Why Me - Chapter 2

Chapter 1

Here is chapter two. I worked on making it a little longer. Again this is my first story so I hope no ones eyes start bleeding. The first part of chapter one was suppose to be in past tense then I wanted to go all present tense. I am going to very thoroughly (hope I got that right) read it and scan it to make sure it is in present tense. Now on with the show!!!

Chapter 2

“Now about your injuries Jim, you have sustained a broken leg and arm. As well as, some minor bruising” said Dr. Acre.

“Why does it feel so weird down… you know…?” I asked uncomfortably.

“O that’s nothing to worry about we put a catheter in before we operated on your arm. We had to put a small plate in your fore arm. We then put it in a cast and as for your leg it was 2 hairline fractures and we put a cast on the entire leg to keep it immobilized. You were lucky, one of the fractures was 2 inches away from a growth plate we would have had a harder time if it would have hit that. Now then, if you feel up to it you have a very anxious visitor who has been here a long time. I believe she would like to see you” informed Dr. Acre.

“O well I feel ok now but when do you think I can get this catheter out?” I asked, hoping that he would say soon.

“Well with that leg like it is we are just going to leave it in until you are discharged. That reminds me, we couldn’t find any relatives or anybody to contact. Unless you know of some family members or someone that will take you in before the end of the month, the CPS said you will have to go to the boy’s home” said Dr. Acre.

“Okay well I really don’t know of any relatives, but I’m sure I will think of something.” I replied.

“Okay I have to go check on some other patients; I will have Ms. Gooden send in your visitor.”

Just moments later I saw my door open again, and there was a sight for sore eyes. My girlfriend Alyssa Stone must have been waiting as much as her parents would let her. She looked tired, but at the same time relieved. She must have been worried sick.

“JIM!” She cried as she entered the room. “I was so worried about you. I am so glad to see you’re awake. I stepped out to call my mom and then they wouldn’t let me back in. I thought something was wrong.”

“It’s good to see you to Alyssa” I tried to laugh, but realized I was a little tender “How long have you been waiting?”

“I’ve been here since Friday night when Nathan called me with the news. I thought he was kidding at first till my mom walked in hanging up the land line and she confirmed it. It’s nearly time for lunch and you have to be starved. I mean missing 4 meals and being in a car wreck would probably make me…”

“4 MEALS!?! How long have I been out Alyssa?” I interrupted, totally stunned.

“Well today is Sunday so I guess close to 36 hours.” She said.

“Wow, I didn’t realize it was Sunday, I guess I assumed it was Saturday. And I am a little hungry.”

On that cue there was a light knock on the door and a lady holding a lunch tray opened the door, and asked if I was hungry.

“Yeah I am going to eat a little bit. You can just set it down there” I said and pointed. “Hey, Alyssa do you think maybe you could help me sit up a little bit?”

“Yeah, no problem baby, let me just fix your pillows under your leg so it doesn’t slide off.” She said while moving around the bed. “Okay just use your left leg and scoot a little and I will help over here.”

Finally, I got sat up and pulled the tray toward me. Man did it look good Turkey and gravy, mashed potatoes, and jello. Unfortunately for me I was left handed. I got the fork in my right hand and I went to get a bite of turkey. It worked out better than I had expected. Then I got my spoon and attempted to get some mash potatoes. On the third try with 2/3’s of the mashed potatoes on the tray and myself, I guess I looked a little helpless and frustrated with it.

“Would you like me to feed you? You are making a huge mess trying to do it yourself.” Alyssa asked me.

My face light up like a Christmas tree because its just a little embarrassing have your girlfriend ask you if she needs to feed you.

“Don’t be embarrassed. I know, as well as you do, that you can barely do anything with your right hand and if you want to eat that before it gets cold and get any at all into your stomach I would suggest accepting my offer.” She said, noting my Christmas tree face.

“Okay I guess your right.” I said, feeling some what defeated not even being able to feed myself.

Thirty minutes later I had finished off my meal and something kept bothering me, apparently it showed more than I thought.

“Ok baby what is the matter. Don’t try to lie because I can tell something is bothering you” Some how she always knew.

“Well when Dr. Acre was here he told me the CPS had not successfully found any family members so unless I knew of some or found someone to take me in by the end of the month, which is next week, I will have to go to the boys home.” I sighed.

“That’s just not right. Hey, why don’t I see if my parents will take you in? I mean you are at my house 50% of the time anyway. We have that extra bedroom we never use.” She kept planning for about 5 minutes before the door opened once more.

“Well Jim how are you feeling?” Dr. Acre inquired.

“Better know that I have something in my stomach.” I replied.

“Well then, that’s good to hear.” He said right before he turned to leave

“Hey, doc before you go, when am I going to be able to be discharged.” I asked nervously.

“Well we don’t have anyone to release you to, and cps can’t come get you till the day after tomorrow.” He said.

Alyssa and I, mostly Alyssa, talked to the doctor a little longer about me going to live with her and her parents.

“Well if that’s ok with your parents Alyssa, and they are willing to sign the papers saying they will be responsible for him I will have to talk to CPS but I think it should be ok. In that case you can go home tomorrow.” Dr Acre said, after patiently listening to us.

Alyssa and I are so thrilled she called her mom and dad to come pick her up and asked them to come into my room. We talked about the plan and it was a done deal. The next day Alyssa and her mom would come and pick me up about 10 am. They had been a little hesitant at first, but I can imagine a few of the thoughts that ran through there mind. I guess they really do see us as two responsible young adults.

Why Me - Chapter 2

is it really that bad? no one can even post.

Why Me - Chapter 2

its not bad i like it. keep it up please

Why Me - Chapter 2

The second chap was better than the first, for me.

Check the view counter aside, if next chapter you post is lower than this means I was wrong and people find your story boring. Hope it won’t be so 'cause I like it and would appreciate to see you continue it.

Good luck!

ps: first chap’s views don’t count, they are always high.