Why Me? (New Ch. 07/15/10)

Okay, some people will recognize this story, and it is not perfect. I will say that up front. I went through and edited it though and have already gotten through another chapter. I have been watching, learning, and studying writing and writing styles. I think I have motivation to finish this now. Please read it and help me. I’m definately not an english major or pro writer by any means.

I dedicate this story to the gem that has come to my coal mine of a life. You know who you are :wink: .

Chapter 1

Finally, I am 16 years old and licensed to drive! My dad let me drive on the way to the restaurant we were going to eat dinner at. He had been so busy while I was getting my permit I barely got to drive enough to get past the Driver’s Ed. I was so happy, but I just wish my mom could have been here to see this. She had died 2 years ago from breast cancer. She had put up a 4 1/2 year fight, and we thought she was winning. Then things took a turn for the worst, and she passed away one night in here sleep. I guess god didn’t want here to have to suffer anymore, and I understand she is in a better place.

“Hey Ben you should probably go ahead and turn on the lights, its starting to get a little dark out” said my dad, Berry.

“Yeah, I was just about to ask when I needed to” I replied.

That was the only thing he had to say to me on the way. I was so proud that I was doing so well at driving, especially the lack of practice i had gotten. We got to the restaurant and we went in to find it less crowded than usual, which didn’t bother us, me and my sister sally, at all because we got to sit in our favorite area. We loved sitting on the deck because there was usually live entertainment.

We sat and talked about our day while our drinks were coming out after we had placed our order and had a good time. When our food came out I was glad because this place had the best snow crab I had ever eaten. It was delicious! After we left dad, a little weary, finally decided to let me drive on the way home. It wasn’t extremely late, but I was extra careful and right after I had gotten onto the interstate a truck slammed into us spinning my little car around and the passenger side into the wall. All I could think about before I blacked out was “Why Me?…”

I am in an unfamiliar room, in unfamiliar clothes, and I can’t really remember how I got here. Ouch, something is wrong with my left arm and my right leg. I finally come to enough to realize that I’m in a hospital. There is a tube in my throat, an IV in my arm, and something weird down below, and it isn’t just my leg. The door to my room opens and a doctor comes in followed buy a nurse. He did a few things and checked something.

“Hello Ben, my name is Dr. Acre. I’m going to take this tube out of your throat, and I’m not going to lie. Its not going to feel very good” said the Doctor.

I nodded my head in acknowledgement and it turned out that it wasn’t quite as painful as I thought it would be. After the nurse, whom was introduced to me as Ms. Gooden, gave me a glass of water I finally thought I could speak.
“What exactly happened? And were are my dad and sister?” I asked hoarsely.

“Well Ben, you were in a car accident. A drunk driver hit your back left side and spun you around a few times before you hit the concrete divider. I’m sorry to say that…” My eyes welled up with tears as I realized sometime during the second or third sentence what he was most likely going to say. “…your sister and father didn’t make it. Your father took the majority of the impact and for some reason the side airbag didn’t deploy so his body was crushed.”

I wanted to kill myself after he said that. We had gotten the car for a bargain and nothing in the passenger side door worked. That weekend we were going to replace it. I had known better than to nag my dad about taking my car. Another pang of guilt hit when I realized I had been the one driving. So many thoughts flooded my mind.

“And you sister apparently wasn’t seat belted in and she made it to the hospital, but a rib had punctured her lung, and her arm was totally crushed. It was bleeding in many places. It was just to much for her to handle. Now about your injuries…”

CH 2

“Now about your injuries Ben, you have sustained a broken leg and arm. As well as, some minor bruising” said Dr. Acre.

“Why does it feel so weird down… you know…?” I asked uncomfortably.

“O that’s nothing to worry about we put a catheter in before we operated on your arm. We had to put a small plate in your fore arm. We then put it in a cast and as for your leg it was 2 hairline fractures and we put a cast on the entire leg to keep it immobilized. You were lucky, one of the fractures was 2 inches away from a growth plate we would have had a harder time if it would have hit that. Now then, if you feel up to it you have a very anxious visitor who has been here a long time. I believe she would like to see you” informed Dr. Acre.

