What it takes to pass

Here’s a short story I’ve been occasionally working on for a couple of months now. Please let me know what you think.

The future was not looking great for Hannah. She was 4 weeks into her first term of college and was already failing three of her four classes, with the fourth hanging on by a mere three percent. She knew she was in trouble but just couldn’t find the motivation to go to class or do her homework. She tried researching online to see what she could do to get herself motivated, but often she lacked the follow-through to actually follow the guides.

While making her way through the dining hall after lunch, Hannah came across a poster that caught her eye. “Failing your classes?” the large title read. Just below that in a smaller font was “Need help finding motivation? Need a helping hand to help keep you going? Call the number below for help!”. At the bottom of the page was a phone number. Knowing that she was running our of time and options, Hannah took a photo of the number and went back to her dorm.

When Hannah arrived back at her dorm she was the only one home. Her two other suite-mates must have been eating lunch or at class. Hannah’s relationship with them was fairly normal. She wouldn’t really consider them friends, but they all got along and could maintain conversation with one-another.

After going into her room and closing the door Hannah called the number from the poster. After a few moments of ringing a woman answered, sounding not much older than Hannah herself.

“Hello, Christa speaking.” The woman said.

“Hello! I’m Hannah. I’m calling about the poster at Henshaw University.” Hannah responded, a little nervous.

“I see. Are you looking for assistance with passing your classes?”

“Yes, I am. It’s my first term of college and I’m failing almost all of my classes. I just can’t seem to force myself to want to pass.”

“That’s perfectly normal for someone like you. College is a big adjustment and some people just need a little extra help getting their feet on the ground. What do you say we meet in person at the Henshaw dining hall in a couple of hours and talk a bit more in person?”

“That sounds great! I get out of class at 3:00pm and can meet you right after.”

“Alright Hannah, I’ll see you then. Bye bye.” Christa said has she hung up.

Hannah was nervous all throughout her 2:00pm U.S. history lecture. She was having trouble paying attention most of the time, and when she actually tried she was so lost that it almost wasn’t worth it. Once the class was over Hannah made her way to the dining hall, having absorbed nothing.

When she arrived at the dinning hall she spotted a tall brunette woman standing right outside the cafeteria. The woman was wearing business casual clothing along with short heals, giving her an almost intimidating look. Hannah’s gut told her that it was Christa.

'Hello. Are you Christa?" Hannah asked as she approached the woman.

“Why yes, I am. You must be Hannah. It’s nice to meet you in person.” Christa said, reaching out to shake Hannah’s hand.

Hannah shook Christa’s hand and took a moment to analyze Christ further. She seemed to be somewhere in her mid to late twenties. Her long, straight brown hair was hung up in a ponytail. Christa probably had a good 7 inches of height on Hannah, which contributed further to her intimidating aura.

“Well, why don’t we take a seat and we can talk about what you need and what I can provide.” Christa said as she lead Hannah to empty table.

Hannah sat down across the table from Christa. Hannah was having trouble making eye contact due to her nervousness.

“Let’s start with why you called me.” Christa started.

“W-well, as I said on the phone this is my first term of college and I’m failing nearly all of my classes.” Hannah explained.

“I see. And why is that?”

“I have a hard time paying attention in class and I can never bring myself to do my homework. Every time I try I end up getting demotivated and can’t focus.”

“Is that so? I’m thinking that my services would be a good fit for you. What classes are you taking?”

“College Algebra, Beginners Writing, Art History, and U.S. History.”

“And what are your grades like?”

“I have a 27% in math, 49% in writing, 72% in Art History, and a %36 in U.S. History.” I answered, a bit embarrassed.

“Oh, wow. If you don’t get those up you won’t be looking good for next term. It’s a good thing you are taking action now. Midterms are next week, so you may still have time to turn this around. What I think this boils down to is a lack of discipline and motivation on your part. I’m guessing your parents helped keep you on track in high school?” Christ asked.

“That’s right. My mom and dad were always checking my grades making me do my homework. They’re hundreds of miles away now, though.” Hannah explained, realizing a little how much she was missing them.

“And that’s the case for a lot of people like you. You’ve had someone watching over you and making you do your school work your whole life. Without those hands pushing you to succeed, you’re losing pace and falling behind. What I do is act as that hand. I’ll give you the motivation you need to keep your grades up while also helping you develop routines and self-discipline so that you can be your own pushing hand. Do you want to know more?” Christa asked me.

