Weekend Wish - 12/20 Update - Parts 1-15 Now Up

Hey guys. So this is my first try at writing. I was actually looking to commission a story if you remember, and I need to give Kita credit for starting this story. But because of just some bad luck she wasn’t able to finish it.

So I started writing a little… And it was actually kind of fun.

So I bought out her share of the story and started my first try. I edited the first part which she wrote however, so I didn’t’ just copy it.

Okay, so some warnings…

This is a F/m story with FFF/m elements. It is a husband/wife story. It is not a story that would function on its own without our particular fetish (I mean it would be a story, just a VERY short one). But it does take some time to get into as I am trying to build characters. There are sex scenes that don’t have anything to do with diapers (they are more BDSM, so I will try and post those as separate parts for those who aren’t interested). I do tend to be a bit long winded. This is a 3rd person past tense story.

I think that is all. I hope at least some of you enjoy. This is probably one of the shorter parts (I haven’t decided yet). So, I give you a story with no name……

Part 1 (rev 3)

Sarah tried not to giggle at what Mike had told her. His red face attested to how embarrassed he was at telling her about this, and it actually looked cute by emphasizing his freckles, framed by his curly red hair. She didn’t want to embarrass him – after all, it was she who had talked him into telling her all about this idea, but the thought that her normally strong, take-charge husband could possibly like something such as this, while not completely out of the realm of possibility, certainly took her a minute to process. She attempted to keep a neutral face, but she was sure he registered at least a bit of shock in her face; despite his inability to read most people he could always read her very well.

Mike, for his part, was literally squirming in his chair and was terribly embarrassed. His face felt very hot, his heart rate quickened, and his breathing shallowed. He felt like he was going to be sick. What had started as a regular breakfast had become a moment of truth that he had always known would come, but was never sure how he would handle it when it did. He couldn’t hide this forever; eventually Sarah would have run across something that clued her off no matter how careful he was. He was always very careful with his things, but eventually everyone makes a mistake. He had to force himself to come up with the words to try and explain his odd desires when Sarah asked him what his secret fantasy was. He hoped Sarah wouldn’t be upset with him for hiding this for so long. He shifted to his left and felt his stomach turn over again.

Sarah had known there was something he was hiding recently. As she sat there across from him at the table she had looked deeply into his hazel eyes and seen something he had wanted, or needed, to tell her. Even though he kept looking at his water, and then at her it was still written all over his face. She was a conservative Christian woman. She grew up in church every Sunday, wearing dresses and being demure and quiet. But that did not mean she thought things couldn’t be spicy in the bedroom between a husband and wife. It was something they had discussed before they were married and found they shared an interest in some areas of BDSM. The conversation was sometimes uncomfortable, but once they discovered that they shared this common interest it was actually very easy to talk about things. They had decided on a very traditional relationship within the house, and to use their kinks to spice things up in the bedroom. But Mike wasn’t the best at communicating exactly what he was thinking. People often accuse women of wanting mind readers, but Mike must have thought Sarah was psychic. He would often keep things to himself until he had completely made up his mind. As she looked across the table at him, she could see that he had been formulating this particular confession for some time. It frustrated her, but it was part of him that she could accept in order to get the rest of the package. She turned to the side and crossed her legs as she waited for him to start talking.

Last night had been a spicy night. They had played a bit, she let him tie her up and he had beaten her soundly. Her ass still throbbed from he marks his belt had left on her. In fact, the welts made sitting in the kitchen chair a bit uncomfortable. She had been dripping wet and begged him to fuck her hard and fast. He had been happy to oblige. She had cum numerous times in toe curling orgasms. But his thoughts seemed far away. He was a bit distracted. His aim was off with his belt. She had a few marks on her thighs to prove that. She briefly worried maybe it was on someone else, but dismissed the idea. Still, if she was tempted to worry about that now, she knew it would only get worse if she couldn’t uncover Mike’s secret and put the worry to rest.

Mike had hidden this for a long time. As he felt the warm sun on his already warm face he thought back to his previous experiences. He had never told anyone in his early explorations into this particular fetish. He guarded them like a starving dog guards his food. But, later in life, right after college, he had a Mommy. She had married, and they had broken off their relationship. It was awkward and although he had an easier time with “mommy” since she was much older than him, he had decided that particular relationship felt too strange. It was almost as if she was trying to replace his real mom.

And once, he had been caught. In his first apartment after college, he had become somewhat lax about hiding his actions. One day he needed to do some laundry, but had decided he wanted to be in a diaper all day. So he decided to risk it, and walked across to the laundry room with his diaper hidden under his pajama pants. It crinkled and made him walk differently. He felt as self-conscious as a girl going without underwear for the first time. He walked as quickly as possible to get there and back. Once back inside his apartment, his cheat heaving from almost having run to the laundry and back, he went on about his day. He had wet himself and was sitting on the couch when the realization struck him that he hadn’t gotten the wash yet. Figuring that it wouldn’t take long to get it changed to the dryer, or that others might just dump his clothes on the ground, he ran across in his wet diaper.

He made it over without being seen, despite the weight of the wet diaper pulling against his pajamas like having pants full of rocks. What he had failed to notice was that when he bent over, his shirt rode up and because his pajama pants were so loose, his diaper creeped into view. That was when she walked in.

“Ummmmmm… Hello,” she said meekly.

As soon as she said it he knew what had happened. He sat up like he had been hit with a million volts of electricity, and when he did the diaper crinkled. He turned around to see her standing there, clearly in shock, but almost smirking. It was the lady from a couple of buildings down. He had seen her in passing, and said hi a few times. He examined her smirk. It wasn’t one of derision. It was more akin an understanding smile. As he flushed she went on, “Aren’t you the guy who lives in 1069? I hate to ask, and if I am too nosey that is okay, but do you have some sort of medical condition? I only ask because the paramedics came once and…” she spoke almost the whole sentence as one word.

“Umm … no, I don’t. I mean I do, but…” he stammered, very nervously. His voice waivered like it did when he was a small child.

“So nothing that would cause…?” she pushed, walking toward him slowly. Or was she walked toward a washer. He couldn’t tell.

“No…” he said.

“Oh – I see then…” she said, not making much effort to hide the curiosity in her voice. He couldn’t look at her anymore as he threw his clothes quickly into the driver, shoved the quarters in, and ran back home like a champion sprinter. Every time he saw her after that, if he had actually been able to look her in the face he would have seen her knowing smile. As it was, things were just awkward whenever they passed. Mike wouldn’t have ever admitted to the fantasies she fueled in him, nor would he ever have had the courage to act upon them.

So it would not be hard to understand, with those events having taken place, why Mike would be hesitant to tell anyone his fantasies. But Sarah was his wife. He knew he should have told her before they got married; that it was very unfair of him to keep this secret from her, but he just never figured out the best way to tell her. There were a thousand things that he kept to himself until he felt necessary, but this should not have been one of them. But, he had kept the secret.

Until this morning.

As usual, after her shower, Sarah had poured a cup of water for him, and had then poured one for herself. She sat down across from him and her robe fell partially open, revealing one of her pert breasts. Mike loved Sarah’s breasts – even though she was a D-cup, her breasts were actually very perky. Their shape and fullness belied her age. She didn’t try to keep them covered in his presence, knowing he liked them and that there was no need to cover them from her own husband. Anyway, the spanking from last night had left her bottom in an aggravated condition, so anything more than the silk of her robe just made it worse. Thinking about it, she shifted again, and thinking about that, she pressed her legs together and felt a slight moistness between them. She reached down, taking a drink of water.

