Warped (Chapters 1-5)

First story on here, let me know what you think.

Introduction: These stories are very loosely based on real life events. Some are what would/could have happened if I had made different decisions in my life, others are imagined based off other premises. Names have been changed as per standard. Each story can stand on its own, they are episodic in nature but make more sense as one continuous account.
The series is called Warped because in the first incarnation of it, I used the premise of a time machine experiment gone wrong to put me back in this part of my life. It did not help the story but the name stuck.

Season 1: Episode 1: A Trip, Part 1: The Decision

As soon as I got off the bus, we all hopped in the car and were off. It was Memorial Day weekend, a three-day mini-vacation and my family was headed to North Carolina to see my mom’s family. It usually took five hours, but there was construction and traffic, which delayed us enough that we stopped for dinner, so it took a little more than seven.
We unloaded our things and as we walked inside we gave the prerequisite hugs and kisses. After a quick snack, the adults started talking so I kept on reading my Animorphs book I had brought on the trip. After a little while, Mom turned to me and said, “Okay, James, time for bed. Go ahead and get ready and come back and tell everyone goodnight,”
I begged to be allowed to finish my chapter, but Mom replied, “Get ready and we’ll see.”
So I marked my page and went back to my bedroom. I pulled out my Power Rangers pajamas (give me a break, I was in third grade). Then I looked for my Goodnites (again, I was in third grade, give me a break). But they weren’t in my bag. I dumped out everything and sorted through it all. But there was nothing. I sighed and went back out to the living room and whispered in my mom’s ear, " I can’t find my Goodnites."
She dismissed herself and came back to my room to search with me. She sorted through all my clothes and sighed, “Well, go brush your teeth and I’ll check to see if we packed them with David’s stuff.” She walked out of the room and I went to the bathroom down the hall with my toothbrush in hand. My parents were usually good about helping me deal with my bedwetting. They didn’t embarrass me or anything. But every now and then it still got to me. Times like this. Times when I was reminded that bedwetting was babyish. Goodnites were always sold right next to real baby diapers, so it would make sense that my mom would pack them together. I never had to go with her to pick them up, but any time I had to bring them back down to my room and saw the Dave’s diapers right next to them on the table with the other groceries I got a little down.
I brushed my teeth and ignored those facts. When I went back to my room, Mom returned and shook her head, “Nope, not with David’s stuff.” That was a little relief, but I asked, “So what should I do?” She said, “Well, you could always wear your daytime underwear,”
Again, I was a bit relieved. Every now and then she would slip up and call it my “big boy underwear,” which made me feel about three years old. I nodded but asked, “What if I’m wet?”
Mom paused for a moment, then said, “Well, I guess the only other option would be to wear one of David’s diapers,”
My mind went spinning. I was a third grader. Wearing Goodnites was embarrassing enough. But diapers? I couldn’t believe my mom was really suggesting it. Then again, I hadn’t gone a week without having an accident. Did I need them?
I guess my mind wandered a little too long. Mom said, “James?”
“Yeah,” I replied.
“Well?” she questioned.
“I mean…” I stumbled, “I don’t want to have to wear diapers but…”
Mom nodded. “What if we let you try regular underwear tonight and if you wake up wet in the morning, we’ll figure out a plan tomorrow,”
I agreed, “Okay,”
“Now, change then come tell everyone goodnight and you can finish your chapter.”

Well, a chapter transformed into most of the rest of the book until my dad came and told me I had to turn off the lights.

