We'll call it "Practice"

As the first story I’m posting, I would like to point out that I wrote this story in July when no new stories were being posted. So I hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1
Upbeat music, flashing lights, and glow sticks, the necessities of a rave. People bouncing with rhythm and force, paper cups shook as they stood on tables. Couches filled with substances that could make a mother cry. And the ravers, a mixture of races were either dancing and taking drugs, sitting and taking drugs, or drinking and taking drugs. Well, most of the ravers were anyway, among them were the straight-edge couple, Sarah and Sam. Sarah, Sam, and their friends, Marcus, Lily, and Delia were on the dance floor dancing, still acknowledging the people around them.

“Dude, I like the party, I just kinda wish there wasn’t this many drugs!” shouted Sam.

“What!? I can’t hear you, man! Look, don’t be a square just deal with it!” yelled Marcus.

“Ugh, Sarah, come here” said Sam as he pulled Sarah to empty spot near the wall.

“Shhaam, whasht ish it?” asked Sarah, sloppily due to her light green pacifier in her mouth.

“Take that out of your mouth and listen I know I was up for this rave, but I can’t help but feel out of place.”

“We are out of plasshce, Shham, but don’t be a shpoil shpoprt, itsh Delia’s birthday and she wanted to come here!”

“I know that its just–” Sam said as he cut off by Sarah’s pacifier being shoved in his mouth.

“Sam, just shut up for now and have could time” said Sarah. Sarah then took out the pacifier and kissed Sam, which led to them making out one of the many soiled couches in the room.

The next morning, Sam’s alarm went off at 7:30, not to be acknowledged until 7:42. As Sam shut off his alarm, his hand felt a post-it note on the alarm. ‘Sarah’s Uncle - Invite to the Bio-Lab - At 10:30 - Don’t be late’ Sam groaned as he finished reading and nudged the shaped to next to him in his bed.

“Sarah, your uncle’s, uhhhhhh, thing is today at 10:30, do we have to go?” asked Sam struggling to stay awake.

“Yesshh, we do, Sham, itsh important to him that we go.” said Sarah through her pacifier.

Sam reached over and plucked the pacifier out of her mouth and set it aside on the table beside the bed, next to the clock.

“I can’t believe you slept with that in your mouth, babe”

“I was? Must have been a good party last night.”

“You know, your kooky when your high on life like that.”

There wasn’t a response, as Sarah had fallen asleep again. Sam shrugged as he left the bed to shower, for the day ahead.

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Kind of short for a chapter, but pretty decent. I noticed a couple errors where you need to change the words around.

Re: We’ll call it “Practice”

That last comma, for example, is in the wrong place.

You need to give this a bit of work.

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pretty good start man, a little on the short side, nothing has happened to really pull me in yet. but its still early. there are a few mistakes in it but not enough to make it unreadable. just read over your next part a few times to catch them. or try and find someone to proof read. id offer but my proof reading skill are pretty crap. grammar is definatly my weak point. along with writing in general XD

anyway keep up the good work, and post something that will draw us in :smiley:

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Thanks for the criticism so far everyone. Just as an FYI I don’t have the habit to reread what I write so sorry if it seems a little…. *shrug

I’m going to post the rest of what I wrote from back in July so…… Here it is!

Chapter 2
“Sarah! Have seen my shoe?!” yelled Sam digging through various areas of Sarah’s house.

“Sam, your really lucky my mom and dad are heavy sleepers, otherwise they’ll be pissed.” responded Sarah.

“If they weren’t, we might not have woken up in a bed last night.”

“I can’t believe you left the key our apartment with Marcus.”

“I didn’t know he would forget to give it back to me.”

“He was high on ecstacy, Samuel, people like that tend to forget.”

“Here it is, it was with Fang, luckily he’s still a puppy otherwise I’d be out without a shoe” said Sam taking the shoe from the little weiner dog. “And I know that Sarah.”

“Come on, before we go to Uncle Ashy at Lafyette, we better get the key from Marcus.” said Sarah as she headed for the garage.

As Sam and Sarah drove off to Marcus’s house in Sarah’s Toyota Corolla, Sam asked, " What exactly did your uncle invite us to anyway?"

“I told its something for plants” said Sarah.



“That’s it?”


“He didn’t tell you anything else?”

“No, but he did tell me its going to revoultionize science and he kept he from the public for nearly a year now”

“Sarah, why didn’t you say that earlier? “Something for plants” did not seem nearly as interesting then what you just said”

“Oh did it not, did what I just say piqued your interest at all?”

“………… Good point.”

