Why Was The Facebook Login Option Removed?

So, first let me say I’m surprised at how many people emailed me about this. Apparently a lot more of you were using this than I realized.

Sadly, Facebook forced me to remove it because they disagree with our account removal policy.

Please understand that I did fight with Facebook support for days trying to get them to understand why we have the policy we do and that as we don’t actually use any information from Facebook beyond it setting the initial email address, and avatar there was no conflict with their policies.

Now the system would suggest a username and full name based on your Facebook info, but these were changable during the registration process, and both are changeable post-registration. In fact your full name can be changed at any time and is optional and the username, per our change policy, is that username changes for privacy reasons are free. We only charge to change usernames when the only reason is basically “I feel like changing it” and even then I try to be flexible about those.

However none of that was good enough for Facebook so here we are. If you previously used the Facebook login and were locked out of your account you can get back in by just using the Forgot Password function here on the forums to set a password on your account.