“I want to talk to you about something,” she said. Mike felt a chill from those words – those words are never good. He worried, and looked into her fair face. How much time had passed? How long had he been sitting here wondering down memory lane? He leaned forward in his chair, with his elbows on the table ready to defend himself like a high priced defense attorney.

Sarah wasn’t sure how to start. She wasn’t even sure exactly what she wanted to say. But she could tell that he was on the defensive. His posture was very aggressive. She wanted to put him at ease, so she leaned back, letting the robe fall almost all the way open. She crossed her legs and almost winced at the feeling of the welts on the wood, but reveled in the way it squeezed her legs together. She knew this type of exposure was a signal to him of her submission and it would put him at ease. Sure enough he sat back and let out a deep breath that he had been holding without knowing. “I … I feel like something isn’t right between us,” she said finally. “Like – there’s something I should be doing for you that I’m not doing. I feel like you’re not completely satisfied with me…” She trailed off at this point.

Mike was taken aback by her unstated concern. “I never want anyone but you,” he said, picking up on the suspicion that kept tempting her. “You’re the most important thing in the world to me!” Now, despite her posture he tensed up again as if getting ready to jump out of a plane.

“Then why does it seem like you’re hiding something?” Sarah blurted out.

And that was when his blush began. “Because … I am,” he admitted. He felt relieved to know this conversation was actually about to happen. Now, it was Sarah’s turn to tense up. She leaned forward and with the robe falling over her shoulders she unconsciously but up a barrier between them to prepare for the bad news.

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Part 2 (rev 3)

And as they sat at the breakfast table, Mike began to finally open up. He began with his childhood, how when he was in high school he had dreams about wearing diapers, and the huge curiosity he always had about how it would feel to wear them again. How when they visited his neighbor who had a baby, he saw the baby bottle the baby had left laying on her nursery floor and stole it, sticking it in his sock so his pant leg would conceal it until he got home. He washed it out himself at home, and used it that very night. He used it at least once a week at night, hidden in his bed, for well over a year. Then he bought a new one. It gushed out of him. He felt like he just couldn’t stop talking. If he stopped then he would never begin again. The confession flowed like a man on his deathbed.

It never got any less embarrassing, and he could feel his face burning the whole time. It felt like someone was holding his face over a very intense fire. His heart rate sped up. However, it got easier to talk about, as different events and feelings he had just poured out of him. He knew he should stop, he was afraid he would scare his beautiful wife away, but he was letting out the secrets he had held back for so long and he knew it was the right thing to do.

Sarah was a little put off at first. She didn’t worry about him being a pedophile, as he was afraid she might. The fact was, she herself had engaged in a bit of age play with him while they were dating. He problem was she had been his little girl, which fit into their relationship better than this.

As a result, she knew what age play was and she thought she might be able to know enough to finally fulfill the desire that Mike had. But she had always been on the little side, she didn’t have any idea how she would handle being on the big end. She was never in charge in their relationship. She knew as his wife she was supposed to do what she could to be what he needed, and if he needed a Mommy as well as a wife, she would try to be that for him. She allowed the confession to wash over her wave by wave. As he continued, she sat back and relaxed. Of all the things he could have confessed, this would probably be among the easiest to deal with.

He did look cute right now, she thought. With his blush and the endless squirming in his seat and the way he was leaning forward, unable to look her in the eye. On the other hand, she watched his eyes very intently. She could see how emotional this was as he actually began to tear up. His eyes shimmered with the tears but he didn’t shed them. With him like this, she could easily see him as a little boy. He was so take-charge all the time, escaping into childhood was probably just the relaxing he needed most. He was so completely tensed, expecting her rejection she could see it in his muscles. The looked like a thoroughbred horse in the stall, ready to run. She tried her hardest to send the signal that this was okay, but she wasn’t getting through to him.

He had stopped speaking and was now watching her nervously, worried about what she might say. He felt like he might pass out. He couldn’t breathe, his heart was pounding, he was sweating, was he having a heart attack?

“How far does this go?” she asked as soon as she could. “What kind of … baby things do you have?”

Her question made him look at her face. When he did he saw her eyes. He saw she was surprised, but not repulsed. He grabbed a gulp of air. “Umm… well, you know about my underoos, and I also ordered some diapers,” he started.

“You actually wear those? I thought they were a gag gift?” she asked, surprised.

“Yeah, I wear them,” he explained, staring at the table. This made Sarah wonder just how many people might be into the same thing, given that there was apparently a market for adult sizes in Underoos. Now he could see the contemplation in her eyes. She was curious. She wanted to know more. But she didn’t run away screaming. Although he didn’t lean back, his breathing and heart rate slowed. He went on, “And bottles, pacifiers, sippy cups, toys…” he blushed deeper as he quickly added, “A wooden hairbrush….”

Now she did giggle, but regretted it immediately when she saw a hurt look in his eyes. She knew about the hairbrush he wore out on her bottom. It had actually taken some of the shine off the wood. “I’m not laughing at you,” she assured him as she reached out and grasped his hands. He must have actually started to regress a little as he told her, she realized, because just her words seemed to calm him. “I’m just … surprised. Not in a bad way! You know how I feel about wooden hairbrushes”, now it was her turn to blush a bit. She added hurriedly. “And do you ever need that hairbrush?”

“I dunno,” he answered, once again unable to look her in the eye, but calmed by her touch. “I’ve never gone that far before. But I have imagined being put in the corner in time out, and being spanked with a wooden spoon or a hairbrush…”

“What does it lead to?” she further asked. “Is this a sexual thing for you?” She asked because she knew the arousal that a good spanking brought out in her. She usually assaulted him afterwards ready to fulfill his desires no matter what they may be.

Mike shook his head. “I wouldn’t want to involve sex with it,” he explained. “I’d just be a baby for a day maybe, and then go to bed at the end of it, and it would be so good for me, so relaxing… At least I think so.”

Sarah thought about it. There was small but profound silence. “I want to try it,” she finally said. “But I want to think about it first. I want to do it right, and decide how much to get into this and how to go about it. I want it to be good for you. I’m not sure how good I’ll be, but I want to try to do this for you.” She smiled, and Mike was relieved. For the first time since he started talking his shoulders slumped and all the tension disappeared, like air being let out of a balloon.

Re: Weekend Wish Parts 1-3 Now Up.

Part 3 (rev 3)

After it was all out on the open, Sarah no longer felt like Mike was hiding something and Mike no longer felt the need to keep his deepest secret from Sarah. Their sex over the next two weeks– even when vanilla – was so much better.

Not that Mike was blatant about things, which Sarah worried about at first. How would it look if their friends came over and there was a sippy cup laying around? She had read some on Adult Babies since he told her – there were literally hundreds of Internet sites about it. One thing that worried her was that most of these sites appeared to be porn sites. They never watched porn, so Sarah was shocked and had to quickly close a lot of browsers. She calmed down about that after she read a few discussions sprinkled around on a few forums where she found that there were some people who were turned on by diapers and used them almost exclusively as a sexual object, whereas there were others that felt very much as though they really were children in adult bodies, and the baby items felt “right” to them and made them comfortable.