It was honestly all starting to make sense to Hannah now. Back in high school her parents were always threatening her with groundings for not doing her homework. They were always checking her grades and questioning her about low scores or missing assignments. When she had that her grades were fine. But her parents were hundreds of miles away now, and she had only herself to rely on. Realizing there wasn’t any immediate consequence for failing, she let myself slip into a cycle of bad habits.

“Yes. I think this might be exactly what I need.” Hannah answered.

“I think so too. Now, I will warn you that my methods are fairly unconventional. I have found that it’s better if I don’t explain them until it’s time to implement them, as my clients sometimes get cold feet after hearing my plan. I want to assure you that I have a very high success rate though.”

That made Hannah even more nervous. What could be so bad about what Christa does? Would she also get cold feet if she knew what they were, she wondered? In truth it hardly even mattered to her at this point. If she couldn’t change course then she was going to sink. This could be her only chance to turn her future around.

“I’m still interested. As I see it this might be my only chance at staying in college.” Hannah stated.

“Then I think we have come to an agreement. I have some paperwork here for you to sign. Once it’s complete I will work with the school to bill your financial aid account. I charge a flat fee of $60 a week and require payments for a full term.” Christa explained as she handed Hannah multiple pieces of paper.

The first form was a general information form. It asked for Hannah’s personal information, as well as her student ID number and dorm room number. The second, third, and forth pages were all legalese, which Hannah was having a hard time understanding. Eventually she gave up, assuming it to just be consent to let Christa bill Hannah’s account and other mundane information. At the very end it asked for Hannah’s signature, which she penned in without a second thought.

“Very good. I look forward to working with you Hannah. We’ll get started tonight. I am going to come over to your dorm at 6:00pm. I want you to eat dinner beforehand and be ready for me, with all your uncompleted homework. I also want you to setup proxy access to your account for my email address, so that I can monitor your grades.” Christa instructed, handing Hannah a business card that listed her email.

“Alright. I’ll see you tonight then!” Hannah said as she left, proud of herself for finally getting her act together.

When 6:00pm arrived Hannah was incredibly nervous. Honestly she didn’t know what to expect. Was Christa going to act like a tutor? What were her ‘unconventional’ methods? Was this going to be worth the money? She had done everything that Christa had asked of her. Her homework was either sitting on her desk or pulled up on her laptop. She had granted Christa access to view her grades as soon as she got back.

Hannah was waiting in her room when there was a knock on the door. Hannah got up to answer it, but one of her suite-mates who was lounging in the living room beat her to it.

“Hello. I’m looking for Hannah?” Hannah heard Christa ask from the other room.

“She’s in her room right now. I’ll go get her.” Angie, Hannah’s suite-mate, said.

Angie didn’t have a chance though, as Hannah left her room to welcome Christa inside.

“Christa! Hello! Please, come inside.” Hannah said as she approached the door.

“Ah, hello Hannah.” Christa replied.

“Angie, this is Christa. She’s going to help me get my grades up.” I explained.

“Wait? Christa Morris? I think you may have helped my sister when she was in college. She has never told me much about it, but she said you’re the reason she got through college.” Angie stated.

“I am glad I was able to help her! What is her name?” Christa asked Angie.

“Elanor Grace.” Angie answered.

“Oh I remember Elanor! Yep, I helped her get through her sophomore year. I’m happy to hear that she made it all the way through. If you see her please tell her I said hello!” Christa requested.

After a little bit more idle chatter Hannah led Christa back to her room. Once inside Hannah shut the door and Christa placed the bag she was carrying down onto the bed.

“That’s a big bag. What’s in it?” Hannah asked.

“Just some supplies. You’ll see when we get to it. Is that all of your homework on your desk?” Christa asked.

“Oh, yes. I also have the online assignments pulled up on my laptop.”

“Very good. Now, let’s get down to business. If you remember, this afternoon we talked about you having a lack of motivation and needing a pushing hand. Well, that’s exactly what I plan on giving you. Tell me, Hannah, how did your parents discipline you when you were having trouble in school?” Christa asked.

“They usually grounded me or at least threatened to.” Hannah answered, a bit embarrassed.