Chapter 3
After getting the apartment keys, Sam and Sarah headed to Lafyette Labratories where Ashton Valente, Sarah’s uncle, worked as bio-engineer. The couple entered the lobby, looking for Dr. Valente.

“Sarah!” yelled Dr. Valente

“Uncle Ashy!” yelled Sarah as she embraced him in a hug.

“How’s my favorite niece?” said Dr. Valente as he lifted his niece up with the hug

“Uncle! I’m your only niece!”

“I know that, little missy.” said Dr. Valente as he set her down.

“How are you doing Dr. Valente?” said Sam pulling out his hand for a handshake.

“Sammy, I told you to call me Ashton, we know each other well enough now right?” said Dr. Valente as he gripped Sam’s hand. “And you also know your still not stonger than me,” he strained as he gripped Sam’s hand harder.
Both men grinded their teeth as they tested their strength. It is here you can see the size difference with Sam being 5’4 and Ashton being 5’10.

“Just because your bigger doesn’t mean you better!” growled Sam.

“Ah that leads me to why I brought you both here today!” said Ashton as threw Sam aside, clearly showing his strength.

“My new concoction will revolutionize the growth industry as we know it!”

“Nice segueway, Uncle Ashy” said Sarah as she hooked her arm around Ashton’s.

“Yeah, ngh, nice segueway” said Sam as he gathered himself.

Ashton led Sam and Sarah into his lab where an experiment was setup. On the table sat many test tubes and beakers, and a lone plant which stuck out from the rather monotone-ish decor.

“Sam, Sarah before you is a tomato plant, it has a current height of one foot,” explained Ashton. “I have designed a special formula that will allow it to gain half of its current height.”

A hand shot up into the air. “What do you mean by gain its height, and also exactly half its height?” asked Sam.

“I’m going to answer both your questions in order, Samuel.” explained Ashton. “You see, I had an inspiration, there are many starving countries out there, and I wanted to help, so I wanted to make food more abundant. Then, I thought why not make the food bigger. So I worked and worked, till a finally made a conclusive concoction.” said Ashton. He picked up a vial and said, “Lady and gent, behold ‘Growth Serum!’ With this I’ll be able to grow plants to half their size, give a take a few inches or two.”

Ashton, then took the vial and poured a couple of drops on the plant. “This will take awhile, do you guys want to get something to eat?”

“Sure!” both exclaimed.

Thirty minutes later, the group walked into Ashton’s lab with stomaches full of sandwiches and chips.

“And then I said - Holy Crap!!” shouted Sam

“You said that, your mom must have been pissed,” said Sarah.

“No, look at the plant!”

“What happened did it grow?” said Ashton breaking from the group.

“Not exactly” said Sam.

As it turned out, the tomato plant did change size, but instead of growing it shrunk. It had lost half its height, not gained half its height.

“My experiment!! Noooo! Where did I go wrong?” yelled Ashton.

“Uncle Ashy, its okay it did change its size didn’t it” said Sarah trying to comfort Ashton.

“But at what cost, what am I going to do?”

“You know, what you can do is try again and then maybe you can make this guy grow back to its original height,” explained Sam. “I mean you already have the formula, just retrace and redo your steps. Its either that or you make the world’s smallest tomato, but then again it would look like a cherry tomato.”

“I guess I could try again,” said Ashton

“Oh, Uncle Ashy, let’s go outside and get some fresh air,” said Sarah.

“Oh, go on ahead Sarah, I gotta tie my shoe,” said Sam.

Sarah nodded and dragged Ashton outside. As Sam bent down, his back hit the table causing the vial containing the Growth Serum to fall from its position against the plant. The liquid inside poured onto the table and headed for the edge where Sam was tying his shoe. The liquid dripped off the edge and onto Sam’s back, which he did not seem to notice.

Chapter 4
After Sam had finished tying his shoe, Sarah had already gotten their car started and was talking to Ashton.

“I thought you guys were just getting some fresh air,” stated Sam.

“Well, I thought I’d get started on my project right away, but I didn’t want to bother you two,” explained Ashton.

“You took awhile to tie your shoe, so I got the car started,” said Sarah.

“I may have taken awhile, but that still doesn’t take away from the fact that my shoe is awesomely tied, take a look” said Sam flaunting his shoe.

“Whatever, your only saying that because you got new shoes,” said Sarah.

“Spoil sport, let’s go home.”

“Alright, I’ll be seeing you, bye” said Ashton, as Sam got in the car.

“Sarah, its about 11:24 am, let’s get home so I can start getting the rest of the stuff out of the car,” said Sam.