“O well I feel ok now but when do you think I can get this catheter out?” I asked, hoping that he would say soon.

“Well with that leg like it is we are just going to leave it in until you are discharged. That reminds me, we couldn’t find any relatives or anybody to contact. Unless you know of some family members or someone that will take you in before the end of the month, the CPS said you will have to go to the boy’s home” said Dr. Acre.

“Okay well I really don’t know of any relatives, but I’m sure I will think of something.” I replied.

“Okay I have to go check on some other patients; I will have Ms. Gooden send in your visitor.”
Just moments later I saw my door open again, and there was a sight for sore eyes. Alyssa Stone, my girlfriend of 3 years, came in. Our families when back to our grandparents. They founded a law firm together, and my dad and her dad had continuted it on. So me and Alyssa where more than just boy friend and girl friend. We had been life long buddies and playmates. She looked as weary as I felt, but I was still glasd she was here.

“Ben!” She cried as she entered the room. “I was so worried about you. I am so glad to see you’re awake. I stepped out to call my mom and then they wouldn’t let me back in. I thought something was wrong.”

“It’s good to see you to Alyssa” I tried to laugh, but realized I was a little tender and winced. I had to make a mental note not to laugh until I felt better. “How long have you been waiting?”

“I’ve been here since Friday night when Nathan called me with the news. I thought he was kidding at first till my mom walked in hanging up the land line and she confirmed it. It’s nearly time for lunch and you have to be starved. I mean missing 4 meals and being in a car wreck would probably make me…”

“4 MEALS!?! How long have I been out Alyssa?” I interrupted, totally stunned.

“Well today is Sunday so I guess close to 36 hours, but you have been through something very tramatic. Your body needed time to heal.” She said trying to comfort me.

“Wow, I didn’t realize it was Sunday, I guess I assumed it was Saturday. And I am a little hungry.”

On that cue there was a light knock on the door and a lady holding a lunch tray opened the door, and asked if I was hungry.

“Yeah I am going to eat a little bit. You can just set it down there” I said while pointing to the funny looking table all hospital rooms had. “I’m going to need to sit up a little more. Do you think you can help me Lys?” I asked, calling her by my nick name for her.
After several unsuccessful and quite painful tries, Alyssa reached over and pressed the nurse button. Within a moment a nurse came in. Actually he looked like he should be on Monday Night RAW instead of working in a hospital, but his size and strength came in handy.

Finally, I got sat up, with some help from the hulk and pulled the tray toward me. Man did it look good Turkey and gravy, mashed potatoes, and jello. Unfortunately for me I was left handed. I got the fork in my right hand and I went to get a bite of turkey. It worked out better than I had expected. Then I got my spoon and attempted to get some mash potatoes. On the third try with 2/3’s of the mashed potatoes on the tray and myself, I guess I looked a little helpless and frustrated with it.

“Would you like me to feed you? You are making a huge mess trying to do it yourself.” Alyssa asked me, giggling at my new wardrobe of mash potato.

My face light up like a Christmas tree because it’s just a little embarrassing have your girlfriend ask you if she needs to feed you.

“Don’t be embarrassed. I know, as well as you do, that you can barely do anything with your right hand and if you want to eat that before it gets cold and get any at all into your stomach I would suggest accepting my offer.” She said, noting my Christmas tree face and raising an eyebrow in my direction.

“Okay I guess you’re right.” I said, feeling somewhat defeated not even being able to feed myself.

Thirty minutes later I had finished off my meal and something kept bothering me, apparently it showed more than I thought.

“Ok baby what is the matter. Don’t try to lie because I can tell something is bothering you” Somehow she always knew. Then again after knowing someone for your whole life, you learn them.

“Well when Dr. Acre was here he told me the CPS had not successfully found any family members so unless I knew of some or found someone to take me in by the end of the month, which is next week, I will have to go to the boys home.” I sighed.

“That’s just not right. Hey, why don’t I see if my parents will take you in? I mean you are at my house 50% of the time anyway. We have that extra bedroom we never use.” She kept planning for about 5 minutes before the door opened once more.