Season 1, Episode 2: A Trip, Part 2: First Night

Almost as soon as Dad turned off the lights, I was asleep. I know I had dreams, but I couldn’t tell you what they are. I woke up with a start.
“Good morning, sweetie, how did you sleep?” Mom asked.
I groaned and replied, “By closing my eyes and counting sheep,”
She laughed and said, “I mean, are you dry?”
I was still under the covers, so I placed a hand on my pants and groaned again, “No,”
“That’s okay sweetie, go ahead and get a shower and I’ll deal with the sheets. Breakfast will be ready when you’re done,”
I sighed and rolled out from under the sheets. As I climbed out of bed I saw the big dark spot on the sheets showing what had happened. I grabbed a pair of jeans and Atlanta Braves shirt and some underwear and went to shower.
As I showed I thought about what Mom’s plan would be. I didn’t think about except for once the rest of the day, breakfast kind of did that for me – bacon and sausage, eggs, biscuits and gravy. After that, my mom’s sister came over and the girls started planning a shopping trip.
Mom asked me once, “Do you need anything?”
I shook my head. I still had to finish my book from last night and I had brought my Gameboy along. She said, “Okay, I’m gonna see if I can pick up some Goodnites for you,” and I nodded my appreciation.
Once the ladies had gone, I finished reading my book. Afterwards, I watched the Braves-Pirates day game. My grandpa was a Pittsburgh fan and they ended up winning 3-2. The Mets also lost so the Braves stayed 2 games back of first and Pittsburgh was still fighting for not-last in their division.
I played my GameBoy until I got bored, then I heard the door open and the girls were back. We had dinner then watched a movie together. Afterwards my mom came to me and handed me the next Animorph book, saying, “I thought you might want this,”
I thanked her and went back to my room to read it. After a while, she came back and said, “Its time to get to bed.” I looked at the clock, “It’s only 9:30,”
“You can read a little longer once your ready,” she said.
“Okay,” I replied, “Did you find any Goodnites when you were out?”
“No,” she shook her head.
“So what’s the plan?” I asked.
“Look in your suitcase,” she explained.
I did and pulled out what felt like a Goodnite. I was getting excited that she was just trying to be dramatic when I noticed it had Barney all over it. Then I saw the plastic and the tapes. It was one of Dave’s diapers.
“You don’t have to if you really don’t want to,” she sympathized.
I sighed, “No, I guess I need them.”
Mom nodded. “But I want you to be sure,”
I paused for a moment then stated, “I want to wear diapers,”
She nodded then said, “Okay, lay down then and close your eyes,”
“I can do it myself, Mom,” I stressed.
Again she nodded and started to leave then room, “Okay, let me know if you need any help,”
As she left, I just sat there for a few minutes. Was I really about ready to do this? I couldn’t believe it. It took me a few minutes to get started, but I finally pulled my jeans down and took off my undies. I pulled apart the tapes on the diaper and tried to put it on. I struggled for a few minutes. Finally, I laid down on the bed and tried it that way.
“You okay in there?” Mom asked from the other side of the door.
I sighed, “No,”
She walked in and couldn’t help but laugh. I handed her the diaper and blushed since I was naked. “Go ahead and lay down again,” she said. I did what she asked and closed my eyes. I felt her slide the diaper under me and then fold the top over me. When I was sure I was covered I opened my eyes as she did the tapes and said, “There.”
“When you’re ready come and tell everyone goodnight,” she said.
It took me a few minutes, again. After a while I stood up and looked at myself in the mirror. I looked really babyish. I quickly put on my Spiderman pajamas and looked again. You could hardly tell I was wearing diapers. In fact, they were a little snug, but other than that, they felt just like Goodnites.
I walked out, a little embarrassed and told everyone goodnight. I turned down an offer for a large glass of milk and cookies before I went to bed. Then I went back and kept on reading for a while. Again, my dad came in and told me it was time to turn off the lights, so I finished the chapter then tried to sleep.

Season 1: Episode 3: The Trip, Part 3: Learning

Since it was Sunday, we were sleeping in. I woke up when I heard Mom open the door, “Good morning sweetie,” she said, “How’d you sleep?”
I tried to come up with something sarcastic, but couldn’t think of it. So I said, “Fine,”
“And are you dry?”
I put my hand on my pants and couldn’t feel anything, so I said, “I think so,”
Mom replied, “Well let’s see,”
I climbed out of bed and there was no spot on the sheets. This was promising. But Mom said, “Let me check,” and pulled down my pants a tug and stuck a finger in my diaper, “Oh, your very wet.” I felt and sure enough, she was right.
“Well, it seemed the diaper worked well at least. Your sheets are fine and your pajamas are fine,”
I nodded, a little embarrassed that I had wet myself in a diaper.
Mom said, “Here, let me help you get that off. Leave your pajamas out and you can reuse them tonight, but you’ll still need to go shower.”
As soon as I had stripped and my mom had undone the tapes of the diaper and I had stepped out of it, I ran to the bathroom.
I showered and got ready and we had cereal and milk for breakfast. The girls were going shopping again, so most the day I just bummed and read and played Game Boy.
There was no day game that day, a travel day for both teams, so after a while I went outside to shoot some hopes. I was always awful at basketball and if I shot a hundred free throws I would only make about twenty. After a while, the ladies came back and it was time for dinner again. Another movie and it was night time again.
Mom came into my room after a while and said, “Okay, you played outside today so you really need to take another shower before you come to bed,”
I nodded and asked, “Did you find any Goodnites today?”
Mom shook her head and said, “No sweetie, I’m sorry. But go ahead and take your shower and when I hear the water turn off I’ll help you again,”
I nodded and did as she recommended. Soon I was diapered again. Again, it was a little odd, but no less comfortable than my Goodnites and maybe a little more so. I went out and told everyone goodnight and started reading again. After a while, I started need to pee. I laughed at that, I was in a diaper and I needed to pee. But I got up and went to the bathroom. I tried to take the tapes off but I couldn’t. I called out to my mom for help but she didn’t hear. I pulled my pants back on and walked to the living room to try and find her. She wasn’t there.
I crept into my parents bedroom and woke my mom up.
“Whats wrong?” she yawned.
“I need to go the bathroom, but I cant get out of the diaper,” I explained.
She yawned again and said, “What are you doing out of your crib, Davy?”
“Mom,” I stressed, the need to pee getting worse, “It’s me, James,”
“Jamie?” Mom asked.
I hated that name. Kids at school teased me with it and called me a girl. But I said, “Yeah, Mom,”
She rolled over and her eyes finally opened. She said, “You’re fine, go back to bed,”
I pulled down on my pants a little to reveal the diaper and she said, “Oh,” and climbed out of bed.
“I’m sorry,” I explained.
“No, its not your fault honey,” she said as she undid my tapes and I rushed to the bathroom. I almost didn’t make it. I came back and she redid the tapes and sent me off to bed. I looked at the clock. It was nearly midnight. I was a little relieved, thinking that going to the bathroom so late would help in the morning and maybe I wouldn’t wake up in a wet diaper. I was learning. That thought was pleasant enough to help me fall asleep.