There were so many varieties as well. It seemed that there were a dozen or more terms they used, which were all related in some ways. In their attempt to explain themselves, they had formed these terms, and then someone found they didn’t fit into that mold completely and would form a different term. It was completely overwhelming. She walked away from the computer quite a few times with a headache. There were Adult Babies, Inner Kids, Littles, Regressionists, Diaper Lovers, Diaper Recreationists, Little Girls (who apparently could be biologically male or female and set their ages somewhere between 3 and 18), Sissies, Schoolgirls … and on the other side there were Mommies, Daddies, Aunties, Nannies, Teachers, Governesses, Nurses, Babysitters, and even siblings. It boggled the mind! It took her another couple of weeks just to sort through it all and figure out where she and Mike would fit into this spectrum.

What really concerned her was when she wandered outside of the AB sites to see what those who weren’t obviously biased said. She found some of these people went on talk shows, and using Youtube, she looked into their experiences. It was disquieting to say the least – she couldn’t see her Mike being as blatant as these people were. She would then find some of these same people on the AB sites, taking about how liberating it was not to hide anymore. This made her very uneasy. She didn’t want a baby boy. Well, maybe one day, but not a 30 year old one.

She also read a letter on a sex column site, written by a woman who was the girlfriend of an Adult Baby. Apparently she had told him she would be his Mommy sometimes, and he clearly took advantage of the situation. He was being a baby in more and more of their time together – and the relationship was suffering. She didn’t think Mike would let that happen, but how could she be sure? He had repressed these desires and hidden his activities for a long time; what if now that it was ok to let them out in front of her, the dam would break and he wouldn’t be able to gauge how much was too much? What if she couldn’t gauge it either? And the sarcastic way the columnist treated it sure didn’t help her any. Once again she got a headache and had to go to bed after a couple of Tylenol.

There had been a few incidents over the weeks – she felt he was testing her to see if she was really going to be accepting, and that was fine. She knew she needed to ease into it slowly anyway. She had already found a pair of the Underoos he mentioned in the laundry. They were thick and cute, and styled just like the Batman Underoos a generation ago. She smiled as she looked them over after washing them and remembered her own Daisy Duke and Barbie panties when she was a little girl. It made her wonder if they still made them, as she folded them and placed them in his drawer, below his other underwear.

She also found a baby bottle and a pacifier in the dishwasher as she was unloading it one morning. She remembered he had offered to take care of the dishes the night before – had that all been just so he could sneak his bottle and pacifier in?

Mike was also concerned. Yes, things were way better between them, but he knew if they let this just hang and did not address it, it would be the so-called invisible elephant in the room. He also knew Sarah was reading and researching, but he didn’t know exactly what ideas she was getting as she read. She seemed frustrated sometimes. He knew how overwhelming this world could be.

For instance, he was well aware that the bulk of the information out there painted AB only as a sexual fetish. He already told her it wasn’t for him, and now he wondered if she would believe him when she saw all that. Maybe he should have helped her with her research. No, he thought, she would want to do this herself.

He got very worried when he saw she was looking one evening at a website about sissies. He knew she wanted a baby girl one day, and worried that she would try to press him to wear sissy clothes instead of his baby boy clothes. He wouldn’t like that, and he wrinkled his nose just thinking about ruffled panties.

Other things on those sites were untrue for him as well. Oh, he visited them from time to time, just looking for what he liked. That was the only way he was able to find the seamstress who sewed his custom Underoos for him. He could have kicked himself when he noticed them folded in his underwear drawer … he had taken his morning shower and just picked up his clothes afterward and tossed them in the hamper without thinking about it. He didn’t remember he had worn them until he saw them in his drawer. Sarah hadn’t said anything about it, but he had noticed her looking at him with small thoughtful smiles all that evening.

Also on those sites he had found companies that sold things such as the large pacifier he had. He used it from time to time and had it out when Sarah had gone to the store. Enjoying a nipple for the first time in awhile, he went ahead and got out his Transformers baby bottle as well, and filled it up. That evening, he washed them in the dishwasher, expecting to get them out before he left for work the next day. Again, he had forgotten. At the very least, Mike thought, he was being irresponsible with all the forgetting he was doing. But maybe he was subconsciously doing this to keep the idea in her head.

He hoped Sarah would know he was not into ANY type of homosexual feelings, as was suggested on some sissy sites. He did not want a Mommy Dom, and he did not want “cuckolding” or anything like it!

This would have relieved Sarah, had she known. Mike was her husband. Even if he was a little boy sometimes, she could still only see him as her husband, and the whole “Mommy” thing somewhat freaked her out. If she were taking care of him like that sometimes, it would feel strange to have sex with him at other times. And what if he slipped and called her “Mommy” during a passionate moment? She wasn’t sure what she would do if that happened. But her husband’s inability to communicate once again came into play here.

Re: Weekend Wish - Parts 1-3 Now Up - 7/25

This is a great story. The build up is really well done. Please keep going.

Re: Weekend Wish - Parts 1-3 Now Up - 7/25

Thank you. I thought the build up might be too much but I really enjoy setting a solid foundation.

Re: Weekend Wish - Parts 1-3 Now Up - 7/25

Part 4 (rev 3)

WARNING: This part contains… Forceful sex between two consenting adults and doesn’t involve age play (it is more about Sarah being secure that Mike being a baby won’t ruin their sex life). So if you aren’t into that, skip this part. The story will still make perfect sense.

You have been warned.

He had a frustrating inability to communicate things. Even things that might be odd, but that they would both come to love. She told him all the time to communicate things so that they could talk about them, but he often didn’t seem to know how. It made her want to rant and rave and yell. One evening as she was surfing in his darkened office she sat back and thought about how long it had taken him to express his anal leanings. When he did, and they tried it, wow it was amazing. But it took forever to drag it out of him. While she has there in her robe and panties she began to become very aroused thinking about him taking her anal cherry. Before she knew it, her eyes were closed and her right hand was under the waist of her panties stroking her clit. She inhaled deeply and let out a long, slow sigh. She had to have him. She began moaning very loudly and called for him. “Honey, oh Mike, I need you. I need your hard cock inside me.”

Mike heard her moaning and her calls from the living room. Turning off the TV, he walked into the office to a view of his wife with her robe completely open, her legs on the sides of the chair, one hand down her panties and the other twisting a nipple. Immediately he grew hard, with his cock pushing against the front of his pants. Seeing the scene, he lifted her up to a standing position. He forcefully pulled her around the desk and pushed her over to the futon in the office, turning her around. While he kissed the nape of her neck, he smelled her shampoo. He slid her robe down her shoulders and began to play with her nipples.

As he began to roll her nipples in his fingertips, she moaned so deeply she almost grunted. Her hand had not left her clit, but they had an agreement for her not to cum without permission. So she slowed her fingers down, but she knew what she wanted. He pushed her down on her knees and slipped his hands into the waistband of her panties sliding them down her soft, silky thighs.

She felt him sliding her panties off, and moaned into the futon as she pressed her face and breasts down, exposing her glistening pussy and her round ass to him. She was feeling so submissive right now. She heard him behind her lower his pants. She became acutely aware of her surroundings. The hum of the computer, the feel of the soft leather against her chest and knees, even the faint light coming from the streetlight through the cracks in the blinds. She had to have him.