“Well Ben how are you feeling?” Dr. Acre inquired.

“Better now that I have something in my stomach.” I replied.
“Well then, that’s good to hear.” He said right before he turned to leave

“Hey, doc before you go, when am I going to be discharged.” I asked nervously.
“Well we don’t have anyone to release you to, and cps can’t come get you till the day after tomorrow.” He said.
Alyssa and I, mostly Alyssa, talked to the doctor a little longer about me going to live with her and her parents.

“Well if that’s ok with your parents Alyssa, and they are willing to sign the papers saying they will be responsible for him I will have to talk to CPS but I think it should be ok. In that case you can go home tomorrow.” Dr Acre said, after patiently listening to us.

Alyssa and I are so thrilled she called her mom and dad to come pick her up and asked them to come into my room. We talked about the plan and it was a done deal. The next day Alyssa and her mom would come and pick me up about 10 am. They had been a little hesitant at first, but I can imagine a few of the thoughts that ran through their mind. I guess they really do see us as two responsible young adults.

Yes it is quite short but i’m working on that. I hope you enjoy it. More will be posted possibly tomorrow. Please leave any comments and criticism.

Re: Why Me?

Other than a few spelling errors, I thought it has potential to be a good story. Try to use a good spell check program if you can.

It does seem a bit of the “injured teen to baby” formula, and I can hope that is not the direction it is heading. If that is where this is headed, try to find a new way to do it.

Re: Why Me?

Thanks, I am typing it in Microsoft Word and spell checked it. I must have missed something. I’m hoping one of the plot twists that I throw in here will sorta keep it away from the injured teen to baby route.
I’m making good progress on it so I’ve decided to post chapter 3. Again its posted on here somewhere, but i’ve slightly edited and fixed some things.

Chapter 3

I was just laying back snuggling up close to my girlfriend when Dr. Acre opened the door.

“I have some good news for you Ben, and I’m sure Alyssa will like it as well. I talked to the CPS and they are totally swamped right now and it is totally with in legal bounds to let Mr. and Mrs. Stone sign the papers and become your legal guardians.”

Mine and Alyssa’s faces both lit up with joy.

Dr. Acre laughed when he saw the looks on our faces. “I thought that would make you happy. Ok now I’ve already talked to Mrs. Stone and she will be here shortly so if Ms. Alyssa Stone here will please step outside we will fix you up and get that catheter out.”
When I heard this I blushed a little, but Alyssa turned and whispered “Don’t worry 'bout it babe, nothing to be embarrassed about.” She got up and strode from the room, giving me a little wink as she shut the door.

Ms. Gooden came in with a few things on a tray. Dr. Acre stepped up next to the bed and pulled back the covers and I pulled my gown off to the side. It embarrassed me a little that Ms. Gooden was in the room, but I was so ready to get this thing out that I would have let the whole world watch. It was painful, as I knew it would be, but it felt so much better to have it out. Alyssa was then allowed back into the room, after I had put on some underwear.
“Ben while you’re here at the hospital and we can assist you a bit, do you feel up to getting a shower?”

“Wow, I think I would feel a lot better if I was clean.” With that said I turned to my loving girlfriend, “Hey Lys you think you could get everything here gathered together?”

“Of course I will baby,” she said as she leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

“Ok then I will have Ms. Gooden bring a couple bags and help you tape them over your casts and show you how to do this with some trash bags when you get to the Stones. Also I will have someone bring you a shower chair in, that you can take home after you get showered as well.” Dr. Acre told us as he was leaving the room.

Ms. Gooden came in a few minutes later and helped me get ready for my shower, and then the nurse who I swear must’ve been the Hulk’s brother, brought in a chair, which he set inside the shower in the bathroom. I managed to get to the edge of the bed, and Ms. Gooden handed me a crutch, and with Alyssa and Ms. Gooden’s help managed to hobble the 5 feet to the bathroom.

“Just press that button there on the wall if you need me” Ms. Gooden said indicating a button built into the shower wall.

Ms. Gooden left the room and shut the door behind her. A few moments later I heard a light knock at the door. “Baby will be ok in there alone?”

