What True Love Is Capable Of Ch. 2

What True Love Is Capable Of

Twilight3 again. Just for future reference, I’m aware that Yuffie is from the Final Fantasy series, I put her under the Kingdom Hearts category because she is also in that game series and any FF characters I use in this story are also in Kingdom Hearts, as I have, believe it or not, never played a FF game (Gasp!). That being said, lets get this party started!


Chapter 2: Chance!

Amara sighed as she entered the lobby of her school. ‘Another day, another round of troublesome conflicts. As if school itself isn’t difficult enough.’ She thought. She navigated her ways through the crowds near the cafeteria, where most students conversed before homeroom, and headed towards her locker. Shortly after the crowd of students lightened up, she turned a corner before leaping to the side, just narrowly avoiding a backpack to her face.

Amara did a forward roll on the ground, coming up on one knee and looked up, seeing Trish, Queen, Ino, Sakura, and Kin stand before her, Trish with her backpack raised. “Come now Amara, why do you continue to fight us? Don’t you get tired of always losing to us?” Ino asked, mocking Amara.

“Don’t you ever get tired of being Trish’s lapdog?” Amara spat back as she stood up. Kin bit her lip as Ino, Queen, and Sakura all growled at Amara. Ino was the first to retaliate, as she charged forward and swung her fist, aiming for Amara’s head. Amara sidestepped the attack and tripped Ino, causing her fist to smash into the locker in front of her. Ino gave a yelp in shock and pain as she stumbled to the side, clutching her hand.

Queen charged in next, aiming a kick at Amara’s stomach. Amara managed to catch Queen’s foot with both her hands, before raising it up and throwing it back in Queen’s direction. Queen, unable to maintain her balance, managed to leap back, place a hand on the ground, and use it to spring backwards in a flip. She managed to land on her feet, but stumbled back a few steps.

Amara charged at Queen, but Sakura intercepted her, swinging a fist at her head. Amara, unable to stop or avoid the attack, managed to twist her body at an angle, lifting one foot off the ground. Instead of getting hit in the face, Sakura’s punch landed on her shoulder. With Amara’s one leg in the air, the force of Sakura’s blow caused her to spin around, which was exactly what Amara was aiming for. Using the momentum from Sakura’s attack, she spun around and raised her arm, delivering a vicious backhand across Sakura’s face. Sakura stumbled back, her back hitting the lockers behind her. Amara charged at Sakura, sliding to a stop just a foot in front of her, aiming to kick Sakura.

Suddenly, Kin grabbed Sakura’s arm, and threw her to the side, Sakura landing on the ground. Amara, unable to stop, ended up snap-kicking the locker Sakura was just in front of. Hissing in pain, Amara hopped on one leg as she grabbed her foot. This didn’t last long, as Queen charged in, kicking Amara’s leg out from under her, causing Amara to start falling to the ground. Before she could reach it, Queen rammed her knee into Amara’s stomach, the combined force Queen’s attack and gravity’s pull on Amara caused Amara hack saliva out of her mouth. Amara was then hit in the face by Trish’s backpack, sending her crashing to the ground, skidding along it a short distance.

Amara coughed, the looked up at the girls as they regrouped. “How did you know I was going to kick instead of punch?” She managed to ask. Kin just stared at her for a moment.

“I’ve seen some of your spars with Yuffie and Rock Lee, I noticed that when you get under their guard you tend to throw a kick at them, usually aiming high on their body like the head, neck, or shoulder.” Kin explained.

“Couldn’t you have just hit her instead of throwing me?” Sakura asked, rolling the shoulder she landed on when she hit the ground. Kin shook her head, no.

“Even if I did, there was no guarantee that it would have had enough force behind it to keep you from getting hit. Besides, should Amara tattle on us, it would be better for us if you didn’t have a foot mark on your face.” Kin answered. Sakura nodded her head, seeing the logic in Kin’s words. Just then, the five minute bell rang, signifying homeroom was about to start.

