When In Rome

When In Rome


In May, a graduation ceremony. Students from the University listened to a speech given by the Dean of the Science Department, Dr. Zachery Robertson. His daughter, Serena, listened from the audience. She felt moved by his speech. She was proud to see her father on stage speaking such words of encouragement. University was still years off for Serena, but she hoped to attend this one. She got goosebumps when she thought that her father might give a speech when she graduates. Tears flowed down Serena’s cheeks when her father finished. The crowd erupted in applause. The students stood and threw their hats in the air.

Serena stood up and wiped tears from her eyes before clapping. She looked at her mother, Analeise, who looked back at her. Analeise put an arm around Serena’s shoulder and squeezed. “That was a really good speech,” Serena smiled.

“It was,” Analeise smiled. “Do you feel the energy here?”

Serena gasped. “Yeah, I do,” she said amazed.

“Come on, let’s go see dad,” Analeise said.

“Sure,” Serena nodded.

They made their way through the crowd. They saw Zachery speaking to colleagues and students. Undoubtedly, they were all very excited about the upcoming excavation in Italy. Their departure was less than a week away. Dr. Robertson would lead the team.

Among the group was another professor, Dr. John Roman. Serena knew him well since he was a friend of the family.

“Hey, girl,” Serena heard. She looked over to see her friend, Bethany. She was Dr. Roman’s daughter.

Serena smiled reflexively. “Hey, girl,” she replied. They hugged.

“That was so much fun,” Bethany said excitedly.

“It really was. I was so moved I actually cried,” Serena admitted.

Zachery approached. “Hey girls, how are you?” he asked.

“Hi, daddy,” Serena smiled.

“Hi, Dr. Robertson,” Bethany smiled.

“Dad, that speech was so good,” Serena said.

“Thanks. Yeah, it felt really good,” Zachery said. “Are you excited to spend summer vacation together?” he asked. Both the girl’s fathers would be in Italy this summer. Analeise wanted to go with them, so Dr. Roman’s wife, Norma, volunteered to watch Serena while they were away.

“Yeah,” Serena said excitedly. She smiled brightly at Bethany.

“Yeah, I am too. I just hope Victoria doesn’t boss you around too much,” Bethany rolled her eyes.

Then, with all confidence and unassuming presence appeared Bethany’s older sister, Victoria. She put a graceful arm around Bethany’s shoulder and said, “Don’t be silly, dear sister, I already have you for that.” She smiled at Bethany in a loving and playful manner.

Serena laughed. She admired Victoria’s mannerisms.

“No kidding. You’re always bossing me around,” Bethany complained.

“It’s because I want you to grow up to be as elegant and charming as me someday,” Victoria stroked Bethany’s hair and then gave her a boop on the nose.

“Well at least you’ll leave Serena alone,” Bethany said.

“Well, I doubt there’s much I could teach such a polite and lovely young lady as Serena anyways. So why waste my energy?” Victoria asked rhetorically.

Serena blushed at Victoria’s flattery. “Thanks,” she said sincerely.

Victoria smiled at Serena admiringly. She paused and then said, “if you’ll excuse me for a moment. I need to visit the ladies’ room…, or port-a-potty as it were. Ciao.” She walked away. Her gait was a patient gesture.

“Yeah, I’m going too. Are you coming, Serena?” Bethany asked.

“Yeah, I need to, as well,” Serena nodded.

They enjoyed the rest of the graduation ceremony. Lots of introductions and handshakes were made. When folks started to disperse, the Robertsons and the Romans walked back to their vehicles. On the ride home, Serena’s head bobbed. Being out in the sun all day had made her sleepy.

In the late evening, Analeise walked to Serena’s room. “Are you going to bed soon?” she asked.

“Yep, I will,” Serena answered.

“Are you wearing a pull-up?” Analeise asked curiously.

“No, I haven’t had anything to drink for a while so I’ll be fine,” Serena replied.

“It’s your choice at home. But remember to wear one every night at the Romans. You’re a guest in their house,” Analeise said.

“I know that,” Serena said embarrassed, “and I will.”

“Are you sure you don’t want to put one on tonight?” Analeise asked. “Start getting into a routine?”

“Mom,” Serena said annoyed.

“Sorry,” Analeise said. “I’m just trying to help. Good night.”

“Good night,” Serena said. She sat on her bed and processed. She resented Analeise for ruining the good vibes of the day, however, she knew her mom meant well.

Serena stood, walked to her dresser and opened her underwear drawer. She took the pink package of pull-ups in her hand. She used to have to wear one every night but that was years ago. As she grew older, she argued with her mother that she shouldn’t have to wear them. Eventually, they became optional as long as she slept with a rubber sheet and did her own laundry. She couldn’t always get away with it. If she drank soda close to bedtime or if she had been in a particularly wet season, Analeise insisted that she wore protection.

She replaced the package where she wished it would remain forever; safely tucked away and out of sight. She gazed at the package while she shut the drawer. She went to bed and slumbered peacefully.

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Dr. Robertson and Dr. Roman’s trip approached. The girls were excited about the extended time they would spend together. Victoria was excited to have Serena as a guest and looked forward to catering to her. Bethany and Serena looked forward to hanging out every day.

Victoria made a list of things to buy to have on hand for Serena. She wrote down toothbrush, deodorant, and other toiletries. She continued the list throughout the day and whenever she thought of something she wrote it down. When she was satisfied, she approached her mother, Norma.

“Mother, may I please take the Tesla to the store?” Victoria asked. “I need to pick up some things for our expected guest.”

“That’s nice of you,” Norma smiled. “Go right ahead.”

“Do we need anything for the house?” Victoria asked.

“I’m not sure,” Norma answered. “Will you do a sweep and take inventory?”

“Of course,” Victoria replied. She checked the kitchen and bathrooms and added any necessary items to the list. She walked to the garage and unplugged the charging cord from the Tesla. She got in and fastened her seat belt. She powered it on and adjusted the mirrors. She tuned the radio to the classical station. She backed out and drove to the store.

She drove to a high-end department store. She spared no expense when selecting items for Serena. To Victoria’s mind, it was motivating to have someone to dote on. At the register, she paid with her credit card. She had her own card but it was on her parent’s account. “Grazie,” she said cheerfully. She smiled brightly at the cashier and then took her bags.

“Thank you, have a great day,” the cashier smiled back. He was mesmerized by Victoria’s magnetism.

“You as well,” Victoria said, “ciao.”

Back home, she set up a place in the bathroom for Serena’s things. She performed a blessing on them and then walked to the living room. In the hallway, she stopped to eavesdrop on Norma’s phone conversation. Victoria’s gut told her that she would want to hear this.

“I see… Of course. No, no problem at all… We’ll manage either way. You’ll be interested to know that Bethany used to wet the bed as well, so there will be no judgment in this household. Okay, see you in a few days. Bye.” Norma hung up the phone.

Victoria walked silently around the corner and approached Norma. “Mother, who was that?” she asked curiously.

“Oh, hi, Victoria. That was Analeise. We were just talking about the upcoming trip,” Norma answered.

“What was the matter? Is it something I can help with?” Victoria offered.

“Well, it’s a private matter, um…,” Norma said.

“Does Serena have nocturnal enuresis?” Victoria pressed.

“Well,” Norma said. She realized Victoria had figured it out so she said, “yes, she does.”

“Thank you for confirming,” Victoria said politely. She abruptly turned and walked away.

Due to Victoria’s particular affection for Serena, Norma didn’t question her intentions. Victoria was surprised by this new revelation but maintained her composure. She walked to her room and accessed her laptop. She went to a medical supply website and logged in to her account. She clicked around to find the right products and added them to her cart. She placed the order and then closed her laptop. She was sure she’d be ready to help Serena have the most comfortable stay possible. She walked back out to Norma. “Mother, I have something important to discuss, please.”


Bethany gamed on her PC. She chatted politely with her online friends. She enjoyed the cooperative gameplay this MMO offered. Her favorite thing to do was to run instanced dungeons with her friends. She was a healer in-game. A born healer. She enjoyed playing when things went smoothly but also had the guilty pleasure of being everyone’s savior when things became chaotic. She liked honing her ability to remain level-headed in intense situations.

She ran a few dungeons and chatted. She watered her in-game garden. Eventually, Victoria spoke to her from the hallway. “Bethany, when you log out can you come to my room, we have an important matter to discuss.”

“Sure thing, I’ll be right there,” Bethany replied. She told her friends she was logging out. She shut down her PC and walked to Victoria’s room.

“Hi, sister,” Victoria smiled warmly.

“Hey, Victoria, what’s up?” Bethany asked.

“Are you excited for when Serena comes to stay with us?” Victoria asked.

“Mm-hmm, I am,” Bethany nodded.

“Mom wanted me to let you know that Analeise called ahead to inform her that Serena has enuresis. She wears protection for it,” Victoria explained.

“Enuresis? Ohh, do you mean bedwetting?” Bethany asked.

“Exactly,” Victoria answered.

“Okay, cool, no big deal,” Bethany said.

“I’m really glad you feel that way. I spoke with mom and she’s going to have you wear pull-ups at night during Serena’s stay,” Victoria said supportively. “That way we can show solidarity and make Serena feel more welcome.”

“What?” Bethany said astounded. “Why do I have to wear them?”

“You just said it’s no big deal. It should be fine, right?” Victoria asked.

“Well, I mean, you used to wear them too. Why doesn’t mom have you wear them?” Bethany asked.

“Because she is your friend and she’ll be staying in your room. Put yourself in Serena’s place and ask yourself how you’d feel,” Victoria said.

“Yeah, I guess,” Bethany said defeated. She questioned her reality when she realized it didn’t make sense for her mom to force this on her.

“Thank you, Bethany, you’re a good friend,” Victoria said. She held Bethany’s shoulder supportively.

Bethany walked back to her room confused and disturbed. She sulked for a while. Then she read a book. In the evening, Norma came in to wish her good night.

“Are you getting sleepy, Bethany?” Norma asked.

“Yeah, I guess so,” Bethany said downtrodden. She put her book down.

Norma sensed the sadness in her tone. “Is something the matter?” Norma asked. She gave Bethany space to collect her thoughts.

Bethany paused for a moment. “Why are you making me wear pull-ups?” she asked.

Norma looked at Bethany dubiously. “What did Victoria say?”

Suddenly, Victoria appeared in the room. “She needs to be receptive to the needs of our guests, mother,” she raised her voice.

“Victoria,” Norma said calmly. She had collected enough information to know how their earlier conversation had gone.

“Mother,” Victoria responded.

“Please leave us be,” Norma demanded. “I need to speak with Bethany privately.”

Victoria took an authoritative step toward Bethany and made eye contact. “You have a decision to make, Bethany. Please keep Serena’s feelings in mind when you do.” She exited the room.

Norma waited for a few moments and then called, “Victoria, please go to your room.”

Victoria, who hovered close by, sighed and walked away.

Norma sat quietly with Bethany for a moment. She gently stroked her hair and then said “I’m sorry Victoria told you those things. I’ll deal with her later.”

“So you’re not going to make me wear pull-ups?” Bethany asked. Her voice was much calmer due to Norma’s supportive presence.

“No, of course not,” Norma shook her head. “Have I ever?”

“No,” Bethany laughed.

“Victoria has been running around all day getting ready for Serena. She overheard me speaking to Analeise on the phone. She just needed to let me know that Serena wets the bed and needs to wear protection at night, that’s all.”

“That’s really brave of her,” Bethany interjected.

“It is,” Norma agreed. “Anyways, Victoria tried to convince me that you needed to wear protection as well. At first, I said no, but she finally convinced me to ask you if you would be willing.”

Bethany thought for a moment. “What do you think I should do?” she asked.

“It’s completely up to you. It wasn’t my idea so I don’t have a stake in this. I’m just asking because Victoria wanted me to,” Norma explained. “You know how much she appreciates Serena’s company.”

“Do you think it would help?” Bethany asked.

“Well, I don’t think it would hurt,” Norma answered. “Victoria might be onto something, but you don’t have to give me your answer yet. Why don’t you sleep on it?”

“Sounds good,” Bethany said.

