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Trying to come up with a diaper-related story that I enjoy and that’s acceptable enough to show others has always been difficult-especially if I dont’ want to outright mimic a story I like that already exists. But I finally came up with something that I like, I feel others will like, and most importantly, that I wrote enough of ahead of time that I could end it at any time without “abandoning” it <.< >.>

I would appreciate if you, whomever you are reading this topic, would do two things for me:

-First, enjoy this story.
-Second tell me either how to make it better, or why you didn’t enjoy it(if the reason is related to presentation and not the nature of the content of course, not something like "I didn’t like it because there were no furs/teenagers/etc.) Is the pacing alright? How are the characters being developed? And that sort of thing. Keeping in mind though that, unlike some of my past stories and my RPG Maker title, this is primarily a diaper story-the diapers aren’t a side-detail or add-on, so obviously I’m not aiming that high in terms of 100% believable peole or situations…

… But of course, believability is still important to me, so if that’s really a problem area…

White as a Diamond

Chapter 1

“I don’t know, Devin… This is just kind of disgusting.”
“Just relax and let go! Pretend it’s a diaper, and do what people do in diapers.” A handsome man in his early twenties was standing in what appeared to be a young woman’s bedroom, and with him stood a woman of about twenty or twenty-one years of age, and a little on the skinny side. She looked like she was concentrating on something, but just sighed.

“Would it help if you were sitting down, Crissy?”
“Maybe, but I… Wait… Okay, it’s coming out.” The man smiled awkwardly at the woman, who didn’t seem to enjoy whatever it was she was doing.

“…… Okay, I’m done.”
“Well? How’s it feel?”
“To be honest, it… It feels… Nasty. I’m sorry Devin, this just really isn’t…” The man sighed and patted her back.
“It’s alright, at least you gave it a try.” The woman lifted her dress to reveal her white cotton panties, stuffed with a blanket that she had just peed in. After taking it out and cleaning herself up, she put her hand on the somewhat disappointed man’s shoulder.

“I know how much this means to you, Devin. I promise that I’ll give this another chance one day, maybe for a special occasion, like your birthday.” He just hugged her as we now skip to the next day…

Crystal loved to just window shop at the mall. It always just felt right to be in crowds of people going on with their lives, hanging with friends or eating a tasty (if overpriced) lunch.

“Crissy, you can’t see anything if you just stand in front of the store daydreaming.” A tall man about her age interrupted her thoughts.
“Yeah! Come on, doof!” A girl in her late teens chimed in.

“Oh, right! Sorry!” It was a smaller store, the shelves lined with fine glass dining utensils. This kind of stuff is expensive, but Crystal reasoned that nothing less is appropriate for the fact that in three weeks, she was going to be “Mrs. Devin Moore”. For now though, the two and her younger sister were only window shopping, and went to have a mid-afternoon meal together in the food court.

After surveying their options, they went by the Chinese place and took their grub to a little two-seat table in the corner. They just kind of looked at each other and giggled before Crystal stood to excuse herself, her dusty brown hair swaying back and forth, almost looking like it could consume her delicate frame from behind.

“Well Devin, I’ll be in the ladies’ room real quick.”

“So Devin~, I guess we’re all alone…” Devin just looked at her awkwardly.
“Was there something you wanted to talk about without Crystal here?”
“Yeah, well…” She secretively, quietly pulled an orange prescription bottle out of her purse and began opening it.
“… I just… Are you sure you want to do this?” Devin just smiled.
“Bianca, your sister’s one of the most wonderful people I’ve ever met. There’s nothing that would make me not love her.”
“Well… Wait, is she coming back?” Devin turned to look toward the restrooms, scanning for his bride-to-be. While he did this, Bianca pulled out a couple of small, slightly-yellowed pills and dropped them into Crystal’s soda, carefully watching them fizzle and dissolve without a trace.

“Sorry, I was mixed up by that lady for a sec.”

It was all just in time as Crystal returned to the table, and the three carried idle conversation as though nothing were amiss. A sip of her drink and Bianca began grinning a little before standing up.

“Well I’ve gotta meet Rachel in front of Hot Topic soon, so I’ll leave you two ‘lovebirds’ alone.”
“See ya Bianca!” Crystal waved her goodbye while Devin continued their conversation.

“You know, I like Chinese food and all but I’ve never actually tried to make it before…”
“It’s easy, just dump some vegetables into a pot of grease, and”-
“I’m serious, Mr. Wiseguy!”
“Well, I guess we could look it up and practice together one night.” Crystal sighed before responding.
“That’s so vague. ‘One night’? You mean ‘one night thirty years from now when we think about it again and have time’?”
“Alright, alright, what about Friday night, next week? Are you busy then?”
“Why next week?”
“I’m busy this Friday.”
“Alright alright. So… At your house?”
“My house, 5:00 P.M.” Crystal seemed pleased at his commitment, but not as pleased as Devin looked when she took a long gulp of her drink. She smiled in response.

“Do you have something for girls drinking Coca Cola or something?”
“What? Nah, it’s just…” He leaned forward and pecked her forehead.

Like a gentlemen, he took her tray when they finished, and they continued to puts around the mall. It was about thirty minutes since their early dinner when they walked out of “Bed, Bath, and Beyond”. Crystal leaned in to whisper in Devin’s ear.

“Hey, could we go by the restroom real quick?”
“Didn’t you go at dinner?”
“Yeah, it’s strange, but… Um…”

They began heading back toward the food court where the bathrooms were. In those few minutes, Crystal’s bladder went from “passing need” to “ready to burst”. She was fidgeting and taking funny steps by the time they got there, and she hurried in. Devin just stood outside waiting. He was a little surprised, but didn’t mind-he figured this kind of thing just happened to women sometimes.

Meanwhile, preppy Bianca stood in a corner between stores, examining the little orange bottle and read the label again. ‘Gynincontinal’. The rest of the label consisted of phony doctor’s instructions and side-effects.

“I wanted him ‘Crissy’…”

Back to the oblivious couple, Devin heard Crystal’s footsteps, and they just smiled at each other, walking back out to Devin’s car. It wasn’t too far from her home, and he kissed her an early good night before she exited the vehicle and walked to her front door.

Crystal took her shoes off and left them in front of the door. She obviously wasn’t very hungry, so she went straight to the couch and sat down for some T.V. She liked “Big Bang Theory”, but she could hardly pay attention to what was going on; she was too pre-occupied with what her life had ahead of her.