He bent down and pressing his stiff, hard cock against her he whispered to her, “where do you want it little one?”

“Wherever you would like to put it sir. I am yours to use,” she was so horny she really didn’t care. She felt that she would orgasm the second the head of his cock disappeared into wherever he decided to put it.

He smiled. He felt her soft skin against his body. Heard her moaning. He reached down, and grabbing the shaft, he pressed the head of his cock into her pussy. Then, without warning he rammed the whole thing home.

She loved it rough and hard. She almost yelled at the pressure when he filled her. She could feel every inch of him inside her. It was almost painful, but the wonderful kind of pain that made her ache for more. She was so blind with lust that she wanted it in her ass. Then he began to pump. She went from a feeling of being empty, not just in her pussy, but also almost in her soul to being completely full. Her breathing became ragged. She wouldn’t wait much longer. She gulped in air and then let it out with a grunt.

He looked down at her. She was writhing beneath him. It was almost hard to keep the rhythm going she was moving so much. He grabbed her shoulders and pressing them into the futon he held her still. “Cum for me,” he said. “I know you want to, do it now.”

When she heard his words she exploded. Turning her head to the side, she yelled at the top of her lungs as her pussy clamped his cock like a vice. She didn’t want to, she really wanted it in her ass, but she couldn’t help it. She felt her juices running down her leg. She was seeing stars. Her breath was so short. She felt like she was floating. She literally couldn’t feel anything except her pussy and his cock.

Now that it was coated properly, Mike pulled his cock from the velvety embrace of Sarah’s pussy. Then he placed the head against her ass.

Sarah knew what was coming and she gasped again. Not in shock, she figured this might be coming, but because she was so sensitive. She knew he would not be gentle and she didn’t want him to be. She was ready for the pain, and she continued to rub her clit so that it wouldn’t hurt as bad.

Mike knew what she wanted as they did this often enough. He pushed hard against her and she instinctively pushed back against him. It only took a second and he felt the vice like grip of her little bottom hole around his cock. He didn’t take his time before slamming it home again and again. He watched her ass bounce with each thrust as she seemed to compress with every thrust.

Sarah, for her part, grunted hard and yelled a little. She must have sounded like an animal. Despite all the lubrication her pussy had provided him, his roughness brought pain. But she was okay with that. The initial pain of the entry was replaced by the throbbing of his cock in her ass. This is what she wanted. She felt like a bird, gliding on the currents of air that just kept lifting her higher and higher. Her face was flush, she was panting, her chest heaving against the futon. She thought that she might hyperventilate and pass out. She pressed into it further, making sure her pussy and her ass were completely exposed, on offer to Mike to do what he wished.

It wasn’t long before she felt the familiar feeling of his cock actually growing in her ass. She yelled “Oh, oh, oh,” before he dumped his load into her ass. The feeling of his seed in her ass, her throbbing clit, and her exposure to him made her head swim. She thought she was going pass out. Her vision became dark around the edges and her head spun. She didn’t even get a sense of the orgasm because she was so far gone. But, when she finally recovered she felt sated. Laying on the futon she felt his cum leaking out of her pussy and ass. Her whole lower half throbbed. But she was done. Finally.

They lay there together, in each other’s arms for some time. One question was finally answered for her. Even his confession and her being able to see him as a little boy hadn’t diminished her feelings toward him. No, this would not be a problem for their sex life.

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Part 5 (rev 3)

Over the next few weeks, she actually became intrigued. It was always her thought that the husband should be the “head of the household”, so to speak. And Michael was certainly the head of this house. It would be an interesting role reversal to be the one making ALL the decisions for once. She would definitely enjoy that. She would also enjoy putting Mike into a diaper; bathing him… she didn’t want to clean up poop though. She read about that, but she thought that was just gross. She could see herself tying a bib around his neck, or feeding him a bottle. Yes, it was all not ordinary, but none of it was particularly outlandish.

She would have to make sure though that he understood if they did this, she was the one in charge! And she would decide when it was over… she didn’t want him deciding he didn’t want to do it anymore only to end up a few months later longing for more. And he would have to understand that this was not a lifestyle for them – they would not live every day like this. Wow, in laying this out she felt the power wash over her like waves over the sand. It was a little intoxicating.

With that in mind, Sarah approached the subject one weekend morning at breakfast. While they sat at the table she ate Chex and he munched on Cornpops. She sat at the high standing table in her flannel PJs directly across from Mike. They were both surfing Facebook on their phones as they ate, which was their usual routine. “So … um … we have a weekend next week when we don’t have any plans for once …” she started.

“Yeah – that’s unusual anymore,” Mike answered. He didn’t even bother to look up. Between the theater, hanging out with some friends, and birthday parties it seemed like they had not had a weekend to themselves in quite some time. He didn’t like being that busy, but sometimes life just ramps up like that. He yawned and stretched out his legs.

“Right … and I was wondering, since we talked about your … um … your fantasy. I told you I’d be willing to try it out, and if you wanted to, maybe next weekend would be a good time.”

Mike immediately paid much more attention to what Sarah was saying. He looked up from Facebook and even sat down his phone. Often their morning small talk was just that, small talk. Sarah would chat away. He’d make little noises of understanding once in awhile, and this seemed to satisfy her, and things worked well that way. He felt bad about doing this, but sometimes in the morning he just didn’t feel like paying attention. He was not a morning person and didn’t like to talk or listen before 10:00AM. But now he looked up, feeling like a deer caught in headlights. As he looked across at Sarah with her tousled brunette hair looking at him through her black oval glasses. He smiled. She looked great, even when she just woke up.

Sarah saw his eyes light up and knew she had his attention. She settled in. “There’s a few things I want to get straight first, though,” she told him. Mike put down his coffee mug to listen. “First – I don’t want to be called ‘Mommy’. That should be reserved for children you and I have together – it just doesn’t fit with our relationship.”

Mike could see her point in that. Besides, he didn’t want to call her that either. He nodded. “Would ‘Nanny’ be appropriate?” he asked.

Sarah thought for a moment, and smiled. “I think that’s perfect,” she said. “Second, I don’t want to clean up poop…”

Mike made a terrible, contorted face and interrupted, “I don’t want to do that anyway.”

“But you WILL be wetting your diapers,” Sarah finished. Then she tried a little reprimand to see how he would take it. She looked sternly at him through her glasses making her best stern “I am in charge” face. “And stop interrupting me when I am telling you the rules!”

Mike’s eyes widened a bit… he hadn’t expected that. It almost took his breath away. Sarah was never actually forceful with him… it was completely unexpected. He just sat there in shock until he realized he was sitting with his mouth open. He closed it quickly. About to point out how surprising it was he realized with one look at her face that immediately interrupting when she just got done telling him not to would be a bad idea, so he settled back down to hear the rest. He even gave a small shiver as he thought he felt the AC pick up a bit. Or was it just him?

Pleased at her success, the dies of Sarah’s lips turned upward, almost in a smirk. She looked at him. His hair was short and strawberry blonde. With his freckles and being all tousled it gave him a cute look in a certain light. His Superman shirt didn’t hurt either. She looked him up and down slowly, and then finished up, “And three, once we start, I’M in charge. Remember, I am Nanny, and you don’t get to make the decisions, I do. And I will for the rest of the weekend.”