Norma kissed Bethany on the lips. “Good night, child,” she said lovingly.

“Good night, mommy,” Bethany smiled. She easily drifted to sleep.

On waking, Bethany experienced the thought that if Serena is that brave then she can be that brave as well.

Safe Travels

Departure day arrived for the excavation team which meant that Serena would get dropped off at the Roman household. She anticipated this day and worried excessively due to her enuresis. She decided that she would try to put her pull-ups on in a bathroom to keep it hidden from Bethany. She felt shame when she thought about it which she tried to suppress.

“Hey, Serena. All packed up?” Analeise asked.

“Yep, good to go,” Serena responded.

They walked to the car. “Remember to call if you need anything. Or if you just want to check in. Do you have your time zones memorized?” Analeise asked.

“I do,” Serena smiled proudly. She had learned when the best times to call Italy were.

“Smart girl,” Analeise praised.

They drove for about twenty minutes. They arrived at the Roman’s house. As they unpacked Serena’s luggage, Bethany ran out to greet them. She gave everyone a big hug. “Serena!” she exclaimed.

“Hey, girl, good to see you!” Serena smiled brightly.

They hugged tightly and brushed cheeks. “Let me help with that,” Bethany said. She grabbed a suitcase.

Serena’s stomach twisted in a knot. She wondered if that was where she had packed her pull-ups. She realized there was nothing to worry about because she knew that Bethany would never violate her privacy by snooping. They lugged all of Serena’s things into Bethany’s room. Serena was surprised to see a bed set up for her. They were going to have her sleep on a trundle bed, but Victoria wouldn’t have it.

Serena set her backpack down on the bed and her subconscious sent a warning signal. She thought she heard the faint rustle of a rubber sheet. The same kind she had on her bed at home. She blushed and her stomach sank. She wondered if they knew about her condition.

“Should we go say goodbye to your mom and dad?” Bethany asked.

“Sounds good,” Serena feigned composure.

“Bye, Serena. I know you’ll be good,” Zachery said.

“Bye, daddy. I love you,” Serena said.

“I love you, too,” Zachery said. He hugged Serena.

“Norma said she would speak to you privately later. Be a good guest and do whatever she says, okay?” Analeise said.

“Okay, I will,” Serena said obediently.

They hugged, kissed and said goodbye.

“Bye, daddy. I love you,” Bethany said.

“I love you, too,” John said.

“Bye, father. Stay safe,” Victoria said.

“Will do, Victoria,” John said. “Take care of things here.”

“Always,” Victoria replied.

Norma, Victoria, Bethany and Serena waved as Zachery, Analeise and John drove away.

“Serena, we’re so happy to have you as a guest,” Victoria smiled. “While you’re getting settled in, think about what you’d like for supper tonight. We’ll make anything you want.”

“Sure,” Serena nodded, “thanks, Victoria.”

“You’re welcome,” Victoria said. She walked back into the house.

The emotional ups and downs left Serena feeling drained. She kept thinking about her need to hide her bedwetting as well as how nice it was to spend time with friends. She got overwhelmed so she decided to stop and just breathe for a moment.

“Is everything alright, Serena?” Bethany asked concerned.

“Yeah, I think I’m just really emotional because I realized I won’t see my parents for a while,” Serena lied.

“I know, right? I don’t think I’ve ever been away from my dad for this long,” Bethany said.

“Well, I’ll be alright,” Serena said. “Should we go out and see your mom and Victoria?”

“Yeah,” Bethany said enthusiastically.

“Hi, girls,” Norma welcomed.

“Hi, Mrs. Roman,” Serena replied.

“You can call me Norma if you want. Whatever you’re comfortable with,” Norma smiled.

“Serena, are you getting hungry?” Victoria asked curiously.

“I am, actually,” Serena said.

“Good, good,” Victoria said delighted. “What would you like for supper?”

“I couldn’t think of anything. Honestly, just a frozen pizza or whatever would be fine,” Serena said.

“We can do that,” Victoria said. She nodded at Norma who nodded back. “What toppings on that, please?”

“Hawaiian?” Serena asked.

“Excellent choice,” Victoria said astounded at Serena’s answer. “Why don’t you two beauties run along for now? We’ll call you when it’s ready.”

“Come on,” Bethany said excitedly. “I wanna show you this new game I’ve been playing.”

“Sure,” Serena nodded.

Bethany and Serena ran to their room where she showed her the MMO. Serena was amazed by the graphics and how fun it looked. “Do you wanna play?” Bethany asked.

“You’re so good at it, I don’t know if I could keep up,” Serena said.

“It’s okay, you can start from the very beginning. Victoria is letting you borrow her laptop so we can play together. What do you think?”

“Okay,” Serena nodded. “If I’m just starting out at the beginning stages I think I’ll be fine.”

Bethany guided her through character creation and watched Serena play and figure things out for herself. She answered any questions as they went along. When Serena got the hang of it, Bethany returned to her own station and found Serena in-game so they could do quests together.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Victoria and Norma planned the evening meal. “If you start on the dough, I’d like to run to the market to fetch fresh ingredients,” Victoria said.

“Of course,” Norma said. “Drive safely.”

“I will,” Victoria said.

Norma mixed the dough and kneaded lovingly. She set the dough aside to ferment. Victoria arrived at the organic grocery store. She went to the produce section to select tomatoes and a pineapple. She picked out what she judged to be the best ones. At the meat counter, she smiled at the worker. “Good afternoon.”

“Good afternoon, miss, how can I help you?” The woman smiled back.

“Two pounds of sliced prosciutto, please,” Victoria said politely.

“How’d you like the cut on that?” the worker asked.

“A little on the thick side. Whatever you think. It’s for pizza,” Victoria instructed.

“Very good, miss,” the worker said.

The worker expertly sliced and bagged the meat. Victoria thanked her cordially and then walked to the beverage section. She picked out two bottles of sparkling juice. Finally, she went to the dairy and picked up a block of their most expensive mozzarella. She checked out and drove back home.

In the kitchen, she cleaned the produce. She used the tomatoes as well as spices they had on hand to make the sauce. Norma sliced the pineapple while Victoria sliced the prosciutto. Victoria added her own personal magic as they went along. She blessed the food and drink to be nourishing to her and her loved ones.

“We’re hungry!” Bethany called from her room.

“Perfect,” Victoria called back without missing a beat.

The pizzas went in the oven and Victoria set the sparkling juice on ice. She set the table with plates and wine glasses. She poured each a dipping cup with buttery garlic sauce that she made herself. The oven timer went off. She opened it to see that the cheese around the edges was golden brown. She was delighted with their creation.

“Serena, Bethany, Dinner is served,” Victoria called.

The girls quickly walked to the dining room. Serena’s eyes lit up at the spread. She immediately knew this wasn’t just some frozen pizza. “Did you order in?” she asked excitedly.

“No, they are homemade,” Victoria informed.

“You made these?” Serena asked bewildered.

“Of course,” Victoria nodded. “We so rarely get to cater to such a lovely guest.”

Serena felt the energy of Victoria’s compliment move through her chest. “Thank you so much,” she said sincerely.

“Yeah, thanks mom, thanks Victoria,” Bethany smiled.

“Serena, would you like white grape or apple?” Victoria asked. She motioned to the bottles of sparkling juice.

Serena looked at the bottles. “Oh, no, I don’t think my parents let me,” she shook her head.

“It looks like champagne but they are non-alcoholic,” Victoria explained.

“They’re like a fancy soda,” Bethany added.

“Oh, cool,” Serena said. “I’ll try white grape.”

“Very good,” Victoria said. She twisted off the cap and poured Serena a full glass. “Bethany?”

“Same kind, please,” Bethany said.

As they ate their meal, everyone talked about how good it turned out. They all had another glass of sparkling juice for dessert. Everyone sat for a long while and enjoyed the after-dinner conversation. Eventually, Victoria said, “mother, Serena, we’ll give you space to go over some things. Bethany, show me that game you’re always playing.”

“Sure,” Bethany said. She was excited that Victoria was interested in it.

“How are you feeling about all this time away from your folks?” Norma asked.

“Well I told Bethany earlier that I was nervous, but I’m having such a good time that I’m not too worried about it anymore,” Serena smiled warmly.

“Good,” Norma smiled back. “You’re mom did tell me that you wet the bed occasionally and that protection was a bit of a touchy subject.”

Serena looked down at the table. “Yeah,” she said.

“Bethany used to wet the bed, you know?” Norma informed.

“Yeah, but I bet she doesn’t anymore. Seriously, I’m so old for it,” Serena complained.

“Well, I dunno. She did use to wear pull-ups to bed, so you have that in common,” Norma said encouragingly. Serena looked down and didn’t say anything. “After I spoke with Analeise on the phone, I was going to try to keep it a secret but Victoria became privy. She can be nosy. And now Bethany knows too.”

“Really?” Serena asked worried. She was even more embarrassed.

“Then Victoria had this wild idea that Bethany should consider wearing protection to show solidarity. She thought it over and eventually agreed to it. They both really care for you,” Norma said.

Something shifted in Serena. She didn’t know what it was at first but she let it linger. It welled up inside and then something drove her to approach Bethany.

“Are you alright?” Norma asked concerned.

“Yes, I am,” Serena answered softly. She continued down the hall undeterred. By the time she reached Bethany’s room, tears streamed down her cheeks. She walked right up to Bethany and gave her a big hug.

“Oh,” Bethany said surprised. “Thank you.”

“Mm-hmm,” Serena said tearfully, “thank you.” She hugged Bethany for a moment and then whispered, “that’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever done for me.”

“Oh,” Bethany realized. “Did my mom tell you about the pull-up thing?”

Serena pulled back from Bethany and looked at her with tearful eyes. She nodded.

Bethany smiled. She was so glad to have made the right decision. She was even ready to forgive Victoria for being manipulative.

Victoria looked on with delight. She reveled in the energetic exchange that took place before her eyes. She took pride in the fact that she had facilitated it. “Thanks for showing me your game, sister. Sweet dreams, girls,” she said. She gracefully exited. She walked to the office and booted the family computer. She signed up for an account on the game.

In Bethany’s room, the girls calmed down. They logged on to the game for a bit longer. After a while, Norma came in and said, “time to start getting ready for bed, girls.”

“No, can’t we stay up late tonight?” Bethany pleaded.

“If you get ready for bed now, you can stay up until eleven,” Norma said.

“Yay! Thank you, mommy,” Bethany said. She typed ‘AFK’ into chat and rushed off to the bathroom. Serena grabbed her suitcase and followed close behind. Serena was surprised when Bethany removed her pants and underwear. Bethany pulled out a white package from the cupboard which Serena identified as absorbent underwear. Right away she saw that its appearance was more mature than her pull-ups.

Bethany tore open the pack, removed an underwear and pulled it on. Serena looked on bewildered at the gesture. Bethany saw this and asked, “what?”

“Oh,” Serena startled, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to stare. I just kind of zoned out.”

“It’s okay. I’m just a little nervous,” Bethany admitted.

“I’m the one who should be nervous. Mine look like baby diapers,” Serena said. It felt good to express her embarrassment. She opened her suitcase and retrieved a pull-up.

“Oh, no big deal. I used to wear the same kind,” Bethany admitted.

“Really?” Serena asked.

“It’s what I thought I was gonna be wearing. I was furious when I found out that ‘nosy’ Victoria ordered me adult diapers,” Bethany said.

“I see that,” Serena laughed. “I think I’ve seen the commercials for those.”

“Does she think I’m an old granny or something?” Bethany joked.

Serena laughed. The girls donned their pajamas and went back to their room. They were both eager to get back to their game. At her prescribed bedtime, Bethany said, “mom said we have to go to bed now.”

“Yeah, that’s cool. I’m starting to get really sleepy,” Serena said. They logged out and hopped into bed. “Hey, Bethany?” Serena asked.


“Thanks again,” Serena said sincerely.

“I was happy with my decision when I saw your reaction. Don’t worry, we’re in this together,” Bethany assured.

“Good night,” Serena said. “I love you.”

“I love you, too,” Bethany said.