(A couple days earlier, Sam and Sarah got an apartment together and just started moving their stuff in.)

The couple arrived at the house at 11:34 am, Sarah rushed to get the door unlocked while Sam gathered the rest of their stuff from the car. As Sarah put the key in the door, she was greeted by a woman and two kids.

“Hello, there” said the woman.

“Uh, hi,” said Sarah.

“You must be the new tendant next door, my name April,” said the woman. April looked to be in her late 30’s wearing a T-shirt and shorts.

“Hello, April, my name is Sarah,” said Sarah. She then noticed the two kids she had with her.

“Kids don’t be shy, Sarah, this is May and Jude,” stated April. May appeared to be a six year old girl with brown hair, put into a ponytail wearing a Dora the Explorer shirt, dirty pants, and slip on shoes. Her shirt had several small woodchips in it indicating they might have been at the park playground. While Jude, a young toddler wore a stripped shirt tucked into his shorts, and he was barefoot, which would probably meant he only spent playtime in the sandbox.

“Hi Sarah,” said May.

“Ngh…” said Jude waving at Sarah.

“Looking at these two, were you, by any chance at the playground?” asked Sarah.

“Why yes we were,” responded April “We came back home so that these two can take a bath and a nap.”

“But mommy, I don’t wanna take a nap!” May complained.

“You have to, you got so much energy, I just want you to calm down,” said April. “Say good bye to Sarah, and let’s get you ready for bath time.” The kids waved goodbye while Sarah waved back. April then took the kids inside the apratment next door.

“I should take a bath, too that lab stinked!” Sarah said to herself as she opened the door. Sarah held the door open with her shoe and started to fill the tub.

Meanwhile, Sam finished transferring everything from the car to the bottom of the stairs. He began to notice that his pants were beginning to bag a bit. As he carried the box into the room he heard Sarah humming in the bathroom.

“Sarah! I got two more boxes coming up the stairs,” yelled Sam.


By 11:41 Sam had put the last box away and closing the door, Sam decided to lay down on the couch, failing to notice his pants did not join him on the couch. Sam sighed and the decided to take a nap.

Chapter 5
Sarah hummed a song as she finished dressing from her bath. She noticed rain pouring outside, and that it was now 12:04. She then opened the door to find three boxes, Sam being nowhere to be seen. She looked to find Sam’s pants, Sarah then glanced over to find Sam in a blanket of his own shirt.

“AHHHHHH, Sam what happened to you?!?!” yelled Sarah with a fright.

“What is it Sarah?” asked Sam. Sam the reached to rub his eye only to find his shirt in hand. “What the……?” Sam then stood up to find that his shirt was now covering most of his body.

“O……M…….G” said Sam “What happened to me?”

“You must have touched Uncle Ashy’s growth thingy!”

“But how?” asked Sam. “Look at me!” Sam said as he spun on the couch.

“I don’t know, but we have to call Ashton.”

“Right! Wait, he said it’ll take him more then a month to make a new growth thingy”

“How did you know that?”

“He told me while you were tying your shoe.”

“Oh, uhhhh, how tall am I now?”

“I don’t know let me find a tape measure or something” said Sarah. As Sarah began to fumble around in the boxes of their stuff, Sam rushed to the bathroom to look at his new body. Sam began to experience slight nausea at the now tall structures he used to stand over. Sam entered the bathroom to find that he could not reach the counter.

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I’m enjoying this so far. You’ve put personality into these characters and have formed a unique concept. My biggest critique is to make sure you spell/grammar check before posting. I found at least one instance where “your” should have been “you’re” (don’t worry, I do it too!). Also perhaps you could rephrase “grow half its height”. It took me awhile to figure out what you meant by that since at first it seems like an oxymoron.

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try “grow to one and a half times its original size”

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Nice chapter please keep going.

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Chapter 6
Sam gave an exasperated sigh as he looked up at his counter. He jumped in hopes of climbing it. He had a look of joy as he grabbed the edge. Pulling himself up, he gave a relieved sigh at his reflection. Same build, same hair, same muscles, the only obvious difference was height. Sam then examined his surroundings from his current stature. He glanced towards the bath tub. It could now easily become a pool to him.

“Oh my god, I eff my life.” Said Sam as he hung his head.

Meanwhile, Sarah was digging through all the boxes Sam had stacked in the living room. As she rummaged she couldn’t help, but think of Sam. A 19 year old, 5’4 man taken down in size. Sam had always been unlucky (*take note of this people), but never this unlucky. Going through the boxes her face saddened knowing that she was going through Sam’s clothes, all of which he may never be able to wear again.