Alyssa was always worried I would get hurt, and always wanted to make sure I was ok. She was even more worried now that I was slightly out of commission. She sure was a good girlfriend. “Yes, baby I’ll be fine.” All though, I should have known with my luck; as I said this I lost my footing and landed roughly on the chair with a loud bang.

Within milliseconds of my crash landing the door flew open and Alyssa was standing there looking even more worried. “Oh my gosh! Are you ok baby?”

“I’m fine, don’t worry. I just sat down a little harder than I wanted to and the chair made some noise.” Even though the chair caught me she didn’t have to know exactly what had happened.

Even though her face still wore a worried look she reluctantly left and shut the door behind her, saying “I’m only a yell away if you need me,” as she went.

I slowly undressed and held onto the handrail, while I adjusted the water to my suiting. When the water was as hot as I could stand it I sat back down and pulled the curtain around me to keep the bathroom floor from getting wet. I slowly cleaned myself up and got all dried off and then got a shirt and some athletic shorts over the massive cast on my leg and around my waist. Then I realized it was going to be extremely hard to get over the edge of the shower without some help so, since I do have a girlfriend that wants to help I figured I would take it. “Hey beautiful, will you come here.”

Alyssa burst through the door: “What’s wrong?” She nearly yelled. I swear she nearly looked worse than me if it wasn’t for the two hunks of plaster I was toting around.

“Nothing is wrong I just need some help getting over this edge of the shower.”
She handed me the crutch that had been leaning against the wall and helped steady me as I stepped over shower, swinging my cast over first. Getting more use to being out of bed and walking, and use to the crutch it was easier going back to the bed. Right as I got to the edge I looked over and saw she had the infamous orange backpack of mine packed with the few belongings I had at the end of the bed. Unfortunately this distracted me and I landed unceremoniously on top of Alyssa. This only made her look even more worried. I had gained enough control back I was able to roll over to one side and pulled her on top of me. “Listen baby I appreciate you being worried about me but I’m going to be fine, don’t be so worried.”
“I know you’re going to be fine, it’s just that I am your girlfriend and I don’t want anything to happen to you.” She started to tear up, “I don’t know if I could stand losing you, I thought I already had once. I can’t d…”

She jumped up and looked at me and her eyes went wide. “Baby! Why are you just sitting there wetting yourself?”
I looked at her funny. “I have to go to the bathroom, but it’s not that bad.” Then I looked down. Slowly a wet spot was forming around were I was sitting. I totally freaked out and pressed the button for the nurse as fast as I could.

Ms. Gooden rushed into the room quickly followed by Dr. Acre. “What’s Wrong Be….” She started to ask but soon saw the answer. “…Oh my!” I was nearly in tears. She just looked over at the doctor. Alyssa was trying to comfort me, but it was futile. I was wetting myself like a little baby.

Dr. Acre told Ms. Gooden something and she left and returned soon with a wheelchair.

“Ben, I’m going to have Ms. Gooden take you down the hall. I am going to check you out to make sure that the catheter didn’t damage your urethra.”

When we got to the room Dr. Acre did a few things then said: “Ben, it looks like your urethra was damaged, I don’t know if it was in the crash, or if it happened after you got to the hospital. I have been having some problems with the doctor that put in your catheter. I am going to find him now. I do know, however, that you will have difficulty, most likely, for the rest of your life, keeping from wetting yourself. I will send Ms. Gooden in with some protection for you. She can show and explain the prop….”

“PROTECTION!?! Are you talking about like diapers?”

“Yes, I am talking about protective underwear. We will supply you with a pack until you have a chance to go get some. I will send Ms. Gooden in now.” With that he left the room.