Panties, Pull-ups Or Pampers

“Rise and shine, beautiful child, it’s time to greet another glorious day,” Victoria smiled at Serena who lay in bed.

“Hi, Victoria,” Serena smiled warmly. She stretched her muscles and prepared her body to rise from the bed.

Victoria gracefully stepped over to Bethany’s bed. “Good morning, sister. May your day be filled with wonder and excitement.”

Bethany roused. “Thank you. I’m very hopeful for such a day.”

“It’s ten in the morning. I let you sleep in but now it’s time to rise and join Mother and me at the breakfast table,” Victoria instructed. She took her swift leave.

“I slept well, how about you?” Bethany asked.

Serena sat up in bed and replied, “mm-hmm. I dreamed that we were in that game.”

“Really?” Bethany asked amazed.

“It was so much fun,” Serena said.

“What I like most is the friends I make on it,” Bethany said.

“Yeah, the guild you are in is super friendly and supportive.”

“They really are.”

Serena felt the familiar feeling of wetness. She looked down. Bethany noticed and asked, “did you have an accident?”

Serena nodded. She felt the back of her pajama pants. Her stomach twisted in a knot when she felt that her pajamas and the sheets were drenched.

Bethany noticed that Serena expressed uncomfortably. She rose from the bed and walked over. Serena blushed brightly as Bethany assessed the damage. “You poor thing,” Bethany said consolingly.

Serena didn’t speak.

“I’ll give you some privacy in the bathroom if you want to get freshened up,” Bethany offered.

“It’s up to you. You can come with if you want to. I trust you,” Serena said.

“Kay,” Bethany said softly.

Victoria, who had been hovering, reentered and said, “let me launder that for you.”

“Thanks, Victoria,” Serena blushed.

“Nosy much, Vic?” Bethany asked.

“Oh, all the time. Didn’t you know?” Victoria replied without missing a beat.

“Come on, Serena,” Bethany said.

They entered the bathroom and closed the door. Bethany immediately began to strip. She started the shower. “Wanna take a shower with me?” she asked.

“I might as well. You’ve already seen me in a pull-up so there’s not much else to hide,” Serena chuckled.

Meanwhile, Victoria stripped Serena’s bed. She assessed the damage and made a mental note. In the laundry room, she started a load. She returned to the room and sprayed the rubber sheet down with sanitizer and wiped it clean. Then she walked to the kitchen. She and Norma had already eaten so all that was left was to feed the girls. She made sure there was enough fresh fruit and bacon. The waffle iron was hot and ready to press two more waffles.

Bethany and Serena finished up in the bathroom and then dressed. They walked to the kitchen. Serena was pleasantly surprised at the colors of the fresh fruit and berries. Her mouth watered when she caught the scent of the bacon. “Mmm, this looks so good,” she said.

“Do you like waffles?” Victoria asked unassumingly.

“I love waffles! How did you know?” Serena asked surprised.

“I used my psychic intuition to explore your psyche,” Victoria said.

“Huh?” Serena said confused.

“Don’t mind her. She gets really weird with her spirituality sometimes,” Bethany said.

Victoria shrugged Bethany’s comment with ease. She poured her loving energy into the first waffle which, when finished, went right onto Serena’s plate. “Careful, it’s still hot,” Victoria warned.

“Okay, I will be,” Serena assured. She admired the pattern as she added butter and maple syrup. She let it cool before she took her first bite. “Mmm,” she said reflexively.

Victoria smiled brightly when she served Bethany a waffle. “Enjoy, sister,” she said lovingly.

The girls enjoyed their meal. After breakfast, Victoria offered to do the dishes. Bethany asked Serena if she wanted to go for a walk in the park. Serena accept her offer and they stepped outside to a bright, beautiful morning. At the park, they ran around and played.

“Seriously, your sister is the coolest,” Serena said.

“Victoria? She’s just annoying. And she’s a total control freak,” Bethany said.

“Really? I don’t get that impression,” Serena said.

“She likes you. She’d do anything for you. But my relationship with her is quite a bit different. She’s made me feel uncomfortable on multiple occasions,” Bethany expresses severely.

“Oh,” Serena was taken aback. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…,” she paused.

“It’s fine,” Bethany shook her head. “I’m glad that you have a good relationship with her. And don’t worry about me. I can count on my mom to stand up for me if Victoria gets to be too much. I’m actually glad when you are around. It gives Victoria something to do besides bother me all day.”

“Well, good. I guess it’s a win-win then,” Serena said optimistically.

“Yeah,” Bethany chuckled. “It’s a big relief.”

Back at the house, Victoria approached Norma. “Mother, can we speak of our guest?”

“Certainly,” Norma responded.

“She leaked through her pull-up last night and I wanted to offer her to wear one of Bethany’s. I think it would offer more protection.”

“Okay. You can offer, but it’s up to her,” Norma said sternly.

“Yes, ma’am,” Victoria nodded.

At the park, Serena and Bethany continued to play. Eventually, Bethany suggested they go home since she had to pee. She had put if off for a while because she was having so much fun. Plus she didn’t want to ruin it for Serena.

“I gotta pee. Maybe we should head back,” Bethany suggested.

“Yeah, cool,” Serena agreed.

Now that she was no longer running around, Bethany noticed her urgency was much greater than she had realized. Pressure continued to build and she grew concerned that she had waited too long. She walked briskly.

Serena noticed and asked, “is everything alright?”

“Not really,” Bethany shook her head. “I have to pee really bad,” she laughed nervously.

“Oh,” Serena said surprised. “Should we run?”

“Sure, that’s a good idea,” Bethany answered.

When they approached the house, Bethany hoped that she could still reach the toilet, but wasn’t sure. She rushed inside and kicked her shoes off. Victoria heard the commotion and went to see what was going on. Bethany rushed past her towards the bathroom. She felt herself start to leak. She entered the bathroom and didn’t bother to shut the door. Her stream increased when she stopped to pull down her pants and underwear.

Bethany sighed in relief when she was finally able to sit on the toilet and relax. She looked at the wet clothes around her ankles and felt frustrated.

Victoria stood in the doorway.

“Can you close that, please?” Bethany asked.

Victoria closed the door over and asked, “are you alright?”

“No,” Bethany answered. “Just a second,” she said. Bethany walked out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her waist. She held her wet clothes.

“Can I see?” Victoria asked.

“Is there anything you’re not nosy about?” Bethany complained.

“Bethany,” Victoria said.

“Here,” Bethany said abruptly. She handed Victoria her wet clothes.

Victoria held them up to assess the damage. “What happened?”

“We were playing at the park. I waited too long to come home, okay?” Bethany said annoyed.

“You shouldn’t be holding it too long. It isn’t good for our condition,” Victoria said gently.

“I know, it’s just. Well, yeah, I know,” Bethany said meekly.

“You need to take care of it,” Victoria said.

Bethany passed Serena in the hall. “I’m sorry, Bethany,” Serena said. “If I’d have known I would have…”

“It’s fine, Serena. It’s my fault,” Bethany assured.

Bethany went to her bathroom to clean up.

“Victoria, I’m sorry. I feel so bad,” Serena started.

Victoria hugged Serena. “Come on, tell me what happened,” she said. They walked to the living room.

“I didn’t mean to keep her, I just, I didn’t know and,” Serena said. She paused.

“I get that you want to blame yourself, but the truth is, Bethany should have known better,” Victoria explained.

Norma walked into the living room.

“Mother, you need to ask her,” Victoria said sternly.

“Yes, just ask,” Norma replied. “It’s up to her.” Norma left Victoria and Serena to talk.

“Sorry to snap like that, Serena, but this isn’t the first time she’s wet,” Victoria said. With difficulty, she broke Bethany’s confidentiality, but only because she considered Serena to be a trustee.

“Well, yeah, but Victoria, it was just an accident, you shouldn’t…,” Serena started.

“You don’t understand,” Victoria interrupted. “It’s hereditary.”

“What is?” Serena asked confused.

“Incontinence,” Victoria said. “On our mom’s side. It’s an inherited trait. As we age, we’ll gradually lose bladder control.”

“Oh,” Serena said stunned. She contemplated.

“I know I might seem overly harsh at times but it’s because I care about her,” Victoria said. “And she needs to accept that this is happening to her.”

“Sounds scary,” Serena said sympathetically.

“She doesn’t have to be scared. That’s what I’m trying to help her with the most,” Victoria said.

“Okay,” Serena said surrendered. “Thanks for explaining that to me.”

“Of course,” Victoria said. “You’re a really great friend to her.”

In her room, Bethany was redressed and took time to process. She wondered what Serena thought of her. She already knew how Victoria felt. Eventually, Norma knocked on the door.

“Bethany, is it alright if I come in?” Norma called.

“Yeah, you can come in. I’m decent,” Bethany answered.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Norma asked.

“I just… I thought I was doing fine and I could play a little longer. And I was so close, I swear. It was a photo finish,” Bethany explained.

“I know, but we don’t have that luxury,” Norma shook her head.

Bethany looked at the floor. “I know.”

A few moments passed. Norma held space for Bethany.

“Um, I told Victoria I’d ask you: panties, pull-ups or pampers?” Norma asked.

“What?” Bethany asked confused. Then she realized. “Oh my god, I haven’t heard that in a while.” Bethany recalled pieces of her childhood.

Norma smiled at her. “You know how Victoria is,” she said.

Bethany laughed as memories came flooding back. “Um, yeah, I’m gonna go with panties.”

“Well, you’re good to go then,” Norma said.

“I can’t believe she told you to ask me that,” Bethany laughed.

“I can’t believe much of what comes out of her mouth sometimes,” Norma laughed. “Still, she makes a good point. You’ll have to accept it eventually,” she said concerned.

“Yeah, I guess so,” Bethany said quietly. “I guess I’ve been enjoying this time between. I want to make the most of it until I… have to go back to wearing diapers for the rest of my life.” Her eyes teared up.

Norma took Bethany in her motherly embrace. She stroked Bethany’s hair. “It’s alright to be scared. But there is nothing wrong with you. You will always be my perfect angel.”

Bethany easily cried happy tears and was just held. They remained for a long moment. Bethany finally decided to move. They went to join the others.

“Hey, Bethany,” Serena said. “I’m really sorry for what happened. Um, Victoria told me about your, well… condition. I just want you to know that I completely understand.”

“Really?” Bethany asked. She was relieved since she trusted Serena as a confidant. She used to dread having her friends find out about her. Fear turned to faith as she basked in Serena’s supportive energy. “Thank you so much for your understanding and support, Serena.” She said. They hugged.

“Of course. You’re my best friend. And besides, you didn’t judge me when you found out that I was a bedwetter,” Serena said appreciatively.

“Best friends,” Bethany agreed. She kissed Serena’s cheek.

“Forever and ever,” Serena smiled brightly.


Victoria stood by and appreciated that Serena was a powerful ally. She even considered Serena to be family. She put a supportive hand on each of their backs. Serena smiled at her. Bethany looked at Victoria with cautious affection. She was still upset by how overbearing Victoria was, but the energy of the moment overpowered that for now.

“Serena, I needed to mention that mom is going to offer you to step up your level of protection tonight. But just remember that it’s your choice no matter what,” Victoria informed.

“Oh my god, dude, what are you on?” Bethany rolled her eyes. She felt grateful for her reluctance to fully accept Victoria’s support.

“She leaked really badly. I just want her stay to be as comfortable as possible,” Victoria stated.

“She’ll be just fine without your constant boundary violations,” Bethany said sternly. “Come on, Serena, let’s get out of here.”

“Okay,” Serena said. She turned to Victoria. “Thanks, Vic.”

“Yeah,” Victoria said softly.

In her room, Bethany said, “I apologize for her lack of social etiquette.”

“It’s fine,” Serena shook her head. “What was she talking about anyways?” she asked.

“Ugh, I can’t believe she dragged you into this,” Bethany groaned. “It’s just this thing. It’s this old thing from when we still wore protection,” she expressed uncomfortably. “Mom raised us to be able to take care of our needs from a young age. For us, that meant keeping ourselves clean and learning to choose the proper level of protection. So every morning and before bed she’d always ask us, ‘panties, pull-ups or pampers?’.”

