Who is Mommy?

David began to open his brown eyes slowly as they adjusted to the sunlight peeking through the curtains. The white noise machine nearby gently continued its relaxing drone. He couldn’t remember the last time he had slept so soundly. He felt safe and warm. Warm and wet actually. As he opened his eyes he saw spaceships above him; tiny plush spaceships on a mobile slowly spinning. His muscles felt weak as he tried to sit up quickly but was barely able to lift himself using the bars surrounding him.
Bars? What was this? He looked down at himself and realized why he felt warm and wet. He was wearing what looked to be a baby diaper. It had little Sesame Street characters on it and was thick and padded just like the diapers he wore when he was little. It was also clearly soaked. He looked at his surroundings. The bars he had used to pull himself up into a sitting position were wooden and as he lifted his gaze he saw they ended above him with no ceiling. A way out! He slowly used the bars to pull himself unsteadily up on his feet only to realize the bars went up too high. He was trapped in this wooden prison. He looked around again for another way out. As he let go of the bars and began to turn he felt his legs give out from under him and landed with a squish on the soaked padding of his thick diaper. That’s when he realized the bars were part of a crib. The fall and the shock began to get to him and, without any control, he began to cry. He sobbed and swallowed his breathes as he blubbered. As he cried he felt his diaper grow even more warm. He looked down to see his diaper actively leaking as he began to uncontrollably pee. He focused to make himself stop but he couldn’t. The only reason he even knew he was peeing was because he had felt the leak. He had no control or even knowledge of how to control himself. Overwhelmed and confused David continued to cry until he heard a sweet, familiar voice.

“I’m coming, sweetie! Don’t cry little one!” Mommy cried out to him.

“My mommy?” he thought. He had actively thought “Mommy” in his head. Who was his mommy? He couldn’t remember a name or why he was here. He clearly was still an adult judging by the build of his body but his thoughts seemed slightly simpler than normal. Just then Mommy came through the door.

"Oh my beautiful baby boy! Mommy is so sorry! You leaked everywhere! That’s not your fault sweetie!” Despite his adult size, Mommy was able to pick him up out of the crib as if he was a little baby. She lifted him up from under his armpits to avoid making his diaper leak more and carried him over effortlessly to a large changing table. Whose room was this? It looked, in some ways, like his but the furniture that had once been that of a 30 year old man was now that of around a 1-2 year old baby. His bed had been replaced by the crib, large and polished, bringing back memories of his childhood crib. A dresser was in the same spot but the drawers had oversized handles and it was painted a baby blue. His posters and paintings had been replaced with teddy bear wallpaper. What was once his entertainment stand and TV was now a simple toybox. As they approached what used to be his desk he saw what was clearly a diaper changing table. He began to cry more out of shock and confusion than anything else.

“It’s okay, little Davey. Please don’t cry. Here’s your paci. You love your paci! Suckle on that while mommy changes you,” she said sweetly placing the pacifier in his mouth. She began expertly changing his diaper lifting his legs and sliding the wet one out from under his butt. She then took some wipes and cleaned all over his diaper area making him realize he no longer had any pubic hair. Her wiping him did make him feel aroused but for some unknown reason his penis did not respond in kind. After she had thoroughly cleaned him she pulled out a fresh diaper (this one had little baby looney toons on it). She powdered him and pulled the diaper up, taped it, and inspected him.

“That’s my cute dry little boy,” Mommy said giving him a gentle pat on his diapered rump. He giggled through his pacifier. He hadn’t meant to giggle. He sounded like a baby! He knew he wasn’t a baby though. Something had to be wrong. Maybe he should just ask Mommy. She always knew the right answer. He let the pacifier fall out of his mouth and began to try and find some answers.

“A boo mah goo? Ba doo goo ma goo?” he asked. Wait… He hadn’t asked anything. It took a moment to realize the words he was trying to say had only come out as incomprehensible baby talk.

“Oh! Is my baby trying to talk?” she smiled, “Day day is too little for that. Maybe one day when he’s a big boy he’ll be able to tell mommy what he wants but don’t you worry, honey bunny. Mommy knows what her baby needs better than baby Davey does.”

It almost seemed like there was an understanding behind that sweet smile. She seemed to know that he had once been able to speak and couldn’t any longer. He loved Mommy though. She always took care of him. Why would she hide anything? Again, David was taken slightly aback. “Always took care of him?” Didn’t he just wake up to find himself in this crib? Didn’t he just think about how he was able to be an adult and now suddenly he was practically an infant? He was afraid that he might be losing his grasp on reality. Gurgle gurgle His stomach growled and his train of thought derailed and immediately focused on how hungry he was. Mommy heard it too.

“Day day is hungry isn’t he? I thought you might be. Let’s go get baby some breakfast,” she said picking him up with her hand supporting his diapered butt securely. He felt safe in her arms and nuzzled his head into her neck. It was strange how despite having his adult body he was so small in comparison to her at times. It felt almost like an E.M. Escher painting like perspective was playing tricks on his brain. But he didn’t mind it. He loved feeling small and cared for in Mommy’s arms. He wasn’t even sure who this was but he felt so close to her. He tried to deduce who she might have been before he woke up as a baby but his only consistent answer was “Mommy”. She carried him into the kitchen and pulled a bottle from the fridge. She warmed it up all the while carrying him as if he weighed nothing. He continued to nuzzle her sweetly. Once the bottle was just the right temperature she sat on the couch, cradling him across her lap.

