Where's my invitation?

I love my family; I really do. Generally speaking, everyone gets along with eachother; people don’t bicker, and problems tend not to surface very often. However, sometimes things happen that just really piss me off.

Today was one of those occurances

I was in the car with my mother and my aunt going to a cousin’s house for a little meet and greet social thing. On Monday of this week, I graduated from college. While in the car today, my aunt decided to let me know that, because I didn’t send out formal announcements that I was graduating, I wouldn’t recieve any money from the vast majority of my extended family when I see them on Christmas Eve/Day.

They wanted the announcement in the mail so much that they flat refuse to give me money all of a week later.

I don’t know what to say to that. I wanted to yell, but I was just a little bit shocked that my family could be so shallow dealing with something they’re so proud of me for accomplishing.

Re: Where’s my invitation?

They knew I was graduating nearly a month in advance when I announced it personally on Thanksgiving Day to the whole family.

And I do know better than to believe my aunt. I highly doubt that, when I’m standing right there in front of them, they would refuse to give monetary or physical gifts.

Personally, I don’t care about the money; I have plenty of it from this year’s lawn season. What I have an issue with is how mean-spirited my aunt was about it. That’s like parents telling the five year old he won’t get to open his gifts at Christmas because he forgot to clean his room.

Stuff like that hurts.

Re: Where’s my invitation?

Your family is being very petty, Dark Angel. Take solace in knowing you’re better than that.

Re: Where’s my invitation?

It’s completely pathetic…