Season 1: Episode 4: The Trip, Part 4: First Day

Thu-bump. Thu-bump. Thu-bump. I woke up with a start. I was confused. I looked around and realized I was in a car. I sat up in my seat and readjusted the buckle.
“What’s going on?” I asked.
Mom was in the front passenger seat, “Your dad got a call late last night, he has to be back at work for a meeting, so we had to leave earlier than we thought. You and Dave were still sleeping so we didn’t wake you up. We’ve been on the road about an hour.”
I did quick math after looking at the road and realized we still had about five more hours left with traffic. I tried falling back asleep but couldn’t, so I picked up my book and started reading it. Suddenly, I thought dawned on me.
“Uh, mom,” I said,"
“Yes dear?”
“I’m still in a diaper,”
“Yes dear,” she said, “We didn’t want to wake you up. We can get you out of it when we get back or if we stop, okay?”
“Okay,” I grumbled.
“Are you dry?”
“Yeah,” I said.
“Good for you,” she exclaimed.
I read for about another hour until Dave woke up and I couldn’t focus. Dave was about two and could be distracted by almost anything, so mom put in a lame baby movie of some sort. I didn’t realize it but I started watching it.
It quickly dawned on me that I was in a diaper watching a baby movie and I started playing GameBoy. At one point we came to a gas station and dad got out to fill up. I asked Mom if we could go inside and I could get out of the diaper.
She looked inside and wasn’t impressed, “Can we wait until we get back home? It’s only about one hour more,”
I sighed, “Okay, I guess that makes sense,”
But it wasn’t more than ten minutes down the road when I started to need to go. I tried to hold it, looking over at Dave and how well he was handling the trip, but after about another ten minutes I had to ask for a potty break.
“We’re just a few minutes from home, can’t you hold it?” Mom asked.
“Maybe a few more minutes”, I said, “but not long.”
“Okay, just hold it as long as you can,” she said.
After a few minutes, we saw a sign, “Rest Area 6 miles,”
“Can you make that?” Mom asked.
I squeezed my legs tighter but nodded, “Yeah,”
It may have been the longest six miles I had ever ridden. And then the worst:
Dad grumbled, “Stupid budget cuts,”
We kept going and about two miles later another sign read: “Next rest area: 45 miles,”
Mom turned around in the car to face me, “We will be home by then, do you think you can hold it?”
I said, “I can try,”
“Okay. As soon as we get home we’ll get you to a bathroom,”
I looked at the mile marker. It said 98. Our exit was 126.
99. 100. 101. 102. Bu-bump. Bu-bump. Bu-bump.
103. I really needed to pee.
104. 105. 106. 107. 108.
I was doing the best I could to hold it in, but new it was going to be close.
109. 110. 111. 112. 113. 114. 115. 116. 117.
I spotted a sign for our city. I could do this.
118. 119. 120. 121.
Mom turned around again, “How you doing Jamie?”
I said, “I think I can make it,”
Davy piped up, “He should wear a diaper like me mommy! I’m all dry!”
I was about to say something to him when I got a glare from Mom saying I should say anything. Then a little pee squirted out.
119. 120. 121. 122. Dad shifted lanes.
123. 124. 125. 126. As we turned off the interstate A little more squirted out. My diaper was feeling damp. I was still in control though.
We sped down the road and then made a quick turn. I saw a light up ahead and it was green. We were almost past it when it shifted to yellow. Then it hit red.
Dad slammed on the breaks and I lost it. I flooded my diaper. Mom looked back and figured it out. I was so embarrassed I must have looked like a tomato.
“I’m so sorry, Jamie,” she said, “We’ll get this fixed as soon as we get home. It’s just around the corner now,”
And as we pulled into our driveway, I it dawned on me what had happened. I was a third grader, I was eight. And I had wet a diaper in the daytime just like a two year old. Except my two-year-old brother was dry.
We got out of the car and I helped unload as much as I could. Now my diaper was really uncomfortable and I was a mess.
We unloaded everything and once mom had my brother settled she came into my room. She said, “I’m sorry, again. That shouldn’t have happened.”
I blushed and nodded. She helped me out of the diaper and I went to go take a shower.