“Looks like we’ll have to pick this up later.” Trish stated. Nodding to one another, the girls started walking off, the opposite direction from Amara, except Kin, who’s classroom was past Amara. Amara was now sitting on the floor, a hand clenching her stomach where Queen had hit.

As Kin walked pass, Amara asked, “Why didn’t you just tackle me? Then Sakura wouldn’t have been hurt at all.” Kin stopped walking and knelt down to Amara’s level.

“Then I would have had to fight you, and I don’t like getting my hands dirty, it makes my credibility less reliable…and between you and me, Sakura still hasn’t replaced the perfume she stole from me.” Amara blinked at the answer. Kin just grinned and gave a wink before getting back up and walking off.

Amara got up, using the lockers as a support, and watched Kin as she vanished around a corner. ‘Kin…’ Amara shook her head, she had more things to worry about then what Kin was doing. She still needed to get her books for her first class, as well as pay a visit to the nurse; her diaper was in desperate need of a change, especially after that fight.


“Alright class, settle down, we are in the library after all.” The teacher stated. He wore a red button up shirt and black pants. He had Red hair that reached the bottom of his neck and light green eyes. “Now then, is everyone here?”

“Yes Mr. Kurama.” Several students answered. Kurama nodded her head.

“Good, and Kurama is fine. Now then, as you all know, we will be having group projects assigned today, all due in three weeks time. They can be made as a slideshow, on poster board, or just read out loud. You each will be paired with a partner, and no, you don’t decide who you get to work with.” This caused several students to complain or groan. Kurama clapped her hands, causing everyone to become silent.

“That’s enough of that, in life you don’t always get to make your own choices, it’s something you’ll have to get used to. Now then, once you are partnered up, you both will be given a topic to work on. We have today, tomorrow, and Thursday here in the library, after that you all will have to on this outside of class, understand?” Everyone responded with some form of acknowledgement.

“Very well then, let’s get started then. The pairings are Rika and Naruto (Rika slammed her head on her desk, Naruto didn’t look thrilled either), Davis and Kari (Davis grinned, Kari shrugged), Queen and Kai (both growled), Sora and Kairi (both smiled at the other), Light and Maylu (both shrugged), and Amara and Kin (both had stunned expressions). Now then, if a member of each group would come up here, you’ll pick one piece of paper from this hat at random, and whatever’s on there will be your assignment. Also, there is no switching partners, understand?” Another wave of sounds of acknowledgement. “Good, now if a member of each group would come up here, we can get started.”

Several people stood up, walked to the table, and picked out a slip of paper. Kin, being closer then Amara, went up and placed her hand in the hat, taking the last slip out. Before she could leave, Kurama grabbed her hand, causing her to look up.

“I know how you and your group of friends don’t get along with Amara, especially because of her medical condition, but you both will have to work together on this project.” Kurama firmly stated. “If I learn that one of you did most or all of the work, while the other sat around doing nothing, that person will fail, and I remind you that this project is worth one fourth of you grade in this class. If neither of you get along, or turn in your own separate papers, you will both fail. This project is meant to help your group and social skills, as well as your researching skills, and that means you will have to work together, understand?”

“Yes sir, I understand. I think I manage working with Amara, I don’t have as much of a problem with her as the rest of my friends do, so there’s little need to worry.” Kin answered. Kurama stared at her for a moment, before nodding his head.

“Very well then, move your things and get started with Amara.” Kurama said before turning around and putting away his hat. Kin nodded her head and went back to her table, seeing Queen’s look of pity as she passed. Kin collected her things and moved over to Amara’s table, sitting down opposite to her. Both were silent as Kin pulled out the supplies she’d need to use to work.

“So what did Kurama say to you?” Amara finally asked. Kin looked up at her.

“He told me I couldn’t dump the project on you and that he’d be watching us to make sure we work together, and that if one of us didn’t attempt to work with the other, or neither of us work together, someone or both of us will fail.” Kin answered. Amara took a moment to process what Kin had said, then nodded her head.

“So…how will we do this?” Amara asked.

