What do you do about a....ummm diaper rash?

I am in one of the most insane pains of my life next to the headaches I frequent after my car accident. I’m a little bit immobile since the accident, so I try to cut down my bathroom trips because it’s always a feat for me. I was all for being diapered all day at first, you’d think it was gonna be pretty sweet especially since my girlfriend’s been changing me. WRONG. She’s gone most of the day, so I’m on my own and sometimes will sit in a wet diaper for a couple hours. For some idiotic reason, I didn’t think I could get a rash, I never have since I was a baby.

I don’t know what to do! I’ve been out of diapers for like 2 days because I figured that would help. Also, My girlfriend brought home some AD and we have this stuff from Canada called Sudocrem, but they’re both not working!! It is now 5:30 in the morning, I’ve been up all night due to to this and I cannot find any relief. What do you guys usually use?

Re: What do you do about a…ummm diaper rash?

It takes longer than two days to get relief from diaper rash. The directions on the back of the ointment say if you don’t see significant improvement in 3-7 days you should seek medical help.

Re: What do you do about a…ummm diaper rash?

You could try rubbing on some Desitin. Not sure if they have it in Canada or if it is the same thing as Sudocrem, but it’s worth trying.

Re: What do you do about a…ummm diaper rash?

Haha actually I’m in Chicago. I ordered Sudocrem because one of the girls I work with suggested it for acne…I took her word for it because she’s a make up artist and knows her shit(I work in a salon). It’s also only available IN Canada, so I ordered it online.

I had my gal pick me up Desitin, on her way home from work. She also picked me up Bouderaux’s Butt Paste, and some anti-fungal ointment for some odd reason…Let’s see how this works.

Re: What do you do about a…ummm diaper rash?

If you are taking any kind of steroids (Prednesone, or any steroid inhaler) then Clotrimazole (that anti-fungal creme that your girlfriend got probably has it in it) will be in order. It may help even if you’re not on steroids.

I know this sounds obvious, but good old fashioned soap and water, followed by air helps more than anything else. Be sure to dry the area fully and wear nothing over the area for several hours if possible.

Desitin will help if it’s simple skin irritation and not a yeast rash.