Wet Pokémon Trainers

Chapter 1

You were having loads of fun reconnecting with your best friend. You had met in kindergarten and quickly had become fast friends, but only two years later your mum had gotten a new job a few towns over and with lots of tears you had said goodbye to your best friend. Her mum and your mum had helped the two of you set up the webcam so you could keep in touch, but it wasn’t the same as being able to go play and explore with your friend.

Then, the first summer after you had said your goodbyes, both your parents had arranged so that you were going to spend a whole week at a sleepover at your best friend’s house, and afterwards she was going to spend a whole week sleeping over at your house. It was going to be amazing; you just knew it.

To top it off, you were now old enough that your mum was going to let you borrow her pikachu! You weren’t old enough for your own pokémon just yet, but your mum decided that it would be safer when you go adventuring it you had a pokémon with you. Your best friend’s mum agreed and was letting your friend borrow her eevee.

As the time passed in the car, you hoped that your best friend liked your costume. You thought it was very cool and you were a bit surprised when mum revealed it to you a few days ago. Soon your old town came into view and not long after the house came into view. It had been hard to remember what it looked like exactly, but now that you could see it, all the sights and sounds came back to you.

Forgetting everything else, as soon as mum stopped the car you were unbuckling your seat. In moments you had jumped out of the car and run towards you best friend.

“DAWN!” you scream before you both envelope each other in a hug.

You’re not sure how it happened, but somehow you both ended up on the doorstep in a pile of limbs, bawling you eyes out. You loved your best friend dearly, and despite how much you thought you had missed her, having Dawn in your arms really hammered home how much it had hurt to not see her almost every day.

Eventually the two of you separated and sat facing each other on the doorstep. Your mums watched nearby, smiling softly in your direction. Looking your friend over, you suddenly realised that she was dressed in brown: an eevee costume, just like yours!

Well, sort of like yours, but still, it was really cool!

Unable to help yourself, you break out into giggles as Dawn looks at you slightly mystified.

“We’re matching!” you exclaim. “That’s so cool!”

Dawn smiles widely and nods despite the tear-streaked face.

“Yep!” she replies before giving your parents a sideways glance. “Mum was trying to keep a secret but I knew!”

“Oooh,” you reply. You recall Dawn’s mum — her name is Johanna — being very good as costumes, having been a coordinator once.

“Come on, let me show you my room!”

“Okay!” you say as you jump up.

Dawn takes you by the hand and leads you inside. It feels just like old times. Even better is your sort-of matching costumes and Dawn looks very cute in her eevee costume, you think.

Dawn’s room is sort of like how you remember it. It’s mostly laid out the same, but her bed is different and there is a different rug on the floor. Most glaringly of all, however, is the pink walls. You remember Dawn telling you how she wanted to paint them pink, but her mum said to wat until she was older. They used to be a sort of cream-white, like the walls in the rest of the house.

But no matter what it looked like, you would always have fond memories of all the times you had spent together in this room — and now you looked forward to creating many new memories.

About thirty minutes later you both headed back downstairs to find that someone had gotten your bags out of the car and placed them by the sofa. Your parents were finishing some tea or coffee when you entered the room and soon your mum was getting ready to go.

“Don’t let my daughter lead you into doing anything dangerous, okay?” mum asked Dawn after crouching down and giving your friend a brief hug.

Dawn muffled a giggle.

“I won’t!”

Mum turned to you.

“You’ve got Pikachu’s pokéball?”

“Yep!” you reply before reaching into your costume and pulling out the necklace.

You thought it was a really cool way to carry around a pokéball, especially as some really powerful trainers like Champion Lance did so with their aces. But mum mostly had said how it was a good way to not lose the ball.

“Good. Now, I told Pikachu that he doesn’t need to do what you say if he thinks it’s too dangerous, and to get you out safely if it is.”

“Yes, mum,” you reply, having heard this several times already.

Dawn giggles at your tone.

Getting up to follow your mum, Dawn takes your hand. As you stand side by side, mum smiles widely at the pair of you.

“Oh — before I go, I think we need to get a photo of you two,” she says.