“Okay,” Serena listened intently.

“That way we learned to plan ahead,” Bethany said. “Like if we were going to the park or something,” she laughed.

Serena laughed. “Well, that makes sense. Sounds like she took really good care of you and your sister.”

“And now my sister is dragging you into it,” Bethany complained.

“Bethany, it’s fine,” Serena assured.

“No, it’s not. Now mom’s gonna ask you tonight too,” Bethany said. “Victoria needs to learn to mind her own business.”

A pause.

“Well, it’s not that bad. I mean, I definitely could have used more protection last night,” Serena said. “And you at the park today. I’m starting to think about choosing to wear protection at home from now on too. Try to be more responsible.”

“So you don’t normally wear any?” Bethany asked.

“We always have them on hand but my mom lets me decide. I only wear them at certain times like when I’m going through a wet season and I start getting sick of laundry,” Serena said.

“I respect that,” Bethany said.

“But now, I’m starting to rethink it. It’s like you were saying: it’s just a need that you need to take care of,” Serena said.

“That’s a good point. I guess I needed to be reminded of that too,” Bethany nodded humbly.

“And I accept that you’re still upset with Victoria, but honestly I’m really thankful for her helping me to realize some things,” Serena said.

“I can accept that,” Bethany said surrendered. A pause. “Alright, I’m done thinking about it for now. Wanna log in?”

“Sure,” Serena smiled.

Victoria stood out of sight and listened to their conversation. Her eye’s welled over at Serena’s kind words.


Bethany and Serena hung out and gamed for a bit. Victoria prepared supper that evening: Grilled chicken sliders and Mediterranean salad.

When bedtime approached, Norma walked to Bethany’s room. Bethany knew a decision had to be made. She had decided to defer to Serena when the time came. That way she could match Serena’s decision in order to show solidarity. She didn’t care what Serena choose. Even if she choose panties and got the bed wet. Bethany wouldn’t judge her. Besides, the extra laundry would give Victoria something to do instead of bothering her. Mostly, she just wanted to sleep after an emotionally exhausting day.

Norma knocked gently, “girls, may I come in?”

“Yeah, you can come in mom, thanks for knocking,” Bethany said nicely.

“Bethany, it’s almost bed time. Were you wanting to wear panties, pull-ups or pampers?” Norma asked delicately.

“Will you please ask Serena first?” Bethany asked. “Is that okay, Serena?”

“Yeah, that’s fine,” Serena said.

“Pick whatever you want,” Bethany said reassuringly.

“Serena, will you wear panties, pull-ups or pampers?” Norma asked gently.

Serena bowed her head and thought for a moment. She had already decided but felt like she needed to explain herself. “My mom said I should wear protection when I was here which I agree is for the best. But my pull-ups leaked last night and I felt bad that Victoria had to clean up after me. So I guess the responsible thing would be to pick a diaper, or, um ‘pampers’ I mean.”

“Alright then,” Norma said unassumingly.

Bethany smiled warmly at Serena and rubbed her back. Serena smiled back. She was grateful to feel so supported. Everyone looked up when they heard a knock from the hallway but no one was there. Then Victoria held out a white, disposable diaper.

“God, Victoria, seriously?” Bethany groaned.

“Don’t worry, I’ll stay in the hall,” Victoria assured. “I know I need to work on healthy boundaries.”

Bethany sighed.

A pause. “Sorry,” Victoria said softly.

Serena snickered.

Norma took the diaper from Victoria and asked, “Serena would you like help putting this on? They can be a little tricky the first few times.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Serena nodded. Warm feelings of trust and security washed over her.

Serena removed her pants and underwear. She lay down on the bed and let Norma diaper her. Bethany sat on the bed next to Serena and held her hand. Serena released her fear of wearing protection to the ether and admired the present loving atmosphere. She accepted that there was absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.

“Does that feel comfortable?” Norma asked gently.

“It does actually,” Serena said softly. “I feel like it will get the job done too.” She looked down and admired Norma’s work.

While Serena put on pajama pants, Norma turned to Bethany and asked, “panties, pull-ups or pampers?”

“Will you help me into a pamper?” Bethany answered. She was more than capable of diapering herself but decided to match Serena’s vulnerability.

Victoria handed Norma another diaper and respected Bethany’s space by staying out of view. Now Serena showed Bethany support while she got diapered. She held Bethany’s hand and watched Norma work her motherly magic.

Norma looked admiringly upon Bethany and said, “good night girls, sweet dreams.” She leaned down and kissed Bethany on the lips.

Norma got up to leave. Serena stood up and gave her a hug. “Thank you,” she whispered softly.

“You’re welcome, Serena,” Norma whispered back. She kissed Serena’s cheek.

Norma exited and Victoria knocked.

“What do you want, Victoria?” Bethany groaned.

“Can I come in?” Victoria asked.

Bethany pulled up her pajama pants and said, “come in.”

Victoria entered gracefully. She walked to the bed and sat on the edge. She humbled herself. “I wanted to apologize for the way I’ve been acting. I always had your best interests in mind but I didn’t know how to express myself. For this I am sorry.”

“I accept your apology,” Bethany said.

“Can I give you a hug?” Victoria asked softly.

Bethany nodded. Victoria stood and hugged Bethany gently. Serena stood by and waited for her turn to hug Victoria. Victoria walked out slowly and delicately. “Good night,” she said.

“Good night,” Bethany and Serena said.

“She really calmed down from earlier,” Serena said.

“Yeah, I started to feel bad for her just now,” Bethany looked to Serena for validation.

“You know, I’m sure she was just giving you your space, I wouldn’t worry if I were you,” Serena assured.

“You think?” Bethany asked.

Serena nodded. “I mean, come on, it’s Victoria. What is she if not resilient?”

“Annoying, nosy, controlling…,” Bethany started.

Bethany was interrupted when Serena tickled her. Bethany tried to fight her off but she was laughing uncontrollably.

“Stop, stop, stop,” Bethany squealed.

“Okay, I’ll stop,” Serena complied.

“I’m wide awake now,” Bethany said. “Wanna game for a bit?”

“Sure,” Serena smiled brightly.

Victoria listened from the hall. She hugged her cheek to the wall and smiled softly.


Serena opened her eyes. She smiled brightly. She knew she had just had a good night’s sleep. She looked at Bethany who still slumbered. She rose from the bed and walked to the door as quietly as she could. She stepped out of the room and went to the kitchen. The scent of French roast coffee delighted her olfactory sense. She saw Norma in the kitchen next to the coffee maker. “Good morning, Norma,” she smiled brightly.

Norma alerted to her presence. “Oh, good morning, Serena,” she matched Serena’s smile.

When Serena walked out into full view of Norma she was startled when she saw that from the waist down Norma wore only a white, disposable diaper. “Oh, um, I’m so sorry, do you want me to…,” she started.

“Oh, yeah, that,” Norma looked down. “I should probably put some pants on since we have company.”

“It’s fine with me. I just didn’t mean to sneak up on you,” Serena said.

“I don’t have much shame about it anymore,” Norma shrugged. “When you’ve worn them as long as I have you get used to it,” she smiled. She poured herself a mug of coffee and sat down at the breakfast nook.

Serena poured a glass of orange juice and sat down. “Victoria explained to me your inherited condition,” she informed.

“Speak of the devil and she shall appear,” Victoria’s voice rang in the kitchen. She walked into view. She examined her surroundings and said, “a little more decorum at the breakfast table, Mother, we have company.”

“She already said she’s fine, but thanks for your concern,” Norma said jokingly dismissive.

“Well, the continued satisfaction of our guest is priority number one. So as long as she’s fine with it. Why don’t you tell us how you slept, Serena,” Victoria suggested.

“Really well. I feel so refreshed,” Serena smiled.

“Good,” Victoria said enthusiastically. “Your protection served you well, I trust?”

“It did,” Serena nodded. “I had an accident but you’d barely know it judging by how well this diaper held up.”

“May I see?” Victoria’s gaze shifted down to Serena’s waist.

“Mm-hmm, of course,” Serena stood up and pulled down her pajamas to display her diaper.

Victoria studied for a second and then asked curiously, “any wetness around the legs?”

“Um, let’s see,” Serena felt her inner thighs around the leg cuffs. “Bone dry,” she smiled brightly at Victoria.

“Good. Good girl staying dry,” Victoria praised. She poured herself a mug of coffee and sat down.

“So, Norma, how long have you been incontinent if you don’t mind me asking?” Serena asked.

“It started getting worse during my late teens. Although before then accidents weren’t too uncommon for me. By my mid-twenties, I needed to wear protection at all times.”

“Was it hard?” Serena asked.

“It was much harder than it needed to be,” Norma explained. She looked over at Victoria who listened intently. Victoria held space for Norma. “My mother, the girl’s grandmother… she was abusive,” Norma expressed concern. “She would shame and ridicule me on a daily basis.”

“Oh my god,” Serena said astounded.

“She would even withhold water from me for an entire day to prevent accidents,” Norma said.

“That sounds awful,” Serena said consolingly.

“It was, but you don’t have to feel bad for me. I’ve come a long way in my healing journey,” Norma smiled.

“It wasn’t until later in life that I found out from people around where I grew up that her mother treated her abusively. That helped me to forgive her. It could have been happening for several generations,” Norma said.

Victoria shook her head and smiled. “Not anymore,” she said in a childlike voice. Her name was a testimonial to Norma’s greatest victory.

“No, not anymore,” Norma shook her head and grinned. She held Victoria’s hand.

“I was such a scared thing until I met John. He was my Italian stallion,” Norma smiled longingly.

Serena expressed jubilation. “When did you first meet?” she asked curiously.

“When I was twenty-one. I knew he was the one when I peed my pants during a walk in the park and he treated me with such…,” Norma started crying. Victoria squeezed Norma’s hand. “I was expecting him to ridicule me like mom had always done but he just gave me his jacket to wrap around my waist and told me everything was going to be okay,” she bawled. She paused to collect herself. She looked at Serena and said, “I fell so in love that day.”

“That’s so sweet,” Serena said. Tears welled up in her eyes.

A solemn moment.

“So I explained that I would need diapers eventually,” Norma said unassumingly. She looked at Victoria. “And if we ever had any daughters they probably would too.”

“Così è la vita,” Victoria shrugged and smiled.

“What did he say?” Serena asked curiously.

“Do you wanna know the first thing he said when he saw me wear a pull-up? ‘I thought you meant baby diapers!’”

Serena and Victoria laughed loudly.

“I asked him ‘how’d you think a baby diaper was going to fit me?’. He said ‘Oh, I guess I never really thought about it.’ I swear to god, he can be so oblivious sometimes.” The three ladies howled with laughter at Norma’s story.

The commotion had roused Bethany who walked into the kitchen. “Hey, you guys,” she said groggily.

“Oh, hey, Bethany,” Serena said excitedly. “Your mom was just telling us how she met your dad.”

“That’s awesome,” Bethany said. She poured herself a mug of coffee.

“Do you wanna know the coolest part?” Norma asked Serena.

“Yeah,” Serena said eagerly.

“He had such a transformational effect on my life. When I decided to take his last name, I realized it was an anagram of my name. N-O-R-M-A. R-O-M-A-N,” Norma said.

Serena completed the puzzle in her mind. “Whoa,” she said amazed.

“Your life is like a poem, mother,” Victoria said sweetly. All the ladies smiled.

They all chatted around the breakfast table for a while. Eventually, Victoria asked Bethany, “how did your diaper hold up, sister?”

“Fine,” Bethany said. “I woke up needing to pee but just decided to use my diaper. Besides, I didn’t know if Serena was wet and needed a shower or not.”

“Thanks, Bethany,” Serena said. “I did have an accident last night so that was really considerate of you.”

“No problem,” Bethany nodded. “Do you want to go take a shower now?”

“Yeah, sure,” Serena nodded. She followed Bethany to the bathroom.

Calling Italy

After the girls shared a hot shower, they were back in Bethany’s room getting ready to start a gaming session when Norma walked in. “Bethany, after your accident yesterday, Victoria wanted me to start asking you during the day again,” she spoke gently.

