What True Love Is Capable Of Ch. 1

What True Love Is Capable Of

Twilight3 here. This is the multi-x-over fic I was talking about. Contains characters from Naruto, Bleach, Beyblade, Digimon, Yu Yu Hakusho, Death Note, DBZ, Kingdom Hearts, Megaman, and a number of OCs. Enjoy!


Chapter 1: Crush

The girl slammed back first into the locker, biting back a growl as she stared at the group before her. The first girl had black hair, down to her shoulder blades, crimson eyes. The second had cotton candy pink hair flowing down her back, emerald green eyes laughing at the misery being caused. The third had long, pale blond hair tied back in a ponytail, her cerulean blue eyes sharing pinky’s enjoyment. The fourth had black hair, grey eyes that stared emotionlessly at her. The last had long, black hair that reached her knees, despite being in a ponytail, a purple ribbon tied at the end, her black eyes staring with next to no emotion at all at the scene in front of her.

“What’s the matter diaper girl? Not gonna fight back? Smart, since you wouldn’t win anyways.” The crimson eyed girl stated. She watched the other girl get upright on her feet. Her long, sea-green hair went down her back to her knees, would be dragging if she hadn’t tied it back into a ponytail. Several bangs moved over her face, more held back by the headband over her forehead. Her violet eyes seemed to glare holes through her head, but it did not have that desired effect.

“Oh please, we all know I could take you and your goons by myself. Just because I need diapers doesn’t mean I’m helpless like a baby, you of all people should remember that Trish.” The violet eyed girl smirked as she finished her retort. The crimson eyed girl, Trish, and her group of girls growled in response.

“Shut up Amara! We can beat your diapered ass no problem, right Ino?”

“Yeah Sakura, she’s just like a big baby in grade school! Queen, you and Trish could take her yourselves, right?” The black haired girl with the emotionless stare just nodded her head in agreement. “What about you Kin, think you can handle this overgrown baby?”

Kin just looked at Amara, Amara staring back. Finally, she said, “I don’t think she’s worth the effort.” Most of the girls turned to look at Kin. “What? She gets President ranks in gym class, and has managed to match Yuffie in spars, and she two years older then the rest of us. We can beat her, yes, but I don’t think its worth getting detention or suspension over being late to class over beating her ass.”

Everyone looked down the hallway, the clock on the corridor showing the time, 8:58, just two minutes before class started. Trish turned to Kin. “Nice catch, we can always get her after school.” She turned to Amara. “Till then diaper girl.” Trish, Ino, Sakura and Queen walked off to their respective classes, leaving Kin and Amara alone in the hallway. Amara pulled her shorts up a bit, covering up the small bit of purple padding that had been showing from being shoved around.

“You know, most girls don’t want to be in the same hallway with the diapered lesbian, much less help her avoid conflict with the popular crowd.” Amara told Kin. Kin just looked at her.

“Don’t read to far into this. You’re in front of my locker and I don’t want anything inside damaged from fighting with you, that’s all.” Kin stated. Amara stared at her for a moment, before shrugging her shoulders.

“Whatever.” She bent over to pick her bag up off the ground, giving Kin a great view of her padded behind, purple material sticking out over the top of Amara’s shorts. She straightened up a few seconds later. “At least I got an excuse for being late to class, needing a change. Have fun trying to get to class on time.” Amara walked off. Kin shook her head, before moving to her locker, opening it, exchanging books, closing it, then rushed to class, only just making it before the bell rang.


Trish leaned back against the school’s wall, covered in the shade, just outside the building. She adjusted her black jeans and her crimson shirt, trying to get comfortable. “Damn it, where is she?”

“Maybe she snuck out? She knows she can’t beat us.” Sakura suggested. She was wearing a red shirt with blue shorts.

“I doubt that forehead girl, Amara doesn’t usually give us ammo to use on her, not showing up when she knows we’re waiting for her is one definitely ammo she wouldn’t want us using.” Ino answered. She was wearing a purple shirt and a matching purple skirt that went down to just above her knees.

Kin leaned back against the wall next to Trish. She had on a grey shirt with a light green vest over it, and a pair of blue jeans. “Queen isn’t here either.” Kin commented. “You think she went after Amara herself?” Trish closed her eyes to think for a moment, before they snapped open.

“Shit! I forgot!” Everyone turned to Trish. “Queen has volleyball practice today, Amara’s on the team too!” All the other girls groaned as well.