Glancing at Dawn you can see an enthusiastic sparkle in her eyes. Dawn really likes photos and showing off her costumes. It was slightly contagious, you remember now. Joining in put a smile on Dawn’s face, and you loved to make her smile.

“Okay,” you easily agree.

Dawn’s mum gets her phone as well and both mums take photos of the two of you as you stand side-by-side, fingers interlaced. As they take what feels like the tenth photo, and idea comes to mind.

“Can we take a photo without out pokémon?” you ask.

Dawn seems to bounce at your side at the idea. You know Dawn is about to plead with your parents when your mum glances at Dawn’s mum and says “Sure”.

Letting Pikachu and Eevee out at the same time, both pokémon take a moment to converse and greet each other before you pick Pikachu up in your arms.

The photo of you in your pikachu costume side-by-side with Dawn in her eevee costume, as you both held your costume-matching pokémon together was a photo you would cherish for the rest of your life.


After your mum had left with a hug and a kiss, Johanna suggested that you take your bags up to Dawn’s room. Then Dawn wanted to show you around town. There were many familiar sights that you were able to refresh your memory of, and a number of things you did not recognise, having been built after you had moved away. Having been shown around and simply enjoying your best friend’s company, you headed back home for lunch.

A number of people said hello on the way, with several having nice things to say about your costumes. A boy you vaguely remembered from school gushed about your costume before his dad lead him off saying something about needing to do some grocery shopping.

“So, what are you planning to do this afternoon?” Johanna asked over sandwiches.

You looked expectantly at Dawn who seemed to have every planned.

“Welll, I wanted to have a pokémon battle?” she asked like she was expecting her mum to say no.

“Hmm,” Dawn’s mum hummed. “As long as you don’t exhaust Eevee and Pikachu, and you don’t stray off the path, that will be okay.”

“Great, thanks!” Dawn quickly replies as you nod enthusiastically.

You had never had a pokémon battle without mum being there before. It sounded super exciting!

“And —” Johanna added, causing Dawn to freeze with a hint of worry “— remember that you don’t have a forfeit. You have to tell anyone you battle before you start that there’s no money. I don’t want to have to speak to the other kid’s parents because they expected to win money and didn’t, okay?”

“Okay,” you both agreed.

So, after lunch you ventured out of the home with a pokémon at you side, read to battle, just like you were about to start your journey. Dawn looked as excited and giddy as you felt, to the point where Eevee and Pikachu had to run to keep up as you both skipped down the road. Except, it was a lot harder to find someone to battle than you realised.

Everyone said that once the trainers’ eyes meet, they are going to battle. No ifs, no buts. But that hadn’t happened. The first trainer that you had met had waved you off and then walked past very quickly. You had been so surprised that neither of you had called out at her before she disappeared around the corner of the path.

The second person — a boy who looked to be a few years into his journey — had actually replied.

“You want a battle?” he asked with a dismissive sniff.

“Yeah!” “Yeah, we do!” both you and Dawn replied, respectively.

He gave you both a look over.

“Fine. What’s the forfeit?”

Dawn’s lips pursed unhappily, so you spoke up.

“Oh. Um — we don’t have one?”

The boy’s eyebrows rose and then he huffed.

“Don’t waste my time,” he replied, before turning and walking away.

That boy had been the rudest, but several other trainers had said similar things: they wanted to wager, and you had nothing to wager. Feeling disheartened, you had been about to return home and ask Dawn’s mum for some advice when you ran into someone that Dawn recognised.

“Mrs Gabby!” Dawn greeted.

“Hello, Dawn!” the old woman replied.

She was old with greying hair, but you could tell she wasn’t very frail going by how confidently she wielded her hiking stick. She was tired, not frail.

“Who’s your friend?” Mrs Gabby asked kindly.

“Oh — sorry!” you reply before quickly introducing yourself.

“It’s good to meet you,” said Mrs Gabby. “My name is actually Gabrielle, but most people call me Gabby.”

“Is it okay if I call you that?” you ask, wondering if it’s rude.

“Sure you can!” Mrs gabby quickly replied with a laugh. “It makes me feel younger, anyway.”

There’s something slightly mischievous in her eyes as she says it and you find yourself giggling.