Chapter 2

It was a somewhat strange evening for Crystal, but she seemed to be a little leaky. It was especially bad in the morning-she almost didn’t make it to the bathroom when she woke up. After that, she started to feel better… Or so she thought. After a nice breakfast, she walked back into her room to get changed into a dress for the day. Just as she reached for her pajama bottoms, she started peeing! Her eyes lit like bombs and she rushed to the toilet, unable to stop. She wet right into her pajama bottoms before she could get them off, and then tripped as she tried to pull them down-completely soaking herself in the hallway. Of course her parents and younger sister had to come see what the commotion was about.

She stubbed her knee, but that was the least of her worries as she lay there, thinking about what happened. The comforts and shock of those around her seemed to fade into the background. It was disappointing, disgusting, and confusing. She took her clothes off and turned the shower on hot. She threw her clothes into the washer while she waited for the water to heat up, and just stood in the rushing, steamy spray for a moment.

“Ok Crystal, that was weird, let’s just forget that ever happened and try again, hm?” She turned the water off and looked at herself in the mirror, striking a quick pose before grabbing another bra and pair of white cotton panties to wear out of her drawer. She pulled the panties on and carefully snapped her bra into place, then took her light blue sun dress and slid it on over herself.

As lucky timing would have it, that’s when the phone rang. Glad to be set back up, she picked the receiver off the hook and answered.

“Hello, this is Crystal.”
“Hey, it’s Devin.”
“Devin! How are you?”
“I’m doing great! You?”
“I’m fine…”
“You didn’t have anything planned today, did you?”
“Not in particular, why?”
“Well I got a call from the warehouse today, 'said they didn’t need me, so I have the day off. Wanna get some ice cream or something?”
“I’d love to! Will you pick me up? Or…”
“I’ll come get you in a few minutes.”
“Okay! See you then!” She felt a little better having talked to her best friend. She made sure her long, straight hair was well brushed and she dotted the tiniest bit of pink blush over her cheeks.

Bianca looked curiously as she was getting ready.
“Going somewhere?”
“Yeah, Devin’s got the day off so we’re going to go get some ice cream.” Bianca’s skin almost turned a little green as she went to the kitchen and pulled down glass from the cupboard. She recalled her woes to her friends about “the hottest guy she ever met” falling for her sister instead of her. Sure, she was a better age and ready to move out, but the logical reasoning just never seemed to be enough. She felt a bit guilty for being so jealous, but…

Well, that’s when she obtained the Gynincontinal. Summing up what her friends said, it was basically a drug that chronically poisons the recipient, destroying the nerves and muscles that control the bladder and bowels. The effects were irreversible and cumulative with the dosage; one dose would inflict overactive bladder syndrome, three or four days of drugging would irritate the bowels, about a week would shock the two into random spasms, then after about two weeks of daily drugging, a person would lose absolutely all control of their bodily functions. As the name suggested, it only has an effect on women, using certain hormones and cells only present or more plentiful in a female human’s body-she didn’t want to ruin Devin on accident or something.

She dropped a couple into the glass and poured fresh orange juice over it, taking it to her sister as she walked into the living room.

“Oh Bianca! Thank you!” It only took another minute or two for Devin to get there, but it felt like over half an hour to her as she finished drinking the tainted juice.

She waited outside, her heart skipping a beat when his car pulled around the corner. Devin felt the same thing as he saw his soon-to-be wife standing there in such a simple and pretty dress, smiling and waving wildly. He even began blushing when he thought about the fact that this beautiful young woman was going to be wearing adult diapers like a baby, though she had no idea of the sort.

She opened the passenger door and hoped in enthusiastically.
“So where’re you taking me for ice cream?”
“Baskin Robbins is across the street from the gas station and I need to put some fuel in the car, so how’s that sound?”
“Sounds good!”

They chatted about little things like their favorite flavors, what they did that morning, and the like. Of course Crystal left out the part where she wet herself, but otherwise it was all fine as they reached their destination.

It was a very clean parlor with a few chairs, a few tables, and thirty one delicious kinds of ice cream.

“So what kind do you want, Crissy?”
“Hoo boy… Umm… I think I’ll need a minute to decide.” He nodded and looked for a moment himself before settling on strawberry cheesecake, though he waited to order so that they got theirs at the same time. The lady across the counter smiled the whole time, eventually noting the difficulty this maiden was having in choosing.

“Ma’am, are there any flavors you’d like to sample?”
“Umm… No, I’m good, thanks.”

After a while longer, a lightbulb nearly appeared over her head as she pointed to the rocky road barrel. The two went to the counter to make the purchase, Devin’s treat of course. He had just exchanged the money and taken both bowls when he turned to his friend.

“Hey Crystal, has Bianca been acting… Strange lately?”
“Hm? Not really, why?”
“Well… I don’t know, it seems kind of like… She seems a bit uneasy about us.”
“Really? She’s never said anything to me…”
“Well… Maybe it’s nothing, but if I’m hurting her feelings or anything, I’d kind of like to fix it.” She put a hand on his shoulder.
“I’ll see if anything’s wrong later, okay?”

They didn’t say anything else the whole time; they just kept smiling at each other, glancing at their ice cream, and glancing back to the other’s eyes.

They sat around after they finished, discussing little things about the reception. What kind of napkins they wanted, what kind of wedding cake… They mostly agreed on everything, but they had some differences as well.

“I don’t know Devin, I think it’d just be weird if the cake weren’t white on the inside, too.”
“But white cakes are so boring!”
“They are not! They’re delicious! What’s more, they-” Her mouth hung open in surprise as she gasped violently. Her bladder had suddenly felt like she’d been holding it for hours, and was now gushing into her panties. She stood up, but didn’t bother going to the bathroom as she just wet herself for almost twelve seconds solid. She began crying as she ran out to the car, with Devin following, a bit sorry to leave the puddle on the floor. She was standing next to the car facing away, sobbing and hiccupping into her hands. He placed his hands on her shoulders and hugged her softly.

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These are the next two chapters to the story. Thank you for reading (..)_

Chapter 3
“Are you alright baby?”
hic I-I don’t know what sniff happened… sniff
“I’ll take you back home to get changed, alright?” She just nodded her head, and on the ride back, she started to regain her composure.

“Devin… Thanks for being so cool about this. I…” He placed a hand on her back and rubbed her gently.
“Don’t worry about it, even adults have accidents sometimes. Just breathe calmly and remember that you’re a grown, mature woman. It’s nothing to worry about.” She was quiet until they arrived at her house.

“Devin, could you come inside with me? I think I need to tell you about something.” He agreed and went in with her, sitting next to her on the couch.

sigh… Honey, remember how I needed to go to the restroom again so quickly yesterday?”
“Well… This morning, I… I was getting dressed, and I… I just wet myself, right there in my bedroom.” They sat quietly for a moment, sharing each other’s presence.