“Open up for mommy,” she said softly as she placed the bottle’s nipple between his lips. The liquid was warm and the taste was soothing in some way although he could not figure out what he was drinking. Mommy gently caressed his head as she watched him drink his bottle with an adoring smile on her face. She loved him so much. He felt so safe and cared for.

“All done!” Mommy said in a smiley voice as she pulled the bottle away from his lips. He reflexively continued to try and suckle after it so she quickly placed the pacifier in his mouth. He sucked on it contently as she lifted him to her side and carried the bottle to the sink. He could hear his diaper crinkling as Mommy carried him throughout the kitchen. Fresh and dry and so comfortable. A small light bulb came on again, however. Wasn’t he a grown man? He might not be quite as hairy but he still had his tattoos and he was still built like a man. Why could Mommy pick him up so easily? Why couldn’t he talk? Why could he barely stand or walk? Why couldn’t….

“Uh oh! Looks like someone is ALREADY wetting their diadee again!” Mommy said cheerfully. He looked down to see that his diaper was growing increasingly wet. Again, he tried his best to “remember” how to control his bladder but to no avail. It was so warm. Why would he want to stop it anyways? It felt good and now he wouldn’t have to go all the way to the potty when he needed to go. “Potty”? He meant bathroom. Bathrooms are where adults go. He tried to remember being an adult and as he did the warmth in his diaper began to feel different. He felt himself begin to grow erect as his penis pressed against his diaper.

“Ohhhh… is someone thinking about what it would be like to be a ‘big boy’?” she asked him sweetly but with a hint of fire behind her eyes. She felt the front of his diaper and could feel how hard his cock was through the wet and warm bulge of his diaper. “Mommy can still help…”
She carried him to what must have been Mommy’s room. It was clearly not like his baby room. It had adult furniture and a TV and normal wall decorations. He felt oddly out of place. Mommy pulled out a changing pad and placed him on top of it on the bed. She undid the tapes on his diaper, pulled it off slowly and began to slowly clean his dick with baby wipes. She took a warm wet wash cloth and stroked it slowly up and down until he was clean and his penis was throbbing with pleasure. Mommy stood over him and stared longingly at his cock and balls. She let her dress fall to the floor to reveal she was wearing nothing underneath. It was then he saw the tattoo. Only she had that tattoo. He had never met anyone else with anything like it.

“It’s you! I know you!” he said in actual adult speak, “Why can’t I remember your name? Why is this….”
Before he could finish speaking she had already slid him inside of her. Waves of pleasure took him and drove all questions from his mind. He felt his strength begin to return as the two of them fucked like it was the first time they ever had, passionately and raw. She must have came several times judging by the noises she made but they kept going until he exploded inside of her, practically collapsing on top of her ample of breasts. They still seemed to make him feel baby sized even though they were both grown adults. Time to get some answers.

“I’m sorry that I can’t remember your name but I need some answers. I know I’m not a baby. I shouldn’t need diapers or cribs or pacifiers. I need to know what’s going on here. If I wasn’t an adult we wouldn’t have just had such awesome sex.”
She quickly spanked him on the butt, “Baby’s do not talk about dirty things like that!”

“OW! That really hurt! What are you talking about? We just did it! Listen, if you aren’t going to give me answers that’s fine. I’ll just find some clothes and leave. It’s been surprisingly very nice but I’m an adult and I’m sure people are looking…”

As he was finishing his sentence, she placed one of her large, full breasts into his open mouth. Reflexively, he began to suckle and the delicious warm liquid he had had in his bottle earlier began to fill his mouth and spread a different type of warmth throughout his body. A wave of pleasure came over him that felt like a warm egg was cracked over his head and slowly dripped down to his feet. His muscles began to feel weaker and his body relaxed more in general. He tried to pull away to find clothes but found he lacked the strength and was again beginning to lack the desire. He pulled his mouth away to protest.

“Da doo ma bee ba!” Oh great. He had lost his speech again. Mommy simply pushed his mouth back towards her breast and he latched like any baby would.
There it was again. He had known for just a second who she was and how he knew her but now all that came to his mind was “Mommy”. He felt his thoughts grow slightly simpler still. The questions began to move more toward the back of his mind as he began to nurse more contentedly. Mommy began to brush his long brown hair gently with her hand. His erection was now gone, and despite being aroused by Mommy’s body, he had no physical reaction.

She gently placed him down on the mat as she got up. She somehow seemed to tower over him once more. She began to clean his diaper area again. She powdered him and snuggly put another cute diaper on him. Mommy’s breasts were so big and beautiful. He couldn’t stop staring. He also couldn’t stop thinking about how much he wanted more of Mommy’s milk. She left him on his back on the bed in just a diaper while she went around the room finding articles of clothing for herself and slowly getting dressed in her pajamas. David just lay there watching with adoration and curiosity. What would it be like to be a big boy and walk around and choose his own clothes? He already knew that… he reminded himself. But did he? He tried to remember but couldn’t even recall what types of clothes were called. It didn’t matter, Mommy knew and that’s what was important. She returned above him with a big smile and lifted him high into the air and then held him close. She got into bed and snuggled him up close to her bosom. He had never felt more safe. They both began to slowly dose off as David’s thumb found its way into his mouth.

To be continued?

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