“Now, what seems to be troubling you two whippersnappers?”

Your giggling coming to a halt, you shuffle awkwardly and glance at Dawn, who looks just as awkward as you.

“Well… no one wants to battle us?”

You nod at Dawn’s words. It seemed crazy that no one wanted to battle; because it was supposed to be super easy — not to mention you were supposed to battle once you met another trainer’s eyes! Even Eevee and Pikachu seemed frustrated by it.

“They said we need a forfeit,” Dawn continued grumpily.

“Oh really?” Mrs Gabby said curiously. “Why don’t we have a battle then?”


Your first battle without mum giving you advice was a double battle — well, sort of; Mrs Gabby used two pokémon, while you and Dawn used a single pokémon each and were together as a team. You had withdrawn Pikachu first as he breathed hard and he had seemed slightly reluctant to stop there, but you remembered what mum and later Johanna had told you both. Then, under Dawn’s command, Eevee landed a good tackle on Mrs Gabby’s psyduck and she withdrew it before Mrs Gabby’s other pokémon, a pelipper, landed a quick attack on eevee.

Dawn looked worried for a few seconds before calling out, “Come on back, Eevee!”

Eevee seemed okay to you and she still had a spring in her step as she came back, but Dawn fussed over her none-the-less. As you picked the still slightly put out Pikachu and gave him a hug, Mrs Gabby withdrew her peliper and walked over.

“How was that, kids?” she asked.

“That was amazing!” you quickly reply.

Dawn, consoled by Eevee licking her cheek, smiled and nodded.

“That’s good to hear,” said Mrs Gabby. “Would you like some advice for next time?”

You both quickly agreed and Mrs Gabby reminded you about typings and what was effective against what. Sheepishly, you recall the lesson from school and how you should have used Pikachu’s electric moves against Mrs Gabby’s water-type pokémon.

“Now, I have to get going,” she said as she finished. “That was a good battle, and I like the costumes; they are very cute!”

Squirming from the praise, you both watch Mrs Gabby continue down the path.

“Want to head home?” Dawn asks.

You probably wouldn’t get to have another battle today and there were bound to be things to do at Dawn’s house. There was another good reason to head home: you needed to use the toilet.

“Sure,” you reply.

But you had not gone very far when Dawn suddenly came to a halt, a surprised expression on her face.

“I almost forgot!” she exclaimed. “I wanted to show you where I saw that pokémon!”

You remember Dawn telling you how she had seen a pokémon that no one has been able to identify. It had been up by the lake. While you thought that she’d ever really know what it was, Dawn really enjoyed talking about it, and it had been a long time since you had seen the lake.

“Want to go now?” you ask.

“Yeah, lets do it now!”

You’re about to tell Dawn that you need to use the bathroom first, before deciding that you can probably hold. Besides, people on their journey go in the bushes when they have to, so if you really have to, you could do it like they do, right?

“Okay,” you agree.

There’s a path that cuts through the forest that you take. It’s quicker and goes straight to the lake, but despite the time saved, you are uncomfortably squirming by the time you and Dawn reach the lake shore.

“It was somewhere around here,” says Dawn, looking about. “Ah ha! This way!” she says, pointing.

You are about to tell Dawn to stop for a minute so that you can go pee when you remember that you need toilet paper. It seemed icky to not wipe afterwards and what it you got some on your pikachu costume? So you decide that you just have to hold and wait until you got home.

Dawn eventually mentions your discomfort, however, bringing her explanation of what she had seen to a halt.

“Something wrong?”

You shuffle awkwardly, feeling embarrassed about letting the problem go on for so long. Then you nod.

Probably completely unaware of the problem, Dawn suddenly engulfs you in a big hug. It’s nice for a moment, then you feel a little bit leak out of you, wetting your undies. You jump, pushing Dawn away. You momentarily catch the surprised and hurt expression on her face, before you squeak out, “Back in a moment.”

You turn but don’t run, instead you shuffle awkwardly knowing that if you took longer strides that you’d have an accident. But only tens of seconds later you realise that you shouldn’t be wandering off alone like this; what if some wild pokémon attacked you? You come to a halt, worrying about it and wondering if you should just go here to be safe, before you remembered that it was hard to unbutton the costume and you really needed help with at least the top button on your back.