“That must’ve been difficult to go through, especially after doing it again just now…”
“Devin… This isn’t something you’ve done, is it?” He was taken back at her question; as much as he wanted her to wear a diaper, he certainly wouldn’t do something crazy to get it. And even if he wanted to, how in the heck was he supposed to make her wet herself?

“Crystal, I’d never do something like this to you!” She looked down away from him somewhat, a little unconvinced.
“I know you’re not interested in diapers, but I’m still going to marry you because I love you. I wouldn’t even know how to do something like this, you have to trust me!” She slowly lifted her face to see his eyes, and was suddenly filled with a soft, warm feeling. This was crazy, but it wasn’t Devin’s fault, and she knew that inside.

“Now I’m going to go get something that will help, so just wait here for me, okay? I’ll be about ten or fifteen minutes.”
“Alright… What are you going to get that’ll help me?” He grinned a little before responding.
“You’ll see.”

She spent pretty much the whole time wondering what exactly he was going to get. Some kind of medication? A friend who knew about issues like this? He most certainly wouldn’t get some kind of diaper, right? Maybe it’s a really pretty silver necklace to help her feel better? Maybe there was something in the Chinese they had and he’s bringing the chef in handcuffs?

By the time she had gotten her mind off of it, there was a knock at the door. She opened it to find Devin standing there with a smile and a plastic bag from Walgreens.

“Alright sweetie, sit down on the couch and I’ll show you something.” When they sat together, he pulled out a package of Depend Underwear for Women, which pretty much nulled whatever train of thought Crystal may have had in her mind. She opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came out as Devin raised his arms up in a ‘now hold on a minute’ fashion.

“Crystal, I want you to be comfortable with yourself and not have to worry about a little thing like this. We’ve both been pretty anxious and excited for the past few days, but it looks like it might be taking a little toll on you, so I want you to just take it easy for a while and wear these until we know everything’s back up to speed.” She looked him in the eyes and swallowed.

“You’re right, Devin. This really isn’t a big deal, right?” He rubbed her shoulders gently as she opened up the package and pulled out, what they both acknowledged as, a pair of pullups made for adult women. She arose and entered her bathroom, closing the door behind her, leaving Devin to himself. He spent the time just sort of thinking about what happened, looking at the package of underwear. He actually kind of liked the frilly pattern around the leg holes and the pink line around the waist, and wondered if Crystal had any panties like these.

Crystal opened the door and stepped out slowly, mustering a little smile. Devin walked over to her and kissed her gently at first, growing passionate as the seconds passed. They were smiling wildly as they parted, when Devin decided to be even bolder-and alleviate her negative feelings.

“And our newest young beauty, Crystal, now sports the hottest fashion in lingerie this season!” Swiftly and without any warning, he lifted her skirt up in front of her face, revealing her pullup to some imaginary crowd. She shrieked and they began laughing as she yanked her skirt back down and began flailing her arms playfully on his back.

“Come on, I’ll take you to the movies. It’s not even lunchtime yet so it won’t be very busy.” She liked the idea, but stopped a moment.

"Wait a sec…
“… Do you think this would have anything to do with the other night?”
“Crissy, even if I had psychokinetic powers, I’d never force you to have anything to do with this.” She laughed a bit.
“Yeah, sorry if I sounded suspicious. It’s just a coincidence.”

so they headed for the theater. Devin paid for their tickets to see “Eddie Potter and the Goblet of Vampire”, and took her to the snack bar, where they picked out a popcorn to share, and Crystal got some sour worms for herself and a tall sprite.

It was a fun movie; the special effects were pretty good, even if the story was a little shaky. Crystal especially loved stories about magic, sometimes wishing she were a wizard of sorts. One scene in particular amazed her when a couple of the magic school students were ditching class by a large river, and passed the time by “skating” across the water, freezing it with their feet as they did. The only drawback to the scene was that the sound of the river rushing by gave her bladder a little tinkling feeling.

She would’ve gotten up to take care of it, but the feeling quickly vanished, and she didn’t pay much thought. Instead, she focused on the plot to prevent the revival of lord Jacobsnake.

Things were at their highest about an hour later. It was the time when the Goblet was found by both parties, little Mr. Patten revealed himself as Eddie’s grandfather the archwizard Kadgar, and that’s when it happened; Crystal immediately began peeing right in her pullup. She stifled a surprised gasp, not wanting to disturb the movie. She couldn’t stop the flow, so she went ahead and kept peeing on purpose; she wouldn’t be able to get to the bathroom on time, but she could still at least enjoy the film.

Chapter 4

A few days had passed, and Crystal’s feelings grew more and more confusing with each new one. On the one hand, the date for Devin and her wedding was coming up fast, but on the other, her continence was fading even faster, since unbeknownst to her, Bianca was drugging almost everything she ate or drank. It was Sabbath morning however, so she put on her Sunday best and waited for Devin to come pick her up. Sure she could’ve gone up with her family like she’d done for the past twenty years, but it was no inconvenience for Devin to pick her up, and as he reasoned, ‘In a couple of weeks I’m going to start driving you to church every week, so we should get used to it!’

It was a simple service and really helped the two of them feel good as they sat together. Crystal felt so at peace that she almost fell asleep, but Devin rocked her gently to keep her awake.

She felt a lot better as she walked out with Devin to his… Well, ‘their’ car and began the ride home.

“Hey… You remember our date on Friday, don’t you?”
“Of course! Chinese at my place… Or ‘our place’.”
“It’s still kind of weird to think of it like that. Not in a bad way, though, I…” She began looking blankly ahead.

“Is something wrong, Crissy?”
“Devin, take me to a bathroom. Now.” He feigned a worried shock and looked ahead.
“Alright, Circle K’s about three blocks up.” They drove for a moment, Crystal having suddenly begun using all of her strength to hold back both numbers. Her heart sank as the light up ahead dawned yellow, then to red, as they stopped in front of it. She started whimpering as she watched the crossing lane’s cars begin driving left and right. By the time they had the green again, she knew it was impossible. She began tearing up.

“Devin, I…”
“We’re almost there!”
“I’m sorry… blart!, blphbbt!…” Devin kept one eye on the road and the other on his poor fiancée, crying as she began peeing and pooping in her Depend. They drove to her home in silence, though Devin had grown rock hard watching his girlfriend soil herself. Of course he felt awful for what she was going through, and he wished he had at least some clue as to why this was happening, but that didn’t erase his own gratification from the event. It was one of the most bittersweet things he’d ever experienced. He walked around to open her door for her to step out carefully, not wanting any of it to fall or leak out the leg guards.

He escorted her into her apartment, while she stepped out of her heels and into the bathroom to change. She pulled her dress off and slipped out of her slip. She cringed as she slid her pantyhose off, as the urine had soaked through the padding, and she then stood in nothing but a bra and heavily soiled pullups. She was absolutely relieved that the rest of her family hadn’t gotten home yet.