Ms. Gooden came in holding a large white rectangle. I wouldn’t have known what it was, except for the conversation that had just come to an end moments before. She came in and asked me to lay back. I obliged and the felt a cold wash rag run over my skin. “Raise up your bottom for me dear.” she told me after she had gotten me cleaned up from my accident. After she slid the white rectangle under me I laid back down and she pulled the diaper up between my legs and taped it shut. I got up off of the exam table and Ms. Gooden handed me a pair of shorts I recognized as my own and I put them on. Alyssa must’ve set them aside while I was preoccupied with my situation. I slid over into the wheel chair and I was wheeled into the hall.
Mrs. Stone had already made it to the hospital, and was talking with Alyssa when Ms. Gooden wheeled me in. Ms. proceeded to explain to Alyssa and her mom what Dr. Acre had told me. It was really building up inside of me now. The pain of losing my family, being unable to feed myself very well, and now I’m wetting myself like a baby. I had to really try to stay calm. Alyssa came over and put her arms around me and tried to comfort me, somehow she could tell when something was up.

Mrs. Stone looked over and said: “It’s going to be ok Ben.”

“I just can’t believe how wonderful you are Mrs. Stone. I mean I can’t feed myself and I even wet myself like a baby. I can’t understand how you would want to be my guardian.”

She looked me right in the eye and said: “Ben, you’ve had some bad luck, and some bad things have happened to you. It’s not your fault. You know I love you like a son. Berry loved Alyssa like a daughter as well. He would have done the same. I can be sure of that.”

Mrs. Stone checked me out and signed the papers. Alyssa wheeled me out to the car that her mother had brought. She helped me get into the back seat and then wheeled the wheelchair back up to a nurse that was at the entrance. She came back and got into the backseat with me. I lost it, everything had been building up and it just caught up with me. I started crying my heart out.
“Baby what’s wrong?” She asked trying to comfort me. Pulling my head over to rest on her shoulder and doing her best to console me.
“How do you feel about your boyfriend being basically helpless in every way now?” I asked feeling very overwhelmed.
“Baby, I don’t care that you can’t do any of that, I just want you to get better.”
Then the thought occurred to me, “Don’t you think it will be weird dating and living together, and me having your parents as guardians?”

“Well look at it this way baby, it’s just like you have a mother-in-law sooner, just before we are married.”
Mrs. Stone then got in the car noticing the stream of tears that were slowly coming to a halt. The first stop was my house to get a few basic necessities. When we got inside I gathered my laptop, the little bit of money I had, and my clothes. While Alyssa ran the last of my stuff to the car Mrs. Stone wheeled me to the living room. I was facing a couch, next to a chair. She sat down on the couch, and when Alyssa came in, she was a little puzzled, but sat down next to me.

“I’m sure in the ruckus you haven’t had much time to think about your father and sisters funeral.” Mrs. Stone said.
“Well, not really. It all happened so fast. I mean look it’s already Wednesday and I haven’t really thought anything of it.”
“Ok I talked with your lawyer, and your father had a will. He had everything except what to do with you, and since we have that settled everything is legally right now. They followed his instructions and your father and sister will be buried tomorrow. Your father left you with everything Ben. That is roughly $250,000, plus his share of the business and all the property.”

Mine and Alyssa’s eyes went wide then we looked at each other.

“Now tomorrow I am taking you to the bank were we will meet your lawyer. We have decided that it is best that we leave you a savings account which we will put about $230,000 in for your future, and the rest will be put in a checking account for you to get a new vehicle which we will look into after you get a little better, and then it will also be used to help you fix your room up and go to the hospital bill. You will have some money, but you must approve any large purchases with me or Mr. Stone.”

“Wow, I didn’t realize that he had done any of that.”

“It’s been a long day Ben so let’s get you home, but first I need to check you to be sure you don’t need a change.”

Apparently I did need a change, to my dislike, and Mrs. Stone sent Alyssa to the car to get a diaper, and she told me to sit on the couch while she went to get a wash rag. Alyssa did leave the room to help me retain some dignity, and to please her mother. After Mrs. Stone got me changed into a fresh diaper and disposed of the old one we headed to the Stones.

Re: Why Me?

Thanks, that kind of stuff really helps me. I started tearing up as I wrote 6 so hopefully you can feel the emotion I ment. I was 15 when I wrote the first four chapters so I’m having a tough time picking it back up, but I think I’m running with it again.

Re: Why Me?