“I see. Well I am going to take a similar approach with you. Have you ever been spanked Hannah?” Christa asked with no hesitation.

“Spanked?!” Hannah responded, a bit startled.

“Yes. Has your parents or anyone else ever given you a spanking?” Christa asked again.

“N-no!” Hannah answered, almost a bit defensive.

“It’s okay, you don’t need to get worked up. I found in the past that groundings are too hard to enforce on a college student. That, along with numerous other reasons, is why I opt to use spankings as a punishment. Bad grades and missing assignments earn my clients a spanking, with the duration and intensity being decided by the severity. It helps give them a motivation to succeed, so that they can avoid future spankings. I think that’s where we’ll start tonight.” Christa said, as if it was completely normal.

“Y-you’re going to spank me?” Hannah asked, her heartbeat rapidly rising.

“Correct. Come on over.” Christa instructed, taking a seat in Hannah’s desk chair.

Hannah was scared. She had never been spanked before and she certainly wasn’t expecting them to be a part of this. Christa’s reasoning made sense to her but she just couldn’t imagine herself being spanked. Spankings were for kids and Hannah was an adult.

“Come on Hannah, let’s get your spanking out of the way. We have a lot to do tonight” Christa said, patting her lap again.

“I-I don’t know, Christa. Isn’t that a little extreme?” Hannah asked, scared and embarrassed.

“Nope. In fact, I think it’s exactly what you need. Now come on. Don’t make me drag you over here.” Christa threatened.

Hannah gulped as she slowly started approaching Christa. Once close, Christa took hold of her arm and gently guided the small girl over her lap. Due to Hannah’s short stature she was left dangling well above the ground. Hannah’s breathing and heartbeat increased even more once she was positioned. She felt like she was two feet tall.

Hannah yelped when she felt Christa’s fingers slip beneath her pants. Christa wasted no time in sliding them down to Hannah’s ankles. Hannah blushed as her panties were exposed to the older girl. That couldn’t compare to how embarrassed she was when she felt Christa’s fingers hook onto the back of her panties.

“H-hey!” Christa said as her panties were slid down to her ankles.

“Spankings are given bare-bottom, Hannah. Now I’m going to explain how this is going to go. You’ll be spanked one minute for every grade of yours below a ‘C’ and half a minute for every ‘C’. Once we’re done with that you’ll get a paddle swat for every missing assignment you currently have. It looks like tonight’s spanking will last three and a half minutes with 9 paddle swats afterword. Do you have any questions before we start?” Christa asked.

“Will it hurt?” Hannah asked, more nervous than she’d ever been before.

“Yes, Hannah, it will. The pain will help motivate you to do better and avoid more spankings in the future. You should think about what earned you this spanking and what you’re going to do to avoid another one.” Christa said, taking on a more domineering tone.

“W-wait! Won’t Angie and Sierra hear?” Hannah asked, trying to think of a way out of this.

“I would be surprised if they didn’t. Don’t worry though. Once we explain to them that it’s for your own benefit I’m sure they’ll understand. Maybe in the future they will be willing to help with your spankings as well.” Christa answered.

“C-can’t we think of something else?”

“No, Hannah. Now no more stalling. I’m going to set my timer and start. Are you ready?”


“Well you have a few seconds to prepare.”

Christa rested her arms on Hannah’s back while she set a timer on her phone. Once it was ready she clicked ‘start’ and used her right hand to deliver the first smack to Hannah’s bottom. The first spank caused Hannah to let out a small yelp. The small girl clearly was not ready for what was about to come.

Christa steadily delivered swat after swat to Hannah’s exposed butt. Each one sent a jolt of pain through the smaller girl’s backside and caused her to let out a whine. As the spanking continued the swats became harder and the speed picked up. It didn’t take long for Hannah’s whines to turn into expressions of pain.

Hannah was terrified. She had no clue how long had passed since the spanking started and her bottom felt like it was on fire. Each swat was more painful than the last. Before long she could feel tears begin to well-up in her eyes. Not long after they were streaming down her face.

Suddenly Hannah’s door opened. Both Hannah and Christa looked up to see Angie standing there, flustered.

“O-oh! S-sorry to interrupt! I was wondering what all that noise was!” Angie said before quickly closing the door.

