Welcome to our new moderators!

If you check the About page you’ll see that we’ve recently added two new moderators to the forums and that one is no longe with us.

Ally stepped down as a moderator a few months ago.

Due to needing additional help in general and specifically with the project to organize the Stories section I posted a message on IRC asking for volunteers. @Vearynope and @BrownOwl were the only two to apply, and they’ve both been long term members and have generally proven themselves able to handle things.

Also, @anon99373056 who was temporarily a moderator for just stories sections has also been set to global moderator as well.

These 3 will be handling most of the day to day moderation of the forums going forward to leave me more time for the backend admin stuff like updating the ToS and Guidelines pages.

@BrownOwl and @Vearynope are also helping with the organization project specifically. Currently they’re working on getting topics tagged, sorted, and hopefully will also be helping to fix the stories that currently have broken formating.

Soon I will also be posting an application for short term moderators to help with the formatting fixes and to help tag stories and sort them. Keep an eye out for that.


Thanks to all of you for all your hard work!

It sounds like their promotions are well deserved. From the looks of it there is a lot of work to be done. I have noticed notifications of story edits from them. Progress!