But in the seconds you waited to consider it, half your mind concentrating on not having an accident, there was a loud squark from behind you. It made you jump and spin to catch sight of some sort of flying-type taking off.

And in that moment of slipped concentration, it happened.

A big spurt of pee wetted your underwear. Shock adorning your face, your hands flew to press on your crotch and try to stem the flow, but it was incredibly uncomfortable to do so. Then, as the wet flow ran down the inside of your thighs and soaked your socks, you lip began to quiver and your eyes began to wet.

You were having an accident and wetting your clothes. The realisation that it was simply too late to stop it made you give in. You stand there, crying as your bladder cries out in relief and you wet your pikachu costume. It terribly embarrassing, and you feel terrible that after all the effort Johanna had no-doubt gone to make it for you, you were dirtying it like this. This was something a toddler was supposed to do, not someone as old as you are.

As the flow trickles off, you shakily step towards a nearby log and slit on it with a wet squelch. Another sob escapes you at the wet reminder.

It wasn’t long after that you felt Dawn wrap you in a hug again. You hadn’t even noticed her approach. It’s so embarrassing to be found like this that you cry again, but Dawn keeps hugging you. When you finally separate you can see that Dawn has red eyes and has been crying as well. You feel awful for making her cry.

“Are you okay?” she asks with concern.

You don’t think you can speak, so you just shake your head.

“It will be okay,” she says.

It’s hard to believe right now.

“I — I got t-the costume all wet,” you get out as a sob tries to escape your throat.

Dawn takes you hand. You wonder why she would; surely, she knows it’s got pee on it? Looking down, you can see that her own costume is wet as well. It makes you feel shame that you’ve ruined her costume as well.

“That’s okay; it can be washed.”

It’s a good point, you realise. But still, you shouldn’t have accidents like this!

After some more consoling, Dawn pulls you to your feet and guides you back to the path. Your wet costume sticks to your legs as an awful reminder, but the fact Dawn doesn’t let go of your hand takes the edge of your worries. However, as you get closer to town, a new worry of someone seeing the evidence of your accident comes to mind.

Dawn keeps smiling reassuringly, though, each time you give her a worried look. Thankfully, you run into no one, and soon you are on the doorstep.

“Mum?” Dawn calls out with a hint of concern.

You’re not sure if you should wait outside so that nothing gets on the floor or if you should go in. Dawn makes the decision for you though as she drags you in.


Johanna was very kind about it, despite your unfounded worries. She asked you to get your wet shoes and socks off and then helped you unbutton and get out of your wet costume. Then, after inspecting Dawn’s costume, she helped Dawn to get out of hers as well. Then she led the two of you to the bathroom and got a hot bath going.

“Now, the water temperature is just right, so you can turn it off when it’s full,” she explained. “I’m going to throw your clothes in the wash, okay?”

You still felt embarrassed though; this wasn’t something that should happen at your age, right? As the tub filled up, Dawn got out to grab a bottle from the cabinet under the sink before aging a large squirt to the tub.

“Bubblebath!” she pronounces, before hopping back in.

It was indeed bubble bath and soon the tub was full of white foam. But seeing that you still felt dejected, Dawn gave you another hug.

“It’s okay, you know?” she explained. “I have accidents too, sometimes.”

When you separate, you blink in surprise at Dawn. She’s slightly embarrassed at the admission, but the words make you feel a lot better about your accident. It makes you realise that maybe your worries had been a bit silly. After all, if you had known that Dawn had an accident — or many — would you have not wanted to be her friend? It was silly, because you loved Dawn to bits. She was the most important person to you in the whole wide world.

Then, as Dawn creates a magnificent bubble beard on herself and tries to replicate the gravelly voice you remember seeing in some film, you feel you can laugh again.

You had almost forgotten about your accident by bedtime. Dawn had slipped away shortly before to get changed into her pyjamas. You are pretty sure that this was because she wanted to surprise you and show them off. They were a one-piece, adorned in patterns of each of the eeveelutions. They were cute and it made sense.

