before returning it to my pocket.

“I guess I can help. Why can’t we just sell all this stuff? I am sure it is all probably out of date. I don’t want any old stuff.” Sarah Sighed as she started to dig through the box, that had a lot of my old clothing in it.

“You kids are always talking about how cool retro stuff is, I thought maybe there might be something in there you might think is cool, even if it is old.” I said as I tore through my box, which was just old diaries and posters and toys.

“I don’t know, maybe I might find something. Ew, but not this, or this.” Sarah said as she started tossing clothes into the corner, at a feverish pace.

We both found some things that made us laugh, shudder and wince. Some things I couldn’t believe I owned and some things even Sarah thought were cool. There were even some toys that Thomas was thrilled by, and I gave them to him to keep him busy as Sarah and I went through box after box. I went through Sam’s old things that he said he would want to donate to Thomas, and most of the clothes and toys I found were to Thomas’ liking, but it seemed everything I found for him he liked, so some I had to put into the garbage pile, as Sarah had started affectionately referring to the large pile of clothes and toys we had had set aside as.

As we came upon the last of my childhood memories stuffed into boxes, we were all getting exhausted, and hungry for lunch. Hours had passed as we worked, and I told Sarah and Thomas we would do one more box and then go and get some lunch, and probably even call it a day. Sarah was relieved to hear this.

“Finally, I want to go home already!” She stretched as she said.

“Alright, just one more and we can go.” I said as I handed her the next box.

Sarah started to go through the box, tossing mostly everything she came across, until she just stopped suddenly. I was going through a box of my own, and didn’t notice for a few minutes until heard her sigh and say,

“Wow, this is so cool! Mom, can I keep this?”

And that’s when I looked up and saw what was in her hand. A shiver went down my spine as I looked at the amulet with the brown bracelet. It was glowing that eerie glow, shining in Sarah’s palm as she looked upon it in amazement. I just stared in shock. I couldn’t quite place why, but I was absolutely terrified in that moment, frozen in place. All I knew was that the amulet was evil, and I needed to get it away from my daughter, but I could not move. It felt like I was watching a movie of my own and my daughter’s interaction from that point on, and I could only scream in silence as words poured from my mouth that I did not remember formulating the ability to speak.

“Oh, what’s that you have there?” I said, not able to scream out and say, drop that right now!

“It looks like an old bracelet. It’s glowing! Can I have it? It makes me feel all warm and tingly. I really want this mom!” Sarah practically giggled like a mad woman, and lashed the bracelet around her wrist, before I could tell her to drop it, smash it, or burn it. Anything to get it away from her, but I was a prisoner in my own body, forced to watch what happened next, not really knowing what it may be, just that it would not end well.

I had this feeling in my gut that that bracelet was the worst thing my daughter could find, but I just didn’t know why I felt so appalled by it. Why couldn’t I remember? And what could a bracelet have done to make me so frightened by its very existence? I was so confused and terrified, and I couldn’t say anything! All I could do was watch the horror unfold.
As Sarah lashed the bracelet onto her wrist, a powerful flash of light beamed out from the amulet, and both my daughter and I were forced backwards into seated positions. I could hear Thomas crying in the background, but it was more of a disembodied yelp than anything else. As the light faded and everything came back into focus, I could feel myself growing warm and tingly, and my bladder released. Luckily, I was wearing a pullup, so the damage was contained. Sarah shook her head and cried out.

“What was that? Mom, I think I wet myself.” She said as she started the sniffle.

“Are you ok, Sarah? Does anything else hurt?” I said as I raced to her side, ignoring my own predicament for the moment.

“Yeah, it’s just that surprised me, that light. I’m sorry mom. I’m all wet.” Sarah sniffled and started to cry. Thomas had made his way over to us and we all huddled together, crying and confused.

“It’s ok. Were all ok. Sarah, I think you should probably put that bracelet back where you found it. Let’s get out of here.” I said as I gathered my children and stood up. Sarah tried to take off the bracelet, but with little success.

“It won’t come off! It’s stuck!” Sarah cried as she tore at the bracelet, and it glowed more feverishly.

“I don’t want to take it off. I like it, don’t you like it, mom? It’s so pretty.” Sarah practically drooled as she admired the bracelet and amulet adorning her wrist.

I wanted to scream, take that damn thing off! But I just heard myself reply,

“Alright, you can keep it if you like.”

And that was just when everything started to get weird.

Chapter 4

I just felt the extreme urge to get my children out of the storage unit and back home. So, we just left. We got in the car and left. We didn’t gather anything we had unpacked, we left everything a mess, it was all I could do to wait until the door to the unit closed and lock the padlock back in place before I hurried my children into the car and raced off for home. I was still a bit shocked and befuddled as to what had just happened, and the drive home was a blur.

I couldn’t place where my mind was. I couldn’t understand what I was feeling. It was like every fiber of my being was screaming, destroy the amulet! Run away! But all I could do was drive home in a fog. I still felt like I wasn’t in charge of my own destiny, it was like I was a puppet on a string. Like I was being led to my next conclusion, but I couldn’t place why.
I got my kids inside the house and, as Thomas had somehow fell asleep on the ride home, I took him upstairs to bed. A nap couldn’t do much harm, I supposed, and I thought about doing the same. But Sarah interrupted my train of thought, when she said,

“Mom, I need your help.”

I was confused but felt a strong pull to stop everything I was doing and see to my daughter. I went to her room and there she stood, in her oversized shirt, pants around her ankles. There was a bag of her old night time diapers sitting on her bed, the ones I had stopped using on her just recently when we both decided she was old enough to wear pullups to bed and too old for me to change her anymore. Next to that sat a bag of wipes, baby oil and powder. I was confused as to how the items had gotten there, but I couldn’t say anything, all I could do was look at my daughter.

Sarah just stood next to her bed with a pleading look in her eyes, her face slightly stained by tears, and I felt an overwhelming sense of duty. So, without a word, I crossed the room, took my 12-year-old daughter by the hand and led her to her bed. Once there, I hiked up her shirt, saw the wet pullup that adorned her waist and laid her down gently onto her back. I tore the sides of her pullup and removed the soaked garment, before folding it up and putting it in the diaper genie next to the bed. Then I grabbed some wipes and cleaned her diaper area, before popping the top on the oil and powder, and generously applying them to her. I then grabbed a diaper form the open bag, and even though we had stopped using them years prior, attempted to put it on my daughter like it was second nature. And to my surprise, they fit perfectly, as I taped up the final tape and sat my daughter back up.

“There, all nice and clean. Sleep now, child.” I heard myself say, again feeling like I was just watching myself go through the motions, and words came from my mouth that I never thought I would say.

I laid my daughter down in bed and tucked her in, before kissing her on the forehead and, leaving the room.

Then, I made my way to my own room, feeling like a drunk that just needed to stumble home and sleep it off.

I fell into my bed and passed out, as my whole world turned black.

My dreams were of myself, all the way back to when I was just 8 years old. I remembered my father passing away, my mother crying for days, and my little nighttime issue rearing its ugly head. I remembered Sam, being just two at the time, and being better than I was at keeping himself dry and using the toilet. I remembered my mom yelling at me, the constant fights we had, the dry nights chart in my room filling up with rainclouds and suns, for wet and dry nights, respectively. I remembered feeling relief at these occurrences, however, never shamed by my own childish actions. I remembered thinking it could be worse, but why did I feel that way, why did I think this was the right way my life was supposed to turn out?

Because you aren’t living your real life!

I heard a voice echo in my head. But I was confused, what did it mean? Why did I feel like a stranger to my own body and mind?

Suddenly, I was 12 years old again. I was sitting on the curb of my middle school, and I was talking to my best friend. But I couldn’t hear the conversation. I could watch as though I was a spectator to my own life. A van pulled up and both of us got in, there was my mom, asking me about school most likely, and there was Sam in the backseat. But shouldn’t he be older? He looked like a toddler. And smelled like one too. Like he had just made use of his diaper. That was very apparent to me, even though I couldn’t hear any of the conversation between my mother and I. But I was 12, Sam should have been like 6 years old by then. What was going on? That’s when I noticed the bracelet I was wearing, and the amulet, and the shining light.
I was transported to my home, and I could see myself asleep in bed. My mother came in and woke me up, only to find that I had wet the bed. But, I wasn’t in diapers at night? What was going on? I pondered all this as I saw myself wake up repeatedly, to the same result. Finally, I saw my mother get fed up with it all, and that was when she started buying me diapers again. But, that’s not how it happened! I wanted to scream! I didn’t just start wetting the bed. My father passed away and I started having accidents, years before I was 12! This wasn’t right!

Sam was too young! I had always worn pullups at night! This wasn’t real! I wanted to pinch myself awake, but instead I felt like I was transported again, this time seeing myself in different stages of diaperedness, in cribs and messy diapers, being cared for by adults I didn’t recognize as their faces were obscured. Sleeping in cribs and drinking from bottles. Riding in strollers and wearing frilly dresses. It was all so much to take in, I finally screamed,

“Please, stop!”

And I found my 12-year-old self, in a long white T-shirt and an oversized diaper, sitting with my legs pulled up to myself, my head on my knees. I was a mess, most likely sobbing, sitting on the cold wet floor of what was like a cave of sorts, with a spotlight on me but everything else shrouded in darkness. The amulet on my wrist glowed, and I finally heard myself speak.