“I found one!” announced Sarah as she pulled the tape measure from the third box she dug through.

“I’m in here Sarah!” yelled Sam from the bathroom.

As Sarah walked in she found Sam, head down and a hand against the mirror, there was no hiding the embarrasment he was feeling.

“Uhhhh, Sam?”

Sam looked back to the doorway finding Sarah standing there with an awkward stare.

“Do you want me to….?” Sarah asked as she held up the tape measure.

“Yeah, go ahead.” Sam said as he stepped forward and turned his back.

Sarah spread the tape measure. Setting one end on Sam’s head she stretched the tape down to Sam’s heels.

“You’re 32 inches” said Sarah. “Or 2 feet 8”

Sam sighed and slumped down to his knees.

“Can you get the scale, please?” asked Sam fighting the tears in his eyes.

“Sure” replied Sarah.

After five minutes, Sarah was back, in hand with a weight scale.

“Here” she said as she placed the scale on the counter.

Sam slowly stepped onto the counter and watched the arrow fling onto a number.

“30 pounds” Sam stated, “How the mighty have fallen.”

“Excuse me? You were never mighty to begin with!” Sarah laughed. Sam couldn’t help but smile, Sarah could always get a laugh out of a situation, no matter what.

“Sarah.” said Sam, “Go call your uncle and see if he can fix this.”

“All right, you need any help getting down?” Asked Sarah.

Sam looked over the edge of the counter and could feel vertigo settle into his stomach.

“Yes, please.” Sam replied.

Sarah reached both of her arms out to Sam and moved her hand under his armpits. She gently lifted his feet off the counter and turned to set him down onto the ground.

“Sarah, wait!” yelled Sam

Sarah pulled Sam to her face and asked, “What is it, Sam?”

“Can you take me to the kitchen, please?”

Sarah nodded her head and placed Sam on her hip and began to walk out of the bathroom, when she heard….


Sarah ran to the door with Sam in tow looking through the eyeglass to find April waving at her.

“Oh, crap” Sarah said.

“Who is it?” Sam said with confusion on his face.

“It’s April”



“Ah……AHHH! She can’t see me like this”

“Luckily for you, she hasn’t seen you”

Sarah set Sam down on the ground and said,“Hide the bathroom quick!”

Sam quickly ran toward the bathroom, as Sarah opened the door.

“HI, April! What are you doing over here?”

“Hi, Sarah. Jude and I just want to see you again, well mostly Jude.” April said as Jude quickly ran to give Sarah a hug. Sarah grabbed Jude and twirled him around causing him to giggle. Unnoticed from April and Sarah, they both failed to realise that Jude’s shoe had flown off his foot during mid-hug and landed next to the bathroom door.

“It’s good to see you, too Jude!” exclaimed Sarah. Sarah then gave Jude a big hug and set him down.

Sarah then looked to April to find her staring down at Jude’s behind. April picked up Jude and poked a finger up Jude’s pant leg. Sarah could only look on smile and asked, “How did you know?”

“A mother always knows when their child needs their diaper changed.” explained April, “I guess the means we have to get you changed little guy!” Said April as she poked Jude’s belly.

“Say goodbye to Sarah!”

Jude could only wave goodbye which Sarah responded by giving a wave of her as they turned and walked to their apartment next door.

Sam came out of hiding from the bathroom saying, “They seem— oof” Sam said as he tripped over Jude’s fallen shoe. Sarah looked and giggled to find Sam face down, shirt riding up and butt showing. But she also noticed one other thing. Sam’s foot had gone parallel with Jude’s shoe indicating that he would easily fit his foot into the shoe.

This gave Sarah an idea.

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Your story is really good so far and I look forward to reading more!! :slight_smile:

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I look forward to mpore this really good story so far it get interesting with each chapter nice job on this.

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I would like to thank anyone that likes my story. I also would like to say thanks for the critiquing notes. I really hope I’m writing a story a lot of people will remember :slight_smile:

Chapter 7
As Sam dusted himself off he continued to say,“As I was saying, they seem nice I can’t wait to meet them, you know when I’m normal sized again” Sam added with a chuckle. Sarah smiled, but unknown to Sam, she was picturing him dressed as a small boy would at his size, she also giggled at thought of Sam wearing toddler pants or even diapers.

“Sarah, Sarah!!” Sam yelled in an effort to get his girlfriend back to reality. Sarah set aside her idea for the time being and asked,“Oh, they definitely are nice especially Jude.”