The interruption did nothing to stop Christa’s flow. Hard swats continued to rain down on Hannah’s defenseless bottom. Hannah’s crying and embarrassment was worsened by Angie witnessing her being spanked. Hannah felt like she was half her age. How could she hope to see herself as equals with her roommates after being seen in this state?

The spanking continued on with Hannah’s whining growing even louder and more desperate. Her bottom was absolutely on fire with a pain she couldn’t remember ever experiencing before. Eventually she was fully pleading with Christa for her to stop. unfortunately for Hannah her requests fell on deaf ears.

Hannah had no idea how much longer the spanking went on for before she heard Christa’s alarm go off. Relief washed over the smaller girl as the slaps to her bottom ceased. The pain was all still there though, radiating an intense heat from her bottom.

“Now that that’s done we’ll move on to the paddle strokes.” Christa said, motioning for Hannah to stand up.

The intensity of the spanking had caused Hannah to forget all about the nine paddle strokes her missing assignments earned her. A new dread entered her mind as she was reminded. Christa helped her up off her lap and onto her feet. Hannah’s legs were a bit wobbly so she had to try her best to maintain her balance while trying to rub the pain out of her bottom. Her balance wasn’t helped by her pants and panties, which were still pulled down around her knees. The pain prevented her from recognizing how exposed she was.

Christa went over to her bag and pulled out a large, long paddle. When Hannah saw it she became even more scared of what was about to happen. It looked like something you would see used for hazing new pledges in a college movie. When Hannah noticed the grid of holes on the head of the paddle her fear worsened even further.

“Okay Hannah, go ahead and bend over and grab your ankles.” Christa instructed.

“Christa please! I can’t take anymore! Can’t we just get to studying?” Hannah pleaded.

“No Hannah, not until we’ve got your discipline out of the way. Now bend over, or I may have to add more strokes.” Christa threatened, getting a bit annoyed at the younger girls whining/

Hannah gulped as she slowly started to bend over. Her bare bottom becoming more and more vulnerable. When she was and low and she could go she grabbed hold of her ankles and did the best she could to brace herself. Her anxiety grew as she heard Christa approach her.

“Tonight you’re getting nine paddle swats. One for each missing assignment you have. I want you to count each one out loud. If you miscount or forget then we’ll redo that swat. Understand?” Christa explained.

“Y-yes.” Hannah said, very much unready for what was about to happen.

With no warning Hannah suddenly felt pain explode through her bottom. The spankings she got from Christa’s hand earlier were nothing compared to what the paddle could do. Hannah involuntarily let out a scream in shock.

“One!” Hannah yelled, not wanting any more awful strokes than what she was already getting.

Christa drew the paddle back and harshly brought it back down. A loud ‘THWAP’ quickly followed. Hannah shot forward from pain. She was trying her best to mitigate it with a death grip on her ankles, but it didn’t seem to be helping.


This rhythm continued for the next several swats. Each one drew more tears and painful screams out of Hannah. She was now truly understanding why Christa was so effective. Who the hell would want to suffer this every week?!

“Eight!” Hannah cried out shortly after the paddle hit her. Just one more and she was done. It was all she could think about.

“Nine!” Hannah yelled right after the final stroke made contact. Hannah instantly removed hold of her ankles and moved on to rubbing her butt. No matter what she did, she couldn’t get rid of the pain though. If she thought it was bad after the hand spanking, then this feeling was truly horrid.

“Now that your spanking is done we cam move on to part two.” Christa said as she went back over to her bag.

Hannah could have never guessed what Christa was about to pull out. Out of the bag Christa brought out a large, pink package. Hannah couldn’t immediately tell what is was until Christa placed it down onto her bed and she could see the logo. It was a package of children’s pull-ups.

“W-what are those for?” Hannah asked, still trying to get her sobbing under control.

“They’re for you.” Christa said, as if this was normal.

“What? I don’t need diapers!” Hannah exclaimed, almost sounding offended.

“First off, they’re not diapers, they’re pull-ups. And second, they’re the second part of your punishment.” Christa stated.

“What?!” Hannah almost yelled.

“Calm down Hannah. The spankings serve to give you something to dread. They are to help motivate you to study and do your homework by making you fear a more painful spanking. The pull-ups are used to accomplish the same thing but in a different way. Until you’re grades improve and your assignments are turned in your panties are going to be entirely replaced with these. The thick padding and childish designs will embarrass you, motivating you to study and do your homework so that you can earn your big-girl panties back. You can think of them as punishment panties.” Christa explained.