Chapter 4

When I got in the car Alyssa folded down my wheelchair and put it in the trunk. She then got in on the other side and scooted close to me and wrapped her arm around me. I just leaned into her embrace and relaxed. I couldn’t believe everything that had happened in the past week. I was still a flurry of emotions on the inside. I realized now, even though my dad was one of the biggest defense attorneys this town had, he had wanted me to learn the value of a dollar, and the value of hard work. I could never understand why he got me that old clunker of a car, until that moment.

I felt some anger in me, for him being so modest, but then it died away because I knew, deep down, he just wanted to get me ready for life, and not having everything handed to me on a silver platter.

“Is something wrong Ben?” Alyssa asked as she looked over at me.

“No, I was just thinking. My dad had a great job and everything, even though we weren’t ever in need of something, most people wouldn’t have known my dad was such a big lawyer if they had just seen us and our house. He always gave to charity’s, especially around the holidays, but it had never struck me how much money he really made. I guess he planned on making sure me and my sister was really well taken care of. Mrs. Stone, what are they going to do with the house and all of the stuff?”

Mrs. Stone, still focusing on the road, glanced back at me and said: “Well Ben, all of that is covered in your fathers will. We will go to the lawyer’s office after we meet him at the bank tomorrow and get all of that worked out.”

I sat there for a moment absorbed in my thoughts, and I don’t remember when exactly I went to sleep, but the next think I knew Alyssa was gently shaking me awake. “Ben we’re to our house now, come on sleepy head wake up.”

I slowly became aware of where I was, and understood what Alyssa was saying. Everything came back to me like a flood. Out of my dream world, reality was back in full force. I wiggled my way out of the car and sat down into my wheel chair that Alyssa had just gotten out of the trunk. I reached in and grabbed my backpack and set it on my lap, right before Alyssa shut the door and started wheeling me to the front door. This is where everyone realized the first problem, the stairs leading up to the door.

About this time Mr. Stone walked out. Now this is what you have to understand Mr. Stone stands 6’5" and is built like a tank, maybe he was related to the guy at the hospital and the Hulk, brothers? Then you add in the porch and me sitting in a wheelchair on the ground, and then take in the slight affect of the pain medications on me. This guy was like a towering giant to me at that exact moment.

“Hey there Ben, how are you feeling?” He asked in his deep burly voice.

“Well, I’m feeling a little better. It’s just going to be fun trying to get up these stairs.”

“Ahh, don’t worry about that. I will have a buddy of mine build us a ramp to go up the side here, and for today,” He said stepping down the two stairs from the porch, “I’ll help you get up to your room then come help bring your stuff in. You don’t need to worry about anything the rest of the day, you’re going to have a long couple of days ahead of you and you need some rest.”

Mr. Stone reached down and helped me get to my feet, then told me just to use him as a crutch. He totally kept my weight off of my right leg and it was much easier for me just to hop up the stairs while I had this jolly giant next to me assisting me. Really thinking back on it, he practically carried me up the two steps. Once I got to the top, Alyssa brought my wheelchair up and helped me sit back down. She wheeled me into their, now our, house, which I knew like the back of my hand. She helped me to the spare bedroom, which luckily was on the first floor of this elegant two story house. The other 3 bedrooms were up stairs, that’s were Alyssa, her sister Madison, and their parents stayed. That occupied the entire upstairs. Downstairs consisted of a movie room, a living room, a gigantic kitchen, the guest bedroom, and two bathrooms. One of which was connected to the guest bedroom. After I got laid down on the bed, Alyssa gave me a kiss and went out to the car to help unload after making sure I was comfortable. With this I went back to my thoughts.

With my mom gone and my dad at work so much I usually just stayed over here and worked on homework with Alyssa. Her dad and my dad were business partners at StoneWall Attorneys. It worked out good because, before I got my license when my dad picked up Mr. Stone he would just drop me off.

Alyssa and I had been friends since we were in pampers. Then the thought hit me, now I’m back in them. The Stone family use to live next door to us, but when my dad and Mr. Stone won one of the biggest cases in the last ten years Mr. Stone decided to upgrade to a nicer house. I had always liked Alyssa and I realized that if I didn’t ask her out, there was no telling if she would be around forever, if her dad decided to move them to another city I would be devastated if hadn’t asked her out. That was three years ago.

