What I am like

Hi, I am glad to be somewhere where people actually care about what goes on here. I tend to be pretty timid at first. I have Aspergers Syndrome, a form of autism for those that don’t know. I am very religious. The reason for this is that God, infantilism and music are the three reasons I have not killed myself. To date the number of times I have considered suicide is in quadruple digits. This can seem concerning due to the fact that I am fourteen. I have attempted suicide about 50 times so far. All this started around when I was nine. My parents have been the driving force for my depression.

Re: What I am like

Sorry to hear you are in such a dark place. I understand, I struggle with depression myself. And I recently cut my parents out of my life for similar reasons. Just find a way to process some of the pain, creative expression helps me for the most part.

I will say that medication really helped me turn my life around.

Just hang in there. It gets better. Message me if you wanna talk.

Praying for you,


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I know I’m replying to a really old topic here, but just to let you know, you’re not the only one with Asperger Syndrome on this site, I have this, my main kink is computer stuff, I know a lot about this and I even have a helpdesk support technician certificate from Microsoft (MCDST) I love to troubleshoot why a computer doesn’t work and like fixing them when I can.