What Did You Get For Christmas 2014?

Please share what gifts/presents you received for Christmas this year, and it does count/include stuff you bought for yourself.

I’ll go first ^_^.

My Christmas 2014 Haul:
Batman: Arkham Origins (PS3)
- Mom
Dead Space 3: Limited Edition (PS3) - Mom
Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster (PS3) - Grandma
Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX: Limited Edition (PS3) - Aunt
Mass Effect Trilogy (PS3) - Mom
Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception GOTY Edition (PS3) - Mom
Men’s Black Digital Wristwatch - Mom
Men’s Christmas Slipper Socks - Mom
Men’s Slipper Shoes - Mom
Men’s Long-Sleeve Shirt - Grandma
Men’s Christmas Flannel Pajama Pants - Grandma
$10 Bill - Cousin
2 $10 Target Gift Cards - Cousin and Grandma
$25 Barnes and Noble Gift Card - Cousin

I will also be receiving Tales of Symphonia Chronicles (PS3) from my other aunt during New Years weekend.

Finally, as for what I gave people…I bought a moose “plushie” for my mom, a Grandma’s Kitchen plaque/sign for my grandma, and a funny Christmas coffee thermos for the other aunt.

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LP-Cassette-Analog Radio-Friend
Two Amazon Gift cards- Uncles and Aunts
New Pacifier- Me
Goodnites- Me
Money - Friend

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Universal Crescent Wrench- Parents
45 peice tool kit- Parents
Poncho (i live in the northwest and the only thing i want wet is my diaper XD)- Parents
$40 gift card for a bookstore- Parents
$75 Visa prepaid- Grandparents
Assorted Candy- Grandparents
$40 amazon card- Uncle
Laptop carry Case- Sister
Flannel shirt- Dog
Toblerone bar- cousin
Shotgun shell knife- Friend
Cue cards- Friend

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A pair of Sony wireless headphones, new wallet, $25 WalMart gift card, and various clothing items from my parents.

$25 Amazon gift card from my aunt/uncle.

A partially filled book of Washington quarters from ym other uncle.

$100 check from my grandma.

I bought myself a PS4 bundle on Black Friday.

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Congrats on the new PS4, what’s your PSN ID so I can add you?

Mine’s ToddlerNaruto if you’d prefer to add me instead.

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I have only had a friend’s Christmas thus far- today is my family’s Christmas wherin I am not expecting much at all because my family is notoriously cheap and Christmas has not meant much to my family in some time. I turly wish I didn’t have to go to the thing as all I want to do is lay around on my couch with my gaint movie-screen TV with old TV shows on or bowl games…

I got thus far…

From my best friend: Dallas season 1 and 2 on DVD which includes J.R. Ewing’s funeral and the conclusioin of his masterpiece, Weird Al’s new CD and an iPad- he had his old iPad refurbished for me
From my best friend’s family: A retro Cleveland Cavaliers shirt- with the old blue and orange logo, a Cleveland Browns shirt and a digital camera
From my aunt and grandmother- sent to me earlier this month: Various pictures of my grandparents together and separate in a frame which I have yet to hang up and cannot wait to hang it up
From another friend of mine: BEER- lots, and lots of BEER- I love, love love BEER! I have never met a beer I didn’t like! Yeah, I probably sound like a drunk right there but I have always loved beer but in moderation because I ain’t nobody’s fool…
From my cousin: A Marc’s gift card which I am going to use today- Marc’s is a local grocery store chain where I live and I plan on getting groceries

I will edit later today if I got anything good from my family- not expecting much there- as I never do. Like I said; I wish I could get out of this family thing as I am dreading it six-ways-from Sunday and would rather have a quiet Saturday with my giant TV and not deal with a bunch of family members and people with the same bloodline while being judged because I am not a Christian but rather a boozehound. I would rather deal with my family in small pieces than all at once- at least I can leave right after the meal and be home where I belong….


I had my family Christmas as I said… and I got the following- from my parents, two t-shirts from the Poconos, several really cool team baseballs, a Cleveland Browns mug- from my cousin, some candies and a killer whale mug, my sister in AZ, a Cleveland Browns cup… a gift card.

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X Men: Days of Future Past

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Did you really feel the need to revive a month old thread just for that?

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You should see his other contributions in the story forum. I question whether he’s actually 18 or not…

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Totally ignoring the actual content, some of that is likely to be because English is probably not their native tounge considering their location stated in their profile which matches with the provider.