Mike realized this was pretty serious. But then again, one thing he knew about Sarah, if she was going to do something she was going to do it all the way. It had taken her three years to get motivated to get her CCNA networking certification, but when she finally decided to do it, it had only taken her six months to complete it. When she was determined nothing was going to stop her. He nodded his head. “Okay,” he said.

Sarah although not having been raised a good Southern girl was still always taught it was disrespectful to answer adults in this way. Drawing from her own experience, she stepped into her Nanny role once again, picking up her best stern voice and again looking directly at Mike, and reminded him, “The proper way to answer is, ‘Yes, Ma’am’ or ‘Yes, Nanny’.”

“Yes, Nanny!” Mike said quickly, a little loudly, and blushing immediately. He was shocked at how easy it flowed off of his tongue.

Sarah softened a bit now. She seemed to be good at this. “I guess I don’t really know all that you would like to do,” she confided. “I’m really new to this – I read a lot of different things, but I’m pretty sure those aren’t all your likes. What do you want to do other than have me putting diapers on you?” She stood up slowly and took both of their bowls, walking over to the dishwasher. She placed them in softly so that she would be able to hear what he said.

Mike had waited a long time for this. He had thought it through in his head before, and he realized that if they were following some sort of “script”, it wouldn’t be that much fun. He wanted it to be her lead. Her idea. But, it couldn’t be. His body went limp in acceptance of the situation. Just like he could not read her mind at first on her desires in the bedroom. It took frank, honest discussion to discover what they liked and didn’t like. But he didn’t want to tell her out loud. That would really ruin it. Suddenly it hit him like the apple hit Newton. “Do you think I could just write you an email during this week, and let you know what different kid things I like to do?” he asked.

Sarah leaned on the counter casually and looked at him across the sink. “That will work. But listen – I need you to do something more.” She handed him a piece of paper with a website written on it. “There is a brand of diapers called ‘Bambino’. I want you to order a case of the teddy bear design in your size, and also a couple of onesies from this site. Make sure to order them now so we will get them in time.” She had thought about ordering them, but he already had accounts, and she had plenty of other things to organize.

Mike nodded and left the table in the direction of his office, where they kept the computer. Sarah had no doubt he was going to follow through on what she told him to do. Both were feeling excited about the weekend to come. Sarah finished loading the dishwasher, and turning it on she wiped her hands watching him walk to the den. His butt was so cute she wondered for a second what it would look like in diaper. She smiled and made her way to the bedroom, there was a lot to do.

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I wonder if anyone is actually reading this or if the hits are just the browser refreshing.

Re: Weekend Wish - 8/7 Update - Parts 1-5 Now Up

I quite enjoy this story.

Re: Weekend Wish - 8/7 Update - Parts 1-5 Now Up

Okay. If even one person is reading it is worth it.

Re: Weekend Wish - 8/7 Update - Parts 1-5 Now Up

I am enjoying this. It is descriptive and fun to read.

Re: Weekend Wish - 8/12 Update - Parts 1-6 Now Up

This part is SHORT. The next part won’t be.

Part 6 (rev 3)

During the week, Mike thought out all the different things he might like. He had toys, like trucks and transformers, and he wanted to be able to play with them. He was just like a child in the weeks leading up to Christmas. He also didn’t just want to be in diapers – he liked to be potty training age, but still having accidents. He liked to get embarrassed about his accidents, and while he would not agree with spanking a real child for a potty accident, he was not opposed to getting one himself. He hoped he wasn’t packing too much into one or two days. He wrote all this into the email and sent it to Sarah, feeling butterflies in his stomach as he did so. He sat in the den on Wednesday, and actually had to try three times to hit the send button. When it was done he leaned back and let out a huge exhale.

Meanwhile, Sarah had received the package with his diapers and onesies, and hidden them away. She felt as if she were a new mother getting a baby shower in a way. In fact she went to the bakery and bought herself a cupcake with light blue icing and “it’s a boy” on it when she sat down to unpack everything and look over his email. She thought in her mind just what she could do to give all this to him. When she thought she had it figured out, she went through some of her old things she had stored in the attic, and found a cute little stool with a pouting little girl sitting in the corner painted on it. It was an antique that she had picked up at a thrift store. It was going to be perfect! Excited, she placed it with his things he showed her. She added what had arrived in the mail, along with a very bright bag she had bought, and two plastic pads, one covered in sports balls and the other with transformers on it. She covered it all over with a sheet, and went back downstairs to try and get some work done without thinking constantly about the fun they would have, and so hoping that Mike would enjoy it.

But, she had one last thing for him to do. She wrote him an email and instructed him on Friday to shave off all his extra hair. Although it would be a bit strange after they were done, she smiled at him getting a taste of what she had to deal with every week.

It turns out she actually loved him shaved. It made him look three times as big when he was erect. She had a great night that Friday. They kept it vanilla, but she went to sleep satisified.

Re: Weekend Wish - 8/13 Update - Parts 1-7 Now Up

Part 7 (rev 3)

“Mikey… Mikey it’s time to wake up,” Mike heard a voice interrupt his dream. Confused and a little annoyed at being called “Mikey”, he opened his eyes and looked around. Not really seeing anything he turned over. But the light streaming in through the windows blinded him. He lifted his arm to cover his eyes the way a cat covers it’s face to keep out the light. He stretched so hard his toes curled as he yawned and he threw his body over to the other side. Finally his eyes cleared allowing him to see Sarah standing beside the bed. His eyes got wide as he took her in – she was dressed in knock-out 50s style dress with her hair up and her make-up applied perfectly. Her face was a light pink, and her lips were tinted a very soft pink color. Her eyelashes made her eyes look very wide and very perky. They looked like something out of an anime. The dress was amazing. It was white with black stripes. The black stripes contrasted against her ivory sin. The straps were buttoned to the dress, with the top framing her breasts perfectly. The dress cinched up just under her breasts a bit and then flared down to her knees. It was amazing. It emphasized her breasts and legs and covered up her poochy belly (which he loved, but she was self conscious about). It looked light and airy. She had white tights on with low black mary jane heels. A pearl choker completed the ensemble. Even her nails looked perfect. He was about to ask why she was all dressed up like that when he remembered – today was the first day of his baby play weekend.

Not really sure where to start, he grinned sheepishly and pulled his blankets back over his face immersing himself in darkness. “Uh-oh – where’d Mikey go?” Sarah readily played along looking around the room. She had gotten up a couple hours early, careful not to wake him, and got herself ready. She had even done things like her nails, which she didn’t normally do because of her job in tech support and wore tights, which she hated, but she knew Mike loved them. He bent over backwards to make her life as special and easy as possible, she would do the same for him. Once she was ready she sat in a chair and stared at him sleeping for a good 10 minutes before she woke him, convincing and willing herself to see him as a toddler boy today. Today, she was the protector and provider, not him. Today she was ultimately the boss, in control, rather than a partner. She was Nanny. And she was ready for anything. It only took 5 of the 10 minutes to get in the right mindset and then she just reinforced it.

Mike pulled the covers down just then, the light flooding into his eyes once again. He squinted. “Peekaboo!” Sarah called out. Mike was impressed… and already starting to have fun. He laughed, more at the absurdness of this than anything else, but he was sill laughing. He went for a few more rounds of this. After the third time, Sarah caught his blankets. “Okay now time to get up!” she told him. She pulled the covers off him with a gentle, but firm pull. The covers slipped right out of his hands and down the bed. “How’d it go last night? Did you keep the bed dry?”