“Wow, that’s so cool!” you say, trying not to squeal. You felt a bit jealous at not having a set of your own.

Perhaps Dawn read it in your body language, because she wraps you in a hug and giggles over your shoulder, before saying, “You can borrow them some time, if you want.”

After brushing your teeth, you head to Dawn’s bedroom. Johanna had offered to get the spare mattress for you, but when you were younger neither of you had worried about sharing a bed, and that had not changed. Besides, it meant cuddling, which was always nice.

“Ah — I remember this,” she says as she comes in to wish you both goodnights.

You squirm happily. It was wonderful to see your best friend again.


Unfortunately, the distant worry came to the forefront as Dawn’s mum held out to you the neatly folded pikachu costume

“There, all clean and dry,” she pronounced.

Worry clearly visible on your face, you take the bundle and find yourself staring at it for several seconds. It was incredibly cute and it had been so much fun to dress up in it alongside Dawn. You knew that Dawn had enjoyed it just as much and seeing her smile made you happy and giddy. But, now there was worry attached to it: what if you had another accident?

You had a dream last night of telling Dawn that you needed to pee and she led you to some bushes that allowed her and your pokémon to stand by while you did your business in privacy, but instead of easily relieving yourself, you had struggled with the buttons. Then, despite crying out for help, no one came — not even Dawn.

As you had felt the beginnings of another accident, you had startled awake. Fear had gripped you for a moment that you might have had an accident in Dawn’s bed, but you soon realised that you were imagining it, just as you had imagined Dawn not being there for you. With Dawn sleeping peacefully next to you, it was hard to imagine that ever happening and soon you drifted back off to sleep.

But the worry about another accident was present there in the morning, and now having the costume in hand, you worried that even if you were more careful and went to the toilet on time, you might get stuck and that might make you have another accident. It was silly, but you couldn’t get the fear out of your mind.

“Something that matter?” Johanna asked with concern.

“Oh, um — just… worried about another accident,” you admit with quiet embarrassment.

Squirming and feeling very silly, Johanna hums in thought.

“You’ll be okay if you remember to go to the loo,” she consoles you with.

Deciding that Johanna had treated you kindly — she always had — you decide to admit what is worrying you.

“Yeah, but… what if I can’t get the costume off?” You squirm, hating the fact that you sound like you don’t want to wear the incredible costume. It was something Johanna had made for you, and both her and your mum had said that you and Dawn looked so cute in. “The buttons at the back — they’re… hard.”

“Oh — sweetie,” she replied sadly before giving an equally sad sigh. “I should have thought of that when I made them.”

Though to a lesser extent than Dawn, making Johanna sad made you sad as well. Johanna looked thoughtful and uncertain for a moment.

“How much do you want to wear it?” she asked.

“Lots and lots!” you reply without even having to think about it.

Johanna gave you a sad smile at your honesty.

“Well, I have an idea, if you really want to wear it…” she replied unsurely. “It would stop any accidents.”

“Okay!” you quickly agree.

Something that stops accidents sounds wonderful, you think, though you have no idea what it could be.

“I haven’t even told you what it is, sweetie,” Johanna chides kindly.

“Oh — well…”

You doubte that you will say no.

“I’ve got a packet of nappies that will fit you. If you’re in a nappy, no more accidents.”

You blink in confusion, before what Johanna just offered set in.

“Nappies…?” you asked, bewildered.

“You won’t have to worry about anyone seeing them; your costume will easily hide them.”

You trust Johanna and you did tell yourself that it didn’t matter, that you’d take anything you could get if you could wear the costume without worry.

“O-okay,” you agree.

Johanna gives you a soft smile and directs you to sit on Dawn’s bed. She leaves for a moment before coming back with a nappy. It’s a pastel pink colour, a colour that you think is kind of nice.

“Lay back, sweetie, and I’ll make this quick for you.”

As you do, shuffling slightly so that Dawn’s mum can get your pyjama bottoms off you, you suddenly realise how odd it was for someone your age to wear a nappy. You begin to worry about it, but the worry is cut short as the nappy is folded up over you and taped up securely. It’s comfortable and soft, you realise.