Devin stepped into the hall near the door, careful not to look inside.

“Do you need any help sweetie?”
“Y-yeah, um… Could you get me something to wear?”
“Sure thing.” He went down the hall and took a shiny silver dress off of its hanger, handing it to Crystal’s outstretched hand.

She walked out of the bathroom, her face a bit tear-stained but no longer crying, and walked meekly over to sit with her boyfriend, who held her tightly.

“Crystal…” He pointed to a white, plastic object on the table.
“What’s that?”
“Well, I was getting kind of worried when you said you just kept getting worse, and after today, well…” She curiously picked it up and examined it, unfolding it and pressing it softly.

“This is a diaper.”
“I want you to wear it.” She looked at him with mixed feelings. She did not want to wear a diaper, especially not in front of the man she was soon to marry, but as humiliating as it was, it definitely sounded like the best option, at least for now. He handed her a canister of baby powder.

“Devin, I need to know; do you really have nothing to do with this?” They both looked a little hurt and awkward.
“Crystal, I… How could you really think I would somehow do this to you? I know this is unbelievable, but take these and go get changed. I know I have a thing for girls in diapers and all, but I don’t want you to wear one for even one second if you don’t want to.” There was silence.

“Tell you what; you can go put your panties back on and forget about this right now, if you want.”
“…… I know I could, but…… I’ll go put the diaper on.” He kissed her cheek and brushed her hair before patting her bottom toward the bathroom, and she obeyed.

She slid out of her unused pullups and laid the diaper on the floor, sitting on it. She looked at her pubic hair and realized it’d just get damp and yucky if this was going to be a regular thing, so she took her razor and carefully shaved it all off. She sort of enjoyed the feel of the baby powder falling over her private parts, especially with her hair removed, but that was soon eclipsed as she pulled the diaper up over herself. She felt strange as she taped her vagina and bottom into the plastic cage, as if she were ready to go in it like a baby. Learning to use the toilet was something that even the youngest children learned; she was soon to be married and couldn’t even do that-she needed to wear diapers like a baby. She felt almost every ounce of her adulthood sink right into the padded garment as she finished the job… Almost every ounce. There was some tiny part of her that felt like it was perfectly natural, like this was almost feminine, but she dismissed those thoughts and stood up. With that, the beautiful young lady stepped back out into the living room.

“Crystal…” Without really thinking about it, she lifted her adult dress to reveal the baby garment it hid; Depend Maximum Fitted Protection. Devin couldn’t believe that his girlfriend was actually wearing a full-blown diaper-and it looked amazing on her, standing out around her small frame. He felt kind of guilty, finding such joy in something that was absolutely mortifying for her. Nonetheless, he stood and brought her to sit on the couch next to him, when he slowly, deeply kissed her. She felt some of her worry and shame melt away as she let him circle her with his arms, smiling while he kissed all over her face.

It was then that her parents and sister made it back, and the couple parted as they walked down the hall. Bianca skipped into the living room-Crystal kicked the package of Depends under the table, but not before Bianca casually glanced at them, and went into the kitchen, audibly preparing something with the microwave. Their parents took their shoes off, still talking about one of the talks from church as they headed back to their room. After a few minutes, Bianca walked back in with a cup.

“Here Crystal, a piping hot mug of herbal tea.” She said with an understanding smile, and the older sister immediately began sipping from it, careful not to burn her lips or tongue.

"I saw what you kicked under the table, and I’m not too surprised, what with what’s going on. But I want you to know that I’ll help you out, okay? Her older sister, oblivious to the ‘preparations’ her drink had, smiled and nodded, glad to have these people to comfort her.

Bianca watched her as the tea cooled and she slowly drank more and more of her poisoned drink. She was starting to feel a little bad, thinking about what was happening to her older sister. It didn’t seem like Devin was going to dump her just because she wore diapers, and she really didn’t want to be left with having done something like this if it wasn’t even going to help her.

“Devin, I’m going to call an appointment to see the doctor this week. If I do that, would you come keep me company?”
“Of course, baby.” He kissed the top of her forehead as she began gulping the last of her herbal tea down, and they just stared at each other. He knew this must be hard for her, but he couldn’t help but feel like things were coming together for him, so he really wasn’t sure what to feel. Crystal also had no idea what to think-it was definitely odd that she began having this problem right after turning down his desires, but she couldn’t just not trust him, either. She just lovingly returned his gaze.

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Chapter 5

On Friday, Devin took Crystal up to a urinary specialist on the other side of town. It was a somewhat long drive and the purpose for it was certainly not flattering, but he managed to keep her mind on fun things, like their cooking experiments that evening. Sure, either of them could’ve just practiced making Chinese food on their own by that point, but that’s just not quite as fun.

The parking lot wasn’t too full as they pulled up near the office. They walked in together and Crystal signed the roster before beginning their wait in the lobby. The wait didn’t take long however, as a nurse came into the room calling out “Terry, Crystal!” She led the couple down the hall, around the corner, and into the room, exchanging pleasantries and small talk about how their day had been up to that point.

“Now Ms. Terry, if you’d just read this over real quick and fill that corner out… Great! The doctor will be in here shortly.” With that, she walked out, closing the door behind her. Devin sat quietly in a chair while Crystal settled herself up onto the brown, paper-lined patient’s seat. They sat in silence for a few minutes before Devin spoke.

“Medical school sure is rough considering how much time they spend just letting you wait around, huh?” Crystal couldn’t help but chuckle before the quiet settled back in. After who knows how many minutes went by, the door knob began turning. The door swung open, revealing a man in his late thirties or early forties, and a silver smile.

“Well, I take it you’re Ms. Terry? I’m Dr. Rodrick, I’m going to be your urologist today.” She looked a little nervous.

“You? Um, I mean… I thought” The doctor looked as though he could read her mind.
“Oh, I’m so sorry about this. Would you rather have a woman do this?”
“Um… S-sorry, but, yeah…”
“Would you be able to come back at about 4 o’Clock?” The couple looked at each other, cringing a bit.
“That’s kind of a while from now… I’m sorry about that, go ahead and examine me Dr. Rodrick.”
“Alright, I promise I’ll work quickly, okay?” The doctor went through some typical physical tests, like checking her reflexes and heartbeat, listening to her cough, and the like.

“Alright Ms. Terry, could you lift dress for me real quick?” She started blushing and Devin turned away as she hesitatingly lifted her dress, completely exposing her adult diaper as he placed his stethoscope below her belly button. When the cold, metal device made contact with her skin so close to her bladder, she dribbled some pee into her baby-brief. “Hmmmm……” Was all he had to say.