“I wish….”

And suddenly, I turned to see something in the distance. It looked like a throne of sorts, like the kind you would see in a castle made for a king. And seated at that throne, I could make out a slender figure, one leg propped up on the arm of the chair, one hand clutching his chin in a thinking pose, like he was pondering what would be my future. And as I slowly floated toward him, he became clearer. The suit he was wearing, the slickness of his hair, his drop dead gorgeous features, and his wicked, wicked smile. His lips curled, and he spoke,

“I’m back!”

And I felt myself wake with a start, suddenly remembering everything, and suddenly remembering what all that meant.

And as the hand on my husband rose to slightly brush my back, I looked down to see what my nightmare truly meant, because as looked down I did not see my husband lying next to me.


It was Loki!

Re: Wishes and Consequences 2

A great start to the sequel! I was a bit confused in this section:

Sarah tried to take off the bracelet, but with little success.

“It won’t come off! It’s stuck!” Sarah cried as she tore at the bracelet, and it glowed more feverishly.

“I don’t want to take it off. I like it, don’t you like it, mom? It’s so pretty.” Sarah practically drooled as she admired the bracelet and amulet adorning her wrist.

I wanted to scream, [I]take that damn thing off! But I just heard myself reply,

“Alright, you can keep it if you like.”

She’s desperately trying to get it off and the suddenly loving it? I thought maybe it was the amulet itself making her change her mind (it did glow) but how would that also affect the mom, who sees nothing weird in this behavior?

Also: If the daughter is wearing the amulet in her sleep, why does Loki come to the mom?

Re: Wishes and Consequences 2

Honestly, I wouldn’t mind seeing more of how Ella would handle being diapered during school. Though on another note I know Ella had Melody for a friend the same could be said. For Tammy who was also a friend of hers as well. But what I’m wondering is does Ella have any other friends other than these two that are her age that perhaps would either find out about her wearing diapers. Or being tricked into having to deal with wearing them themselves from one of the wishes?

Re: Wishes and Consequences 2

[QUOTE=kerry;71786]A great start to the sequel! I was a bit confused in this section:

She’s desperately trying to get it off and the suddenly loving it? I thought maybe it was the amulet itself making her change her mind (it did glow) but how would that also affect the mom, who sees nothing weird in this behavior?

Also: If the daughter is wearing the amulet in her sleep, why does Loki come to the mom?[/QUOTE]

Well, if you read the first story, you find that the person living inside the amulet is Loki, and he is a very tricky god who likes to be somewhat of a puppet master to those who wear the amulet. And Ella was already a victim of the amulet, and is living in an alternate timeline created to break Loki’s control over her. So Loki is putting himself into the lives of the mother and daughter as a way to mess with them and ultimately get what he wants, which will come clear as the story progresses. In the first wishes and consequences, Loki is tricked into giving up his power over Ella, and now he is somewhat vengeful. However, Ella seems to have put all this behind her and is trying to remember why she wants to see the amulet destroyed, but Loki is using her to get hold of her daughter. I hope that sums it up, there are a lot of moving parts to this that would best be explained by revisiting the first story.


Re: Wishes and Consequences 2

I was trying to make this more about the daughter than the mother in all honesty, at least at first, but there will be a time when Ella has to traverse the broken timelines to save herself and her daughter, and I may put her back to childhood as the story progresses and reintroduce some past characters.

Thanks for the insight!

Re: Wishes and Consequences 2

[QUOTE=10After2;71788]Well, if you read the first story, you find that the person living inside the amulet is Loki, and he is a very tricky god who likes to be somewhat of a puppet master to those who wear the amulet. And Ella was already a victim of the amulet, and is living in an alternate timeline created to break Loki’s control over her. So Loki is putting himself into the lives of the mother and daughter as a way to mess with them and ultimately get what he wants, which will come clear as the story progresses. In the first wishes and consequences, Loki is tricked into giving up his power over Ella, and now he is somewhat vengeful. However, Ella seems to have put all this behind her and is trying to remember why she wants to see the amulet destroyed, but Loki is using her to get hold of her daughter. I hope that sums it up, there are a lot of moving parts to this that would best be explained by revisiting the first story.

Oh, yes, I remember all of that. These were questions specifically linked to this narrative at this time. Since Ella no longer possesses the amulet, shouldn’t Loki now be with Sarah? And the mind-changing thing not noticed by Mom seemed strange.

Re: Wishes and Consequences 2

[QUOTE=10After2;71789]I was trying to make this more about the daughter than the mother in all honesty, at least at first, but there will be a time when Ella has to traverse the broken timelines to save herself and her daughter, and I may put her back to childhood as the story progresses and reintroduce some past characters.

Thanks for the insight![/QUOTE]

So, at first, we should be seeing what sort of wishes Sarah would be making, I would also be nice to see Sarah’s role being expanded on before it. I just hope that Ella won’t be as mean and harsh as Ella’s mom was on her.

Re: Wishes and Consequences 2

This is my first ever post on here and I gotta say I loved the first “Wishes and Consequences”. Right now I’m loving this one so far! Can’t wait to see the journey takes Sarah, seeing hows shes regressed already to a time of not worrying about her diapers so much is a great start. Also to see Ella deal with Loki again should be fun! Huge fan thanks for the sequel!

Re: Wishes and Consequences 2

Thanks so much!

Re: Wishes and Consequences 2 (update chapters 5 - 8) 2/11/18

I was kind of hoping for more comments, but I thank all those that took the time. Here is an update.

Chapter 5

I jumped out of bed, and Loki sat up, blanket falling from his bare slightly hairy toned chest. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, and I couldn’t believe I was appreciating what I was seeing. Loki was as beautiful as I remembered him, and as he smiled at me, I gulped in frustration.

“What are you doing here? I thought I got rid of you years ago, how the hell are you suddenly back, and in my bed? Am I losing it?” I started pacing and pulling at my hair.

“Now, Now, Ella, my child, you know what happens when someone puts on the amulet, only this time, I didn’t wait for a wish, I was too bored to wait. I have waited so long for this. For you it was just thirty years or so, for me, it was like an eternity. I have had a lot of time to think, a lot of time to plan. And I am going to exact my revenge. Its just a matter of time.”

And with that, Loki disappeared. No one was in my bed. It felt so real, but maybe I was dreaming. It had to be a dream, I thought. This can’t be happening all over again.

I went into my private bathroom, and reached under the sink, getting a spare pullup out of the bag I kept under it. I surveyed the damage to my current pullup, soaking wet. I tore it off and wiped with some toilet paper. I then stepped into the fresh pullup and adjusted it to fit.

“Still wearing those, I see? It’s cute, but its no substitute for the real thing!” I turned in shock and nearly screamed.

Loki was in full suit and tie, black jacket on white shirt and black tie, the consummate professional look, and he was standing in my shower, back against the wall, just staring at me through the open sliding door. He laughed as I covered my shame and snapped his fingers.

And once again he was gone. I rushed into the shower, putting my hands on the wall, and soon my head followed. I was really starting to lose it.

As I walked back to my bed, I felt weird. And I was crinkling more than usual, which meant more than not at all, as my pullups were cloth backed and barely made a rustle, not to mention a crinkle. I ran to my floor length mirror and opened my robe. I had on a plain white shirt, but I was now wearing a tape on diaper, with green dots and little cartoon character animals, all in diapers. And it was thick. I waddled noticeably as I walked back to bed. I sat down and attempted to remove the diaper, only every time I took one off, another would appear in its place. I heard disembodied laughter as the pile of diapers I took off grew, as I ripped more and more of them off, and more just appeared in their place.

“Loki, Damnit! Stop messing with me!” I nearly yelled.

But I was defeated. I attempted to just go to sleep as I saw it was now well past midnight. But the kids! I had left them alone in bed over 12 hours ago!

I raced to their rooms. Sarah was asleep, in just her shirt and a diaper as well. I went to check on Thomas and he was asleep still too. I went to the kitchen, and there were used dishes from lunch and dinner. Was I on cruise control? I didn’t remember doing any of this for my children.

“I did it for you!” Loki said, as he appeared at the kitchen table, sipping a cup of coffee and reading a newspaper.

I fell on the counter in shock. He was starting to piss me off just appearing like he was and scaring the crap out of me.

“Oh relax, drama queen. I will try not to pop up unannounced from now on. But just know I am always watching, and I have control of you now, so you will do as I command, and once your daughter starts wishing, things should get interesting. Might as well just go with it. There is no escape this time, I have made sure of it.” Loki said as he laughed and slowly disappeared in a puff of smoke.

“You have got to be kidding me. This is freaking nuts. I must be losing my mind. Loki can’t be real, it must just be my psyche catching up to me from an imaginary friend from childhood. Nothing more.”

I closed my eyes and believed it was all a dream. And then I heard the alarm, and I woke up.

I hit the alarm on my bedside table, and I opened my eyes and I was alone.

Loki wasn’t in bed with me, I knocked the covers off myself, and opened my robe to see a wet pullup, but it was at least a pullup and not a full-on diaper. I sighed in relief.

I got up and changed into a fresh pullup and some sweatpants, and a long shirt. I went to Thomas’ room and woke him up and took him to the kitchen for breakfast. I poured him some cereal, put on a pot of coffee, and turned the tv on to the news.

It was just like any other normal morning. Then I went to go get Sarah up, and that was when the weird started.