This was too much for Hannah. Not only had she just been spanked like a child, now she was expected to wear diapers meant for potty training toddlers? The logic behind it made sense to her in a way, but she was a college student for god sake! She was much too old to be spanked and wearing pull-ups. And calling them ‘punishment panties’ didn’t make it any better.

“Christa is that really necessary? I’m 18 for crying out loud. I’m way too old to wear those! They probably won’t even fit me!” Hannah exclaimed.

“Oh I bet you they will. And age has nothing to do with this. I don’t expect you to pee in them or anything. They’re just there to give you a goal to work towards and keep you motivated. The pain from a spanking will fade in a day or so, but these will always be there to remind you of what you’re working towards. Now come here, we’ve wasted enough time already.” Christa ordered.

Hannah was trapped. She knew there was no way she was going to talk Christa out of this. Her only hope was that the pull-ups wouldn’t fit and Christa would abandon the idea. Shamefully, Hannah waddled her way over to her bed where Christa was sitting.

Christa started by pulling down Hannah’s pants and panties even farther. She had the smaller girl grab hold of her shoulders while she worked the pants off of her. Next came the panties, leaving Hannah completely exposed from the waist down. Christa then ripped open the package of pull-ups. She pulled one out of the package and allowed Hannah to get a good view of it. The pull-up was all pink. On the front there were several Disney princesses and just below them was a white oval containing an outline of Cinderella’s slipper. A wetness indicator.

Christa pulled the pull-up open and slipped her hands through the leg holes. She stretched open the object and brought it down towards Hannah’s feet, clearly intending for her to step into it. Praying that they wouldn’t fit, Hannah hesitantly slipped her foot through the first hole and then the second. Christa then began to work the pull-up up Hannah’s legs. To her horror, there was little to no resistance as it got higher. Hannah felt utterly defeated as Christa removed her hands and the pull-up conformed to her body perfectly.

“See, I told you they’d fit. Now, as I said before, these are to be your only panties until your grades improve. The only time you’re allowed to remove them is when you’re showering or using the toilet. I don’t care if you’re sleeping, going to class, visiting your parents, or whatever else. Your punishment panties stay on. Understand?” Christa said.

“Yes Christa.” Hannah lightly said while starring down.

“Good girl. Now let’s get to work. Get started on your math homework and let me know if you have any questions or need any help.” Christa said.

Hannah was going to put her pants back on to try to hide the pull-up but was forbidden to by Christa. Humiliated, Hannah brought her padded bottom to her desk. The pull-up was much thicker than her normal panties though. As she walked she noticed that it was slightly forcing her legs apart. Not enough to give her a waddle, but enough for her to notice. She also noticed that every movement resulted in a slight crinkle sound.

Hannah wasn’t ready for the wave of pain that shot through her as she tried to sit down. The pain from her spanking earlier had minor subsided and became relatively unnoticeable as her attention was focused solely on the pull-ups, but when she tried to sit down it was reignited. Hannah quickly shot back up and began rubbing her butt through the back of her pull-up.

“Sit down, Hannah. The pain will fade soon.” Christa ordered.

Hannah slowly lowered herself back down. She winced as her butt made contact with the chair. She kept going though until she was full seated. The pain was horrible at first, but like Christa said it slowly faded. Not enough to not be painful, but enough to where she could divert her attention away from it.

Hannah began working on her homework as ordered. She was interrupted minutes later though when she heard activity behind her. She turned around to see Christa going through her dresser, removing all of her panties.

“What are you doing?” Hannah asked Christa.

“Confiscating your panties so that you aren’t tempted to wear them. Don’t worry, I’ll give them back once your grades improve. Now try to focus on your homework” Christa explained.

Hannah turned back around and tried to focus on her homework. She’d occasionally steal glances back at Christa though. At one point she noticed that Christa was filling up the dresser drawer with pull-ups out of the package. There wasn’t enough room for all of them though, so Christa just left the half full package exposed on top of the dresser.

Hannah could have never imagined herself like this. She though college was her chance to show that she was an adult, yet here she was wearing what was essentially a diaper for toddlers after being spanked like a little kid. The worst part was that she was PAYING for it. Hopefully in the end she would actually be able to pass. It was going to be a long seven weeks.


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