Mike frowned a bit, then turned it into a pout when he remembered that he told her he wanted to be treated much like a potty training child who had a lot of accidents. He sat there on the bed in his pjs looking at her. For her part, Sarah ignored his pout and reached down and ran her hand across the bed and across his “jammies”, feeling his legs and lap and bottom for wetness.

He felt her hands run across the pajamas and got a little excited. No, he thought. Not today. He just sat there and let her check the bed.

“Very good! You stayed dry all night! You can put a sticker on your chart!” Sarah praised him. Although it was praise for keeping the bed dry, it was quite embarrassing the way she was making a fuss over it like he just couldn’t stay dry. Mike wondered what she was talking about, and then he saw as she held out a box of stickers toward him and flipped the lid up. It was his old 2nd grade pencil box. Bright red and covered in stickers she had placed a variety of stickers inside it. There were Transformers, GI Joe, and wrestling, tons of different kinds. She had actually taken the time to make a chart as though he was really potty training – she had even filled it in partially so it wasn’t just empty. He couldn’t help but notice there were a lot more “accidents” than “successes”. A whole month with… He quickly counted, 10 stickers. He wasn’t very good at this was he? He laughed. I guess keeping the bed dry was a big deal after all.

“Yay!” Sarah continued praising him while he stuck his hand into the box, took a Transformers sticker from the box, and walked over to the calendar on the wall. Sarah helped him off the bed and kept an eye on him as he walked. He could feel her watching him. He tired to peel its backing, and was unsuccessful. He wasn’t very coordinated in the mornings. Sarah smiled at him and taking his hands, she peeled the back off the sticker. He loved how she hadn’t done it for him, but instead had guided his hands in doing it. He smiled and put in on the chart for today, pressing it down with his whole hand. “Great job little man! You stayed dry all night!” She was really getting into this. “Okay, time to get dressed!” Mike felt rather unprepared for her to suddenly reach out then and tug down his pajama bottoms and underpants. They slid down his hips easily though, into a pile on the floor. “Step out please!” She was very cheerful this morning. Mike stepped out of his jammies and stood there, feeling rather exposed suddenly. That feeling led to him suddenly feeling very awake. Just as quickly his pajama shirt followed over his head. He was only used to being undressed like this when they were going to have sex, and he momentarily wondered if that was going to happen. His arousal was somewhat physically evident, but Sarah quietly reprimanded, “Remember…. None of that today,” she said in a very perky voice. With that, he again felt very exposed and quite shy. What hardness had been beginning quickly faded. “That is a good boy!”

Sarah picked up the dirty clothes and made her way directly to the hamper. Throwing them in she smiled. It was like the last vestiges of Mike were gone and Mikey was now here. She went to his drawer and tugged out a pair of Batman Underoos. “Do you need to potty?” she asked. He nodded. “Okay, let’s take care of that!” She walked back to him beside the bed with the Underoos in her hand and grabbed Mikey by the hand. She led him to the bathroom, and turning him around, she put her hands under his arms and although he did not need it, she lifted him and sat him down on the potty.

Mikey felt her strength as Sarah picked him up off of his feet (he knew her strength from her years as a nurse) and put him back down. He followed her lead and let his legs loosen so that as she sat him down he actually sat down. He blushed as he looked down and felt his smooth skin as he pressed himself toward the toilet.

She stood by the door and watched him. He looked so funny sitting there naked on the potty. This certainly made her nanny role more real. She had never seen him potty before. It is something that would only fit in this context; it was that otherworldly.

Mikey found it a little difficult to go while being watched, and blushed. He wanted to, but just couldn’t. He tried to relax. But it just wasn’t working. He had used public bathrooms with people before. But they hadn’t been watching him.

Sarah saw the blush and had to fight back a giggle. “Little boys sit down to go, and nanny needs to stay here in case you need help.” Still finding it a bit hard to go with her standing there, he just sat. Eventually Sarah made her way over to the potty, “what if nanny holds it for you? Do you think that would help?” He shrugged his shoulders. “Well, lets give it a try,” she said in her best “that was a question, but we are going to do it anyway” voice. So Sarah walked over to him and knelt down so that she was eye level with him and could easily reach him. She reached between his legs, grabbing him in her hand and pointing it into the potty, “okay, just relax sweetheart.” She was doing this very nonchalantly, just like a nanny might. Mikey relaxed again and she began slowly massaging him. She avoided the head not wanting to arouse him, but massaged and pumped his little peepee slowly. She giggled inwardly at that thought. Then it worked and he began to let go. “Good boy! That is how you make peepee for nanny,” she said and continued to hold it until he was done. When he was done with that, she asked “do you need to poop?” He nodded. Sarah knowing that would be even more uncomfortable said “okay, I will shut the door, just tell me as soon as you are done.”

After Mikey went, Sarah directed him to stand up. She put down the Underoos she had in her hand, and pulled a wipe out of the box that she had left near the potty. Mikey heard the distinctive sound of the wipes and closed his eyes. He stood up slowly as he hadn’t wiped yet. “Turn around baby,” she said. He slowly turned away from her, facing the dark wood cabinet that sat behind the potty. He had never really looked at it, but he did now, trying not to be more embarrassed. Then he felt Sarah place her hand gently on his back and he bent forward. She then put a hand between his thighs. He instinctively parted his legs. She slowly and very thoroughly wiped his bottom up and down with several wipes before throwing them into the potty. It was a bit gross to her, but she’d much rather do this than clean up after a messy accident either in his Underoos or his diaper later. “Stand still while Nanny takes care of this!” she admonished, and Mikey stood as still as he could. He still had to wiggle a couple times when she took him in her hand and, using a wipe cleaned him very thoroughly (and quite embarrassingly). He could have sworn she took her sweet time, parting his cheeks to make sure he was clean and then reaching between his legs and running the wipe over the shaft of his boy parts, and finally scrubbing the head very well. She turned him around when he was clean.

“Now – remember,” Sarah said to him, looking directly in his eyes. She was so close he could smell her hair. It smelt very fruity. She didn’t wear perfume because he was allergic, but her hair always smelled so nice. He loved the lack of perfume because she smelled more natural. “What are you going to do when you have to go potty?”

“Tell you I hafta go so you can take me, Nanny,” he answered. He didn’t like baby talk, but Mikey was surprised how a word like hafta can just kind of slip out.