He took some latex gloves out of a box and pulled them on before placing both of his hands around Crystal’s hips, and started feeling and squeezing her over. Besides being embarrassing and uncomfortable, she immediately felt her stomach begin to groan and flip around, like a churning cement mixer, and as his thumbs descended slightly down the front of her diaper and pressed inward, she felt her bladder begin to cough and spasm.

“Dr. Rodrick, I’m-” Crystal felt like a bomb exploded in her hips. Urine gushed out into the crotch of her brief, while she leaned forward and filled the back of it with poop.

“Ms. Terry, to put the problem in layman’s terms, you have a very weak, sensitive bladder. And forgive me for making a presumption, but your bowels seem to be the same way.”
“But I’ve been perfectly normal my whole life until last week!”
“Have you been eating any strange foods lately?”
“Hmm… Well, tell you what; if you call and arrange for another meeting, we can take some X-Rays, do some blood work, and take some samples to see if we can’t figure out what’s wrong. I suspect there could be some sort of parasite causing this.”
“Isn’t there any kind of medicine you could give me?”
“I’m afraid medicine can’t make muscles stronger.”
“Hm… Well, I’ll probably call for another appointment. Thank you for taking a look, doctor.”
“Alright then, you two take care!” When they returned to the reception desk, Devin stepped in and took care of the visit bill to his fiancées appreciative surprise, and they got back into Devin’s car.

“Hey Devin, um… I don’t suppose you happened to bring a change in ‘panties’ for me, did you?”
“Sorry, I figured you would, so…” She sighed a little as she sat in the passenger seat, squishing as she lowered her bottom to sit and oblivious to the excitement the man next to her was wracked with as he stroked her hair out of her face.

About halfway to Devin’s apartment, Crystal’s stomach began to growl. Devin looked at the clock and realized it was almost lunch time.

“Hey Crissy, you want to stop and get something to eat?” Great, he had to go and make things complicated by presenting her with a choice; she was pretty hungry, but she wanted to free her privates from their wet, dirty prison as A.S.A.P.
“Are you hungry at all?”
“Eh, a little. If you want to go home and change first, that’s totally understandable.”
“Well… Maybe if we just go through the drive-thru or something…”

After their long drive and simultaneous lunch, they passed by Crystal’s apartment to let her change real quick. Well, ‘quick’ isn’t the term you use to describe a mess cleanup, but she finished all the same, and stuck another brief into her purse to change into at her boyfriend’s place.

It was surprisingly clean for a bachelor’s apartment, but nothing too new for Crystal. Normally she would imagine a drab dump with dirty laundry all over the place and an unusable kitchen, but Devin’s personal upkeep almost rivaled her own. Almost, she thought to herself. He also seemed to have the materials they would need; assorted sauces and rolls, fresh vegetables, and a little cookbook on the table. The front cover depicted sushi rolls, and the inside was full of oriental recipes.

Thinking about cooking and cleaning around this place and seeing Devin come home from work in the afternoons started to make her feel like an adult again. She imagined ‘super-husband’ coming home to find her tired, surrounded with unruly tots, and even in need of a diaper change, then taking care of everything. Admittedly, the idea of him changing her diaper, cleaning and wiping her gently and thoroughly while gazing down into her eyes as though they were straddled for intercourse, did carry a small element of arousal. She began to smile to herself, prompting a chuckle from Devin.

“So what’s putting that smile on your pretty face, hm?” She shook her head and pecked his cheek.
“It’s nothing, darling. What are we gonna make first?” She asked as she tied his apron around her waist, appreciating the “motherly” style it gave her.
“I figured we’d start simple and make some fried rice. Could you get an egg out?” Crystal opened the refrigerator and pulled out one egg, setting it on the counter as Devin set the rice to boil.

“When the rice is done, we just fry it around a bit with the egg and some chopped vegetables.”
“I’ll get to it!” She enthusiastically pulled out a knife and a chopping board, then pulled some celery and some carrots from the fridge, washing them before getting to work dicing them into tiny delectable little bites.

The couple stood around in the kitchen waiting for the rice to boil.

“Is there anything you want to make while you’re over here?”
“Did you have anything in mind?”
“Well, I thought about making a pizza…”
“Ooh! Can I twirl it?” Devin laughed a bit and ruffled her hair into her face.
“Of course.” After the rice had boiled for about twenty minutes(and spilled over the pot at least four times), they tossed it into the pan and stirred it up with the egg and vegetables. Devin whipped the chop sticks around with speed and vigor while Crystal jumped and shouted like a cheerleader. This activity caused her to wet herself, but she was too caught up in the moment to really care too much-it’s not like wetting herself was at all unusual anymore.

They had a lot of fun that evening; grease all over the place, and I won’t even mention the disaster that Crystal trying to spin pizza dough resulted in. After it all, they sat down on his couch, having ended up storing most of what they made to be leftovers. Crystal was laying against him with her head on his broad shoulder, while he had his arm around her slender waist.

“Devin… I… I know this might sound a little silly, but… You know, if I do have to wear diapers like this for weeks or months or more… Would it gross you out too much if you changed me?”
“Crissy, I… Of course it wouldn’t. I’d actually like to do that.” They both smiled.
“I figured you’d like to change your wife’s diapers…” He tilted her head so that they could look in each other’s eyes and blushed profusely-she was embarrassed that she was wearing a diaper-a thrice wet one, at that-and that her boyfriend liked it.
“Well, um… giggle I may just be caught up in the moment, but maybe I’ll forego calling into the doctor again, if you really like this this much…”
“I don’t know about that, if the doctor’s right and there’s some kind of parasite, then…”
“Yeah, I guess you’re right.” They just cuddled on the couch for a while longer before Devin drove her home. She didn’t bother to change first, staying in her wet diaper the whole time.

Chapter 6

It was midnight, and Crystal was sound asleep in her bed when Bianca snuck in silently. She looked at her older, now-incontinent sister, smiling and probably dreaming about her wedding. Bianca knew that there was no turning back for Crystal; the poison building up in her system would never leave her, and she was going to wear diapers for the rest of her life, so Bianca figured she’d might as well finish the medication. With about a quarter of the bottle left, she took a pill out and dropped it quietly into Crystal’s glass of water before sneaking back out.

When the sun arose, Crystal slowly sat up in bed and stretched. She moaned a little and scratched her head before taking her glass of water and drinking it all down, inadvertently drugging herself further. She slipped out of bed and onto her feet, wearing a silk pink nightgown instead of the shirt and pants she peed in a couple of weeks before, and also taking note of the stagnant, heavy mass sitting in her Depends overnight protection-she had started wetting in her sleep a few days earlier. She lifted her gown to look in her mirror, and showed a frustrated frown when she realized she had pooped herself in her sleep for the first time since this all started, a clear indicator that things were getting worse.