Season 1: Episode 5: The Trip, Part 5: The Second Decision

I wrapped a towel around myself when I climbed out of the shower. I walked back to my room and my mom was standing there.
“Whats wrong, Mom?”
“Jamie, we have do laundry before I get you any clean underwear,”
I was puzzled. I walked over to my drawer and saw that it was empty.
“See, and you used up all your underwear from the trip.”
“I could put on a dirty pair,”
“No, I won’t allow that,”
“So what do you want me to do?”
“Well, I’m asking you to wear a diaper a little bit longer, just until we finish getting the laundry organized,”
I wasn’t happy about it, but I nodded. And soon I was back in a diaper and the laundry was running. Actually, I was only in a diaper. I stayed in my room and read and played GameBoy. Mom ran out to the store to buy groceries.
I was playing GameBoy when Dad came into my room. He handed me the phone and said, “It’s Mom,”
“Hi,” I said as I took the phone.
“Hi sweetie. I have a question for you,”
“What’s that?” I asked.
“Honey, I looked at the prices of Goodnites and of your brothers diapers. It’s a ton cheaper to just buy a bigger package of diapers for the both of you. Your Goodnites have been leaking anyway. Now I don’t want to force you to do anything, but I think it would be good to have you stay in diapers at night for a while,”
I was stunned, “I thought it was just a temporary thing, Mom,”
“I know honey, but I think this is the best choice,”
I paused, “But mom,”
“Like I said, I don’t want to force you into anything, but at least for tonight I think this is what we will do. If you really aren’t okay with it, then I can run back out tomorrow, okay?”
I knew there was no arguing, so I agreed.
“Okay then, I’ll be back soon. If the laundry is done, you should put on some real clothes and come out and help me carry the groceries in.”
I hung and ran downstairs. Fortunately Davy was in his room or this would have been humiliating. I put the phone back in its charger and slipped into the laundry room. I checked the drier but everything was still soaking wet. Then I realized that my parents had forgotten to even start it. I pressed the button and then started heading back upstairs. Then the doorbell rang and before I could to my room my dad answered the door. It was the pizza we had ordered. He paid and gave a good tip, but I heard the girl say, “Aww, he’s so cute. If you ever need a babysitter…” and she handed my dad a card.
I slipped into my room and then heard the door again, Mom was coming back in with the groceries. Once they were in we sat down for dinner. Davy was already asleep so it was just mom, dad, and me. We watched TV for a while we ate and then it was time for bed.
I was already in a diaper so mom just tucked me in.

I woke up wet.
Mom helped me out of the diaper and I took my shower before being fed breakfast and getting on the bus to school. Chris was there and we chatted for a while about our weekend. I of course never once mentioned the diapers, and we decided to ask our families if we could spend the night together the following weekend.
When I got home, mom had me sit down. “Okay Jamie, remember our talk yesterday?”
“Yeah,” I said, though I had forgotten all about it until now.
“Have you made a decision?”
“Um… I guess its okay,” I said.
“Are you sure? We really don’t want to force you into anything,”
“No, it’s really okay. I mean, I guess I need them and if its cheaper,”
“Thanks for being so good about this, we are really proud of you,”
“Oh – wait, mom, I’m supposed to ask, can I spend the night at Chris’ this weekend,”
“That’d be okay with me,” she said.

That night I got put into diapers again. I hadn’t thought about it when she first mentioned it to me, but I guess that would be the routine for a while.

I woke up wet.

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I am very interested to see where this story is headed, in the mean time I will patiently wait, and thank you for your efforts as a whole.

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