My thoughts were interrupted at that moment when Alyssa came in, shortly followed by Madison, and their parents.

“Ok Ben, since you’re going to be living with us we are going to have to set some ground rules.” Mr. Stone said, starting what would be a long conversation. “Just like the girls your bed time will be 10:00. All though, while you’re still healing we want you to get plenty of rest.” He turned toward Madison and Alyssa. “You two are not to bother him if he is trying to rest; he needs a lot of rest so his injuries can heal.” He said this looking particularly at Alyssa. “You’re not to change him if he needs to be changed either. You can come get me or your mother. That pertains to you as well Ben,” He said turning to me. “You don’t need to ask them either. You can ask them to come get one of us though.”
By this point all three of us were blushing a little. I probably blushed the most, just because I’m the one whom most of this was about. Mr. Stone went on laying out the ground rules, most of which I was already familiar of, he just wanted to make sure. Then he told Madison that she could leave the room. Alyssa and I had no Idea what was coming.

“Now, Ben and Alyssa, since you have been dating for a while, we don’t want you to get any ideas. There better not be anything happening that shouldn’t. We are kind enough to take you in Ben, but that doesn’t mean that you and Alyssa can do anything out of the ordinary just because you are living under the same roof. There will be some new rules put into effect. Which won’t affect you Ben, but they will you Alyssa. Since you are the one that wanted him to come and stay here. Okay I think that is all of the rules. Alyssa,” he said turning to face her, “lets step into the next room and we will discuss the new rules, and we will let you get some rest Ben.”

Alyssa and Mr. Stone left the room. “I’ll be there in just a moment.” Mrs. Stone said. She came over and checked my diaper, finding me mostly dry, like I figured. "If you need to go to the bathroom, or need anything at all just yell and one of us will be in here to check on you. With that she went to the living room, shutting the door behind her.

I reached over to the night stand and got the remote and turned on the TV to USA and watched House. I started to feel bad; because of me Alyssa was going to get some new rules. I had no idea what they were, but I just hoped I wasn’t too much of a hassle.

After a while I heard a soft knock on the door. “Come in.” I said loud enough for whoever it was to hear. The door cracked a bit and Alyssa stuck her head around the door.

“Hey baby. Can I come in?”
“Yeah, come here.” I said and patted the bed next to where I was laying. She came over and sat down next to me.

“So do you mind me asking what your new rules are?” I questioned curiously, still feeling bad about it.

She sighed then said: “No, I don’t mind, they said that I have to start taking birth control. Even though they said nothing better be happening.”
I could tell that she was a little upset or depressed about it, I couldn’t tell which, or if it was both. “Ah, I’m sorry baby; I didn’t mean to be such a hassle. Maybe this won’t work out; maybe I should just le…”

She cut me off before I could finish. “BEN, I don’t care what I have to do, I want you to be safe and in a good home. Here is good a place as any. I want you to be here, I want to be able to take care of you and make sure your okay.”

“Okay, okay, I get it you want me to be here.” I said with a little laugh, and once again my body reminded me of its state. I made sure the mental note about laughing just got highlighted.

I leaned back and pulled her close to me. I turned off the TV and laid the remote on the night stand. We drifted off into sleep, her wrapped up in my good arm, and her arms around me.

Re: Why Me? (New Ch. 07/15/10)

You have an excellent story here, thanks for sharing, and please keep up the fantastic work well into the future.

Re: Why Me? (New Ch. 07/15/10)

Yes, keep going. You are writing very well.

I made sure the mental note about laughing just got highlighted.

I particularly liked that sentence. It was clever and memorable, with just the right touch of humour to make it sound realistic from the increasingly helpless nappy-wearing boy-friend.

Re: Why Me? (New Ch. 07/15/10)

So unfortunately this takes a lot of work because my writing skills are not great, so do you think it is worth continueing(sp?)? Anyone have any comments, questions, or criticism?