In a timely manner, Bianca was walking down the hall in just a t-shirt and panties. “'Morning Crystal, I’ll get breakfast started.”
“Oh, good morning Bianca. Thanks!” She remembered Devin worrying about her the other day, but she seemed to be doing pretty well to her, so she slid her nightgown off, snapped on a simple white bra, and pulled on a simple white blouse before changing herself. As humiliating as the prospect of wearing a diaper still was for her, she did admit to enjoying the feel of baby powder falling all over her delicate parts before bringing the baby garment up over her crotch and taping it snuggly on her hips. She actually thought that these soft, fluffy things were getting pretty comfortable to wear, especially since she had taken to shaving her pubic hair regularly. She finished getting dressed by pulling up a light-blue denim skirt that was almost knee-length and that flared out slightly at the bottom, as opposed to the tightness of denim miniskirts.

Although Bianca didn’t know it, Devin was coming over to take Crystal out to the mall one last time as “boyfriend/girlfriend”, and she didn’t really notice when Crystal let him into the house. While she worked in the bathroom brushing her hair, tying it into a big ponytail and other little things to tidy her appearance, Devin walked into the kitchen just as Bianca dropped a pill into a glass of orange juice. She turned around to see him and gasped.

“Bianca, what was that?…” He took the prescription bottle off the counter and read it over.

“It, it um… I mean I… Er, Crystal, she…” Her heart was pounding and her stomach felt like butterflies were eating it from the inside out as Devin looked into her eyes. She almost began to tear up.

“Does this have anything to do with your sister’s incontinence?”
“I…” She stuttered and lowered her eyes and whispered.
“I’m so sorry Devin, please don’t hate me and please don’t tell anyone, I’m sorry Devin I swear!” He took her firmly by the shoulders and whispered back.

“What is this? Tell me. Now.”
“I-i-i-it’s a drug that makes women, it, it builds up a poison in them that ruins their bladder and bowels, and make them incontinent.”
“Seems a little extreme for a simple prank, don’t ya think? Why’d you do this?”
“I…” She began crying quietly, causing Devin to ease his grip.

“I was jealous, Devin. This might sound funny because I’m still a teenager, but you’re the coolest guy I’ve ever met, and… sniff” Devin bent down a little to reach her eye-level.

“You thought I’d be grossed out or think your sister’s a baby if she needed diapers?” Bianca nodded.

“Bianca… First of all, I’m flattered you feel that way about me. But even so, I love Crystal, no matter what. I know that’s hard now, believe me, there’s been lots of girls I’ve met and had a crush on growing up, but when the time’s right, you’ll find someone who’ll love you and take care of you.” There was silence for a moment.

“… And what you did to your sister was wrong. Do you have an antidote for this stuff?” She started looking pretty guilty and sorry as she shook her head.
“The… There is no antidote…” Devin let that sink in for a second or two.

“You know you could get into a lot of trouble for this, but I’ll keep it our secret on one condition.”
sniff Anything…” Devin pointed to the glass that Bianca drugged.
“Drink that.” Her eyes widened a little, but she dare not go back on this. She gulped and nodded, bringing the two girls’ food to the table.

“Want me to make you something too, Devin?”
“No thanks, I ate before I came here.”
“Crystaaal! Breakfast’s ready!”

The three of them sat together and talked mostly about the wedding. Devin paid special attention to Bianca as she held her drink, staring at it before slowly drinking it. Although he was primarily seeking just retribution for a wrong that couldn’t be made right, and though he was loyal to Crystal, his carnal side couldn’t help but stir in enjoyment at watching this teenage girl drugging herself with something that’d make her have an accident later-she wasn’t fully grown, but she was still pretty cute, being Crystal’s little sister and all. To be honest, he was actually beginning to find a certain satisfaction in the idea of Crystal being secretly drugged; not only wearing diapers, but being rendered unable to not use them. He looked at her, thinking about what felt anxious for their first night in bed together, but mustered all of his self-control to be patient.

Devin looked Crystal over, imagining what was happening to her body; dissolving her urinary and fecal control in his mind, almost pretending that she were using her diaper right then as they sat there, his heart beginning to race. It was his equivalent to undressing someone with your eyes, and when he realized that, he mentally slapped himself.

After they finished, the couple waved goodbye to the bride’s family and left on their little play date.

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Chapter 7

Bianca knew she was going to have some bathroom trouble over the next several hours, so that morning she wandered into Crystal’s room secretively, slipping a Serenity maximum-fit brief out of its package(having picked it over the Depends also in her sister’s room due to the more cloth-like covering the bag advertised), and took it back to her own room. She held it and looked it over, feeling it, examining it, taking it all in. Her simple logical acknowledgement in taking it was slowly turning into a genuine curiosity. She slid her panties off and laid the diaper out unfolded on the floor.

A single dose of the drug would have minimal lasting effects, so she wasn’t going to wear diapers permanently and didn’t need any powder. On the other hand… Curiosity just kept nagging at her, her heart began racing, and she fetched the baby powder. She lay on the outstretched brief and powdered herself all over before bringing the front of the diaper up over the front of her sexual organs. She felt really funny as she pulled it tightly over her and taped it in place, feeling the soft padding hug her as she stood, and crinkle with every move she made.

She grabbed a pair of her usual tight jeans and started pulling them up, but she had to struggle to finish putting them on, and it was tight and uncomfortable around her hips. Realizing it just wouldn’t work out, she took them off and grabbed a black skirt, which pulled up easily and draped over the diaper nicely. She almost never wore skirts or dresses unless she had to, so it felt weird wearing one, much less with a diaper on underneath, but… She walked down the hall, noting the draft that went up her thighs and couldn’t pierce her padded underwear, and stepped into the bathroom to look at herself. She tugged the bottom of her short skirt a bit with one hand and lightly stroked the lacy, smooth plastic of her incontinence brief with the other. She fancied being a tomboy, always interested in rock music and roughhousing, but now she felt like…

A girl. Not only that, she felt like something was ‘at peace’ inside her. Partly from being feminine willingly, partly from the fair punishment this was going to be for her… A punishment that was about to manifest, as her bladder suddenly felt full and began burning. She took one of the tapes on the side of her diaper and was about to pull it off when she stopped. Her growing curiosity of the moment, that little voice inside telling her to just be crazy and try this out without reservation, took her hand from the diaper tapes.

