What not to do in your new school uniform


What not to do in your new school uniform


lol. Bugger.

What not to do in your new school uniform

More like dumb-assed idiot if you ask me. That’s what I think. There’s a time and a place for fantasies, but acting out on them like that is just plain stupid.


What not to do in your new school uniform

This, exactly.

Anybody who thinks that Japan is regularly more openminded than the US hasn’t been there, and has likely learned everything that they know about the country from Anime.

The fact is that Japan is much, MUCH less socially accepting than the US. Now, despite this, it is much easier for a fringe market (ie: Fetishistic Infantilism) to survive for two reasons:

1: Sheer force of population. Japan has roughly half the population of the US, and such makes it easier to find a market for pretty much anything. While the peer pressure by this level of population is evident, it also comes with the factor of “big city” population that actually results in an increased privacy level (thus, the Japanese “Otaku” cultural phenomenon, which is only just starting to hit the US).

2: Overhead. It is a lot cheaper, in Japan, to publish/broadcast/create in general. They have a subsidized internet infrastructure and a fairly… broad spectrum of television programming. This makes for a bit more cultural diversity.

Public crossdressing is fairly legal, far as I know, in most cities in Japan (the last time I know of it being illegal is over a hundred years ago). the issue, in this case, seems to be the minor public disturbance and the trespassing.

What not to do in your new school uniform

I have nothing against him going dressed out as a girl, but going to a school as he were a teenage girl was just disturbing. That’s all.

I just found that disturbing and I only put that down. Just thought it was wrong to act out a fantasy around teenage girls, and that’s the only part I have a problem with.


What not to do in your new school uniform

But he did got to the school. He deliberately walked to where the school was, when the students were outside. He may not have intended to enter the school grounds, but he did go to the school. He could have walked around elsewhere, where he would have gotten looks and probably people calling him names, but he choose to walk to where the school was when the girls were outside.

Now, I think just about everyone here is old enough to know how teenage girls react to something different.

And how do you know his intents Vickie, for all anyone knows he planned on entering the school and molesting one or more of the girls.

I have no problem with his choice of clothes, I have a problem with his choice of where he decided to go in them. Would either of you, Vickie or Lin, put on a school girls uniform and go walk past the school that it belonged too?

What not to do in your new school uniform

Nope. A truancy center would pick me up before the kids would notice me. :stuck_out_tongue:

(They question me when I’m in plainclothes. Only moreso, I’d imagine, when I’m in a recognized school uniform).

I fully agree that it was a pretty stupid thing to do. It just wasn’t technically illegal, as far as I can see, until he trespassed.

What not to do in your new school uniform

Maybe it was a social experiment, or he wanted to see if he could blend in, or whatnot.

We’ll never know what his intentions were. Now, onto my comment that I initially made; I thought his intentions were that he was trying to go into to the school as if he were a student there. That was why I said what I did. AND THAT, I do have a problem with. I NEVER meant that wearing the schoolgirl outfit was wrong, but where he went was a bit disturbing.

There is nothing wrong with a guy wearing a dress or, a wig in public, I think. I just thought when I read the article the first time, that he was going to try to go to the school as a student, or he was there for some dirty means like try to molest one of the girls at the school.

I should have been a bit more specific.

I never meant to step on your toes, Vickie.


What not to do in your new school uniform

I think that is disturbing, and I’d sure as hell scream if some old guy came into my school dressed in our uniforms. Why would he do that in the first place? Like I said, disturbing.

What not to do in your new school uniform

I resent the use of the term old when referring to someone 39 years old.

What not to do in your new school uniform

Being on public school grounds on any closed campus school without a pass/visitor badge is trespassing with a few exceptions:

1: If that school is conjoined with a public park (they’ll usually have the school’s “closed” area fenced off, with the preceding rule).

2: If you are on the way to the school’s office to get a pass.

If the school’s officers (Teachers, campus police, administrators, support personnel) have any reason to believe that you are a suspicious person, they are required to call the police to remove you from the campus (which is, technically, an arrest).

