What’s going on? Where is everyone?

[SIZE=14px]It seems awfully quiet on ABDL Story Forum:

The latest thing posted on here was me 2 days ago giving my thoughts on a story I read and it seems nobody has posted a thing on here anywhere since.

Just seems a bit odd there haven’t had new threads or anybody posting anything[/SIZE]

There have been posts every day for the last 5, just some of them were moderated so you didn’t see them right away. There’s also been many spam posts in the last week, and you wouldn’t have seen those either.

Also, it’s summer. Maybe people are away on vacation.

Or they’re working extra. or going to summer school. Or taking the summer off from writing. Or writing but not releasing anything. Or…well, anything, really. But it seems (very generally speaking) summer is a season for a general change in schedules.

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