I walked into what I could only describe was Sarah’s nursery, complete with crib and changing table. Stacks of diapers, wipes and powder adorned a bookcase on the wall, for anyone to see if they were to walk in the room. The walls were pink and decorated with cartoon characters, doing various activities in full diapers. One had a baby tiger with a butterfly net, chasing butterfly’s in his diaper. Another was a baby girl deer, blowing bubbles, again in diapers. There was a monkey on a vine, in diapers. A dancing bear, in diapers. A girl lion playing soccer, in diapers. I detected a pattern.

In the oversized crib, under a pink blanket, laid a child who looked like Sarah, but didn’t act like Sarah. She woke and immediately said, “Hi, Mommy!”

“Hi, baby.” I replied, not wanting to use the word, but unable to stop myself.

“What is all this, sweetie? Did you redecorate?” I asked incredulously.

“Mommy, all I did was wish that you would treat me more like Thomas, and this man appeared, he said he was my guardian angel, and that he would make my dreams come true. He told me that you only love Thomas more because he acted his age, but if I acted my age too, you wouldn’t love me as much still. So, he told me to act like a normal girl would at Thomas’ age, and he changed my room, got me this crib, and the changing table, and all new diapers! I got so much stuff, Mommy! Isn’t it wonderful! All I had to do was wish!” Sarah exclaimed as she giggled and rolled on her back grabbing her toes, showing off a wet, and messy diaper.

My hand went to my face as I shuddered. It was already starting, and there wasn’t anything I could do to stop it.

Chapter 6

“Sarah, honey, why would you wish for this? Do you like acting this way? I don’t understand.” I said as I lifted my 12-year-old daughter onto the changing table and started to change her well used diaper.

“Somebody’s stinky!” I exclaimed as Sarah giggled.

“I like it when you pay attention to me, mommy, and if this is what it takes, I am all for it!” Sarah squealed with joy.

I smiled as I wiped her down and oiled her skin and powdered her, before grabbing another diaper from the shelf and unfolding it. It, too, had a very babyish design, as was the theme. I slipped the diaper under her, and pulled it up between her legs, taping it up and patting it.

“Ok, all clean. Let’s get you dressed.” I said as I helped Sarah off the table, and to the closet.

Inside the closet, there were multiple onesies, frilly dresses, rompers and overalls, and even plastic pants. All clothes made for a child, all in my 12-year old’s size. I was taken aback, to say the least.

“Uh huh, ok. What do you want to wear, Sarah?” I asked because I was completely confused as to what to dress her in.

“Well I need a onesie, so I’ll wear that one, and maybe I go with overalls today. See, mommy, they have snaps in the crotch for easier diaper changes! Isn’t that awesome!” Sarah seemed happy with all of it, so I played along.

“Yeah, awesome!” I replied, trying to match her enthusiasm.

I got Sarah in her onesie and overalls. Then I brushed her hair.

“Make me pigtails, mommy! Oink, oink!” Sarah giggled as she snorted.

So, I made her pigtails. And the transformation of my 12-year-old into a 2-year-old was complete.

I was astonished as I led Sarah to the kitchen. She was babbling on about Loki, and how he was going to change everything, all at a mile a minute. Then she said something that caught my ear.

“And then Loki said he could even make you like wearing diapers again, just like me!” Sarah said as she bounced to the table and sat down across from Thomas, who was still eating his cereal.

“What did Loki say about me? Sarah?” I asked as I was pouring cereal into a bowl for Sarah, nearly spilling some on the counter.

“He said no more yucky pullups for you mommy! You can wear real diapers just like me.” Sarah smiled as she explained.

“Sarah, silly mommy doesn’t wear diapers or pullups, where would you get that idea?” I asked as I poured the milk.

“Mommy, I know you wear them too! Loki showed me while you were sleeping. I didn’t believe it at first, but then I saw them. And I was mad for a little while that you didn’t tell me, but Loki told me you were just too embarrassed. And then he told me you wear them all the time, and that soon you would wear real diapers just like me, and we could be a family again! Isn’t that great!” Sarah was just so excited and happy it was starting to make me feel ill. I felt so violated.

I put the bowl in front of her and said, “Eat.” And then I walked away.

I went to my room and sat on my bed, and I cried. I cried, sobbed, choked on my tears. And when I coughed up the phlegm that I had accumulated in my throat, I felt myself wetting my pullup in stress. Of course, that would happen, I thought.

“Mommy, are you ok? Was it something I did? Talk to me mommy!” Sarah yelled through my locked door.

“Please go away, Sarah, go watch cartoons with your brother, mommy will be out soon.” I yelled hoarsely from my bed.

I heard the tv change to cartoons, and I stayed in my room for about an hour, trying to figure out what I should do.

, I thought. I won’t be defeated. Not this time!

I wiped the tears from my eyes, got up out of bed, and walked to the bathroom. Once there, I lowered my pants, ripped off my soggy pullup, tossed it in the trash bin, and grabbed some toilet paper to clean myself up. I made a mental note to get myself some wipes, as the harsh texture of the toilet paper did little to soothe my delicate diaper area. I tossed the toilet paper into the toilet, gave it a quick flush, and reached down to the cupboard under the sink, fishing a fresh pullup out of the bag that I kept there. I chuckled to myself, thinking how many places in my home you could find a stash of diapers or pullups in places that you would not expect. I was just glad I didn’t have company over too often, or I would have been found out a long time ago.

After I put on my fresh pullup, and pulled my pants back up, I thought about what Sarah had said. That soon, I would be wearing real diapers just like her. I scoffed at the idea. I mean, pullups were one thing, but to take the time and effort to fully diaper myself every day, the whole idea just sounded exhausting. Plus, how would I ever keep them secret? I already had this irrational fear of being found out just wearing my thin and quiet pullups. I couldn’t imagine wearing a full-blown plastic diaper under any of my clothes, I would need a whole new wardrobe just for hiding my shame.

I looked in the mirror over the sink, twirling a bit to check the top of my pants to make sure none of the pullup was peeking out the top of them. I smoothed the fabric of my pants over my crotch and behind with my hands, frowning at the bulges I was sure could be seen by everyone but myself. Was I being paranoid? I tried to imagine myself wearing the same clothes and a full plastic diaper. My butt transformed into a pillow, and it looked like I was smuggling a sock down in my shorts, like an emasculated male trying to better his self-image.

Even though the thought of wearing such a thing horrified me, I found myself getting a bit of pleasure, imagining the fluffy softness encasing my bottoms. I kept my hands at work, feeling myself, and imaging the diaper expanding at my touch, and the more I touched, the bigger it got. I shuddered in relief, and goosebumps and the hair on my arms raised at the thought.

I closed my eyes and shook my head, trying to snap myself back to reality. And when I opened my eyes, I readjusted to the light, and I looked at my bottom half in the mirror once again, only to find my fantasy, to my horror, had become a reality.

My pants were gone, my robe was on the counter, and there I stood in front of my mirror, naked from the waist down except for a very large plastic diaper, with building blocks and cartoon characters adorning the surface, a large blue stripe running down the front. And my plain old regular shirt was replaced by a midriff top that barely covered my exposed, braless chest, and did nothing at all to hide my diapered state.

My hair was in pigtails just like I had done my daughter’s just an hour or so earlier. And as I looked in the mirror, my jaw slack and hanging at my terrifying state, I felt myself start to shrink. Like I was getting smaller and smaller by the moment. My chest, not known for its expanse as it was, soon became nearly flat as a board. It got harder and harder to see myself in the mirror. I soon found myself straining on my tiptoes to see what was occurring. I got smaller and smaller, and soon it felt like I was no older than my own oldest child. My hands quickly made their way across my body, feeling out all the changes, and I kept hearing something in the back of my head repeating over and over, just out of my range of hearing clearly. But as I my heart raced, and I tried to pinch and slap myself out of the dream, the lights in the bathroom started to glow fiercely and soon I was on my knees, and my hand were grasping my head as the chanting I heard was starting to become clearer and I finally understood what was happening.
It was my daughter Sarah, she was crying and repeating over and over again, a phrase I heard in the back of my mind.

I wish mommy could understand me more! I wish she was more like me!

And the lights in the bathroom exploded, leaving me in abject darkness, as I curled up on the bathroom floor into a fetal position.
And before I lost consciousness, I could hear Loki laughing sinisterly.

Chapter 7

I don’t really remember much else that happened that day. Apparently, they found me on the floor of the bathroom exactly as I was, curled up and shameful, just a shirt and a very wet and messy diaper. I would find out later that my daughter had finally grown tired of waiting for me to come out of my bedroom as the hours passed, and upon finding my predicament, she quickly ran out of the room and found the house phone and dialed 911. I was unconscious, so no matter how much she shook me and tried to rouse me, among the shattered glass that was my bathroom lightbulbs, I would not wake.

I would slightly regain consciousness for brief moments, only to hear adults shouting my name, harassing me with questions that I never fully comprehended. Like,

“Are you ok?”

“Where are your parents?”

“What the heck is going on here?”

“Do you know where you are?”

“How old are you, sweetheart?”

“Why are the older kids in diapers?”

All questions I didn’t have the strength to answer, although I really didn’t think I could answer them if I did.