She lifted her skirt, looked down at her own diapered crotch, and peed. She could’ve held it a bit more, she could’ve made it on the toilet, but she peed in the diaper on purpose, and watched herself do it. Her cheeks were flushed and only grew redder as she felt her warm urine splashing around between her legs, soaking into the diaper as it began to swell and the blue wetness indicator began fading away. She placed her fingertips on her moist, warm, padded crotch as she finished and began lightly squishing and rubbing it.

She thought about the idea of being helpless to avoid wetting herself. She always hated ‘chauvinist pig stereotypes’, but right now the idea of being needy, ‘imperfect’ in some way, started arousing her a little. After another few seconds passed, she shook her head vigorously and her normal attitude started returning. She was wearing a skirt and daydreaming about peeing in diapers like a baby! She quickly changed out of all that, put another diaper on, grabbed her backpack, and drove to school.

Meanwhile, Devin and Crystal were sitting at their favorite table in the food court, having a nice meal. He had made sure she was nice and comfortable before bringing this up.
“Alright Crystal, I’m going to tell you something about your sister, but you have to keep it a secret. I told her I’d keep it between us, but well… It involves you, and I can’t keep a secret like that from my own wife.” She wasn’t quite sure how to react.
“I’m listening…” Devin pulled out the drug bottle and handed it to her.
“This is Gynincontinal, she’s been drugging you with this for presumably the past two weeks. It’s gradually rendered you incontinent, and there’s no cure for it.” She stared at the bottle blankly; it was like twenty emotions and thoughts were trying to rush into her head, and were all clogged at the front door.

“Wait… Bianca’s been drugging me with this?”
“Yes… Yes she has.”
“And there’s no cure?”
“No, the process is permanent, unless you got an artificial bladder or something.”
“… So I’m going to wear diapers for the rest of my life?”
“… Yes, it seems so.”
“Th, the… That little whore! What made her think…”

Last week she would’ve been ready to rip her little sister into scraps like a lion to a carcass. She still felt really angry about this, and she’d have to be sure to get back at her for it. But… She looked back up at the man sitting across from her and whispered to him.

“So… This really isn’t your fault?”
“Part of my loves the fact that you’re wearing a diaper. The other part of my feels kind of guilty about that, since you don’t have a choice and all… But as I swore all along, I would never do this to you.”
“Well… Then maybe… This is for the best…” To both of their alarm, she took his hand under the table and placed it up her skirt, resting it on her diapered groin. They smiled at each other.
“Congratulations Devin, your wife wears diapers.” She whispered as they pulled forward and kissed. Crystal shifted a little, and Devin felt the crotch of her diaper grow warm in his gentle grasp.

That night, Crystal knocked at Bianca’s door.
“Come in.” Crystal stepped in, closing the door behind her. Bianca was wearing a pair of shorts with her t-shirt, sitting at her computer.

“Bianca, I know what you did.” He heart sank as her older sister kept speaking.
“I’m not going to tell mom and dad or the authorities or anything, but I’m hurt that you would do this. But… I also know why you did it. I never realized how you felt about Devin, and I’m sorry for that. I mean, I would’ve still gone out with him, but it seems pretty insensitive of me now to have not realized you had a crush on him.”

She walked over and placed her hand on her younger sister’s shoulder, comforting her somewhat.
“I forgive you, Bianca, but there are a couple things you need to do. First, our wedding’s in three days. If you take this drug until then, what will happen to you?”
“Er… W-well, after about three days, I’d be left with a chronic overactive bladder, and during the time I’d probably temporarily lose strength in my bowels…”
“Alright, you have to take this until then.” Bianca nodded in understanding.
“Second, you have to be my flower girl, in a diaper.” Bianca’s face was a little disgusted with “flower girl” and “diaper”, but she knew she’d need to wear a diaper anyway, and if her sister would have her be the flower girl, that meant she probably really did forgive her. She smiled and the two girls hugged each other.

Chapter 8

Crystal just couldn’t believe it. Here she was, a new bride-to-be. Her dress was on and she was going to be called to the pulpit in just ten short minutes, as her mother finished making the finishing touches to her hair and veil.

“Even if I hadn’t become incontinent like this, I probably should’ve worn a diaper anyway, there is no way I could avoid wetting myself a little at some point-I’m just so excited! I can’t take it! There are so many butterflies in my chest it feels like they could lift me off the ground!”
“That’s normal, sweetie. I felt the same way when I married your father, and I took the same precaution.”
“… You took the same ‘precaution’? You mean you actually wore a-”
“Now now, it’s time for you to go outside!” The older woman urged her, preventing further discussion of the subject. She met Bianca waiting for her outside, looking down at herself, blushing.

“Aww, Bianca you’re so beautiful!” She just groaned in response.
“You’re a beautiful young lady. I know you don’t like that thought now, but one day you’ll treasure it, and it’ll make you happier than anything you’re doing now.” Bianca actually respected Crystal sometimes for her femininity; she somehow managed to be ‘overly girlish’ without being ‘weak’.

She’d remember those words for years to come, but for now, it was her day, so she waited for her signal to walk down the aisle, tossing a flower here and a flower there into the crowd. She actually felt a little like a flower, one that hadn’t yet bloomed yet out of its diapered shell.

Crystal, however felt like her diaper was the bright petals surrounding her sunshine-colored center as she watched Devin walk up to the front. She eagerly, but in a composed fashion, walked up when called, standing right on Devin’s left side, her veil still down.

She stared into Devin’s eyes as they exchanged vows, and began crying a little out of sheer joy. When he lifted her veil and their lips finally met at the pastor’s beckon, she felt her entire being flutter down and into her padded brief. Well, it wasn’t actually her entire being, just the waste part of it, but peeing and pooping in a diaper was still proving to be the happiest moment of her life, though for an entirely different reason.

Everyone was dancing and celebrating, talking with friends, and enjoying delicious refreshments. Crystal took Devin over to the corner with Bianca and begin grinning almost seductively.

“Hey Devin, I have a secret to tell you…” She giggled before continuing in a loud whisper.
“… All girls wear diapers!” Her husband and sister just looked at her oddly. Devin knew of course the idea were absolutely preposterous; though that immediately clued him in on her deliberate and playful attempt to please him, earning her some kisses over her face.

“It’s true; ‘panties’ are really diapers~ and whenever a girl goes to the bathroom, she’s really just changing her own diaper.” Bianca then held her stomach worriedly; almost as if on cue with her older sister’s teasing, she farted-just loudly enough to get the couple’s attention-and proceeded to noisily soil herself. The three of them just blushed.

“So Bianca…?” Crystal just winked. Devin smiled at the younger girl and kissed her on the forehead.

“You know Bianca, guys like when girls do girly things like that. As for you, Crystal… This is a shocking revelation to me! You’ll need to tell me more about it…” The new couple left the confused teenager and had some cake. For the record, it was a white cake; Devin figured it was appropriate for his adorable new wife’s ‘panties’.

