well, i've been here since the begining so might as well...

my name is gmottl, i’m not sure if i should give out my real name here yet but my last name is mottl. i live in alberta canada and have been aroused by diapers my whole life. i can’t remember wearing diapers and i never wet the bed enough to need diapers at night so i am interested in trying them but my current living conditions make that impossible. i used to be turned on by diapers commercials at a young age and had a very erotic experiance when i was younger.

my cousin was staying with us and had a bedwetting problem. this was back in the 80’s before pull-ups or goodnites so she had to use a regualr diaper. one morning i got up to go to the bathroom and she came in while i was brushing my teeth. we said good morning to eachother and then she reached into her nightgown and popped the tappes causing her soaked diaper to plop right down on the floor. afterwards she just left and i stood there staring at her used diaper on the floor. it basicly is my earliest memory because it is so strong and part of me wishes i could go back there and pick it up like i was afraid to do. i was 5 or 6 at the time.

i get as much diaper pics and vids as i can get my hands on but since abdlvideos.com went down i’ve lost my best vid connection. i saved alot of stuff on there but still. i do sometimes want to try a diaper out but i can’t becuase i still live with my parents and i can’t drive and i’m pretty sure they’de notice a pack of diapers in my shopping bag. i plan to be out of here within 2 years but i have to wait for a spot in a special program.

i am 26 you see so the living with parents thing isn’t exactly something i’m proud of. i can’t work because i have sever nerve damage to my feet and legs as well as neural damage from birth. the cord was wrapped around my neck so tight i was basicly born dead and they had to revive me. and i’m not talking about not breathing when i was born, that happens to everybody, i was asphixiated so much i needed resusatation. i actually died a few times my first night so i’m damn lucky to be alive. this is all real folk. i have a slight case of autism called aspergers syndrom as wall as slight schisophrenia, god i hope i’m spelling this right. anyway it’s led to some developmental problems so i have trouple with my spelling sometimes where i can’t remember how to spell a word i already knew how to spell so well. it’s frustating some times.

when i get my own place i may buy some diapers and try them but i’m not totally sure. i would love to find a woman who has a similar fetish to try it with to make it more enjoyable but i don’t know if there would be any in the area.

i do wish i could be a young girl alot of the time, to be babied by a mommy and changed. if only i could shapeshift or find a temporary transformation spell.

that’s all for now, i can’t think of anything else.


p.s. see you on the board everyone.