I felt myself transported, first in the arms of a large person, then onto a bed with wheels, and soon into a vehicle I could only assume was an ambulance, and soon into a hospital, moved from one bed to another, devices being placed on my skin, my eyes being forced open and lights shone into them. My shirt and diaper being removed, and a fresh diaper and gown taking their place. All the time, I heard whispers from all those around me, diligently working to figure out what was wrong with me.

“Has anyone notified the parents?”

“How old do you think she is?”

“Why was she wearing clothing like that?”

“I heard there was another girl her age at the house dressed a lot like her.”

“Maybe some older guy’s sick fetish?”

“There was a younger boy there, but he wasn’t dressed like the girls, it was all so backwards.”

“Where the heck are the parents?”

“The other girl kept calling this one mommy, but there is no way, she might even be younger than her.”

“This is sick, treating children this way.”

“Well, at least she is safe now. We should probably notify children’s services.”

All the while I was screaming in my mind, thoughts swirling over my kids and what was going to become of them now that this was happening. And how Loki could do this to us. Just what was he planning? And was there any way out of it?

I found myself jarred awake, a breathy gasp escaping my lips, my heart pounding, my head aching. I tried to scream but nothing, but a dry raspy whine escaped my lips. I could hear footsteps racing down the hall. All around me machines whirred and buzzed, and alarm kept beeping in rapid succession as my vision adjusted to the harsh lights of the room.
I was in a hospital room, my arms suck with needles, a nondescript robe covering me so all I could see was my arms and feet. A drab green curtain surrounded my bed, obscuring my view to just a few feet around my bed. I had monitors surrounding me, and I started trying to move, trying to escape, but I couldn’t make myself move much.

I felt weak, it was all I could to raise my arms off the bed, and look at my small hands, and realize exactly what I thought was a dream was happening. I had reverted to my twelve-year-old self. I had no idea what had happened to my kids. All I could do was lay there and try to yell but only be greeted by my breathy gasps and whines.

And as the curtain opened, and a nurse made her way to my bedside to hold me down and try to reassure me everything was going to be okay, and that I was safe and I could relax, I swear I saw Loki in the corner of the room, sitting in a hospital chair, in full suit, and he smiled at me as the curtain closed and the nurse obstructed my view.

Days came and passed, and I felt my strength slowly return. I was still unable to speak, but I could hear everything the many doctors and nurses said, as I lay in my hospital bed and pretended not to be eavesdropping.

“Is she still not talking?”

“Her vocal chords were damaged, probably by extreme overuse. Poor kid was probably screaming for days. And she was emaciated and dehydrated as well. Almost like she didn’t belong in her own body. It really is strange.”

“Who could have done this to her? Whoever they were, they really did a number on these kids.”

“The other girl kept calling her mom, I don’t know what to make of that?”

“Is she fully incontinent? I mean why else would she be diapered?”

“Maybe she’s autistic. This could have just been the parent’s way to deal with it?”

“No way, this is too odd. Looks like a fetish gone wrong to me. Poor kid.”

“Could someone really be this sick to do this to a child? I mean, the diapers, the demeaning clothes, even her hair was done in a childish way. I mean, looking at her like that, how could that get someone off?”

“People can be sick bastards. Well, she is safe now, all of them are. The other kids just had minor abrasions to their feet, most likely from stepping on the broken glass. Other than this one, they were all in perfect health. Well, maybe physically, mentally, not so much.”

“This is one hell of a story, I hope someone gets the truth someday.”

I didn’t see Loki again in the room. Each day mostly went the same, I would sleep, get poked and prodded by doctors and nurses, have my vitals checked, my diapers changed, all at intervals throughout the day. I was washed and turned on the bed, and the nurses would try to explain what they were doing as they did it, and I complied, mostly because I had very little control over my body. The nurses and doctors would ask me if I could speak, and even tried to get me to write on a piece of paper, but all I could do was scribble.

I didn’t know what was wrong with me. It was like I was useless. I tried to play a convoluted game of charades to explain what was going on, but with the little control I had over my body and voice, I am sure it just looked like a very poor attempt to dance, what with my grunts and inability to move my body with any rhyme or reason.

I thought about my kids a lot, and I couldn’t really grasp why I was still being affected, even though my daughter was who knows where. Shouldn’t I have reverted to my old self by now? I had no idea what to expect, all I could do was try to regain my strength and figure out a plan to escape and rescue my kids. But the info I gained was shoddy gossip at best. I soon realized I had no idea where my kids were, if they were okay, or even if Loki would ever come back. And, as crazy as I felt, I found myself starting to miss Loki as well. I felt so alone.
I would cry myself to sleep a lot. The monotony of my days were starting to mess with my head. But every day I felt myself get a bit stronger, and my voice slowly started to come back, although I was having trouble forming words. All I could speak was gibberish. I would speak to doctors and nurses at a whisper, and I would form the words in my head, but all that came out was wispy nonsense. I tried to take my gains in strength and speaking as small miracles and motivation to keep getting better. But thoughts of my prior life still haunted me, and the fact that I couldn’t tell anyone what was going on was starting to make me lose control.

I found myself lashing out at nurses when I tried to speak, and they just looked at me with pity and confusion. I had to be restrained a few times, and I was drugged each time to calm my tantrums. I found this interfered with my recovery, so I tried to control myself, even though every fiber of my being wanted to burst with anger.

As my health started to recover, the doctors came less frequently, and soon the nurses started coming less frequently in large numbers. Eventually, I was moved to another wing of the hospital, one with more childish designs, and into a private room, where only a handful of nurses were assigned to me. I got to know one particularly well. Her name was Anna, and she would always smile at me. She would constantly speak to me, mostly about nonsensical things, like her own family, her own children, the funny things that would happen to her, even if I thought most were for my benefit, to try to normalize my situation as much as possible.

She would do my physical therapy, and soon I was able to walk a few steps at a time. She even tried to get me to use the bathroom, but soon realized I had no control over my bodily functions, so she eventually just made sure I was diapered properly. But at least she tried, and that was comforting.

Anna would use flash cards with me, with pictures and words, in a way to get me communicating again. I would point to a picture and word, and she would write down what I said, trying to get a feel for what was going on with me. Unfortunately, the vocabulary was limited. There were no “A Demigod turned me into a child” cards. It was mostly different foods, some adjectives, moods and objects to try to gauge my interest and my well-being.

Anna would try to teach me things as well, like how to dress myself again, brush my teeth, and of course, she helped get me walking again. I still needed a wheelchair for long trips, but I could walk around at a normal pace without too much difficulty. And I was starting to feel better. Like maybe this wasn’t the end of the world. I was near to feeling like maybe this could be somewhat of a new beginning, but I would be forced back to reality with thoughts of my children.

And of course, I was still in a diaper. But I wasn’t really upset about that anymore. Diaper changes by Anna had started to become somewhat of a comfort to me. She was good at it. Very efficient and caring. I never had a rash, or did I ever feel like wearing a diaper, even when it was soiled, was a burden. It was just another article of clothing eventually. Diaper changes had just become another part of my morning, afternoon and evening routine. I didn’t even mind that it was very apparent I was wearing one in the clothes the hospital provided me, which were mostly just scrubs or clothing from the lost and found or even gift shop. At first, I was miffed about it, but soon I just gave up caring, as no one else seemed to mind, care, or point out the fact that I was wearing one.

Chapter 8

The days turned into weeks, and the weeks turned into months quickly. I found myself enjoying my life in the hospital more and more. I still had trouble speaking, although now I could say most of the words on the flashcards, but I could not string sentences together. I could walk and even run a bit, although I was quickly winded. I could even have relatively good conversations with Anna, but when it came to my past or how I ended up like I was, I was still confounded as to how to get the story right.

“Let’s try this again. What is your name?” Anna asked me, as she sat with her pen and notebook, like most of our sessions.

I was sitting in the bed, in my scrubs, my small frame slightly wider at the waist for obvious reasons.
“L…. L…. AH, Ella.” I said with a slight stutter, which I had developed in my condition.

“Good job! Okay, how old are you?” Anna asked as she wrote in her notebook.

I wanted to say my real age, but I knew no one would believe me, so I just went with my daughter’s age, so I wouldn’t sound crazy.

“1…. 2…. 2…. Elve…. Twelve!” I had a process to my answers, and although it annoyed me a bit to respond this way, unfortunately it was all I had on some of the more thought provoking questions.

“Okay, good job, Ella! Alright now, you can use your cards if you like, how do you feel today?” Anna asked after praising me.

I quickly looked at my flashcards, which I had separated into categories for myself. I could read the cards one word at a time with less of a stutter, so using them was my only real form of communication at a deliberate pace.

I grabbed a card with a happy face and held it up as I said, “Happy!” And I smiled.

And the conversation continued as such. Anna would ask me simple questions and I would answer them using my cards and my limited vocabulary. Anna would praise my answers and try to broach my past, but it was an unsuccessful subject. Eventually, our conversation ended, and Anna spoke to me more nonchalantly.

“Well, Ella, it looks like we are making some real progress. You might even be able to leave the hospital soon.”

I gasped at her and looked at my cards and held up a frown.

“No…. Sad!” I exclaimed, with a fearful look.

“It’s okay, Ella! Everyone must move on some day, and you are making such progress. You can’t stay here forever, you know. I am sure children’s services will find you a nice family to live with.” Anna said as she shut her book and leaned in closer to me, trying to convey a sense of comfort.