She turned slightly and picked up the Underoos, which she had put down when she wiped him. She looked at them and smiled. They were white, with the classic, light blue batman on them and various onomonopia words like BAM, SOCKO, and BOOF written on them in red. They had a dark blue waistband with BATMAN in block letters with yellow and black lettering. She slowly knelt down and held the leg holes open. She looked at him as she spoke. “That’s right, because if you have any accidents in these big boy panties,…” After Mikey stepped into them, steadying himself on her shoulders, she pulled them up his legs and over his bottom as she said… “Then it’s going to be right back into diapers for you, Mister!” Standing up and looking him over, she patted his bottom firmly. “Now head into the bedroom!” She watched as he trotted into their bedroom. His legs were pale, but his bottom was firm and cutely encased in the Underoos which also showed off the sides of his legs. With his normal boxer briefs these were things she often didn’t get to see. She jogged behind him and quickly caught up with him, hugging him tight. She wrapped her arms around him, squeezing tight. Letting him go, she then took a Batman shirt out of the chest of drawers. It was light blue with the classic Adam West batman on it. It had long sleeves and the cuffs were dark blue. She smiled at his tousled hair as she slipped it over his head, helping him feed his arms through, and admired how cute this looked. She thought a few moments about just leaving him dressed like this – in the cute Batman combo – but then she realized a “proper Nanny” wouldn’t let a little boy run around in just his underpants, so he grabbed the short pants she had chosen for today, khaki, just like she saw on many of the abdl sites. She helped him into those as well. They made a nice outfit. Standing back she looked him over, smiling, pleased with her handy work.

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I am really enjoying this story so far. I really like how the characters are developing.

Re: Weekend Wish - 8/13 Update - Parts 1-7 Now Up

Can’t wait for the next part. Keep up the good work!

Re: Weekend Wish - 8/13 Update - Parts 1-7 Now Up

Part 8 (rev 3)

She sent him back to the bathroom and made him wash his hands, face, neck, and behind his ears. Then he brushed his teeth and Nanny combed his hair for him, and it was time for breakfast.

Mikey felt great and very cared for. His nanny helped with everything. She wanted to make sure things got done correctly. He smiled as he washed his face and brushed his teeth. He even sang Happy Birthday to make sure he brushed long enough.

Sarah was going for a pretty structured schedule for the day, knowing toddlers did best with that sort of setup. She also knew that Mike liked planning and structure, and it would help him relax if she had a plan and wasn’t just doing things off the cuff. There was a bit of her plan later that hadn’t been settled on yet, but she would wrap that up before lunch. She checked her watch. Oh my. If they were going to fit everything in she had better keep going. She took him by the hand and led him off to the kitchen at a brisk pace.

She softly took Mikey’s hand while leading him to the kitchen. She was very gentle. But also firm in pulling him to the kitchen like a person might pull their child if they were late for something. When they got to the kitchen, she told him to sit in the chair at the table and she would get his breakfast. She walked around the counter to begin making breakfast, and she looked up to make sure she could keep an eye on him. Just as she started pouring milk into a bright blue bowl for his breakfast, she heard the small kitchen TV set go on. Looking up, she was startled. “What are you doing? I told you to sit down at the table,” she said with a very firm tone as she poured the oatmeal into the bowl and put it in the microwave. Sarah looked at Mike as he was standing on the other side of the counter with the remote in his hand.

“I… wanted to watch cartoons…” He whined. “It’s Saturday!” He actually began to pout with his mouth turned down and his arms directly down to his sides. But he couldn’t look her in the eye as she stared a hole in the top of his head while the microwave whirred away.

Sarah remembered loving Saturday morning cartoons as well, so she relented. Returning to tending the microwave, she said, “But if I tell you to sit down, I mean it,” she warned. Mike smiled, having got his way, and went back to his seat to watch his cartoons. He lifted himself up on to the high seat. Funny, it was something he had always done, but now it held a different meaning as he swung his feet in the air. Even the chair seemed to contribute to his feelings today. Soon she put a bowl of cereal in front of him. It looked like cardboard and wallpaper paste and smelled like vomit. He wrinkled his nose at it. It was awful. His face contorted terribly like a person in the midst of some severe internal distress. It looked worse gruel. His stomach turned from the sight and smell.

Sarah saw his reaction and was upset for a minute. She frowned both hurt and angry. They didn’t have any cereal, and she didn’t have time to make eggs and keep them on schedule. He should be happy she made anything. But she knew how he HATED oatmeal. This might be a good experience though. She could establish that she was in charge and he would have to take the submissive role.

“Do I gotta eat that?” he asked.


“Umm – I mean, thank you, Nanny,” he hurriedly answered. He picked up his spoon and began to eat, slowly. Every mouthful was disgusting. He felt the bile building up in his stomach as he swallowed very quickly to get it down. It tasted like wet cardboard.

Sarah saw his struggles and thought she might know how to help just a little. But first she needed to make sure he didn’t make a mess all over his Batman shirt.

Mikey suddenly felt something around his neck. As he looked down he realized Sarah was tying a large cloth bib on him. It was a Disney “Cars” themed bib. Then she put a baby bottle of milk beside his bowl. It was decorated with ducks.

“I know you’re not going to eat all that cereal,” she said, “But I expect you to finish this whole bottle before you can get up from the table.” As she was speaking, she walked over to the pantry. Reaching in, she grabbed sugar and cinnamon. Making her way back to the table she spooned several spoons of sugar and a dash of cinnamon to the oatmeal. Then she sat down. “Okay cutie, you have to take ten more bites of oatmeal.” She watched him for each bite.

“Yes Ma’am,” Mikey said, taking bites of the now almost tolerable oatmeal and chocking them down. He was saving the bottle until the end. It was his waiting redemption. He ate reluctantly as he continued to watch GI Joe on the TV. After he counted ten spoons of oatmeal he put down his spoon, and picking up the bottle he began to nurse it. This was harder than it looked. So, he leaned back and putting his feet on the chair, nursed on it gently. He actually found this soothing since he had done this particular activity many, many times. The cold milk washed away the oatmeal taste and soon his stomach settled.

Sarah had felt a little worried at his earlier mischief and disobedience. She wasn’t sure exactly what she should do – as a teen she had babysat, but the kids usually did what they were told and there wasn’t a whole lot of trouble. Occasionally you had to threaten to call their parents. In this case, she WAS the “parent”. But he seemed to be settling back down now. She grabbed the bowl and sauntered to the sink. She liked how these heels felt like they made her hips swing. Mikey’s eyes were closed and so he didn’t notice, but he filed that information away for later. She wiped out the bowl and placed it in the dishwasher.

After he finished his bottle, she wiped his face off (which he did not like, moving and struggling a bit), took off his bib, and sent him to the Living Room with a light swat to his bottom cheeks.

He noticed she was patting his bottom a lot. He smiled inwardly. Having his face cleaned was annoying. It turns out no one can tell how hard they are scrubbing someone else’s face. He didn’t want to move, but he couldn’t help it. Oh well, he made his was quickly to the living room to see what she had done there.

Re: Weekend Wish - 8/25 Update - Parts 1-8 Now Up

i really enjoy this story!! ;D

Re: Weekend Wish - 9/5 Update - Parts 1-9 Now Up

Part 9 (rev 3)

In the Living Room, he saw she had spread out a blanket and put a lot of his toys on it. Matchbox cars, GI Joes, and blocks! He almost sprinted to the blanket and happily sat down. He started to play with his Matchbox trucks first. They were a favorite of his. He made the “vroom, vroom” sounds as he pushed them around the blanket. After a minute, he realized he was missing his cartoons, so he reached for the living room remote.

Sarah watched as he settled in. She was happy that he would hopefully entertain himself or a while. She turned her back for just a moment while she filled a sippy cup with juice. Sometimes she thought, he should use these more often with his rather clumsy nature. Maybe she would talk to him about that. As she turned around she was pulled out her thoughts. “Mikey!” Nanny was giving him what he had already come to think of as “the look”. Ugh. He wasn’t sure WHY, though. She took the remote from the table he was reaching for. “Only grown-ups are allowed to touch expensive electronics. You’re just a little boy. Okay?”