Dancing in a wet poopy diaper is pretty weird, as apparently every girl in the Terry household can now tell you, but knowing it pleased her husband just made it all the more pleasurable for herself. Even Bianca granted one dance to some boy that was there, but she otherwise spent her time sitting out… That is, until a slightly tanned slice of track runner in a snazzy blue suit walked over.

“E-excuse me, Bianca Terry? My name’s Jonathan. We don’t have any of the same classes at school, but I see you go to gym class everything afternoon, and well… Wanna dance wi-I mean, ‘would you care to dance with me?’” She looked him up and down, and he seemed alright for now, so she nodded and took his hand as he led her around.

“Sorry if I stutter, this formal stuff is kind of weird to me.”
“Tell me about it.” They laughed a little together.
“Sorry if this is embarrassing or something, but your sister’s the one getting married, right?”
“Yeah, so?”
“Well, I heard she got sick recently and has to wear adult diapers or something. Is it true?” Bianca looked over at Crystal, almost like she were making sure she couldn’t hear them speak.
“I think it’s kind of cute.”
“Huh? Why?”
“I don’t know, it’s… It’s kind of hard to explain… I just think it’s cute is all.” Bianca started grinning; he clearly had no idea the very girl he was dancing with was herself wearing a wet, poopy diaper. She had no idea why she was doing this; maybe she wanted a boyfriend, maybe she wanted to be recognized, whatever the reason was…
“Well Johnny, I’ve got something that’ll blow you out of your shoes<3…”

Chapter 9

Late that afternoon, Devin drove his bride to his apartment and carried her inside. Admittedly it was smaller than her house, but it was more than worth it as he set her on his bed-now bigger than it used to be-and started to take off his coat and tie. When he was down to just an unbuttoned shirt and slacks, Crystal stood up and started removing her dress and accessories, which Devin gladly aided in. They dressed her down to her bra, some white pantyhose-style stockings that reached up halfway over her thighs, and her heavily soiled Depend maximum fitted brief. It was stained yellow around the front and bottom, having completely erased the entire wetness strip, and the scent of the load in back became obvious. She blushed profusely at her wide-smiled husband over her compromising state.

“W-would you help me change into a clean diaper, honey?” She stroked her long hair, intonating her voice to be as feminine and playful as she could. Looking at her husband’s trousers, it was no secret what was on his mind, as he grinned and nodded.

She stood and walked over to her purse, her big poopy-diapered butt swaying with her. She bent forward, sticking her behind out prominently as she pulled a fresh diaper out. She lay on her back and Devin knelt down between her legs. He took one of the tapes, but the bent down and kissed her belly button, causing her to squirm and giggle. He then blew a raspberry noise over it, causing her to kick and laugh out loud, before he actually got to work.

“You know Devin, they say diaper changing is actually an important bonding time for a parent and child…” He stopped before uncovering the last two tapes, leaned over her, and kissed her on the lip. She felt urine trickle out of her, despite her increasing state of arousal.

“Then this will be a special bonding time for us, a husband changing his wife’s diaper.” He continued the process in silence, looking directly in to Crystal’s eyes for as much of it as he could. It took a while, but he cleaned her up and slid the clean diaper under her. By the end of it, they had both started to moisten up a little bit as he taped her diaper on snuggly.

After he finished, he stood and took her by the hands, bringing her to her feet. She didn’t actually have any clothes besides her wedding dress-Bianca was going to bring them over that night or in the morning, so she just placed her slip back on and followed her new hubby as he pulled her into the bathroom. Devin turned the water on and began to undress.

“This is kind of weird, should we really shower together Devin?”
“Of course! What’s there to worry about?” She just blushed and shrugged.
“Well, nothing, it’s just… Why’d you put another diaper on me if we’re getting a shower?”

He started grinning widely at her, took her hand and pulled her into the running hot water with him, causing her to quickly shriek in surprise.

“'Cuz I don’t want you messing up our tub or bathroom floor <3” He started lathering up soap on a rag and washing the two of them, while she just stood in shock, not quite sure what to think. The water sounded like it were hitting a shower curtain as it beat off of her diaper’s plastic cover, slowly infiltrating her defenses and overwhelmingg the absorbent padding inside. Devin had fun poking her padding as the water finished rinsing them off, then he pulled the front and back of her diaper out, letting in the torrent of shower water. He then turned the water off and squeezed some water(and shreds of congealed gel) out of her brief.

Crystal stepped out of the shower and started toweling herself dry, still wearing the sagging soaked diaper. She thought she wet it during the ordeal, not that either of them would’ve ever been able to confirm or deny that, and after she was dried off(except for her diapered region, of course), Devin changed her into a clean and heavily-powdered diaper. Of course, he first made sure to dry her very thoroughly so the powder wouldn’t lose its effectiveness.

Next, he took a small pair of scissors and cut little holes in the garment.

“What are you doing, Devin?”
“You’ll see…” After that, he pulled out another overnight brief, unfolded it, and diapered her up in it outside the first one. Like before, he pulled her to her feet, pinned her bra on, and took her to their bed…

Crystal slowly awoke, laying on her back as the sun shone through the window. The first thing she noticed was a warm pair of lips pressed against her own. She opened her eyes drowsily to meet the eyes of her husband; the sheets were pulled down, her half-naked body exposed to him. She felt urine begin dribbling down her groin, then streaming into her already-inundated and full brief, and he let up and shrugged.

“It works on Disney princesses.”
“You mean waking them, or making them wet themselves?”
“Both, I’m sure.”
“Does that make me a Disney princess?”
“Yeah, for their upcoming animated classic ‘The Damsel and the Diaper’.” They just kept grinning at each other as Crystal walked over around to help wake up, noticing the smell of scrambled eggs and bacon.

“Did Bianca bring any of my clothes arrive yet?”
“She hasn’t been here, no.” She just groaned and walked into the bathroom to wash her face. Wearing a soiled brief had grown to feel perfectly natural for her by this point, and what’s more, she now associated it with the love of her husband.


That’s about the end of it. I guess a sequal around Bianca, and a third story featuring Devin and Crystal’s first daughter wouldn’t be impossible, but it’d be some time away from now before I finish any of those. Thank you everyone who read it (..)_

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I enjoyed this.

The whole scenario seems a little far fetched, but that’s certainly not always a bad thing.

Re: White as a Diamond, last updated 09-25-10

This was interesting and to my info I do not believe that this variation has been written before.

You covered the basics pretty well and kept it believable for the most part. For nine chapters it is well written and could have been longer if you wanted.

I am really interested in seeing what you have planned for a sequel.