Warped, 1.9 (season one finale)

Season 2 should be up pretty soon.

1.9 Doctor

I woke up wet that morning. It was a Saturday and I was headed to the doctor. I took my shower and ate breakfast and played GameBoy for a while until it was time to leave.
When we got there I really needed to pee, but my mom told to wait, because I was probably going to have to pee into a cup. Ugh. I held it.
We were eventually called into the office and the nurse came in and took all my vitals and all that nurse-stuff. Then I did have to pee into a cup. Finally the doctor, Dr. Frederickson came in.
“I see you’re still struggling Jamie,”
I nodded.
“Well, we will have a look to see if you have an infection or something like that, but let me take a look at you for a moment,”
He checked my breathing and that sort of thing before I had to go through the embarrassing parts. I won’t mention those.
Then he said, “Well, ma’am,” to my mother, “How does he sleep at night? Do we need to send him to a sleep specialist?”
Mom shook her head, “No, I check in on him every so often and he is breathing normally and all of that when he sleeps,”
“Alright. And how often are you wetting these days Jamie?”
“Two or three nights a week,” I replied.
“Hmm,” was all he said. Then, “alright, let’s wait to see the results from the lab, then we’ll talk about options. We’ve already tried DDAVP and Imipramine, right?”
“Yep,” Mom responded.
We headed back to the lobby to wait. I was getting nervous. I mean I was in fourth grade now and still wetting the bed. What was wrong with me?
Soon, though, we got called back in.
Dr. Frederickson began, “Good new, bad news situation here. Good news is there was nothing wrong with the sample, everything came through clean. Bad news is we have no idea what is causing the problem. Ma’am, what have you been trying at home?”
“Well, we stay away from food and drink late at night,” Mom said, “And every now and then we wake him up in the middle of the night to go,”
“Hmm,” the doctor said, “And what about any protection? Plastic sheets?”
Mom nodded, “And diapers,”
I blushed sitting there.
“Diapers? Isn’t he a little old for diapers?”
Mom and the doctor started speaking as if I wasn’t in the room and I started to tune them out.
Eventually, I heard, “So what do you think Jamie?”
“What do I think about what?”
“The plan,”
“Oh, um, yeah, I’m for it,”
I had no idea what it was.
Dr. Frederickson smiled, “Good. Then I will see you back here in six weeks,”
On the way back we stopped and got a new pack of diapers.
Mom explained the plan to me, “Dr. Frederickson thinks keeping you in diapers is keeping you wetting the bed more often. So for the next six weeks, every other day you will wear your grown-up underwear. We will keep tabs of when you wet and if you wet more frequently in the diapers we are one step closer to kicking this thing to the curb,”
To my surprise, I actually found that I wanted to wear the diapers. I quickly tossed that thought from my head. Bedwetting was embarrassing and I was ready to be done with it.
It was odd not being diapered at first, and so I wet a couple times more frequently when I didn’t have the diapers. Soon though I got used to the new routine.
It was the last week of the deal. Five weeks had gone by. The count: Diapered nights wet: 8, undiapered nights wet, 7.
The first night of the new week I was undiapered. Wet. 8-8.
The second night I was diapered. Dry. 8-8.
The third night I was undiapered. Dry. 8-8.
The fourth night I was diapered. Wet. 9-8.
The fifth night I was undiapered. Wet. 9-9.
The sixth night I was diapered. Dry. 9-9.
Mom came into my room the seventh night. “Okay honey, you know what tonight means. You’re undiapered tonight, and if you are wet, then that means more diapers for you. If you are dry, we go back and report to Dr. Frederickson and let him know and see what he says,”
She turned off the lights and I laid there thinking. I knew what this meant. I did. I wondered what would happen. And I fell asleep.
I woke up with a start. I really needed to go to the bathroom. And that little bit of my mind came haunting back, “You want to wear diapers, just pee yourself now and don’t worry about it.”
The thought lasted a little longer this time. Did I really actually like diapers?
I got out of bed and ran to the bathroom. I crawled back in bed and fell asleep.

I woke up dry the next morning.