Warped, Episode 6

Season 1, Episode 6: The Sleepover

I woke up wet that morning.

I was excited about my sleepover with Chris, despite Mom and I not being able to figure out how to handle my new situation. I never worried about bedwetting on sleepovers before. I had gotten good at hiding my Goodnites but this would be different.
We had basically narrowed it down to three options: go without, ask Chris’ mom to help me change, or I wear them to the sleepover and do what I can to stay dry. She had shown me how to get out of the diaper, I still had trouble getting one on.
Chris and I had trouble staying out of trouble at school. We were always talkative before one of our sleepovers. Finally, the day was over. I told him see ya later and got on bus number 37 for home.
When I got there, I tossed my backpack on my bed and asked Mom if I could play some Nintendo. She said yes, and I played for a little bit until Dad got home and it was dinner time. Dave was put in a booster seat and we all sat down for Chinese. I like Chinese but I only ate a little because I figured we would have pizza later at Chris’ and I could always eat leftovers.
After dinner, I did the little bit of homework I had for the weekend (I was reasonably smart and it was reasonably simple) and then started packing.
After a while, Mom came in and asked, “So, James, whats the verdict?”
I replied, “I still don’t know. I don’t like the option of have Mrs. Johnson changing me,”
“That’s fair enough. How many times have you been wet this week?”
I looked at the calendar we kept. Sometimes I thought I was improving, but this week was not one of those times: I had been wet four times since we got back from our trip.
Mom said, “Okay, I’ve shown you how to take them off, so why don’t you try wearing one there,”
I nodded. I didn’t like it but it made since. I went to the bathroom one more time before I was changed, then pulled back on my jeans and an Underdog t-shirt.
We got in the car and headed over to Chris’. His house was just a couple neighborhoods away from mine, but the ride seemed to take forever.
As soon as we got there, Chris and I took my stuff up to his room then headed to the basement. That was where he kept most of his toys and most of his video games and things. There was also a pool table and a carpet ball board. We played carpet ball for a while before switching to video games. So far so good.
After a while, Mrs. Johnson came down and asked us if we wanted to watch a movie. “Sure,” we replied and got in her car and went to the nearest BlueBox. We liked RedBox better but BlueBox carried older movies, and we ended up renting Independence Day. It seemed appropriate, with school almost out.
We also picked up a pizza. The store had a great deal – 5 toppings for 10 bucks. So we each picked 2 toppings and added extra cheese. When we got back we popped the video in and the pizza in the oven. Soon we were eating – it was pretty tasty.
“Do you boys want a Coke?” Mrs. Johnson asked.
I knew it would cause trouble later, but Chris quickly replied, “Sure,” and so I nodded as well. I only sipped on it throughout the movie and didn’t take the last swig until the credits. We said thank you, then went upstairs to the office and played SimCity for a while and also checked on the lastest Goosebumps news.
After a while, Mrs. Johnson came into the office, “Okay boys, its 10, you can stay up for a while longer but you need to be quiet because I’m putting Craig to bed.” Craig was Chris’ younger brother by about four years, a little older than Dave. We nodded, signed off the computer and headed back downstairs for more N64 playing. I was awful at it, could never figure it out but we had fun.
After a while, I needed to use the bathroom. That’s what a can of Coke will do to you, I guess. But I ignored it for the time being.
Then it became more urgent. Fortunately, it was almost midnight and we decided to go ahead and set up our sleeping bags. I went to the bathroom to change into my pajamas. I fiddled with the diaper a few minutes but couldn’t get it off. I sighed. Mom had shown me what to do, and I had done it a couple of times, I’m not sure what the difference was. But I slipped my pajamas on and went back out – I still had time.
We talked for a while before going to bed. I admitted to my crush on Megan, a girl in my neighborhood two years younger than me. Chris’ laughed and promised not to tell.
Soon, I knew he was asleep. So I got back out and went back upstairs to the bathroom. I fiddled with my diaper and this time was able to undo the tapes. Then I heard a knock. I quickly called out, “Occupied,”
It was Craig, “I really need to go,”
I sighed and pulled the tapes back together as best I could and pulled my pants back on.
I stepped out and let him in. He was doing the potty dance like any kindergartener would. I laughed and waited for him to come back out.
And waited.
And waited.
“You okay in the Craig?”
“Don’t bother me right now!” he screamed.
Mrs. Johnson came behind me and laughed, “Better use ours upstairs, he might be a while,”
I ran but knew it was going to be close. I pulled down my pants and pushed the toilet seat up with my foot. But it was too late. I was peeing in my diaper.
I tried to stop it but it was too late. I let it go, resigning myself to the fact.
After I was done, I undid the tapes and rolled up the diaper like Mom had shown me. Now the tricky part – hiding it until I could get back down to the basement where my bag was. And also, figuring out what to do since I hadn’t brought any underwear up with me.
The second decision was simple. I would go commando.
I figured there was nothing to be done about the diaper – I could slip by Mrs. Johnson and Chris was already asleep. I walked out of the bathroom like nothing had happened. Then I walked down the steps and peaked around the corner. Mrs. Johnson was still waiting for Craig. Darn it.
I realized if I went the other way around I could open the door to the basement so it would face me and Mrs. Johnson would never see the diaper. So I quietly walked around and started heading down the basement steps.
When I got there though, Chris was up, and he looked directly at the diaper and laughed.
“Dude, you still wear diapers?”
I blushed, but figured he was my friend and would be understanding.
I explained, “Only at night. I have a bladder problem and -,”
He laughed again, “A bladder problem? That funny,”
I said, “Not really,” and gave him a look.
“Oh. Ok. That’s weird. But no worries, I won’t tell anyone. Do you need a new one?”
I paused for a second. I might, but I rarely wet twice in one night, “No, I don’t think so,” I looked at the clock, it was already one, “No, I won’t,”
"Okay. Man that’s – " but he couldn’t think of what to say.
“I know. Thanks for understanding,”
He nodded, then punched me in the shoulder, “I bet Megan would think it was cute,”
I again blushed – the thought of Megan seeing me in a diaper was awful.

We soon were back asleep. In the morning Mom came and picked me up and I told her what had happened and that Chris had found out. She said it was good that I had a friend who knew about it and that would mean I could probably do more sleepovers easier. She was right.

Well, I took a shower and spent the rest of the day playing on my own and reading. I ate the leftover Chinese and soon it was time for bed. Mom changed me into my diapers and I fell asleep quickly.

I woke up wet the next morning.