“You mean we’ve been waiting here for over an hour and she’s not gonna show up?” Ino asked incredulously. Kin nodded her head, the logic clear to her.

“So should we wait for her tomorrow after school?” Kin asked. “She doesn’t have any groups to go to then.” Trish thought for a moment, then nodded her head.

“That will work. Ok girls, we’ll meet here tomorrow after school, then we can make Amara know her place in the social order.” Everyone agreed and went their separate way. Kin hadn’t walked three steps before she snapped her fingers.

Damn, forgot my history book. Hate that class.’ Kin turned around and walked back inside. She was near her locker when she felt nature calling. ‘Rather not be too much like Amara.’ Kin turned down a hallway and entered a nearby bathroom. She was about to enter a stall when the one next to it opened up, and Amara walked out, her half open bag over her shoulder. She gave a squeal of surprise at seeing Kin, losing grip on her bag for a moment.

“What are you doing here? Sneaking around?” Amara asked once she composed herself. Kin just looked at her.

“It’s after school hours, this part of the building is usually empty, and it’s the gym and fields I’d have to sneak around if I wanted to sneak at all.” Kin answered. “Don’t you have volleyball practice today?” Amara raised an eyebrow. She crossed her arms and leaned back against the stall she had just come out of.

“Memorizing my schedule, isn’t that something a stalker would do?” Amara asked.

“Ask Trish, she’s the one who’s obsessed with tormenting you.” Kin answered. Amara nodded her head at that answer.

“Yeah, if she hadn’t tried attacking me with that knife, I’d say she was coming onto me. Either that, or she had a thing for the diapers I wear.” Amara said.

“Yeah, well, there aren’t many people who need to wear diapers in 9th grade, and they usually keep it quiet. And how did she get away with attacking you with a knife?”

“All the perks of being the Mayor’s daughter, it’s like she runs the place. I guess you hadn’t heard about that incident because you moved her only just after it was resolved last year. And as for that diaper thing, Tayuya wears them at night, and everyone knows that. Why doesn’t Trish go after her?”

“Because, Tayuya doesn’t give, and I quote, “A rat’s ass who the hell you or your father are,” she gave Trish a black eye when she revealed her nighttime troubles to everyone. The fact that you don’t fight back much makes you an easy target for her. Tayuya just isn’t worth it, nor does she wear during the day.”

“Well I can’t help it that I need diapers during the day, that car crash I was in as a little girl caused the damage, and my step mom doesn’t have the money right now for a bladder transplant operation.”

“Yet she does for all the diapers you’ve gone through since she adopted you…how many years?” Amara started blushing.

“Four years…and fine, she doesn’t want me to get the operation until I move out.” Amara saw Kin’s questioning look and sighed. “Mom’s body can’t sustain life inside it, meaning she can’t have children of her own, just like I can’t. I’m the closest thing to a baby she’s gonna get, and since she was kind enough to take me from that orphanage and give me a relatively normal life, I figured it’s the least I can do for her.” Kin looked at Amara.

“At that perspective…I guess it’s understandable. Just don’t mention it to the others, they’ll just use it as ammo against you.” Amara tilted her head to the side, a questioning look on her face.

“You’re not gonna tell them?” Kin shrugged her shoulders.

“What have I to gain from telling them? I’m comfortable hanging in the background, not in the spotlight. Besides, I’d rather not be considered one of Trish’s lapdogs, giving her information about her victims for little treats.” Kin made a gagging sound, sticking a finger in her open mouth. Amara smirked at the gesture.

“You’re different from the others…” Amara said. Kin just looked at her. “I mean that’s a good thing, Sakura and Ino will do whatever Trish tells them to do if they think she’ll help them get dates with Sasuke and Kai. Queen just hangs with you girls so she isn’t considered an outcast, but you, you were just the new girl Trish took under her wing. You didn’t need anything she offered, I find it interesting she’d have someone like you in her group, you could be considered a loose cannon for her. But maybe I’m reading too much into this.” Amara stood up, stretching for a moment before heading to the door of the bathroom. “I got to go, besides, it wouldn’t do for you to be seen with me, right?” not waiting for an answer, Amara walked out of the bathroom, leaving Kin to ponder her words.

Kin didn’t ponder long, as she quickly became aware of how badly she needed to go. She quickly entered the stall, locked it, dropped her backpack and pants, pulled her panties off, and sat down on the toilet just in time to feel herself let loose. Kin sighed in relief, mentally slapping herself for talking with Amara long enough to nearly wet herself due to lack of attention.

