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So this guy was on Taboo: - YouTube

Aside from being mildly disturbed by his nanny, I didn’t think it was so bad. But then I got to wondering why this guy and his nanny were both on disability. I mean the show explains that he has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder because of his F’d up childhood, but tons of people come from screwed up and abusive families and they manage to hold jobs and be productive members of society.

Well, it seems that someone else thought the same thing! Senator Tom Coburn, a Republican from Oklahoma had this to say:

“Given that Mr. Thornton is able to determine what is appropriate attire and actions in public, drive himself to complete errands, design and custom-make baby furniture to support a 350-pound adult and run an Internet support group, it is possible that he has been improperly collecting disability benefits for a period of time,”

Now, I know that you’re probably thinking that Taboo guy would see the logic in those words and accept any decision the government may hand down regarding the status of his disability checks…yeah, not so much:

“You wanna test how damn serious I am about leaving this world, screw with my check that pays for this apartment and food. Try it. See how serious I am. I don’t care,” the California man said. “I have no problem killing myself. Take away the last thing keeping me here, and see what happens. Next time you see me on the news, it will be me in a body bag.”

….yeah, he threatened to kill himself if they take his disability checks away. Now, I don’t think that suicide is funny nor do I think anyone should threaten it, but I say he should just go ahead and do it. Death is a better option for this guy than the federal prison he’d be headed to for all the disability fraud.

On a personal note, this cat is one of the many negative portrayals that the AB community has to cope with. Its bad enough the public thinks we’re pedophiles, but if they think we’re lazy, thieving, pedophiles then we’re done for!

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I won’t say what I think on the rest of the topic (at least not at the moment) but I’ll say this much: Senator dickwad thinks I shouldn’t be on disability despite all the mental and physical health issues I have that prevent me from working so don’t take anything he cares about too seriously.

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just another piece of crap on welfare I cant relate

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Maybe a person that dumb to broadcast that kind of lifestyle and flaunt how they are spending tax payers money should be on disability. I mean how stupid can ya get? As my boss says. Hes that special kind of stupid…

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So I guess it’s entirely stupid of a person to publicly shed some light and rationality on an otherwise mocked and misinterpreted fetish?

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Oh no. Not at all. I thought, besides him in particulare, it was a very informative and interesting documentary on it. But why did they use him? I’m sorry but PTSD… And how stable he was? That seems like a cop out. It makes us as abs look bad.
The adult baby CSI was disgusting and degrading, and although this taboo documentary was more informative, this was just one more thing to cast a bad light on us.
Why dont they/ didnt they use someone within the normal range in our society. Someone who has a job… Who is a high functioning member of society. Who isnt fat, and lazy on disability and mooching off the system. Im sorry its fucked up.

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Shoving it in people’s faces just makes them get annoyed and hate it even more.

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Oh I know, and agree. In fact I’ve said as much before that ABDL being mostly a fetish or a hobby has no need to be a publicly known concept, and should stay that way.

My post was mostly sophistry, essentially wanting a better explanation than “It’s stupid because it’s stupid and he’s stupid.”

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He’s the whole livestyle type of guy. A fetish becomes a problem when it dominates all aspects of your life, especially if it replaces all normality. Especially since he doesn’t work and doesn’t do anything to make money. It’s not okay; it is creepy. He should be cut off for disability. If he is capable of building furniture, e.g., a crib and nursery items, he is capable of getting a job.

Probably the majority on this board (myself included) have a supply of diapers and some baby items. Some have more than others. However, most of us can still function in society and we put on adult clothes and go to work. I have a range of hobbies and interests and most of those do not involve diapers. I have a job and need to act like an adult if I want to stay employed. I save my ABDL activities for when I am at home and rarely indulge more than once a week.

Like I said, if a fetish consumes your life, it is a problem. I can enjoy a relationship with or without diapers. If I shared this part of myself with a partner, I wouldn’t want it to involve diapers every time.

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It’s people like him that make it so difficult for people like me to recieve assistance. I was born with a disability that could prevent me from working. But since I’m not a fat lazy ass, I work for what I have, and recieve a fraction of my benafits. I would rather support myself and recieve a small amount of assistance, then let the Amercian tax payer take care of me.

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I was wondering when this would rear it’s ugly head over here. My thought was that Mr. Stanley Thornton was a dumbass for going on the show in the first place, and a real idiot for saying he was using Social Security. I admit I am on SSDI, but I also can work part-time but right now I’m not because of physical health matters and I’m facing possible major back surgery as the docs think my spnal problems might need surgery.

I’ve had a run-in with Stanley in the past- I think it was back in '04 when I had another Yahoo messenger handle and I do remember all he wanted to talk about was diapers and being a baby. I have other interests than being a baby.