But I was frantically shuffling through my cards, trying to find an answer.

I held one up, “Nurse!” I said feverishly, trying to make her understand me.

“Nurse? You mean me? You want to go with me? No, that’s impossible, I have a family of my own to take care of, I couldn’t possibly…” Anna said but was cut off by my wails of disagreement.

“Nurse! Nurse! No!” I yelled, pounding my card on the bed, and as I did most of my cards scattered onto the floor in my frustration. Soon, I was on my back, yelling and screaming, and kicking my legs in bed as I cried and wailed.

Anna quickly rushed to my side and tried to comfort me, but I was thrashing about so Anna pressed the call button, and soon there were other nurses and even a male orderly pinning me down by my legs and arms, as Anna grabbed a needle and stuck it into my arm.

I was till screaming and thrashing about, but soon I felt so heavy as the sedative entered my veins, and as I found myself calming down, I could hear myself say through a fog,

“No…. No…. Nurse…… Loki? Loki!”

And I looked up at the male orderly, and a sudden realization occurred to me as I recognized him, and as he held my shoulders down I could swear I saw him wink and smile before I finally closed my eyes and fell asleep.

Re: Wishes and Consequences 2

I just want to say that so far in my opinion this is superior to the original. I want to see more.

One thing that I think does tend to confuse the reader is the way that Loki’s magic seems to work. Characters will think or say one thing, and an instant later will say or do the exact opposite thing of what they previously intended. It takes a second to visualize what’s actually going on. I guess maybe you want there to be a degree of ambiguity in the various magical happenings here? If not, you could indicate that someone isn’t in control of themselves with some sort of effect like maybe a magical mist or a hypnotic tone of voice or something like that.

Re: Wishes and Consequences 2

[QUOTE=winnerchickendinner;71950]I just want to say that so far in my opinion this is superior to the original. I want to see more.

One thing that I think does tend to confuse the reader is the way that Loki’s magic seems to work. Characters will think or say one thing, and an instant later will say or do the exact opposite thing of what they previously intended. It takes a second to visualize what’s actually going on. I guess maybe you want there to be a degree of ambiguity in the various magical happenings here? If not, you could indicate that someone isn’t in control of themselves with some sort of effect like maybe a magical mist or a hypnotic tone of voice or something like that.[/QUOTE]

Thanks for the input. I was hoping to leave it to the reader to infer when a character was being controlled, and as you will find in later chapters that I already have in mind, many times a character may think they are in control of themselves, but they are not, and sometimes a character who thinks they are being controlled are actually operating if their own free will. It’s the mystique that I am trying to convey, I don’t want it to be obvious. I can understand it may be confusing, but I think the confusion really makes the reader think, and I want all my readers to think one thing is going to happen, and then I can really surprise them when something completely different happens. Does that make any sense to you? Maybe I am just rambling on, but that was my point in leaving it ambiguous.

Your thoughts?


Re: Wishes and Consequences 2

I don’t have a good lock on this story yet. Certainly, post more. Here are some random things I noticed so far.

Good scenes with Sarah early on, with good internal conflict.

Once Loki arrives, it bothers me that the protag has zero agency. She isn’t even allowed to choose the words coming out of her mouth, and Loki’s powers seem completely unlimited. It’s more interesting when the villain’s powers are limited but formidable. The story spends a lot of time on exposition on a family situation which has apparently been thrown away plot-wise?

Writing is fine. But occasionally…

[Insert standard Show-Don’t-Tell advice here]

A small note on chapter 3: Remember to explicitly state the protagonist’s current status and plans, unless it’s supposed to be mysterious. Yes, I figured out they’re were going to a storage unit to drop off boxes pretty quick, but I had to use a little mental energy on that that would be more enjoyable spent wondering about character and plot mysteries.

And that was just when everything started to get weird.

Um… no? The amulet scene was already pretty weird.

Re: Wishes and Consequences 2

Chapter 9
I woke up with a start, choking on my own breath. I quickly sat up in bed, only to be greeted by the pitch blackness of the room I was in. I tried fumbling around, looking for a light switch, and my arm found a lampshade to the right of me. I felt around until I found the switch and switched it on, and the light filled the room. It took my eyes a moment to adjust, but soon I could see it. I was back in my bedroom. I was back home.

I was tremendously confused, and my head ached. I looked down at myself, and just to be sure I wasn’t seeing things, I started to use my hands to feel all over me. I was back in my adult body. My legs were the right size, my chest was pronounced to the right degree, I was wearing my robe, and when I opened it, I was also wearing my pullups. I started to pinch myself, slap myself in the face, rub my eyes closed and reopen them, making sure this wasn’t just some crazy dream.

I jumped out of bed and over to the mirror on the wall. I closed my eyes shut tight before I reached the mirror, and slowly opened them when I was sure I was in front of it. There I was, in all my adult glory, hair long and mussed from sleep, robe slightly ajar, white undershirt wrinkled, wet pullup nestled between my legs. I reached my hands to my chest and felt the underwire of my bra under my shirt. I touched my face, mussed my hair, and even reached down to check the sogginess of my pullup, trying to survey the damage. I felt myself get warm and tingly, and I even felt myself smile.

But as I looked up to see my smiling face in the mirror, I caught a reflection of the chair in the corner and saw the shape of the man I had thought about non-stop since this whole ordeal began. Quickly, I surveyed the room for anything that I could use as a weapon. I had a pair of shoes at the foot of the bed, so quickly I crouched and dove for them, staying on my feet as I scooped them up and raised one over my head in readiness to throw at the figure in the chair that I knew to be none other than Loki.

But when I looked at the chair, arm cocked to throw my sneaker, it was empty. My brow furrowed in confusion, but I was still in attack mode, so I quickly surveyed the room. I looked to my left and then to my right, and finally turned to see Loki standing right behind me. I yelped in surprise and lost my footing, falling right down on my backside, the squish of my wet pullup echoing in my ears. I had dropped my shoes, my only weapon, to brace myself for the fall, and there I sat, robe now fully open, arms behind me, wet pullup on display for my lone enemy to fully observe. I imagined I looked quite pathetic.

But Loki just stood there, looking as dapper as ever in what I could only describe as a perfectly tailored three-piece suit. He grinned at me before he spoke, and he bent down to retrieve one of my shoes that I had dropped at his feet.

“Really, Ella? A shoe? That’s the best defense you could come up with against an all-powerful demigod? What was your plan exactly? Throw one at me to catch me off guard, and then lunge at me and pummel me to death with the other? That is ridiculous! Death by shoe? Can you imagine?” Loki said as he chuckled and tossed the shoe from hand to hand.
I was fuming at this point. I quickly leapt to my feet and charged at Loki with every fiber of my being while yelling, “You bastard!”

But right before I lowered my shoulder to ram into him, Loki snapped his fingers and I was frozen in place. Loki crouched down in front of me, still holding my shoe in his hand, until we were eye to eye.

“Ella, dear, we really need to stop all this nonsense. Or do you want to go back to the hospital where they were going to auction you off to the highest bidder? Your look says no, so let’s continue this conversation, somewhere a bit more comfortable, and somewhere hopefully where you will be less inclined to make a scene, shall we?”
And Loki snapped his fingers again, and my whole world went black.

When I woke up I was at a table, in what appeared to be a quite fancy restaurant, surrounded by people in formal dress, drinking wine and eating, by the smell of it, lobster and steak. Seated across from me was Loki, looking as dapper as always, a steak knife in one hand and a fork in another, slowly cutting a piece of steak on his plate, and then depositing it in his mouth with a look of absolute pleasure adorning his face. I wanted to scream, or barf, or yell rape, something to get someone’s attention so they could rescue me, but my mouth was filled with something. It was soft and malleable, and tasted like rubber. I reached my hand to my mouth and spat out the object, and saw, upon further inspection, that I was a pacifier. It was hot pink with little dancing ponies on it too. And it was attached to my shirt by a lanyard with the same design.

This of course led me to look at what I was wearing. For one thing, it was very denim. I was in overalls and a pink shirt, and as I felt all the buckles and buttons, my hand made its way down to my crotch where I found what I was expecting, snap closures. And the sheer size of my crotch area could only mean one thing, I was heavily diapered. In fact, as my mind fully grasped the situation, I finally realized I was about the size of a toddler, and I was in a high chair, fully equipped with bars and a seat belt, one that was tightly wrapped around my waist. And as I looked up at Loki, and I was him wink and smile around chewing, I started to breathe in as much as I could to scream the loudest scream I could, but as soon as I opened my mouth, the pacifier flew back in, and all I could do was let out a muffled yelp.

Loki just grinned and shook his head.

“Now Ella, I thought I told you we were going somewhere that you wouldn’t make a scene. First, I just want you to listen to me, and then, when you can calm down a bit, I will let you talk, but no yelling. Remember this is a nice place where yelling from someone your age just would not be acceptable, ok?” Loki chuckled at his own work, and I just sat back in the highchair and crossed my arms on my chest, sucking on my pacifier fiercely while giving Loki a death stare.

“I will take that as a yes. Alright, where to begin? Well, I guess we can start with the good news and put your mind at ease a bit. Your children are fine, they are home and in bed. In fact, when you get home you will be back in your normal body and the events of the past few days will just be an awful memory to you, but only you. You see, I can be a nice guy. I will even do you a favor and make your life a little easier. But that will be a surprise. I do love surprises, don’t you?” Loki explained, and continued. I just sat there and grimaced around each suckle on my pacifier.