Working quickly, Johanna pulls you to your feet and helps you into your pikachu costume. You had been distracted by the nappy actually being comfortable and by being back in your cute costume that the worry about being in a nappy didn’t come back until Johanna gave you a brief hug.

“I’ll check on you at lunchtime if you need a change, but don’t be afraid to ask for a change before then. Okay?”

Left to yourself in Dawn’s room, you squirm in your nappy. It’s a strange dichotomy for the nappy to be comfortable and safe feeling, and for you to worry about what people will think if they know you are in a nappy.

Cautiously, you step in front of Dawn’s mirror, looking yourself over. Johanna was right, you can’t tell that you are in a nappy, you realise as you do a twirl. Besides, it’s nice to know you won’t pee your costume again… except you would need to pee your nappy. Was that really any different? The worry starts to build.

Suddenly, the door opens and Dawn steps in dressed in her clean and dry Eevee costume, followed by Pikachu and Eevee.

“All dressed?” she asks.

But you don’t reply, as the fear turns to what Dawn will think. Surely this would be too much? That she would not be friends with you if she knew you were in a nappy? You remember what you had said to yourself yesterday, about how it didn’t matter how many accidents Dawn had, because you would still be her friend. You realise that if Dawn was wearing a nappy that your answer would be unchanged.

But while it eases the worry, it’s still there.

Dawn calls out your name before hugging you. A sob escapes you and Dawn leads you to her bed. She cuddles you as you take a seat, not sure what to say.

“Come on, bunch over a bit so I can hug you properly,” she says cheerily. But you can hear a hint of worry and concern in her voice.

You move further across her bed before finding yourself half over and half under Dawn. Her arms still safely around you, Dawn gives you a curious yet surprised look.

“Oooh — did mum get you a nappy?” You tense, fearing rejection for it, but Dawn just hugs you tighter. “It’s okay; it’s a good idea.”

There is a mixture of emotions swirling inside you: fear, worry, and lots of confusion. Even if Dawn had said it was okay, you had expected many more questions about why you were in a nappy. Not unquestioning acceptance.

Pulling back from the hug, Dawn looked at you with worry and concern. She chewed her lip nervously for a moment and then ordered, “Come on, up you get.”

Dawn wiggled out of the tangle of limbs — never letting go of your hand — and then pulled you to your feet. A wide, reassuring smile on her face, she tugged you towards the door and you soon followed. As you went down stairs and approached the kitchen and the sounds of food preparation, Dawn gave you an embarrassed smile and then stepped in.

“Muuum!” she says loudly. “I’ve got to be in a nappy too!”

Eyebrows raised, Johanna looks up at her daughter from the bowl of something that she was mixing. She looks between you and Dawn for a moment.

“That seems fair,” she states.

You feel even more bewildered as Dawn gives you an embarrassed but slightly giddy smile. Going back up stairs, you and Dawn sit on her bed as you wait for Johanna. She comes back a few moments later with a packet of nappies.

“You should have said earlier,” she says with a humorous huff.

“But mum, you didn’t say!”

Johanna lightly laughs as Dawn gets up and turns around. Her mum helps her out of the eevee costume. Still bewildered and slightly fascinated, you watch as Dawn lays down on her bed next to you and lets her mum slip a nappy under her before folding it up between her legs and taping her up securely.

“Lets get you back into your clothes,” Johanna commented, turning the costume right side in again and holding the legs open for Dawn.

Dawn was this cute sort of embarrassed as her costume was pulled up over her nappy. As she turned to face you and her mum did the buttons, Dawn stood there red in the face, chewing her lip nervously. Despite your bewilderment, you hate seeing Dawn worry, so you hold out a hand which she takes.

“And there, now you’re matching again,” says Johanna with a kind laugh.

Dawn sits on the bed next to you. As she does you think you heat the crinkle of her nappy and wonder if that’s what gave you away to her. She’s squirming in her seat, clearly embarrassed about this, but all you can feel is profound thanks that she was willing to go through it for you.

“I’ve got to finish breakfast, okay?” says Johanna. “It will be ready in about ten minutes.”

She gives you both a smile before closing the door and leaving the two of you with your pokémon. You’re still not sure what to say, however.