Once she was done, she cleaned herself up, flushed, and pulled her pants and panties back up. She exited the stall and washed her hands with soap and water. As she went back for her bag, she noticed something on the floor in the stall next to hers. Upon closer inspection, it was one of Amara’s Molicare diapers! Kin ignored it and went to grab her bag, but she couldn’t help but look at the diaper on the floor. It was unopened, so Kin could easily assume it fell out of Amara’s bag when she inadvertently startled her. Taking a quick glance around, Kin grabbed the diaper and quickly put packed it away deep in her bag. She left the bathroom then; she still needed to get her history book after all.


Kin walked through the front door of her house. Closing it behind her, she checked around the living room, before finding what she expected, a note from her mother. Reading it over, she knew her mother was working late at the hospital and would not be home till much later that night, if not early morning.

Kin sighed; she almost never had anytime to be with her mom, both of them suffering the curse of not having a husband/father figure to help out with the bills so there was time to be a family. Of course, things hadn’t been like that when her father had been around, no, they were-

Don’t think about him!’ Kin mentally yelled to herself. ‘That bastard isn’t worth a second of your time, not now, not ever, not after what he did to us!’

Kin shook her head to rid herself of such, unpleasant, thoughts. Kin walked upstairs, and headed to her room. She did need to do her homework, but decided a nice shower would do her good right now, get her mind off her father. She dropped her bag off in her room, before getting undressed and walking down the hallway and opening the closet door. Grabbing a towel, she entered the bathroom and started the water in the tub. Adjusting the temperature to her satisfaction, she then hit the mechanism that activated the shower, and jumped in. She proceeded to wash her hair first, then she soaked in the water, letting it just flow down her developing body as she let her mind wander over more pleasant events that happened that day.

I talked to her.’ Kin thought. ‘I actually talked to her, and twice in the same day! And Amara actually thinks highly of me! Well, more so then the others for not being Trish’s lapdog. Amara…I wish I could be more like you, you don’t care what happens to yourself, you care more about others. Trish picks on you the most because you always got involved when she started picking on others, not just because you needed diapers or because you’re an open lesbian…I only hope someday I can be open about myself like you are.

Kin stayed in the shower for a few more minutes before turning it off. She stepped out and quickly dried herself off, then her hair. Wrapping her hair up with her towel, she then walked back to her room in the nude, her house after all. She entered her room and grabbed a purple night shirt off her bed. Since she wasn’t going anywhere tonight, nor expecting company, she figured she might as well get into her pajamas. Pulling the shirt on, she realized she was in need of a new one due to the fact that it rode up due to the size of her developing chest, leaving her midriff showing.

Kin walked over to her underwear drawer, and was about to open it, when she remembered what she picked up in the bathroom. She walked over to her backpack, opened it, reached inside, and pulled out the fresh diaper, staring at it. ‘No one’s around…and it’s something that belongs to Amara, one of the few things I have of her’s…ah, what the hell, no one will know.

Kin opened the diaper to it’s fullest before setting it on her bed. She carefully sat down on it, making sure she was on the center of it. Pulling the front and back of it up, both over her backside and up between her legs over her front, she then grabbed one of the tapes on the side and carefully taped it up on the front of the diaper. She then pulled a tape from the other side and did the same. She repeated the process once more with each side, the slowly stood up.

The diaper had a lot of padding, Kin noted. She had a hard time keeping her legs together. The diaper itself was, surprisingly for Kin, quite comfortable. Kin found herself wishing she could wear diapers more often, before she immediately smacked herself mentally for thinking that, it was meant for waste after all, something Kin wanted no part of doing. Kin took a few steps, trying to get a feel for walking in the diaper, and found that it was difficult to walk rather then waddle. Thinking back to the fights she had seen, Amara seemed to be very effective with high kicks, ones that usually caught people in the throat, jaw, or face. Seeing how her diapers affect leg posture and movement, Kin could see how effective her kicks were, the diaper giving them a little extra snap.

Kin sat down on her bed, dragging her bag across the floor, and pulled out a binder that contained her writing utensils. Pulling out a pencil, she reached under her pillow and pulled out a grey and purple edged booklet out, her diary. Flipping through it, she reached the last page she had written in. Seeing it nearly full, she moved on to the next page and started writing.

