What to do?

I have a tin roof, and it needs painting. Gonna take about 10 gallons of aluminum paint to do (at about $130 per five gallon bucket) and climb ladders for two days or so - with my bad as hell knees - and paint it myself…

…or I can buy the paint and hire my ex-brother-in-law for $50 and a 30-rack. Thing is, I can’t STAND the guy. He’s crude and loud; honestly, he’s a walking stereotypical Redneck. Oh, and add to that he looks down on me like I’m less than he for the simple fact I’m a Yankee, and also because I don’t drink like he does. I really don’t know why he even offered in the first place.

So, what would you do?

Re: What to do?

He probably needs the cash for more beer.

That said, I’d hire the ex. It’s cheaper and you don’t take the risk of falling off a roof. You have insurance, right?


Re: What to do?

A 30-rack is a 30 pack of beer.

And yeah,I have insurance. Not a lot, but some. Probably not enough to cover falling off a ladder thought lol…

I figure I can just take the twinnies to the Nashville Zoo and let the idiot roast in the sun…

Re: What to do?

Never heard that term. Is it also Keystone Light or Natural Ice? I am a beer snob so I am assuming that your ex-brother-in-law isn’t picky about the type of beer you buy him.

Re: What to do?

No, he sure isn’t lol. And seeing as how I’m the one buying it, I’ll get him the cheapest crap I can find ;D He usually drinks Natty Light (which is urine in a can if you ask me) but he’ll drink whatever.

Re: What to do?

I say hire the guy.

Who cares if he’s loud and obnoxious; while he’s working like a slave for slave wages, you can sit in the house sipping wine and complaining about “The Help”'s low-brow’s ways.

Make a day of it. Put somethig snobby on the telly… a Masterpiece Theatre episode, perhaps, and wear a smoking-jacket and slippers the whole time as your beer-swillin’ redneck labours under your command ;D :smiley:

I’m not a wealthy man, and I like doing what I can for myself, but whenever somebody offers me to do dirty work for cheap, I’m ALL over that deal. Makes me feel wealthier than I really am.

For instance, I have a maid, even though I live in a crappy old house and earn a wage like anybody else. It makes me feel better, it gets the house-cleaning that I despise most done (dusting, floor-washing, bathroom cleaning), the lady is really cool and nice so it’s fun, too, and she works just two hours a week at 12 bucks an hour… a steal of a deal.

Hire the lout. Saves your ass the risks, earns the guy some beer, and you can hide in the house while he works.

Everyone wins :slight_smile:

Re: What to do?

Is he a redneck or white trash? Only asking because where I am, being considered a redneck is a good thing. It means you’re willing to do good work for less money, among other things. White trash on the other hand is the complete opposite and in most of the cases I have seen they are the ones who tend to live in broken down double wides and tell the same story over and over without realizing it. Having known plenty of both I choose to be around rednecks more. Although rednecks can be dicks as well. If it were me and he is white trash I wouldn’t even buy him beer. Get him some mountain dew and tell him get started.

Re: What to do?

Hire him. Use it to bring the family together. He’s probably trying to be helpful.