“I don’t want your daughter, Ella. I want you. I want to exact my revenge. You are the only one to ever beat me, and it has weighed on me while I was trapped in the amulet once more. Now that isn’t to say I didn’t have my fun. Your mother was quite enjoyable when she put on the bracelet. We had years together, but I could never get her to bring you around. You see, unfortunately, my powers are confined to the minds of the ones in closest vicinity to the person who awakens me from the amulet by putting on the bracelet and making a wish. And even though I dropped some hints about you being invited to visit, all I could have was a memory version of you to play with from your mother’s mind. It wasn’t enough. So, I played with her some, and when your brother came to visit, I had her pass me on to his daughter. Now, that was quite enjoyable, but your brother figured it out and passed me back to your mother somehow, he is quite brilliant. Not even I can figure that one out. But when your mother finally took ill, I saw a moment’s chance to bring you back to me. So, I had your mother put me in storage in your old room, and I waited patiently for the old bird to croak. Oh, am I upsetting you? I will try to be more cognizant of your feelings.” Loki said, and I felt the hot tears rolling down my cheeks as I cried for my mother and brother and my niece. The horrors they must have been through shook me to my tiny toddler core.

“Anyways, it finally happened. You came back to me. All I had to do was wait for you to open the box, find the bracelet and amulet nestled in the boxes with your old clothes and toys, put it on and make a wish. But no, you had to have your kids do all the work for you. Now, that is quite lazy on your part. But I needed to make this work, so I took the mind of your daughter Sarah, and I used it to make your life a living hell. First, I thought I would just turn your daughter into an infantile state, and make you wait on her hand and foot and dirty diaper, but you seemed to enjoy it somewhat. So, I thought, what better way to mess with you than to take your children from you, after all, a child cannot care for another child, so I turned you into a child. But your daughter outsmarted me. You were on the floor and bleeding and she had to call the paramedics to make sure you were okay. And I couldn’t talk them out of taking you and your kids away, not through the mind of your daughter. But at least they kept you all close and in the same hospital, so I could be near when they decided to dump you on a foster family, and luckily, I caught you and was able to bring you back home before I lost control. You see, there are limits to what even I can do when outside forces intervene. But now that I am back in control, I will give you a choice. You can either play this out with your daughter holding the amulet and let her decide the wishes, and me decide the outcomes, or I can move on to you, and we can continue our little tete-a-tete, just you and I, but I will warn you. That means I take you back to where we left off, back when you were just a little teenage bedwetter, and all the memories of your children will be all but forgotten. So, I am going to remove the pacifier from your mouth now, and I want you to calmly give me an answer. Are we agreed?” Loki asked as he held up his hand in anticipation to snap his fingers and release me from my suckling. I nodded in compliance, if only to get a word in edgewise.
Loki snapped his fingers and the pacifier dropped from my mouth, as did a drop of drool. I wiped my face with my hand, and I spoke.

“I remember everything, every single solitary detail of the hell you put me through. I remember you taking advantage of my childish state, and every time I wished, it backfired on me somehow. I remember you turning every word I spoke against me. I remember trying to tell my mother about you, trying to tell my friends about you, and you controlling them to make it seem like I was out of my mind, or just joking around. I was all alone, I had no one to help me. It was only when I made a pact with your sister Freyja, that I was able to shake your control from me.” As soon as I spoke Freyja’s name, I saw Loki’s eyes brighten and he shuddered with delight. And then he interrupted me.

“Ah, yes, my dear sister Freyja. She will not be joining us for the fun this time. I dispatched with her right after she saved you. So, don’t think it will be so easy for you. You may continue.” Loki smiled deviously.

“Well, that makes me sad, she was the only one who cared enough to rescue me and had the power to defy you. You are such a bastard, Loki! You quite nearly ruined my life. If it weren’t for Freyja, and me believing this was all just a dream, I don’t think I would have been able to move on and have a normal life. I probably would have lost my mind a long time ago. But I was able to move on, have a life of my own and two beautiful children. And even if it means letting you control my daughter, and turn her every wish against her, I would never give her up, even to save her from you. Because she has something I never did. She has a mother who has gone through what she is about to experience, someone who survived and against all odds, beat you back into the hole you crawled out from. So, do your worst Loki, because I am prepared to fight you until I cannot fight anymore, and you are about to find out what happens when you mess with my children.” I said through clenched teeth, anger seething through every word, my tiny hands clenched in fists at my sides, my face burning red.
Loki just paused and reflected on my decision. Then he stood from his chair, and started a slow clap of his hands in front of him, and everyone else in the restaurant, patrons, waitresses, cooks, busboys, and hostesses included, stopped what they were doing to join in. and as the clapping grew louder and louder and the pace picked quickened, the sound grew to deafening heights, and I felt myself grasp at my ears with my hands, and my vision blurred and right before I lost consciousness, I saw Loki snap his fingers.

And the world went black once more.

Chapter 10

Once again, I found myself waking in my own bed. I felt groggy and hungover, and my head pounded with every thought. But most of all, I felt the extreme urge to pee. Normally, I just woke up in a wet pullup, I never woke needing to use the toilet, and without even thinking I just relaxed and let nature take its course, not even moving from my bed. But as I sat there peeing, I felt odd, especially as the hot urine puddled under me, and I felt it run along my thighs and pool at my backside, running up my back and soaking into my shirt. I quickly sat up and threw off my covers, and when I looked down, expecting to see my pullups expanding, all I saw was a yellow circle forming in my bedsheets, and a sodden pair of white, slightly yellowed panties adorning my waist. I leapt up from my bed, dripping wet and quickly made my way to my bathroom, able to stem the tide of urine as I peeled off my wet panties and sat on the toilet to finish my business.

What was I thinking? Wearing panties to bed. I shook my head and looked at the sodden ball of used underwear that I kicked into the corner of the bathroom. After I finished peeing in the toilet, I wiped with some toilet paper, making a mental note to buy some wet wipes, before reaching down to retrieve a pullup from their hiding spot in the cabinet under the bathroom sink. But the package I had nestled behind a bottle of bathroom cleaner was gone. I moved the bottle, thinking the package had just fallen over and out of sight, but even after removing the cleaning liquid from under the sink, along with other cleaning items and an old magazine that had made its way into the cabinet, I could not find my pullups.

Confused, I just made my way out of the bathroom and to my dresser drawer, where I kept another supply of pullups, but upon opening the drawer, all I found were pairs of panties. I started moving them out of the way thinking I had just used them to hide my pullups, and eventually started tossing them out of the drawer, and I made my way through each drawer, tossing clothes in a vain effort to find my hidden undergarments but to no avail. Then I went to my closet and tore it apart, thinking I may have hid them in there, but to my surprise there wasn’t a single pullup anywhere in my room. I felt myself start to hyperventilate a bit, thinking I never let myself run out of pullups, where could they be? I sat down on the edge of my bed, and everything started to become clear to me when I didn’t hear the crinkle that was my mattress protector as I sat down.

I quickly tore the sheets and blankets off my bed, rolling them into a ball and tossing them into the corner of my room in a sodden heap, and I saw the damage done to my mattress by my nonsensical urination. I had really wet the bed, quite literally. I ran to the bathroom, naked from the waist down, and grabbed a towel hanging on the rack. I used the towel to soak up the urine that was already soaking into my mattress, in a vain effort to save it from staining, but the damage was done. All I could do as dry it the best I could and hope no one looked under the sheets. I removed my wet shirt and after finding a suitable replacement, and some shorts and a pair of panties, I took the whole lot to the bathroom and set them on the sink, before turning on the shower and once the water was warm, hopping in.

I was hoping the warm cascading water would bring me back to my senses. But as I finished scrubbing myself and using the other towel on the rack to dry myself and my hair, I still found myself flabbergasted by the whole situation. I dressed myself and brushed my teeth and hair, not feeling as comforted in my thin panties as I would have been in the warm thickness of my pullups. I felt somewhat uncomfortable. But all my thinking was soon broken by a small knock on my bedroom door, and a sniffling call of, “mommy?” from the other side.

My kids! I had nearly forgotten my kids! I raced to my bedroom door and flung it open, and there before me stood Sarah, in her nightgown, her face tearstained, and her lower lip quivering. I fell to my knees and was about to grab her and embrace her with all my might when I saw what had brought her to my door. The lower half of her nightgown was drenched, and she spoke softly to me like she was ashamed to admit her situation.

“Mommy, I had an accident!” And she wailed as only a child her age would trying to explain to a parent that they had made what was probably a life altering mistake in their minds. But just started to laugh.

“Mommy! Why are you laughing at me?” Sarah said through sobs and embarrassment.

So, like any mother would I just took her in my arms, embracing her tightly, even as the wetness of her pajamas transferred to my own clothing. I just didn’t care, I was just so glad to be holding my child in my arms again. I kissed her face and brought it close to mine as I snuggled her, and as I did, I whispered in her ear.

“It’s okay, baby, everything will be okay. It’s okay that you had an accident, I did too.” And I laughed through happy tears, before getting to my feet and leading my daughter to the bathroom to get her cleaned up.