It really doesn’t matter whether your taxes pay for the schools. Your taxes pay for lots of places where you aren’t allowed to be. Military bases, prisons, police offices, the backsides of DMV offices, and FBI buildings, and the Pentagon are really great examples of other places that are paid for out of our pockets, and, yet, are closed to us, for the most part.

Now, that being sad, again, this guy was chased onto the school campus. His trespassing, as it were, was under heavy duress. I’d certainly hope that no serious charges were levied (and I imagine that none were). Basically, all that would be done, were it an American school, would be that he would be taken off of the campus and released, told not to come back on-campus. Again, this would actually technically count as an arrest. Charges would only be levied, though, if he were to return to the campus despite being told not to do so.

What not to do in your new school uniform

Let me rephrase then, I’d scream if some guy came into my school grounds. Satisfied?

I just think the fact that he ended up going inside the school grounds after the girls screamed was creepy. Could he have not ran down the street, or away from the school? And the fact that he was dressed in the uniform doesn’t help the situation.

Also, at my school if you aren’t a student and you enter school grounds, you are supposed to go right to the office, state why your there, and sign the visitors form.

Also, why should the girls be in trouble? They are teenage girls, they acted as they saw fit. It’s not the same thing as yelling “Fire” at all.

What not to do in your new school uniform

39 is half dead. And conveniently double my age, making me one quarter dead.

This story made it into the papers because it was funny because it involved cross dressing. It is of no more significance than that.

What not to do in your new school uniform

Read the article.

What not to do in your new school uniform

I’ve never mat a Japanese man over about 20 years old who could pass for a young Japanese woman, I suppose it could happen…

What we don’t know is whether the trespassing laws in Japan, specifically in reference to schools, are different. Whereas it just merits ejection and a fine, if persistent, here. In Japan it might actually merit jail time. I certainly think that the fact that he was chased onto the campus should be a mitigating factor, though.

You are fairly incorrect as to the homogeneous nature of Japanese school uniforms, though. Generally, schools will have exclusive color sets, those sets being very recognizable both by members of other schools (because most Japanese prefectures are ridiculously crowded, schools are not far from each other) as well as by adults in the area (useful in cases of truancy). It is extremely rare to find two uniform color sets which are identical in the same prefecture, if it happens at all, which I don’t think it does. Even Boys’ school uniforms have major differences of color, especially in reference to winter uniforms (not so much in the formal).

What not to do in your new school uniform

Vickie perhaps you should read the article.

“Thirty-nine-year-old Tetsunori Nanpei told police he had bought the uniform over the Internet and put it on to take a stroll near the school in Saitama, north of Tokyo, on Wednesday, the daily Asahi Shimbun said.”

He did not just wander by the school, he chose to go to where the school was. He chose to run onto school grounds, Lin he was not “chased onto the school campus.” He was chased off the campus.

To be honest Vickie, I think the girls did right thing when they saw a man dressed in a school girl uniform headed towards their school. They have no idea of his intentions, which easily could have been to enter the school to molest one or more of the girls.

Actually the story may be even more disturbing than the article I found.


Man in girl’s uniform arrested for sneaking into Saitama school

Friday, February 22, 2008 at 10:23 EST

SAITAMA — Police on Thursday arrested a man for sneaking into a high school in Niiza City, Saitama Prefecture, while wearing a schoolgirl’s uniform. Tetsunori Nanpei, 39, was caught by a teacher and handed over to police.

According to police investigations, the suspect was showing himself to students from inside his car outside the school. After he entered the school building, some students reported him to school officials. When he tried to flee, a teacher caught him.

The suspect was quoted by police as saying, “I bought the Niiza schoolgirl uniform at an online auction. I thought I could camouflage myself at school.” Police said Nanpei was wearing make-up and a pink bra but no other underwear.

This does change things.

It is interesting that the story that went out internationally is different from the one released in Japan.

What not to do in your new school uniform

That second story is much clearer… and very, very disturbing, and very, very illegal in both countries. Ugh. Ew.

What not to do in your new school uniform

I hate it when news leaves out details. You have to read different articles about the situation to know more about it.

What not to do in your new school uniform

Either story is just plain sad. Eww.