“I was worried about telling you or you finding out,” starts Dawn. “So, mum suggested some new PJs to hide my pullups, but then I realised that I couldn’t go to the bathroom at night very easily.”

Dawn shuffles slightly at you side, so you squeeze her hand and lean into her more, even if you weren’t sure what she meant. Perhaps it shows on your face though, as Dawn further explains, “Wet pullups leak?” she says with embarrassment. “You’re supposed to stop, go use the toilet and change out of them. But it was hard to do that we my new jammies, and they… leaked everywhere.”

It sounded a lot like your own experience yesterday, you thought. Leaning back, you plop on the bed and a moment later Dawn plops down next to you. It’s a comfortable silence with your best friend by your side as your pokémon climb up onto the bed to cuddle with you.

“So, mum suggested I wear real nappies while you were here. They don’t leak easily…” Dawn shrugged at your side. “I was just worried about you finding out.”

You reply with a wet, sad, laugh.

“I couldn’t hate you for wetting them bed,” you reply. “I love you. It wouldn’t change a thing.”

It was silly, and Dawn plucked the words straight out of your head.

“I’d never hate you for having an accident. I love you too much for it to ever matter.”

There’s a moment before you both give something between a laugh and a sob. It had been silly of both of you to ever think that these things would matter. As you cuddled some more, a question you didn’t get the chance to ask comes to mind.

“Does you mum expect us to… go in them?”

Damn makes an uncertain hum.

“You don’t have to if you don’t want to,” she replies.

Dawn’s choice of words is interesting.

“Oh, um — do you want to?”

There’s a pause before Dawn says, “It’s nice,” in a small voice. “It’s nice not having to get out of bed when it’s cold, and it’s nice when mum looks after me.”

“Oh,” you reply.

It did sort of sound nice — at least not having to get out of bed. You weren’t as sure about the other one.

“So… you’ve gone on purpose.

“Ah huh,” Dawn replies. “I’m not supposed to, but…”

There’s a moment before you giggle. You’re not sure what is funny about it, other than it simply is. Though, Dawn as a baby in her nappy was a cute thing to imagine. You could almost imagine the pair of you as babies.

“And the other one? Does your mum always help you with your nappy?”

“I normally wear pullups,” she replies. “Hmm — let me show you.”

Dawn gets up and goes to her wardrobe. From her bed you can see Dawn pull a large jacket out from the bottom of the wardrobe and then pull out a packet not unlike the nappy packet Dawn’s mum had left of the bed nearby. Dawn sits cross-legged on the bed and you sit up as well as she pulls a nappy out of the packet.

“This is a pullup,” she explains. “It’s like a nappy, but more… underweary.” She opens it for emphasis and you can see what she means before she puts in back in the packet. “I don’t normally wear nappies at night.” She looks embarrassed at the words. “Remember my holiday to Kalos?” she asks and you nod. You had seen the pictures. “The flight was really long, so mum suggested nappies. Pullups would have been too hard.”

Despite the embarrassment, Dawn was happily smiling. You were glad this made her happy, but still weren’t sure where being looked after fit in this.

“So, your mum looked after you? What do you mean?”

“Oh, um — well, I had a… messy accident on the way there?” The admission sent Dawn bright red. But you had already had this discussion; anything stopped Dawn from being your best friend. You give a short giggle and take Dawn’s hand again. “It was as we got our luggage: I was so scared but mum gave me a big hug, and when we got to the hotel, she cleaned me up and got me into a clean nappy for bed. It was so nice to be looked after and so nice when mum was looking out for me on the trip back home.”

Maybe you didn’t get it, but it clearly made Dawn very happy. At the least you thought you would try it to make Dawn happy, but hoped that you could understand it as well.

“Okay,” you reply with a small smile.

“Kids, breakfast!” Johanna called out.

With another smile at your best friend, you get up. You squirm slightly, feeling the secure bulk of your nappy between your legs. It was nothing like undies and with how comfortable Dawn was in her nappy, it made you feel safe to be in one as well.

AN: An idea I had ages ago but only just went somewhere with. There will be at least one more chapter, but probably more.