[i][u]March 3rd,

Today was pretty boring class wise, a highlight was when Rika caught Naruto in the ear with a spitball, he jumped right out of his seat, shouting “What the hell was that?!” Everyone laughed, and Naruto got detention for disrupting the class.

Trish and the girls were after Amara again today. I wish they’d leave her alone, but then Amara does give them reason to pick on her, she does get in the way of Trish bullying others, I can’t really fault Amara for doing that. At the same time, she has next to no friends because of it, no one wants to face Trish because she’s ‘Daddy’s little princess,’ ugh. It wouldn’t matter normally, except that she’s the Mayor’s daughter, and he goes out of the way to make sure Trish is happy, even abusing the power of his position. I get the feeling that Trish targets Amara because she’s afraid that Amara will be the one to take her down, and I agree that with that idea. If anyone can take Trish down, it’s Amara.

Speaking if Amara, guess what I’m wearing? One of her diapers! No, not used, it fell out of her bag in the restroom we were in. We met up in there by chance, and I learned a bit more about her. She’s actually spent only a few years in diapers, contrary to Trish’s theory that she never was potty trained, even though she knows about Amara’s medical condition behind it. The last girl that corrected her on that, well, Bula’s popularity statues is unsettled at the moment, her mother is the head of a major corporation in the city. Bula is probably the only person in the school who could get away with angering Trish with next to no consequences.

Anyways, Amara was adopted by her step mom, who apparently can’t have children of her own, can’t give birth I mean. Despite being able to afford a bladder transplant, which would allow Amara to be potty trained, Amara has chosen to continue wearing diapers for the past few years, and the next few until she moves out from her mother’s home. She’s chosen to continue wearing so that her mom can change her like she would a baby, as a way to give back to her for giving Amara a relatively normal life. I gotta admit, making a sacrifice like that, my respect for Amara has grown.

I also found out how observant Amara is. She’s figured out that Trish is manipulating the others. Sakura’s crush on Sasuke, Ino’s crush on Kai, they don’t realize they don’t stand a chance against Temari and Julia for the boys, even with Trish’s help. Queen doesn’t usually show emotions, but she doesn’t like to be alone. She moved to Sunset city two years before I did, having been teased for being so different in the eyes of others, and for beating up said people. Trish gives her the attention she desires in exchange for both added muscle and a bodyguard.

And me, well, I just want to be normal, I don’t want anyone knowing what fath-that bastard did to me and mom, nor my preferences because of it. Trish doesn’t know why I want to be seen as normal, thank kami for that, but I don’t know why she picked me as part of her group. I’m careful about how I am involved, I only fight when I’m provoked, and I only defend the group when Trish wasn’t around or someone was near an emotional break…maybe that’s why she keeps me around, my character is believable to the staff, thus allowing the entire group more leeway. This causes even upperclassmen to cater to Trish’s group…I never realized how important I was!

Well, that’s the highlights of today, mom’s not gonna be home till really late, so I’m free to wear the diaper for as long as I like. I think I’ll sleep in it tonight, mom never pulls the covers down off me when she kisses me goodnight or wakes me up. Anyways, I got homework to do now, so I got to go. I’ll write more tomorrow.[/u][/i]

Kin closed her diary and placed it back under her pillow. Grabbing her history book, she flipped to the chapter assigned for homework and started reading, the review questions would help tremendously with the history test that Thursday.


Naruto: Naruto, Sakura, Ino, Kin, Tayuya, Sasuke, Temari
Beyblade: Kai, Julia, Queen
DBZ/GT: Bula (Bulma’s daughter)
Digimon: Rika
OCs: Trish, Amara

Twilight3 here! That’s the first chapter of my new fic. I hope I’ve given you all an idea of what can be expected in this story. I added a section at the end to tell what series certain characters were from to help ease any confusion and help build a better mental picture of the scenes. Had trouble with clothing description, if that wasn’t obvious enough. I’ll figure something out later. Anyways, writing is a great stress release for me, so that’s how I got this out, even with all the college work I need to do. Anyways, don’t expect chapter 2 for a while, I’m about to get real busy. Don’t forget to leave a comment, I thrive on them!

What True Love Is Capable Of Ch. 1

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What True Love Is Capable Of Ch. 1

Great story, can’t wait for more!!!

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If you’ll note, this story is more than a decade old. That said, this story was continued at the time it was written, so you should be able to find it.

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