“Ugh, April’s son and, for future reference, she also has a daughter, May.” Sarah stated in a-matter-of-factly tone of voice.

“Wait, April? May? Jude?” Sam asked.


(They both glanced towards the camera and back to each other with a look that said, “Seriously, what a lazy ass.”
*Moving right along)

Meanwhile, Ashton was in his laboratory, trying to fix his so-called ‘Growth Serum’ when a colleague of his walked in.

“Sooooo, Ashton how goes it?” Asked Danny Kay

“It goes nowhere Daniel”

“Your glorious Growth Serum was a dud?”

“In layman’s terms, ‘it sucked balls dude’ I mean it would have been a complete success if I had called a Shrinking Solution”

“Then it is a success, isn’t it? Just switch the labels”

“Damn it, man have I told you nothing!? I’m working on a growth serum, and with it wipe out world hunger!”

“Just calm down, Ashton. I’m just trying to look on the optimistic side.”

“Where would that be?! Huh?”

“I mean you could use it in other ways like–”

“I don’t want to hear I just want to focus on my experiment and no sense of optimism will get it in my way!”

“……………(Did that just make any sense at all)” Danny thought.

“Ring-ring” went the banana-phone (I wish)

Ashton picked it up to answer to his niece’s voice.


“Uncle Ashy?”

“Ahhh, Sarah, what can I do you for? How’s your day been going?”

“Actually, we have a bit of a situation here, but promise me you won’t tell anybody, please.”

“Sarah, you can tell me anything, I promise I won’t tell anyone,” Ashton said as he glanced left to find Danny still standing in the doorway.

“Danny, I got something a little private here, so if you don’t mind”

“Of course, Ashton. Just as an FYI, don’t freak out when she tells you she’s pregnant.” Danny said as he left outside, leaving Ashton with his eyes wide-open.

“SARAH FOSTER, ARE YOU PREGNANT!?!” Ashton yelled into the phone.

“What!? No, I’m not pregnant!”

“Oh *sigh of relief”

“It’s just that I have little Sam walking around here”

“WHAT!? You already had a kid with Sam!?”

“Nooooooo, its just Sam. Its kind of your fault actually.”

“What do you mean?”

As Sarah explained the situation to Ashton, Sam took the time to explore his apartment. He had been several times already before he bought it with Sarah, but never at this point of view. He walked around his couch and remembered how easily he jumped onto it to get a nap. At this point, he would have to give a lot more effort then just jumping. Turning to his left, Sam faced his TV, smiled and thought,“I never thought I’d get a T.V. Like that 'til I was 30.” Next to the T.V. was the mountain of boxes, Sarah had opened to get the tape measure and weight scale. Clothes were scattered on the floor, both his and Sarah’s. Sam picked up a shirt and held it against himself, the whole shirt covered everything, but his head. His entire shirt collection had become nothing, but nightgowns. The shirt he was wearing was draped over him, the neck had fallen and showed his bare shoulder, which he struggled to keep covered. He hadn’t bother on any pants or boxers unless he wanted to hold them up all the time, so (as the people say) he went commando, and let his shirt cover everything.

“Sarah, that’s terrible, I am truly sorry, I will do anything in my power to fix this. I WILL FIX THE GROWTH SERUM (fanfare)” announced Ashton.

“Thanks again, Uncle. I hope you fix it soon, in the meantime, what should I do about Sam, I mean he has no clothes that can fit him properly.”

“That’s an easy fix, go shopping”

“Go shopping? For what?”

“Sarah I thought you were smarter than that! Go shopping for clothes that fit, and what are the only clothes that can fit him?”

“Uhhhhh” Sarah stuttered, she knew the answer, but didn’t know what Sam would say.

“Sarah! The answer is kids clothes! For science’s sake, I’m a professor, not a fashion advisor, and even I got to the answer faster than you!”

“Well, its not that I knew it’s just I don’t know what-” Sarah was cut off by Sam, who was sitting on the couch.

“Sarah, since I don’t have any clothes that can fit me what say we get something that does?”

Sarah had a look of disbelief on her face when she asked, “You do know, what we have to get right?”

Sam simply replied, “I know I have to get baby clothes, but at least I don’t have to be naked all the time, regardless if I have to wear something with a cartoon character on it.”

Sarah couldn’t blink, she could only turn to the phone, smile, and say, “Goodbye, Uncle we’re going shopping.”

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Nice pleaase more this get better each time I read it.

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this story is getting good.i am only sorry that you do not change the title when you put in a update.


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Story is getting good… looking forward to more.