After helping Sarah into the bath and back to her room to get dressed, and asking her questions, like what day is it, and how old she was, and her answering through confused tiredness, that it was Tuesday, and she was 12 years old, I felt some relief that maybe things were getting back to normal. But when I asked her why she wasn’t wearing her diapers to bed, she guffawed and told me she was too old for diapers, and then she looked at me with fear in her eyes and asked me if I was going to make her wear them because she wet the bed.

“No, no, mommy is just confused is all. Of course, you don’t wear diapers, you are a big girl!” I said to reassure her.

“Mom, you are acting like I am 4 years old, what is going on with you? Are you sick or something? Why did you wet the bed too?” Sarah said as she came back to her wise 12-year-old self suddenly.

I realized by the clock on her dresser that it was only 4 am, and that maybe the reason Sarah had come to me in her state of crying and confusion was because she was only just waking up out of a deep sleep and was unsure of what to do about her accident. And now that she was getting to be fully awake, she was starting to realize she could handle the situation herself. But still I checked her dresser drawers and her closet for any spare pullups or diapers, but all I saw was a normal preteen room, void of the changing table and crib and diaper genie that were in place what seemed like months ago but were now gone and the day had started over like nothing had happened. It felt like Groundhog Day, but the deja-vu was starting to subside as I realized things were different but somewhat normal. So, I just got my daughter her fresh change of clothes and she changed into them, and I helped her strip her bed of the sodden bedsheets and dry her mattress off with a towel from the bathroom. There would be a stain, but the bed could be saved.
“We could just flip the mattress over to hide the stain, but I am thinking maybe we should get you and I some plastic sheets in case this ever happens again.” I mused as my daughter just stood there looking at me slack jawed and unamused.

“Mom, gosh, it was just an accident, it won’t happen again! I am too old for that! I’m not some baby who wets the bed every night!” Sarah shouted as she started to gather her blankets and take them to the laundry room. And that was when I heard the crying in the other room. Thomas was awake apparently.

“Speaking of babies, Tommy needs you!” Sarah yelled as she walked off to the laundry, wet bedsheets in hand.

I quickly strode out of Sarah’s room across the hall to Thomas’s room, and upon entering nearly did a double take. His toddler bed was gone, replaced by a crib, and there were the changing table, diaper genie and stacks upon stacks of diapers that were just in my daughter’s room but a day before. And standing in the crib, crying and rattling the bars, dressed in a blue onesie and very obviously diapered, was my son Thomas. And by the smell of it, his diapers were well used.

“Well, somebody is a stinky boy this morning! Um, do you need to use the potty, Thomas?” I asked, and Thomas just looked at me through his sniffling and tears and said,

“No potty, change me mommy!” And that was all the words I got from him, as I lowered the bars of his crib, carried him over to the changing table and quickly and efficiently changed his diapers. I left him on the changing table, and went to his dresser, where I found no underwear, only various articles of baby clothing, as was the case in his closet. But I wasn’t about to ask my son where his big boy underwear was, so I just assumed he would need diapers all day. So, I just got him dressed in a fresh onesie and some overalls, and some sense of foreboding hit me when I saw the overalls on him, but I just could not place why they felt familiar.

“I guess we can just get our day started early. Let’s get you some breakfast!” I said as I let Thomas onto the floor and race to the kitchen, his diapers causing him to run with a pronounced waddle.

I just smiled and followed him, after placing his clothes in the laundry hamper in his room and depositing his dirty diaper into the diaper genie. I was a bit out of sorts, as I felt things had changed so much from one day to the next and I felt as though I hadn’t seen my children in forever, but I could not place why. I just knew things weren’t as they were supposed to be. I could have sworn Sarah still needed diapers at night, as did I, and that Thomas was potty trained and no longer needed them. It was like my world was turned upside down. Everything was backwards, but I couldn’t remember why, even though I knew something bad had caused it and that it was only just the beginning.

And when I entered the kitchen, and saw my daughter seated at the table, eating cereal, and I saw the bracelet around her wrist, and the light from the light fixtures caught it in such a way that made the amulet twinkle, everything hit me like an oncoming truck. I remembered everything all at once. I felt my knees buckle and barely caught myself from falling by using the chair and table to balance myself. And my daughter looked at me through chews with a frightened look as I grabbed at her wrist to try to tear the bracelet off. She reached back and scooted away in her chair, seeing the look of abject terror in my eyes and yelled,

“Mom! What is the matter with you?”

And as I gained my balance and sat in the chair, slightly composing myself, I knew it was time to tell my daughter the truth, about wishes and consequences.
Chapter 11

I babbled on for hours, telling the story of the amulet, telling about my own nightly issues, about how I was jealous of my own brother and ended up in diapers, first at night but then all the time, telling Sarah about Loki and how he was pulling the strings now, and warning her of wishes and their consequences.

Sarah just looked at me like I was nuts. But I kept going, hoping she would realize the danger of what she possessed, and how it nearly ruined so many lives. But, of course, she was but a child, and could only see what she wanted. Eventually, as my story ran out of steam and started to get too weird to even explain coherently, my daughter finally spoke up.
“So, what you are saying is, is that this bracelet is like a genie in a bottle, and I can wish for anything I want? What should I wish for Mommy? We could be rich, and have everything we ever wanted, right?” Sarah mused as she stared longingly into the amulet, smiling wide at the possibilities.

“No! Don’t even think about it, Sarah! That bracelet is evil! And there is no genie, just a pissed off demigod named Loki, and he will use every word you use to wish for something and turn it on its head to benefit him and him alone. We might be rich, but we won’t be happy. And he is obsessed with diapers! I guess he thinks that there is no bigger shame then being unable to control bodily functions and he uses it to further humiliate all who decide to wish from him. So, unless you want to end up pissing and shitting on yourself for eternity, I suggest you and I come to some agreement on how we are going to beat Loki at his own game!” I shouted as I took my daughter’s hands in mine and looked her right in the eye to make my point take home.

“But mom? Would having everything we ever wanted really be so bad? So, what if we have to wear diapers again? We could be rich and famous, and not have to care what anyone thinks! We could even be trendsetters! Everyone in the world could wear diapers again because we are so famous and popular, and we wear them! Then it wouldn’t matter, and we still get what we want! Wouldn’t that be better than having to fight?” Sarah asked as she lit up with happiness.

“No! Not at all! I want to live my own life, I want you to live your own life, I don’t want anyone deciding our futures for us.” I said and squeezed my daughter’s hands.
“But, you said before I found this bracelet, I was wetting the bed every night, needed pullups for long car rides and sometimes wet myself during the day for no reason. And Thomas was fully potty trained and dry at night. If we win this fight, will that happen again? I don’t want to be in diapers all the time, I don’t want to have to learn to live like that, and not have something like being rich and famous to make me feel better about it. This amulet sounds like more of a blessing than a curse. I mean, we are both somewhat normal now, even if we both woke up wet this morning. What if that would never happen again? What if Loki has changed his mind and wants us to be normal? It seems like he is giving us a chance.” Sarah summed up what she was thinking, and to my own surprise, I started to think she might be right.

“Well, I don’t know, Sarah. I don’t know what Loki has planned for us, I just know it isn’t good, and we need to be prepared, so no wishing until I can figure all this out, is that a deal?” I looked into Sarah’s eyes and saw a semblance of agreement in them before she nodded her approval.

“Alright, until then, we should probably get plastic sheets for our beds and buy some pullups, because I have a feeling neither of us will be dry at night for the near future.” I laughed but Sarah just frowned at the idea.

“I won’t wear pullups, I’m not a little baby! You’ll see! I won’t need them. You might, but I won’t!” Sarah exclaimed as she broke the grip of my hands and stormed off to the living room, sitting on the couch and pouting.

I knew in my soul I would be the one who was right, however, I would soon find out that I was dead wrong.

Chapter 12

Although I was right about some things, I was wrong about others. I still went to the store that afternoon and purchased pullups in my size and Sarah’s size, and Sarah fumed about it all throughout the store. Thomas was buckled in the seat in the cart I pushed along as Sarah followed beside us. She was afraid someone she knew would see us buying pullups for adults and grown children and think they were for her. I assured her if that was the case, I would be embarrassed just as much as she was, but it still didn’t make her any less pouty about it. I also got some plastic mattress covers for both of our beds. I felt like I was coming at the issues head on and getting a head start to the coming pains we were about to face, but everything changed in the store that afternoon.

As I made my way up and down the aisles, doing some normal shopping after getting what I deemed were the essentials, I noticed Sarah was uncomfortable, and was crossing her legs quite a bit. I had seen her do this before she would need to go change, so I nonchalantly commented,

“The bathrooms are at the front of the store Sarah, if you need to change your pullups.” And I did so in my normal tone of voice, and a couple other people in the aisle looked at us oddly, and a boy about Sarah’s age stifled a chuckle.

“MOM!” Sarah just shouted and stormed off toward the front of the store towards the bathrooms.

“Oh, honey, I didn’t mean to, shoot!” I exclaimed as I quickly maneuvered the cart around people to try to catch up to my quickly retreating daughter.

Sarah put a good distance between us, and I was gaining ground when she stopped in the middle of the store. She grabbed at her crotch and stood there as tears ran down her face and pee ran down her legs. She started to run towards the bathrooms, hands still in her crotch, pee squirting from them with every long step she took in a convoluted run towards the bathrooms.