Bethany looked at the floor. She thought about her accident yesterday. Then she thought about responsibility. She drew courage from Serena since it was a shared goal.

“It’s probably for the best,” Bethany said. “I’ll go with pull-ups for the day.”

Bethany brought the pack of pull-ups in from her bathroom. She pulled one from the pack and slipped it on. Serena looked on supportively.

“Serena, will you wear panties, pull-ups or pampers?” Norma asked unassumingly.

Serena assumed that Victoria had Norma ask her. She immediately decided to show solidarity. “I’ll go with pull-ups too,” she said. “I’ll just wear one of mine.” She opened her suitcase and retrieved a pull-up.

“Victoria?” Bethany asked Norma.

“Victoria,” Norma answered.

Bethany rolled her eyes. “Sorry to get you wrapped up in all of this,” she said.

Serena laughed. “It’s totally fine.”

They were hanging out when an alarm rang on Serena’s phone. “Now’s a good time to try calling Italy, so I’m gonna go do that,” she said.

“Oh, great, I’m gonna call my daddy too,” Bethany said.

Serena placed a call to Analeise’s phone and waited to connect.

“Hi, Serena, good timing!” Analeise exclaimed.

“Hi, mommy,” Serena said.

“How are you enjoying your time at the Romans?”

“Good,” Serena said.

“Good? Are you behaving?” Analeise asked.

“Yes, I am,” Serena said confidently.

“How have nights been?”

“Really good. They’ve all helped me feel much more comfortable about needing to wear protection. I really don’t mind it anymore,” Serena informed.

“That’s great! So you ended up telling Victoria and Bethany about your bedwetting?” Analeise asked.

“No. Victoria, or ‘nosy’ Victoria as Bethany calls her, ended up finding out. But it’s totally fine now. I’m actually really thankful for it.”

“I’m so glad to hear that. Here, I’m gonna hand the phone over to your father. Bye Serena, I love you.”

“I love you, too, mommy.”

“Hi, Serena,” Zachery said.

“Hi, daddy, how’s the excavation going?” Serena asked.

“Couldn’t be better. We found the weirdest metallic disc today. Something that seemed really out of place. We sent it to a lab for analysis.”

“That’s cool,” Serena said.

“It’s really cool. We are expecting more exciting finds in the coming days,” Zachery said.

“I’m proud of you,” Serena said.

“How are things going for you?”

“Good. I’m having a really good time here.”

“That’s great. I’m gonna let you go before we rack up a huge phone bill. I love you, Serena.”

“I love you, too, daddy.”

They said goodbye and hung up. After Bethany spoke with John she went to find Serena. “Did you hear what they found?” she asked wide-eyed.

“Yeah, some sort of weird, metal disc but no one knows what it is,” Serena responded.

“Yeah, but my dad knows. Er, well, he thinks he knows,” Bethany said.

“Really? What was it?” Serena asked.

“He made me promise not to tell anyone so can you promise not to tell?” Bethany asked.

“I promise,” Serena agreed.

“He told me that there was a similar discovery like fifty years ago or something in Central America. No one knew what it was. The discovery today had the same markings, it was the same shape and the same color. But the strangest part is, when they sent the Central American discovery to a lab they determined that it didn’t originate on Earth,” Bethany said.

“Whoa,” Serena’s eyes grew wide. Her interest was piqued.

“Anyways, make sure to keep it a secret for now,” Bethany said.

Movie Night

Victoria logged out of her game and decided to see what the rest of the family was up to. “Hey, Serena,” she smiled.

“Oh, hey Victoria,” Serena smiled back.

“So I heard you decided to help out Bethany by wearing protection today,” Victoria said.

“Yep, I did,” Serena nodded. “You’ve all helped me so much since I came here. I figured it was the least I could do.”

“I think it’s spectacular when families support each other,” Victoria said encouragingly.

“Me too,” Serena nodded.

“I wanted to let you know that mom agreed to let me assume a caretaker role. That means I’m an option if you need to be checked or changed,” Victoria explained.

Bethany walked into the room. Victoria expressed humbly while she judged Bethany’s reaction.

“Oh god, didn’t mom know that kind of power would go to your head?” Bethany joked.

Victoria stepped forward and held Serena’s hand. “You don’t have to pick me,” she assured. “It’s just an option. Whatever you girls are comfortable with.” Victoria addressed both but looked at Serena.

Serena hugged Victoria and said, “thanks, Vic, you’ve always taken really good care of me.”

“You’re welcome, Serena,” Victoria said sincerely.

Afternoon turned to evening and the ladies enjoyed calzones for supper which they all helped to prepare. After supper, Victoria suggested a movie night. Serena got to pick it out so she chose, ‘Letters To Juliet.’

They all sat on the wrap-around couch. Serena snuggled up to Victoria. Victoria stroked her hair off and on throughout the movie. Every so often, Serena squeezed tightly and nuzzled her head into Victoria’s chest. Bethany snuggled up to her mommy and they both enjoyed the feeling of closeness. By the end of the movie, all four cried, but Serena most of all since this was her first time seeing it.

The credits rolled. Serena was too comfortable to move. Victoria asked sweetly, “can I help you get ready for bed, bambina?”

Serena nuzzled her head affectionately into Victoria and nodded.

“Come, come,” Victoria said softly. She held Serena’s hand and led her to the room.

“Will you help me get ready for bed, mommy?” Bethany asked.

“Of course, my baby,” Norma answered.

“Will you wear pull-ups or pampers, bambina?” Victoria asked in her sweetest voice.

“Pamper,” Serena answered softly.

Victoria helped Serena lie down. She tore the sides of Serena’s pull-up and removed it. “Good job keeping your pull-up dry today,” she praised. “They’re really cute,” she smiled encouragingly. “Now, let’s get you into a nice, warm pamper.” She patiently retrieved a diaper and unfolded it. She spoke and gestured elegantly when she diapered Serena. Serena greatly enjoyed her affection and loving demeanor. After she fastened the diaper, she gently ran her fingers around the leg guards to ensure a proper fit. “How does that feel to you?”

“Comfy,” Serena and Victoria made eye contact for a long moment.

“Are you gonna stay up, or can I tuck you in?” Victoria asked.

“Tucked in,” Serena whispered.

With all her motherly affection, Norma changed Bethany and tucked her in. The two caregivers looked lovingly at their babies and smiled.

Eventually, Norma asked, “Victoria, I think it’s time, don’t you?”

Victoria looked at the floor. “Yeah,” she said humbly, “you can ask me.”

“Would you like panties, pull-ups or pampers?” Norma asked gently.

Bethany and Serena were confused. They didn’t think that the same rules applied to Victoria. Bethany wondered if there was a recent nighttime accident.

Victoria let the question stir in her psyche for a moment. She felt and appreciated the energy of the spell. “I’ll have you pamper me,” she answered.

“Wait, what’s going on?” Bethany asked confused.

“Mother, would you fetch a diaper in my size? I’ll explain it to Bethany and Serena.”

“Of course,” Norma said. She left the room to retrieve a diaper that would fit Victoria.

Victoria took a solemn moment. She knew it was the right time to tell Bethany. She was grateful for her mother’s encouragement. “So, remember back when we used to wear protection?” she asked.

“Yeah,” Bethany responded.

“You still wore for a while after I stopped. I never told you, but that was one of the happiest times of my life. Getting to support you and help mom get you to where I was at. When you stopped having accidents I was very sad. I wanted to take care of my sister. I even asked mom to put you back in protection. Of course, she wouldn’t.” Victoria paused. “So in order to fill the gap I asked mom to start asking me at night. And she has ever since.”

“You’ve worn at night this entire time?” Bethany asked stunned.

“Some nights,” Victoria nodded. “I even have mom put them on sometimes.”

“You missed taking care of me that much?” Bethany asked tearfully. Serena cried.

Victoria wiped a tear from her eye and sniffled. “I did.” Victoria looked at Serena as if to say ‘thank you.’

“Oh, sister,” Bethany said sweetly.

Bethany got out of bed and hugged Victoria. They held each other for a long moment. Norma came back in. She and Serena enjoyed the loving embrace.

“Whenever you’re ready, Victoria,” Norma said quietly, “take your time.”

Victoria and Bethany slowly released. “I’m ready,” Victoria said softly. She lay down on Bethany’s bed and Norma diapered her. Bethany and Serena watched the loving exchange. Victoria felt tightness leave her chest and throat. Energy flowed more freely now than it had in a while. She was thankful to have finally told Bethany how she felt.

Norma wished everyone a good night. Victoria picked up her clothes off the floor. She walked away slowly and said, “good night.”

“Victoria, why don’t you sleep in here with us?” Serena suggested.

Victoria stopped and paused. “Bethany, would that be alright with you?” she asked softly.

“It is well with me,” Bethany nodded.

Victoria left and then returned with the trundle bed which she set up between the two beds. The three girls wished each other good night and closed their eyes.

Cuddle Bugs

The next morning, Serena woke up first. She felt a heart’s desire to cuddle with Victoria. She stood up and walked to the trundle bed.

Victoria woke up to Serena crawling under her covers. “Come here, bambina. Good girl. Right in here with me,” she said sweetly.

Serena lay down and faced Victoria. She pressed her forehead into Victoria’s chest. Victoria kissed the crown of her head and stroked her hair. They cuddled peacefully. Serena’s diaper was wet from a nighttime accident. Victoria voluntarily peed in her diaper in order to keep from having to get up.

Bethany awoke to the sweet sight of the two cuddling close. She looked on and wondered how long they had been like that. Her heart welled up with joy. “I’m heading out for some coffee. You two look really cute,” she whispered.

Victoria and Serena felt deep contentment from their emotional embrace. Waves of euphoria washed over them every so often. “Do you want to head out for some breakfast?” Victoria asked softly.

“Sure,” Serena agreed. She sat up and looked at Victoria. “God I wish we could just stay like that forever,” she whispered.

“It was really nice,” Victoria whispered back.

They held hands and walked to the kitchen. Both wore pajama tops and diapers.

Victoria stopped at the coffee pot. Serena released her grip on Victoria’s hand. They made eye contact as Serena stepped towards the table.

“Did you sleep well, Serena?” Norma asked.

Serena closed her eyes. She breathed in deeply and then exhaled. “I did,” she said from a place of satisfaction.

“Those two cuddle bugs looked so comfy and cozy,” Bethany smiled.

After breakfast, Norma asked, “it’s getting late in the morning. Does anyone need help changing?”

“That’s okay. I’ll see if Victoria can help me,” Bethany said.

“Go ahead, mother, I can take care of these two,” Victoria said.

They went back to the room. Victoria asked Bethany, “panties, pull-ups or pampers for the day?”

“You were really brave for sharing that with me last night. I want to make it up to you for all those years you never got to take care of me. You can put me in pampers for the day,” Bethany said.

“Sounds good,” Victoria smiled lovingly at Bethany. She removed Bethany’s wet diaper and cleaned her up with some wipes before expertly fastening a fresh diaper.

“How about you, bambina?” Victoria smiled brightly.

“Will you put me in pampers too?” Serena asked sweetly.

“Mm-hmm,” Victoria said cheerfully. She changed Serena’s diaper and then said, “I started an account on that game. Will you play with me?”

“Yeah!” Bethany and Serena exclaimed.

“Great!” Victoria said. “I’m gonna go get changed first.” Victoria went to her room, removed her wet diaper and cleaned herself. She changed into panties for the day and then went to the family computer where she logged in. Since they were in separate rooms, they communicated using headsets.

Bethany and Victoria found each other in-game. “You’re a tank, that’s perfect! I’m a healer and Serena is a striker,” Bethany said.

“I’m still getting the hang of it so you might need to help me,” Victoria said.

“Yeah, sure thing,” Bethany said.

Bethany spent some time helping Victoria. She soon realized, however, that Victoria was actually a pretty solid player. They enjoyed their session until lunchtime rolled around. After lunch, Victoria offered to set up Bethany’s PC and the laptop in the family computer room so they didn’t have to use headsets.

For supper, Victoria fried Arctic char. She served them with a baked potato and steamed green beans that were buttered and salted.

Tonight it was Bethany’s turn to pick out a movie. She picked out one of her favorites: ‘Brokeback Mountain.’ Serena sat down next to Bethany and cuddled up close. Bethany wrapped her arms around Serena. On the other side of the couch, Victoria snuggled up to Norma. They all laughed and cried throughout the movie.

When the credits rolled, Serena sat up and made eye contact with Bethany. Bethany smiled at her and blushed.

Just as last night, Serena picked Victoria, and Bethany picked Norma as their caretakers. They got changed into fresh diapers for bedtime. Norma held Victoria’s hand and they went to Victoria’s room. Victoria, once again, chose to have Norma put on her pamper.

When they left, Serena latched the door and asked, “hey, Bethany, can we cuddle some more?”

“Mm-hmm, absolutely,” Bethany nodded.

Serena crawled under the covers and snuggled as close as she could. They both enjoyed the feelings of comfort and intimacy. Serena felt new, unfamiliar feelings wash over her. She allowed the feelings to remain and delighted in them for several moments. The feelings grew more intense. Her breathing picked up. She tried to control it with increasing difficulty.

When Bethany noticed, she asked quietly and with concern, “are you alright?”

Serena nodded and pressed her head into Bethany’s chest. Her heartbeat quickened.

“What is it?” Bethany asked softly.

Serena pulled back and looked into Bethany’s eyes. Bethany felt the gaze pierce her heart. Serena nudged forward and then hesitated. Bethany nodded approvingly. Serena pressed her lips to Bethany’s. They spent a long moment in stillness. Then they moved with the kiss. They opened their mouths and used their tongues. The passion seemed foreign and familiar all at once. Each felt the other’s emotional penetration on a soul level.

After a while, Bethany stood up and retrieved her phone. Serena relaxed into the bed and looked upon Bethany with a kind grin. Bethany played soft, poetic love songs at a quiet volume to enhance the ambiance. She set her phone close to the bed. She crawled back under the covers and they continued their maiden romantic voyage. When one song finished, another automatically started. Eventually, they went back to cuddling and soon fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Romantic Revelation

Serena awoke with a new appreciation for Bethany’s beauty. She gently brushed the hair away from Bethany’s face so she could take it all in. The morning sun lit her features. Cheeks, chin, eyelashes. She longed to kiss the lips. Revisit last night’s adventure. She held off, for now, to let Bethany rest peacefully.

Bethany fluttered her eyes open.

“Good morning, beautiful,” Serena whispered romantically.

“Good morning,” Bethany grinned.

“Thank you for last night,” Serena said sincerely.

“Mmm, thank you,” Bethany replied.

Serena leaned forward and for a long moment, they shared a soft kiss. They cuddled and chatted for a couple of hours until came a knock on the door.

“Come in,” Bethany called.

Victoria entered and smiled at the sight. “Mom sent me to see if you were up yet,” she informed.

“Yeah, we were just talking and stuff,” Bethany said. She stroked her finger along Serena’s arm. She faced Serena, smiled at her and gave her a peck on the lips.

“And stuff, huh?” Victoria grinned. “Well, you might want to think about getting up and showering soon because I can smell the pee from here.”

Bethany and Serena giggled. “Yeah, okay. We’ll get up,” Bethany said smiling. “Wanna take a shower with me?”

“Of course,” Serena said flirtatiously.

The girls enjoyed a shower together and went out for a late breakfast.

“Buongiorno piccioncini,” Victoria called.

Norma looked surprised. “Does that mean you two…?”

“Shoulda seen ‘em makin’ googly eyes at each other,” Victoria teased.

They chatted about the topic of the day over the girls’ breakfast. Bethany and Serena started out shy and awkward but eventually became more comfortable speaking about it. Norma and Victoria were overjoyed for the two and offered their support.

Bethany decided on pull-ups for the day since she wanted to ask Serena out on a walk. Serena wore a pull-up to match. They went for a long walk and held hands on and off. As their conversation advanced they spoke on deeper topics. They inquired about each other’s interests and passions. They kept thinking of ways to compliment each other.

Bethany enjoyed her time so much that she didn’t notice her growing urgency. She faced Serena with a look that indicated a struggle.

“What is it?” Serena asked.

“I gotta pee,” Bethany responded.

“I guess we should head back then,” Serena suggested.

“We’re a ways out. Ugh, I was having such a good time too,” Bethany groaned.

“If alright if you have an accident,” Serena said consolingly. “I’m here for you no matter what.”

“And there it goes,” Bethany laughed awkwardly. Once it started, she just relaxed and flooded her pull-up.

Serena put a comforting hand on Bethany’s shoulder. They walked back silently for a while. Finally, Serena asked, “so how often do you have them? Accidents, I mean.”

“Well, there was the one a couple of days ago. And another one three weeks ago. I’ve also had a couple of wet beds this year,” Bethany explained.

“That doesn’t sound so bad,” Serena said encouragingly. “You’re a lot drier than me lately.”

“Yeah,” Bethany looked at the ground. “Maybe for now.”

Serena held space for a moment and then asked, “does Victoria have many accidents?”

“Victoria is very careful. Plus she keeps up with her kegels really well,” Bethany answered.

“What’s kegels?” Serena asked.

“It’s an exercise to strengthen your bladder muscles. I do them too but Victoria is so dedicated to everything she does. And she makes it all look effortless,” Bethany said.

“Yeah, I’ve always thought she was really cool in that way,” Serena said.

“I wish I got the same treatment as you,” Bethany said.

“She kind of spoils me, huh? But your sister wants the best for you. Even if she doesn’t always express that effectively. And then you had that moment the other night.”

Bethany smiled. “Yeah, you’re right,” she said surrendered.

They arrived back at the house and went inside. “Hey, girls, how was your walk?” Victoria called.

“Good. Bethany had a little accident so we’re gonna get her freshened up,” Serena said.

“Bethany, you alright?” Victoria asked.

“I’m fine, I just need to change,” Bethany said.

In the room, Serena offered moral support. She brought Bethany a fresh pull-up and some wipes. She looked on while Bethany changed and gave her a big hug afterward.

Serena decided to call her parents again. That reminded Bethany to call John.

“Hi, daddy. How’s everything?” Serena asked.

“Ugh, frustrating,” Zachery said.

“What happened?” Serena asked.

“You know that strange piece of metal we found?”


“We went to retrieve it at the lab but it was no longer in their possession. We asked what happened and they said some guys in black suits showed up with government documents ordering the seizure of the artifact. There was nothing the lab could do. They had to hand it over.”

“That’s too bad. Bethany was saying her dad thinks it’s some kind of alien thing.”

“Dr. Roman loves that kind of stuff. I’m open-minded when it comes to that but I want to gather all the evidence first before I jump to any conclusions.”

“That makes sense.”

“We have a lot of work to do but do you have everything you need?”

“Yeah, I do. I love you, daddy,” Serena said.

“I love you, too. Bye-bye.”

Bethany waited for Serena to finish her conversation. “Did you hear what happened?” she asked.

“Yeah. I feel so bad for them,” Serena said.

“Don’t worry, my dad is appealing to local law enforcement. They have an agreement with the Italian Government that all artifacts of interest be donated to Italian museums. He thinks they’ll be able to get it back.”

“That’s great!” Serena exclaimed.

First Date

Dr. Robertson and Dr. Roman kept the family updated over the next few days. Dr. Roman showed persistence. He always had a new card to play. By right, the artifact belonged in a museum and available for analysis by laboratory scientists. Not in the hands of shadowy cover-up operatives.

Everyone enjoyed the routine at the Roman household. Bethany and Serena enjoyed their blossoming relationship. The care-taking operations took place with the full excitement of all involved.

The four ladies were enjoying lunch one day. Bethany had been mulling over an idea for a couple of days and decided to bring it up. “You know, Serena, I’ve been thinking it might be fun to go on a real date. Like out to a fancy restaurant or something. I think it’d be romantic,” she said.

“That sounds like a lot of fun,” Serena said excitedly.

“Is that alright, mom?” Bethany asked politely.

“Yes, of course. Maybe Victoria and I can go out to a movie and then pick you up afterward,” Norma offered.

“Serena, will this be your first date?” Victoria asked curiously.

“It will,” Serena nodded.

“We’re going to need to get you something to wear,” Victoria said. She turned to Norma and said, “mother, you take Bethany shopping and I’ll take Serena. We’ll leave after lunch.”

“Oh, no, really, you don’t have to,” Serena said.

“Well, Bethany’s going to look stunning. We can’t have you looking like a ragamuffin, can we?” Victoria teased.

Serena looked at Bethany. “Just go with it. You know how she is,” Bethany said.

After lunch, they loaded up in separate cars. Victoria kept her composure even though the situation was very stimulating to her. She pulled up to a fancy dress shop.

“Are you serious!” Serena exclaimed. She was suddenly glad to have gone along with this.

“I’m thinking black,” Victoria said, “to contrast your gorgeous blonde hair.”

“I trust you,” Serena said.

“As you should,” Victoria said.

Serena tried on several dresses. During changes, Victoria coordinated with Norma via text messages. She instructed Norma to have Bethany pick out a black corsage.

Serena walked out of the dressing room. She wore a gorgeous, black, tiered dress. “That’s the one,” Victoria stated confidently.

“I really like it, too,” Serena said giddily. She spun around to see how it moved. She checked the price tag. “It’s four hundred dollars,” she said. “Are you sure about this?”

“Well, I guess dad better find that alien frying pan,” Victoria said sarcastically.

Serena smiled happily at Victoria. “Thank you,” she mouthed.

“Of course,” Victoria said sincerely. “Now go pick out a red corsage to give to Bethany.”

“Okay,” Serena said excitedly. She looked through all the corsages and picked out one that she thought Bethany would love. They checked out. Serena hugged Victoria on the way out. “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” she said.

“You and Bethany deserve to have a special night,” Victoria smiled.

“You’re right,” Serena agreed.

Back home, Victoria helped Serena get ready. “Will you wear a pull-up to match Bethany?” Victoria asked.

“I will,” Serena nodded.

Serena wore one of Bethany’s all-white pull-ups and a black bra. Victoria gave her a pair of knee-length black bloomers to wear over the pull-up. Victoria helped her into the dress. She adjusted it to her satisfaction and then asked Serena, “how does that feel?”

“Excellent,” Serena said.

Serena wore her hair down and Victoria added waves with a flat iron. She did Serena’s makeup and then took a step back to admire her work.

“Enjoy yourselves tonight, you deserve it,” Victoria touched her shoulder.

Serena took Bethany’s corsage and walked out to meet her by the door. When they came into view of each other they both smiled admiringly. Bethany wore her brown hair in a single braid draped over her right shoulder. Her dress was an elegant, red gown. She held out her hand as Serena approached with the corsage. She took a moment to admire it and then they put Serena’s corsage on.

“Well, then. Shall we?” Victoria motioned to the door.

“Mm-hmm,” Serena nodded.

“Yes,” Bethany said. She held Serena’s hand.

Norma drove and Victoria rode in the passenger seat. Bethany and Serena sat in the back and talked about their dresses. They talked about how pretty they looked. They held hands off and on. When Norma dropped them off, she said, “I called ahead to your server. Tip her fifty bucks for me.”

“Okay,” Bethany said confused. “Bye. Thanks for everything.”

“Ciao, i miei cari,” Victoria said. She and Norma drove to the theater to watch a new spy thriller.

Bethany and Serena walked into the restaurant. They were greeted by the hostess who asked, “Roman, party of two?”

“Yes, miss,” Bethany nodded.

“Excellent. This way, please,” she said politely. She grabbed two menus and led the girls to their table. “You two look beautiful tonight. What’s the occasion?”

“It’s our first date,” Serena smiled.

“Well, that is a special occasion. Thanks for choosing our restaurant. Your server will be right with you,” she smiled brightly at each of the girls.

Bethany and Serena looked over the menu. Their server appeared and set two wine glasses on the table. “Good evening, ladies. I’m Cheryl. I’m here to serve you this evening,” Cheryl said pleasantly. She spoke at an even pace.

Cheryl uncorked a bottle of red wine. Serena said, “oh, I don’t think we’re allowed. We’re too young.”

“It’s all been taken care of,” Cheryl smiled. She poured the glasses and said, “Norma phoned in ahead of time to inform us that she spoke with Analeise and that everything was well. So long as you two enjoy your evening that is.”

Bethany and Serena looked at each other astounded.

“I’ve never had wine before, have you?” Serena asked.

“Just one glass once in a while on special occasions,” Bethany said.

“Speaking of special occasions. A little bird told me that this is your first date. Please let me know if there’s anything special I can do,” Cheryl said.

“Actually, will you take our picture?” Serena asked. She handed her phone to Cheryl and walked to the other side of the table. She sat on Bethany’s lap and they hugged close.

“Big smiles,” Cheryl instructed. She looked at the phone and asked, “how’s that?”

Bethany and Serena nodded approvingly. Serena walked back to her seat. They looked over the menu. Serena decided to order the lasagne al forno. Bethany ordered penne a la carbonara.

They chatted until their food was brought out. Their mouths watered at the scent. They used their napkins as bibs to make sure their dresses remained clean. After their meal, they poured another glass of wine each. They enjoyed the relaxed inhibitions and euphoria the wine provided. They got the check and Bethany wrote in a sixty-dollar tip.

They took some time after the meal to enjoy each other’s company. And to let the wine wear off a little. Finally, they got up and walked out. “Enjoy the rest of your evening, ladies,” Cheryl smiled politely.

“Bye, thanks again,” the hostess said.

On the sidewalk, romantic music played over the speakers. The girls slow-danced and held each other close.

“How could this night be any more perfect?” Serena asked softly.

“Kiss me,” Bethany requested.

Serena kissed Bethany slowly and sensually. They got lost in the moment. Bethany pulled back and said, “I have an idea.” She released Serena and walked back inside. “Can you play ‘Lucky’ by Jason Mraz?”

“Right away, miss,” the hostess said. She plugged her phone into a jack and opened a music app.

Bethany went back outside and said, “I want this to be our song.”

It started playing and they resumed dancing. Serena listened to the pretty vocals and cried. She nodded and said, “I’d love that.”

“I love you,” Bethany said.

“I love you,” Serena said.

They both cried happy tears. They danced and sang along. They took in the lighting, the atmosphere, the scent. They knew they would remember this night forever.

Protection Detail

Bethany got a text from Norma mentioning that they were on their way.

The girls continued dancing until they heard a man’s voice say, “Dr. Roman needs to drop it. He’s in way over his head.”

Bethany and Serena looked to see a creepy man in a black suit standing nearby. Bethany took a moment to process and then asked, “what? Who are you?”

“We’re not someone you wanna mess with. Tell your daddy to knock it off,” the man said ominously.

“Get the hell away from us you creep,” Bethany demanded.

The man took another moment to stare them down and then faded into a dark alley.

“What was that?” Serena asked startled.

“The artifact?” Bethany asked.

“Do you think it has something to do with the group that stole it from the lab?” Serena asked.

“Something tells me,” Bethany said.

Norma and Victoria pulled up and rolled down a window. “Good evening, girls. How was supper?” Norma asked.

They expressed worried when they entered the vehicle. “Did you see that guy?” Bethany asked.

“What guy?” Norma responded.

“There was a guy. He knew who dad was. He was really creepy and gave off bad vibes. He told us to tell daddy that he’s in over his head and needs to back off,” Bethany explained.

“Oh my god,” Norma said. She looked at Victoria who was already calling Italy.

“Hey, Vic. Now’s not really a good time…,” John started.

“A creepy-looking man approached Bethany and Serena and told them that you needed to back off,” Victoria said clearly.

John paused for a moment. “Where are you right now?” he asked.

“Driving home from a restaurant,” Victoria responded.

“Alright,” John said. His protective instincts kicked in. “Get home and lock all the doors and windows. I’m gonna call my guy. I’ll call you back as soon as possible,” he stated clearly.

“Bye,” Victoria said.

“I love you,” John said.

Victoria ended the call. “Drive home,” she instructed Norma. “Dad’s getting us help, girls. Tell me how you’re feeling,” she encouraged.

“I’m scared,” Bethany said tearfully.

“Me too,” Serena said.

“I just want us to be safe,” Bethany said.

Norma’s mama bear instincts kicked in. She carefully drove back home. She looked around for any suspicious characters or vehicles. She pulled into the driveway and everyone swiftly exited the vehicle and went into the house.

“Girls, go get changed. Mom and I will get the doors and windows,” Victoria instructed.

“Right,” Serena nodded. They walked to Bethany’s room and removed their dresses. “What should we do about our protection?” she asked.

“I’m wet. What about you?” Bethany asked.

“Same,” Serena said.

Bethany thought for a moment. “I think we should be ready for anything. Should we change into diapers?”

“Okay,” Serena agreed.

“Do you want help with yours?” Bethany offered.

“Yeah, sure,” Serena nodded. She slipped off her bloomers and pull-up and then lay down on the bed. Bethany wiped her down quickly and fastened a diaper. “Does that feel alright?”

“Actually, yeah. I didn’t know you were so good at that,” Serena complimented.

“I had a lot of practice when I was younger,” Bethany said.

“Do you want help getting yours on?” Serena offered.

“That’d be great,” Bethany nodded.

“You might need to show me what to do,” Serena said.

“Of course,” Bethany said. Serena removed the wet pull-up and thoroughly wiped Bethany. She retrieved a diaper from the package and Bethany lifted up for her. “Now unfold it and slide it underneath me. Try to line up the front and back. Hold the front down and fasten the tabs. Not too tight. Now the other side.”

“How’s that?” Serena asked.

“Great job for your first time,” Bethany complimented. She put her arms around Serena and pecked her on the lips. Serena smiled. They finished getting dressed.

When they walked back out, Victoria called them into the computer room. “I need you two to take over watching live surveillance. I’m going to play back the recording.”

Bethany and Serena watched the live feed of the surveillance cameras placed around the property. After a while, Victoria found the stalker in the recorded footage. “Sneaky, sneaky,” she said. “Girls, is that him?”

Bethany and Serena immediately stepped over to Victoria’s terminal. “That’s him,” Bethany said.

“Unless Mr. Creeptacular has a twin brother,” Serena said.

“Maybe they’re clones,” Bethany joked.

Victoria printed out the best frame she could find. Then came a knock on the front door. Bethany and Serena were startled. “Wait here,” Victoria commanded.

They hung back in the computer room until Victoria called, “it’s alright, you can come out.” The girls walked out to see a gray-haired muscular man standing in the entryway with Norma and Victoria. Victoria handed him the surveillance photo and said, “the girls identified him as the man that approached them at the restaurant.”

“Bethany and Serena, this is Jake Benson,” Victoria said. “He’s a friend of daddy’s.”

“Girls, can you tell me anything else? Did he have any scars, tattoos, emblems of any kind like a ring or a pin?” Jake asked calmly. Everyone found his demeanor to be soothing.

“He was just wearing a plain black suit and he creeped the heck out of us,” Bethany said.

“Yeah, he had a condescending attitude. I got a really icky feeling from him,” Serena said.

“Did you see what he was driving?” Jake asked.

Both girls shook their heads.

“Alright, I notified my ex-associates at the police station. They’re gonna be on the lookout but he’s not gonna be easy to find. I’m surprised you picked him up on surveillance unless he wanted you to see that. Here’s what we’re going to do. You’re gonna ride with me in my vehicle to a motel. When we get there, I’ll drop you off and pretend to leave. Don’t worry, I’ll have eyes on you at all times. Front and back. If he thinks I don’t know what I’m doing we might be able to zero him. Will you be willing to comply?” Jake asked.

Victoria looked at Norma. “Yes, thank you,” Norma said.

“Everyone on me,” Jake commanded.

“Alright, let’s head out. Thanks for being so brave girls,” Norma said.

“You’re welcome,” Bethany and Serena said.

Outside, Jake waited for everyone to enter his SUV. He looked around to see if the coast was clear. He hopped in and drove away. Norma sat in the passenger seat while Victoria, Bethany and Serena sat in the back. After they drove for a while, Jake said, “everyone, just keep looking straight ahead. I got our guy in the rear-view mirror.”

“How can you be sure?” Victoria asked.

“It’s him,” Jake said confidently. “When we get to the motel, I’m gonna play stupid. Just go with it and do what I say.”

“Understood,” Victoria said.

They arrived at the motel and Jake handed Norma a key. “Room 102 right in front of us. You’re all doing really well. Everyone ready?” Jake asked. He opened the door and everyone hopped out. Jake feigned worry. “I can’t believe John got me into this mess,” he raised his voice. “Out of all the times. I’m sorry, Norma, but John crossed the line this time. What was he thinking?” Everyone filed into the room and then Jake continued, “look I gotta get out of here. Tell John he better not ever pull this shit again.”

They closed the door and locked it. Victoria looked through the peephole as Jake mumbled to himself all the way back to his vehicle and then drove off.

“What a clever man,” Victoria said admiringly.

Everyone took a moment to give hugs all around.

Bethany and Serena took extra time to hug it out. “Some first date, huh?” Serena said.

“That asshole’s not gonna ruin it,” Bethany shook her head. “He’s going down.”

“Yeah,” Serena agreed.

They took time to collect themselves. Norma guided them through deep belly breathing. When they felt safe they played cards and chatted. After their card game, they all read or listened to music on their phones with earbuds.

“Norma, I wanted to ask, what did you tell my mom when you spoke with her?” Serena asked.

“I asked her if you could have some wine with dinner,” Norma said.

“Did you mention anything about Bethany and me?”

“No,” Norma shook her head. “I figured you’d want to be the one to let them know.”

“Yeah,” Serena said relieved.

“Is something the matter?” Bethany asked.

“They’re just really conservative compared to your family. I don’t know how they’ll react,” Serena explained.

Bethany contemplated. “I’m here for you if you need me,” she assured.

“Thanks,” Serena said.

“Girls, all I have packed in my to-go bag are diapers, so pull-ups won’t be an option tonight. I hope that’s alright,” Victoria said.

“That’s totally fine, Vic,” Serena said.

“Serena and I actually changed into diapers back at the house. We wanted to be ready for anything,” Bethany added.

“Smart girls,” Victoria praised.

Suddenly came a knock on the door. Everyone went silent. Victoria swiftly and quietly stood up. She crept towards the door. She looked through the peephole. She saw the same man from the surveillance recording. She stared into his dead eyes and became enraged. She went into fight mode and her adrenaline kicked in. Suddenly, he was swept off his feet. Victoria drew the curtains to see that Jake had just tackled him.

The man instinctively threw Jake off of him as soon as he hit the ground. Jake got back on his feet. So did the man. They stared daggers at each other as Jake took precise steps towards him. The man pulled out a knife and Jake went for the disarm. The knife fell to the ground with a clank. The man caught Jake with a left hook. Jake put the man in an arm lock. He applied force and bent the arm backward breaking it at the elbow. The man screamed out in pain. Jake performed a powerful leg sweep and made him eat concrete.

When Victoria saw that Jake had the man subdued, she stepped outside and screamed, “fuck you, you piece of shit! Don’t ever threaten my family!”

“Get her inside, now,” Jake commanded clearly.

Norma bear-hugged Victoria from behind and pulled her back into the room. Bethany closed and deadbolted the door. Victoria seethed. She breathed heavily through clenched teeth. Norma held her close while she calmed down. Norma kept repeating, “we’re safe now,” until it sunk in.

Bethany and Serena looked out the window with satisfaction as the creeper tried to struggle free. The cops came, placed him in handcuffs and drove him away. Jake knocked on the door. Bethany let him in and said with tearful eyes, “thank you.”

Victoria stood up and walked to Jake. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” she bawled. She fell into Jake’s arms.

Jake supported her weight and said calmly, “It’s alright. You had a reaction. You’re a human being.”

Victory held him tightly. She wept heavily on his shoulder. Bethany and Serena sat on the bed with their arms wrapped around each other. They cried softly. Norma held space for everyone in the room.

When Victoria calmed down she pulled back from Jake. “Thank you,” she said softly and sincerely.

“You’re welcome,” Jake said calmly. “I think we should get you back home now. Don’t worry, I’m gonna stay close by and set up a feed of your surveillance. How does that sound?”

Norma nodded. “Thank you for keeping our family safe,” she said softly.

“My pleasure,” Jake said kindly.

Soul Retrieval

Back home, Jake got everyone inside. Victoria helped him connect to the video feed. “I’ll be here until morning, and then I’m gonna tag out with a police officer,” he informed. He asked Norma if she could brew him some coffee. She filled an insulated canister and handed it to him along with a mug. He thanked her properly. He walked back to his vehicle and assumed his post.

Victoria went to Bethany’s room and asked the girls if they needed their diapers changed. They both nodded and Victoria took care of them. She then went to Norma and asked to be changed into a diaper for the night. The three girls all shared Bethany’s room. Bethany and Serena on Bethany’s bed and Victoria on Serena’s bed. Norma tried to sleep but couldn’t. She stayed awake sipping coffee and processing.

Victoria came out in the morning and poured herself a mug. “How’re you feeling?” she asked.

“I’ll be alright. I’ve been through worse,” Norma said surrendered.

Victoria smiled admiringly at Norma’s courage. She surrendered and rested her head on her mommy’s shoulder.

Victoria sat quietly for a while and then asked, “do you think you’ll ever confront her?”

“Yes,” Norma nodded. “It would be the healthy thing to do.”

“Can I go with you?” Victoria asked.

“I’d like that.”

Later on, John called Norma’s phone. “Hi, John,” Norma said.

“Hi. I wanted to let you know we got plane tickets. We really want to see you.”

“I think you should stay and finish.”

“How are the girls?”

“We’ll need grief counseling, but we’re doing as well as can be expected,” Norma said optimistically. “We all think you should stay and finish the dig.”

“I’ll talk to Zachery and Analeise. If they’re open to it, we’ll stay. There are some very exciting discoveries here. I can feel it.” A pause. Then, “Hey, Norma?” John said.


“I’m so sorry.”

“It’s not your fault.”

John called back later to tell them they were staying in Italy. Serena was elated to hear the news. She was excited to get to spend more time with what she considered to be her extended family.

Victoria set up appointments for everyone to see a counselor. She told Norma she didn’t think she needed it. She wanted to be like Jake; an army of one. Norma convinced her that the strongest thing she could do was talk about her feelings. They scheduled appointments at the same time so they could all go together and discuss it afterward.

A few weeks passed without incident which inspired gratitude in the hearts of the ladies. They’d all had enough excitement for a while. They settled into a consistent daily routine much to the delight of their therapists. Every morning and evening, the girls delighted in choosing panties, pull-ups or pampers. They loved being taken care of. Victoria mostly wore panties, although she wasn’t shy to ask Norma for a diaper when she was feeling vulnerable. Bethany and Serena always wore the same level of protection. They usually wore pull-ups during the day, but not always. At bedtime, they always got pampered.

One day, Bethany and Serena enjoyed a walk in the park. They held hands. Bethany played music on her phone. Their song played.

“I really love this song now,” Serena smiled.

“It’s really loving. I like how they are best friends and partners. That’s definitely how I see us,” Bethany smiled.

“I like when she sings about how the world keeps spinning but he holds her in the here and now. That’s how I feel when I’m with you. Like no matter how crazy things get, I’ll be alright if you’re there to hold me,” Serena smiled brightly. The sun lit her face.

“That’s super romantic,” Bethany grinned admiringly. She put a flower in Serena’s hair.

“You put the ‘Roman’ in romantic,” Serena joked.

Bethany laughed. She bit her lip. She stopped and faced Serena.

Serena tilted her head and grinned flirtatiously.

They pulled each other close and kissed passionately. Even though neither would pull back from their kiss to say it, they both knew the other was thinking, ‘I love you, I love you, I love you…’

Artifact Retrieval

One day, John called elated. “We got it back!” he exclaimed.

“The artifact!?” Norma asked.

“Yep. Turns out it was some rogue terrorist group with an insider in the Italian government. After the investigation, the military stepped in. The artifact is in a museum available to be viewed by the public and for scientific analysis. We did it!”

“Girls, they did it! They got it back,” Norma called.

Everyone cheered and hugged. Victoria and Bethany waited for their turn to speak with John. Serena called her parents as soon as she found out. They took the rest of the day to celebrate. For supper, Norma and Victoria served homemade pizzas with red wine. For dessert, Bethany and Serena made Italian cream cake.

After the delicious meal, the girls decided to give one last try to a dungeon that they had been trying to beat for two days. They logged in.

“It could just be that we’re under-leveled,” Bethany suggested.

“The challenge is part of the fun. I’m telling you we got this,” Victoria assured.

Victoria tanked the mobs so well that Bethany barely had to heal. Serena had her DPS rotation down to muscle memory. But the mobs weren’t their concern. It was the boss at the end of the dungeon. They all approached and went over their game plan.

“We almost had it last time,” Victoria said. “Bethany remember to keep renew (a heal over time spell) on me at all times.”

“Right,” Bethany nodded.

“Serena, you ready?” Victoria asked.

“Yeah,” Serena replied.

“Pulling,” Victoria informed.

Victoria pulled the large, nasty beast with eyeballs all over his body. “Just pretend he is that prick stalker,” Victoria said.

That comment honed the girls’ focus. Bethany focused down and kept Victoria’s HP topped off and even cast an attack spell on the boss every so often.

“Serena, off-tank those adds for me,” Victoria commanded.

“Got 'em,” Serena said.

Bethany stopped using her offensive spells and rotated between healing Victoria and Serena. She knew it would be another photo finish so she just did her best to keep everyone alive.

“Adds are down,” Serena said.

“Okay the boss is going into his final form,” Victoria reminded.

“Heal, heal, heal,” Bethany said.

“I’m going down. He’s coming for you next,” Victoria warned.

“I know,” Bethany said. Instead of focusing her attention on healing Victoria, Bethany cast a quick renew on herself to get ready for the boss’ assault. The boss KO’d Victoria and came lumbering towards her.

“Come on,” Bethany said. The boss nearly killed her with every blow but every time Bethany was ready with another overheal spell. “I’m running out of mana, Serena,” she said.

“He’s getting low, just hold on as long as you can,” Serena said.

“I am,” Bethany said. With a moment left, she cast renew on Serena. The monster took one more swing at Bethany and KO’d her. It immediately came barreling toward Serena.

Victoria and Bethany stood up and watched Serena’s screen. The monster reigned down devastating blows. Serena remained focused. The monster’s HP was down to a sliver, but so was Serena’s. With one last attack, she KO’d the ugly creature.

“I got him!” she exclaimed. By a slim margin, Serena survived. She jumped out of her chair and screamed in delight. Victoria and Bethany joined in and they all celebrated their victory.

“Told you,” Victoria smiled.

“You’re a good leader, Vic,” Bethany complimented.

“Look, we got something,” Serena said. They all read her screen. ‘Congratulations. You have retrieved the Supernatural Artifact. Present it to the Etruscan Queen for your reward.’

“Nice!” Bethany exclaimed.

“GG, girls,” Victoria said.

Family Karma

The Italian crew completed the excavation. It yielded more than anyone could have expected. Their return home was bittersweet for Serena. She knew she’d still get to spend a lot of time with Bethany, however, she felt like she would miss the treatment she received.

When they said goodbye, Victoria handed Serena a pack of diapers. “I thought you might like to have these,” she said.

Much to the delight of Analeise, Serena smiled and said, “thanks, Vic. I’ll be sure to wear one every night.”

“Looks like you really came around, huh?” Analeise said.

“Yeah. They helped me realize that it’s a good thing. Protection, I mean,” Serena said.

“She might need help getting those on, Analeise. Just ask her,” Victoria instructed. She looked at Serena and smiled.

“Okay,” Analeise nodded, “I can do that.”

Serena blushed. “Grazie,” she said cheerfully.

“Ciao, bambina,” Victoria said sweetly.

On the way home, Serena sat in the back seat. She was nervous to break the news of her summer romance.

“We’ve got a lot to talk about, huh?” Analeise said.

“You’re not kidding,” Serena laughed. She recalled all the events.

“Well, I wanna hear all about it,” Analeise encouraged.

“I-I actually started dating someone,” Serena said delicately.

“Really!? What’s his name?” Analeise asked excitedly.

Her name, actually,” Serena said gently. “Bethany,” the name flowed lovingly from her lips.

“Bethany? Bethany Roman?” Analeise asked surprised. She looked at Serena in the back seat.

Serena nodded humbly. She looked at her mom to judge the reaction.

Analeise thought for a moment. “Oh!” she said surprised. “Well, yeah, are you happy with the relationship so far?”

Serena smiled joyfully. “I really am,” she said warmly. She sniffled and wiped a tear from her eye.

“Well then I’m happy for you,” Analeise smiled warmly at Serena.

“Thanks, mommy,” Serena said sweetly.

At the Roman household, Norma and Victoria prepared to take a trip across town. Norma was thankful that Victoria offered her support. She’d had all this time to heal but knew that she still needed closure.

They got in the car and drove towards Norma’s childhood home. She knew her mother still lived there. They arrived at the house and walked towards the front door. Victoria didn’t knock and walked right in. The stench of old urine festered. She analyzed the unkempt surroundings.

“Who the hell are you?” an old woman asked.

“Hi, Beatrice. I’m Victoria, your eldest granddaughter,” Victoria said.

“What? What is this? I never asked you here,” Beatrice said.

“Well, I don’t give a shit. I’m not here for you,” Victoria said dismissively. “I’m here for her.” Norma walked in.

“Norma, what the hell are you doing here?” Beatrice asked.

“I have some things I need to tell you, mother,” Norma said. Her voice was weak.

“What? What things?” Beatrice asked.

“You constantly berated me. You made fun of me like you were the child. I get that you didn’t know any better, but… but you were incontinent too. Don’t you have any sympathy?” Norma asked concerned.

“Norma, I was just trying to get you ready for how the world can be,” Beatrice explained.

“No, mother. You abused me,” Norma’s voice became intense. “You teased me. Y-you… you assaulted me,” she teared up.

Beatrice remained silent.

“You could have shown me what you had learned. You could have related to me. Something,” Norma pressed her.

“I-it’s how I had it, you know?”

“I know,” Norma said sympathetically. She paused. “Mother, I want you to know it won’t be passed on.” Victoria looked at Norma. “I treat my daughters with dignity. With compassion,” she informed. “They’re loving. I’m loving.”

Beatrice suppressed tears.

“Do you have anything to say?” Norma asked.

A long pause. “I’m sorry,” Beatrice said.

“Thank you,” Norma cried softly. “Goodbye.”

“Goodbye,” Beatrice said.

Norma and Victoria exited. They arrived back at the car and Victoria paused. “Victoria, get in. I need to leave right now,” Norma demanded.

“I’m not leaving,” Victoria stated. She took a deep breath in and out.

“Victoria, get in the car,” Norma demanded.

“She needs a caretaker, mother,” Victoria said adamantly.

Norma paused.

“Did you smell it in there?” Victoria asked rhetorically. “She needs new furniture. New bedding. Someone to make sure her diapers get changed. Do you think anyone else is going to do that? I’m staying.”

Norma contemplated. “Victoria, you… you don’t have to. There are other options,” she said.

“I know… I know,” Victoria softened. “But… let me stay.” It wasn’t a request for permission. It was a request for Norma’s acceptance.

“How will you…,” Norma started.

“You’re close by,” Victoria interrupted. “I’ll let you know if I need anything. I’ll let you know when I think Bethany can visit. And Serena. She’s family now.”

“Are you sure?” Norma asked.

“Yes,” Victoria responded immediately. “I can handle it.” A pause. “She deserves this much from us.”

“You’re so kind,” Norma said sincerely.

“I know,” Victoria nodded. “I love our family.”

Norma’s soft laughter turned to tears.

“I love you,” Victoria said.

“I love you,” Norma said. She drove away.

Victoria walked back into the house. She soon stifled Beatrice’s protests and convinced her they were beginning a new adventure. Eventually, she developed a household fit to bear the name Roman.

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