Windows 7

just updated to windows 7.

it is pretty nice, has the xp compatibility, with the vista look and theme.

Now there is a security risk if you get M$ Windows 7 ultimate, mine came with the update software to run XP within a VM.

It is windows slider, I believe is the name.

It has a flaw within the security, it has to bridge a connection using XP kernel when using this virtual machine.

So to those who update to windows 7, do not update the XP kernel that allows you to use XP in its own memory space.

This will cause a serious flaw in your security.

Granted this is more for those who run a home network, with a DNS, DHCP, and ADS active.

The XP kernel cannot allow updates to the group policies applied.

This is more for the security aspects of a big corporation.


My computer now starts up in under 1 minute. That is from POST to windows screen.

Windows 7 itself has more security than both Vista and XP combined.

It does run on a duel kernel system, that is how it allows XP features to be enabled.

I would suggest to all of my friends who run Vista, or XP Pro SP3 to upgrade to Windows 7.

It works great as a stand alone version, my fiance’s machine found my bluray software when I shared it with no problem, as had all of the other computers in my network.

To me and my geeky nature that was kinda neat. I run 3 bluray players from my machine, 2 refurbs I repaired, and 1 a gift from a friend.

The limitations of sharing drives and consecutive sessions Max8 and Max20 from XP pro and Vista, are revamped so I can have a min-max as low as 1 as high as 100.

In case anyone was wondering this is a good idea to upgrade.

This is from an IT professional who is Vista Certified, XP certified, and as soon as the test becomes available with my current certs. I will become 7 certified, they will have to reissue the exam once the XP VM security issue is tackled so I am waiting.

On a side note:

How is everyone been?

My fiance moved in, her folks have been pretty cool.

Bought me and her an entire dish set, and a 3K bedroom set, that is all antiqued oak.

Had to move a friend from her house in an abusive relationship, her b/f was demeaning her so I helped her move.

Took six of us 4 hrs to clear out an entire house of her stuff.

Which was basically everything, except for a small TV, the stove, and 1 laptop.

3 vans, a truck, and a Subaru Forester.

Re: Windows 7

I’m not entirely sure what you mean by the XP Kernel so I’ll ask a fairly simple question-

I’m getting a new PC here soon and eventually I may require Windows 7 so I’m going to go ahead and get it. What I want to do is get a large hard drive, partition off three sections. Two small ones, each for an operating system (One XP 64 Bit and One Windows 7 64 Bit) and the rest for data and programs. I’d also keep the programs separate as well, XP 64 bit would be used for games as it’s the best OS for that sort of thing, while Windows 7 would be used for all my technical programs, like Adobe CS and Microsoft Office.

Will my PC try to kill itself?

Re: Windows 7

When you upgraded, did you have to reinstall all your applications? The upgrade instructions seem to indicate Windows 7 might not recognize applications installed prior to the upgrade.

Re: Windows 7

Is it possible to install Windows 7 on a laptop that currently is running 64-bit Vista? Hard? Easy?

I’m also interested in whether you had to reinstall software and such, because I have 172 albums worth of music on this hard drive and it took me a fucking long time to load them. The software isn’t a big deal because I don’t have much on this hard drive.

Re: Windows 7

first answer to Jaks:

your pc will not try to kill itself duel booting XP and 7. I had done this before, there is a feature in 7 that allows you to run xp apps just as if you were running them on XP, its an add on for 7 from windows.

I did duel boot xp and 7 because I had to back up alot of programs.

to Peter Rabbit:

I did have to reinstall a few apps when I upgraded from XP. It saves your program files folder in an xp.old file if you update from XP.

I have it recongizing a burning software written for XP that is not supposed to be compatible with Vista or 7 and it works fine.


you can install 7 with an update installation, it takes the reigns with automatic installation.

For the music, I would back them up prior to installation.

It will overwrite the my docs folder within vista or xp.

I’d suggest a cheap portable HD.

7 loads quick, I loaded over 600 hrs of music from an HD into the new media player in less than 10 mins.

Vista is a memory hog, it takes half the RAM, (Random Access Memory) and uses it all to itself.

I am running 4gig ram and 7 only uses just over 512mb to run itself.

it isn’t too hard with an upgrade it is mostly automated and takes a bit of time.

Just updated a vista 64 comp for a guy at work and it took a little over 2 hours to reinstall word and some other apps from installation,

Re: Windows 7

If I back up my music, am I going to be able to copy it to a portable hard drive or am I going to have to sit here for a long time and manually rip the music from each CD?

I tried to move the music from my desktop after the hard drive had to be wiped(but he was able to save the files before he wiped it), and when I moved them the licenses didn’t transfer with them, which is why I had to manually rip them again.