“Carefully.” Was Kin’s answer. "Out of the gang, I’m the easiest person you could have been paired with to work on something with. I don’t exactly hate you like the others, I just dislike seeing my friends get hurt, even if they bring it on themselves.

“I don’t mind working with you on this project anyways, you are one of the top students in this class, despite how the others call you a retard. Regardless, I don’t think either of us wants to spend too much time with the other, so I suggest that starting tomorrow we meet here after school everyday and work on this project. Agreed?”

“Slight problem with that.” Amara answered. “I have volleyball team practice every Monday and Wednesday, and this Thursday I have a doctor’s appointment after school. Friday I can meet you here after school, and do we meet on weekends?”

Kin thought about that for a moment, before shaking her head, no. “Let’s leave weekends open unless we seem to be falling behind. The girls and I tend to go shopping or travel around town for some fun during the weekends; I can only guess how they’d respond to me not attending to work with you.” Amara nodded her head in understanding.

“Alright then, this will be a good chance to learn more abo-” Amara suddenly stopped talking. She took a moment to compose herself, before continuing, “a good chance to learn more about you since I can only make assumptions at this point.”

“You alright?” Kin asked, referring to Amara’s pause. Amara nodded her head.

“I’m fine, just my condition flaring up.” Amara answered, a small blush on her cheeks.

“Oh…that must suck, going at random times with no warning at all.” Kin responded. Amara shrugged her shoulders.

“It’s something you adjust to; it’s out of my hands at the moment.” Amara explained. “So, what’s our project on?”

Kin told Amara what the project was on and the two went to the nearest computers available, Kin to look up books in the library, and Amara to look up information on the web. The two worked for the entire period on locating sources with information they could use, and sited the ones they could. When the bell rang, both packed up, nodded to each other, and left to their next class.


“Okay, what’s going on, Queen told me you had a situation in history class.” Trish asked Kin. It was the fifth period of the day, and it was lunch for Kin, Ino, and Trish. The three were currently sitting at a round table in the corner of the cafeteria, away from most of the students.

“I got paired with Amara on a project, and the teacher is watching us specifically. If we don’t cooperate and work together on this project, the one of us, or both of us will fail, and this project is worth one fourth of our grades in the class. Seeing as I’m not doing so well in the class, I need a good grade to help pick up my total grade in the class.” Kin explained. Both Trish and Ino gasped at this. Ino tried to comfort Kin while trish was deep in thought. After a few minutes passed, Trish finally spoke up.

“You should sabotage Amara and get her to fail as well, knowing that retard, she’s worse off then you in the class. You can still move up a grade even if you have an F in one class.” Trish stated, laughing at the idea of seeing Amara fail. Ino looked unsure, and Kin just shook her head, no.

“Actually Trish, Amara is at the top of the class, second only to Light Yagami. Failing this project wouldn’t make her fail, but I would.” Kin replied. Trish took a sip of her drink, deep in thought, before responding.

“Then we’ll have to help you do this project, Amara will most likely do her own thing and leave you in to rot because of how badly we beat her.” Trish said, a small grin forming on her face at the end. Ino grinned as well, but Kin shook her head again.

“Won’t work, if we both hand in our own, separate works, Kurama will fail us anyways. I’ve already worked it out with Amara that we’ll meet every Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays after school to work on the project, get it over with A.S.A.P. I do have one request, if you girls really wanna help me through this.” Kin said.

“What do you need?” Ino asked. Kin took a deep breath.

“I’d like you all to lay off Amara for the next three weeks.” Kin said, before raising a hand to stop Ino and Trish’s protests. “Three weeks is the project’s deadline, and if Amara and I are to finish it, we both need to be able to work, and I don’t see how that would be possible if we keep wailing on her during that time. We can go after others in the meantime, only getting her if she gets involved, and can even plan a big strike for once the project is in, but for now, we need to leave her be.”