She looked like she was skipping and running all at once, and her funny gait garnered the attention of just about everyone in the store, including the fact that she was leaving a trail with every step she took. She finally made it to the restrooms, only to find they were occupied, and she stood outside the door and deposited the rest of the contents of her bladder on the floor right there. There was a crowd forming as I quickly raced up with the cart, unbuckled Thomas, grabbed the package of pullups I was going to buy for Sarah and raced up to her. I grabbed her by the hand while juggling the pullups and Thomas in the other, and spied a door marked family restroom that said unoccupied on the handle. I pulled Sarah to the family restroom and shoved her inside, before turning back to the crowd and shouting,

“What the hell is the matter with you people? Never seen a little girl have an accident before? You should be ashamed!”

And I quickly shut and locked the door to the bathroom.

Thomas started to cry, which got Sarah crying as well. I braced myself against the door of the bathroom and just surveyed my daughter’s situation. All I had was my son and a package of pullups for teens in my possession. I had left my purse in the cart. I put Thomas down on the floor and placed the pullups down as well. I knelt in front of Sarah, who was sniffling and bawling at this point, and I started to undo the button on her khaki shorts. Sarah quickly slapped my hand.

“What are you doing?” She asked between sobs.

“I am trying to get you out of your wet pants!” I exclaimed.

“No! I can do this myself! I don’t need my mom to change me! I am a big girl!” Sarah quickly turned her back to me and tore off her wet shorts and underwear, before bending down and untying her shoes, removing them and her wet socks. She continued to sniffle as she rolled them up into a ball and put the shorts, underwear and socks in the sink. She then turned on the water and started to rinse them off, squeezing each article of clothing out after rinsing them and placing them on the back of the toilet to dry. She then sat down on the toilet and covered her privates with her shirt, before looking up at me dejectedly.

“What do we do now?” She whispered to me.

“Well, my plan was to let you wear one of these pullups, we go pay for our groceries and leave, but I guess we could wait here for your clothes to dry. Hopefully no one will take our cart while we are in here.” I replied as I sat on the floor of the bathroom and put Thomas in my lap. He had stopped crying as well, after finding the toilet paper dispenser and tearing a piece off to play with.

“I guess Thomas has the right idea, lets just find something to amuse ourselves until your clothes dry.” I said as I played with Thomas a bit and Sarah just sat on the toilet with her head down.

After a couple minutes she finally spoke up.

“Mom?” She asked quietly.

“Yes, honey?” I answered and broke away from playing with Thomas for a moment.

“Do I have to wear a pullup when my clothes dry? Can’t I just wear my underwear?” Sarah asked as her sniffles came back.

“Well, I guess you could, but if I know Loki, you will need that pullup before we leave, he likes to play that way.” I answered sternly.

“But, why mom? Why me? Why is he doing this to me? I thought he wanted to hurt you, not me! Why do I have to be the one who wets themselves in public? Why do I have to wear a pullup at age 12? What is the point to all this?” Sarah asked as she started to hyperventilate a bit.

“Oh, honey, calm down, everything will be okay. So, what if you wet your pants in front of all those people? So, what if you have to wear pullups under your shorts? None of that matters! We have each other and no matter what you do I will always love you, I don’t care if you need care if you need pullups forever!” I did my best to cheer my daughter up, but I could tell it wasn’t helping.

“Well, I don’t want to have to wear pullups! I wish I never had to wear pullups again!” Sarah shouted and then clapped her hands to her mouth, and the amulet on her wrist gave out an eerie glow, and all I could do was say,

“Oh, Sarah, no…”

As the room filled with light and I could hear Loki in the back of my mind say,

Finally, wish granted!

Chapter 13

When the bright light subsided, we were back in the bathroom, only now, Sarah was lying on the floor in front of me, and I had just finished taping her diaper into place. Thomas was sitting under the sink, still playing with some toilet paper, and the package next to me no longer read pullups for teens, but now read teen diapers. And what was worse, Sarah’s shorts and underwear were gone.

“What happened? Why am I wearing a diaper mom? Take it off me, now!” Sarah shrieked, as she tried to tear the tapes but could not get them to move. I did my best to help but found I couldn’t take the diaper off her either. We both just looked at each other in confusion, and that is when Loki decided to appear at the door of the bathroom.

“Sarah, I am so proud of you! Your first wish! Thanks so much!” He exclaimed in a high-pitched voice as Sarah scampered off the floor and into my arms.

“Mom! Who’s that man? Why is he in the bathroom with us?” Sarah asked, clearly frightened.

Thomas just started saying in a sing song voice, “Loki, Loki, Loooookiiiiiiii…”

He was still sitting under the sink, playing with the toilet paper when I turned my head to make sure he was alright. I then turned back to Loki and gripped my daughter closer, as we both sat on the floor and stared up at Loki’s foreboding presence towering over us.

“Why, yes, Tommy, my boy, that’s my name! And wishes are my game, and your little sister Sarah here just made her first one, and boy was it a doozy! And wish granted. There are no longer any pullups in the entire world, and you, my dear Sarah cannot wear anything but diapers ever again! Get comfortable my dear, cause a shirt and diaper is all you can wear from now on. I think that’s a successful first wish, if I do say so myself.” Loki beamed at his accomplishment and started singing along with Thomas, who had started,

“No more panties, no more shorts, no more skirts, no more skorts, diapers only forevermore…”

Sarah stood up wobbly at first and got right into Loki’s face when she screamed,

“That’s not what I wished for and you know it!” and she crumpled at the knees and plopped down onto her behind with a loud crinkle from her diaper, and she started to sob.

“Oh, but my dear, if only you had been more specific with your wish. You said, I wish I never had to wear pullups again, and I just decided to include any form of clothing that could be pulled on. So, either you walk around naked from the waist down for the rest of your life, which would be indecent to say the least, not even I could make that work, or you wear the one article of clothing that need to be put on for you, so your wish is now, I wish I never have to wear anything I pull on ever again, and only wear diapers that have to be put on for me. Or something of that nature, its not an exact science, these wishes.” Loki smiled at his explanation.

“But that’s not fair, you used my words against me!” Sarah yelped in defeat.

“And that, my dear, is the game. Play it at your own risk.” Loki replied in an evil tone.

“But, maybe, I could wish again! Yeah, I could wish…” Sarah started but I quickly put my hand over her mouth and shook my head.

“No, Sarah! Don’t do it, he will only make your wish his own. He will bend it to his sick fantasies, and you will only come out wishing you had never made any wishes, and then he will just have you start over again. It’s a never-ending cycle that just ends up with you in a diaper, might as well just go with it for now, until we can figure this out.” I explained calmly before removing my hand from Sarah’s mouth.

“But mom, if I stay like this I will have to walk through the store in just a diaper and a shirt, I think I would rather have a do over!” Sarah argued.

“No matter what you do Sarah, this is going to happen one way or another. You will be paraded in public with full view of your diapers at some point, no matter if you start over or not. At least now, we know the rules and we can work them in out favor.” I explained, and Loki just laughed.

“Someone is learning, I see, well, mom, its up to you to get your daughter out of this with her psyche still intact. Good luck!”

And with that statement and a snap of his fingers, Loki disappeared. And I was left in a restroom with an open package of diapers, my son humming the song he had just sung with Loki, and my 12-year-old daughter in just a diaper and a shirt.

Things were just getting interesting.

Re: Wishes and Consequences 2

Beautiful addition, but what happened between the stories?

Re: Wishes and Consequences 2

This is coming soon, I plan to tie the stories together soon.


Re: Wishes and Consequences 2

I smiled at the pull-up wish interpretation. That was creative.

Loki has an interesting way of speaking. He’s def a colorful enough villain. As with the last story, I’m guessing his limitation is supposed to be that he can only grant wishes or make contracts. But in the second chapter, he shows powers well beyond that, and in this chapter, he goes back on Sarah’s earlier wishes. In the long run, it’ll hard to maintain dramatic tension when the powers of the villain are not more limited.

I’m glad we’re back to the original track of the story, but it makes me question the point of the hospital sequence. The plot was really jumping around back there.

Edit: I don’t know why I try to change sentence structure right before posting something… I always mess it up. Stupid brain.

Re: Wishes and Consequences 2

[QUOTE=donbiki;71999]I smiled at the pull-up wish interpretation. That was creative.

Loki has an interesting way of speaking. He’s def a colorful enough villain. As with the last story, I’m guessing his limitation is supposed to be that he can only grant wishes or make contracts. But in the second chapter, he shows powers well beyond that, and in this chapter, he goes back on Sarah’s earlier wishes. In the long run, it’ll hard to maintain dramatic tension when the powers of the villain are not more limited.

I’m glad we’re back to the original track of the story, but it makes me question what the point of the hospital sequence. Things was really jumping around back there.[/QUOTE]

Thanks so much for your input. The hospital sequence was something I was playing around with, but I do plan to revisit it at some point. You will just have to keep reading to find out. Also, I understand Loki is powerful, maybe too much so, but I feel my characters haven’t gotten to expose his weaknesses and the only way Ella beat him last time was through divine intervention, through Freyja, but this time I want the characters to figure out how to beat Loki on their own, and again, is something you will have to keep reading to find out how they accomplish such a feat. It only gets better from here, I promise!


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I wonder how much worse it will get for Sarah the more she wishes for things?

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I actually came across part 1 of this story within the last week and got hooked. Writing is excellent and I love the plotline…can’t wait for more. :slight_smile: