Why Me Ch.4

Okay, so I think I got the things fixed that people addressed in the last one. Tell me what you think. The diaper content and babying should pick up after this chapter. Thanks in advance for any advice. Enjoy!

Chapter 4

After I got in the car Alyssa folded down my wheelchair and put it in the trunk. She then got in on the other side and scooted close to me and wrapped her arm around me. I just leaned into her embrace and relaxed. I couldn’t believe everything that had happened in the past week. I was still a flurry of emotions on the inside. I realized now, even though my dad was one of the biggest defense attorneys this town had, he had wanted me to learn the value of a dollar, and the value of hard work. I could never understand why he got me that old clunker of a car, until that moment.

I felt some anger in me, for him being so modest, but then it died away because I new, deep down, he just wanted to get me ready for life, and not having everything handed to me on a silver platter.

“Is something wrong Jim?” Alyssa asked as she looked over at me.

“No, I was just thinking. My dad had a great job and everything, even though we weren’t ever in need of something, most people wouldn’t have known my dad was such a big lawyer if they had just seen us and our house. He always gave to charity’s, especially around the holidays, but it had never struck me how much money he really made. I guess he planned on making sure me and my sister were really well taken care of. Mrs. Stone, what are they going to do with the house and all of the stuff?”

Mrs. Stone, still focusing on the road, glanced back at me and said: “Well Jim, all of that is covered in your fathers will. We will go to the lawyers office after we meet him at the bank tomorrow and get all of that worked out.”

I sat there for a moment absorbed in my thoughts, and I don’t remember when exactly I went to sleep, but the next think I knew Alyssa was gently shaking me awake. “Jim were to our house now, come on sleepy head wake up.”

I slowly became aware of were I was, and understood what Alyssa was saying. Everything came back to me like a flood. Out of my dream world, reality was back in full force. I wiggled my way out of the car and sat down into my wheel chair that Alyssa had just gotten out of the trunk. I reached in and grabbed my backpack and set it on my lap, right before Alyssa shut the door and started wheeling me to the front door. This is were everyone realized the first problem, the stairs leading up to the door.

About this time Mr. Stone walked out. Now this is what you have to understand Mr. Stone stands 6’5" and is built like a tank, then you add in the porch and me sitting in a wheelchair on the ground, and then take in the slight affect of the pain medications on me. This guy was like a towering giant to me at that exact moment.

“Hey there Jim, how are you feeling?” He asked in his deep burly voice.

“Well, I’m feeling a little better. It’s just going to be fun trying to get up these stairs.”

“Ahh, don’t worry about that. I will have a buddy of mine build us a ramp to go up the side here, and for today,” He said stepping down the two stairs from the porch, “I’ll help you get up to your room then come help bring your stuff in. You don’t need to worry about anything the rest of the day, you’re going to have a long couple of days ahead of you and you need some rest.”

Mr. Stone reached down and helped me get to my feet, then told me just to use him as a crutch. He totally kept my weight off of my right leg and it was much easier for me just to hop up the stairs while I had this jolly giant next to me assisting me." Once I got to the top, Alyssa brought my wheelchair up and helped me sit back down. She wheeled me into there house, which I knew like the back of my hand. She helped me to the spare bedroom, which luckily was on the first floor of this elegant two story house. The other 3 bedrooms were up stairs, thats were Alyssa, her sister Madison, and there parents stayed. That occupied the entire upstairs. Downstairs consisted of a movie room, a living room, a gigantic kitchen, the guest bedroom, and two bathrooms. One of which was connected to the guest bedroom. After I got laid down on the bed, Alyssa gave me a kiss and went out to the car to help unload after making sure I was comfortable. With this I went back to my thoughts.

With my mom gone and my dad at work so much I usually just stayed over here and worked on homework with Alyssa. Her dad and My dad were business partners at StoneWall Attorneys. It worked out good because, before I got my license when my dad picked up Mr. Stone he would just drop me off.

Alyssa and I had been friends since we were in pampers. Then the thought hit me, now I’m back in them. The Stone family use to live next door to us, but when my dad and Mr. Stone won one of the biggest cases in the last ten years Mr. Stone decided to upgrade to a nicer house. I had always liked alyssa and I realized that if I didn’t ask her out, there was no telling if she would be around forever, if her dad decided to move them to another city I would be devastated if hadn’t asked her out. That was three years ago.

My thoughts were interrupted at that moment when Alyssa came in, shortly followed by Madison, and their parents.

“Ok Jim, since your going to be living with us we are going to have to set some ground rules.” Mr. Stone said, starting what would be a long conversation. “Just like the girls your bed time will be 10:00. All though, while you’re still healing we want you to get plenty of rest.” He turned toward Madison and Alyssa. “You two are not to bother him if he is trying to rest, he needs a lot of rest so his injuries can heal. You’re not to change him if he needs to be changed either. You can come get me or your mother. That pertains to you as well Jim,” He said turning to me. “You don’t need to ask them either.”
By this point all three of us were blushing a little. I probably blushed the most, just because I’m the one whom most of this was about. Mr. Stone went on laying out the ground rules, most of which I was already familiar of, he just wanted to make sure. Then he told Madison that she could leave the room. Alyssa and I had no Idea what was coming.

“Now Jim and Alyssa, since you have been dating for a while, we don’t want you to get any ideas. There better not be anything happening that shouldn’t. We are kind enough to take you in Jim, but that doesn’t mean that you and Alyssa can do anything out of the ordinary just because you are living under the same roof. There will be some new rules put into affect. Which won’t affect you Jim, but they will you Alyssa. Since you are the one that wanted him to come and stay here. Okay I think that is all of the rules. Alyssa,” he said turning to face her, “lets step into the next room and we will discuss the the new rules, and we will let you get some rest Jim.”

Alyssa and Mr. Stone left the room. “I’ll be there in just a moment.” Mrs. Stone said. She came over and checked my diaper, finding me most dry, like I figured. "If you need to go to the bathroom, or need anything at all just yell and one of us will be in here to check on you. With that she went to the living room, shutting the door behind her.

I reached over to the night stand and got the remote and turned on the TV to USA and watched House. I started to feel bad, because of me Alyssa was going to get some new rules. I had no idea what they were, but I just hoped I wasn’t to much of a hassle.

After a while I heard a soft knock on the door. “Come in.” I said loud enough for whoever it was to hear. The door cracked a bit and Alyssa stuck her head around the door.

“Hey baby. Can I come in?”
“Yeah, come here.” I said and patted the bed next to were I was laying. She came over and sat down next to me.

“So do you mind me asking what your new rules are.”

She sighed then said: “No, I don’t mind, they said that I have to wear a chastity belt now, especially when no one is here.”
I could tell that she was a little upset or depressed about it, I couldn’t tell which, or if it was both. “Ah, I’m sorry baby, I didn’t mean to be such a hassle. Maybe this won’t work out, maybe I should just le…”

She cut me off before I could finish. “JIM, I don’t care what I have to do, I want you to be safe and in a good home. Here is good a place as any. I want you to be here, I want to be able to take care of you and make sure your okay.”

“Okay, okay, I get it you want me to be here.” I said with a little laugh.

I leaned back and pulled her close to me. I turned off the TV and laid the remote on the night stand. We drifted off into sleep, her wrapped up in my good arm,and her arms around me.

Why Me Ch.4

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Why Me Ch.4


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Why Me Ch.4

Just a note when I do get to work on this story… it will be very very weird just to let you know. Like it will make robin hood men in tights look normal… expect much more weird stuff.