Ino looked at Trish, at a loss of what to do. Trish had her eyes closed, thinking about every possible solution. She didn’t have any dirt on Kurama, so she couldn’t blackmail him into changing Kin’s partner, nor remove him as a teacher with someone she could manipulate. Then an idea struck her, and she opened her eyes and smiled.

“That’s fine.” Trish announced. This caused Ino and Kin to look at her. “While you two are working on your project, the rest of us will remind everyone who’s in charge around here. With Amara occupied, everyone else will be easy pickings.” Ino praised Trish’s genius, while Kin nodded her head, though inwardly disliking the idea.

On the other side of the lunch room, Amara was eating her lunch with a few of her friends, Rock Lee, Yuffie Kisaragi, Ray Kon, and Mariah Wong. Ray wore a Chinese martial arts outfit, had black hair that reached down to his ankles, though was wrapped up so as to not bother himself or others around him. He had catlike eyes, goldenrod in color, and several of his teeth looked catlike. Mariah had pink hair that went down her back, goldenrod eyes that were catlike, and like Ray, some teeth that seemed catlike. She wore a white shirt and pants, both with pink trims on the outlines, and a pink sweater around her waist. They chatted while they ate some topics about class, others on martial arts they practiced. That’s when they heard someone nearby loudly announce, “Get a room you two.” The group turned towards the voice.

They saw a boy with spiky hair, a brownish blond color, with blue eyes. He wore a black jacket with a black shirt underneath it, and a pair of black baggy shorts, a crown shaped necklace hanging off his neck. Next to him was a girl who had blue eyes and red hair that fell to her shoulders. She wore a pink and white zip up dress, and had a star shaped lucky charm tied to her wrist. The last person, a guy, had silver hair, strand style, and aquatic green eyes. He wore a black shirt with a zip up vest over it, yellow and white in color, and baggy, blue pants.

“Oh be quiet Riku, you’re just jealous Namine isn’t around to make out with while I have Kairi.” The brown haired boy said. Riku rolled his eyes.

“I do miss Namine, but at least I make out with her in private, people are trying to eat in here you know.” Riku responded. Sora was about to say something, when Kairi placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Riku, I’ve been waiting years to be able to do this with Sora, if you don’t want to watch you can just move, I’m not about to stop.” Kairi said. Without waiting for Riku to respond, she turned back to Sora and kissed him full on the lips. Sora wrapped his arms around Kairi, pulling her onto his lap while Kairi wrapped her arms around his neck. Riku just threw his hands in the air before grabbing his tray and walking to the nearest trash bin.

Yuffie smiled at the sight, it gave her hope to someday find someone to love like that, hopefully Leon. She was about to comment on it when she saw Amara staring at the two. Amara’s face showed little emotion, but her eyes flashed a number of them. Yuffie could see longing, jealousy, and hopelessness to name a few. Not liking seeing her sister-like best friend in this state, Yuffie wrapped an arm around her shoulder.

“Don’t worry Amara, you’ll find someone, I’m certain of it.” Yuffie assured her. Amara sighed.

“I wish I was as confident as you are, no has felt right since I was with her…damn that bastard for sending her to that institute.” Amara growled at the end.

“Give it time Amara, you’ll find someone who accepts you for who you are, and then you’ll be truly happy. If anyone deserves that, it’s you.” Ray told her. Amara turned around and gave him a small smile, to which Ray nodded his head at.

“Yes, your flames of youth will certainly lead you to a better, happier future Amara!” Lee exclaimed. Everyone at the table sweat-dropped at this, but Amara nodded her head acknowledging Lee’s statement, less he continue speaking.

“And at the nearly impossible chance it doesn’t,” Mariah started, carefully picking her words, “you’ll still be much better off then Trish anyways. Anyone who goes to that manipulative bitch only wants her power or money. If she doesn’t change her ways, she will end up alone in life, never finding love outside of her family, and I bet that won’t last very long after her father is forced to step down from being mayor in four years.”

Amara’s smile grew at this. “You’re right, thanks you guys, I needed that.” The group nodded their heads at her, smiling back. Just then, the bell rang, and the students in the cafeteria scrambled to get to their next classes.