I didn’t see the special as it aired because I had a previous viewing engagement known as WWE Raw. I also didn’t feel like I wanted to see two fat people playing AB on TV. However, this story got not just a lot of attention on Taboo, but on local news stations, my local Fox affiliate ran a story on it. I didn’t see it, but my idiot best friend who knows I am AB had to call me while I was having a rare night out at the bar with friends I worked with and let me know he saw the promo during American Idol. I yelled at him and said, don’t bring that up while I’m in public!

I also think that this senator is just looking for attention.

Just my thought on it all. UGH. I’m actually quite tired of Stanley and this story all over the internet.


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Why do you and many others allow your friends to know about your fetish?

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Only a few of my CLOSEST friends know, maybe two or three at most. I don’t go blabbing it to everyone. My best friend is also a case himself as he has a habit of overreacting and that was the case when he called me at the bar as he thought I was at home and not out with other friends, who I repeat, DO NOT KNOW ABOUT IT and nor do I WANT THEM TO KNOW ABOUT IT- I did not tell my friends or let them in on the conversation. I went outside the bar to talk to him and I gave him hell for calling me while I was out about something like this that I was out in public, and not at home where I could talk about it privately. I told my friends when one asked as I came back in the bar that it was a private conversation and not important.

I don’t go telling everyone I know about it. And please, don’t start a fight with me Ken, cause I don’t need it and nor do I want the drama right now. I only have told my closest friends. And this guy is my best friend- So only two or three of my friends- those who are my best friends- We have a privacy pact not to tell others about the things we talk about. Those are the ones who know. I don’t go out telling ALL the people in my life about it. No one in my family knows, as I won’t EVER tell them about it.


I’m not one of those idiots that goes and tells everyone about it or makes it obvious. I keep it private.

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If he is capable of building furniture, e.g., a crib and nursery items, he is capable of getting a job.

I actually want to point out something: If he’s been on disability as long as has been stated in a few places he’s had a bare minimum of 5 physical and mental health re-evals since he’s been on it, so obviously they think he’s not able to sustain Successful, Gainful Employment. Able to work, and able to do successfully and gainfully are two different things.

I can’t go into specifics on a public forum (long messed up situation that Kita, and probably the other admins know if she ever told them about it) but at one time I worked as an independent contractor doing techincal support for a message board hosting company that doesn’t even exist in it’s old form any longer. I still received most of my SSDI benefits during the time I worked there because the company I was contracting for was required to fill out an evaluation for the SSA every 6 months about my work for them. Long story short: It was determined that while I could work (and tech support was the only field I was qualified to work in) I could never successfully be gainfully employed due to the fact that I couldn’t even handle talking via Voice Chat with the other tech support people without having panic attacks.

That is why I won’t immediately say I think he’s defrauding the government (and the fact Coburn thinks he is puts more points in his favor to being legit…)

I have never had a severe emotional problem that could be classed as a disability, so I do not know what it may be like. I have run across him on several other places online and have often not agreed with much of what he had to say. I’m also almost positive that he was a least at one time a member of this forum.

I’ll say this: If his disability determination is mostly mental health based, it’s damn hard to stay on SSDI unless there’s a legitimate issue. The SSA does everything they can to keep you off of it if your primary claim is mental health based rather than physical.

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Simple solution?

Call him in and explain he has a choice. He can keep the money he won, and lose his SS (permanently). Or he can give it up, and keep suckling at the Federal teat.

Plain and simple. He’s on disability. It’s not like he paid into the system his whole life, and then retired. He worked who knows how many years, and started to collect. As far as I’m concerned it’s totally fine for people to do what he’s doing. But to keep costs down they should be placed in government housing. And instead of cash, be provided a simple one room apartment, and enough food to sustain them.

I’m sorry if that seems harsh. But we are talking about 114 TRILLION dollars in unfunded liabilities in America. As much as it’s cool to take money from people that apparently don’t deserve it, like the evil rich, and give it to people that do. (Like the noble poor….) You can’t take that much money without killing the economy. I know the whole class warfare thing is hot right now, but seeing as the rich pay for the VAST majority of the budget right now, and the poorest half of the population pays little or nothing. I’m okay with the tax rate right now. Of course smarter people think it’s still not fair….

Maybe the top one percent paying 100 percent would be. I don’t know.

Anyways, no matter which side, we need to do something. Cases like this show where problems exist. People feel they deserve other peoples money, but when they get their own they think it’s wrong to have it taken and redistributed as well.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not into redistributing other peoples money simply because certain people think “he has to much of it, so let’s take it”. But what we have here is a person that has chosen, yes CHOSEN to suckle off the Federal teat. And as such he should understand that unless he wants to get a JOB and make money, anything he makes should be used to pay down the bill he’s accrued. IE, take the money and place it into SS.

I have no pity for him at all. In a country where quadriplegics can find employment he’s nothing but a big meat sack that does nothing but convert precious oxygen into CO2.

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I don’t have the link handy and I’m on my phone at the moment or I’d go look for it, but there was a post from Stanley on ADISC a few days ago saying he’s already had his case reviewed and they found in his favor, much to senator dickwad’s and plenty of other’s annoyance.