Mikey felt a little frustrated by that. He actually couldn’t think straight for a second. This wasn’t how it was supposed to be. He pouted and actually stomped a foot before he realized what he was doing. He hadn’t even realized how much like a frustrated child he was acting. When he played baby alone, he had to do all these things himself… This was a bit of a learning process for him. He realized he was taking too long to answer though, and finally nodded. “Yes Nanny – I understand.”

“Good boy.” She put the cartoons on for him, and handed him a Transformers sippy cup of juice. “Make sure you drink this juice - it is good for you,” she said. He immediately began to drink it, in huge gulps, anything to get that taste of oatmeal out of his mouth. It just wouldn’t go away. Sarah inwardly rolled her eyes at what she had said – her main purpose in giving him so much to drink was to get him to wet his pants so she could diaper him. In that case it wasn’t “good for him” at all.

Mikey soon returned to playing and being engrossed by his cartoons as Sarah looked on for a moment. Sarah decided that he should have a bit more stimulation, so she went to her “stash” and dug out some coloring books that she had bought for the occasion. She tried to get him to color some, figuring the coloring books would help him overcome what he was feeling. They were topics he liked. She even started coloring with him. But he really didn’t like that. It was a bit boring for an active kid like him, and besides he wasn’t very good at it. He just couldn’t make his pictures look as even and neat as hers. Sarah herself, however, found coloring quite enjoyable. She had often colored to relax from stressful days, and soon found herself immersed in coloring Optimus Prime. Mikey had quit coloring and gone back to his cars some time ago.

Soon, Mikey’s mischievous mind took over again and his filter for his thoughts began to break down. Mike had always had a slight problem with ADD, and his mind raced from subject to subject. He often had trouble starting and finishing a task without another task interrupting. This made him a great multi-tasker but also meant things like coloring just didn’t hold his interest for very long. When he was in his “Little Head Space”, it was much worse than at other times, because he felt free to just let it roam rather than work on trying to concentrate. So, coloring was pretty much out of the question for him. He felt like he might actually explode with pent up energy.

Right now his mind was telling him that he might be able to get away with some stuff while Sarah was so interested in her coloring. She’d never notice what he was up to. Now, what trouble COULD he get into, anyway? Why did he want to make trouble? Well, he always liked making mischief as a child. Plus, this time he needed to in order to fulfill his fantasy. But he bottom clinched at the thought of a spanking, he could almost feel the heat already. He wanted it, but he really didn’t. A slow smile crept across his face as he looked at his toy truck, his crayons, and his coloring book. After thinking for a few moments, he grabbed some blocks nearby, and set up the coloring book like a ramp, and started to set up crayons on the other end. Not perfect, because the coloring book wasn’t terribly flat, but it would do.

Thinking to himself, “And now, Mikey will jump his truck over TEN crayons!” he crawled a little distance away. Checking to make sure Sarah was still occupied; he pushed the truck as hard as he could at the makeshift ramp.

As he crawled, pushing the truck, the truck rolled noisily, went up the ramp…. and at the top of it, his weight collapsed it, which sent him and the truck sprawling. He and it landed on the crayons, breaking some of them and mushing them into the carpet and his shirt a bit. He also hit his face on the carpet as he bit the dust, and there was a sudden pain in his knee. Sarah nearly jumped out of her skin, and Mikey started to panic. His breath left him and his throat felt tight. Oh no. Had he done it? Had he earned a spanking already? He almost began to cry as he looked up and noticed as Sarah gave him an angry look. His eyes teared up and he started to whine.

Sarah was upset with him for making a mess like that. The crayons had been mashed into the carpet. This would take some cleaning, which is she hated. She felt herself flush and her face turn down into a scowl as she looked at him. But as she thought a moment she was also upset with herself for not paying enough attention to him. She almost forgot how much attention toddler boys needed. It wasn’t really his fault that she hadn’t been paying attention. But still, he needed correction. She channeled her frustration and standing straight up over him, looking down she began to scold him.

“Mikey! Just what do you think you are doing? That was very naughty!” Mikey was dumbstruck – he figured she would be concerned about his face or his leg first. Seeing he had nothing to say in his defense, Sarah took him firmly by the hand and led him to a corner. She pulled him along while he almost stumbled behind her. She made him stand there with his nose in the corner for a second while she returned to her stash and took out the stool she had found earlier. He saw the little stool she had found for the first time as she returned. He could see the determined look in her eyes, he knew he was in for it. But, before he had to sit in the stool Sarah looked him over. “Your face is fine little one, and you just skinned your knee a little, you will be fine.” He was not very happy with that diagnosis as it meant his punishment would begin immediately. His shoulders drooped as she made him sit in the stool and face the corner – this was a GIRLS stool! He crossed his arms and pouted as Sarah set the kitchen timer for five minutes. His legs were very cramped as the stool was very close to the ground. He started to feel his legs cramping up. He even had a little trouble keeping his nose in the corner, but knowing Sarah meant business he managed.

There was just enough time for her to clean up the mess he had made with the crayons. First Sarah turned off the TV. Little ones in time out should not be able to listen to TV. Sarah made her way to the kitchen still fuming. Looking under the sink for the carpet cleaner, she could feel the tension in her body. It actually made the muscles in her arms ache. Realizing this, she took in a long, slow breath, and let it back out. As she did her shoulders slumped and she relaxed a bit. As she made her way back to the living room, she kneeled down and put on an apron. It was white with frilly lace on the trim. She really liked it. Turning to business she began to spray and pat the carpet. While she was cleaning the crayons out of the carpet she reminded herself that he needed lots of attention and supervision. She was in charge and she needed to keep an eye on him. Upset with herself for not doing better she also thought that perhaps no matter what she did Mikey would get into trouble. No, he was a good boy. This was her not paying attention. When the timer went off, she had just finished. Placing the cleaner under the sink and the rag in the sink, she washed and patted her hands dry on the way to the living room corner.

Mikey thought to himself wow that took forever. I feel like I have been sitting here for 3 hours. With nothing to look at and nothing to listen to except nanny cleaning the stains the time passed in an interminable manner. He even began to fidget which was very unlike him. His legs needed stretching. His back hurt. This was not fun.

Making her way to the corner and kneeling down on one knee like a football coach talking to his players, she turned him around and looked him in the eyes. “You are done with your time out, but that was naughty. Are you going to be good and do as nanny says?” “Yes,” he replied, looking down at his feet, which were suddenly the most interesting thing in the room. “Look at me,” she lifted his chin. “Yes nanny.” “Okay then, give me a hug and you can go play now.” After a quick hug Mikey went back to playing with his trucks. Sarah looked down watching before sitting on the couch. She turned the TV back on, but this time to her favorite home improvement show. She saw Mikey begin to complain and she cut him off “You have lost your TV privileges for now, be a good boy and play.”

Re: Weekend Wish - 9/5 Update - Parts 1-9 Now Up

Nice. Really up to par, but personally I wish it would be released quicker. I understand you have to juggle real life and write this, and this is not a complaint. I just wish I could get more sooner, as I feel with all good things.

Re: Weekend Wish - 9/5 Update - Parts 1-9 Now Up

Yeah real life really gets in the way. But here is a new part for you!