Three periods later, the final bell of the day rang, signifying the end of the school day. Amara exited her class and navigated her way down the hallway to her locker. When she got there, she was surprised to see Kin leaning on her locker. Amara walked over, stopping just before her.

“Can I help you with something?” Amara asked. The students around the two began to slow down, some stopping altogether. Seeing Amara and one of Trish’s crew members together usually meant a fight, and few had seen Kin fight, though rumors had spread that she had caused internal injuries to the last guy that pissed her off in her last school.

“Not really.” Kin answered. “Just wanted to let you know you don’t have to look over you shoulder as long as we’re partners on the project. I talked to the girls, and they agreed to lay off you until we hand in the project, since I need the grade, and the only way to get it is to work with you for it.” That being said, Kin stood up, grabbed her bag, and started walking off, much to the crowd’s disappointment.

She was only a short distance away when she felt someone grab her arm. Turning around she saw it was Amara. Kin was about to ask what Amara wanted when Amara suddenly leaned in and pressed her lips with Kin’s. The crowd gasped, as did Kin, her’s being muffled, but her wide eyes expressing her shock loud and clear. Kin’s emotions where spinning out of her control, and before she could stop herself, she began kissing back. Not even a second later, however, Amara pulled away, leaving Kin in a state of confusion.

“That was my way of saying thank you.” Amara explained. “Your friends can be a pain in the ass sometimes.” Amara then giggled as Kin, still completely blown away from the kiss, nodded her head dumbly at her statement. “Anyways, see ya tomorrow in the library.” Amara then walked off, leaving Kin standing there in the middle of the crowd.

Once Amara was out of sight, the crowd turned it’s attention to Kin, who hadn’t moved an inch. Kin put a hand to her head, trying to get a hold of her emotions. It took her a minute to, and when she looked around, she saw everyone staring at her. Knowing she had to do something to save her reputation, she did the only thing she could think of. “THE SHOW’S OVER, GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!!!” The students scattered, some falling over one another to Kin’s amusement. A minute later, the hallway was completely empty. Kin allowed herself a small smile as she raised a hand to her lips, the same lips Amara had kissed. Giving a small giggle, she ran off, heading for home.

Ten minutes later, she arrived home, flying through the front door and up the stairs. She quickly headed into her room and closed the door behind her. As she moved to her bed, she dropped her backpack, undid her belt, let her pants drop to the floor, and pulled her panties off as she knelt down in front of her bed. Reaching under it, she pulled out a white grocery bag, and reached inside. Grabbing the only item inside, she pulled out Amara’s diaper, the one she had dropped yesterday in the bathroom. The purple diaper was still clean, the tapes still attached, so Kin just slid it up her legs and shifted it around till it was firmly on her waist.

Sitting on her bed, Kin finally let out her pent up emotions, and gave a huge squeal of delight. She ran her hand over her lips, letting herself get lost in the memory of the kiss she shared with Amara. She didn’t now how long she sat there, but when she snapped out of it, she felt rather tired. It had been a long day, both physically and emotionally, so Kin pulled off her vest and shirt, pulled on her night shirt, and got under her blanket, intent on taking a small nap, hoping to have dreams of Amara and herself together.


Naruto: Naruto, Sakura, Kin, Ino, Rock Lee
Digimon: Rika, Davis, Kari
Kingdom Hearts: Sora, Riku, Kairi, Namine, Leon, Yuffie
Yu Yu Hakusho: Kurama
Death Note: Light Yagime
Megaman: Maylu
Beyblade: Queen, Kai, Ray, Mariah
OCs: Trish, Kurama

And that’s chapter 2! I hope you all enjoyed it. Chapter 3 will have a little surprise, and some excitement with new gym teachers, and to be nice, I’ll give you a hint on the teachers. For the girls, purple hair. The guys, bells. Remember all the series that are involved in this story, and you may figure it out. Till next time!

What True Love Is Capable Of Ch. 2

I simply LOVE this story !!! Can’t wait for the next chapter!!