But to keep costs down they should be placed in government housing. And instead of cash, be provided a simple one room apartment, and enough food to sustain them.

So many ways I could reply to that, but I’ll refrain from most of them since I’d really rather not piss Kita off. I will say that you probably couldn’t have made that post if the government did things that way. Of course I’m also unlike many recipients in that I actually pay back in SS from my benefits (and yes, it does piss of my case manager a great deal that I do so)

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I still think Stanley is a tool bag, and I certainly wouldn’t shed a tear if a shovel happened to collide with his face BUT if he won his case then perhaps he has a legit reason for collecting disability…in the governments eyes anyway. I just sincerely doubt that he’s emotionally crippled enough to avoid getting a job, but he’s fine to make the decision to go on national television to discuss his lifestyle choice.

While I’m here, the reason that most, not all, but most of the ABDL people that are on TV do appear to be freaks is because they are. TV is just an electronic sideshow to showcase the weird and dark underbelly of our society and exploit people for profit. TLC is a prime example of this, not one goddamned day goes by where they don’t have a show about little people, obese people, people with deformities/strange genetic defects, or families that can’t stop shitting out kids. It’s gotten to the point where I think their promos should just be a carnival barker shouting to an audience about “The World’s Fattest, Most Down’ Syndromiest Midget…that also happens to have 12 kids!”. /end rant


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So many ways I could reply to that, but I’ll refrain from most of them since I’d really rather not piss Kita off. I will say that you probably couldn’t have made that post if the government did things that way.

Why not? I’m not on gov “assistance” right now. I’m working, the wife is working. I’m not sitting on my ass doing nothing while others work to allow me to sit around and play baby all day.

I understand government over reach. But in the case here we have a person with no aptitude to make himself better. Why should he be given so much for nothing? I understand not letting people starve to death while homeless. But there’s no need to give away so much. I could understand if he was doing something, and getting assistance when his checks fell short. But this isn’t the case.

We all have rights. But with those rights come huge responsibilities. This man had chosen to push all his responsibilities onto the government. I don’t see why it would be wrong to allow him to live for free, but only when placed in cheaper housing, and not being given cash to really enjoy it. This man, and people like him should come to realize their urge to do nothing and get paid for it has a price. Want to sit around and do nothing all day? Cool, do it in this gov assistance center. With a dial-up connection.

Of course SS ruled in his favor. He didn’t break the rules. As it stands he gets to keep HIS money, AND and gets to have some of MINE. I know there’s nothing we an do to stop it. In 12 to 15 years when the deficit is so high that we have to STOP SS all together I hope the citizens blame the right people. Though I doubt it. It’s hard to blame yourself, and the fools we voted in.

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Let me repeat that and highlight the part you apparently missed in your copy and paste mangling

Oh, and have a link to my other large post in this thread which should give you a really big hint, but just in case, let me state it outright: I pay for this server from my SSDI benefits.

But in the case here we have a person with no aptitude to make himself better. Why should he be given so much for nothing? I understand not letting people starve to death while homeless. But there’s no need to give away so much. I could understand if he was doing something, and getting assistance when his checks fell short. But this isn’t the case.

See, here’s the thing, you’re as bad as Couborn. Passing judgement on someone without knowing all the facts of their case.

As I said in the post I linked to up there, to stay on SSDI for mental health issues is extremely difficult (and even with physical health issues it’s hard). I know that from personal experience (and I highly recommend reading the post I linked to before continuing on this one)

Actually, since most people may not know this, if you’re on SSDI and/or SSI and not currently working you’re normally required to have a review performed by a Vocational Rehab specialist every 2 years (in addition to your normal yearly reviews) to determine if you can be trained (or retrained) to do other work unless you suffer from one of a very small list of conditions. Not knowing all the facts of Stanely’s case I can’t say if he has one of those exemptions or not, but I do know he would have had a VocRehab specialist as part of the group that interviewed him as part of the investigation, and their opinion carries a hell of a lot more weight than the doctors who do your yearly reviews.

With that being said, I want to point out that if you saw me on a show like that, you’d probably make the exact same assumptions about me as you have about him, and in my case you’d definitely be wrong. That determination I mentioned in that post I linked above was the result of the last review I had by Voc Rehab. Just for the record, here are the most interesting parts of the summary.

In summary, it is this reviewers opinion that while Mr. Teel is capable of working he will never be able to obtain Successful Gainful Employment status as the number and extent of accommodations required for him to work in the only fields he has training in would be cost prohibitive for both employer and any agencies tasked with assisting in modifying the work environment. Normally retraining would be recommended, but it is this reviewers opinion based on my own interviews of Mr. Teel and reviews of the medical evidence that any such attempts would be unsuccessful.

We are recommending that Mr. Teel keep his benefits and based on his current health have all Vocational Rehabilitative Services reviews suspended until such time that Mr. Teel’s Panic Disorder and Agoraphobia are determined to be sufficiently under control.